Tuesday, November 9, 1880

Racine Daily Argus

Location: Racine, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Racine Daily Argus on Tuesday, November 9, 1880

Racine Daily Argus (Newspaper) - November 9, 1880, Racine, Wisconsin Itoritw Putin Vol. I. Racine Wis., Tuesday Evening, November 9, 1880. No. 8O JEXVELllY. !44 MAIN STKKET, JTTTI -Vt7" T "PT ff JtLt V .r.j .Hj AND DNALEft IN Watches, Clocks, Spectacles, Etc. Racine Silver Piale Goods sold at Factory Prices. FCJBMTTJBE. -----A.T---- JOHNSON THUONSON In Iht; pluco lo trot kirdu of LIVEHY STAIILE. i in u rfiLHOiiiLlild ICMV price. Cull mid HL-C llioJii bo Professional Undertaking. siock of 71 IK- Mi-dicm und Common Ciinkol.n arid <JollhiH itiwuyh on hind, lou DOXUH, Ull- Lukorc' Clinli-i'. Kir., KLC fiiiriinhud i Itciiu-inlHT Lilt- p'nuc, I 124 MAIN STKEET, COBNEK 4th STREET. GROCERIES. WE'RE BOUND 10 KEEPthe LEAD, .A.- PROl'KIVTOII OF HOOTS AND SHOES. North Side Livery Stable. Single and Double Carriages let at reasona- ble rates. Buss furnished for pic-nics and pri- vale Pirlies. Stable Corner North Wiscon- sin Hamilton O. JO3VES, Denier In Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, And Shoo Furnishing Goods. Custom Work a Specialty. Sixth Street. F. HARBRIDGE. Druggist and Chemist, 148 MAIN STREET, RACINE, WJS. UKOCERIKS Jind CHOCKEIIY. FOrTsiXTYlDAYS. Closing Out Sale DECORATED CHAMBER SETS Ami 1'ulklc CONFECTIONERY. C. C. IXAJV.A., Now is the time to save money. Groceries n.s low a.s the market affords, the pbcc, 3STO. IM.A.IN' STWT., Marioiilc mock. A. O. BTTRCH. Confectioner and Baker, 142 MAIN STREET, RACINE, WIS. OYSTERS AND FISH. First of the Season The Secret of our Victory. Victory, 0 dclory, how iK'iirly nrc- you Often wliun yim re tukt'ti, only M ;i however, Imvc you, (o ktyp you wo intend. lletiiniHc our iMitMiiit-B you do fron: IJH. our ciiHiom- LTU to u dund, The proof of our yon will all sum up in n words, how few true, you can decide by tho following: We Sell Cheaper Than any Store in Racine County. iVe carry ft utock of 9Lnple iind Funcy Fresh Groceries, llic Teas and Coffees in the Land. Arjfl a larpo number of otlifr articles from among which ihu contents of the cellar munL not be omitted, Uio numerouH to nicntion. Hoping that yun will dispel all doubtn by con- cerning the above by an in ventilation, we are, very truly yonrfi, F. H1LGEN CO. We Have Just Keceived New New Buckwlii-m Flour, New Mixed New IIiLtnh, (ItonckH 2 10 G New Dried Ik-el', Neu' CnmtierrlCM, New Ciinllnh, New Ci'i-iim New HfH, Very Cheap at Farrington's 159 Main Striist. We have just received Pnvh Oniliije I'eul, tL'rnori t'ei-l, Kri'Kh Citron, Frt-h Frenli CnrruntH, Pn-hh I'niiirn. Lcmonfl, t'reftli .tlAply Very Cheap at Farrington's, 159 Main StruiiL. We have just vticeivifd Organization. ATTORNIiVS. A TiMlH, A A A S.ilnion. A Lujiln'M Very Cheap at Farrington's, 159 Mnin Sirecl. We have just received Nuv r op I'ufi tli New rop Patr.i, New Crup New Now TnnniLovp, New Crop (Jnrii New iji-op N'cw Crop Fcnn, l ftll Gnotlit in our line, Very Cheap at Farrington's, 159 Main Street. We have just received Sumo NUW pL-nny Muckcrcl. ti cucli, (Jrnnburry .H'ily, '2 piplciKlltJ, iJnck'- (JuL .Muni 2 bb sjilt-nilld, TjurhurrH Pivp'd. cnuronut. DrCfiiiiL-, anrdtiii'M mid Allcliovlt-H. .Mem.- iiii'l Fnwln, Vtry Clioap ;it FARIUNGTON'S. Winslow Brownson, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, RACINE, AVIS. S. A. S. RITCHI2, Attorneys at Law, Manufacturers National Bank BoildiDg. Fifth Street., Itavine. Just And supplied by the Quart, Can or Gal- lon. At the Fish and Oyster Depot of J. C. GUMMING, College Opposite the City Hotel. Fi'csh Pish ou hand and diX'SSt-rl nnd dciliviiriul free of chance, HAKDXVAIIK. From, PKKD, KTC. DAVID LAWTON, Ocular in Flour, Feed, Grain Seeds OfJA.ll Kinds. Also Fire ririck, Drain Tilu, Fire Ulny, I Cemont, Stucco, mid liuikling unite- I I'iuls of nil kinds. Carriages and Agricultural implements. BARKER'S Patent Chimney Top. Muiiufuctufcd and by SHAW BRO., HACINE, WIS. COAL. DEAl.EK IN It DS. J. C. SCHMIDT, SutcoHHor to F, SclinolJur, Billiard Pool Room. Dealer in First Class Liquors. 1O4 illulu Sli-eol. Lunch Every Day. PlIOTOGllAPHElCS. E. T. BILLINGS, PIOTOWPrirl Opposite Tost Office, llacine, Wisconsin. T. LTJ.OK, PHOTOGRAPHER. First Clii-ss Scenery, the Best in tlie State. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Especially in Large Work. S. 1OB M-A-Htf STREET. Tinware and Housekeeping Articles. A Large Vancly of Base-Burning AND Coal Stoves, AND Goal and Wood Cooking Stoves. First Class Workmen employ- ed to do Tinwork, Gas-fitting and Furnaces set to order and guaranteed to heat in a satisfactory man- ner. COAL! Of Best Quality and thorough- ly screened, and delivered in any part of the city. E. KLINKERT'S BREWER! Cor. 8th and Avc. For Bottled Beer. Leave orders at the STAK BliEWERY, A. Woljtrs on sixHi street, JOHN HARTWIti, Ag't. LI.TIK AND STONE. Conrad Fox Sons, Would state to tho citizenR of Rucino thnt they iro DOW prepared to furainh Building Stone and Lime in jiny quantity dcwircd.. delivered to nnv pitrt of tho oity, or at tho quarry near tho bridge. A uhnrc of puulic IH rCHpoct- ruily nnlicitad. ReHidenoe rod" bulow the Einpidfl bridge. OrdorH by mail will rcocivo prompt attuation. Addrosn C. FOX i SON. 534-1 Box Wi DENTIST. NEW DHUO STORE. BROWN'S Citj Dfug Stoie, 158 Main Street. Pure Drugs! Low Prices! New Goods! Prescriptions Accurately Prepared The Republicans owe their success in part to their splendid organization. They have a, machine complete in all its parts imd in perfect working order. This country has never seen anything like it before. It includes every state, county, city, town, ward, parish, and school district in the Northern States. It has every man who can possibly be enlisted or roped into service in active affination, and under the district con- trol of the party managers. It was of no account whatever that thousands of intelligent and honest Republicans everywhere protested against the Chi- cago nominations the machine was ir- resistible, and a break in the line was impossible unless the discontents were willing to be run over and crushed. A few conspicuous Republicans like Gcn- erat Sickles and Colonel Forney had the moral courage to come out squarely for Hancock, but it was on their peril. From the day the Grant-Conkling boss- I and 'lie whole body (i .1 i Prairie Flower, the es ol the machine were conciliated by the Garfield managers, the Republican party bus been solid, and from one end of the country to the other has been moved ana controlled like- the divisions of an army, The Democracy, on the other hand, were only half organized here. They had eloquent speak- ers, grand meetings, popular sympathy, Solid. Tlmt ia what Rucino ii, when it cornea to counting up Uio wealth of her manu- factories. According to Hie figures of Simeon 'iVhitlcy, Esq., who was commis- sioned by the U. S. Government to gath- er ihc statistics touching our different manufactories wo have capital inverted, Puicl out annually fer Labor, Piiirt out for Haw Materials, Aunual Products, Nambei of Stationery Emjinci in use 36. Representing Horse Power. Prul rie Flower. If the skin in yellow and muddy, the bowels constipated it you Imvc ringing in your ears, (.lull pains in tha side, sick headache, sour stomach, hot or dry skin, before the eyes, bud taste in the mouth, culd feet and hands, sleepiness, gidiness, loss of appetite, bad circulation tit the swelled limbs, Jbc., you may a.ifely conclude your liver is out "ot order. The liver is more npt to become disorder- ed than other organ of the body, ns its du- ty is to Hlicr the ii.ipurities from the blood. When it becomes ed mid disexseil it must full to do its duty Try White's greatest knowu liver panacea, iu :liu world. Sample bottle 25 cents, large size 75 cents. Fur sale by H. Srone Sons. Notice. The jtli ward Hancock and English campaign club sru requested please re- turn their uniforms aud torches without either Captain on Ihe enthusiasm of great misses. The Statt street. to A. IV. Gcer, on Jlil- arjument was on their sido But when w'lLJkee strCBl- By order of the Exe- the day for action came they were a tlle and rabble against usoliJly formed and per- fccsly-drilled and skiilfully-lad army, which rouiud them nt every point. There is no use in w..iniiiL; aliouc it now. The first duly of the Democracy now in every Northern State is to reorgan- ize perfectly and thoroughly Ibr victo- ry in 1SS4. To Our Subscribers, Ohio in 1876 by fraud; it has won in iSSo by corruption, great state. Ohio is a. The campaign being now over, it will probably be admitted that Hancock Was lit Gettysburg, and rendered effi- cient service there. The Republicans have a large quan- tity of dirty linen and bloody shirts on hand, which will not wash, and which they do not know what to do with, Garfield is overwhelmed with puffing telegrams from all sorts of people. Why not? A telegram of ten words costs but a few cents, and the investmenr. is not grudged by the early office seeker to begin his work on. Bob IngersuH's doctrine, th.it everv man makes his own God. is just the thing for tlic Republicans. Thev ca make him honest or dishonest. just to suit their candidates, How convenient for pious this elcc-tiun. Some1 mnlicinus persons nre circulating the story that the DVILV ARGUS is to be mnnediiitely suspended. This is utterly tiilst, and without founaation. Wlien we are ready to suspend we will give ample E. A. ECERY, Pub. notice. Estray, Strayed from ihe corner of llth und Chutham streets, n buy colt, about 6 months old. with wlnte Imlter. Ficder will lie rewarded returning the same to FHED A little SOD of Doc. Holliater is suffer- ing with :ui uttuck of diphtheria. Insurance IOSSCN promptly paid by L. II. and L. D. Miller, Masonic block. M-2m No puiu killui1 uqiuils Tnrbcll's Music Oil- instunt relief of Xeunilghi, Rlieu- niiiiisin or any nervous pnin. Sold by .S-lmltxu Urns, and Richnrd Rnbiiisuii, G3C-4w. Publishers' Announcment. THE RACINE DAILY AKGUS, is pjh- liscd every evening, Sunday exceptett, at Ki- cme, Wisconsin. carrier, per week, 15 cents; by ihe month, 50 ceiUK. Advertising rales made known on applica- calicn at llic publication office in the Lang, lois Mock on Miin street. Connected with the ARGUS is a finely equip- ped Job Office, with all the late styles of type. Orders for dcpanment will be promptly filled at reasonable rates, For the ncxr four yc.irs the UnilL-d States will present the specta- cle of a President who is a convicted peijuror, and a Vice-Presidentwho was removed from an official position by the representative of the parly that h.is i elected him. F. L CLIFFORD, DEN w'TIST. Corner Mnrket Square ttnd Sixtli Street, Ulley block. 3 MEltt'UANT TAILOR. E. WERNER, Merchant Tailor, MAIN STREET. A line Block of Cloth to NO- lect from. Flrtt Work and best fll In the city f uar- anteed. 13 ill- Indorsed. ThcCreiiit Mobilier the DeGoIycr bribe, tbe snlary grab, protection for ihe ricb, Chinese cheap labor, and oppression for the poor. Garfield elected President, carrying nil the Northern Stuttis except New Jer- sey, California, Nevada and Oregon, General Hancock hus carried the sol- id f-outh iind tlio solid Pacific const, with New Jersey, inn king ]5S) elector- al votes. New York adJod would make his electoral vote more than a majority. Mr. J. G. Elaine, lilu of Maine, is the sorriest ex-statesman who ever be- wailed the fickleness of fortune and treachery of friends, Now he says that but for Frye, who did it for him at Chi- cago, lie would have n four years lease of the White House. Let the pusc bury its dend and Ihe immolation of tlic toothsome tur- key upon the niter of Thanksgiving Day now occupy the public mind. A Presidential election comes only once in every four years, but Thanksgiving Day is a' yearly occurrence to cheer tbe heart and gladden the stomach. This election nettles tbe fact that it is no mntcer how much a man steals, or lias defrauded the people, while in of- fice, if he is nominated by the Repub- licans. That makes him clean, and is elected without a why or a where- fore. To-d.-iy Mr. .luliu :iail Miss ln; Oiiinci' wnre united in iiinrriiigc by Kfi'. Father Thu young couple :ire ivdl known in German circles ami have lliu Ijcst wisliw of all. A recepliou wius l-iilil mid iln: received were mill uostlv. Ycslurilay til'lcrnnon tliu tujf Wctlel left for S. J. Holly, and nrrivcil at (his with the criift this, Tho Holly's two nnchoi'a arc iuul her cenlrc Ijoiird broken, having liucii out in the lute storm. She" will lit :nnl Iniil up lor the wiu- lel-. For time several of the bar- bers nf this city have .been violating tho Sunday law by keeping their pluces of business npeu nud '-having people on thnt i.hiy. The barbers who complied with the law anil keep their places closed, have ni'tilicd the violuiors to keep closed if they do not it they will be COIH- plaiued of aud arrested nnd fined. A traveling mat followed u young lady up last uiijht, on Avenue lust and insulted her. Her fellow hap- pened to come along mid upou being made ncquniutcd wiln tho facts knocked thn traveling man down and gure him a severe threshing. Xn nrrests have been made, notwithstanding the iojurcd man tlireateucd arrest. Last nighi Wm. Gay, who had been outliuntiug, arrived home about S o'clock. He proceeded to withdraw u charge trom eiie of the barrels ot the weapone, when by some unaccountable means, it explod- ed, blowing off a portion one of his finders and stripping nnd tcuriuif the clothing to shreds about rht bresxt and injuring the flesh somewhat. It is a mir- acle how he escaped being fntilly shot. This is another warning to yeung.men and boys to be careful how they work and fool around a shot guo -when it ii lotted.

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