Saturday, October 8, 1853

Racine Daily Advocate

Location: Racine, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Racine Daily Advocate on Saturday, October 8, 1853

Racine Daily Advocate (Newspaper) - October 8, 1853, Racine, Wisconsin DAILY ADVOGiliil? VOL 1. RACINE, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1853, THE DAILY_ADVOCATE. COR.NEU OF M.MS KOUUTH C. CLEMENT, Iditn ud Proprittor. per year, payable ijuirlerly. No laken Tor n Jess term than :j montha. RATES OF AllVIIRTISIXO. I xjuirr per year Ml 9 IN (id i) 8 (Hi 3 mi 'I S IW 4 Ml 4 4 w I square 3 wc'.-ks. an I days, :i 1 M I ii i mi TwelrellnCT (or lew) make n square. I-eailed adver after reading inaner, 10 tier cent adi'anc the aljove not aerotnptnlctt with written diree lions, will be inserted until paid fur and ordeied out. The privilege of annual limited to thei own iininediate Imvincss. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. IIOVCC, AND COIiNSKI.I.OH AT LAW. Soil chorfcc. Office in United Hlock, Racine. OH. corner o ncK, fii Seventh ISAIAH G. PABKKH, Notary and Conveyancer in the Com House, with the District Attrrncy. O. JFMtS, m. D. Olnee and Residence, Wisconsin street, corner Eighth in lilt; lioitse formerly occupied hy Kev. T. M. llonkini E. C Dflrorso.escept wiicn professionally engaged, at his dour of the Racine Mouse, Main sit BUSH At ATTDMMKTS AT l..iw. Office No. Ml, Main street, Undue Ill-sit. II. T. S.Mintcas A. II. VAN COTT, fin fJold nnd Silver WatctH's. .lowplry.Perfumery y Articles, >lnin Kncine. W. A S. SPA FA KIT, n Srovcs, .Stove I.eait, Hollow urnif ol Fonrlhanii .Muin Streets, Knciru-. anil (Irntiiiiviifnl I'ltlnler: Denier In Paints ru'- ati'l nil artic hop U? Maln-M. Riicine. CONGltESS HALL. rpIHS splendiil anil lieantiinlly located House, recently I rnhrscil and furnished with new and liulilouttlde Furniture, will krpt as n FIHVf CLASS TT Polite and attentive Porters will fonnii at the Pier un tiic lioilhiiE of fnmi tin1 Nort'i ami South. T. STBVKXS, I'ropriejor. W. II. jLATIIKOP Co., JORWABDING It COMMISSION MEBCHANTS, fuot of Main Street, fiacine, tt'is. CT Liberal Cash Advances made on property stored EMPIRE Livery Stable, No. Ill ITHKKT, b) PIKWK Til P. Till. now contains asjr.Wam'r llnasFs, and KASV any Livery Slahlr In the West. The Proprietors ii.'vi an etfttae to of'tain tlie lonaMc hopeil which HIT nsjsi particular can desire. Their IWvers are careful am! resjieetfijl.nnd it i that the former liberal patronage will lie eitcndeil to thi new SjUHLK HOUSE LADltSmd GE.tTS IIK ARSE. with tor funerals, nt short notice Racine. Hay 7th, I.SM. O. S. TAYLOIl nnounces to the citizens of Racine ami the country, that he ___, ill the EVTE1.MVE Ol' of every description. Ik flatlets himself that he ean ac' up just as noil work ns ca n tr puHooither Hast or Wes. the nicest Pleasure Carnage to the most scrvlcca- lile for every day work. Carriage Trimming and Paiiitiiiy tti every style done toordei. All kinds oflHO.f IfOHK hy the test workmen, tti Hie neatest manner. at thr nnllcr. fy Shop corner of CHATHAM ami FOL-B in streets. n ernmn's 1'icr. FIRE AND MARINE IttSURAKCE. llE to issue Fire nr.i Marine I. Policies on nM Insurnble property in the fnllrju inu tnsnrance t'ornp.itiies. tekn nltrniif fray' theu to., of N. V.. and of Mitivniikte. Office in rear ol the Uftke. VLOAII Racine. Fen. Illh. IMS. lyO CLOTHING STOKE. TIIK siifisciibcr is ntnv rcceiviin: hi? Hi-ni M.MKK s-r lauU of IJua.tnu fe M. M.GtKJllWIN. fSIOW otter UUHMI AM MERCHANT TAILORS, wo..... retiprctfuHjF inlorin the litizens of Racine and viclnlv. that they have taken the Old Stand, 110 .Hutu Mrrrf, where they Intend lo keep nil kinds of RKADY ri.oTII I Mi and FURNISHING >S, of the hcst inmlity pud latest styles, which tliey VERY LOW FOR CASH! Particular attention will lie paid in keeping the hest in Garments in the hest stvles an'l latest Kislnotls. All who are in wain of ar'lclis In our line, will do us a vor calling and examining our s.ocl lnvislilv hiitnur- ;il in dnrliura on the sitljisrl of Jiieiw. Hit. I.. AUtills' I.IVKII BOOTS SHOES! S. A: Co.. Forwarding Commission Merchants, f'l'iie undersiniifd returns his rlinnks to tin- citizens of have hfrctnmre ten- cits their attention to the fart. tbM lie has now on hand of noofs A- SHOCK, j which he Is willini; In or'al cltK.iT BAHfi-tss1 I snlni> nfteen >ears espeiience. he fetters niself tlint he can ci-r and r'T as neat a litsjt and t tlie next man. WILLIAM IlliVlT.. I-JI Main street. one tlijor north of Helterard's Unit! Store. iroireredtolhenfllii-ieilofthe Stales and Territories for [he e.nire cure 01" l.ivur Complaints in all stauus. Ililions l-cyer. Kevi-r, l.'liroiii.', f.iitiL' IVver, AllciTiohs, rniisnmi.iiun. r.uwe! Complaints, Iiiurrliea, IH-en'ery. Rli .tnatlMn. llleivlin.j i'n :s. Him.I Tiles. -criiiula. Salt lihruin. UispepMii. lieneral llpliility. NIT- illeuslruu- Dr. A. L. Adams' Liver Rat.-iim hns sttiod ilie test lijr he last iniien years, nnd has proved to the nitet (Jkcofiraf, neyond a stiadow ut'iif.Hlii, thai it is the Only Reliable Medicine ever Discovered, (heini: purely all for Ihe permanent cure of Ihr Tlie skrjilidtf have its mo.-t saiiiruine votaries, and prcuuuncc the Liver Haftam to lie the Only Relialle Harbinger of Health Til Till: ArTI.II.-TKII Testimonials rome up troisi every track it has made >xvnl- len n iih previous nf vratittnle, for the relii-frecriveil liv HEATH WATCH KAZ2KS and IEVSUESS, MUSICAL 1NST RUJ.1EXTS, Ac., Are now receiving their Sprint! stock of Goods, and will nappy to nhiliit thi'iii lo Ilion; wanting any tlutiiiin lieirliiie- 'J'licy have a lanr; of mid t, PA'fKflT J.EfEK, expressly tor their auslomers A ureai assonmeiit, wiih Gilt and lUahrwany Framrs.nnil ivnrranlrd A preal variety otSl.'LAU LAMPS, of si.curini! n most aiMUTtrel. anil r HOIIT, of vatioiuaUfs, and with eltuaut plain and cut shades.. Melodeoni, ami oilier MUSICAL JEWELRY, of Ihe Iwst quality, Ineludtnit E.n-ttisnsof thelnte and filsliionnlile styles; Treasl I'ins, Tinger RiniP. with dl.lnwfnl and stone scrtinus: also Pine Coin WKDDIXK HINCiS, Ac. Ac. 07 Ho. 134 Vain Btrwt, Badge, Rucinc. May7ih, IMS. Book Bindery. THE undersigned would respectfully SUH- ei'sr to tltf inliahilaiitsof Racine and vi- einliy, that tie has opened allCHJK U1NIV r.R V in this city, Oppnite K'Key A Brothen. Ko. 73 Main CtiMt. lie solicits ttio patronage of the pnlilie In tds branch of ismess, and n eontldcntihat all tlie work tntru.ied to inn will prove satisfactory. Old Hookn ll'v-bnund to order. Every description of UUKK llnuKs. .Mt'Mc Bneits. NKWSI. with care and despatch, lie has alsoa Rm.isn anil is prepared lou- uienil kinds of llule work in a superior manner. ,JP" IH.ANK UOOK3 of all kinds inaniitaclurcd loor OTTO LAVERRKSZ. WHOLESALE RETAlt JEWELRY ESTABLISHMENT To. 148 Main Street, be (Malal wishing Fun, CLOCKS. To Raclue. May Hb, 1893. PARMEI.E STEVENS, lity Auction Commission Merchants, in ARK lo ndvnncpon to itiem, fur ri Auction', iiininlmlo of Rral Entntc In Hie THE WORLD'S FAJR. Opeiiif Ihe N. r. CrfMaTriAwt f of. an la PAHILV SHOVKBIES, hy orcuuiitry, nt Auction or i'rivate Tliey Iiav GROCERIES ruin bur qualities, audoifer its LOW the laicrtt for and sea the Hall eo off. K. I'Alt.WELE. Auctioneer. FIJRJVITIJRE EMPORIUM! constantly on hand t feneral aaaorMotof FRUITS OF ALL KINDS. J T3- The higliest market price WIN 'be paid (to Chose. and kind, of Racine, June I, IFiB.-daw tf Wl COLE'S SCYTHE SNATH; received and formie by the ntii-p ydmiililm-oifiia thr caroful llic ipiitylug Hiem with tlie HARNESS MAKING. (ieorp' and fiTOrce Slcelc. Isaac Tttylor. Alelander Mltrhell. Milsva'ukee; tieorfje Fisher, T. U. Cary, lion- s'. C. TL-CHF.IIM..M. M. n. Mud. i, II. Dealer in Dry Qoodi, and Shoes, Groceries, AMD PROVISIONS, Hcorvon Plank Hold, House. Racine, Ttlt, ISVJ. (l.tnyfl THE underpinned to call the attention ol" Ihe to his .Mnmifactory of RACIXE TANNEliY. C G. II E It H I C H Wholesale ;iml Kcinil DcakTs in IXATHER, FIKDIKaS, BOOTS and SHOES, Ko. OfJIlitiii St., Ihe PoM Of 1'lcc, TO-CASH PAIli fOK HIDKStt SK1XS.J3. Kncine, May 7th, 1-53. il.iiiyll THE BAXK OF KACINE. RACIIHE, WISCONSIN. IIENRV I. lil.LMANN. AUGUSTUS I McCREA, McCpp.A k BKLI..........MiluallKee. IVli. McOEA. IlKt.L R.ICilie. r.Kt.t. McCftEA, HRt.t, If. BUTTI.KM, Fond du Lac, P. Ac IV. II IVainwriyhfs Building, head of Mai n-st. rrCaslt for Ilidn, I'cltt and Bkliui. Datilering flair for >nle. Hncinc, March, a, I9S3. Otf K. A. RO11Y, Ait. BEltTIISTRV. DR. J. W. FO8TKR, DrnrisT. Ofllce and residence corner of Main and flt., directly east of the Raptivt Chillth, Racine. F. would here rc- s of Racine and vi- cinity for the very liberal patronage they have t aiendettto hiin for thelaattrfjt years, and lolicils a conlinunnceof the same. Fashionable Hair Dressing Saloon. TIlrUiiNgcriher would revpecirtiltx Molictttheattentlon ofthe public to nin Hair loon.tnoiloon ihovcthe Raeinc Home. Jin Iji) Itf BRIJXaVVIIJK, French. Crotne. Marine. rial, and Vcrdlcrif do..SpanlM! Ochre, Terra de Sienna.Vaitnyfce llruwli; Turkey 4eiMW.iuliaUum.Pl.ri> Wliite Jorsalt liv J. LANOI.fllS. FRENCH CL natrhv i lANIJI.OIH Notice. TIT consolidated line: of Ihe Teleirraph Co. are (till at work. TheOlnce In In the IhtUy Advocate wcond ttory, wllere the oneratori uivn tlie Mtitf'nction, to nil who want iinytliw" in HrinreruJ.-i keepiiiK ;i lull nsNortnivnt of cvcrvilihia in Uielttit'of HARNESS MAKING. ami nlivfiys (trepnnnt to nt n HkOinoitN .vnniiinr, done nt Ihr MiortrM Police. TIT Hcincnilrcr Shop, door nh. K. rosTrn. ttouth ul the Racine March SI, Real Estate For Sale. atleniion of'c.-ipitalist- and is invited ton rnrr rlinuce of valualde on street. to th the mnsl reason.ilile terms. I oll'i'r !0r tire I'nllnwins propTty One frontins Fourlh ami U'isrntisin Also, a River .-Hljniifint' Itryan's Atso. one of (lie niost elteiMe >iies Ibr ;i city, running from pnMic on Lake. Also, n two Ktory Btick Dwcllini! House In a retired part of the city. Iso. a number of good Duildin; Lotj in tile 4th and "jilt Also. I'll Arm of Titnlier the line of Lake Shore Railroad, alnul 7 from the city. Racine. July 4. dim I. Of riis'filil" wnritvof kinijs of WARE, wliicli is in ;itl nrid rt'spprtaMr faml- i, ls Tables, Wurl-'fallcf, Rook-Cases, Ac., of Valiosany. Itlarliwalniit. and all fancy the latest nml styles. of every variety of shape, pattern am! ma- terial, at very prices. His are and of the niosl eioi'iinl patterns, vim-lite In prices Ironi ail to J Ins work is all manufactured hv himself, and Is warrant- ed of sensoni'd miterial. He does not manufacture any or the kinds u-hich f.ill to pieces. .Waitresses constantly on band. lie has just etmajjed in Ihe manufactiirc of Iliose lar styles of Mattresses and Spm vo lln.s. which are now ennrelv supercedini! the old kinds of lie makes iliwnnf MTa.iw. most desirable and heahUtnl nrticle. tliepnhlie ntlnree will give hhn a call when they want any linns in his line. He is also for the sale of the Patent Metallic Alr-exhanstH Coffin, which Is nowsiiiv.rccdinf not only "the perlshalilc womt- Sletallle llurinl t.'ai counnetidi i! to nil tho.-e fiilliTini: umicr the Iron Orasp of the Monster Disease anil at once procureone A. L, Atlanta' Lu-tt Jlirlftrn. The reader is referred to the Veilical Tract, found hy MiaKiiiL' applicatinn lo the Aizent. uhcre ihe Hawaii! f> sold, yiviui; a lull epitome r.f the r.aii.-e ami cure of all dis- ca.-cs. Suld hy I-'. ilclltlliARIl. Racitif. F.. I.Vneral Aaent. jylftlJiiUJm Au. U7 St., C.'iicnifn. III. "Man cannot lice Bread aloxe." BirnBECK, liif truth, hart? ron- the business ofium- MEATS, for me tallies of the goodly citizens of Hacine. Althnnsh they tiever liinclieri-il to any extent HI the "Ohi" ''o ry. they have Dad rmtiti-riiUc in >ew. They Intend lo have on hand at all times, the BEST or AM, KINDS, wliieh money can hny anil skill can dress. Thankful for t'avors. hy care anil ntten- tion to Inisinr-s. to merit a full -li.-ireol' pnhlic Their Market is on SIXTH srn.t.r, a doors west of the Clmlcli. L. MILS! KAILS I! jnrt fcceivpil n tot of -ill set! ns fftte- for I'tiiU. c. W. 8. SI'.AI-'ARU. cinc.JunfW. Irtjil. received n lot of rttieh they will sell an lint for as ntAurs ntls- HOUSE FOR SALE. Chnnrr torn sulwcrilwr oTSw for sr.le a .-mall House and Lot rilnated In Saae town. It will he sold very jw, and on terms lu inlt the times. Knnuire nf S. V. MTBWAHT. or at the Attyiimii OrricR. Racine. June 'Md. I9OT, Cheap Eating Saloon. Three Doors South of Ultmnnn't hunk, H4CINU, THF. iiiiilcrslnned has estahllshed an Hating House up- on the economy system, where a can tret nnnn at very moilcritte charges. PLATE nr MEAT, I cto.-, Cur or CIIFFCE, a ett.; I'tK, .1 cts.i .1 ela. HOT MEAT every day at W o'clock. Sundays ei- The ptiMic invited tocallnndsernipn. C. COAL! COA1! TIWT cargo of CNIE for Rlicksmilh'i' usent itdtf IV. II. LATIIR'IP GO'S .SALERATUS. HOME MANUFACTURE! TIIR nurnierilier ffivesnoiicelhat he has commenced the Di.intifar.tnre of rlAI.F.RATUS In Racine, and is prepared to the trade with a GOOD AKTICLK. and on reasonable terms. Fartan mttjaittinff OffftHnPl Soup Fartnrv mt Sirlh Slnrt. I. Ul.Klil.CK. April m. IP31. IJ VOTiCE-TO LET. HIIOP. lituated at lye's Grove. Raelnel'omify. Anyptfonwlshlni himlnesswhere win nrwwer, will And Ihb an opiiortnnily seldom to he met with, far further pnrllenlars apply lo Mr. riKlpi, Blocfcsmiih, or lo MM OtUway, Auctioneer, 'ofktille. low. DBD6S9P rvIEDICIITES, GROCERIES, T R Y THORPE GORTON, No. 108 MAIN STREET, (Lute n. Ill Where yi'tir wants in their line enii nltenj- edtu about riijtil! All we nsk U u trial an introduction. BUTTER, EGGS, P. THORPE, [claa] G. GORTON. Bacine Boot A Shoe Depot. TIIKsiilisrriher has leased the store formerly occupied hy >.ly Lay, No. 1.IO 3fNln _ and is receivintt n new and larwr lock than wan ever hcrore hrrmcht into this State, which will hemld at Retail for nrices heretofore un- known. His stock consists of New I'ilyand Ills own manufacture, rinliracinp all Ihe ammo OTLES OF BOOTS AKD mots. Cjidies Callers, floras. .Mad in Sontaw. N. York Polkas. Jenny Minis, Morocco and Knalneled Buskins, tr. Gents French Talf Boots: Kip ami Klora's do. nailers; Taylerfc Kossuth Ties; lloys and Youths Knots atid Hhoes of nil hiniht. A are.-it variety of Misses and Miihliou Shoen of new Mnntes, Sontaas, fcc. All kinds of work made In order by cineilenced wotk- men. and of the liesl materials. Just received. June 1'th, a rowl as orlincnl of l.rtdls' and Misses' fi.lored Gaitcn and Gents' Patent Leather Congress Gaiters. _ A.ll Racine. May, n 1833. ilwnnyD Notice Extraordinary! TUB siilwerlnew crane to the determlnntmn of ilointt a CASH BliMnKMI, would take this method of informlnf their numerous customers, that OB tht Tint Day they will IK- found at their old Hand, an the Onajntllor iStiTM STUKKTS. ready and willing to 'lisnnise with 'heir Go ids loose and may favor them with a call, for TIIK RHIlfO, or PRODUCE. We have also cotne to the determination of selllnt J _ These Snath, work one-third eaitar than UT pnathiipw in UK. in that the left hand perfbnui the right, ihrreliy eatwint U'llntl.vnr 'I'l.n.. >._u_ .____ GERMAN ft Shoe Store Main ttrcci Tiuo Doors South of Union Jfctt T HE n, hand t aad uuiuu of BOOTS ami OIFiV MANUFACTURE! He h.isin his em ploy the liwi worknw at all t Call at the German Shot Stort. <a'tt WHS o; woencB. n-liich ve hce spoken so hidtly of-as thev preserve the always on hand. in wnnt ol hia services at Funerals, will be waned upon without oelay. al all times. tf Shop cornrr of Fifth A Jfain ttrccts, Ratine, Wit. Racine, June ITth, IMS. FOR THE SPRING MZTEOrOUTAy 8U.VHER BOOT SHOE STORE, At tlie Old Sign of tht Large Boot, No. Bt, Villon nail j OEO. W. Talloriiiff for tlie Million, at such prices that it will In; an inducement for all to mv the Cnih and iave niottey hy ra iloiitff. WEED fc CRAKE. KT All thoie who are InMurl u m, are call and aetlle Immediately, and by ro doin( will ofHhte CaiH. And all thru it tfedsis a Ilitle pood oil. Just to keqi its juiiitslimlOTandliiihleni And merrily ilien n toes nwnv. And works perfectly easy hy nitlnor liy day. al our noted old stanil. "I o make clothes upon honor to meet the detnand. Toilnr" we surely can sell Rather than tlnise that arc not made as well; n Idle our ciltlmir. fur litlltie. and comfort and alyle. H t trust is well noted for many n mile. So cive us a call now williout inure ado, And we'll try lO'provc all that we utter i. true. DUHHEi'a fe HUMPHREY Singer'i Patent Sawing Xachinn For mile for Wisconsin. Machine sewing, ami garment reasonatdeterm-. Wehave added a to the Machine, which Ihe hrcaklngor nwdles in si'uina: TltOM liltr- chasitik' here can have lladdcd if required. EHWIN IIUnGF.SS. JOSEP1I HUMrilREV. IKl Main Street, Raeinc, JJO-if Would to hii friend, and tua- he hai now on band a larm stock of BOOTS and SHOES. auluMt fcr and Summer wear, of HIS OWN MANUFACTURE, which he can reeoninencl to he equal in Myle akd imlHr to any in WiKonoin. made tor iaS whicii he offer, at wholemle a. welf a. retail. C. W. ft S. W. SPAFABD, k VVliolesale and Retail Bealen In llHOV SIIELF-ITARDWARE, STOVES, Tin-mire, Farming Utenxilt, At, Livery Stable. otice that tla'j C'EWAHT STtl.KS respectfullv n p 10 their iricnds and tlie ptihlie geiuraily, that have an on Fourth where they are dolnr an cttensive Bvtnww.- I liey have an eiecllem variety of nvMwo.tii: A EAJIV CAnni.toEiS for common anit oeeaslomi. 'J'lielr Hiitun are ml true, and every thing convenient. Saddle Ladies and Cfentt. Those In want of TRAMS FOR HEAVY WORK, enn to aeegiiniKidiiied with Just whal tliey want. HOUSES HOJRHKD tf tin ITKSKtr HOKTH. Morse- bonshtnndsoldntallthnrs. llmsr. with always ready for Punmla. The un.lersltiied wish to say to the iwhlle, that alt or UtutersoM by any Establiihmtnt in N.D. Ouhand, 6KECIAn t, SOSTOIT ROCKING OUtHS. 1853. SIGN OF THE PADLOCK. J. Q. CONROE Wholeaaleand fnall Itaalnr HARD [Eni'Uh, Frenck Md laiillln J iito.-r. arjsgit, miLs. oust, 44. 1OO Mala ftrfft, WM. IT Agent for J. M. B. U.vii LAND AGENCY. ALBERT G. KN1CHT bu u of Racine County. Farms and City lau Ibr Sale, llousea and Ofllen Rent. Money loaned at uer ct SADDLE, HARNESS _ _ TBvm Murntenm. J. W. ENGLISE Fers will lie nliendrit t" with uromptnM; that their Driv- uolile, and their, rhftrttm ahall he np ers are earefnl and utoiternte as iiossihlc; and tltcy respectfully invite a call. 8. P. STEWART. IS.ilaw J, HTIf.Bit Trreni SUnd For M.TIIB well known.Tavern Mand. on the eorwr of roiinh and WMnwIn is. formerly known n, the AN HOUSE, it Ibr Jo, very cheap, andoneasylermii. Al-i. a Dwellinc llonse and Un on Hirer McM. at- omawdiltni terms, July One door north E. R. COOLEYi AT W. old MM. ito. MS I iMuiiimig of i comma PABI. Tin anil Copptr Wart, i SHELF HARD WARE, lie iilwayf nn a HWRB adapted n tkepeaean utt-gniin He ta ilw piipand <o raannlV

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