Saturday, October 6, 1860

Prescott Transcript

Location: Prescott, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Prescott Transcript on Saturday, October 6, 1860

Prescott Transcript, The (Newspaper) - October 6, 1860, Prescott, Wisconsin BUSINESS CAKDS. BAN KE'RS. CITV BANK OF f. W..T tXCJJJ.N-OKboaifU.nd to JnnelS, 1553. ad prompt attention given irtr S TO F-JES TO OF ALL KINDS I Will be fount1, at tho SJ-teLaica ATTORNEYS. 31. H. COn.V--KM.OR AT LAW. Office Court, 1'rcscott. Will promptly It- JAJ1KS April 30, 9_3rn 1UWI! WHITE Jt JAY, ihu I'rwtcolt J..KUII nnil L.DIV Offlcr. 41.1. KINDS ofluniji-raaltencloa to and put through with at Wholesale and Retail EKPAIRIXG Jonewell at fair prices. I'rewott, Nov. U, 1S63 JOSEPH JTRN'ER. NO EXCITEMENT AT ALL: BUT wMitnpr to ml up a lilila in Furniture line 1 would tnko this method 1o inform tha public that rurniluro of priofs Steam Cabinet and Chair f'aciaty. Flour and Grain of all kinds will be tnken in eicban-c for.-Fnrmture and Cai-h TI ill not be reinsert. DpRltrs anil pprspnsirishinjrto furnish nuhlic houses arp rf-nunateu tu will before purchasing olsoirbere, ns I am prepared to mute BEDSTEADS, CHAIRS, ic. and them at wholesale ns cheap as 1hrj- c.ln be pur- chased oust, with freight All kinds at ivorl- inadi- to order and warranted to ho made in a ivorkinftnlike rn'i'i- ncr. Custom ivurk'ivill be. warranted to suit or mi saio I would also state that I am prejiared to tmils of upholstered and cnneseat work and will make canescat chairs. So dealers in Mirrminriing tou-ns can purchase of cheaper than (hey can urc'.era snu'tll lot rom below. ThD JPocticnl Patch Quilt. I only knew she cams and r.-eut J.iku tromlols in pool- She was a phantom of delight, t And I was like a fool! Besides, the houses are poorer and less! many instances thev are mere hovels built of ui.burnt brick i I and thached with grass. South of Pa- fcusbad from the Eruigrante "One kiss, dear I sijhtKl, "Out of those [Kiir.tman iour rornaer lea der David this spring, .presided in the Republican National. Convention 111 __.L _ and una inaonea w.itn grass. South of Pa- u in Chicago; but where worfl3 ris, the.cultivation is ffiuch better, and llnvAt.'he Mr' Htfdsori as the Land Office the fields showed of aburdant h.r Crtcd the filat PaSe of this Ol th< h..r-, paper an uriiclo hi [Longfellon [Hood [ [Mrs. Kdwards oyschonnf.nd's'-- Offioi "Xo. 12 UroaU ail strtt-t, 1'rcscott, Wisconsin. P. V.WKE. II. li. Uuuiphrcy, P. IIEEZOG, tf. orderB by mail or otherwise will receive prompt attention. lii-lv ST. PAUL. BOOK i Hudaoa, IS, 1SJ PHYSICIANS. W. St. P. Fuller, M. D. vf ;eun, and feeling iro'i fntj yeura in nortl ivii.K general miirfaction. J. X. CluDiL-nfiaton t from Jew York 4J-ly A. Tfauag, M. D. AND SL-RSEOX. Odiee at ths Pretcott corucr o! Walter and JcHbriin SHOEMAKERS. BOOT AMD snos STORE. Twit Df fc.-Hl'wu'-k i notice. A suinll slock ol Ihe HI wurk kvyi on haml. 1'rices at reasonable n: nt .nj, tin. Northwest. Shop or. uupumtc the Offici.-. r _.- TT i uupci an uruuic ir.o j test. Hie 1'rcnch people manage i endeavors to cxplai. to cultivate their well aa thev ito.tlio Norwegians, v ituiucr 01 ir ultra slavecruk.-, President Buchanan Another of the friends- of the Wi.lmot Proviso and of Wjlinot, the then Mem- ber of Congress Abraham Lincoln was this spring nominated by the Republi- can 'National Convention at Chicagii for .jnt i. _ _ tu rae. -1( are at-g _ convention at Uhicagri .for least a century behind the times What] imWV, bertjr ex but, where, .-ere you >-ut W hat .ammo into of the article. Hudson, as the. j our American farmers think of going into the fields with a fork made of a forked stick a-rake niLuu IdKt CT s perry j marie by fastening a rough piece of wood i to the end of a pole, with nailg down through it for of a plow con- by.roughly throwing the pieces 1 of iron or -wood into an angular shape wi Mr. Reymert ia evidently not one of those Democrats that regard the discus- sion of the 'everlasting nigger question- as insignificant in our home politics, for the quintessence of his article is a 'defi- Hudson. as the. Office bolder of the detested pro slavery President Bu.chan- Sir. Mr.-Reymen, if you want to' be a fcquattor Sovereignty you rBust not say that you ore opposed to the extension of slavery to the Territo- QUU JJU and attaching them to a largo beam, the end of which rests upon a pair of rough of a scythe about three feet long, aa inch thick, and three [P.had [Brmvnir.g [Smith ucu- "jo tAtcuBiuii 01 slavery to the' Farrltn "oTnr3 h r1'10" innegart' Oml hr bel-eve you Uow 5 the most can you. Mr, Kcymcrt. that attention. Mr. Eeymcrt, then, begins with de- claring this sentiment in the following [FlETTi-y [Wordswoith [Vt'ordsivorth extension into new territories for four inches'wide, attached to along Mr" aful ipo.e, with no attempts at the'graceful not nn twist of our snaths, having a handle on the end of it like ihe top of a crutch, 1 ara, and always have been against thai voted, against that very 'WiliLot slavery m the United States, and its Proviso you extension into i ow can you, Mr. llcymert, say that' your slavery politics has undergone n'ochahmi who now aro a supporter of Douglas who in 1846 was one of those four Congressmen from the irce States, not an abolitionist, for only the Abolit- ionists will attack slavery in the State However, what be sets forth to prove i me lup ui a CrutCfl ,JC ocia juriti lu prove M7! r -P A v and another in the middle like the han' his sentiments, doea, AllfcCELLAJS'lc. ndn hn the opinion of the hnrn ie STr.r.ufi.cture of Blank Books, IB nou- "prepared to ......ish lilluik Books ofeverj- and bound to any desired.pattern, with or without printed Particular tind promptatteution paid to orders Co'Mi- ty Officers, Banks, i-c. Bill Heads, Shipping Eills, ruled and. printed to order. Magazines, Periodicals, Music, fcc., bound in nnv F.'ickat-es contjiining directions for binding, altencVd to promptly. September, 1858 die to a crank. let such as these, the toola wuh which the French farmers preferred Wisconsin to a slave till their fields, and I saw nothing bet- i ftale 'or llis3 Ilon3e. proving tor than these. Reaping and he' in common with other" in- i _ c o hr] mfttnta W -L... i foreign Correspcnaence. MEDITERRANEAN SEA, On board Steamship Veen's. u prove any t! boutU from London the country French farmers, and even worse than others' were Free 4 C2- threshing inaehincs, I saw none, and am U 111- h'toitants of strove to make Wisconsin a free state, docs not. neccs- tnU j rree state, docs not n 1 D LUS6d anything; for where 'all tate men, i.t might Franklin Mills! -WU..LJJ aim circii man were rrto istate men, it mifht along the line of the railroad is rough i'thia, the cradle certainly au old institu-! have been difficult enough for Mr. Rev- Besides-in New Mexico, the- pontol'a- tion had the settlement in their bands in Kansas and that under two Democratic Presidents. Hut was the settlement hke that of Wisconsin.'? Squatter Sov- ereignty manifested iiself in civil war and but for the exertiong of the Repub- lican party-Kansas would have' been a slave state to-day. You, Mr. Reymert were during the whole of that struggle on the side of the Border Rjffian puny and consequently in a rather doubtful manner against the extension of slavery to the Territories. will appropmt, such purposes to the N xvit.._, K... ,'n ,.r _ SOUgllt CUSTOM MILLS erjual to nny otber in the- Connly. teirkil to :tnd nil unntccssary deljy avoided. Flow, Corn Meal, Bran, hfmrts etument of those passengers who with husrc _i-... selves dec do tlip. slavpw i glve" tnem -utK.aiK.rp.iceH. All Kinds of Mill Peed orders. i ttiw.HVB on hand and for sale cheap. Xonehnttho of on St. door to the O.-ur i millers employed and satiEfaction warranted in uf iliv liont. y QTIS'JcSOV n-J2-Lf Trimbellc, Sepl. tt, Dee. MISCELLANEOUS. A, II. Vouaff, elEP.E or THE CMSCTJT AND COfXTY COUjiTS Wiil hiiend to Paving' Tn.xrs on Lan.ln in Pierce and counties Wucnrain, and couritv, MinnV- Ijkcwiiw to loaning money on real estate >o MT Frrvnm i that it was doubtful whothnr New Mnir_ chivalry, of real than 13 found among: t Saxon. From Boulogne to Paris the soil js j J.UQ ii uu uio iiUItUo aUU respect for the sei! knees over the frozen ground j ong the less formal! don't you get up. Mr. Bisbe I Why don't you get' up and walk 7" said From Boulogne to Paris tie soil is hadThe riaTt tft a n i. j I w-w-wonlJ, b-b-but ussomiffhtv V e rioht to not so ferule or so well cultivated as m j tbin here ,bat Fm a.a.afrajd T At that time, Mr. y I> 1 t____1- I TTffTr ratal n U _ __i _ was doubtful whether New Mex- ico would become a free state, if Con- gress did not prohibit slavery there.-r- You then also meant, Mr. Reymert 1-1 prohibit I HJIM UVJt'. kUQb A LU England. There Is more TraMe land, jb-l--break jncjmci'i you i were therefore really against the exten- sion of slavery to the Territories tut The winds are recpoaaible for an unlucky blow. Diligence is a fair fcrtune, anil Mr. Reymert, you know very well that by seriously so, you would en- nanger all the influence you could pos- sibly have with your party as a Dem- EtJ- Do good with what tlum hast. What most anlwt a fcr- e- a mos anw a ocratie Congressman, because .the Denir "Mr'ji grain ElM reaping macbioc. ocratic party in Congress are opposed to the Homestead Bill. Mr. Rejmert also knows very well that he, as a Democratic-.member of Con- gress, could do nothing for the improve- t> map i ment of our harbors sntl rivers, because nma> 1 Wp it, duellist's fear to bar.

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