Wednesday, June 7, 1848

American Freeman

Location: Prairieville, Wisconsin

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American Freeman (Newspaper) - June 7, 1848, Prairieville, Wisconsin JfolMit't lA. _ TERMS OjTks; rxriR. sw rcsKtf MM In Minuet, or wllliii limn after 01 3 !M If AMrtta, but wltMn m umM4< oi' ihs too dlHoniinui'd till Mnumnt I, u apikiii of f, UlilllM. HATM Of ADVRUTfMINrt. idvtrllVKiruU at ibis mtu i.f 7rt I Mftqiuni (UJ (or llw (nt ami HU fcr 4Mh iMfrtkm I four Jo I AU trMirlluHi nmillwww Uiruatfh tlu nwjt MitKt bu pout uul to ft BOOTH. ABOVE AND BOJUOW. JAVM.B. tOHXlL, T" O. flwcllcni In live lAThu In vowtr, Till tltr KburUmA to ntjnirn IrluiujiUuI 'IVMIr idtf, do ft: think The sits irtli- Miv hrluk If murn, Iwn-aiiM: ilnrk with yuuV TlHtitgli yfil jimr vftlh'ys sliliik In In limfi rlpi' tlcM- the rtuy crloil, Anil ntiftn, tlwir TFOUJK 1'iuiu tlirsv nliMK- your 't'lur liny I'uli .-ii'C, II'IT llii; Mil-tops ri-ti.', lu l'iijuk yimr cujdlviry. .11. It L.US Tin. ionxsiirl'i.l'o KiniHl nil tlic IliMsly ivtill .I'M! nc, utlo in lln: shmlmv Knou- wlirii Ou'iliiy ]s iif I In- III Shall you be V Tins rjncstion n-fced in a soft low voke a very pule, but very iweot young creature, as parfod from her hwbawl in tte itrcet. tiatl repKed wrwwliat toMly, replacing fan clirnr bt- twaen There irta carelowiww rnfhur tiiut unkiiiiinno in hk rannber, and .rhe kwJmd itftar him mow In nori-oit re jiromob. Taking the hand of )wr h'lliti boy, ihcrtowly .bent home- with that i (moping of the whiih It n SuUrrfUy t nhe bid been marketing, hi- tie pimihiww were in ft basket whkili Ming1 opon hor Dn hoinu, tlw very (toor of a bonM tn a poor but tlueent .neighborhood, she roiwod the- ftro, Mxtled Philip, hnr little win, beside it, him n piece of bread nnd butter for siipjier, and hersell in putting away the neuossarius situ bad; bought, Jij tho time this was done, tlvodrpopiujt head of little riiilip told her lie was ready ftr hig pil- low. How tenderly tic' -win taken to iurloiic- ly mothers his pruWy fiico bright hair and .he arrayed in, his HIIOWV ljcd-_gown. Pressed to her bosom, ihe warmed his littlo feet, her foiid hand returning. to Ilieiu from the ti re, to which she ever now and then held her open palm, then press- ing the soft foot; sho. it pluyi'ully, and so sweet to mathur's. Tlion lirint thlm1 ours I iint not KL'rvki; IIIMT, 1MH what ittt1 tliiuu tk'ventli IUIMI-M lit' eiMMil.-, H itli t'ur r.ln'or Ihir ilny tin- It ini, when lo ilu, To j ii-srn tl'.i1 sliMil e.lVm.-r V.tit nut (U' tin tlnr.i IJxlil's'-jtl'lk-i' ni-'f.cntfi'n to Ui-i-p I......t. nu ili-t'p Ihu Dl1 thy spared. More lluui our J-'ur iin'i'k iiliritiem-i-, loo. Antl ttilltwhw Hint, Is Him. iivJiiiMars ye an; brooding ronifurtliuM and lonely, over present vii stricken muss, with whmn the Almighty liath limit1 v.iry why will you remain ffftit'ii in view ot' earth's trialsV iicar ill mind Christ no.' dc.wl, bnt. ''livrth i'or- i-ver." In the centre ol'the universe llurto is a Heart, a great "f which beats. beats, bents, fnr tfint nnd inc. Then while cares mid allliefmniarc crowding und throug- and pressing upon in, like the dini-iplcs old, we'll bury ihe dead bodies out of 0111 sijjbt, inn! inn! yes, unbosom a.U our cares to him who carelh for us. 'IN tliis my slinllttlnirr, lliK t-tnill elit-cl; my U-lir, iiiiiMn of uitmiMu In-ill1.11 Vi'. (rlTAitni -Tlit! bclicl'that jjvar- dirin spirits IIOVIM' jironnd tlic of men, I'dvt'iv a mighty truth; tin- every beanlil'nl ami pnre-and thought, which the heart holds is :tn ot' mercy puritviiej; and the Uc is indiM'd the wisest uii't the hajipit-st man, Ijy constant at- tention nf thiniijht, disirovers the greatest op- portunities of uotMl, and with ardc-tit anil nniniated reso'uiioii breaks every op- position be may improve those oppoi'tu- Do'Mr'itja. SBRK NOT TO MHASI-KK TMK ISKIMTK. "AVhcn we can drain mill-ponds, and bottle up t'oive of jiravily to 1m sold by retail in )ars, then may to the of man's sool, under formulas profit tiiut loss nnd over this, too, as over a patent engine, by cheeks nnd valves and balances. Tkunittr (..'iirltjfe. provoked the car. Those H rat .charming lus- BOIIS; thus >toro gontlenuSs and tovo.awakened in his infiuit-iipirit b'y his capable, -but-.-uoin-: Ftructed, unassisted mother.. How full of meaning was his full of when leaning in her lap, she. joined hid littlu hands, and bade iiini usk-his Heavenly Kathei1 to bless Ilia earthly parent, how sym- pathetically oiiiiglit the sweetly serious calm ami holy tono of his instruct- ress. When -liia prayor Was said, his arms, mick, und cheek to elieol; they murmured .together the lulling sonu which concluded drama: for his slowly closed; and the smile- softly passed from his face, apd then ho was gently to his snug and siiowy bed. SD far all was awect; 'would it niii'lit bo said all was calm; but the aidiinji void in Su- san's heart'was not calmness, it was rather a tUr tliLit. tnental and Bodal alianicnt which is necussary to every breast, and can- nut be IhMtthily denied to any. The more spirits seek .sueh assoeialiotis or stimulants chane.0 presents to them; the jtcnllur submit and polish, iu'.si- lelli-c. .Sns.'iii put .1 lit tie fuel softly on tho fire, trimine.d her eandlc', and sat down ivitli the j lonely woman'-) work-basket. ._. m the pdHbrmAnce orfiw dfottej, nsaljy prlvktWns, tneworttof 01 thai of mentnl ahd yet and sho ft eonseion MfcouttVin htr and licrtincere and uniisnrtqdendeivM1 ftdd no doabt n register the Wgher ve- nvents of niore fkrorad'ittlnda W ith (he tnihty that she Was not tbrtg for thit Krehe, redbublert her exert tons ,t6 pot her Iftrlo hoiiw- hqld fa order She jjropairrd and clothes for her child, Tnid away, embftlrneU them with her tears. In Mtntf mtinner'her nftedHf tojleil" tor her Ii bund, and the us hijr frugality fteteil -were etrtployW Wro Itltle Thw will Iteop warm wfrpn I thought fid wH' litde think that scntjal that bv rnnda much to; secure cultiiation to Too Iitu had dftflrtroO upon htm, bnt It caraa nied by contnttcn Kocotnpnntad hlih thraugli ramHwder of fats lifo and any rajrtncnt he felt tho prmuj'ttngs" of aelf- com'cfltrntod n which tho self-laugljt foraot me, for'IX'ttwr coqipimy hiiwrtl troy, my oniv happlnew was to remambct him, with- the more, gthed mid fs wnfl thirt be more wlitarj in apt .to ha of her looked which I nta goine, thhn I hire around htm with dwire pirticijiato, been in tho home to he bfought mo Sometimes i tittle irik bottle win til en fioin the mm le shelf, and a sheet of piper fioin her little tabla-diriwer, and then effort, a few linos wore traced, mid the pnper hidden arefully ib if ilu, hcd Committ- ed a trnnu One she h id moie endeavors of this kind 'thin tun it, nnd tlje spirit of intcllijente wm her Bught ej e and glowing oh her bua'utifnl cheek, when she Wiis by an iinustiiil noise. Tlie piipar into the drawer, tlie ink-bottle restoretVtoJLhe slielfj'snd taking the candle, she went: tuft the i landinj-plaee. She! beheld nssistetl by two merij sJowly aacendftig staii-s. He 'had met with had brOfcen'his1 it "hafj been "mit-'i-lie. had' fainted during, the and, with the jrhiislly hspect inciilent ti> sach circumstances, appeared before her. fit very the of oiTil life! Iiitio? Mr Calhouo (Bore i natiom nre of eoU( thtft of die foerof Attd io onr own human The heart it altoayx pukttlwM tome, death ansoet. So it all the world aver. When agitation camtff, it w followed by itne- nalion, death bot continue the agitation, Mtd yon relMa life and health nnd And 1 hero be pern ittetl to bonow from the bock of Omniscience no read that in the pool of Si- Imun, which lay near tlie gato of the temple culled Benntlftit, pomesscd no virtue nnt I the togel of God do'n n and itm til it. And may it not be, to Ma) it not be that the dull and sluggish i current of human RfTairs around htm with top irtioipate, tietds a stirring up I tell you we want more app-opriato, the feast thaf fuw furnished agitation at tlie North From tli% 8cnnle de- fer all Tlvis oveh't Philip Morris, for. MB HAT, 15'I SPBEOB (.onmiend to our roodcra the following sensible Speech of JOHN II. at the inoetin'g.ofi the American and Foroign Anti- Slavery: Society, as repoiteid: in the K. York Express., What .he reforming the the Biibjedt of. Slavery, before you' can expect any groat change in politicians, will bo assented to by candid own of all par- tics ..i I have been so much accusteracd to nddross an audience so, little; with: my. yi.tws Ibr somei.tirae piijt, that yonr kindness .gltation bates you have learned, if you rend them, that there nre enough ot, them at the i South (homo mcrruuent) lea} we 1 need of more limitation it the Noilh, so that your representRtives rit WflShinglon may have something 1o fall batik upon at home.' [Hi re Mr Hrtle Announced that ho must bring his remarko to a'clost, bnt the audience replied vtith cries of 'go on "But t imi .longer speech hen.'; ami it was only by coaxing that I wasiiidoced to sjiook at all: so now, if break ray promise, I shall have to tell ft lie." (Launhtei-.) Mr.'Hale, after 1 I do'nOt wish to-say any thing to you about nalioniil ndaii'S, or about the'war. J al- ready On theme subjects in full, arid and I have only to-ndd' here that 'every thing I have said is but faint and tce- -ble comparedUo my own feelings in relation to those subjects. rbeliove that the psige of oni' history oh whicK they are' mentioned, is burdened with'-infamy j and no change what- r.--.- rr i ever shall this my ballet'unilerjoi until that mure lilxjral and niid did noM'or- ent. thjitl shall catastrophe- rivertafc'ns me: ;with which I iiin, ..ii ..-vr_ i J Jcnpw of no I tbro'rtcned.: ;And now; what'is our and your How do we now stand at under n promise, I not' to make n 3t ti with peat regains publish ftoin Washington TJnipn, the olReUt organ of our FltRE government, a detailed account ol the purchase nnd capture <jf tho schooner I1, 'uri, by private, unautlioriscd violence, with fifty human beings on board, miking an cffoi t to asieH their natural rijftit to Liberty, Tlio whole of these, twin, women and Jiil- dren, were FHKK, not only by the law of Na- ture, but the Constitution of thu land. A re- ipectable, or decent pretence to the conti ary, cniinqt besot up. not parlitl of legul authority in tlic District of by wpith one tntrican hold nnothcr H a slave. Tliiw Oulrago then, by which they are drni'gwJ from ft vessel ami thru it into prison, u most flagititioui character. But supposing Slavery to have a legal cx- i-Ui nee at the National sent of atul that supposition it still more disgrmeful to at as a if there any Tight of vnption? Even according to the common in- turiiretationa of tliu' clnufti! of the Conftlilt lion wilth to fugitives from service, il ap- plies only to those who huve been hold bv the Inws 'of one of ihe Stntcn, iiniMiax fled tlicrc- from. But the District, of Columbia is not n Stiito. by whnt right Hrc free wliite men L-ik- en from tlie deck of their own vessel, like criminals through lin' street, and march- ed to a dungeon, for performing a common act of aiding and trembling fuyitiveain the secure enioymcntof their God-givon righls S'.isan and several brothers ancl sisters, for their station, remarkably well. Her father's was one. ever flowing with the miifc of human kindness; and tints, aided by; the. chi'erl'ul spirits ot' their cherished children, n nr. Slie smiled feubiy iiis this 'was spoken! yet I loft it she knew that slie ivas goihg to a farther and boitor home, .and; often did sho wish to as rtijth but shij was not- cloqiioiit ofwdrJs, rior sulH'cib'ntlyi strong'in spirits and tifcei1 two or three fruitless attemptd-she desisted, and pursued; as far as; slie was able, tho even tiinor of her way. Philip Morris recovered his health, anil was restored to work and full wages .igain he talked of tho country fiir Susan, and insislud on her trying ii new d'tM-tor he aougbt to tempt her appetite by such rarities us he could aft'oitl, but still he could not resign his peculiar habits and enjoymonts, and uruohg tlie evils these entailed were late hours. 'One night his returned homn as usual about mid- night, when on opening tlin room door, iri- moral sunshine, had evur lighted, up that iowly 1.stead 'of the sinall bright tlie triinmed i. TxM.rKxrKS1. There is a se- cret depth, unfathomable to others, in the Hiul of every man, which brink's him within the rango of spiritual inllnences. Many lolly trnttis operate upon who itt> not profess to1 believe DH-III, and penetrate thorn secretly and unconsciously, ns rain retVeshcs even the plants that grow under water. Jiiditei: AVlSKST JtKN THK FOMtlKAH- isu.i In onlcr to lore nuuikiiul, expect but little from thdin; in order to view their faults without bitterness, we tnnvt accustom our- to pardon them, ami to porwiw: lbat indnlgcnce, to close our hearts upiinst hatred, to open them to the principles of a hu- roaoH soft iitontlity, tbim a profound knowledge of the human heart. Accordingly the wisest men hare alwayt been the most in- dulgent. Uultcer. A THOUGHT ron KVBIIT not in life tho end of human ia- Bern- Jius. In every widening cir- i it teMhei borond the Dt ath rc- ua (ram Ihii to tin world; lime dvtenuiitei wbatdiidl be oar condition in morning we DO forth, We Itf UM BMMiklUg kind on oar destiny wWn done, we left a luirOillBttpon We in btrt iwwrti tin tbrono of God. Let outh think of anil tbkt in Iku home, :md given it u thousand chiims .upon her lovu and memory. At monicnts Susan would look bark on the brief time that had been employed to woo her from it :ts a dream; the. whispered words promise of endeavors Ibr her tin; mighty city in which she was to dwell (which now appeared to her a of mud and stone, il! exchanged for tin; dasicd fields, with i heir swce.l breath nnd bright atmos- phere) had all tended to im iiiidefinablo dis- appointment yet, in the innocent ignorance of her heart, slit; could scarcely bavo stilted of what she bad to complain. Shu loved her btisbaml; she was proud of bis superior abili- I ties anil made no mtijtn estimate of bis high j moral eharaetor, umlubnscil in the slightest de- gree by the gross vices which, secluded as was j tier life, she could not but perceive marked j many around her, subjecting their ivivos 'o brutality anil privation. Compared with uneli olfences, she persuaded bcrsult' thatl'hil- ip'.s neglect wns a very light and venial ftiiilt, and blnmcd herself for fooling it BO much. Hut Susan wns oneof those of Im inan- ity th'it would havoamply repaid cultivation, and that needed tho sunshine of sympathetic, kindness; the air of the social atmosphere, to keep them in health Mid lile. Daily iuod was scarcely more necessary to her physical na- ture all this her husband's habits, nnd the unsociable plans of life in England, and espe- cially in London denied It is true, es- morally, uncultivated, but she: had talent and tempennhcnt that would soon have repaid a little kindly Too tinrid, too ignorant to plead her own cause, Or urge her claim to him who .precludw) to all others, imixunpUiningly liyrt on without change, without Mjmnlow or excite- ment nhnt up within the fen r of her hnrublu home, walking uitrolwTcd with: her. spirit full of capabilities eaeJtpktwnl and UMI- panded. She grew hectic, her appetite fliilcd, Iwr ftwne waited, white, rnriet and cJnuM of her or hi OMU rnpidty of'tMc- icfawi the d l caving wootum; whioli candle, awl the pale, patient worker ho was in placci tho in tho next place, Bejmrtincnt.s, and you will there jbo told by thow'nt .their head, that they, nre tlie .servants of they arc not. the Go from, the .Departments and you will be met by the same search any where EJ-OJJ lilte for our government, ajntl I tell you he. will, not'.'find' it! ;Where is it, tlicii Where is this ..much: talked: of American :.Have you ever seen it V ,My friuntis, there, is some truth imflcd in the an- to thesu tp the.individr ual who witnta to -find outiflnf'.goyernnieiit whoso right hand is red ivith thtsblocKl of' war, and whose front is stained with the foul blot of I would aak this man to ,go apiirt.from his fellows, and in the privacy of liis own rooin look.witliin he would there behold one mnn respoiiBible! (Applause.) the truth wo bring hame .to you. You talk of. your ami you think you mean something as if, when a people mnko their own Jaws and government, we shpuld lay tho re- sponsibility- in ainy qtlier quarter! If this doc- trine is correct, 1 think youi.will agree vrith 'nccnatoinenVto.bchohl, 'all was darkiioss and nab that we need iio.t.go to Washington .to, "ook iiidiscriba-1 (or our ".government." No i I tell you, it is silence. lie paused umome ble sensation of crept over hid triune you who are tlie government, and. if you are and fear, like n paralysis invaded liis heart; fit m noud of a why, convert yourselves length he Susan., my anil .you will then'elect.a converted govern- dear." There was he stepped 'far-; incut, anil a. converted It'is vper- he stepped he repeated her nanie i idle ibr you, who arc responsible.authors still. He gropud liii j of all that your representatives are doing, to ther into the room still louder; all w way to'the the mantle-slicH' he found u box of lucifor a light and lighted He now 'beheld Susan, with her baud vesting on the 'table, seated in her usual place.. Ho apnroaclicd and her Heaven its icy cold' nosa! He (lung himaislfou his knees on the floor, and looked up into her face; there was one pci-sori there wilt dare to deny it. Go to your-Sunoto and they will not deny it. No! their answers may. bo at first, but freed from Vpin raHjpamuhraee, and strippcil of nil tjjr.y ,vrill .ttiil not' dany it. There U not one: iritdKigent in fine, who docs riot know it is' not too much and into it nre ignoininiounly.thrnit cilinjiis of the United Stntei1, for doing that for which tlni people of Prance.and throughout Europe have buen receiving the admiration of the the hypocritical cotiffrntulauons of our government of tyrant slaveholders tmd lo I Mid, with wt ttessl thought, .my fntnd, tad it thull lw MMHtflitt hi ll rtonn that ran orar jnu. to ttwt Wyoo in fonncr. IK As every tiling connected with Mwbl condition oi FMIICC to <rf wtrfcri it IMiw eut lime, I sondyou few tiJton wtrfla reading long aHiisle on Ihe .Apriruiturc of in lb-s number of London Quarterly for IB48. Tbry wiH idoa of Ike conifitUm ot lUf of France previous to tho ructM cluinjjO' ofgpvcrrmrnt. My Inw at im, no man oonld llwsWa HP: iiiutwot in uny kind of pro- perly. lie Ittd no (xiwcr to (live <u- but on his tlcath tho Uw intei-vcuej and dit- tributcd hit eiUd.' in Kharrs among nearostof his kin. Tliin liiw wns mpportied by Rolx'tp. ierrr and An mcndmiii'.t nujd'e, tilkruinf f properly to diipow ut' a portion ol'il, on (.'ontfition it lihonld be exorvi- in favor of atrnnjpirt, and in favor of their own ohiKlrftn. Tlie who hud advocated tbit law, 'I ihu Codv Napoleon, end rVtnined the ing to the dc.iceet of Napo- leon's better judgment. indiflcrt hwt been rrjicidia, wcro denirow by ther ffi-oatett iliviooD uTllif. plunder Crown, the t'havch, ami the Mobility, tn inter- larger portion nfthe in to n rentorjilictn, which woiikl hai i ad their own property and bt-ads. The Mlxjlilion uf. primojjvnilurn wan nuuD' still conliniu-n in full force. difference is mndo K hindi-d nnd properly ill is to be cqnalty divided tlic (ihilt'ron, or nex! ol kiu- t- i; free disposal ftf lehtnlor, ono ____; thus if he linn bill wu- chilil t-.c may dis- pose fif ball, if two of a third, if in f.ivoiilo child fourth of his. whwlo properly liii life liinc makn a gift to n which flrjll in ihfi iwist conlrHVenc tlio ulli- nmtc operation of Ibc law mid I In1, only pro- vision in tlic na'uro of entail, i? an their itiiticrennt npoVog'wtsandsycophautfl. In the rc.publicati: light ascending from the funeral pyres of thrones and despotisms in j tin; old world, what must be the black and disgraceful pre-eminence of the. nngel of American Democracy, drtppng back the re-capturud slave, nnd his yillifiud libcnitor, into disgraceful imprisonment, and the per- pctunl despair'of slavery. Is there an Ameiieaii that dares to sympa- thise with Ilic principles'of liumaii liberty, does not feel tbe dhmning disgrace of his country, burning like n. hot iron in heart? That a'bolt from thc'nqgry and indignant of tho Alnnghly (Iocs notntrikc us into unni- imi, Inlution, proves the long suflcnng of his incr- ft.ur nrt, flve cy. But His ear is not closed, tlmt it will not i, clcvrn hear, nor his heart hard that it docsijpt nity. r i The pleading cry of His children, made slaves and brutes, will not go up, forever and unheard. The angels of Itu justice arc speeding their way, at this moment, from the font of tin; Eternal throne, anil will not return I curried to i-xir urient, by which lie-in allowed to limit lo gmiid child or a nephew the share lo which child or n bjollier may lx-cnutlnf. In I'lMiK-c there are IL'O.lMt't.iMio nerM of land, more or less productive. 'I'll'1 popula- tion in 1830 was or one to pounds ten shillings sterling, and of the population are independent Itnd- OWIICIT; iMiKinp which nre inclinlid ol houses. This syMcni, no (air in prosjwi-t, so cxcolh'.nl williin limiln, becomcf unite thfl.fingerii.from'tlic ba'ndof ICter- nity'wero it for our ayes, t'h'u. truth would any plainer than now! It would seem, Jiosts of frcetlom tho Angel of 'Liberty were inarslinlling her j forces all over the universe, but where will] be in this, the greatest contest by far that over nations were invited to Will Until their mission of be ]wr-1 nre ;t leetly fulfilled, although civil convulsion and 1 mRn quite The a division of labor j t-arh li'n 'nwn bi-onit, lines, blooily disiutur be involved in tlie retribution.; iacf million six himilrrd tlmoi- .1 _. young man but a bold one. English i-, a boy, familirs comprising thirteen million por- ngninst whom nothing was found worthy of sons; of each of which lliir ruled bonds, on the examination. He was perhaps j come docs no! escort! CO shillings plcrlinff committed for gaiety, or perhaps for evidence. Drayton, the real hero ofthcaf- fuir is an oltlcr man1 anil liana wife mid H'IX children in Philadelphia. A correspondent of the Courierdescrbon his visit to the prison, and we extract the following from bis ace unit of Uo seems made for a soldier in such a bold, stern, determined num. ready lo do thfe maintenance of five ami tbew are proprietors. As this system ndvuncrtl mid proiluccit tsiK'h octremo government hap provided 'but s wlio is unable to pay lunil tn.i. wh iriptor i it bout ten por per may jjivr it up lo (iovcrnmiLiit by paying a rcgislriition fn> of alxiiit penee, and frirry away liia moveablcs. Out of five and Imlfmillimi i. While so, it is idle and useless mid hope- -T1-'" s io drive out shivery from tlie stale, merely IIc nciis ol nnd a sure refuge in the sanctuary ol' the s O nurl m-n Kin less to I chnreb. often asserted, nnd by farmers themselves, that nothing .lie complain, about your government. You talk your wanting nicn of fmnnesfl at Wash- ington, in par-. ing it, or to or inattention. A- by (tyi'tciilfuriiitx. That this numerous and respectable portion of our citizens, taken as a whole, do in fact, make little or nothing more than a bare support, for themselves and families, cannot be denied. lint this docs not prove the incapacity of their business be- ing made lucrative, when properly conduct- ed. Its unprofitableness, we have reason to believe, is to be attributed principally, lo an injudicious and mistaken policy in comluct- ticulariy from the "North. You say that you hnve it great many dougbiViccd Wfiresentativcs. Well, so you have I And Because your representatives have a more doughfaced mong the capital errors of our practical far- mers may be ranked a disregard to manuring and tilling their lands suJRciently. Although much already has been said on the subject, rongly marked ienturcs antl sleaily eye denote cbaractar and courage, and whose open nml ingenuous coimlciK.nce inspires conlidcnct! nnd respcel. lie will have need, I fear, of all his vigor of body, and all his strength of mind, to up ap-inst tbe cruel .treatment which bus already and which may last, until his frame, now fio vigorous nnd erect, is bowc'l down with age, und his eye, now so clear and stern, is dimmed with the shallows of dealh. Ho is aware of his position and1 ?iis damior indeed, he was well avraritfaf Ihu risk he ran, and counted the cost before lie pel out upon his enterprise, and provided for his family in case of liis capture. He is now in tlic :ron grip of the law, made by slaveholders tliem- sr-lvcs to protect what they call their property inhuman beings, and made us sharp and as slroti2 ns the w'i't of wicked men could make leaves thorn proprietors only, and a sweet placid smile upon lips, for a> for- (.-people.themselves stand up, niid giving, gentle spirit had passed from them, I no difliculty about the matter. giv but tlie eyes wore fixed was dead t been doaiVsome hours Tho 'distracted man rushed down alarming all the in- niates of the bouae as he. -passed. A man wag soon present, land the chamber in which that 'yonng: crcflinre had almost lived and died nlone, was thronged by a crowd, anyone inspired by u better soeial system, would willingly have sustained her .lo- ft life, or encored tho biioftimo utf lotted hor -All wore aiid one pnrtveuJajrly when the child, awakened by the tonmtli, dcramblod out of liis little bed, and riitihed for protection to hia lifoteBS mother. ?Tot cvlm thst voice, eloquent as it hud ever been to lier, could awaken her again Tho surgeon declared that her do tth had been sodden, and Daturat cau-01, but that it if as case which demanded an ih- qaeet. An inquest wait heU. Among the evi- dence, singularly ineinorial; it the journal which Susan had for wow tiiwftjitept, Sauit, nnr tlir Dwih. why thea fro in the rear to meet deselect CTwi? conversion of (me Bapbtt church iio Hew Hampshire, than of whole AJHJ- knewrftbehtuMui bearl Oo< out Father 1 hood. of old more hind Ihnn what they attend to nd- .vantnneonslr. If. they would spend all their serve this labors and manurei on one-third, or at most, "o is considered gu -bnstitiiency at home (Appliiuae.) TLettbc i yet it is one that cannol be too often brought be I.m long ns the present system is pnr- back to j sued. Itiost of our farmers attempt to improve the history of do not mean the 'hisiorv' iif New HunipSihirc, for I am here in NcwVork; whereas, if I were in my own. Stnto, I should of its history to its citi- zens; but to recur: 1 say, to your history of New York, and tell me when you hiivo liad a representative who would bow so low as to loose caste at hoaie I I believe you never hud one. Well-T-there an o4d say- ing nmong the Romans that the soldier should be more afruid face'of hw general than of the face of his enemy. 'Perhaps yon inay gather sonio this gaying.iiml fihd_out the propriety of: makin" your rtpiresoBtativcs. afraid''of you! Before Gen. Scott sot for Mexico, ho n good deal worried a certain fire in the roar." (Itaufchter How that is just what you watt j our Representatives (Appuiosu.) You want nea fer your present system, do not yield but littksmore and if they tlwu half the above Mentioned quantities. should happen to hewtato an.8 fiJl Dut in regdfd to pflstore lands the r ,tj enco is still greater. Little or no attention is pool by the great mass of farmers to grounds of this deicription-i-congeqHently their pro- ducts are generally very inferior both in niMtt- ity nnd quantity. FerhaM it wouW not be far from the truth to that from four to five acres BOW usually required for pasturing one cow; that; quantity of Und (.light to afford mfficienl for at least E, farmer. it. too, is administered with a <TU- tcrrilory iruiy I: city tliat is ravolliiiL'. The r.ian has causes much liliplion; making real jirojtertv a chattel, and tlii'Ming il inlii inlinilc ]jtn'ts. is ruinow Mthc partio.i dn- ftrnclivciif .'igrirnlliirv., injurious to tin- rial prosperity, nnd fatal lo th'.: nifra! and to- cirlinleiTSt of'thi! nation. The wise nnd good of Kranco olijec'trd lo this nyslcni of wviftjiinxnt, but li.'1 and men made tlic Iti-vii- lution of and maintained nil its mis- ehicfK, disi-ouiitcn.inoeil unit nil tc.mpts either ton strain ihe dik-prr-iiiii fa- cilitate the, reutiiiin of estates. I'ml'-r this system, pinin ijiillivalinn lii-elineil, irbitt- was an ir.creased tpiatitity (A raip- show thai jiDpulntinii wrm I'aSling back npoii'lho iiiwlvs of vcivlpfl produec whule aliunt Inn por liinih dimininhi'd in existence. The niiy been of all eltv Ulat is nil.-. ..M.-V.H kept, till now, all as it is called by (lie and dclftriorated m qiialny; nml bom.. w Karouan overnments which still imported jor tin: use. ol Atn- i'cw governments which still relic of inquisitorial is virtually re- fused is ciit. olf from communion or one-half the quantity of land they now do nrk L _ BON-IE' W b.ivn found ground bones one of the. niwt! -valuable uf all nmnurtM. encc. fortunaey er i -n c of it in almost evcrv town in the Stale. Our j is "Ntaty." whose cro.ed ,s the right- of c ei of fer'tility, when properly dres- man to tbe. niinmt of happiness and fo, I c sell, will: in ordinary .seasons, produce- from i crime of helping men io pronounce that oncand a half to two of hay: from .forty to fift fi o -and a halftone per acre bolelh, and live by Hint creed fifty bushels of corn i Ihe excitement among tlie -eir wall. ,s ...I hot fill on iifcd in teniling to llx'in productive nnd to fill "lit SwT. We jiresiiiiie the i-fll'c.l would l.c fiin- on tin; vanillin of gi.iin. AVhercit isflentrcd that tlie slumlit 1m ot nrtV irom :.tori3'io Hiiy oiisncis oi -c. fiom thirtv to forty -hutih-els of oats, and other still intensc.-their wralh is hot, anil I KJ Hn rmaU grains, nnd fill other, prodacti in the j menu lo make Brnyton drag out a life of oiih- M wilh ho temptin" to knock pffllic slaves. The pnnishnrtcnt for rtealing a slave, with a view of selling him, is imprisonment for from SO' for lilierlv, it is payment of Ins market value, fine of two hundred dollars, and iinprisonmen in With a refinement of cruelty, they mca i lo trr to convict Drayton of the crime of tteal- inc slavei for own gain and, be Jabt live twenty years, then go a grfv-headed man from hU prison, they BMD to firing indictment for each slave he 10 in utteinpt to ecnvict 1 jm o( tW -rSSL, tliev Anviet him o! the ton 20 to 20 cciit.i per but of bone manure, on fruit arc v.-ry fin- It not only innkfs them productive. even to twenty yoai-s, hard lalor ;j ;n pcrfcclinftlnr fruit ol tbwkinrtK ing him with vieie "f setting hun at are ,pt ftil. HOT Indian corn it is offeSce, they mean lo or Otbe-, to mt, in decplr.lly vnluable. But, prnbnbly. ilwrc no otbcrc rop, on which iu influcni-e i- sogrotl on root-, ind Ihts in particularly, true in rr- lalion to the Kngiish Turnip. In iin rocnt on turnipn, made four kiiulf of produced wttiw- Next to it, .-aroc hog manure, M-ry Uli- ertltv applied. Hut there of of in fcVwof the tkc of f-rting hog Why rk. of not the present ncwon, with and otbef-m- .um, v cohdoetei1. wonfcl be very U farmer. A more -Baton. tbtt

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