Wednesday, February 12, 1845

American Freeman

Location: Prairieville, Wisconsin

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American Freeman (Newspaper) - February 12, 1845, Prairieville, Wisconsin i! iiMrtul S months I'or ifi six for veur for ii ATTOKiVfcy AT LAW...'. SbimiroitT, W. T. i; A CO., BOOKSELLERS ii STATIONERS, Cmttr Water tini' Mictiigcni Strtett, J'.il W ,'IV in the by Joncnfc Co. fi'cv. I, Mates, V 'fcrliell; 53 Ccl' IS. Ttfthitm, Key., ?AO trr si. A' T. i ..i'.ill. .from C'tish, c.nothcr son of I-luin, on the curse was pro'hoinicod bit Genj 10 6, 7 Tlitre it no jjroof whatever, ciiher posi- livo 01 lha ntgro race descended froin t BKsiOcs in il! ages; of the world, more white proplu have been ihan black. Did these white slaves all descend from Canaan-? Probably .more jth'a'n .of the present 'Russians, lire slaves; sire they descended fcom Jt has long been the 'custom of the barbarous Cir- cassians to sell their own beautiful white children for slaves havij they also .descen- ded from Caniutn, as theblacU.p'eo-. icket] as slavery uhich requires for its necessary support! the brtaeh of every rule of the law yf Would a man who was sojost that he would not par- take of the Itfn'l1 phindcr in war, (Gen 14 be Jilwty to strip men of their rights and di-pm't! them of their natural liberty Would ibis Prime and Prophet, who wns favomi'iviilb.1 the pres- ence of his (Gtn 12: 1 7, 13: 14, 56: 1; 17 j ly lo beguilly o 1'; }S 1, Sec be like- j> crtme afterwnrdi con A few years a Engliali o our and .Irish ancestors enslaved mullitudes of th own countrymen name'of the I'staies lo which Ijhey, were. Morlpof i-s. .Bu ihtir uMha, prortsl bills and ijroniia.icry mites lor min-paymiMit i ,-uid examine rcCc'i'di j nuU scud It. penio'vi in :.ny purl of Ihc Sialoj. Hi- Iwvtud al uffwv itt'i'.i.'id't '..1 Ihr tiuurt Houat1 v .-i .N i.oit A-J; ,.AW ANI, VS-OII IX ''II NCIIII.V. AHtar, Win. TIT. CJ. 1. NOTAKV it i.u-t A r-n, ;s i. r.AND r.A-v, w'. T. O.-ll.'? i-vcr .1 llli'jp, corn.-! ul Wiv.i'niii ii, M.'lrt-mikir. 'l.-i kM, 13 CK 10 V il Y S I t A N S 1.! It !S K O V. JM J. ti. L. Wird'n WHOJ.KSAl.t: .t ItK'fAll, in and larcijfM Dry fJ "x.lf, (irwuvrics. ami 1! ,rU Klioes. H.nin. .S.V ll.ipcr "I 'iil.J Walfi jDry ('rockery Painla. O'.hi, i.'ye. SlJt'l, .Vaiiii, -to. Ac. Coriisv of Wiacondiii Ktrrcu w A. KI.Y fiaali nnJ Slinen "I order, f.Mdinnloii April 17 tynT "ffUST ii-ci-iii-d, Nineteen Ca-ics Statin an.! HraviM- Hafj', (i.-nt'd ISuVa, (Jntt'-, nnd Voulh-i' t'np.-i. (if cvttv and Pnlinlrtl' HjMa, Kroncli Trai-tllitij; Caps; Vnulhf1 tU-ltn, ana otlici- I'nncy arlicli'H. Vewry'if ('omnii'icial iSlock. Mav 16, n'0 attached this day called Krotn these a large portion of Ihe.present Aniericiins nilust have ilesceiuled bjive they iis w as ihe ncgioes descended from Cunasin Again, are not divine coni- inand.s, to c'oriiniit sin. They arc. iiol rule of chrirUiaii The death arid of' were foretold, but'the corrupt Jews, ihe instruments to fuilill were dread'fulty piinislied for thoib wicked! ajri'iicy in t'he isuine. Thus thu prophecy hly leave those njt'iils gtiilih-ss. See 4 21 7: 1U: D.-ut. 311: IS, 2'j Judges i! r ]1) Jcr. 2.3 ;lljs. 0 Matt, IS 7 LuUo 17-: ;l 'Uo'li. U '2'i, anil o'lfier passages. lioadagl" of the isrijcliti's was Gen. !5: 13, llie Kgypliiins' vri-ra (iiiiii.irit-d for it. >So Cbrisl foretold the jierst-culioti bis own Seb .Matt 10: 2J U, tic.; Vet 'their persecutors were tiri'iidfnlly scourged for them. Muny'olhrr.similar cases jinig-tit be riled. forbid the doing of evil, thai .gm'd may come of it Rom 6: --Let vis bewa.'i-, iht'ii, how we commit sin, by duiug evil that good may corrte of itj ihroujjh perverled notions of the linn'oce'nt fulfitinrDt of jjrojtliccies. But the (ibji'clion is as fulse in fie i as it dcinned by the ILevilical law under the penalty of sure ilsjath There is no such .-probability.''- ji: What was -thehs in. the lives of any of the Patriarchs thaS! woiild' us -to- sus- pect contrary to spirit ofthe Scri.pfiires .that 'i'iicy might -Wave been so'- 'great n cririie'agar.nst law of Naltire Does Noah's Gen. 6 9, fur.hish leaves the indu party, who adopts properly "gotten" ana should have been piocured in the pas- sage under confutation, but for the sake of abundant fyuqess on our side of the controvert We will ltd the common trans- lation stand. i: 'Ihe case being doubtful !rom this phraseology, let appeal to the, context, and judge of probability, iH hut man pi, an I Georgia, yvM be uncultivated for want 0[ from Virginia, Kentucky Und MwUud, il the for nt' more or less of Slavery in Ihe District CK bia.. -ll will call fur its abc lilion j.< -ttj. i.; i rich. I .run--: "-.-------.'.'iL1...- j lluillifia..-! lii'l'ln-Sii'l-ld! Ill :li sub--in ihrl-.r Im. i: i.'t'.- Culmn- j di j fiir the jbolition of ihe slave for i ;m -a- t'ur i: ul internal tfade was at pliuhed, and that Iprohibition. of the introduction sf the abolition of iv. -i-i. __ .1 ____ the abolition of toiougly en- forced would dVslreiy in italcs by the supers bunilnnce m the latter'Ibrer, their want of in the four former Si theae great democratic republicans has one I 9lh behere cup here they will never see them or the masUr may ,iiih to sell that haired man from the wife of his pilgrimage iBe must go break, trade must go on, and the plantation discipline of the must st II ex- tort the unrewarded toi Tin the baleful cot- ton field and .in. ilheforlon ricj'swamps while the initials of the newijprpprietpr, vvilh inarking.-iroH, are burnt into: thequiy- ering flesh ns the' poor :sta've pbsl in the. co (He gang. to march 'the i- long re- turnlcss journey to a distant. la'nd'-r-h'S wife, chijdren, friends, shall be- no .more forever. being, :lhis moral Bhipwreck'i ipasses his grief arid jnights of sorrtjW .to grati. fy the avarice :pf brie him lo! be. crushed by .insolence of ;his power Slate, and breakup commerce (lie American (eas, to Stale 10th We from abroad i u b. ililo thu; District. These d-rnnnJs will nil ibijl ri-l nc urged With a force that has yrl liii tier (.in-. lached to them, in consequence lectire Ifatioiiolrttpe.tsHiliii, fur Ihe insli-i tution, in the eyes cf ihe wbole which has lately been api-eai whole Jn'oith, East and Wes', by ihc Soulli is itself. We see hut one wa of quieting i i v or avoiding this ugiMtion o'' which r... i '.hat vav in. r v. lik-ly t.) b..- insurrection nti n or sedristou, of the slive j porlunity and excuse. illihcatioa'j w ould p >ve Cpngrcsa tad; to and Mar poverty-stricken link- Ten Mil-s Square must continiii: tlie ground, op- Let il be (jiotn ll is per. FeJernl Governnier t. I hi jurisdiction for the salvation ot thecoUl.try, leclly ujieless to t, to abolikh tlavery in] all us a If thought by any desirable, Cungwi could inc.ins'lo provide lor the still retain sufficient contingent ;iulborily and if wife do not sjiy th s, then we bay to serve For its own proteciior asaiusl molis, a fu .v slavery isjs right moijp imjiortanl to sus- tained irum the inteljinty of Union or if such dangers should ever i.rise. It retain llje owneralr'fi of all public buil.i- salvalioh ol the in other I mgs and; properly, with ample giiaranle-'s sixteen millions of ifre white mei) had of its ojrn inticpenilender.c..-, ugaiiHl any i nai'ki.-'.. 1, Tiii- governnjrnt from al! connecti men at the Korth, iii and We fielierfe the Constitution of the United Slat'ps, wliim properly interpre- ted, is an document, vMiicb, by means of slave-holding Presidents; .Vice- presidents, of .Represen- tatives) -the imijorilyjof .-the judges being with no eye lo pity, no nrtn -tcj-'aave his i southern, and :a niiijirily of the; high cries foe mercy lamen- 'officers abroad, on and: hcing lutions.are his crimes. CJut by .law slaveholders, ifie spirit and letter from learning to read, of i great and glorious palladium of our rights, religion, from ihK.biblo'are to him j has been employed njjost unjustly in- the crueliy.. of. isl'avcry.. strument fur the destjiuctiou af the human a .iman chou'M. .lose him. soul rather than 'rights of millions -when it wan intended for th'.> master.should.ihe body.' j. j the proteciiun of all. .Individuals of .these grcijt parties have iaisled not; norji'umle ar. indi- vidual .rppresenting our -ssiitimeii'ts' but should study the-, liislitiy of. ihe two slaveholders, by" thwri .lio'iiiinaieil'; if we could extract abstract or onei'fiundred.ivvhijih inaile one, a i.4n wo the'lltUhOT, jirVnis great 'infties I rucl; vote, for him, the l.liat we never to wind around he .nonarch's rieck no! as the prope'rlj: of slaves. Withou.t fuflhi.r description1, txplana'li'on, or info' ewitllunt.ldead. is in .st-nlimenj-.. Tim primeval origin of that'in this case oF'Joseph and the Eeyp-i lians, that ofthe live parties of shv.ery. i I he anathemas which bavo .been house has! 'n such unmeusvirlid cjuivutitiBS upon us by e liotion of I lhe whiSs> sin.c.n-thuir orig- the great firee pcople..aiid not his slaves. The phrase born in'! the. been considered as favorite Ihe of which Abraham's nations is involved in llie greateslouscurity; Knglish translation of th'i but evidences there is in the child of the :aso, antiquarians are agreed that was, the child of one of Ab'ira ili'B present of black people descended inestic free servanls but mean from 1 before son it tuay, .not the slightest inferc of Ham, upon'whom ;no curse was pro- i i-aivreasonably .bu .drawn from Ihtt phrase nounced. The real deicendanls of we were in tlang, us to-infer that jigtioraiit hilated by.laiiverSeliiitlmin DA MCI. CI.AIIK, Prcs't. Wm. Coniior. Sno'y. S. BAKfJU, Agent. MilwauUie, Juno J. 18JI____ __ _ BOOK kinds ol lliiloiy.nixl mnn- ufncn.rctl to wr.lrrj r. no ici stylf. iV-riotliouls, bn.und to liinlcli A WISCONSIN" ST. IU> on hand a latin iiinl ijcnurnl iwionnienl oi tAW, MIS- CELLANKOUS. and' BOOKS BOOKS, jBnglislt and Anuiricau Binders' and, 1'tiiilmH nii'J I'nk. ,Mao, assonmuTU of Kosrcrs, Ciooketl, Wcntcii- ari.l Aloihu'ms' FINE OUTLERYi Porl. boots, Ganiihim boards und Gnfmhn Toy.i, Wljich arc of- Jerec on mos: Ajliljcral dis. tount niado lo and School: TeocM.fii. Pirticulnt atiu'niioii given tci furninlling- Public privmn i Anj. "1S43. ihe israeliles, land ihus 'severely; jhreaten- ed in fact.for ttie crime ot oppres- sion. The a lures shuuld barbarians l.iM .Ihe African, .negroes', were not liable to ''jutticiaf Ktit thai their oppressors'." would otherwise oppK'sj them, aiiil besides the guilty agents (if the (iial are Imble'.to ihe'saiiife.Vuijj ilijtidns.lljemsftlvs.for ihs rensoii jussignca in a former paragraph we as inucli bound to abstijiii from sin'in one tase, as in another, even though we fulfilItho pro- phecies by its commission. 14: Hj-17: Because expression used (which iwe any T.helvery passages 'wu are criticising, show that Abraham's servants were enti- tU'd to the .sa'mij spiritual privileges that bis children arc the mas now who cail to worship morning and'evcu'rog'.'Vnd give ll'.eiiv re- ligious instruction which furnish ati ana- The .leaders of AVliigs nlle'ct lo th'mlt, j0_ i if ihey go for isliivery iili eviiry spot where it exists, on the soil ori; sea, in a slatule book, or on a. phintaliim, 'in the United States, tbat'whtin tbeyi raise; lliiir voice against amutxing a in which eaning nce slavery txistiy.tijalj we A'oolitibnjiiits should turn round and'vole thu.lajJKira of ttn years, and vote all the 't'ers i.3 lnBi nation, by voting for a slaveholder vi'ho is opposed lo touch- ing w'unl.exists, and is not opposid to tin- liexation on. that, grouii'd and''thus we logy for believing ihaftheV' were entitled Abolitionists, by a give the i .-I.L ;Q most solemn of nil guarantees tof.the per-. een of 'bi-5 peculiar ''The'abolitionists I'.wouljl bo to see 'to-th'c .same. tenip'oral privileges which casu ihey could not have been slavt-s, for God iii no .respecter: of per- j t- and would never have authorized ".nnexed, if it co.uld be .donc-as his prophetic servant Abraham such with ,la very respecter. A DISCIPLE. THE OPIN- IONS AND PURPOSES. JNow, Irorig enough to have .ki'pl Texas extract' the follow thoughts from an article 1 1 Will uu viwtw Mi '.'i -Vi' -Polk, Lha caption, written by; AI.YAM STUART, if ..tho Whigs beenj; s have elected Mr. Clay, out, the :satrie power miight have brought Te.xas in with .hbolishtd. JJiii; nolhing was more remote. -If weliad rtiti, with our Wh.igs, now ing I liberty '.he'support Clay, nnd ider thei above formerly Ceniocrats; to Mr. ijiud published in the N. Y. Herald. ;i. ill was a inatter of reluctance, when we formed a distinct liberty parly the part of many of our friends. we: were con- strained :oithe.r to form a liberty .'party-, or aibandon the agitation of '.th'ft-' question of slavery. VYe could not carry forward a ejrent moral anil.politicalenterprise: for the (iverthrow of the triumphant interest ofthe Ciounlry, without resorting lq that political jtovrer .which slaverj': has, so .successfully for its: own advancement. ;We further foiand, while one .-.portion... of. :bur was in one; piirly, the; rest in gor of being nc'es ilowing frbrii these parlies, and :tlui utter absurdity of our condemning and slaveholders for ilyj.hig'h'elst'olFices. On ihe -'i'-J-HI' I__- 1st 18-10, we; furrned the: liberty ji-1: i t i r .'-'.ViS I-' passage bought customarily iu rtla'liou; to slaves, the advocates of maintain that ihe condition of 'Ahrolmm'ii Ht-rvanls inufit iiayt) been thaii.o'C .But already.showp, that no cci.inio cdnclusipn lo that po jufereijftjf can' br; drawn sin'gtflarUylpt'.e'xiHWr In Uialjvitsw of most advantageous1 jfor; slavery, the the iexpreesionialone, is at and can only; b a Uec-ideU I do not to CjuibbJe. on, translation of t w Hebrew wpri here "-boughti' wliichi primary weanjing ,in .-Gea. -lilies in fijidrt'sses tnat we-'wiiulil cast a .vole Tor a slay.eholiler.'.br p'roisTayer.y., nifif. would ca'st.-o'u'r .-jVinties; only, 'j'.We extinct, and r I would nave been remem'- bered only to be' despised, as ji body of men, who for capacity or integrity, had, allowed e.bemiejs to arms ;out <if our hands, linder tthe 'plea that they would usei them. better fijir us for'durselves, and we, tho Abolition 'istSj'had agreed tci the splendors of :lhe rising sun of iibC-rty, for. Iho heat anS light'ofa Texas gl'oW-wiiorrri. Al'ay I add ix-syrippaistof burseciliinenls belicli-e man is 'entitle'il himself, niid of equal law. fi palicm, thsm- isejves, dbublii-.ithe-jwea'Itiii, by jiheTstitiiulus of cash, they their, musters, -by the s'tiih'ulus j; That ;faf emancipation, and jean htever I earn lessons of liberty them; We believe ..'eijjia'ncipation would be1 Ihe-metiiis' of s'felti'ogS thrrie niillions of whijtes to work, ast be honorable aiid'thiiy' 'wifuld; earnvas much 1 years :as iveij do.1. We believe the ..increased Jabor'jyvbulil hun- dred and tweriiiy uiiillioniji of -'dollan per nn- Wn ijvould doable the falue.of aiSre of i1 the of Meson's and tbul the land would then be worth imore than siaVen the power to abolish Biiive trade bit jho1.- ti.i ch wpuli d BS t roy Ken- now iihsai been thus ni '-ili.iityfl ..'cff. he. ex or to punttia there, inari whViis. fauilcss.i anl who our and bring; the rest of mau- There aru other inlportant jioweni eon- ferred by jhis which alrikes slavery mortal blo.wsjj when employed by true .libeiity-loving inen, but those jinve enumerated when (-itercitt-d would .con- vince slavery il had liolbii-g left to dil but to-expire amidst the universal tioosofths civilized svorld. Yours, respectfully, AtiVAN .STEWART. N, Y. Doc. or THE unEifrr iv SOUTH CAROLINA VIMU M.-.SSACIII.-SBTTS. battle is preparing. Bunker Hill and i a-s preparng uner am I-'ortMtlullriunntagoniari.. The l.nter nn v ,1', longer battles in thu cause of Lil.crlv and Ul, equal rifibls. The old Kort is K1J TI___ ;...._............ii r i. i _ a lilai.1'.: Ini There is now a wall of brick, nr.d the surges of the ocean are threatening its destruction. But Biniker Hill a Gntnite .moniinifiit, a of the iii.Jc- struc.tibli.-ncfs of tbe principles whicl1 the blood of patriots (lowed 'ireely on green sward below. Ob Carolina, the land of our birlhj and of flur youthful aspirations how v ,.iei s j In tin; :it sch' "I cut ninl i In n I. fure I'lnd." L nverv ff.iriiii.-r In the January number of the crutic Ueview, ihe article is iinti- It is from the pen of the editor, ami shows that the posi- tion of the Liberty, parly is not unbtk'ijed. Our. influence is it must continue to Befell. AVe'-are a.'niiiaority a small lone. We can show that a ihinority inHuenou can turn Ihe world the world is wrung ide up. By our nuenc'; we scinded the -ahd so wu: hav miiy God tbou fallen since the-day when Mm defended the cau ;e of bum.-! riglits in; thine old Palniel'.i Fort could as we coiitcmplalu Suinli olina ready to battle her Massactiiisctts, in defence of She expelrf from her bordi rs the j sailor of! justice, and the advocate the righjs of the pnur ami the oppress j Shu instills the mil le Slate that cnul Liberty.; Bui MaFsaehusel Is i.-i Massa chusetlaistill, and Kancuil Hi.II still rrs hei! sons, and ecboei their accla- mations' for right and fn-cdom. Hrr voice vrili yet he heard, and Ivoded too, in Carolina's Capiiol. The of Carolina will yet Jeain their ovpn weakness. Tlu-y need not th'ink Unit her mountain boy.- will allow beloved State to he disgraced by.the. oligarchy that now ruin itiriu, as well as the itnhriited slaves ihnt crniirh at helping, keep and abolish.ula- i tlu'ir "'4k'rs' Politicia very at last.. We- njaUe a few extracts from this article, loshow in wiial light the jf the! Democracy regards our Wettem Citizen. AboIitidnisiTi into an imporiant pujiitical fact, to whose dcinands upoh our notice, :f to neither it< arguments, we cannot ro- fu'se, ail-least an anxidus, if" neither an nd- miring nor approvingjfatleiilion.. It is to be'denied, that ;at8 the partly, from uccitientat partly from its own prac.lic'ally as a been nlile to hold, quivering in its., mad hand, Ihe bal- ance of power between llm two great par- ties cf the u -third as a politienl fact, is, we repeat, no jolte. It may be condemned, bu'', il cannot bo laughed at-- it niay be detested; but it can neither bcs nor disregarded. What shall be. done with Why is Whi-n'cu Above nil, Whither 't The last is a' question we begin now', for first time, to look some solicitude; slight, indeed, yet not to b'u en- tirely. silenced, even by the best reasonings or best hopus we iii the mat- ter. Not that it presents any thing foiimU duble, so long as reason and patriotism shall not have quite taken leave anil heart of the American still i'nvolving elements possibly jius- iceptible of development, into seeds of evil loo fearful be contemplated with 'any degreb of Sptiaking of .the Slst rule, the writer i'lihe. unhappy rule in'-.tjuestionilioa now lieen And thu itianiKir in which it wns done'nnd hcqiiicsced in, both in Congress and ibroughoiit. the. country; A jsrric ill I ii ir al. I Fiom lite incr. SUBJECTS OF ATTENTION FOR OU1 i FARMERS. There; are particular which fur I the limej being occupy tbc ulieii'.ioii of farming public, much ID tb-r exclusion o: others, j The one which has more prom nunce titipresent than any other is that of sheep. j'J'his is true of ih West. But it is evident 'hat there are others vfhich demand atlenllun as imperi- ously asjlhis. Wool may be a U-adin but it can never be an exclusive- interest with nor ought it to be. Our produc- tions are, and ought to be, various. We go into agriculture as in morals, icr indi- vidualism. Among vai ious iniernsls I there aru n few which we will name, as particular atlenlioii .it the present lime, aiii.l lo which we inleri.l as far as we can to give prominence in our journal, nnd which we hope our correspondents will remembiir. Some of them we had called i-rul iipli-.s. trairl; t'f ibis spot d'-'.siri'd, 111.- VK.If 0 svill v.'h'-re ill'- l-'itrifit r. i S.Mt.-T. I'rcf. in bi-f -n- the Cb-i ihat III" diildlalie JS-IKI hcii- is no i' vil.i. ihr-. b-. h.-ru} i llaiil-ll. 1: ii.1 ilir fb.-i' [jassing ,xt'S ii'si-lf uiitl.'.r llu: u !i it I'l-ndiTii Imr ntlehtion, to before, but it wi.-l do no harm to repcntl First among them stands the growiug of feed for iilock. This wild g-ass is giving oul in many places; and eviry new emi- grant will cause un adJitionul decrease ofi il. In places, ii is desirable lo dis- j place il h'jinheriijof riobli; animals in ay be found hltenlien ought to turned tlw (ubjecl of lolation. By too 1 linif ik lill! IS tile H i oasif but y

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