Friday, July 2, 1847

Independent American And General Advertiser

Location: Platteville, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Independent American And General Advertiser on Friday, July 2, 1847

Independent American and General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 2, 1847, Platteville, Wisconsin IN BE P IN AND 'THE WORLD'S FlluKRT, WHICH WITH 3IY I 11V J. L. MARSH. muix'Tony. STAKI> KKIIA UY 1JKNNI-1T AT WOOD. in- Mire ol, iu; liountre ;'t Jilock, JOHN is. u 01 XTI I AIM-: NT roit Tin: i1 iri.' (Jom.vui y his S or', on -i.i n. OIK C AMI AT 1..AW. AM) '.'i'-i IV on .Wain-si.. JuiMini; l-iio .vn Tavern, PI. i' V A? I" 'IVs v i J j i s AMI vs ;.m; LAW, i'U -M II i of (Jr i wfnrd.Mrant "ii.I Ion iinit.y I. T i 0, BUnimYASE'S M ST vi V.M-S; ;i.'id A (U'erf.iMiin- Airf-ncy J'. of e.-t N. -ro, Alun-y ar.d fr.teili- St., I.-juis Pnsr, letter.- iinr :i. fff II l.r, sol i u idll and 'v i li I'ijci i n pi.-1 OF DEATH. liY THE LATK IUS. JAMES CRAY. There's a feverish t irill in rny veins, There's a leaping pulse in my brow, I led no refuge remains Save one for the veary one now I lu.'ur ;i voice in tiii breeze That tells of it fu rer home, A murmur amidst li e trees Th.-it Bof'tly whip] ers come J g-o down to tie grave Just when iuy tin is I'owu to oblivion's VHVC, .lu.-'l when my far ie is nearest Just, when the light of affection, fin- in vai i so often, (Jatt.t on lifi.'V patli ts reflection, The rugged vv.'i.y t j soften. a wreath for my head, A u euve it of I; ded rosee t.irit ye make n y bed the first ps Ic spring flower reposes. Faded (lowers are b bout one hondred eighty our JULY 2, Frptft SOLITARY or tiro he to In of Uie ciniiy. whw ployo, for tlwif what though even now his thin fiiige: s friend say, are ahmg grasped the bedclothes, as if he suffered tl j about as .well ae could be expected -in-the greatest agony. j small amtrtjVit of eflcli, ontha: A battle-stained and gray luiirtd i stetxiner Colorado.. Out craft, pltesorits, J, a good miniature of l.ife---4ife in diath It Btood beside him holding a dull lantern in ii s ull i .1 -LMia i r n r f rxl i iMC. (-3 'Al, M in's. i.; mi down, J-'roin the IN itional Intelligencer. TUU ORPHAN 1JOY. of figl.: was over; the prison d been securei n.nd the decks washed ti.c p pod, and tlie schooner hand, gazing; sorrowfully down upon hs ?ti ferer. The surgeon knelt dmvn with L Jed, an-' -ts on earth, wehave the victims fjnger on tlie boys pulse. As I apptoaehr 1 j stowed away The great mass of they all looking up. The veterin w.'io'he! 1 [our human carjeo U decidedly western, with to'Providence. on by hi i A dr- him shook his head, and would Lave ssp'ikoi but the tears gathered too hi h s eyas. The surgeon He is going little fcllc y you see as he spoke he lifted up i rich gold locket, which had lain upon t! boy's breast. lie has seen better diys.': )f tlie no high pretensions to polish, but endowed .stea. n pile dfiver was in, opewtioo, sar. .with a true tuition of their republican origin, i a Pr0wn of i and a commendable zeal in asserting their right to cut of .bread and The artificial state of society is not entirely ihe poat, which, it was dwing into tfeieituuK thrust from I penciji the "Yet is that, my the scended ,of irtjn every Bow aod then fact, a fashionable lady eits within a. few paces of my table, intently novel, writer, I cannt seeing her heel, as I could not answer for my heart fu as roojts languidly in Uer chair, win the being to whom, i.ut a fe j wrapped inSha glowing descriptions hours before, I hnd owed my poo slight, unprotected bctrrr iiv with death already written on liis lirnv- r and yet I had never known danger, an 3 never sought him out after the convict___ They noticed mv agitation, hnd his o! 1 the Irish school girl said, is in good state of health, for it is able to be o.ul through her stocking. The male representation of this genus, artificial, is a mustacbed N. Yorker. Yesterday, .a rude specimen of our own re- the seamen that held hie hew 1! with a Paw like a slap- Poor little Dirk- -von 'II never see j ped the New Yorker on the back to attract -i'1'6 attention, and pointing to the bank, re- shore you have wished mr FO long. Hi t marked Stranger, thar'e a sile now that there'll be more than when yoi r lo- 3 pleases it 'ud jest sprout any thin' in Le spoke with to in-our i ill I to Wltll rchij into midnight rt of protege of rn ne. !fe u :us u pale, del it atu child, said to an W. I.-i. r s. the I'nh- iy SSfi l.N JJ if -'.fiur ti-i I II 1 and j .T.C. I. A LViiS A F ,L! N< tn ll'" tin; tnof.n, II! V) irtS I diie I 'S1 ill.' still eoii.HHICS <ho iiid used to iritnre and from the hour 1 joinoc the- schooner, my In art townrds h! n, fur I too had o.icc iVit.-ndlesrf and loin; in the world. He had talked to i ie in conniicnee of his iiiuiin wiioS'.: iiioij ory he regarded with i-cvereiioo, wlu.e Iu the other boys 'of I ilic he had liui to say for they were rii.-'c !-.iid coarse, he delicate and sensitive. Often '.vhon they joe; ed him for'his mel'in- trliolv, he would go .ijinrt by himself ;tnd weep. Ho never i omplained of his ot, liis is imposed on him cnn- liuiially. Poor lad ]iis heart was in :he I grave with his lost p irenta. J trolc a strange i'lterest in him, and had lightened his s much us 1 Durini; the late figrht 1 had owed my life to him, lor he rushed in just as a sabre stroke ft. ,nCj ijy interposing1 liis lie deadly iji-rvru, si'iu br un-lii's Mi i i t i i i; 11! v 1: f. n vv 11 the llrick thoiig In the hurry and c infusion Kince, 1 Lad forgotten to ir if he was lirrt, .1, at the lime, I iriwardiv reaolved to i .M 'tin f t rcot, the 'oiirt f'i: past !io still wotihl a ii: -No clinnje Inr ex 'i' jiilvii-i'. All iiiii.-1 war lias hy come he in a lo- voice. Why won 't lie come '.l I am said I, taking the little ft' low's hand, don't you know me, He smiled faintly in my face. lie the i said, You have been kind to me, -kindc than most people are to a poor arph.'.n buj 1 have no way to show my gnuitudo up less you will take the bible you vvill find i i my trunk. It's a small offering, I km w, be it's till I hiwe." J buret into tears; he resumed: Doctor, I'm dying, ain't I 1" th little fellow, for rny sight grows dim God bless. you, Mr." I do nothing for you !'iek V' e-ii I "you saved my life. I would ccin nr blood t.o buy I not.liinrj as-k- I don't want t Thn Mutual Aclmii-.-ttion .Society of Uoftlon, intend vaccinating- iron: he cannot live '.ill it. .Qtbany sltlus. 11.) I-, delirious, hit in the intervals of N0 tiling. At the next Anniversary lunacy ho asks for jan, and as the of the Landing of Pilgrims, shs is to be th we stooJ ;eside the bedstead ofl on jti, ry on the. tlic (lyin in all its' Blarney Sloiif. uf Now En The t-'iillerer did m 1 lie iu his usual ha n- is or i icli'-s, nnd those thai fiivor him ,-ur jt waH the very midst of in ir i'.islom may depend upi't) havini.' A i rk done, on short notice. anil 1 f. i t ii--i'.- v it rivirii.ivihlo P. S. M ni'i'V rn'i.i1e ;iiicl topaired. I'i.-ittevillc, I'Vb.-ltli UM7. 100 The will ho public KM] every 1-riday, at >s'2 per year. I for six the crew, and the clost uir arcund it was too land, and a milk punch made, to be drank standing to the following tonst Our nobie selves, tiie descendants >f the If he moves on deck, her matronly hand in- sists on leading his footsteps. Let us turn to the bid with a fine, intelligent countenance, a thoughtful eye, and a quiet, manly behavior, which has attracted atten- tion. Seeing that he was alone, I fell into conversation will) him, and ascertained that he was a young his way from mount Carmel, above Alton, 111., to Shaw- neetown, in tbe same state, where he was about to take a situation on the to.wn G.-izette. He informed me that he Woorfiuoii, of 3l who, ve are now succewfully wofki ig it. It ii said, that MM. ot shot ii the usual quantity mode pkr d iy by one act of hands, and that twice that quan- tily ci.n be made by doubling the ty'iscv tirin 63.' The officer who made the arrest, teetified that 3Ir. Smith was re.'tlly found prostrate upon the side-walk and so far oblivious to the affaii-s of outer world, that his portation on a wheel barrow to the cala- boose was rendered a thing of necessity. Are you a working man, Mr. I airt any thing else J" Whi.t is your profeBsion T" AN on Mr. Ittuh, our dining onedup Jeremy Rentltam, a lon. "u! 12 00jof thci.lymjrboy R 00 'no (Hil'imn per 'J'hrtie-f'-urtlis do. One-lnl: do. Onc-fot) th do. JJ'.iKiiies.-- -da. 6 lines and under One FOII tro per annum TWKI.VK LINES OH MAKE A SQUARE. eujifererj as wiiJ, head reposing advert semente at the rates like Archinie- 3 00 [that pent up eliei] down the hatci- Say soap again, laid r. tall j Tennessee rt-lurned volunteer, who ba edtosit opposite to him, "and I'll jive deS( moving our world wjti! hJ8 .tearny you a Cerro Gordo whipping, I will. 1 lever; and Apollo holding tho holm, above told the old General when I left him at Ja- us email children in the cabin lapa.that come to the States, I'd remains of drowned m Ul 5 00iway( lifted the ark chestnut locks of: lick the first nI'm damn rrt man I'd hear sayin' soup and th. rM> J r consumptjon; artroog of pokerpro- 'd if I don't do it. social hall aTival steam- prescribed l.iw advance 'j'hu foes to be paid in i the lop of an old tc ern, he lay in an u r- .It waa with great difficulty thtr er, firingnp, quiet slumber. Hit e lirt collar w-as iinbut- scoah could he O. Delu. world, eh T v We'Twe "Picking and shovelling dirt, your Hon- or, and sMnetimea quarrying stone." How long have you been in this city J" fcjuire, I don't adzuckly under- stand which is the city limits, but I should say six months." And at work all the Not! ing shorter." For vhom ?'J For Wr. Conden, sir, at tlie work-house.. and ail for a fourteen dollar fine, bad luck to Iil" N !ter or the corpo In coniideration-of .Mr. Smith's services, he was n-leased from after having plighted his Honor, and the honor of the great 8m th family, that he never a- apain be ound reposing on the Reveille. grounc, continually saying to Wdei shall I be buried Sigr a notti for you frieod, eind for- get ycir and every hour in tin: dcty wliisper to yourself, 1 if h" will piy that note." Think every man means :o cheat you. Put confidence in nobrdy and belie re ev- ery ID .in you tnde with to ba it roftte. if you poMibly can AMERFJAN list of vic- tories acl ieved in Mexico, May 7th, 1046, no v stands in the fijUowing order. Pulo Alto, Kesaca de 11 Pulma, San Los Anglos, Mesa, Sun Francisco, Sacramento, B) Embudo, Puebl i do T Mora, EiBriMjit's Alvarado, Cerro Gordo and TtH- pan. LADY I'KEE French has betincitablisLied in England; and hendv> forth, bid; are to bo admitted at members of the lod res. The po ttest trjin in the world is I he or of the N. 0. an old toai'd. he hoiwt that he never never ive a cetit to Use i Brot J ovw yoitr yoflr lack At talents ami .believe at no dty yoti the work house will co ns to want. ever in your ihin4, with all horrors distress The i yoo will be miserable content (0T we may so at heart, and (at arianrt with all wed4. tKathing- will wilt throw i gleamof into yo ir Resit. All wifl tiki

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