Tuesday, September 27, 1859

Pepin Independent

Location: Pepin, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Pepin Independent on Tuesday, September 27, 1859

Pepin Independent (Newspaper) - September 27, 1859, Pepin, Wisconsin Pepin. the Cciinty ofPopin County. AVis.. is situated on the IVoniicrn shore of Lake n KCIPS. Useful Sufovmation. Citcmturc, anb D cud opcmnu'oFour Uuvrc. VOLUME 3. FEPix, wis.. TUESDAY! SEPTEMBER JfUMBEB 1 T5E r uiUNXVILJ.K, DUNN' tvh.it n S S X Full.r, IIci.lsn.'i. i lie-lein. on oMo.ik.ii AT I'KI'IN, cm :.-rv. Kjir.jip. Co.. Mills. I From tli.- -'-.-i ki- IJV ci STKVKXS. "i _ IK- n'.t :h. HcVJif l'ilt-' in Hi la vain- .Vtl'-n, -o X V 'l'J ''n ".iv, i Co.. ;V V y. An.! h-.- -ray h-M-l slow, Ran-r.m .JaU-o.n, X. Y. KL-t-jrf to air as plav. (I...'__I V i uak-nni, .V. y. Kxeeuted at this m-atly and ex- -I.-m-y V.-.n n.-.-ir l.yn. K-.J.. oxtW.I. X. Y.' p.-litioiL-ly. H'iit utttifl lo C'vlitdioiis promptly. The? iii.vi nrf cirinkin-r, But not one will he Ofuh.uis th.M.W A- i.n Cliarjres for Advertising. For Snip. column, Prv Lumber, Lnt'h 'ami on 53air u n, per year, _. J. i -'O W. r One- II I i or. or JUT jr., li) Oil_____ '_ _ _' _ L i Tliat tlio o'.cl :n m ,i to.lr Ho not to h'.-re. (t M A T I O W A I U O T IT I On.- kqiliin- fii-M insvrtioii, IN M I I VJ IN M l_ rl (J I C. l_, unit insert ion, f''r. M'i'.n 1 lint tii.-rc-'.-.1 s; c II in tht j rAVINC, Vcnreeyntly an-! fur- the oM eve, "j Ti'i.-.l.iy morning j For it ir.'ti.l .1 .shall not adv.rti.-e fora h-ss sum J. W. TYHON.rv.or. j An t.i l.ini. MIX.VES.-.TA, j But there1.- a s; c 1! in ilio air th. in-.-rry Li-iL-h, c.ilin 1 As WESTON HOUSE, Yearly or rod iir'-'.-e I..T Kac-h biisin.ss man adver: i.-inir l.y tho EXCLUSION 0? SLAVERY FROU THE IZR- I CH A r.-ir. in.r.s or TIIM SIGN OF THE BIG WAT< .NO. sy, ,.r M.vin 1 AP.TV at tli-ir to organize lai.n. i as .I.irc..i 1 A nment for the Ten itorv of NORTH PEPIN HOU8E. that the or.Hn.n.e of 17sT 7 A Sj A1-V, !i3 r f i C t> r nj.; ly to that Tenitoiy. .M.'inbets of ;lie v nr.- invit.'-l t" Thi- Uc-t-n ,u--i i'ur- into th-1 S ;-j rnnx .l.r. ir. M. Vtvlv of riove-i to i'ld'a- ______________ "AST1N.JS.S...- an a-M pr i .ih' ,.f th- aet of iii c.i lor t lie :i !ini--ion ...i i Jy reviv.'.'. an a> a j.ast uf the i.ill, _.. an-1 de-.laied to ie in an i Attorn..y ,-.M. r.. .r. Co. Al A A (or the future orcranizatiou of _ iM t ly i t til S' i .'8 IS IT ..2 i I i territories ..f th" L'nite th. -I'jry. .-ame -ens.', an -I with tl.e.-aineMi.ierstand- <i..nrt-c..f lie- nrvl riv.-r 1: with wiiieh it '.Va.- igina: iy aiojit- <.f i-i th-j .1.-.! ..n-! .ir.-; e.l." thisan.i .-f.'.n... other aTn.'n'l- I'l-iir.nu-.- inv, C nn. nient- of the Senate the lloii-e to '.I.I', I..111.1. 1 i T.irnii .u ,i- i-v.i-c.i. l''-' "-'.imo Lack Physi.-ian i t-u- and the wh.'th.-i- that nrtuii.-'.. i a Af-.Tn.-y .in I I .M i-- T! -In--: L'lil :..r the of a to: V.-jiiii v U A-; i-'.nirn.r in i r ;'..r s.ilf. in and motion --1' r.I-.n. __ I'-'en made in Scn.it.; to strike (I "-t any pirt of that biii. The Lili Vl- Ai... ir-'.. to -implv Attorney and Cmin-. -i'...r ai l.-.-.w. Eeg'ister of Deeds of County. n! one. hr.s l-.-en the Mii-jeot of unv in c'Jj.iru-t'.'-v-. :.-il to i.is ,.f c..f the Loui.-ia- The no 'rtaiit iment t i t'his i. T.an.I M.., .c i- .i ..f lh.il the :..n.l 'j, 'r. 'ril-i: i- 1 -.vi.ieh the Sen- j.-i in: ia ate !IA-a loj t-.-.i. an i ha i-v :._; :Uy of Stonip-. aiitl C'oill- '-.vitii Vn_ i'.T .......x mission :hj i y w.'. the .j.iv t: i: r i: it i: xV K r i: it i: x c _ _ ;t.- i? S. S. N. Kinl.r. ---r.'. V a r-ilv f1'1" "-'i.-> r.rner. nt. IJaakLTs. Nv'.v v_ f-'.e vot-v! th. .-.rner. nt. .V M. 0-J. who tiii.-iks that :io: to to at- I. Hank. I! .on, W.UM....I.V to :Li. liil an therefore j J'Vr KN- of u. the river. i ay t will cany our laws witii wlii '1 1 u-Med to the 1'nion, brin-in- ten prove was eoinplctC'l an r.lisij; to tii-i general

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