Friday, June 3, 1859

Pepin Independent

Location: Pepin, Wisconsin

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Pepin Independent (Newspaper) - June 3, 1859, Pepin, Wisconsin ATTORNEYS LAND AGENTS. UI'.NUV D. Ai'.orney nn'l Councellor, I'epin, .Pepin Co. j Willattc-nd promptly to '.he pur- c-hr..-u- an-1 siic Estate, payment of Taxe. j p.rr.1 Ir.'.iiiH'iS entrusted to h'is care in tUo I of the North-west and rivor counties I WirK-oiuizi and 30tf. D. A'.to.-nr-y Counsellor at law, PCJ..JT: Coun'.y Wisconsin. All business to his euro, will be promptly at-! Host of references given. A CHRONICLER OP THE- THIES, THE PffJPLB, AND THE COUNTRY. CO. W1S., JUWE 3, 1859. to. FitAXK CLAIIK, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, and -Solicitor iii Chancery, will attend to any bus- i entrusted, to his care, in the StY.te of j or Territory of Minnesota, together j I...-ind and Insurance agency. I xr a i r ir. From the Troy (N. Y.) Journal. In .llemorlaiu. 1'tf replied Amu Eliza, lowering i not go and casting a glance her voice and rising to closs the door be- j out of the wiadow across the way, where hind her, "it must not be told on now for i she 'caught a glimpse of Aunt Harriet all the world, as it will ruin Mrs. P., i sitting by an opeu window, watching the The following beautiful lines were written I know is of the best women j proceedings of a certain neighbor, who SIIAVEK, two years since, by Mrs. if AHY BENNETT BAK- KON-, of Pepin, lunils shown to settlers, land war- rants located, j-.sul lands bought and sold on I1 A. K. Jr. Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chan- uery, Chippew.i Falls, Chippew.i Co., Will ..-i.ter Lauds, procure- and locate Land taxes for non-residents, and :o duties of thu profession a. WICCIAMS, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, and ootieitoriu Chancery, Cliippewa, Dunn county Will attend promptly to all bnsinus un- '.rusted to his care. 7 C. S. A K. B. II C N D V ATTORNKYS AT LAW, NOTARY PUBLIC nu.VNVILLE, DUNN ItvfcrciiccM. S N Fuller, Hon rf Stout H L .Stout, M H Beach, Ksq'., iroyue Miller, Allen, 'Vwns Co., Knnsom lialcom, Hudson, Wis. Menomoiiie Mills, Dubuque, Iowa. 'i Chicago, Ill's. Oswfigo, N. Y. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Binghamtou, N. Y. -J.-nry Van Hear Lyn, Ksq., Oxford, N. Y. attrnd to all Collections promptly. M. B. TEL PHYSICIAN and SMIGICO.N. Pepin, Pejiin County, Wis. W. CHOCK EH, Physician and Surgeon, would an- nounce to to the citizens of Umm couuiv that he hat located, and opened an office- ill the village of Dmmvillu, which is near tlio 1C 11 mi _.- ___ AH. __ ftill, punishment for so gross offence. So the bell was rusg, and an assembly convened at the "meetiug house, "for the arrangment of Deacon P., and open trial before the church, but which fully attended by a congregation of out-siders, quite numerous and very desirons to gain something as a geraent to the deacon, confirming their preconceived opinions, that the "church was made up of a set of thieves and' "covered over by prayers and from being suited to the desires of the better part of the rc- igious community. So after the usual preliminaries incident to such an occas- deacou was called upon the stand to answer to various charges from the community in general, but more particu- ed near the same location, all has remained as relics of ;he old hotel, was a partially filled .1 cellar, .inrl two brick cis- terns, which have been kept covered up. Last week, the thi: plnce, while busy with his wife if! their summer fiower garden, found him- self in the want of a few bricks for the of the walks'. Kx-membering the cisterns, lie uncovered one of them, and finding it dry at the bottom, and ohlv arlythatof Squire B's loss, assuming hat on a certain night a few weeks since, Deacon P. was seen by somebody, (they had not been able to find out to euter the door-yard, and out iu tke di- than half a mile to see, they could not! if his open buggy wasn't rection of the wood-house, and of 4i_ .1.. ffood enoucrh for ,__ _ Proin the Milwaukee Sentinel. i fail to receive on their departure home, j This was all well understood by donors, i Cradled in unm, that loving and warm, Just inhered into the air oflitc'.s M.orm, inak- of stnd.'nts, before, forcing j txv" pretty infants swaddled in white, higher studies upon them. Classes iii Latin Two beautiful pictures ul1 lieaveiiiv ii-it will I..- f riue.l fur the convenience p of tho- wUhmu those studies. In I trcs1' trom the lmml their MAKKI: ,-iml GOD. iul.Jilii.ii th.. of study, a Tva.-Ii.-is' wili'lx- formed, for tin- purpose "f pr.-p.iriiik; l.y revie ws, ami sys- for the ...'Vni-ts will l.e spared to make the H.-MpiM-iaii Institute worthy the patronnpo of tlie (Hil-iie. Although a large list "of students in ilexireable. uoue but of character, and respectable conduct will lie n-tahied. Each term well close wilh a public examination, and exhibit ion. Branches. Two fragile lilies from one mother sod. !i'.WI. HOTELS. Two women meet in a bright, One has got jewels mid ireius iii hair. And is folded in silk., and an.; I'urs. enough for anybody." __.....( "And then you know it is decided but as the good opinion of such frequent liis duuBhter Lizzie should take lessons visitors through the village was to be! thc "JJed Aunt Harriet; in a measure desired, it often ailordcd a nucl l'lu nextl wu know we shall hear degree of friendship otherwise unoxtend- tuncs played and sung at tlie dea- ed, save as a very expressive admiration :it beholding tho retreating forms just exclaimed Aunt Xancy; out of sight, promising u temporary xo- illld wiUl a shu shook her head ominously of some fearful catas- rri-iN K. THOMPSON, Ctirntr of front and Lake streets. Tin- Tropi-ietor living desirous of securing a slia-.'-i of public will insure bis; quests a >iuiot lioiue in his larce and coinino- .iious house and entire satisfaction while i tli-r... Hood Stabling connected wilh the Ilous Hers is a shawl and a pinched Hors is thc garb of tin- monc-yle.-.-. These are the Indies, who but yesterday Cuddled together in innocent play Now the- tine lady in fortunate clothes, Daintily turns up her fortunate nose; Fortune curtained her ofl' from distress; Curtained herolf with an elegant dress. Here ar sence at least, from thcir presence r.tid i home. This they might have, avoided. dress, :U 1UL'il' 1'iii-.-, always "sorry Lo iu- neces- the n sity, must be the author of the whole trouble. Squire B. was called upon to testify as to the amount, und time of the theft, which resulted in showing that during that and the following week, the deacon had been absent from town, as delegate to the District Convention, a fact hitherto unthought of by the busy I circulators of the scandals, and that Squire B. had not been aware of his loss otherwise than as he had heard of it, but about six feet iu depth, he jumped in and commenced throwing out, some of tht; best bricks'he Could' pick from the walls. It seems there was a piece of plank with one end partly embedded in the earth, that'BOriVe'whtit incotmfiOrled him, so seiz- ing it, with some exertion ho pulled it. out and threw it to1 the top. What was his horror arid surprise, at fhe next mo- ment, to find'that he had an enormous rattle himself with- out 11 wuiion in his liuud As the cistern and only about five feet in diameter, ho could" not jump out, and thc snake bristling wilh anger and rattling defiance, was ready for battle. His screams brought his wife to the scene, but sho wns so over- imt. not thiukiii it C a chljrch for gratitude to the beloved and honored i ........-............t, so euriy, or ,.w s particular, deacon, for the maijv tokens of kindness late, till they were reminded very p uas- of such extr: I iTSitlCC antly of it by the delicious smell of a ava- j favorite dish as they entered thc house. lL when Au'U J "IVC MM. P. out i Added to this, so many [.raises bestowed j T'1'' "CW S'ik IaSt Sumla-v- But the other person than Deacon "Mrs. Goodhue and whose i Wl" get the worst of 5t thc I not he had received at. his hands, one ot which was a heavy ]oad of wood cut aud put in his shed at tho direction of no P.; and tliis on two faces, and cold, tilikf for the wormv muM, Tinsel and juweis and gem.-, thc-re aic nom L'l.-utli luis arrayed them both as one-, Caste has expired with their mortal liflit, FKAXKFOKT. PIN COUNTY. WISCONSIN j urrttycd thwr infantile white. JAMIiS H. of This House is spacious and well fitted for Settles <i snrlp wb..n of the traveliiig public. I II1" Ilft The same i last enough when it gets out." "Wonder if Parson W. hits heard of come with fright that sin: bc.ram? power- less to'rendcr any assistance. in the meantime, httd commenced the fight, m-lciug repeated sjpnngs in but fortunately he managed on cncli oc- casion to hit him on the wilh Ms boot, without receiving a the all the time becoming1 more, .k-fii.nt enriijcccl. D'uring" t'lfc' whole lusted several minutes, the man .1..! lose his jiresencc of mind, ins- wmc his chance, made to jump bodily' from i his -I-MI-JC destruction. At the Un trial, fa nately y rapped- brick. with' him, and rcmuin.Mi lie p- my. -jmin- pit t.i i stood ii-diitint' cviituniy u was so unexpectcu wiien receivuu ui ine minus 01 JUeacoH l they left often drew forth a- plen- I S !ldllcd' aud so saying whispered especially that of u load of wood tiful sunnlv. whir.h I lL to lhc girl, fortunately for her weeks since. some tiful supply, which otherwise would nev- -'an. ivld u'U.oin dreadful appruach er have been given their intrusive pos i sbc fouutl the door yard, us scssors. ItlCKCItlVIS STOCKHOLM, I'KPIN COCNTY O. U. I'ltorillKTOK. This Mouse is sitn.-itedin tbe most business i jSnrt of the town, ami lias lately undergone i thorough repairs rendertni: it the most desire- j honseforthe :ii-eonuuodation of travelers. It is half-wr.y betwe.-ii Hock and Pepin on thpSt.-iiti- lo.i'ito Hudson. I Unchilled by the tomb WISCONSIN. ''10 of the soul as it left its abode, O This would furnish a meed of'. passed thc liouscou her way home, expressly saying, "she heard it I praise to thc next neighbor they met, i from several until unwilling to be outdone by Mrs. Jones' generosity, a full parcel burdened And wont up to its (ion in its natural robe. i their hands as they left them for further j thc village.' weeks since. In tbe midst of general applause from the astonished assembly, thc Squire re- sumed his seat, and thc parson called for the remaining charges against the dea- lt was not long in reaching Mrs. W.'s con. After waiting ears, who by the way was u very prudent i during which some moments, few r F I 'a it interviews. little woman, nnd wisely kept the subject I the parson repeated the request hoping In this way they obtained the larger j to herself, not caring to trouble her hus- i that if any persons present had ou'ght 11......' "nnecessary burdens, which j ngainst the character of Deacon P., they his opportunity ho fin.-.; M., ably one of the best shots on it struck the snake on thc he tweerr the one sent and the came a "pretty well useu u; Weak and exhausted, otu- h. assistance of his whe, was profound silence, j climb from the pit. bus who MKCHANTCS. respectfully ,inno..nci> to the citizens of I'epin County, that he is now prepared to repair (Patches, aud Jew.drv on short and in a workmanlike manner: at thc rtv-re ot" M. Iliirte, IVjiin. H'iseonsin. 45 ;i. OKO. c. HILL. From the Huston Olive Branch. THE KEH'S, AM) WHO TOLD IT: OR Ilnppcucd to Tho Ocncoii. I part of tlieir subsistance, reserving the I I sums they gained by sewing, for wccklv remittances in the-Bank, really trnc, he would find out BOOB would bo perfectly free to upon thc earth, he fainted uway, ami u was time before he could b.- cred. For several J tys he AVhnt Vlllg, tor 11 uc, lie would nnu out BOOB wouia DU perfectly Jrcc to oxpi-ocu it, ao wac <juito unwell, nndori although thc less careful Bridget j the raucting had been called for the sole 'the poisonous effluvia inhal'-i as "lew was Ilot so particular, and told the first i purpose of investigating the subject thor- (iesjicratc exttx-isys in the dered him i AS INTEIIESTIXO SCCSE AT A COUNTKY BY EVA. Sancy, what do you think I heard to- of great industry, such ladies in their midst were able to boast." i person she met on her way to the store oughly, and arriving at a conclusion. But to return to Aunt Nancy, whom we w'lct-e she was scut to procure some Stating that he would wait to hear from was afterwards taken from j left wondering what wns to be said 1 necessaries by good Mrs, W., charged i any one on the subject, he took his sent, j when it was found to ui I about thc Deacon; as Aunt Eliza after not to lisp a word of what she had heard J a pause proceeded to relate how "Squire in reference to the deacon. Ws. people who she knew lived next! next day, however, the news was Another silence followed, after which the in length, and contained parson arose and no one has j The latter him; been aix ought to say, let him, er her henceforth placed in Shoaff's Museum. -x'.ir s A: I'JCPIX. WIS- day, about Deacon P., one of the first door to deacoa's, bad, on a certain1 sPread throughout thc village, and rn-i hold his peace." A vote was then men in onr whole church said Aunt' evening of last week, lost a quantity of' !nors deacon's stealing wood, in i taken, and unanimously passed, that Transcript. I SSgr'l'iaus, Specifications aud Esti- Eliza, a maiden lady of some less than Ollt of their shed, which it was cer- other directions, "robbing hen j certain charges against integrity of i niau-s. to order. sixtv summer- to a voun 't f tain else cowld have taken, be- aQd a variety of flagrant misdemeanors, Deacon P., a long-known and widely i ljJ' visits of a inatorial on hand and j las-; silleSi as p bad just. bccil SCCH go.'. not at all calculated to the best good of j beloved officer of this church, are totally i -vouug man' to our will receive herself ing into the 'Squire's looking terribly deacon's character, were widely cir- j false, and that in extenuation of ourre'-lher bis Daguerreotype. Overjoyed at w give Self Activity, their wont ounng the long months of a ter of sur tho people; to illustrtite Life in nil its country winter. Phases 10 in.lioalo mode by which wo Heard whv what is it said Auui in.-.y tlio h-.gliec-t Jojcroo o! usetulucss' -rCe' ami which ought to bo rend i li.ting her glasses and placing by orc.-v family in tho lainl- Published them upou the work tuble before her, at isetothe credible Aunt Xaa- and one was certain he had not so "if in the midst of many failings he bmd cy, very piouslv hoped it wouldn't out, for own in am engaged." pile of boards in his dooryard been able to discharge satisfactorily tho sako of rhe uhureh, which for years he had seen lying, until duties of his calling, he alti.-.ugh sho now, untouched by mortal hands. i record the goodness a "Patrick, hereafter you to coin- wished mence work at five in the morning, and aud love of his leave it at in the afternoon." ny every iniiiiiy :n 5no WIKI.- ruonsfloa tnem upou the work table before her at i 11 -a -j st 8C ayoar. or for half a voar, ,Kn ,._, it would, a-1 sun.-as -besides, neighbor Jones had jast lost; Master, who had tver sustained him sir, wouldn't it be belter to commence Justifyingiy asserted it was old axe out of his wkich amid rcspowibility and ardu'oHS iaty." j sirin the aorfli.g, and Urt .t fire itt

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