Thursday, January 15, 1857

Oshkosh Daily Courier

Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Oshkosh Daily Courier (Newspaper) - January 15, 1857, Oshkosh, Wisconsin witii (i While lint of our on t! e of the 2Stb, were happy in rounded with creature comforts mid "f one little family in mir miikt, ;it street "7" ttllllri1 leiwt j at city, Wall i not hicttnM. 'XtKIVAL FEOtt dosciftnVtho 'one little family in oiir niklri, KuJtZ m 1 T 1 Now York, Jan. 13- utter ignoraueoand superstition which moment wlu-n hnpjunw II.T.C k Hit I i wy'w M.. inEjiypt. We condemn from his j were thr..wu int., Taylor J 'Hj December 20, and upwards of Jt appears that tbu Egyptians are an en- stroke from tlic'hund of d'eiiiii'.' Wo lieynstbif, i ju specie. tiroly different race froni any other known tjlt. ef John (ionid' Xcyuerl -riie ships Indopondeneo and St. Marv i people on tho globe Bsras quite oblivious OjauCcC-1-S .1 IPIu'.c. F ft Horn. _.j u.._ tlle "x lulir 'Ji i, and finishing the odqeation of 1 Vj'eiirs who late been ubfor- prhritotgee in r _v at great eipoaee, ajxl noiit- lir, secured the wkkUJshroent of va- F ondoubted character I y for the porpose intended, which she invite tiie of ttll who kiterest.eir are engaged in tho roar- ing andeducation of young men, and fitting ____ _____......__ 1 The ships Indopondeneo and St. Mary i people on tho globe quite oblivious r- f Horn, wore Uybig at Panama, the Cvaune at to their obligratious M responsible bu- Cox, J foffmar. Anpiiwall all wrtl. tora hi'ivpn, they think of ;-r- J taffaii. The Sierra Noroda left San Francisco on juii'n their souls for two eiMits worth olgin- olid Ju Jj Ruiinals. M S Barnett. 20ih. for San Juan, with a larjjo mini- uerbread. At an election they do not swear M i nonius, J11 n >ldcr, >4 IfuHtre. bor of recruits for Walker. An attempt was .'buir judges, us is customary in Christian bt. Orou, rink. made, a four days previously, to sink her at countries, and if they did tho oath would PHTCO. liunn T Miuwn. j her dock. j not bo binding for they would use a pine Sawyer. J Ai union, W The Supreme Court of California 1ms dc- j shinglo for the Biblo. As it is rare to find a vi vs jclareU the entire State dobt unconstitution-1 nian who can write, thuy have no clerks. 60 H. Walker. T Cunning- excepting the, j that when election day comes, they form i A Jenkins. j Taylor, J Gulick, II Bobbins, J ti. js ouo.UOO. Mison. R H Hatthkist. G W Stone. Crawford and Bad B Hutchin- ii! tiie FIIX River he was employed. In' conl.-n-t iih near Crystal Luki', hi; lining ut time on the top of the curs. His wid.. sister of Mr. R. 0. Old of this ,'i-j, liciled him on Ihat morning nut home, it being Christmas day, but ilopemltriit upon Ilia labor it best ii> j in the tiittiniinii', in.-i-: excepting the, that when election day comes, they form in I nr.iiiuni.-, At a imxainji; hold in San Francisco, ruso- circle around the polls about ilnylight, and I t lor a linppy return. Sin- Iulions were pawed pledging tho rcdvinp- march around depositing their ballots one j arrival ot tlie j-pn tinii of the debt by thu pcojjlo. Tho amouu after another in regular f ucccision, nnd re- with smoking hwn-l s is peatinp until eight noit the door, and, with her smiling inj'jiiit, Tho Court saetions the seituro of the Tre-1 when, if ihi-j huvo totes onough to ovorual-j their best arrnv, to oi.eTi tl'c q' inout Mariposu grant for taxes, and the es-} ancc any northern majority which may bo 1 .y i- son ._ La Oosse and D. ameron. i Oregon dates aro received to Dee lltli. I The Leginlature organized iKc. 1st. I. uncivil] be sold unless tho taxes urn paid. they erase, odierwise they keep on .Mining news is t'avorable. Markets dull. voting until the requisite number id ob- We aro M. J. IJtltfl'l f 1J 1. lift I especially [worth, Q 11 liurron. A S Sloan, .1 i Wil- most beautiful meet tiie eye si.-j, i.i-- d- tfaM patron- j M JuF i.- i u er> l-knppell. If M MOrst, A 1' owtratenenco to which their menu j -fflrtitifl them. M Bartholomew, O C Howe, "Ifem J lU" Jtm Jt fif Fl Olll t wy ftibfc of working gra- but, as we feel success of the tho subject at some fu- ture time, if circuuiaUuces should seem to STOCKS-There were Misiitappi a. >i. stock ttio hist., at 7jJ i7BJ. ajrd Milwaukee at T4.74J. The Green Bay, Uouipany, ,ve I I of 4 lanuary to New York >'o. Wi'st. J <i Tmin. Coiinliu. 7' Conkty. Oeont'i, H Morgan. P Purrv. lliilvloy! D Ilayward. Rood. Jaoksoii. I) Hastings. C F.Mjlds... i wi-Boinan DefnOcrats 64 Ue- F. Grover was elected Speaker. A iwuir. ;a tween nortlioru Indians aiid II. S. stcitmer Maesacroetts; 27 Indins killed :-nd -'1 wounded. Tho burronilorcii. James Y. Iianutnto.wu bas been i.rrugt- f ed for an attempt to dofrand the (Jnited i States ot' laud by means ot pujicr and perjury. I Dates from Juan del Nurto are Dec. 22. I No tiiiinas of Walkor has btii'ii received therefor some days. Scott had quarrelled tuined. The inhabitants of nro in sonic re-' CUP mi syhls ili.-il when they unv iitri JIIM ;.s jLidli lithii itff til ULlivOnHtltiS. i for awhile, they set lire! ifuffT ftnn. ito ['.'HCO, and the wliolo thruo. wero smo- tnurpri m riiwrli 'I'tvA hiiil.liitiv >v-i' at u AIUIII Ahlvuo lo m luulr Sau UOI'UltlOll ui.i. Walker had arrived within ono but we nevertheless urjje prompt immc- to Birw.wid warn preparing; j diato action on part of the deaencv par- Can-era, who had 000 mun well supplied I ty of the north. Vermont State Home Fire. yjrovisionn and ammunition. A i'ew skirinJuliDs-had taken placo between l-romine free Jan w i 'th, about n -I-_ .j ..J.W.L- ,in-rt un J ITEMS. from" fte ,e County, H.C. Slaughter, County, Jamet M. Dick- .Frtt f rmat AppletontiM beendiff- oeiilhiiifiil editor and propria- therea todoatn. 'ine not much that tin- delo.-atious from "-Is wauiiWed. i u ti5 Har.-isburc, Jan. 13. j son, luicino i SroatOTuil Oonveation inet at noon, itor Rock lor IIowo, when Simon Cameron, Republican, was elec- 'UK' Waukesha fur Jadgo I'andall. We The pews in Ward liccchfr's Church were rented last week Hfl.'l.fiiin. The wife of Judge Daniels, recently luirn- ctl to death in was vcars old. he is 70. left a child sii months old. Thirty thousand have been snli- Horiuod to tho first railroad in front Quindora to Lawrence. Two hundred and fhirtv r nun were entered at tho Mn i.f- iice in November o'clock, smoke was discovered isauins from I Jollvbonos says hin k uoor near the hoi air, in the Represeti-! though a perfect specimen ot in the Stale House. Vt'LtL i llnc otticr fift it CrjaMri nn ,.........i to n jifn'.iT il! alarm, on 69, Foniey 68, Foster 7. Mr.-Brown, hi thi Senate, entered a pro- it but they did not hen holes were cut in wiien was elec- inr jadgo liandall. We, ucu uuien were cm m ted on first ballot. The voto stood, Cauier- llot what counties go in for the "le 'n order to apply water nnd snow, on flQ ftR T i nttlMf Or totl .Tlldn-nft whfk RTM fiundi. the rtish of rlamfl B _ lur luu------------ fcu 1 1'v "'11 >thor eight or ton who nre candi- the rush of flame showed that a fire was iii dates. This elected to a judicial of- j progress beneath, and in-spite of all test against the legality of the election of a, OU1' Constitution, whiits the appe- the tire soon made its wav uowards hv U. 6. Senator, a teller not having been ae-T tito wonderfully lor some higher office, tho 3 -ittempt to rule them out, makes thorn ten Washington, Jan. 13. motion of Mr. Soward, a copy of proceedings of yesterday, decla- ring-AU. HM-IU not euutiwi to were ordered to ta tmnsmittod to the The lubiiaMtnetielegraBh mado the ordorfolr'tft-fliorrow. the "bjll ridiut; of do, pnlposiug to tor about tkie Sterling Tana, m re- Uticn to t U E Doiter, HMBarfa, WHO Bill, ZT1> U. 6. Senator, a teller not having been ae-] "to wonderfully lor some higher offic< lected by tho Senate on the prior' attempt to rule them out, makes the to the election. I times more fierce than they otherwise twJanca.duo from iba to her late buholtd hifoeicricwi the mails, with tntferoftlfrom The caeo has Itcon tMfora for 12 Or IS Wai iarorably reporteil ou bj thn Court of CWrns. ThoDiil paeied by bo. "Go in mid of the partitions, and burst out near the dome iu went force, showing that all From tho Swrling Timu. Some Account of Uie Egyptians. tempts save tne building ,vera utterly j Every effort then made to nave j the library aiid furniture, and to a great ax- tent that was accomplished. The fire-proof vimlw of the offices of the State Treasurer, es o e ae reasurer, The people of the section of II- Secretary of Civil nhd Military Aflhirs we liuois moral, learned, sagacioua. aud underatand were The thorasdrw owe to thw Christian der of tho building, the aolid raJtia fund t i I .....J 01 yards of tape, shn visited seventeen jt. lasmg. Thtru aro Iii2 Custom Houses and other buildings in process of construction by tho united States, to cost nearly More evil truths are discovered bv the cor- ruption of the heart than by tile penetration of tho mind. St. Louis has 12S.201 inhabitants. Of those are blacks, and 1.64U slaref. KASSAS together Eng- land, Wale., Scotland and Ireland and the aggregate superficies will yield almost pre- cisely tho area of Kansas which, however eraan were thorasdrw owe to thw Christian der of tho building, the aolid raJtiav funds to send i books, papers, school teachers and mission- j ar themsele8 the roerl a when compared Territory .Nebraska. with her sister uries to that benighted and heathenish sec- tion of neuntry which Kos south of While wo of the uorth are taught re-1 l'iey jwrwns occupied the properly from the CALIFORNIA county jail in county, Caiiiornia, is said to consist of H live oak tree, with a staple and chain at- Tf T3 11 -I m nu, <r UIM? us, uvi III illO bUUHIlfc wv vn, jiouin our chiirchos, imclliaonva in our i means of ladders, schools and honesty in our intercourse with The of the fire was intense, and the rillf t-Ku ruu.nlA ni 1 lmt providentially there was snow Adjourned. ia UIQ HOUMJ uie MIIU um by Jlr. CaawLeli, Ouio, of'tfco tomnrittee and MMU ozteiuion ot tlie frw lilt, tafiTB inridimxi protection. The bill. if ftned, ratep the annual receipts our fello to grope becoming their oloUMnt. which io susceptible more than ten Jollkrs. A of I n. vi of the i Housa. left tbia aftemwiB for York, i to u> nppear before thu committee, tQ.invaitsata alleged corriiption. Bevond ef tht> House wiH be eix- mincd to-dty. In Romau} Dvmocrats j 19; 11. ASSEMBLY. ich ib susceptible of tiic-nwst to prevent any further oof. when assart that in all "Praa? of Tlie Roman Cath- of mtteoroiogy. uated the capital, there is nrt n man nn, nitro is nrrc n man woman or ebiiirivho can nil the difference So far as we have heard, aothinz more I Woodworto, for which that gentleman will wevpt ear bitt the astounding verity thst in the eighth districi known Trumbult not ksraglo schooi-baMS n to do found I In i tevemh a of tfco huly eospel j nre in ;the ,t.ry wasan acli.e onvcntio employed for warming halls on the 2tl floor, prepara- neetmgof the Constitutional uiiieh wjs to begin itt session The best cure for these trouble- some things that we have evet tried is to soak the feet in not water for a quarter of an hour, M Ulat the corns ms? become soft, and then trirn it of pam. xhen take the tincture of the Arbor Vitse placed upon a little cotton and apply to the corn, aod after a few applications the corn will not only disappear entirely, but will not be likely- to return Ameri- bo found I In I By some means the fiom the feathered.rodu on a rail, cut iuio.minuemnt ,1. .e are Bi" ttfaijer from that has been V T .o haa Mh> to (Ixr United of ton! Vwl'at U Klein being sent out. J3 later has by tho thit nighboriiond. for only a desire to prt-ach ditu- nion ona Kandav Croat uield hirkorystuwp being nochurcli in. Ow emuwi hefrtofore. Tie State was built of granite. entire length 150 amj 100 IMHHUKHW. 14 I VHHMlm of Toesdmr conuii' barbanU prtiaiU ninth dUtricfiwiil" Mr tiui City of tho by (hat auii.oritf rnarfl ATM tj g 1HAO tlm It rested on solid rock J wmil, nre gnntidi jo thi; dome, 100 fet-tnijh: was eretie.1 aL.jut 20 yeon ago at a ol of what ww ex- in prajMruig ground, and wat the of of the t Suie in UIB coootry. Tha ran. How TO OUSEBVE .FrriTERs SATELLITES Ihoroaro thousands of the re-ders of tho Scientific Jlmericnn, who would uladlv ar-iil themselves of an opportunity tfa' of th, planet Jupiter. 'hoy the means. Every rn-rson ran witness them hv reflec- tion, a for thi, On a clear night fcvke s reflated in pronoMof

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