Wednesday, November 8, 1854

Daily Courier

Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courier on Wednesday, November 8, 1854

Daily Courier (Newspaper) - November 8, 1854, Oshkosh, Wisconsin QSHKOSH DAILY COUKJER. Vor the Courier. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER B 1854 C'.ty Be" out car'jr in the than in wio'b private parlor.'" 1BjtL_ morning, at noon and in the evening. 11------------------------____ ..._T_ _ I _________ i MWH aim HI mo evening. M----------------------- The Election. suppose the main advantage of this arrange- trial f..r tho .wi'A wienfc' that iu morniii" tlioso who work murder, has resulted, ai was iuptv- flie election yesterday resulted in thocom- may know when to beein !m ''Crdict of ete rout, or rather, flattening out, of tho thdio' who J'fforcnco may bo by his conduct af. democratic party in.thi, county; Thb few I'- Ti. to tC-r The i _ J ovemne that i-etu-Q car. I criminal lookedat thu'Judgo witli an air of All vnrv I and eiclamicd in a democrats who liavo tho initiated in thu 1001, and hen to go to bed. Ait very I considerations no tics one. who is. antiquated irhmd when I will von my hair tu THE OATASTiioruc ix conductor of thegravnl train collision nt Haptist _ i4U Jt4U iiiiuiuuiacctv nttertlio h'as not bceu licaril _ .1 nvi tuu DOarU.tintl Treasurer, aro re-clec'led by largely increased majorities. With n -tuu cugujger nowcrer icious of a mistake, but the conduc- f the, i .a asngon s Judgo illianuon of Tejtas, common tuowu as From Jeurtiml uf Comirtrti HOLLAND. t all tlio torriblo incidenti ant tho .It-ctrui-liou uf Arctic, which have rfcuiring tht-se twodavi ,Kat thi-ro ono that impn-sfi-s us with a fcelin-' awe and admiration, and shoxs ali world that rhv ago of hrnx-s ij not joiiu i to th.- vmmgman ijiciT- xltT p.btofdutv tl.r..iu.U.m ecrcttreachory ore indebted to the--democracy of I chest. Mcnni, is a nativ Winnebago Co. for the emoluments and hon- Down, Ireland ors of office, who havo the'public crib for jears; havu. eliown their and I signalized their devotion. to tlio principles and usages, of the using.thuir best Xow'Y6rk endeavors to and disgrace the'ticket Edward Ingraham, an eminent ,-n. u: s- Commissioner, died in this city strumental ia riSminaJn'gT sVafrLvn 6. day or'two." Tho following .returns-from the three Wards of tho believe to be correct FIRST WARD. period for many years. an known at thSeirK Ma'cy Jackson Lull Follett Weisbrod Hoirloy Hyatt Wilkinson Austin McCall i'lowers 18 31 42 54 54 25 37 62 34 40 Billingliurst Bashford :0ary Taylor Rounds Daughorty Wheeler Calahan Boyd Milwaukee Market i Nor. C. 1854 -Market rather inactive this morning some gram coming in, and some shipments makin- usmcss for thoday had not yet f tirlv set hT Prices at 11 A. we quote. Winter wheat spring sales Macy Jackson Lull Follett Rowley Hyatt Weisbrod. .Wilkinson Aucthi McCall Flowers ilacy Jacksou Lull' Follott Rowley Hyatt Weisbrod Wilkinson Auitin SECOND WARD 9thdr grains HonVcomiiig' nnin as. htiretofora Iho Now York'Evenini''Post Af as '.'Judge Willy." "judge Vviii'v oucei presidmg_in St. Augustine county, when a! ttf I- I auit ma purpos tion to the court, and honor this at ''f "if your which governs Irawiii Post, of the 1st 61 120 149 140 165 107 133 135 151 Billinghurst Bashford Gary Gallup Rounds Daugherty Taylor Osborna Callahan Boyd nsga Western butter, of an infenor quality is quoted at 16 and 21e. butteHms e. utteHms been bought to market, and sells from 18 to "'ucauiu iiJUOUniWUIE a DOWIU- knife of .unusual size, and laying it across at, open book before him. armed was Judge Willy-and'draw-in. hunting shirt, not a Coll, but a Uorse pistol, ho very calmly rejoined; This sir, is the constitution and is paramount to tno law, Mr. Thompson acquiesced in the judgement of tho and tho pro-: cceded without any further interruption. Z3T Tho-famous.'Brigham -Younp, tho! Governor ot Utah and Grand High Priest of I Ho ilormons, camo nejirluiving an inglorious end put to his career, in August last Ho went down into his well to recover a lost bucket, when the curbing.tumbled in, thai earth followed, and Youn.r tor the nonce, a subterranean All, Isegisler. of vn, eth Green recently instituted a suit THIRD WARD. .20 27 12 29 23 23 18 3D Bashford Gary Gallup Rounds Daughertv Taylor Osborno Wheclor 28 37 28 34 28 39 25 latest Buffalo Markets. n w Nov. c. r UecDipts continain" fair but stock .snot rapidly aecumnlatirigrdcniand cood this mormug. Market Saturday's I rates. Sales ,bbls. at 8 50a8 75 for choiro to extra" brands Ohio aiul Michigan. heat-Supply limited, of upper lake; inquiry good and price iL'umjuy inSEltU against a Mr. DoWolf for "f marriage. Slr.'i fDeWolf argued his own, case upon The trial I hut his arguments wore completely bv I tne production of some pieces of DU LAc.-The city gives a majorit Tho however i reported to havo gono against him. Thor no question, but that ho is defeated in th district. ,tw Tho Rock Island Railroad Acciden turns out to bo n very different thing from what was at first reported. Two person (children) havo died and fivo arosomowha injured. lltAL -CoMEiipr or GOT Wis- STO.H, of AKr.Tvas fined SlO a few hy a Clrcui{ jujg0 of o Comitie3ju, for wearing his hat and puffing a cigar m the court roam during tho swion of tha day. Woou-Tho (X Y.) Journal of Com- merce, says that wool i? now more depressed in value than it has been for many years the price having steadily declined forsercral months, until the medium and lower grades aro seiiing for less.than of their value eighteen months ago. rn, 1Ta CO do white Michigan. Corn qniet in consequence of tho firmness 10 rCm W.K rCmain8 at at mghest figures sales COOO bush at 70 Good supply and very limited in- quiry; no the last wcrb at 44 f of both very limited. --._.] and the jury, f hocked at such un-! paralleled depravity, proceeded, ivithout do- t lay. to heal tho lacerated heart of the plain-1 till, b) retuniiiis: a verdict of t'i- sum of PETKRMIATIOS OF Ku-on TO THE HeAiTl' Astonishing Cure by James Cooper, af Fourth-street New York was a martyr for six years to dizziness and' of blood to tho head, he was BO bad at times, that in crossing a room it with the utmost difficulty he preserved Himself from fallino- fha t caier va -o was e ,n the bar of tho HOUJO in dcr der, which y woun- ination it appeared '1 aEma11 Pow- double-barrelo! i istol ue-arreo i istol was connoctcd by machinery, which was 6C so ns to firo the pistol at a particular that many Othcre wcrc Atthotimo of tho explosion, fortunately thcro was only thrco or four persons intfo office Ihp infernal machine v.-as hind tho counter, of the office, the clerk being in tho offico at the timo, was y enough. lifted from Ms nn'-I im tho out side of tho counter without But fir tho fact tliat lanuif tho friends feared that ,f would death; tho informed him J hat thero was but little hopo for him, as !t I nas thought that nothing could mitigate tho I nier. but in opposition In this advice, ho j ilctelr ho wa's m three mouths. .Such do not! tho whole ho.ifo hav en from tho roof, and all its inmates juried beneath its ruins, which was nf U.__., rums, wuicli was doul intention of tho hearties fiend who no author of tho act. Rev. Henry Ward Boecher savs: "I like o seo my SabWh congregation laugh, when puMiihiHT advertise- This SeJ- ici.10 .s taking n very strong hold upon tho rlt is regarded most flxeellont remedy for Conghs, and Colds we endorse utitv iiinmtl al. that trying scene, was the- tiring a nal at intervals, in tl.uhopunt attrcctiir I thi-attfiitinn 1. Irimi a dtstanci- to ili7 MVIIU ot tin, While all around wero ik-atli and despair, ill bold tlicr. hu t-tood (lik-, IIopo hcrsuU) with t-nln dctfriumatieii ol a true hyni.ilisclinririiii: sm after gun, until the p.ilhu.t ghij, w.-nt ilu'n beneath thu waves Hero was a di'tUinco of deatli. and i.u ad- hesion to duty, we might walk over the famous liattle-ficlds in history to look and not find. teat in iltr rery act of jlr- ing a, the atari diutpptartd ktloir Mr wa- Itrt. Klajof the HiaTf! Like newer licln On every Criiiv anl j fuM lutlieir linien ut stars O, not in rain our niartfrs And out in our herttis crietl, 'Tis sweet fironi'sonnlandto Tl.e yore, the Soul tliat jtVe Tiltir rlorj to nvr mil >vair, Heath on the niters! hark! Uf in Uieir aRimj fVko, helpiess, cruwd the Jei-k; inanliuoilsternlj marks liis t..ja', Antuirlj siuks the wreck. whatshc lijhted his LsnUs the minute juu What qu'ei ill his iii Grand as n Uod whi, ,h.kc tii, proud Olj mj.ian piles. the uistj isles Ujneath the l-olud NUUKVL- for him i-ain, Srteu I'ur liini no mure the home llu: unwanted there he Tlie lighted brai.d within his bands.' Above the white nild rr.-am; see! ilis t.r, Of shiieringhorrorrcws tliefL; O, God! tati no one save ?__ The ship TU canuon thunders to tht Then uaujtht Lut mijt and natc Whera bn brief hours af o I" I Hue four hundred jojotu Toa'.icipeclsnuLoie! S.mluftbe nrare! nhcn sounds tbe KU liattlc'. And rolling drum and thrilling fife- Lead the ,Iarlc anil sirif.. While gorgeotl! and fad' the soldier's And eagei natiuns turn Uitinrei the l.'ero's 'tis not then, it rfccre, With surT bladeasd tsugcfnl 'I'he srandfst wreath is Jl'f nith calm, anafrebaag l.rtath 'I'he hero, smiling, fares, IJea'h thflatid or brine. And knoffias not if e'er Us nainp Shall mnrmnr from tl.e Larp o.' Hj loofcln. T-djr, jtt tat L, rcll tick tla Unipcst', ,.von< bruoiatore the thunder's s.-.rir-r A nswersi'IerdorKgfcts tbjflume, And fresher ncrtf, lhj A mi I tlir So J'.h'ssofl sur.nj biooin, i'uruujh Northland's nint'rj in vsinoar Heroes cried, sweet foroaj's oiruland to die! inn; the Soul that

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