Tuesday, May 16, 1854

Daily Courier

Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Daily Courier (Newspaper) - May 16, 1854, Oshkosh, Wisconsin DAILY- COURIER. Truth Straneer than Fiction. 10, 1834.' tho Stoic of New rs'od tho cull for the'Ada- GOI.IIEX Rn.i2 roK TIIK GnpAM-c TIII: _ Lave a rich iiuntwhi. is fond Certainly two of tho most singular trM.u 1-nj is no nm-ssity ft.r -I! nc-s on record, are of the ferandim.th.i-rs of j (Q h'r aloo{ IlluJ -lran. lie Convention, to I'V held on the Louis and tint present Sultan Magnificent Work of History. A History all the earliest period to pre-ent time, or Univcriaf His- tory, in which tho History of every nation, ancient and modern is given. By J., A. GooiT.tcn consul to Paris, and author of several Works nf Peter Parley's Tales, eUv etc. TUo fecnticely Jiow brought down U> and has.riof been ottered in flKipk; tornj 12th of Jfulv licit nt SvracuiO. i Latest-News. tfcvkg later from JC'aliforpiu. IXlTlii I'JIOU AI'ML, ,'J'no AMI Sn> I and a ShouW jnul.o talking to a thin, The f teaweri Star of the West and George' They haw arrived at XewYork'on Tuesday, with fathers 1.1CG passengers and in a -lew months. Many of our nrst divines and geutfoaicn who liuve eianjinedlt have given it their unqualified it richly as -it is' of years of labor'of jts author. Dr. Tono, o.f Saratoga, for, the above work, Js in toivii and will givo our citi- zens an'opportunity to examine it. Those desirous of securing tho work will do well to avail themselves of tho. present opportunity as.it is sold only 6y agents.' raised in the lovely West India l.'lr cf Mar- y of French plalitcrf and near At the.dcatli of her fathur. Jusephiiiu went THE proprie- tors of this papor-givo notico, that after the first of, Junar next, they .will charge a some- wlpt increased price for atlvertuiujr, and also iiicrease the 'subscription', for their Dairy to anil tho TriiTlfeekly to Tho priccs'Which they liavo thoso chargedL'by .tho papers-in Rochester, N. Y., those charged. Iiv andtno niqre: than others, of the press in several other cities, nearer; to tho great markets for printing rimterials, and giving no greater advertisements tlian they do. T. the best newspaper in the of Oshkosh. "It'is eiS-' tod .with decided.ability, andlhei'onterprise of its eonductors'in lurhishing'daiiy; the la- tost and most rendere'it tho huslf ness of tho libewlity and -courtaiv. towwis'fthe; diroughbtif'tho state.ui'akes H a yorite with tha crafLv -So'mucH fbr-thb'67n- auoirs, "business pa-- pur. Its politics ore -different; thay-aro rank, and smell of Woollyisra. :groited last evening byaTull with entertainment. Ho performs again this evening ,nn" eiilifery'dinVrMit.set.of clfaractjirs "AH., who witnessed hisjlast Gihi- o "r> r' -liOiluitcc, o. ot leriitory-, Gen. harnais, bv whom S. A., lato.i-aminandmij: military -forcer 4fi I..U.L- If YOU to lamwv an autlior dou't own it; 0110 half r tiien looeng iier steerage .way, 'and drifiing roefcg oh'the slinni nf the bay, thcfengine i was. startea to'bring her round head- '.to 'tide, when .the Ehip and :_ _ I r_i -II i'i? f r. in point two'- shots close over us. ThQve'n'gih'e''was stopped, a boat lowered, and jflicer scnt.to quire tho cause of us--- He was not allowed to ship, but wns met .by an (SBcervuj the'ships who in- fonneu tfie port was bloctaded, an'd that immediately leava or he would sink'tWif he could..... Capf- Pearson hinif elf then was. immediately infonuetl by tho bit-oa, cf lids'd imperative it is tlw idea of tho fun '.I and that if we attempted it, he would firo in- enjoyed, may be when-, we state, that sufficient coal to reach San Jui sweeping out tnoilnH this.morning, ship was put. onlier couiso uguiu, thaii a peck of Luzon's wwre'pickeiup from I and ordersjo" the chief all busted offbyihe cachina-' tory explosions of tha boys, big.and The bill .to-night u and containaJ some of his" best songs'.' Tha Gnlana.JeBersonlatl is out for H.. BENTOS as a candidMe for Presi- dentinlSSS.' ________..... It is said fliat poUtical-'movcmentVare "o-! an ?rm-v, ___ J tnriVfc mg on in .Washington, ami In .26tli...-Tho_engineer, reported sufficient coal to and tho ship-was ao- cordingly put oa her course-for that port! 27th. 8 o'clock, spoke.tx eeiliponer; fivo days out fi-on> Panama. During tho detention of the Stephens, at; .were .frequently clchanged t .-ilN VI .111H I i -i. )l ho llad tini: where VoukiM-sv they. I. a Sonui tmiu attcr. jt- YOU .j.Ilmv ,vhat :0 doatli of uuaiiliurmus, Joscphinu was inarnA to Napoleon Jioneparte; and Ix-camo Empress of France. Her daughter, was niarried to Louis Bonaparte, then Kinsr of Holland; and "'tlio prftenr limperdr-of F'rauco'is-llor. son by-that niatriage. 'Tiio history: of Miss' is monyrildly "romantic and This. lady quitted' tho .Island of Martinique s.ometimo'before her" friend. The vessel.'ca'rrying her to Franco was tackwl and taken by the Algerino Corsairs, and tho crow and passengers taade priioners. BuOhis ship war, in turn, attacked and.-pillaged by Tunis pirates, and Miss S. was carried by them to Constantinople and offered for salo as a slave. Her extraordin- ary beauty and accomplishments found her a purchaser iu the Sultan she soon Sgrasrlioand Sultana Alahmbiid 11 .was her son; alid.tlio presontjSuI.Um, Abdul Medjid, Mahmoud. What a Can its'pandlel bo found in any true record? Tho SulUna dic-d iu ISil, Gonemment "troops anil; mous surgeon, to Footo, the equally famous- j actor, ono morning, you .follqwcd ritory shall this ycA- more wheat than it can cuiiouiiio. I tiling in Wisconsin. scription. Hunter his work on the j "Indeed I did not, replied very much tha same cf the- Threat dr-d im- "for I ihouid.hawibrolTen my r pure air alone will bring te consumption in en- tour exclaimed Hunter, the soundest oxygen of-in amazement A man named James McKoe, latsly" ooraiuJttcJ fajpdoby starvation, in thueoun- a., lie confined undergoes its last vital ehanzo iu tho lungs, land for upon his wifo with Intent tol kill. J J110 "lat on'the perfect pcr- I formancos of roSDiration. and on----- witiuny rtiuseu-ail nvuntnasent-lor ten davs. who went for extreme measures hM.BOt It iswggoUed that ho faluiii into oii.o of thvui. j supply of pure air. Wieijjospiratjon is ob- structed by disease, tho appetite fails and the body waste? sway. air breathed is impure, the same things tako place." SKABT sent bv his mastcV to borrow a Wound lard from a .neighbor, thus delivered his message: Missus Thomson, massa sent mo over to berry or bee a pound of Hog taller; pTd-sqw.np in do ------------------TT-. -v to kill day before yesferday, and Ti GECAT is a horse with sii legs. Ho has fore'legs as usual and..two additional hind 4egs.' Four' and two'aro six." See Emerson's tic.' Wo wertdeiibcrafely arid .yestcrday why asoapbailtr was like 7111 ama- tory poet And for fear wo would not un- dertake ito sotvintie contemptible query, tho sane wretch proceeded to infortn'Us'-both dealt in melting The perpetrator is of course, by this time, in the Jfete Orleans Picawnc. Clmrlcs Bannister, being repriimirided'for swearing, replied, he did not know there was any harm in it. A person present said: 'Why, do you not know the commandment, 'Swear not at nil.'" Why, Ldo not ewagr at alL-J replied only swear at those who of- fend mo." i good for a hide bonnd dog T-l "Well reckon. .Tt-will looifn knrf'" Positively Last .WINCHELI, In Ms Original New Storied nnd Personi'fi- cjrtions of VCINCHEl.L tcsncnTif ti.it 1 ietj of amuainy jiuual) iafofrai J At Marks' IJall, PROGRAMME. Scrnri on of the fmirt'! Tirltuof xdninionMMnti. tat if t Utifbt

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