Wednesday, January 4, 1899

Monroe Weekly Times

Location: Monroe, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Monroe Weekly Times on Wednesday, January 4, 1899

Monroe Weekly Times (Newspaper) - January 4, 1899, Monroe, Wisconsin MONROE WEEKLY TIMES. VOL. XI. MONROE, AVIS., THURSDAY, JAN. 4, NO. 12 THURMAN CRAIGO PLACED ON TRIAL Circuit Court Takes Up Sensational Shooting Case. RARE OLD PAPER MONEY. JURORS ENGAGED IN THE TRIAL Twenty-Six of the Venire Were Called to the Jury Box Befoie the Nec- essary Twelve Were Secured. Thurniau Craigo, who is charged with assault with intent to commit murder on complaint of Dr. R. B. Clark, was placed on trial in the circuit court Wednesday. The adjourned term to take up the case opened at 11 o'clock Wednesday and at 2 o'clock in the afternoon a jury that was satisfactory to both sides was secured. Judge Dnnwiddie then sus- pended the matter for an hour to give the attorneys a chance to prepare them- selves to proceed with the trial, and the jurors were allowed an intermission to arrange for their absence from home for mAfo as follows: a few days. At o'clock the following jury was sworn in to pass judgment upon the evidence in the case: H. L. Babler. Mt. Pleasont. A. M. Eidsniore, York. W. E. Gardner, Brodhead. Jacob Geiger, New Glarus. Jacob Hoesley, York. Sever Johnson, York. Oswald Knbly, New Glarns. Archie Ostrander, Jefferson. S. J. Pnrrington, Mt. Pleasant. D. D. Sawin, Jordan. Henry Stair, Brodhead. James Wilson, Exetei. The jury was not secured until all but six names iii the venire had been drawn. Twenty-six men had been called to the jury box and aside from the number who were excused on account of form- ing an opinion in the case and after hav- ing an acquaintance with either of the _ parties, there were'three struck by the 7n aoreHj flec." state and three by the defense. The men who were excused were David Albright, H. L. Ball. Sam Blum, Win. Dick, John Duebendorfer, Wm. Dnn- widdie, John Gibbous, G. T. Hodges, Richard McGrath, Gottlieb Ott, J. D. Schindler, Charles Warner, Peter Ott, and Peter Klassy, I The defendant sat with his attorneys, A. S. Douglas and P. J. Clawson, of this city, and M. G. Jeffries, of Janes- ville, at the end of a long table and at the other end of the table sat Dr. R. B. Clark, the complainant, and his attor- neys, Burr W. Jones, of Madison, and Colin W. Wright, of this city. Both men took great interest in the drawing of the jury and each wholly ignored the other. Each juror whose name was called was examined by Burr W. Jones, for the state. He was assisted by the court, who iu a number of instances asked if an opinion had been formed and an answer in the affirmative ended all further questions. After the jury had been sworn in this afternoon Attorney Wright .began the trial by making his opening remarks for the state to the jury. The trial of the case promises a bitter legal contest and the attorneys will ex- ert every effort in their power in pre- senting each side of the case. The affair is one iu which the public is already well informed, but they know little of the inside facts that will doubt- less be offered to the jury by the, de- A. D. Dessinger Has Some Specimens Used When The Nation Was Young. A. D. Dessiuger is the owner of pome valuable pieces of rare old paper money that was used in the United States back in 1777. One bill is for dated 1779, and entitles the bearer to eighty Spanish milled dollars or an equal sum in gold or silver to a reso- lution of congress of Jan. 14, 1770. He has a bill of the same issue and a three pence bill and a four pence bill, dated 1777, and issued according to an act of the general assembly of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, passed March 2tl, 1777. They are part of a collection of old money that is very rare and of great value. A, E ROOD AGENCY iATTORNEY DIRECTS CHANGES HANDS: HOT FIRE AT CLARK D. A. Stearns to Engage In the Insur-j Craigo's Victim Takes the Stand to DECEMBER SALES OF COUNTY HEM. ESTATE ance Business. POSSESSION TO BE TAKEN MONDAY Sale Was Male Tod.iy and tht Transac- tion Includes the Full Line of Com- panies and the Loan Business. Testify for the State. COURT RULES IN HIS FAVOR At'empt of ihe Defense to Detail the Uoc'or's Whole Life Before The Jury Is Not Allowed. Record of Transfers for the Month Kept By Register of Deeds. December sales of Green county real estate according to the record kept in the office of the register of were J >hn H. Andrews to Niui Johnson, lots 12.1, 127, 128, railroad ad., No. 3, city of Monroe, Nim Johnson to John Crouse, lots 130, 127, 128, railroad ad., No. 2, city of Monroe, J. B. Treat to Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co., plant of Wisconsin Milk Con- densing Co., city of Monroe, Henry Marty to Martin L. Paulson, parcel of laud sec. 14, New Martin L. Paulson to Joseph Sohiml- ler, parcel of land in sec. 1-1, New Glarns, Joseph Schiudler to Jacob Urb'en, lot 5. blk. 3, village of New Glarns, Maria I. Tibbitts to Adoh B. Burr, lots 8; 0 and 10, blk. 28, Nichols to Pond's ad. to village of Albany, Clara Thompson to Esther Halstead, one-fifth interest in estate in Lafayette ounty, Lewis L. Brystal to Pios Truttmaum, town of Primrose, D. A. Steams will begin the new year in the insurance business, he having made the purchase of the A. E. Rood aguicy. The sale was made Friday and possession was taken Monday. The transfer includes the full line of insurance companits represented by the agency and the loan business that is carried on in connection. The location of the agency will not. be changed, for the present at least. Miss Tessa Stearns has teen engaged to run the office, which will also be headquarters for the live stock firm of Stearns Urns. In as- suming management of the insurance agency Mr. Stearns will continue to look lifter his live slock interests. Here- tofore the firm has been without a down town office and the new headquarters will prove to be a great accommodation for the firm and those who deal with the stock men. The agency is the same one thut was established by the late W. W. Wright, who was the pioneer insurance man in this section of the state. All of the leading and most substantial companies in the business were combined in this agency, affording facilities for placing large lines of insurance under conditions most favorable to the insured. It is the intention of the new manager to in- crease the business and prepare the showing little mercy I'.jr others who had j been drawn, into the case. Attorney 1 .lone--permitted hi< witness to answer !fen-e io have said by the witness. I and the character of the questions were such that the attorney objected to I further interrogation along the same line and the court sustained him, mi- line; that the testimony was improper, i Attorney Jeffrie-i persisted that it was their right to probe to the fullest the record of the'witness up to the time of takiiiK the stand and Attorney Clawsou siteil authority on the subject. Attorney .1 ones stated that it was a remarkable theory that a in happening to be a witness in a case of this kind should have his life rummaged toproduceevery j injuring his character and prejudicing REYNOLDS BEGINS MAKING TROUBLE Dane county, Wendelin Schneider to George Schneider, lot 8, blk. 14, Foster's ad., city of Monroe, Susan Hill to Nils 0. Anderson, lots 3 and 4, blk. 158, city of Brodhead, John Mason to Chas. A. Kelly, parcel in village of Browntown, Otto Loveland to Frank Loveland, acres, sec. 23, town of Washing- ton, Gertrude Warren lots 1, 2, B, 4, 5, (i, 7 and 8, blk. and lots 3, 4, of blk! 8, Warren's ad., village of Albany, William Laubaugh to Patrick F. Flanery, 125 acres, Jordan, Nicklans Elmer and Casper Elmer 187it acres, township of New Glarus, Casper Elmer to Nicholaus Elmer, 172S acres, township of New Glarus, Jasy V. Ten Eyck to Mrs. Harriet C. Clinton, 10 acres, sec. catur, John C. Suilivan agency so that it can serve the general better advantage than ever be- fore. Complete and reliable indemnity upon all acceptable risks will be offered at the lowest premium rates. The agency will also negotiate loans on real estate security and faithful service to every interest, placed in its hands is promised. The agency has always nourished and the new management promises to add to its popularity and its continued success is assured. Mr. Stearns is well known in the city and also enjoys a large acquaintance in the surrounding coimtry.and this will prove to be of great advantage to him in his new line. Attorney M. G. Jeffries, who is the attorney on the side of the defense in the case of the state against Craigo, be- gan to pour some hot stuff into the trail that is now in progress when he ad- dressed the jury late yesterday after- noon in his opening argument. He gave to the public the first, intimation leti-e the board will be equip-! i that they were going too fur. Iheile- i fense showed every intent to discredit i the wittie-s by impe.iching his moral NEW BLOCK FOR THE SQUARE. V. White expects to begin to build a new I'li-ek I" lake the place of the old frame building mi the southwest, corner of ihe tin- opening of (he next liulldiuc.'s-.T-on. Allen Conover. issued made for ped with thirty more ilroj-s. C. 15. Churchill got the lirst for payment "f rental that wa> by the company. Even Ihe'moon started in new idle word that ma> have be.n stat.'d toj tiav j Tom, Dick and Hurry for the purpose of Jant-svilU- this morning. character Kern-rally, at the same time to look over the ground to make a draw- ing fov a building. Mr. Whit.-: has not fully upon his plans and will no' decide until he gets the drawing. been so seldom excelled in Monroe that tin-recollection is dim and failed as memory reverts to the past to make the comparison. The confessed that it was new to their cxpi.iieiuv to be favored with such unanimous and n- pealeil outbursts of appHnse in approval of the numbers rendered, nnd these ,-ip- i peals from the Moor for a repetition ot numbers really became monotoiiou.-. I but tin- music sutTercil nothing in iqu-'nee. The quality of tin- music was j such that tin- dancers saw no to discriminate and i.-v.-ry M-U-climi re- ceiveil the suiu: hearty and enthusiastie demonstration nf appreciation. Tin- sight from the gallery was a beautiful one and while there was much to interest, the spectators until a late hour, the dancers were in the midst of the, fuller pleasnrers and enjoyed themselves ini- to of

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