Wednesday, August 20, 1862

Mineral Point Weekly Tribune

Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Mineral Point Weekly Tribune on Wednesday, August 20, 1862

Mineral Point Weekly Tribune (Newspaper) - August 20, 1862, Mineral Point, Wisconsin V-----X rnmiti in i W I VOLUME XV. CITY OF MINERAL POINT, WISCONSIN, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST MINERAL POINT TfciaUNE I.-i PUDLISHF.D EVERY old Kaple Saloon, corner of High nnd Vino p'.rccls, Minera! I'olnt, Wb, bj d't ill roc months T5 To 03ire and Mail one year 1 do tlo month-i 75 d'j do do tiir.-o months.. 60 For iuy tlmo than three mnnths, live cents per number. Terms of r-' I li in. I I yrar. IP r o s p e o t. -a s or! T n i: TENTH VOLUME u r T it K _ present number cornnipnces n new Volume, the JL the" Atlantic Montlilv." Arrangements already nimlc warrant the imbli-lior.-i In jiroini.-in? to Ih'jso who rciwl variety of the lie-it r.riiclc- in nil of lltcratun--. An in- of many ihmi-ands in the yoar KsiiilicK-nt cviilvnce of luM on IMPORTANT DISPATCH FROM Hi? DE- PARTMENT. chants in tho U. all engineers and pilots of registered or licenced steamboats and steamships and all persons ex FULL DETAILS I.Y REGAUD TO DKAFTIXG. j by tlio laws of tho respective States froir To Gov. SALOMON WAI: Washington, Aug. 'J, JSG2. General C'9. Regulations for tic Enrollment and Draft nf three Jnindrcd thousand mililia In pursuance of an order by tiie Presi- i United .States, bearing '.late ronslanlly lie condi'cU-ii wlih 'ai-iujjlu to bt-bt li' ciiripact matter, or their in .par- l'-' countid as a square. i'ruf 51 n line, per yu-, for :h'.: iive lind fifty for ud- f'K'.r v.-ovV-s. ?J n single iifjy i.-ciiu fur each additional in n-.tltv at Statute rates. rim'. Lept inside, laving I'ri'CC- -I- :r-- '.f ordinary Trt) cent, advance or. of Ac., Irdl" pr ce. vnth Vill be liurrt'.-d till forbid, anil ft.r All If fur in not In- varied frnm. Verily nT.vrtis-.'in-.-nts Or.1 i.rivlKvv r'f No Aavtri'israien', considered K'.-.i than a stinai'i. ntLt.> recordi< full of uuil cannot, fail of coir.- ui.lndiiiX Th- i-'i; inr (if "MV Oarden" ill the May N'mr.lior. ba ,ovi.i-il fcrthi-cniiny Nuail.vr.-i o I'rof. I.o.-.i'lli-nd I'i-of. their :o v.-iiK-ly at and Mv. T. W. valuable find ('.-ij.L-i-s the voniiiK-iHTiiiciil. of tin- Atluntic Mi.ntliiv havo funiu'd onu of its mo.-t iitri'activo of it.- with timi-lv In I'M-... linii .SlaiV of Writcr- i-ii'K.i.i-llid. Tin- are still ninonx WILSON, Mitu-rai I'oinl, Wisconsin. OHico in til-1 j'co-m'v htliMiax-. to the claims of roi- ili'TJ for Uwinty and for Hie Mutual l.if- Iiii'irance Co., MlUviiukee, COISSS, 5T..'OI-: and general Merchant, deal- -ilii1 uarehf-a.-.e, near r S-dt s T Mini-.Ml IVilit. .1. 11. T rOIIXKY At and Solicitor in Chancery, M fral IVi'ji. Sn Miiton's iUock. AWVKUS, Mhivral Point, '.ow.i county, i'jipc-iti Italph Wal.lo Kmer-'on,! ll.iv.thi.rn.-. 0. C. T. lIK'-ui.-on, Anthor Howtl Mrs. .luliaW'. Kmrc, Mrs. A. T. WlMln. v, Oliver M'end-11 Ilulincs John Wiltlitr, K. I'. Itayord Taylor, Charles K.' Norton, V.'iillcr MilciK-ll. llcarv V. .lolni Wi-i-.i. II. li. S.tcnve. "Tlic- Country lianlvt K. Kub.-r T. S. I.ov.dl, .1. T. KviTctt. ITuf....--ar A. Wliito, Three Dolbr.s Aninini. or Tiventy-Hve Centra that :i draft of three hundred thousand militia be immediately called into the ser-! fop thnt _ Trans'.atcti from tlio Milwaukee Herald. atriotism of tho Loyal People of America. It has bt-en often said by critics at home and abroad, and often repeated, that tho almighty dollar was the only ruler in this country, and that all noble impulses were lost la bare materialism, it has been as. sorted that the American peoplu .strive exclusively to accumulate wealth, to live opulence and to forget all higher and humanitarian objects. Cold-hearted ma- terialism, immeasurable speculation and unbounded greediness for money were to be tho main the Amer- At the lime fixed as before provided Compare now with these military dnty on sufficient evidence on Itis I personal knowledge, tiiatsniil persons be- long to any of the aforesaid clnsscs, her'the exemption is claimed bv them or not. Exemption will not be made for disability- unless it be of such a per- manent character as to render the person unfit for service for a period cf more than thirty days, to be certified io bv a sur- geon appointed by the Governor" in each [Spooia! Dispatch to tho Chicago 'j ribunc.] Memphis, August G. via. Cairo, August S. The steamer Champion and V. 2-'. TPiVi son arrived from Helena this morninz- i icavmg there tit S p. in.-..yesterday, but brings no important news, bavin .WIII.VGTON-, -August 8, 1S02. Important Orders'.- OKDER AUTHOBIZIxe'.TliE AURKsfoT rER-.ONS IUSC017IUGIN-U vine of the United States, to serve for that the Hecretarv of War shall Citaldis and blinded, shall thereupon from the almighty- God of the cotin- at Crossing had not returned up to hist evening. It is the opinion of gentlemen here from Arkansas, well acquaintud wilh tlio eoun- try, Colonel IJaiiijis' 1st Wis- consin cavalry, and Col. fitch's brijjndu. tho Texans can hardly being captured r badly cut up. At last accounts .TciT. Thompson's force was in full retreat. The steamer Aeeaeia, reports about US hogsheads of sugar, found hidden a mile and a quarter from the west bank of the river, and taken on board. Two of '.he enemy found reecmnoitering on tho bank were captured. person or persons who mnv he engaged, by act, or speech, or writing, in discour- aging volunteer enlistments, .or iu' any- way gh-ing aid comfort to the or in any other disloyal practice against the United States. immediate report b'e'mado General Turner, Judge Advocate, may be tried to Col. Hovuy's Sod Illinois fegiiijtuir, tloitr t, i i T i ---v i'1-' atiu't iL'uv oner .u-e iiorfbv rofiiiosU-U iorihwith to ,i ,1 .1 at the-tune oi tho rondc-zvot Pulillc, Land Ac., ie., Ar-na, loiva c will attend to the payia-nt of with and dispatch. DOCTOR D.VT.tJAIKNS. AN and Mineral Point. 1. al.iivi- lMli...-d'. up Point, anil .Vvouohrar. Mineral i ivint. OtH.v tho ir.-li.-'.nvi S.V.ll'KI. KUKSr. 77OUXKV .it Law and Notary VaWie, U ati.'otiu'i liefer ll-in. Wa.-J-l.lila, and fol''.. ANTHONV, No. ,'xil. i- aiMllloii uUi-.-r I'.-KM i'.-'i-d in :ir; r.'jtio.nal j To.'trjit In r.hV'i It ,1 .irlv I'ritini- n. I.i ;irn'l f. '.f--: '-t ..Ib-r'ci.fn'd I'M.-- "f JUT I I-..', i.y SccnoE of the 'sV'ar for the Union. mv cr.rd in f.'nn. Our llie Tin-.-.. :ir" the (.f o) nlFa-l th p-r .1.. n in the fortieth of ;i .s vatrr, of not in ;h-- i.f views. v fe MiNKKAL POINT SALOOS. M A X A 1> O 11 t T 1.1. AT i his l.liiuni'i- llv will K. UTS at liny and invlti-f the xm.r.illy. Mineral Point Hotel, "WALKER Proprietor V.V on an.l tin- l-.-x of Albiin-'. anil I'iii.t. fnin.l, :nal jn-r- of all our VI us, ANTJIO.VV. SIM XoarSi. X V -nn: NT.MVOI s 01- isnrii A :i to :i afl.-r of i< toa-'-i'- oilu-rs [fru-.i on tlii; ..r a Ili-'i-t tl-.r lir.v. .M. IMC.V.M ;-0 i N. V. Havinx re-oj.encd livr Millinery Establishment ixv.ii'.ed "oy Mr. DAVKY ns a !o .' llie n-.illinerv on .-horl ii: tilted now Imildiiv and nl- j -ivle lii- ..a-in aa.l C--, !n mi-tit the- put- i; -n if tin. -otis ..f Mf.wa! tV'int. Miami 5xO--tr. M. I'- KASHlONAllijE IIAKIii'.'K to am- in and j all I..T to C'lnipftL'uitli any Stic voii-i'.l'jr? it IKT (.f tui; invKe t.f tin.- City aad to call and hi r an.l their IIOXXKTS I'i.KAXKI) AND 'Min'vrlil t-iv with a view j hU 3 to the convenience of transporta- he powonnlly scrvc-i; be in ___ .1 Third. Tho of of tiie .Pacific. Throughout tho whole north was fuiiiid but one hoard but one cry: The Union must be preserved, siir.uld it cost oceans of blood, -Nov.- England sent her noble sons; New Vnrlc and Pennsylvania armed with gi- gantic power, throtigiiout the groat U'ot-t tiie sacrod fire of p.Uriotbm was IV.nn-.-d :v migitty ilaiue. tiic entire pai-t year, the prep- arations fur wr.r oontinued, a niightvarin persons drafted shall as- ken. They were A- as has boon made in hisim-. naiuo n- is in titc the. i'liisru j Hsis. ;i; On Sun-jay niiJety todcrals, fifteen mile i'.lry force twenty-nine miles below Helena. It was rjulto a brisk affair. lost ouu killed and one wounded. Tho confeder- ates lost several killed and wounded. All indications look toward lively time: in Arkansas every (fay. The secesh are exulting over the sup- posed impossibility of reinforcing Nelson bel'ovi 1'ragg can strike a A sccosh in Sfciupliis on Wednes- day evening at 0 o'clock. All is quiet up tho Ohio. The skirmish on Saturday at the mouth of .St. l-'rancis It-ver was most important. Two regiments of federals, who were es- corting sixty wagons and about '.200 negrou8 to a near post, were suddenly attacked, overhauled and dispersed. Many were takou prisoners, and the wagons all lost. On the same day a party of IVderals w- eowing twenty wagons were attacked, sev- iteen of them killed, and the wagons ta- by the United rs sliov.-isig detailed ftlatenicnt J men iniu couijianics regiments of in- upon one hundred and one to oach M oi'vic.- and incurred, to bo j O.lch regimout, r.n'l a copy'of the i to tho commandant of the J-'iimtli. no jiviivirion is made j i_v in any for carrying into of- j the expiration of the timo ai- the lir.v.t horo'.y onierni, or where lowed for the drafted men to reach the -ucu arc in any -.uanncr dcfoe-1 rondxvous. the s'uai! pruceed ivc-. such draft .-ha'l be i-onducted as ful- 'o complete the orgaiiixatimi oi" lii.> coin- i panics and by proclaimhit: thf 1. oftlie' c'f rogiiiicntal and eoinuiission. tho lists of envoiicd c which shall be dosignatf.! in accordance the laws of tiip servo the our fathers and to maintain Irecdoin, was not always our Our men met with reverses and had to battle with manifold Many i -v; on their way from sonport. The wagons wero loaded with :k from ami ii't is that wounded. or captured, except two. About forty wounded were vnken to Helena, on Tues- day. wore wounded, others others again j ,ms succumbed in a dangerous climate and 1 others too tremendous exertions. but all of this our stood with ad- mirable resignation, and their patriotism did not cool. Their only desire was tubs K'd "against the enemy to have an oppor- tunity Io crush him. Xever was there a Col. Uiriiiils' 1st cavalry has arrived safely at Madison, Ark., from the North. JIuesti.s llindman, Provost Mar- arrested and placed the same lilthy prison in which he had form- erly confined Union men. Col. Daniels, being for forward to JLcIenn, and a train of twentv wagons folbwed, guarded by seventy oi tiie Wisconsin catalry on the way, and .Sunday morning last, when near LauquiiU: attacked by 1.200 Texao 'sued, resulting in Ih.. our men and horses': before a military commission. Third, the expenses of auc'a arrest and nnj risonmont to U.c Ciiiof Clerk of the War Department for st'.lie ment and payment. (Signed.) Knwix if. S-MS of War. ASSII.VC.TOS, AUGUST S, 1SG2. j AX ORDKK TO KVA6IOV OP Jlir.lTA- nv nurv ASD rni: SUPITUMSION OF AI, PltACriCKS. First, By direction of the 1'residenf, it is hereby ordered that until further 01- dera no citizen liable to bo drafted into the militia shall be allowed to go to a for- oian country. All martials and military omccw of tlio' United .States arc directed, and all police1 authorities, especially at the portw of the United States seaboard and frontier, are requested to sac that this order is faith- fully carried into effect, and they arc hew by authorized and directed to arrest and detain any person or persons about to de- part from the United States in violation of this order. Second. -Any person liable io draff who shall absent himself from State' or country before such draft, is made will be arrested by any provost martial, or other United States martial or State Offic- er, wherever ho inny bo found within the jurisdiction of the United States, and con- veyed to the nearest military post or" de- pot, placed on military duty for tho term of the draft, and the expenses of own arrest and conveyance to such post or depot, also a sum of five dollars UH a re- ward to the officers who shall make the arrest, sliall lie deducted from pay. Third. The writ of habeas corpus ia hereby suspended in respect to all per-' ;ons arrested for disloyal practices. (Si-nedf) Kinvix M ST Secretary of War. paved in lite di Mich commissioner. of T j rolls suail be on: i direction' of tho of tno ron- 1 dezvotis. and the J ne enrolling oiLcer shall nnmedi-1 ;lllo atoiy upon tnc iiluig of the onrollmont ]jv lists, notify sjid commissioner that said i n.-n. i-oops inspected thil tv servi''e of the UniU'-'. Tho people did not consider dollars j but gave out of patriotism and country. I since the President c.iJIcd for three him- thousand men, and in spite of tho New York, fo the New York Tfibnnc from Pviehard I3ustccd of New York is appoint- ed brigadier general irf volunteers to ro- i o' i -i her husband's prospects, but is mating her mm kday by day upon his character. Women are fool- ishly and do not like to let the we-" HOC how they influence us, but we even in our doings are Wl'1 to :i man tiiat he js kept at home, away from had company, away from doubtful pleasure and expense, through his wif.t's influences? Some cowardly souls think so, and fvnsoli.'ss cries against hor who. as iv guardian angel, stand bo- tiiOife an.l tiiuir victim. I think the wifis wns given to supply him with certain' IhinL'S wanting in his own nature, and in yeilding to her judgement, her opinion'. her desiie where thes. not the loth day of August, furnish its j Jraft; refusing to tako the oath of allegiance enough to fight anything that car- ries guns, and the next that was seen of him lie camo tearing down around the point, with the Arkansas in his rear, put- ting balls through his wooden Htcrn at every shot. His stern chasers were blaz- ing away manfully, with as little effect'on the iron walls of his could ast be imagined, and he ushered tho enemy in in fine style. He said afterward, that he 'was like the man sent but of camp to j live oGioers all a and frivcn. ami jt rim house uiacers and thereof. on thoir side; we iirmly believe ;u the diolum" and said, offieers, and Mage and after tiin fifteenth of c.UISCi tho rictorious S T V K i c.crxs: ull iiuvi of August no new regiments ot volun-i i i drivers who are employed :n the care and i tejrs but tho s'-iecec-s ut our brave soluiers; but it is pie is tho voice of God. procure game for breakfast, llewcntout to look for rabbits and prairie and met a grisly boar, who frozo to his coat-tail ind'caused a precipitate rotreat. r'iimv r ji I to look for rabbits and prairie I toll you sister, the voice of the poo- j ft to his pairs

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