Tuesday, September 23, 1845

Milwaukie Weekly Sentinel

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Milwaukie Weekly Sentinel on Tuesday, September 23, 1845

Milwaukie Weekly Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 23, 1845, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pitt. WE trdt. PRBHII fllk' HOISX TUPSDAY KIPP, Michiaan Street -NIU-RRI8 P. Mlt.W AVKIli, Great ot R L. llliAM, Owr.of Chestnut Wen W. Wafd, Mnwaohie. ___ f u {j T A I li U U JU By G Giaves, OenertJ Dealer in h< Wisconsin street. Milwtiukie, W. P. and Counsellors at Law, W. I. Heide's Commercial Blork Jfcc and in Chancery, Wmconiin RANDALL OQDEN, Counsellors nt Law, Sic., 'nil of Ikn Ternloi y. O- The OMNIBUS and bagjago Wagon will in attendance at __ "OXST HOTEL, B MII.VYAIHIB, W T. SI.IEI" li'ive inis tor JauaffilVe, -on Oilena. Mioeiai Point, _Uuiuiao, T. J. JUSTICE OF TKJE PEACE Office No. (J, Wisconsin slfeel, For sale UJ Psvin's eeSebrfiied MILLAR CUSHMAN. Mifwiu ie June 1H cliim. r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A HAIR' Any quantity oi i'laatering Hair tor vale at the WiBionsm Saddle, Har- and Trunk Mwin-faftory, 3 dtvu-i nortli ol laaafenceCom eaotcm BOSTON, MASS. ft j WHOLESALE in Domett DRY iMhii. FUnneU, from the SftfOBSTP.l." Leif HATS, of wh eh "r. low uto nl.on of it ____ CKKVE Notarv Public General of W. T, DOCT. B. _ber, Provisions Fish, Suit, G, D. DOUSMAK, Mivrtmkie.Jan 28. WM.BROtVN t-xisnnp unite I ihe name and firm of vVarsi Hellperx Is this day dissolved by mu loal cnjiseni. T'le business will be romhxted by G. Wotat. Wuuwaiow, JulyJO, 1845 o. 3w L HELLBERG. Bsct wad'aVhoe Manufactory iibst-riber (HIM (i.rviinues lo rnnnulsic- old slnnd uu Water hireet, op- Ludmjrioi CuVsiure All those vti-h shoes m i te in n genteel nnrt manner, eqnjl Inqujluv anddn- 10 .my minul.icmier1 wesiuf N Yiirk, ilo well IORIVC him Rcitll Acoodsup of boots nnd si.lies ol my own ma> .wanf'v "h hand boolv Ladies iti M.iryci o nmi Kid worU, mf-d. Hiiperiur win Ijincn, will lutinnhed iih gjulrh foi reuilif pay artlS A ELY. Wisconsin are Piuinrv, evirvilnnK be- loniems in loaned ujon prepared lo execute all iln-lt line at mtb at of E R. Richmond Co. next door nodhofR. HOUC'IKHI, E-q Wt-xi A TUF I ILWAUK1E on ihe HYDRAULICS.- nre now respeetliilly MI form ihe ol Miiwjukif'inj vkfniiy.thal >l.e ha- oeivod pereipresa frorn Vork, a new a id genera! aiKo-tmf.nl of 91 1 L I N I! II Y CS O O 1> S couiiitirtg in port of Real Neapolitan Hals, Ricestrarts, French Hat and Cap ftibbpMof all kinds, Kid Gloves, Together wilhthe LATEST FASHIONS York, a PJ1.HJ II 10 -r-'---- deppaloh, on' tne moet m M.m a Uw doora RN .pi, of Pit- in make uf from Boiton b hn ni-M, to c til it jr. quantity and hai ever bw-n offered thf f MM coinprUing tbe I Sugar, roca. raitini, fif maaU their Iwur roonw, wordtr, wrth frwn ftir their DOCT. 4. P Howe. W, JKNNINUI, EkMterin Dry Qmci-rles, HIM ware, C ock'ry, rfe.-iS Shoe'. P-mw, OH., F-rmlna T the brtck corner of and Third atieeu. We announces to his old the ihat he ,niiy be l-xind ai r tc'cnce. on Ihe weM by STEPHEN T3OICE ROOMS in Austin'" Biic.. BuiMnif wnere he i> prepared tp all DENTAL in a Fkllfnl ninnrn r, nn I tn icconl- iln1 nnw-t approved pi incfple-. of (lie nri. Mr. B wMl ujso oueratr lor ihe cure Sirnbrsiritie, ami insert Anifuiai Pal.ne .whUi every (itirpii.'e of natural, re. oiore the niiural speech, Oflice hours from 9 6 u'rtock. b ttfllM Milwtukie m frm. i w aw B Jnrt received "i are for Mile veryiow. Ja3 8. Crockery Dye of Carder. d Clirtli Protection Agotust Fire. FIBE The undersigned ot Ihe iJifa of the late flrm of B. H. at the public generally, ihatthe botihew li ftiiwre will be condoctedty hiw at the M where he will receive, fn the co'meol week, a .iched in this estabhshmenl. where and carriages may beli.id lornnv pnnof the cosn irvoorcasonableierins. Please five iriay Ha tfky ibis in toil andffr and and Paper H inning- Michigan In Corner T. >l aui J ia.aea, Dye Siuffs.PaiM., Oil. eto.-Web- Bier's Block, Water KNBKLAND, DRY GOODS, Groceries. and Glassware, Hard- ware, Nails, Oi's, Paints, of whjcb be offered fur sale nt a until from cut for nr inoM tainrts of eewUry Betlevioj ihe or ready pay tn he the cheapen and eventually ihe most profltnole for the buyer as well seller, that prin- tinte willbeafdopredand strictly adhered He does mil to 'pttfT andW'BHt of residence and extensive acquaintiinee in Nrw lacilinen and extrnordinarvabtli in or even My he will sell than any body he to motto and lei AO All perfectly cool, and no lery, at UNCLE Bcn'i .uidntiocs, corn broomv, wind mil crork> and flitwer pnu, pilvh No I fmtiily Bnston Jo, do do, and kfaipm Criu Cnnlecllonariea, (VleiiAM MatalML bed cords and Imee, anil jranh ranoi-s other loo UsVMUeaV R N. ia raeiviaf and beat ..f Lt'M HEK that hMOMf Hfff oflrViW m inaikVt; llie prlM lew, >ke) quality to tint ihe purohacer. Theory is still they ___ MORE NEW GOODS AT THR PEOPLC'8 jftTOftBf rnif b'lita aia imp ot' all ef HAT CAP ANOFUR MANUPATpRV. Water Milwaakit, W. T. A larte aid toaailfal asmrtaftrai of Mat and cap ribbon, Mack ataMfttt TriBaatlajrcoH, toaa _ m SainaU laVvctven Ohoem ahintsjf iHare tuwurtnee THIS well known and lonj( Insiliutlon.w Iih fin ample cash aacnoy m Milwnukle, unit offer aod Hard ware .Ctcokery, NaiU.Flour etc Water atreol. WhnleMl- and retail denier, tn domestie und foreign Dry flood.1, Grtwfrica, Crockery and Hardware, Boots and shoes, Murm-a-, and Upper L-nth-r, Pauna, Oil- and Dye of Spnns and A 0 DAY AN. Mail in Dry Goods Water street. --------------JACOB RAPELJE, Wholeaaleaud Reiail Denlrr in Dry Aiods Har-lware, and Mil" 1 C O VIP A Y Oftce inthe brick Wiscon- sin and Main __ C SAVAGE ICntary Public ami u-ner I t-jnviv fice in of M E Church, Ward, Milwaukle -------------------A. Ul- Y, AND SHOE M I1F HER, at Ike smn of tkt limit Ladtngion .V CVtmoie, VVatrr si Their exienaivebusiness and hon- orable willbeeqiiiihb'v adjusted and prumpily paid. The eeutkmen cump we ihe board of Director's ELIPHALET TEHftY, Prei'i. S H. Hnntingion Hnnnnglon Albert Dwy JnnmsS Mwtgan James in jr John P Brace Charlis Brmell Kt-nty. JAMHS O. HOWLES, Sec'v Ownersi pr .peny who to insure it ajnmst b} fire are invited loap I pFy to the subsc'ih.'F, whu is aaihunzcd to issue nolit-iei without del.iy 1 h anal____JAMES S BA_KER_Age_rt_ SlfEPARfi, Ayeni tor tlr ly WillHrn-burzh FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY Office 69, Ward -treei, N Y) will Insure in pnr', goods, nnil m renniMzf and j ersonal properly Kenerally, or sin, aaaiii-t c.r loe imp firm who are duly autuonved to receive Iho who w II bnmneaa of UU firu, WV1 P LYNDE. Milwaukie, Atrg The undersiKned witl continue the prictice of until further notire bo found at the Cily "oUl or al ihe Of- flee of the late firm. 1.KV1 HUBURLL Importers ft Wholesale Dealers in Glass, Jima and liiarlhen- Ware, Prarl-Strcet, Vorlf, TAKlMn> ineih.idof inlitrmingtheir friends nn.l Metclunis in gener. 1, th it they nre nuwtpenina 'he Full trade, at Him old stsnl a new nnd complite 8ss( nnient of Chi- na GlissaniiEanhen W ,re f their own un- nnrmnons ?nd which comprises ihe nevit-t shapes >ind tsa puierns, w hich is offered at e 1 or ipnr n'cd p'rwr aie New York, August I, lf-45 2mi No 8, B. THKUOPi: CO. RCTPEOTfULLY inferat IN eitltena Milwavkie and coiwtrr, that-they have purchased of Banger their entire and will of and Fun description; and keep on band gooda-ta tttrir NM iTAPI.E rromthe f blk aad fafter ways on hand. Liberal advancej made on eoneifnnierita. MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE ri J. Thill orNrwtorfc No far coil iweregj M iipliHlofltrtn after an 1 ai.'l rxixnwH i MMMUl to ra> lilcllv inrr. (vmi HtpiiUndldyearViireMilWMiMWkiK 1 1 mini iiuv, Hint by j rtn-ndml MM! jr TlicffnlneiiiiiutrfuiaaitimMAortllr olIliislBilfiii- t.nn liot ptacru U OP xrunt pMHltB. Iff diiir-efHipntiw ia e iiuurr Mlciy lo ntlubf re I lit- rnmrttinr tbe b ianlntri.iouluilpl.irs or mmnncMI If (un.miK-dlilMrjlli; Annul r. Al Ilia rtftn yar< frmn ihe (Inlt'ofthe follajr. iheflriirtliliiiciiinrprnAiiitKioi) ihk Is) nf I fngn JL ta all baalaeaa MoettiallT, Office at ita< B. W. GHECKR, Wiui.is THBAI.I., EM.EBY HILM, EDMUND G. HUWE, A G. W. If. ___lUer Mil wank ief removed to butldinf man HIM Water street, WM W. EU.SWOOTH, DAMBI. W. CI.AKK, CBiRl.KsL. NuRTHAM, WM Ci.tsitA PECK, Jons THOMAS BCLKNAT, LBMDBI. HUHPHKISY, r .4 BAKER, Afen May 80, NEW ARRANGEMENT [E Invinp bonaht i in the old ci.ncem, will nue bu-iuess on hu IIWI, ncpount nt thf old stand, where he IB de- ternnned to sell eoods cheaper than ever. Hf hug been rccru n g the lust thrc-c wteks, a laige and geoern assortment o( Dry (fOfids Baot hi- in iktnir ad- ditions arc now ilile to ntK-r a cutnpieie ussvrtiiu nlul Gouds tiKiur wlncli we wrold call the mteinimol ill v. h m.iy wish ptirrliast- forca li Our slock Inv.ng bien laid in in-fore the ml i .no nu "I, we It el fidcnlthBt we cm malic pric t w-n mmnt nresdv Having arranue- menu with Krncrn ll-irduan Mai. ilaclurers trout whom nUtnn our B i, uhn, iinki' ttan for rounlrv .in if h inlfc li ,v nnd thus save them llu1 aiil nse ot bjvifcj! nn over stork Wo ncep'ti liandi full aim li Uteni.la. and will a I nolic.-.any amount ol buildi- !i iimK-r a int nny Ue winlcd llnvma ml I jsiem nl sirvins al out- price, uto-e w iu ,my favor ua with orders, can rrty on n? ng well by them ns it tliey nifu'lves. lilwaukie. May 1 'i w if tlMM W Muiuil UMtopMtM W n inn IT mil i.M.e inino lame imlui.1! T nlVi r; comMiWhy to I MU MM I fi'ini ii, m <ifl i nmi'Kin cum Mi KhiuiHiind in li F p mm lulioiui) it.ny f iilll. is in ofdcmli n In Ii li linn h a iv u. tlilv tfl Mivrlf enllf, SMI livllinlill.it u.IK ill t 1 iti I i i "in laulilulncdM r, in. which- iMr i illl be sweatlv yr A Y. aiahitw a L.KATHI ft. whle i Stwe, were here HJl-FOHT J10ML. WAM'FAC'IURI'. MILWAUKIE TOBACCO FACTORV The mbsicriber wi nil rexperilullv in form the cftisebs of wiitwaukle, and lnhabiiant> of ihe western world, that he has opened an wtabllshment for the manufacture oJ Tobacco, Snuff, Cltarr, Ac. In Its brancbw which he to aay (n the Union. Hf woald ,uat ncv It i nil ni. Julm II Jxuicn Hroiy W Hnmrrnenr M Julm V L Priirn, TKIII' 'Mc'Hi, I MIC n Puinva, John C! Crufrr, THi V V t" Si ON few thucwiai Atco cheap for money. In (rood celji kolUlat I Wa> w UVSHrW t wn: _J

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