Tuesday, August 17, 1841

Milwaukie Sentinel

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Milwaukie Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 17, 1841, Milwaukee, Wisconsin mLWAUKlE C. WALWORTH, EDITOR.] IN THIS PAPER THE LAWS, RESOLVES, AND PUBLIC THEATRES OP THE UNITED STATES ARE PUBLISHED BT AUTHORITY. [H. N. WELLS, PROPRIETOH VOL. V.i MILWAUKIE, WISCONSIN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 17, 1841, JNO. 7. THE SENTINEL It KVSRV TVMDAS periDnum, in advance, in til. )H ifceendof the year TIHIU or ADMIW per square or imdti) fur the drat Inserttc'D Vt fur each subsequent Insertion nrAII left without specific forbidaadcharged amorillngly. T3rNo or advertisement dlscun- liluedinill ill arreirageturepnid, unless ottlooof Ihe publisher addressed to this office mini come JMIJ lo receive aiicntlon, and all orders with the none) 'DIRECTORY D F KIMBALL, Altofoejr and at Hotk cuunly, W. T 5 'WAL'WdRTH Attorney And Couniellur at Law W all new business foi law trm ofdph n tt by mem 1841____ c H CI.ARK Attorney and Connselloi at on East Waicr Street Milwunkie.JuljfM, 1841 3 DAVID NOGGLE, Attointy and Counsellor in Law, Belolt, Wis attend to nl) business In his profession In llie counties uf Winnebtgn, and Boon, in Illinois, and in (Ireen, Rock Wntworth, Jefferson and Dane In DAVID BRIGHAM, Attorney ond Counsellor al Lnw nnd Solicitoi in Chancery, Madison, W lioner for Wisconsin Territory tu take UK acknowledgement of Deeds and proot ot to tie used and recorded in Hit State of New York 30 C-RARY i KELLOGG Attorneys and Counsellors al Law and Solici- tor! and Counsellors in Chancery Milwau- kee, Wisconsin Territory L T CHART vti.rra w KFU.ai.r. TWEEDY CROCKED Attorney's and Counsellors ai Law Milwau- April, 1841 JMO H TWEIBY, IU SI tnOCKFIi WELLS 4 FINCH. Attorney's and Counsellor's at Milwnu fcee, W. T. H WCLU. I FINCH Jl< AW RANDALL, Attorney iU Lnw and Q i in Chancery, Milw iiikce, W T BrvJiHIN T BlTLEll, j. WiimnKriT, ,Tir, JOHN Oxford, N orl.Gnv J K BAHTLETT, PHYSICIAN M llflt Maj be fiMiml at bis r JONI-S PIRI c' make ll a serious ce lohjm ami as there ,s a serious composure about tht.r coniie. sy, ot my own Tes anient, winch I lost very unac- countably soon alter landing, I have not seen .1 singlePuittiguese version ol the Bible since I tmebeenhere In a coitagu inlo whur- we vent the otlifdai, were a bnnufully pnn'eil Trench copy of vfrgil, nn odd volume of ihe Odes of Horace wi h a Trench pro-sa Iransla tion, three grammars of Ihe Punch, Latin, and Portuguese languages, one or two thculugieal work" in Portuguese, with as many short slories ot no appaient religious or pol.ltea1 tendency, Ion of They will I do not know thai there is KIOTO down light civiluy in therr limn ll ere LS D John Bull possibly ihere nny be much las-s Ihere is feruu ly more varnish and T gooilwmch looks heller in n gold case, though it may go as well in one of Britannia metil A stranger is likely to be set don I as mosi nn- mannercd uii'il he knows that nnn is ex- pected lo tike off Ins hat to even whose eye he cati hes, ulielhe" in herbi'qrov or in her carnage, or in Ihe s reel Tins oniwaid marl of pohlemss is almost umve'STl The counlfy people do th i w ut a (tc iberate gravi y, very difficult lotlie graceless b it equti Iv civil mode in which country rioople m Lng- j liyh villages, remote Iront the defilement ol lirge I towns, pinch the burnt of their hats loir use bet ter dressed than themselves The eustom i-- enough to still gers, TS it deprives a str inge phce of us solil ir ness The inuiu il recognition awakens new svinpa lines on Ciieh side, an J on this account should not be despised, though it is worth no more ATAMIIY the evening we wandered paid 1 hutrnzi 1's eoltige a visit She and hei grind children were sitting np in nil the enjoyirent of their fes iival In one cotne" of ihe room wrs ihe bed, in every cottage, and on rll occasions, is perfectly clean ind neal, bul in dij it wis eco- rtled ith a finely wotked valhnce, nnd a hanc1 some coverlid of white quilled in lei ills, on weiesliewed a few flowers The floor probably re idn g lor he ci iirch, and who, with lins lendeticy upon him, begged of us, tlno Ins sen aut n p ur of g of n to weir in I1 e Good Fi id v procession Oiuvoi, i incd Srnbor B--------to spveial of Ins orange girlens in the 'own Many of the l-ees in one girden were a hundred yeais old, stil bearing pluntilully, i highly pnycd, linn skinned 01 ge, fill of juice nnd lice from pips 'Ihe thinness of henna ul a St. Miclucls oiange, and its freedom Horn dcperdon ihe ige cl thetiee The yountj :n lul vigoi, bearfiuu with n It ick pulpy ilud ,ind an abun- dance oi as (he vigor of the pi ml de chnes, Ihe peel Becomes ihmiier, nnd- the cet-ds giad nlly diminish nnumbei, jntil iliey disap pi ar .iltogi thi i Th is tin or.inges ll if we cs icttinthc niosuirc ihe pioduce of birren ttecs, nnd Ihosp ue consului the le ist palat.bie come tromolauts ir. full vigor WoaitNaci'inp SIAVI- exp cs sing sti'prisc Ihit Ihis miserable ci lit [a vessel cilledbyits owner tic T lowei ol Tivil, bin popul tly known as' die skull of a The season for Mr huntiig, said the nnn of Arlnnss w, is geiier.illy ill ihe j n ir heliums lake pljce about as lei Ihi- s als be irlcc! wnh a motcable Uiclc like those in railro d CTS, and in no case' lo txi nude (or more tli.i i in ii The kind ol bai k 1 read in histoiy thn. h ivc ilieir fit I rclerrnl j 11 chen and cinven cnl for se-nson, anil Ihcir lein sensun 1h.it is not ih case in Arkans iw, feeding is they ao llic spontaneous productions of the hive one coniiniied t it season the year in Ihe winter, things in this wy.ire> n little mine, for n frequent greisy tha1) in summer, 1 must., drnit Kor Ihat reason bar runs with us fn warm weather but in winier Ihcy onlr waddh Fat, nl1 itSan enemy lo speed it evcr> Ibiiiif ih t Jias pleni) ofil, Ihaveseen wild fion- Us influence ;ts penile an chickens Run a b ir in this fat cci ditiun, and the w iy it in proves ihe constructed and a lanficrlon any cither plan lirfSl only af.ouls i proprrsa] purtforthe back, but will allow ol l e itneclly lo de- range Ihe circuJiiion and other vital funcllons as sit mg, cspemttj npnghl, oi wnh 1'ie peek and chest benl fonv ird To young chih'icn H is cruel in Ihe cxirune, anu wars dire'cOy with alt hei .liy mid sjiimelnctl growth, ruining the tci itwr, .mil irung a listing dis. lasle lo siiidj, the school room, and the teacher THE EVENING OF ll was npon sumncr s eve, as ihe M -i wns ins; Wniid he cstern lulls, and Ilk- Iwink- should be enployed in .1 i ifflcir, which there is t also how Viid the had been inn linve s the I'e np 1% ith tho incii unt I j on ctn't icll t'oih- ei from w Inch 1 e done lins often I recollect om pcii) morning in pnrlicul.tr, of pullirg an o'd ho follow on Ihe sireioh, anc con- sidenng the weight he carried he run Bin (he dogs soon Inert Sim down nndu) n I came up with him, uns.n'1 he in a beautiful 1 lie HLSLelll Illf IWHIK- inighi siy level -and Ihen Hi see his t.irsiieic slowh, or by one, simldiiu (he sticking out ol his moulh a feet, ind his sides vas of henxiti ilh their biilli intscin and opening like n bellows, and lulniiens, Huts chcrks so fit he could in lou'c cross til liuii aid me l iked iilui Fath if the ste.nn didi 'l come out ol thu umiei j rncec ole> ten fool in a line 1 hi, fellow, 1 ,wu 'ijcans IP lion t been inlciinmcd by reckon wis m de on i piessurc sjstcm, nl lU1 u w ,ulhln ont o[ tllu 1C Ul SOU OI OUISt Ills Dllei rh H coliuun of steimWtis rilher eui ions, or eKc ihe bear must e be-cn TI obsei ved the loieigner with a laugh "Sli us j m observe, ihilbir was tini and the blowing ofTuf Ihe steim s lowed ind o, is Uijta groii i ol in hc'nMk ,'0 i iked mm i briar miMmmniicm ihn molted for out ol the bullei mcLd a happiness ih u should f.ill to tin lot of so much risk ol being c ipt ircd by f.n-! isli erui scrs hat the f.istest vessels .nc i sii illy in u, 1 wastold llm the hod ippe i inciTo! lv e vessel all in her 1 Bluish ofh ccrs would be less liltelv o suspccl hei to be a si n ci, nnd Mould ihcreloic'let lie" piss uncx ainined The si ne dealcis evat'o ns in anoth- er way The proll on si vcs w so grc u lh it it was sprea I fir-sh lushes, the walls and piftineof llic cotnge lounged ihe f imily of the Bichos lay There, wo GEO a WEST, orsrmor sujirsvon Once cnrnei of Wisconsin and Main streets, Milwaukee, where applications may be made 45yp WISCONSIN MARINE F INSURANCE COMPANY Offlet on Wisconsin siroei, second door below the Posl Office, Milwaukee JOSHUA "HA I'HAWAY] General Linil Agent, nnd Di puly Surveyor of Public Linds, has resided In the Territory 1833 has a general knowledge of titles to the lands purchased at the early si IPS, ami of Ihe face of the country, will pay or render any other service usually desired ot Agent, or Surveyor, in any part of the ler rllory, on reasonable terms Kiftn H D Qllpm, Washington, D C into axioms, an rlh 111 all the de- Hun Samuel Beardnley, Uticn Hun QrcenoC Bronson, Albany. Hon Levi Beardsley, Oswogo Hon Lucius Lynn, Michlir.in William B Chicago Milwaukee, January, 1841 DOUMAN BROWN anil tig ComntissiDii Mrrcluiiila, Mil- waukee, W T a a. _ w w MOWN HIQRV WARDNER, In Dry Goods. Hardware, Crockci> Groceries, Drugs, Meiliclnei, Dye Woods, Smtts, OiK Fully, Iron, Hiilt, Stationary, of Water and Wisconsin Mllwnnkte, W. T. LOWS on hind nnd for b DUU8MAN May IJROWN 45. u PINE Lumber always on hand and Tor sale BROWN May It, 1841- 45-tf JUST HECEIVEO, Y Sohr which by OOU8MAN Ik. BROWN May 46-tf of men Firkin Batter, fur Mle by DOU8MAN BROWN. Ma; 18th, 1841 46-tf DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. THE Subtenbtr lufcrme the tnhabiUnti of MilWknkit and vicinity, that he hu oom- IMMtd dyeing and scouring btuineH m tkckuHdiir on Wtter.at, in lui Ward, 9 Berth of aton of Mwrice All kindaof or nlk (ooda Jyed W Mj or oolor, OB the nhottwt notice All atMintntnlruited to will itUndid to. J. K. AGIO Mllwwkli, 6-tf P. roomt In deictibed to on rauomhlt Mrai. CAltf SOUGHT at Aroadt, by T R AUSTIN fcf highe.t la otth w goodi will ba paid. r OUGHT kyT.R AUBTIS BOH, MI fcr New 4-lf these propositionsure growing: the spirit of them is coming Jo parlments of life If we look at the various movements of our age, we shall fee in them this tendency to uni- versality nnd ditluslon Look first al Science and Literature Where is Science Locked up in n few colleges or royal societies or inaccessible volumes) Are Its experiments mysleiles lorn few privileged eyes! Aie its portal" giitndrd by a durk phraseology, which to the multitude, is a foreign tongue t No, Science has now left her retreats, her shaoes, her selected comp my ot votaries, and with lu- mili ir tone begun ihe work of instructing the race Through ihe press, discoveries and theo ries, once the monopoly of philosophers, have become lliepiopeily ol the multitude Its pro fessuis, heard not long ago in the tinlversi y or some narrow school, non speak in the Mechan- ic Institute The dic.nue, ihat Ihe labo-cr should understand the principles oi his nrt, should be able to explain the laws an 1 processes which he tinn'lo account, that instead of work ing, as a machine, he should join Intel igirce to this toil, is no longer listened to as a dream Science, once ihe greatest of clislinc.lons is be- coming popular A Indy gives us conversations on chemistry, revealing to ihe minds of on youth vast ol the universe, which, fifiy years ago, had not dawned on ihe greatesl minds The books of ourchildien con mm grand viens ol the cieation There <ire pans-oi our country in Mhich up in almost every village, tor the purpose of mutual aid in Jies udy of niliuul science 1 he characteristic of our age ihcn is not thenn provemeiu of science, r.ipid ns this is, so much as its extension to nil mtn The same chai iclenslic will ajpear, if uc in quire into Ihe usa now made ol science Isil simply a mailer ol speculation 1 a topic of cV- coursel an employment of the inlellc ti In thiscaseihe multitude, with nil ilitir means of instruction, would find in ilonly n hurried grit- ificalion Bul one ot the disimelions of our lime is lha! science has passedliom. speculation injolife Indeed, it is notpuisued enough for its intellectual, and contemplative uses II is sought as n mighty power, by which nature is nol only to be opened lo ihoagbl, bul lobe snb- jccieil iu our needs It Is conferring on usthit dominion over earth, sea, and air, winch was prophecied in tUvntst commmd given toman by his Maker, and this dominion is now em ployed, not lo exalt a few, comforts and ornaments of but to multipl Me for the mult ply t ltitu of menX Science has become an inexhaustible mechanician, and by her forges, and mills, nnd slenmcars, and prinlei's presses, is bestowing OB millions, not only coraloris, bnt luxuries which were once the distinctions of a few A BEAUTIFUL INCIDFNT We know not when we hare perused a more touch ing and beautiful little story, than the following from the Hartford Couiant It was but yesterday that a a young gentleman of fine intellect, of a noble heart, and one well known lo many of our readers, was snatched suddenly by the hand of death from all Ihe endearments of life. Surrounded by evny thing thai could make existence pleasant and a wife that idolized children that loved him as they only can love, and friends devote-d lo him the summons came, and he lay npon the bed of death But a few short years ago, she to whom he was wedded, placed a bri- dal ring upon his Anger, upon me Inside of which he had a few words privately engraved The husband would never permit the elver to read them, telling her ihat day would come when her -wish could be gratified and she should know the secret Seven years gilded away, and day or two since, when conscious Ihat he must soon his wife forever, called her to his bedside, and with dying accents told her that the hoar had it lut comewhen she should see Ihe words upon lha ling the gave him. The young mother took it from his cold Anger, and, though rricien with grief, eagerly read the 1 L LOTID THU OH 1 WILT MCBT TlltK I Anionio slietched ou llic rushes in his tinny s length, sourdasieep Thomaiin, squatted in Moonsh lishion wild her elbows on her kuees, one of her children, w uh his head upon hei lap, lav m nuiionless sleep agnlin n bright ird petticoat, 1 to her baby and qmizing the foreigners to her black sister n'losai beside her, leaned upon Ihe bed her husband, ivilh shoit mus aches aud olive blown cotrplfxion, lubbed his cai, and smiled at the nol ice akcn of ttte cottage, and the youngest and grandchi d stood on the clothes chest in a small u lute si irt, wundcnrg at us hild-like sim- plicity All v. ci e merry, nnd all were more or less checied ttilh wine They v ere well pleased to be looked ai and praised All the altitudes were perfect, being the natural expression of unfet- tirertiird 1 ealthy bodies negiocs from ihe nuit 01 uics of llic Cape de Void Islai.ds, and to ciTy Ihem ispisse itjeis o B d- zil, 11 sells Ihem fm A PIICF sei pleasures cm exceed Ihosew e have enjoyed in ourexcursions between these islands during tins jnd enly suji mcr weather Voyages ol luo ol thr-e d lys ar n lime, wnh light winds aid gemlc bietzes u quiel sea, so mild a tempeiatuie as to njuiit ot spending the whole day in the open air, no cabin starry or moonlight lights, islands- of great exlcin.il beamy, rising abrupt y oul of the, wnier to the h'ight of several thou sand hcd wiihgieenloiheiriopinost spot on the earth, with sucn ciicumsldnces oi enjoyment, could be found in so luge n n wilti so lew drawbacks i The full moon lose at ni jhl like o vasi hoi globs issuirgoulof soon looked and showered u he her daughlcr, nnd the 501111? children on the produced a most picturesque effect. Inlhcdaj-limc, when talking to their neighbors or playing in the slrcet they all look- ed exquisitely even the little child. who, in add tion 10 Hi single Hlmu slmt, been decked ont with an oiange-colored j icket, seemed delightfully conscious that it was more smartly dressed than usual December, 27 PACKING this morning to an orange garden bejond the little village ol Ribeira Seeca Al Us entrance was a palhw jj, with fiya tiees on meeting in arches overhead Suddenly we came upon merry groups ol men and all btisiy en- gaged in packing oranges, in a squaieand npen plot of gronnd 1 hey were gathered round a goodly pne of .he fiesh fruil, silling on heaps of the di j cah x leives of the Indian col which shoueties YAM like look ng at theie yam-fields, tlie pi ims have ihe bold if tropical vegeti ion, then sin cui leaves ale each eilber whnlly oi oushfe gle, sha: so ihat their form is Ue t'ly thousands grow togelbci The rich blush bloom on their uppei surface, anil Ihe yellower gieen ol Ihe colon in; acci iding as the leaves aie turned towaids you or liom you, and their large bul light and graceful toot stalks slight y cuivcd by the weight ot the ample leaf, springdtrec lv out ot lliebnghl or.ingc grounds in which Ihfy glow mosi luYiimnuy, beingoverflowedby the warmcli.ilybe itcspnngs and coated thus in contrast and yel in h i iiony, such lints ns you see in some of Guidos pic tines, in winch he imnages to i itroduce the most brilliint draperies anj back grjuiK s of no is blight dyes, without producing the impre nn doubt f ho li id kepi on two miles fo'lhet, his in< dcs would hivti been s cwed, ai d I expc'ci lo meet a viim cxtn bottom, who will run himself mil .1 s'tin full ol In is ble, m ichonliltelicrilinigs hue hippcned "Whcieibouis are bear so enqnire'd Iho loieigrer mih mlcrcsi si? in ei, they inhibit t' c nc glibnr hooil my sc 11 lei n in, one of the picliicst places in GUI pcifect lot Hum i id no in si i pi to., lh it li ul some dclccis nnhl the mcrniirle ihe cm he 'Shut-Mil bend and h.it ronedied Iho .is it Citbin on of ihe iiiei -.1 gre it iilv.in- liiat 11 we ther, 1 iissnic you, as yuu can rollahir cl ot whiskey into my high walci, iic'in a bint TS e ouwillappre I.HC my i ace I cingivctou plenty lo eat, fji beside hog and homonv, you can have liar li 1111 rnd bir sosuage's, and i m it- trass of tm skins n sleep on and c a skin pulled of hull, stuffed with co'n slunk' for n pillow The bed would pulyou to sleep i; you had the ihcnmitisir in every joint of jour bodv I call th u a bed of quietus Then look at my land, the Govcmmsni ant got another such T piece to cispose of Such Inube and bouom land, why you car't preservf ni tiling n ttural you plan ih it, u iless yju jnek Voung, ihings ll etc will grow oul ol sh ipe so quick I once pi med in those diggings a few potatoes and beds, they rook i fine siart, nuu if- Icr Jiat an ox team coulcii'i kept them Irom growing Abom lint tune I to old Ken- tuck on a'iJ not hear troin the thii gs ni lliree inculhs wh How had stopped at my lit .ti ilci ol u lying lie 3U liow did vou like things 1 said slid he, he cabin is convenient, and Ihe' umbel hnd is good, but itntbuliom lind aint worth llic first led con 'Wh> 1 slid I 'C ud t s, those lo'elj of ihe bj llic industry and vutie yi whos i ihabit ints, arc clculy mirlicil tielmesof jNcw Un ind cilcipnse, and w ivl n ihat i w hcie no OIK! CTU iiidcr and behciH ihe H In ill phntc 1 bi-i k the stiklj forest, Did neb hirxen field w.unv, IK oilt M is in us stiad and not ice I on ir 1 ish lo in iko this ilien bomc Agen cbueie fiom I d buinr 11 ihe sui ry ur of a uiidsuminci's anl 'II aionnd sfci jhildincd u d l aus -i of he Cniise whu 1' I 'Caust it is full of each orange is winpped before it sion either uf gaudmess or finery a in me i jannleflgurca, to clothed, nre like these rapidly snatched from lha child, wrapped lound the orange by an intermediate workman, passed -by the leedcr to the next, who, silting wnh the chest bcluecn bis legs placed u in the oringe box vrith amazing rapidity, look a second, and i third, and a fourth, as fist as his hands could move and the feeder- could sippl) him, at leng'h the chest was filled to overflowing, and was ready to be nailed up TN o met1 then h in ded it lo the carpenter, who benl over the oriMige chest several ihm bonrds, secured ibem with n willow band pressed it with his naked Tool as he sawed oil' the lagged ends of the boards, and finally despilcheil it to the ass, which stood reu- foi 1 iding The pre-sme of these flexible bonrja isimme- diaiely upon Ihe oranges T plan admirably nd aptcu to spoil them, lur they are thus flammed and squeezed Of course, Iheieaiecogentrev soisfo mis One is, that the duly paid in tng land is calculated accjiiliug lo the size at ,he box and consequently the rnoie oranges thai can be sqUiezcd In.the less duly is pi-id Anoihei leason is, lint the wholesale dcaleism London, Liverpool, ic prefer Ihe present mode ofp ick ing, v hich enables Ihem lo take out a couple of hundred oranges, and then to send Ire boxes to thtir cottnliy customers as lull ones which they periapt, m iv be, since the squeezed orang- es, when the pressure is removed sueli out (o their original Of this I n is informed by n proprietor ot orange ga-dens, he had tned the pi in of sending his oringes m square boxes less tightly packed, but found that ins customers were displeased by it GntratNO OPERATION or THE It is curi 0113 to observe how every part of the soil of tins Island, from the boldest moumain to the smallest grain of sand on the shore, illustrates its volcan- ic origin The pebbles in our walk to-day, ere eithenoundedfragmcnlsol lumice.mnrk- _ ing the edges of the broad waves that had thrown them on the beach, or were black, red or varie- gated, compact or spongy, as they chanced lo be of scorte or of a more solid basaltic lava By standing close to the water's edge, we could see and hear in active operation ihe grinding pro- GOOD FOR THE BLUES Where did all tha. happen 1 asked a cynic- al looking Hoosler pen happened in Arkansas whe-c eisc could il hive happened bul in thecrention Stale ihe finishing up country a State whe e ihe ulc runs in Ihe centre ol iht anh, and gov- evntnenl gives you a title lo eveiy n ch of it rhon us ai s just brctihe Ihem it wil tmkc you snort like i hoise Us i Stale nithonl a faull, His" "Eicepting the cried the IIoo siei "Well, stringer, excepting them, for it are a ficl that they ore r i her etionnous, and do push themselves in somewh it lioublesome But, stranger, they never sink uvicp in the sime cedar stumps and lm i.in nd he, 'and itcan'tlK elfnieil' 'LoidVsnd ce- dars umps ishecls, and them ir Im'un mounds are lalar is I expco td the eiop was over- grow n tad uscUss, llie silc is loo nch, anil it Ailanv w itiio. gtrous I had l ctood sized sow killed in [hit s niie bottom Kind Ihe old ihiet .111 ear of com nnd toolt it Jovn to v. hei e sho slept at night to eat well, sheir-fia gniu or two on thegroumt, aril laj down on ihcm w'oic mjrnmg Ihe corn shut np.and iho percussion killed icr dcid plant 1 more, nat ir mlenjcd Arkansiw fui t hunting Around, nnd I go according >a nalur POPUL1H EDUCATION In the constrntiion and arrangement of the se Us and desks ol ihe principal if instils Mtihcj ins, jnd 11 emu lances cl Mi m- ciptuie iv llncas an! Ills ul f bo h hisloneil n'ld ti uiliiunl cv idence Unl ihc spot Rich he hi'd oul lo Us was the t LC wl ere Ml into) was cap.ured, nnd whnre hs subse- quently executed andbnried The proof winch he adduced on ihis pmnt was and canclusuc Wnen hehadeoucliidcil.lhey marched in pro- cession lo Ihc pi nn, siupng fold waler on tlie way, and ii Ihc p) ice where rcslihebiines ot Miantonomo, a mound had been prepared, of abuut ihrci' ami a h ill fe'el anon, cnrinount- ed by a nb'e si one, In the of Oieen- illc, and oti l I ul a liltlc disionce, a uge lilocit o' jfrimte of iiearlv a ton's >eirfht, nc'it'ly t'rcs cd on which w is irnuibcd, Ml AM 1MI When all Mas lins missn r block, icld ing to ttie luagic ot .jhniifr-vt rose frc n (shed, and wtK deposiicil n Ihe I tble siono, is filial icslmg fUcr, ty Ihc Captain of J C.ild W itcr Arm> aftei pom ing nn a pilch- scats anil wnung desUs lie we1 to look in so measure for Ihe c of so di to lions ul he bones, spinal disease, and chronic now so prevalent tluoiighoiH the country Dr Warren, in Ins admiriblelccluic- Uforc he American li sinnte of Instruction, in 1810, which should be in the hud of leaclier and patent, says the Bourse of ni) obser vation, 1 have be'cn able to satisfy myself lh i nbout one half the yount; fern ilcv brought up I asihey are al present, undergo s line Msibleanr1 obvious elnnge oi stnic nre or 3 consid erable number are lies ibjecis of (rrcal and per- manent deviati ins, and not a few enurclj lose their health Irom ihe imnner in which tl ey are reared" And an ong me causes which lend to sue1) mournful tesults, he enumerate-, utimtu- r.tl elevation ol U e right shoulder, the bending the neck, and the stooping posiure ol the body when engaged in writing, orsimilar exercises at school. No child should, under anj circumstances, be long, or frequenllj exposed to ativ one or all of these causes of discomfoit, deformity or dis ease With but i tithe of the expense or pni e'ence which parents devote to their own com f >rt and health, and indeed with liltlc oi no ad- ditional expense in lae outset, thoie would be no occasions (or such exposure Seats and desks can be as easily and chtaply made of diliurcui I eigbis, and for convenient and healthy pos a> they are now without any reference to any such consideiations If desks must be attached to tV sides of the room, which ts objectionable m respect to ease and supervision, habits or study ni well as the oiorals, and health of cln'WreD, then Whilsl jn, trther nfMibers of Col 1 W Her Army, wt ic cnRifti d in trantplam in" an <nk iree by Ihe side of 1'ic mound Tticse cciemo nes concluded, Mr Oilman en fcrln ncd us wilh ihedmacter of Mlnntonoino, the lid vhicli ihe Co! mies rtcenej from Inui on irious vindicailng hischnracier from nniel of the prejudice which uianyof UR hid uujiis wuh Jus name, ts an en- emy o Unca-. for hisiorv informs imhatho w is as fi'in a ti lend to rtogor Williams and the Rhode Island Colony, is uas Tineas to the Con- necticut Colony and his fall wai In k rrlixta quarrel with Unens VorieicA C'ojf There art probnUy very people aware of the f ict that the tight of moon is of a beautiful green color This lact easy of dcmunsirano i, er, hy the follow s method When ll e moan shmea full, my s s'leet of white paper h irf on its ray, and by the side of ih.it pa ier place a lighted lamp. Place sonic Mini! obj. cl between the lamp and the paper so its to cast i shadow on the paper of Use size of a dollar oi Then cnl a holt corresponding wnh tit site of the shadow, t'iroagh iioiher sheet nf paper, nnd pl.'cr n be- tucer. the first blieel .ind the moon, tolhui the noon's lays majr (all on iho shadow, and on that only. The shadow show a full grace Whether this is rvntence ihat ihe moon covered wlib gieeu foliage ind herboge, or il u reported, merely H gxm cneew we "ball leave our redden lo determine Wvoittoiii Bcnerolence la the light ud Joy of i food.

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