Friday, September 5, 1845

Milwaukie Daily Sentinel

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Milwaukie Daily Sentinel on Friday, September 5, 1845

Milwaukie Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 5, 1845, Milwaukee, Wisconsin r WILL CUNO TO TIIS PIU...IUS or THE TEMPLE OP oua LIBSHTSES, AND ir THKV MUST FJII.L wu WILL PERISH jiMin THB RUINS. VOLUME I. FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 5, 1845, NUMBEU BUSINESS B-nlnejjsCiiriUii.jl sxcteOiiiaH'x Hn.'n in it-i'r-il I'oi pet yeur.or THODOLf.Alty (a r-il lor t one qiurlvr. MANSION HOUSE, (Formerly CJrei.i We.sicrn BY R. L. UHAM, West W. Ward, N T A I W H O Ii tf Ji By George E. Graves, ftrmerlaoftht MiiitailAielfaitM WemeritHotel. West Ward, Milwiiukie MISS s. General Dealer in Milliwry and J'nticy Wieconam street, Milwaukie, W. T. mny 15_ SifriiiliriiiJ.o y ATI'S, Attorneys and Counsellors tit Law, Jtimvaiiklo, W. T. Office in Heitle's Cuunnerciiil Black. .Q M. _ PKTE'I VATHS. IT' VAN Counsellor Jtc. nt L'iw mid in Chancery, Milwnuhio, Wisconsin. ttA'N'DAMi UGDKN, Aitornies and nt CO. (General Stage Office.) O. G. DOB.WIW IL W A UK I 13, W. T. leave this House Daily for 'all parts of the. Territory. The OMNIBUS and Baggage Wagon wi.l alwayi he in allendance at the Milwaukee, July, 18 I V. UAGUK or.DKM. an JOT IN Auction anr Lasi wntcr i. Tli.ARiS'OLU, Attorney at Lsw anil ir Mi I wan lei f. W. "TVv i-; c rujc K. Attorney and Counsellors utl.uw W T. in llm brick building Witionein Marine nnd VITV -may XiO, '44 Milwaukie, tin; Coin puny JOHN n. TWKK i v, HANS BY D. WELLS N. B. HOLMAN, MIMVAUK1K, W. T. Singes leave fl.iuse for Janesi'ille, Mndi- son, Mineral Point, Waieriuwn, (Jhicajio, __ _ nmy 22 T. J. WOYBS, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Office Nu. (i, Wisconsin sireel, Milwaukie. March ____ ____ "ITlIi sTFult uv HKNHV Dry Goods, Grocerivs, Provistcms, (fines Hnrrlwurv, Wooden ware, Stone ware, Went Ward, one door north of Rapelje's, and ni'nr tin; American House. BOSTON STUHE. Drv Gnoils, Groceries, Roots, Shoos Wiiulesuli- and Retail. G- COGSWKLL. .Midtlii1 store, Hulc's Commercial Block. .VMivauUiP, May 1 1, 1-S.J5. F.'t: P A T T J: It SON, Attorney, Solicitor, and CouiiHClnr, ALSO Notary Public ami I Agent for Die dis- po-nl of Reai Ksi lie, Walworih co. Vf T, Twenty Balea Brown Shirt- Caies Bleached do from (i-4. to 0-4 in width at DAYAN'S. M UT M ACH INES eai bargains, 10 For at s celebraied smut CT. UliST, no- I of; iini and G.-rrniin Fiitiey GOODS. PCI f. i me i y ami Juwrlry. Cii.fks, etc. I .-ks iirrl Wrfluhcs re- til ;it (lie shi one ilour He'K.e'sOninmerri.i. HI 'ik. NOKCIiOSS WOOD, UOSTOiN, MAPS. No. 22 Kilhy A It WHOLESALE O.-aliTB in Doi.u-lsic DUY (IOC-OS, Woollens, Wool Sucks Flfuim U Ac nre receiving from llip M HOOfri, SHOES, Palm Lent1 HATS, Ac till ol are ottVnd (it luw prici-s. Tin- n'.luiilioii ol Merchant ia solicited. July ___________ crT 77 T-TfaTI v t> Residence at the "American House. Office Birchrud's Block, Street, i-: N N i v u H Dealer in Dry Guoils, Crfcft-rie-., H-irdwarc, BO.I.S Shoes. S-M., Oi-ss. Gits Wood en ware, Fiirmini! I the brick more, corner Clu machines. MILLER CUSHMAN. June 18. ddm. quantity oi Plastering Hair for sale at the Wisconsin Buddie, Hars ness and Trunk Munufaotory, 3 doors north of Ludington'B. WHEELER SIFEKT. CASH! by the subscri- bers, one hundred thousand slaves fur flour bbls for which tlie highest market price in CASH will be paid. July 7 LUDINGTON CO. "HO GE N C ira'U DSCillirElS AS Agents for the Wisconsin Shot Cs. will keep a full supply of shot of all sizes constantly on liand OOd____MILLER CUSHMAN. CO., Forwarding Commission Mei'- ehanta.andcldalnrs ill ber, 1'rovisjions, Fish, Salt, G. D. DOUSMAN, Miwaukie, Jan.28. WM. BROWN. tofore existing under the name and firm of WurM Hellberg'is day dissolved by ma- mal T'ic business will be runu'iiued by G. Wurst, Wuuwaiosn, July 10, 18-15. G. VVUIiST, 3w L. EiELLBERG. Boof and Shoe Manufactory. THblsjbbscriber still comiiiues to manufac- tureiBOOTS SHOES of.every descrip- tion a! bit old stand on East Water street, op- posite LUjJingtot! Co's store, All those wish- ing; boots-Jrifl shoes male in a most pent eel and workinanjflike manner, equni-in qualiiyand du- rability tttfluy manufactured west of N. Yufk, would 'tloiveltio S've him a cull. A good sup ply of booHs andsaoes of my own mitrnfacture eonstantlj on band. CTGcnjlemen's dress boots. Ladies' gaiters and hall (jailers, Morocco and Kid work.mpde bv super fir workmen, will be furnished with despalch jjfr ready pay. A, RESPECTF in iy bil I'oniul at nt rublit Scj in readiness LLY announces to iii-5 old tlie public geiiLVuHy, lluit fie rs oil liiu Wfsi side uare, tlie H- use, rliirin a'! in Siifffi- r-iil or D.-ir.istry in iicccrdiiiK-'f wiili ilio Ink-it improi'eineii.s, and in a us sfi i.ilae oi-y as can be di'iie in HIIV uf iln1 tern ciiies. As evidence off kill, Jtc. relVrence in. y h? hiid io iiiiincrtnii indiviil jjU for whom (ip'jrKiinn-' have bten in tiii-s ciiy. (Jlinrgis muderaie, anJ all openi'.ions war- air.' I. jnlylftil WATER NOT MINERAL, BUT more [une anil heaitliy then witli fixed air ur pi'ff'ared will; different syrups, c-onstanily ready and for sale during the sea- "cn, wiili I'llicr cuuliug drinns. :it the 'jiins30_3w d CITY SALOON. ICE CREAMS" OF various flavors to suit tlie tasle, server1 up a.s usual DAY AND NIGHT, timing (In' sea-icn. wiili oihei- "Fix ins." the CITY SALOON, j i 30 !5 w tl W esi VVa nl'. MILWAUKIE HYDRAULICS.----The uiiflersigiiecl :ire now their Saw Mill on the walrr power, a nil willsoou IIUVP in roaclincss to rent, tlic second and th'rii stories, consisting of four rnonis, each ?ii 70 feet, finished loorder, with power from a wheel (ies iir ned fxpri-ssiy for their use. i n IIP 115 O H A S CO VISTOC K S. WOqLD respectfully inform the Ladies ol; Milwaukie and vicinity, that sitie has received (jer express from New York, a new and general assortment of GOODS, conaiisting in part of Neapolitan Hats, straws, French Dunstabtes, Dunstablps, Tuscan, Hatnnd Cap Ribbons of all kinds, Kid Gloves, Together wiili ihe I, T E S T F A S II I O X S ilirecll'runt New York, and will be linppy lo execute orders in her line of bu si-ness with deapulch, on the most reasona- ble terumkin Main slreet, a fewtloora iiurth of the Milwaukie [louse. N, 13 -wJnat received an invoice of Sliaw Goods, which nro for pale very low. ju3 3m 1815. IS 15. Protection Against Fire. n _in I ami 1 Inrri TIioiiv, frocc Motlitin Crockery, Drusts, Motlitini.-s Pa Dye Wooils, Dye StuRs, ll.mks Paints ami Sta- Fllin undersigned having been ajipoinled an agent of the I A'.tnn Fire Insurance Company, of Martford, I Ct. ia prepared lo i.iRue policies ol insurance to nil who may desire il, in tilts place. Tlie extensive business done bv this dV, and its known character for promptness in the piiyment ol'losst-s, has gi vrn to it the uni- vi'rsal confidence of the public. The under signed will hi- lounU at tiie Milwiiukie Mouse. luneSM 1344 LEV1 HUtUi-KLL. juneSM Hartford KlrcHnsurauec Company. tionery: Wutcitind _, W. VV. liUHKl''., of Woolen (r ifi.U, ulso Roll Cardersd Cl..Hi Dressers, Milwiinkir, T. T ii'S BOAT of this Line leaves TKUV NKW YOHK, DAILY (exr-ppt I'nr Property rc-s hipped by Si cam orS.iil with pn-mpaicss and agreeable ;o contract. GRIFFITH NG, ;inJ UOU3V1AN <.O. R. IIO.UGHTON lakes ihis methodtoin- fortti tin; cusiorner.< of ihe tnte firm ol R, H. Ou., and (he public generally, lliai the business in future will be conducted by him al trie uld stand, where lie will recc-ive, in ihe cc'irse of the present week, a general assortment of fan- cy Staple DRY GOODS, Groceries, CriM-kery and Glassware, Ilnnl- wrre, Niiils, Oi'.s, Paints, of which will be tillered (or sale al a small advance froin (or ciifh or inosi kinds of country produce, Believing the cash or roaily pay tj be ihe cheapen ami eventually lint must profitable for the buyer as well as ihe seller, thai prin- ciple will be adcij-.t'ii arul siricily nilhered He d-H's not ish to 'puff nnd nl" his long residence and exiensivu nrquaintanre in New real laeUities and extraordinary abiSi tics in purchasing goods, or even say he will sell cfteapcr llian body he tides to say, hN motUt being "live and lei and the principle lhal a :'nimble six- pi-nce is beiier ihiin a slow that he will cheap ns the the truth of lie pieces himself lo demonstrate lo ihe entire saiisfni'iion of every one who may favor him with a calL _ _may23___ MILWAUKIE VARIETY STuRK PAlljH, TUBS, sub-bribers having purchased the Wisconsin Wooden Ware F.ictory, Machinery nnd evcryilmiK be- longing (a the same, located upon ihc, are prepared io1 execute all orders In thrir line nl the shortest no'.ice: OPKJCB at of E. R. Richmom! Co. next door north of K. Houghion, Esq West Ward A. TUFTS, juneSS____________E. R RlCElMOyP. CITY SALOON. UY JESSE M. VAN SLYCK. West Word, West Wnter Street; Milwaukie. (LOCATION CKCTHAL.) HAS been recently filled up in a superior vie, is now in complete ope nil inn, where lie will be lutppy and at lilt (Sundays excelled) to wint upon old and new friendjj, and Ihe public generally; with all the delicncies the seiiion N. D. The good lliingiare too numerous to mention here. P. S, Uon't mistake west water for conein Street, tail ward. and tatite. June JVO Ail perfectly cool, and no flat- tery, at UNCLE BEN'S HAT CAP AND FUR No. 8, East Water Hreei, Milwaukie, W. T. R' Ma W. T. k Packages, QHIFPITH'S W. and il New Y'UksinJ Troy Line Tow Beats, 'B.iNin, Piei, E R. ol aler WeU- Wholesale and Rfiail divilurs in I ery and Paper II.i Co and -----------WTl. Wholesale and retail in oiul Med- Hye SlniFs, TainU, Oils, i-lo. Blonk, Ens'. Writer slnn-t______ J.VMKS Wholesale and rol'iil denier Dry Goods, Groceries. etc. Enst Wnler slrrcl. niiil re lull in dcixiistin und foreign Dry fJoodn, (iruccrirs. Crockery and Hardware, Boots and Mlioui, Unrncss, Sole and Upper Lfliitli'.-r, Puinla, Oiin nnd Dye Stuffs, corner "f Sprint; nurl wcxt A.G. DA VAN, in Dry Goods, wiih l 1: t( _ _- -IIS well known and loiitf established InsiiiMtion.wiin an ample cash e-tublisrictl an iisency at Milwankie, nnd otTer in-ill re initlt, wheat if-c. on very fiivjrtiblt lorms1. Their i.'xii'nsivo business is cuniiucicd cnj'.isi and lion- oriible nil losses will be ii.tjusk'J riiul promplly paid. The following ihe boavd nf Dirct'tnrs EL1PHALHT T12H.RY, Pres't. S. TI. Hunlinguin Htintingion Alberi Day Jnnins S. Morgan James Gno'dwin jr John P. Brace Charles Bi'-iWell Henrv Kmcy. JAMES G. BOWLES, Sec'y. J5" Owners of property who wish i: aiiiifnsi iosf. or damage by fire- are inviled to ap- ply to the subscriber, who is authorizi'd to issue policies without clel.iv. augl _ JAMES S. BAKER, Agent._ L AH EN CE "S HE PA U A aen t" 'To r I h'' Williamsbnrgh FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, (oflice Ji2, Ward sireet, N. Y.) will insure buildings, ships in par', goods, nnd merchandize, and personal properly generally, in Milwaufcic or Wisconsin, against hiss or damage by FIRE, alas low rates as any equally responsible company. Agency al SHEHARD B TII 11 O O r CO. KSl'ECTFULLY inform the ol Milwaukiu and the surrounding country, t'lat they purchased of Singer Co., their entire will continue luisi- ness of nianufiicturiiig llatu, Cups and Fum oi every description; and kt'epon hum' a gen- eral assortment ot in tlirir line of busi- ness, such as Ila-ts, Cups, Mittens, Gltivcs, Stocks, Scarfs, Hdkfs.Suspcrulers, Skirts, ClttCAOO, THE new and tlcffant ce> U4 maaa Captain M. RANDALL, will perform between the uboye iof ibfl rMMM> der of the wraicn, Us UP. DOWff. Lcnvfi UuRato, ChiCifO. Thursday, Adj( 6 Kridav, Sept Soturdity, SepfW Saturday, Sept 2? Monday, Oot Monday, Oot Oet 0 Oil NOT 8 Wednesday, New NOT. 90 The nhave boat of lirely nrw, of 8'J1 tnim Uppi-r Culiin 1K% let l wilh Slate Roomn, winch extend the whole length and lepurnto fur and men-, alto Private lor par- ties of pU-BKiire. Bite propelled by of the iinrivalli'd "Clipper" EnffiMM of 050 horaf power, manufactured by Litch Co and for ipeed and of liuiili tlir'iutfliout, unaurpaued by any Lout on the The for iteeragc are ample, having fotwt cabina, well ventilated, including one exprtii- ly for fcmiles. For freight or passage apply on borrd. AM> Tliu Staunch Slcnmcr will perform her trips for the season, M fol- lows UP TUIP. Leaves UuITalo. DOWN TRIP Chicago. Friday, Aug. Saturday, Sept. IS Monday, Mandav, Tuesday, Tuesda'y, Oct. 11 Wednesday Wednesday, 9i) Thtirsdny, Butfnfo, C. H. Retii, Krip K. N. 1'arhii, Cleveland: Arffl- auf Sept. fl Oct. 7 W Nov. (i Sibley Milwaukie. Co., Detroit; J. Stu MILLER MAN, Fm warding .ilwauliie, W. Agen> (or D. X. Unrney Co.. Reiniit-er line of Schco'icr.s; einLraciTig sixteen largts: nrid WL-lliinJ Canal vessels, and the foilowlns Maw York and Toledo line, (via BU...VO) J. J. Foils, N. Wei.Ml, Albany, proprietors. Empire line, (via Buff'ilu) Bar- nnrd, Co.. Albnny, M. B. Spaul- N. Y., proprietors. Syr.icuse line, (via OswejfO) H. Co. N. Y. A. ft Hovey G W Goddtiard, Albm.y, Agent. Wholesale and -i- T W T Groceries, I. tlt-iJ.-s Ci-miner- BON NELL b biore MilwauKie, w i cia" Bloclf, E-wt Waierstrrei. The Officers and Directors of the Company "JACOB" RAPELJKJ Retail Denier in Messrs. Alex's MiK'hell, WilwnuUie, W. T. Oilloit A D N Uariiev Clove- U- AVilkiii.s Miirsh if- Co. UufHilo N. V. H IJ.ivis, Osxvego. New Y'irk. B R Hyde Co. Ri.rne, New York. Wood Sheldon, New York. Tweedy. Jeniiinps ff T_I_._ r_______. T L. Untniiiil WH. W. Eu-swonTH, DAMEI. W. CI.AHK, CllARI.KsL. NoBTUAM, WM. KK-I.OQ, EI.ISHA PECK, Tons WARIIUSTOS, THOMAS BULK SAP, Lezqr'i, John Skillinan, Wilier, Charles O. Handy, Lemuel Richard- son, Nicholas Wyckoff. Washinglon Post, Aeent at New York. Milwankie March "JfiKE "fc MAKlS'E IN Sr suaAJfct: COMPANY OJF FOHD.Conn continue toinnurn against Loss or Damage by Fire, an Baildinss, Mills, Furniture, Goods or Vessels in Pro- duce np'jn Inlanil DIRECTORS. B. W. GRBRNR, WILMS TIIIIAI.L, EI.I.KRY HIM.s, EDMUND G. HOWE, A. G. WM. A. WARD, STHONCJ, _ HUMPHREY. DANIEL W.CLARK.President. CONNER, Secretary. JAMES S BAKER, Agen Milwaukie, May 20, 1844.__ ly_ MARINE AND FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. THISCompany contlnueto effect Insuran- ces, inboch Marine and Fire departmen on liberal terms. They also receive money or which, areauthorized K engage. Sperial rates of Interest allowed on sums de posfled for staled periods. Exchange on ihe principal cities oi Ihc Union lo be had at low rales. Remittances made lo any part of Great Brit aiu-or Ireland. A. 1, 1H2. P.ElvIClTT HOUSE. THE take plen- sure in animnr.cing thai this hitherto public house has arisen, PI a.'- iTixTik" from ihe ruins of the late conflagralicn, nnd re-fined in a s-iylennd manner suptrior lo what it has nilherlo bi-en.and llinlihey are now prepared to roc-five the calls ol the public, and iheir old friends and cuslotners in particular, whose coint'ori nnd convenience they It-c'S war- in giving ihe assurance it will be ihsir nnin and avocnli.m ic suit. SJfSiasesUi all narisofihe t and ;eave :his house daily. An cxiensive IilVERY START.K is ni- Tchediothis esiablishment, where anil may be liud lor any par; of the conn- rv on reasonable terms. Please give it.s a cult, Milwaukie Sentinel up to January 1815. have OH A VINO SOAPS.-Enslish GUI Wniie been wilh me for colleciion, wiih instruc- i O Windsor Soap in Cakes. English Old Brown Windsor Soap in Cakes. Oxygenated Soap in Cakes. Aspinwall'f Bachelor Soap, American Gentleman's Soap, in Pots. Verbina Creams., them If nnt paid wlihln 30 All perHons will pleose take notice TriOB. J. NOYES. Atut- LYON, BROTHERS, DeittTfl tn pry doc-da, Groceries, Hardware, Ac, 4c. heretofore ntr under the firm and style of Hubbell, Kirch has this day been dissolved y mutual consent. All debts deinanrts due lo Ihe late tlrm will be paid lo ynde who nre duly to receive the same, nnd who w.ll coutinu" the business of "elate firm. LEV I HUBBELL, WM. P.LYNDE. Milwaukie, Aug. 18, 1845. The undersigned will continue the practice of Law in Miiwnukie.and until further notice will be found at the City Hotel, or at the Of- fice of the Inte firm. LEVI HUBBBLL. .I. form Hit1 citizens of Milwaukie and iri- hnbitnutH of iho Territory in general, ihal they are constantly receiving a lurjje assort- ment ot seasonable tiTAI'Lli tJOOUS YANKEE NOTIONS, consistinjj of Broadclotlis, Cagsimerea, Satinets, Giunbronna, Drillings, Vesiinir, Calicoes Shawl, Silli Cotton HandUfs., Sheeting, Shirting, Linen, Ti'.ule clblliH, Table covers, Napkins, Umbrellas, 8 us ponders, Stocks, Socks, Stockings, Bosoms, Collars, BRASS CLOCKS Li-oliing Classes (a new Silti, Liaoii Cotton Thread, Spool do. Fancy Spool Stands, Hooks Eyes, Tnoll Hair, and Cloth Brushes, Pins, Needle. Waters, Purses, Bends, Fine coarse Combs, S T I, i: L A N B GOLD I1 E N S Razors, do. Strop, Shaving Soap, Fiddles, Jew's-harps Percussion Caps, Knives of every description. lun'e nnd good asioraiont ot TAILOIIS1 TMMMINUS, and many other articles loo numerous to men- lion. We pritticularly the attention of country Mi-rclianU ami Fedlars, and assure them that they will bo satisfied witli our gen- eral of pnods, usually kept in a variety, nnd, nlsn. with our low prices. DAGGKTT A RICH A ItDSON. N. R. corner of East Water Michigan Bis N. B. AH kinds of Watches, Clocks, Mu- sic At corciians nnd Jewelry carefully repaired, and warrnnled to give satisfaction. hand, a quantity fashionable, good, and common Jewelry, Watch and nialerialfi at wholesale and retail. mylB WIMSLOW, WHOLESALE GROCERS, Dealers In W. 1. Goods, Teas of iill kinds, No. 10 India sireet. opposite New Custom House, Boston. HENRY HITCHCOCK, ELIJAH COBF1, ELISliA D, WINtiLOW.J __ WMrcTlHSBROWr JEWELEH. Waiclies, Olochs, Ac repaired on short notice and on reasonable terms] SILVER WARE of all kinds made to order Joseph W. Duiyee R.. A. Robertson Aulhony P. Hali-ey James 6. Wat.I Georue Rapelye Kciberi L. Smii h Peier A James E. Coolry Qartinef A. Sa-e John Ru.hvcn. Henry Yates Lambert Snydara Shepherd Knapp John P. NesmKh Christian H. Joseph Bouchard Paul Sportbrd A.G. Thompson Silas Holmes Harvey Weed Henry Rowlunti LAMUBBT SUYDAM, President. Joseph BRADLEY MET CALF, Agents. Milwaukie, "Milwaiiie Iron Store, Stonmljoat KNTER- L. Hmitiioit, will perform her f.-r the remainder of the season us follows- Milwaukie Tuesday and Friday ol each wielc fur Sank Wimliingion and Sbeboy- (ran, rrierviny eight days in cucli month lof charter to other which notice will IKS givert one we-ek in adviince. She will leave MilwsuKte (or Green Friday ihe day Aujtut, tduching al all ihe ensuing ports on Iho way wind Mid weather permitting. For Freight of pasnavc apply on board or it Millrr St. or of 1'. ft, A. W. Knapp, it Green Bay. __ _ Storaei'.Forwarding A Com- minion Merchant, would respectfully inform llie public I hat lie purchased house mid Wlmrl lately occupied bjr Jervis, near the inoolli of tlie Riv- ;ir, and will continue thu on own account. wharf cnn be convonicnUy approached by nnd vcfxfltt iroui the Luki't, and from the country, beinj; located on the country side of the river, below all the nnd which render U for the largpilclass cl bouts and to go farther up llie River. A supply o) steamboat wood tN ways mi Ijund, Liberal in.iileon M1K MUTUAL LIl-ll JNSURANCfi ol N'.w-V.nk. Vo 41 Wall Hrett----- I '.Hup-n-y. fllu'. -IK UlC Isl rolirmly, dvv.i M'II'IS) 11.-i- t'JH< I'lilii-ii'n. The loin Klti'l i .-cc.v.'il rrii.iu.-iis .ni'l i.....n'M oti menu, i.MI iilW alt ImlnKM-K ami rotiiliia mi'lliy-i nil.I T Tla: cjuiin'iii I'll I! 111! .1 Kiruns l XRO KING arc now receiving liieir Spring oflieavy audMiell hnulware, lo which they will constantly bo milking ud- ditions. We are now able to offer a HSBortment of Goods in our line, to which we would call the attention of nil who ruty wish to purchase for cash. Our Block having been laid in before the advancement, we feel run- lident that we can make such prices as will innure n reudy sale. Having made arrange- ments with Kaslern Hardware Maim lucl.irers from whom we obtain our iupplics wo can nsake it nn object for counlry .ncti hantu lo buy oi us, nnd thus save them the d of buying an over otock. We nliall i-n- deavorlo keep on hand a fuil slock of Tools and Farming Utensils, and will fnrnisli at short notice, any amount of huildir..; maloriul that may be wanted. Having adopted" i-. y.. IPS fr ilir firKi ihc wl.: in ur.1 :ls v :H iig l.i-i- lnMiianc- linl'1 l.'l-K ri.lli-n1 irni! Ml ul i.lcM'U; Ai MI i1 .'I I'IP fi-.-i -riiy ul ihis inniliu- :itld 1C CntlfldCllCft (O i.iki improTcilprln- <n for sluirl. Inriinlnn tnj nf cverjr Bvo (wtHrli will n ii It I-! Ki'lirncry. 1848 limkil Hiiuingi thp Intui-i'if by tlienij occiuinilulllil ol'll.i1 lif" innn.i' I. 's 'if Hit- ihtu fur (Ivci iliviilcinlc iin at '-it ili' iil'i.K1 In- il itiin-ur. -nil niu inn' i 'I nil. I will iiu.ii-n <-t nnvaHk- al Ihc Tim luiiurt-i's f the liione who Corner East Water and Michigan sireet, Imporiers Wholesale Dealers in Glass, Thina and SO Pearl-Street, New York, rpAKEihis meihodof informing ihe ir friends J_ nnd Merchants in general, that they are now npeoing for the Fall trade, at their old stand a new and complete assortment of Chi- na Glass and-Eanhen Ware of their own im- which comprises ihe newest shapes and latest patterns, which is offered at reduced rales for cash or approved paper, reduced gMALLEY NELDEN, New York, August 1, lt-45. LIKE undersigned will receive applications for Life Insu- rance, ftB-iurent of the Mutual Life Insurance _ IL W A f i K I E ___ Powet, West Ward. The proprietors of the above establishment ha ;ing made nrrarige mcnts ly which thrir facilities for doing hu siness will be greatly increased, respect- fully inform th-! public thut they nre now pared t J receive Hides to Un en ehnres atEas. tern ra Farmers unti others haring hide- ill lir-d this ihe most prifilab'e way oi'diapo- The subscribers have on Imnd system ol serving all at or.e price may favor us witli ordt-ra, can rely on our do- ing as well by them as if they were here themselven. Mtlwaultie, May H, 1B15.W ____ iliriilwii li'ii. 1-111. mil! 1" t hone <if in CrpOl e il is kiiowillnii iii.itlc. 'I'Jir.- niiiJ v a injillrr nl'ilrrii u ni-j nl! iitKl tn iiim-h puluii- nlli'iillnll, lll-l iiraKe ilffat I.. ih-j-H-nl in nutiii inomlilj (tnlcnwil of lives iiisili-.-'l hy il.c vliuw. an.I t" .jtV' tiifn clci Its. HUfT II rVl'VV slHllnuill Mhfii-ly, hliiy Kcrllftt lo lllSlr tlir iX-.'iii nt il-Mih. n unit i hikiiij w-ili i !iif i ni-til nil. Kililllan. iiicnl I'm i'lun-iitwi- <m I'n'fr i-xul.iiiiinu iln- iLincipIcK, nml ctinvitoij (ha of n-1-sinHi til constantly Bnishinjc n ffiod msortment of evsrv description of LEATHIR. to which they invite the nttemion of Shoemukeri nod Oihpra __ We will .-pi! as low or lower than be 'nurehaied elsewhere in the city. 1 Milwnnkie, Dccpii-ber .1S44 _ _______ O'ATS can be had in larife or small quanti- ties at .NEWHALL'S, 2 doors below Block. A'larae lot just received SUri'OHT HOME------- MILWAUKIE TOBACCO FACIOHY. The subscriber respect fully in- form ihf ckizer.s of Milwaukie, nnd inhabiiains of ihe western world, that he i pened an exten-iive establishmenl for the manufaciure of Tobacco, Snuff, Ciearr, in ii-- viirutus branches which hcpleilses himself t.i be pqual io any in tlie Union. HH would mc-destly in' sinuate to Merchants nnil dliers ab-ml gt'inp east.thst they can get a BUTTER nsiicle, and have il constantly FRESH, nnd fm ihesnme money, lo say noihiug of the relief lion of having supponed Home Manufacture. Waicrst. West Ward. H.W.M'CRAKEN. 3M. and particular aiteniion paid to all orders. 15 WINKS fit subscribers have now in store a very large and choice Mock of Winjrs and Liquors, io which they would call llie aueniion ul Merchants and Hole! keepersi. The slock consisis nf Seignctic, Oiard. Depues CoV.and good low priced. Swan and Baltimore. and Si. Croix. MononR.ihela nnd Olno Port, Madeiia, Sherry and NAZaO; KINO. 11 Wall .m-.-i, nr (rt'ln The Jtfitrf of Ia.Ktirititrt! fl'k Une Hundred Dtt- liiff an H lift, far one _ '_ _ I j c S.8 II u <.n t ou i tw a w I i I 75 :J an Mill W J 3i of ihe Itoticrl CCornpll, Jinn pli Ulunl, ti'lmn Hitler, T ttoctt, ItlclitrdV t'l'llnm J llimkef H 11 ti M'CiirJy, C, Fuller, A MINTItKN POM1, M.TI. he ntftilv lo __ LAND FOR nl very larma pl in and ftnclne CottmlCN, Tor Bite; number of building tltM-1- ifd for piivaie dwellinjie OB of Iht pleas.inl and ccnirsl struts In ihft V A few UUP ilso on Wtitr Mrtet "Walker's Puim." .TWrturthtri reference 10 IccBiioo IM prict, enquire Ml steel's Clifcp Canh Siore. .July 18. 'H.11E FI0ti ia aorqv at the People's wli H. 8AYRB.

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