Friday, November 22, 1844

Milwaukie Commercial Herald

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Milwaukie Commercial Herald on Friday, November 22, 1844

Milwaukie Commercial Herald (Newspaper) - November 22, 1844, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 'if' MILWAUKIE COMMERCIAL -HERAt II. --TRI-WEEK LY.-- BV BLI9HA STARR.] MILTVAJJKIE, VV T. J1ORMNG, NOVEMBB 23, 1814. PEK ANNUM. IJU SIN KSS U F. CTO R Y B I ii >t rei Itug x ULAtlSpii CjTIJIlA'l ir 01 iti ci loi J DOLLARS for one OTTAOC INV. By Enst Water Direct, Mi wjukie, W T. MILH tlK.ll. B> C Wa I, Wisconsin reet, Milwai kie, T AUIMIl JIOH By Whitn 'V tV Co street, W T HOCK vrv iioi'KL. Bj At wood Pol r I k (ounu, Wistonsin TKIJUOVl" 1101 -L. of Michijrtn Ei.t Wat-rs reel, V.ilw inUii-, W T roi HOI .sr. By G r LI.Lib Jr.'cr nOro'en- l'i IM >n X on W itf i tip In 1 >u tlni >M Mil" nikie I J VMI.s, MO I ,i ,n, t h i n O ?u i in I'M Slore j ell J i W i 11 MM M i' .inl ie I L W in, S on J> 1 !-IO'i VM A II U LLY, JOHN F RAGvJE Auction arcl cnntniasiors Sast Water Stree Milw ukie _ __ Gm53 CHA'U.ES ?Totary Public -Offers Ins tervicas to draw deeds, bonds rnoi tgages, leases and contract' Also to talio icl.nowledgnicnts of deeda and oth r insti un en td of writing, ad minister Oiiths wri e afljd if its ami give linger seal, pi ott'st I ills ol exciiange f.nt) promissory for non payment ind non a( cpplunce will also exdi line records, and send luformi tu> i to p rso s inLercalid in any part of the United fctait. LttUra, postaije paid, will re- cc vo prompt atti. ution OQ'ce 11 the Senti- nrlbuildinir ivtr L J lligbys store jy3 n h HI i iriii< m Mi r 'tai.tii 111 HULLL HN Mcuciricb Paints, Oilfe, )ve Stuffs, Book, ,ind Sia- iiotiery sfj" im ij IVatci and M I 11 ALK1F. vL AilliNL I1 rN C OMPANY. Otitt- in the lit ck Innli'i ig, corner jfWiscon- and M 1111 streets. Ji BROWN, hoh'H.ile gror rs, and uiprcnaiits, >o 31 India Hrcel, IJobtun jyS T sr 3 IM n alc? .ind re tail dealeis in Iron, Sttcl, G is ilso a jreni ral assir'nicnt c( Heavy and yiiplf II iidw.ue, att-r i't, 2 doors north ot llie Ci tttijt Inn, Milu mkie T V BURKlfA. CO M inu "Hr furs f Goods, also Roll C .u ilt ru d T lolh Wc-kt ard, IV lUinkre, W T ___ __ D W BAYLli S, i in I" M! -'i, Pi tnr Ii and GL.I n tn F inc> ts Puli iu at I J Waicbcs, K--, tvc V it cs f De mi n M! i nods all SIZPS and qn ilities, at the 'i STORE wLi.t bed and fln.nels t H-T B LA I [IS ___ _ _ 40 beef l >r "ale cheap LUDllNGTC N Co L dei vmesTr tne bbl or gnllon at L llie New York GioCLry Store UlLLK i v of E ist tei and MH h gf n si Milwa'ilvit W T Solicitor Jouis> i for t IK in :i is- 'jj R0< KKIl, W ho'tsale and 1 1 1 nl de.iltrs in Boo ind Paper Llmsmjs Corne of Water lirirk tUe IH ii Miri i< ami h ir nt cssprj lo say 10 ishinj; to u that I an opportunity i i ow ofTi r d ihtm ft rso 1' ile fs ill b ;rr in d i ninedi i JV 4 M JLURE 15 'i.TEN I1 P nN, tub- and hnrr- .wholesale 01 rt iai' p'-i-cs at tin New otk Groc t S'ore. jeI4 JUfT re IIOLTON vV OU CJii buv tht be article nrm oil in this 'bnrgli al Cunningham's Nevs Drug Store, so saj' those tint have used i ]yl g- OOK nrrTc JLJ "rinds ones tn ronsi jtimeni foi for cash MA BRETT LEWIS ------------Li PAP.BK ot a'l kinds cons ant- __ ly on hind andjor at reduced s at Hale's booKs'ore TVlitwaukie, Sept 1844 good assonnient of Table cutlery, also 1 ta Trays and waiters on hind <u ____ tn gallons ass'id S one K5 Ware, and the best quality of--------to fill thtrn'____sepjJ______LUD1NG I ON md mi ..uiili, '1 t in i u iti r, W i. r 1 IU t 1 1 t tl 1 1 r ul a u ml U H 1 i ind Solu itor i W I' O'u on ii i i i t r tin. stoi e <_i n K< to I ne i ii CHI rit s, mi P I if i onn l I ri l A N I I Mi IM.J I K. 1 1- mmS will IOOVMI .ml tab! JL Insiit ition it i in iiiiif Ie c i h c i in il, Ii e t t "bl shed an .1 en< it MiUvuiKtf I fiu r t i in fin in'tii'- I' 1 t C I I 1 f b r- 111 It S i he II v i t 1 isi e i i on IIH id n j i ,in 1 I rn b e pi ii ipLs ill 1 ss or d snbsfj pnht U tllOlll .'lul '3m LAMPS sold o a larse JLJ assortment of Tm-'YS are eiirat at whole at_______ _ EYRO 1 Ca'__ ONLV DLW ar- licle, cill and try it at the ISew York On ci ry Store Y qumilif) ol pork, floui ind Tltforaale bylocbirrel L J 1 AT KLI jj ill 2') 07 (l lo 2J and bin.ill lot ]ust n i ivcd and ioi sile i y Kn II 1811 N 7.UO KING _ iue Me 1 iniAed j'ack olid K' CM i consign nit nt "lid u iM te NTi Y< r pi ICPS A lot 01 Jndi i cood r J 3LAIR TO O ['78 A LE 1000 poiin It ath is50i Kills Olii" btitiei, 10 b inel- h u' bv PAYNE VAN AL' TYNE of WOODEN WARE, always on hind (_ o._ iRINTED DIUEC floNS loal bread, hot breakfast cakes, buckwheat can be had gratis at Cunninghpni'1- Orlears, sugar house and maple molasses for sale cheap at ninp2C_________JOHN lllOMSSEIN 3__ La-ruana, llTo, fet Dot Tin go, Maracaibo, and Government J ery JOHN PORK, hams, slicnildi rs mackerel, cod 3s h cheese, butter, lard nnd provisiones of anv Kmjl 3, consta itly on hand and very low by the barrr if from the pier JOHN WINTEI. variety from 81 lo made up in this city, and warranted well made. Oc! 21, 1844 J________H N.CONANT. Tianufao- pairs of pantaloona, all .ured m this place, at the pri be found at <he clothing oiorf of H.N. CONANT: pieces sheeps gray cloths, jtist per steamboat Nile, and for sate by H.N. CONAKT. October 5 JUDINGTON A CO. IMMEDIATKLYl W __ MARSH. rr r a 11 d I O 8 HALF boxes SPERM Candlt s (which are also, S.eanne and Q.iieen Cdke.Suyar do Tead'o Sponge and Pound Cake, kept constant IT on hand ni Emery's Confeciionery. sep3 sale at the New York Grocery Store June _ _ O T of tea, some of superior quality, just re, reived, by JOHN W1NTEI Bryon's tobacco kept< on- stantly on hand and fci sale at N 3 CluapSicfe JONLS CROS- LAMP bacon, and b ilar lamp wicks by the gross or doz at Cunii nff harn New Drug Store 23 inc a superior lot, lor salebv DAGGETT _. unproved meal sacAtnn cy dv made bags at JONES CROSS, No. 3 <gjUlJLRIOR Macabojr and Natchitoehiilo K5 tie snuff, G Millers snuff at CROSS, No. 3 CELEBRATED cigars by ar.ntity Vv factory prices at JONES <fc CHOS8, A FEW bushels white beam, a lot. of meal at the corner of Watex 1 "'___________r. J. BLAIR. sL water lot ot eel front situaipd at Walter's Point Ea- augSl A. W. STOW. quire of KO Asboiiec1 colors, 10 p's for sale by RICHARDSOIS OSGATE S Anodj'iie Cordial, j rtc d vholostlo and ic'jil rrjrist, Mi 1 win lue, opposite Day an's jv21 Cast Stec-1 a ieu bnis each to 3 4 trches, also a few bars Octppo i Si eel forsilcby [iNovlJ NAZrtO KING HAY knives, carpenter's sJicAs, coiner chis- els, lor sale by OctlS ________NAZRO KINO. CMli'INE Biack French Ca received and for sale by October21st H N. ed r for sdlt cle for roas.tmg coflte, for silo it K KNOTS ANILS S lio l i i 'i i i tlil A 1 I In [I'll i HOCivl.K J ct d LC i s Mil v i u ,11 LJ I AI I irl f Jl ir att V.ilu.iukie LP.I- I VV M Kf-ton, n- Sire nonh of (hi- r i j' RT I OKI) Conn co tin ie t insofi- nsni isi m Tiir n Piiilntri rs Mills, Vurnmite, Vessels in Port AIu cluindijf ,and Pro- di'ce up n inland n ivicj t on WOLC FT, Dentists, tn Wisconsin street, near the Miiwaukie ____ "ALEXANDER MATHIESON Counsellor aad Solicitor, Milwnakie, W T N B Office remoied to building South i f Bunker HilJ Storf on Water street, opposite Shepard Uonnell's jy BOOT A SHOE STORE. Ei r manufactures and shoes of every lescnp ion, to order, opposite Ludington'a .lore, M.lwaukif 17-- J. A. ARNOLD -Jo, alrrs in Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Hard Wan; RANDALL OGDEN, Attoraiei and Counsellors r Law, THOMAS t. OCDKV 1843. 21t AP ANI> tUl J GH1ORGE Co No. S Cheap Side, retail dealers ir- Furs, Muffs, w, Fu- Caps, The highest e paid in cash for every Kit il of shipping n Furs made to order _ _ __ Iv __ ' Law and Solicitor i n Chancery Milwaukle, W. T. W Errsvio in, B W GRUNT, Wi ,i is 1 I t 1 TRY III! I b, HOWF, PttK, A G HA7MiD, JOHN WARBLSTo1-, WM A W AKD. BEI KS t! LF a rr ULMPHUFV DAM PL W CLARK, President. WM, CONNER, A VIES S. BAKER, Ajrent Mihvaukie, M y 20, 1814. Iv having1 been appointed an agent ol the j3Hna Fire Insu ance Company, of Hartford, Ct. is prepaied t k _ NAZRO KING. LCOJlD of deeds, nortgigeh, ind circui ourt n core for sale at ROOD fe Go's l.irge lot iotsctnei and ne: for sale bv EICAI DSON._ AISTHO immediately, a vna to wo n t soip an I candle tac ory Znquirea n e Yt e___ EADS of everv put steel and hilvered lor site a t'ie vniiely tore, by M RIC Hi1 I DSON__ rcOL VVo-.l 'ill highest ash prices be paid Jo'an quantity of wool by me subscriber june5 18t GL brxes LCI tVi-D this day, on consignment, XoO firkins of flfood Butter OttP, HUNI1NGTON <fc BONNELL 5000 pine and as ill, i 1 i! v ei d i tl e Milv r i kie m for Ati'ch will be pa d by C <f-L COMSTOCK price 4s, warrant L J. HI GB Y. LWELRY of all kinps for safe afihe the _____ !LOt smalt lot of rosewood Clock" a Mjpenor article for sale by DAGGETT RICHARDSON. !ons 2 ions 00110____STEVENS ONONGAHELA' bbla _ ___ Uilt the Mitwaukie Iron Store, a small asscttt mcnt of coopers' tools, for s Uc cheap KING kiln dried lumber fur sale at the planing mill on the canal cheap for manry ly Si 18 14 __ PERKIiNS Ac_H E WITT_ _ TOYS, of all Just received, nnd "or sale very chrap, at KALE S BOOK STORE ijlass assorted SIKCF. just recen ed and for sale low by NAZbO KING. j n ncl 2 lit) __ "Si Dot ungo and Cuba opi.nid ft A. G DAfAN'S, may South jtoie Dewev'j; otn block BROADCLOm, Cadet Mixed, latinett, Beaver cloth Box Sick COATS, made up in the best sule, and very cheap lor cash, by 2V N'ANT- i MJG ___ T ritiula'j and New Ibi'iia Syrups, ana St Croit, rnnscovado and clarified Snsars, for si e at A G. DAYAN'S may south store De vvey'-- com.blc. ct journeymen TuloreTTo whom constint WHISKEYT-Ia old A, no. sale by NAZRO will begivon. Nona the best of Coat makers H October f9 liberal need apply but N CONANT. Thiee Journeymen Tin and Copper Smithi. Employment given 01 h of time. L J FARWELL Sept. ]8tb, 1814 une21184i LIIVI HUB BELL INSUR VNCE COMPANY THIS Compa ly to effectlnsurar- both Vlarine and File departments, onhberal term-. They also receu e money on deposit, and tram tct olhe whicb, bytheiic larter ,they ateautliorized engage. Specialratesoi interest allowedon sumsde- posited for stated periods Exchange on pi incipal cities of t ie Union, to be had at low r ties. Remittances made tojiny part of Great Britain or Ireland. ALEX MITCHELL, Sec'y. _____ 2-tf AILS 300 legs out nails ]uat received on consignment, perbrig Burlington. Conn try merchants wi 1 do well to call before pur- chasing elsowhere Nor 11, NAZRO 31tf _ _ _ 'S A g >od assort ment of blacksmiths bellows, an -ils, vices, and hammers can be found al the lilwaukie Iron Store NAZRO KING. PRI1NT1NO One hn dred mi's just received and for sale cheap t the Mil- Variety store, opposite tasre Inn, hy DAGGETT UIC'HAf DSON. JOB 1MU.NT1JNU fcjchas Cards, Circ ilars, Handbille, Tichets, Pamphlets, Chet ks, etc Promptly executed nt t us Office E. STARR. ------UCTION AND COMMISSION BUSI- NESS Richardson v illbe hap- py to receive any order m the line o Auction and Commission wnb which they nay be fa vored They will also make cash acvanceson depo-site of valuable property Order! from a- abroad attended to with promptness Nov. 7 j PATENT STELLYAKDS----L Hammond's inKnroi.rcl patent STEHL I M YARDS, for sale at reduced prices by Hvsun, tlyson Skin, Ol Hyson, gunpowder and impeiial T< a from Ihtee shillings, to one dollar, at A.G DAYAN'S Dewey's com blocl _.._ __ _. D. W, MAVOs" ry grateful for the liberal p u- _ __ ronage, and hopes that by sine attention to Ins business io merit its, commuan Ail work left with him will be done in a wo nianlike manner, and warranted No mistak blue black, and blue frock and coata, cheaper than ever before offtr- nd to the public, constantly on liand and far ale by H. N CONANT. Octobsr 21, 1844. ______ StephSTBoyce, Dentist, HAS taken rooms in Austin's brick buildrr z where he will be happy to attend to nil who wish his services. Mr. B. will warrant all operations he may perform to be done 10 a skil- ful manner and in accordance with the me it approved of the art. Office hou's from 9 to 5 o clock NOT CHILDREN'S TOYS! -Erery rtaand of Children's TOYS, wooden, lead tagut Toys, Drums, etc. the ST3RE. Millwrights, Augers and CbistliT FOR sale at the Mechanic's Too! stcre.a fall ot Millwrights, Augurs, and chisel-; ol Rochester make. Ocil9 __________ NAZRO A KlNq. Crockery Glass Ware. A GENERAL assortment of and Glass waie, at Oct 28, 1844 LUDINQTON C'O.'S. P The Court. ERSONS poms to law had betier call at eiy'b confeciionary, if it's jo f ihnt ffood molasses candy 13. ri--scrtinent ol broadcloths, imereit Sheep's grey and domestic full cloth for s ile cheap at corner ol Wisconsin and Water streets F.J.BLAIR. AVE on Pitch, Roaii, Oak- um, Tar'd Rigging, Manilla, ane! Hemp Rope, Bed Spikes, Calking Mallets, which will be cold .it tbeir usual low prices. pictorial bible DOS. 9 10 Ladies Magazine for Nov., Me air and other poems by Eliza Cook, personal lions of Charlotte Elizabeth, Wilson and eoDK pany'a Bible received by al WM. L. WILSH1RE CO. ______WARE; Glass, and Earthenware, jn, at Wholesale to Country _ cheap for cash or city accep'ancea, at 101 3mo- st, between Pearl and Water ata Broad49w THOMAS F FIELD. mf mf HEAVY Pilot Cloth Ovor from 4 i for the Money in Shis city. H. N. CONANT.

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