Tuesday, January 12, 1841

Milwaukee Sentinel

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Milwaukee Sentinel (Newspaper) - January 12, 1841, Milwaukee, Wisconsin VOL. IV. i MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1841. JNO. 28. JACOB McKINNEY, uf Divds, Brown Oininly, Wisconsin Ttrriiory. Office in the Court House, Dep ere Direction, Dcpsre Posi Ofiice.G November 26ili, IHO. 23tf D. HOLTON' and Retail Dealer in Groceries, Dry Tioods, Hardware, Paints ;md Oils, Leather, i Dye Woods, S oi'es anrt Hollow Ware, Nail-, and Iron. Coiner of Wisconsin and Water Mreets, Milwaukee. JOMiS FIELD, Wslrh Makeri anj Jeweller-, also Dealers in Cu'.lerv, Sic. Corner of Wisconsin and Kist (Faterstreets, Milwaukee. lattr.f, a. vr. PIEI.D. IJ. M. IIUBBARD, M At; IN Tit A Kcuprjl acqua in lance in lliis, antt tlie e-u'uiiies, will give prompt and stfict totbe eutfetiitutk, iir Hccuringf of all I left wilh him for ihe the corner oCThiid and si's. Ward, Milwaukee.-, del lOif I'. A. WIXGFUXP, iii Ij-.xv and Sulicitor in Chanceiy, Alilv a'lkeo, Wisconsin. tlf Boston Trn-nscript. SNOVt Words for Music. I love llie PIIOW, ihe fi.-st white snow Thai il'Cks Ihc rnerry cavlh, II fulU from Ilea en on the fields below, And fills art >viih inirlb O, it brinss to uj nd my mrly days, My home uml it-s scenes of joy, When I .sought i 3 fujhcsaml its With til a u boy. The ruing she it on the glittetuig snow Wandearff to my heart Thatithe Mmles n Beauty'H cheek tliat jflo In lulls of the rarest art; Tor 1-hastened ft nh in ihc winter colj, With a (if joy, To the pleasant sports which I of old With Ihe glatlii '.-a of a boy. 1 love tlir siicw, !hc first white snow That fatU from the Heaven for tt fijEs IIP rt wtih its early glow Of a u( buoyant lote It bears me bacli to ihosc dcur, When I houyht in mood of joyT Old leMind Ms meiTy" With Ihegldi'liess of a boy. led. I am near the enemy's line, with He even H ent fuither. and expres- scarcely a horse upon which I can lide, se-d-ji desire that it, should be translated in- and no armor to put on my back my shirts 110 tie Finnish language, and be published j are torn to rags, and my at the j in jfaat language, and widely circulated in elbow; my camp kettle is half the time {thfiJjpart of the empire in which that Ian- bottom upwards: for the tivo davs 1 j is spoktn This, I of course re- have taken my meals just where I could j joicfd toprotnise him should be accomplish- catch an invitation, and tny purveyors have i And as I expressed some fears of the no means of furnishing my tables, as ihey censors, his M ijesty was good enough to have not received a dollar these six months." he would see to it thai no hindrance Would it be like Louis XIV. himself, shdbld be experienced from that who not unfrcqueniiy suffered severe him-j was thi- all. At ihe dinner which ger in his own chateau of St Germain, and succeeded the audience, his Majesty alluJ- perhaps would have died of hunger but ed dSgain lo the sitbji ct, as did the Empress, for the pious devotion of an old d >mestic andfthe Hereditary Grand Duke, an j ns- Do you not btlieve that ihese people have endured misery wilh more piinfui impatience than Diogones the cynic, or Irusihe beggar 1 As to the kings of genius, all histojy tesTirtrMy" of rtrem. It is Homer 1 with their sweet heaiis iti the frosly moon- ry h and caps of ail acid ligb', maUi.ig the d'jar creatures' eyes, colors are iu the air. Vfflof anil flirt, and play the fop of dry, or scotching sun, nmlcv-froju some hut, crowded ball room, dressed out' six yrnrs Olu la sixty, is uncovered. Some like dancing masters, ecod. skipping nbout seize ilu'ir caps by the top, oliiers bytfan more duintilv than butiftflies, and shiver- spout in front, and wave to anil su ucci Woman! woman! truly she is a mira- cle. Place her amid flovvers, foster her as a tender plant, and she is a thing of fancy, i uayivarclness and sometimes of ticytd by a dew drop, f, elted by the touch bu'terfly's wing; ready at the l uslle of a bedle The zephyis are too j lough, the showers too heavy, and is over- powered by the pi-ifume of liie rose bud take 'et rea' come to rouse her af- atif'n'AiTeJjje'nent of j fections, enkindle the fires of her heart, and j mail; her then. How her heai istiengtneris strong us purposes Place her in the heat ol battle, her a child, n bird, or any thing she loves or to pro- LKONARD P. CRARY, A''i rnrv anii f'eiuntellur ;it Law an m (Jri IIICI.TV, Uoger's Block, Milwaukee, Ternlory. lOy KllANCIS RANDALL. At'.ornejr at and Commissioner !o driven out from Cumcs like n It is Sophocles, scouted at in Athens like an idiot. It is TJSSO, ft in-red in n dungeon me of his interest in the subj-ct, and e would not lose sight of it. On that ion I was also presented to many sd Russians wliotvi I these uiet, whont 1 trust fee] not B little inter- est iu the cause, although it is to most of them a new one. 1 cannot tell you how much t wa-; with ihe expressions which the1 ruler or languishing in a hospital. It is llous- of ihis ereat empire made to me in ufer- seau, copying music to earn his bread ence lo this subject. Thpy weie worthy Alas! for lor fortune of so distinguished and enlicrhlenul a mon- for glory. aich. And although il will n quire much The happy such an one is to be time and wisJotnto biuigthu owurninf nt found, winch, by the nay, I do notventuie O'Ji of the vt-ry evil couise the man who takes life as it long pursued in deiiving so large a puitiori goes, who does not expect impossibilities, of its revenue fiom the fainting out of ihe and is content with his situation. ing Rt a breath of cold ntr, as if they had very baker Clucks off his w lute night cop, ague (it. Pshaw on. such pnny ntoin-j and holds it shaking at ,ii's! I'd off my hfir with a shilling, Meatmhile ilii'ir countrymen on board, he dated to ape the seenmdiel. ttgoiousty r'torn the same; the town U i TirFprmr rr r and tbe cerrmonv is over. Hut, i i 1 U i i t j i TI r ii nun conns running nt full sppftodc The folluumg paragraphs ivo or fWaA Jf f.xitactjfrom ihe message ot Oo.emor, k f h fci ELL to the of A, kans-is. Qf i wo ri h v ol Sf i lous Jf t tit ion i i L i t cap, mid UK thrusting; his nanaa into Ihe cou.htums .estncUons which 'ok up I filter the unoti thur adm.ss.on >f M 08 jf hs h.dacqui.ied rflanon to ihe public f mora, juiiinaiit, in their jurisdiction in reserving11 __ A OLOHIVUS New Lon- right of t.ixa'icri by the States, warrant don. Connecticnt, the following inscriplioo me iu biiugiiig ihe subject linfare you. is found on a stone. The the ordinance of 1787, the arici.'tit Pome or Greece do not exhibits cral Goveiiimi-nt, arrjuired by deed of res- noMi-r instiin.-e of paltiotic heroism: a" ''1C PUD'II ii 'IVi riiot y. ig id the N nth- Under that cimipact !Ou the 26th f.'ll upon ihe town with fire and ar.d for the Slate of New Yoik, Milwaukee. VV. T. L BLOSSOM, JnT Auurory and (.'minMillor at Law. and Genera] Agi'iil, Milwaukee, W T. 5 OHAKLKS J. LYNDE. tiluiiiLV and Cuuiksellor at L iw and Solicitor 1.1 cry, Milwankt-e, W. T. RCFPItKNXKS. i F. B il 11 WIU.I.M KK.VT, iiuu J.JHM Oxford, N Y. I' C. PO.ML'RCY, IVa'rT in uys, Mi-dicincs, Paints, Oil-, Pye Woul-, StutV-., lia.sl r S re! Milu.nkee. the New MR. BAIUD IN RUSblA. k't, Ot-iuler I'lfi, Rev. John Cor Sec Ara. TCIDIJ I'n: >n lo-lO. DEAK BROTHER' I wrote you lect, and see her, ;is in a recorded instance, j from Stockholm, in ichiiion to the tf- x S Aeu i oiK Oity. itiisinsj her nrms as a shitlJ, and as her unn blood crimsons her uptuined forehead, puiyitig for life t> pioUcilhe ln-lpltss Transplant hei into the d.irlc placrs of tliecailh, auaken her eneigiesto action, I fotts which I had made in bih.ilf of the temperance cause, in the pugnnt jouiney, unlil ihdt date. The next day after the date of that communication, 1 lift that city for Kussh. I now spent six wteks in ntid her breath be-.-omes n healing, her pre tllis citl' araj und as I am about scncen blessiris; shi- disputes thl-stride of jto sail for Copenhagen and Hamburg, I have concluded to give you in this letter an U II.i du.irc, fn .ntt y, tjl ('I II of IVJUIU'f, It' j IHGtJY WARDNEK, Dcalffi in Putty. Dve Dve Slu'N, Oils r and Wis n. Station iv. i -it iv i 'stalking pcsiili rice vvln-n man.ihf sttong anl bi.ivt-, slnitiks away and affiight ijd. IVJisfeniunr d inn's IHT not she wears .I'i'iy ii Iile of silei't endurance, or (joes foi xi ul d lo the scaffold ith lirniditv, iiuu to her biidil In piospeiity she is n bud feill of unpri oninl odors, ivaiting but for the winds of ..dvursity to scatter them nbi ?ol ihe fuinncc. elf, a in-) ste account of what I have dotio m tins cm- sale of ardent spirits lo her rovmcvs, or local governments and citifs, yet, I have no doubt, that sooner or ht< ra happy chniig'1 will take place here in ngLiiJ lo qufstton. revi nuc of tins empire is tstimncd at rubles; of which uiblis, or in our moiu'V, 'ate di-uvt-d duai Uiis souice--a faft that dt moristratcs the feailul to hich whiskey (or brsndy it is here call ed) is manufactured arid sold. But now iv e may hope that the' bi'sinning is about to be made which mil lead to a better state uf things. Noi that will piobably be allowed, but llmt the puss will b" usv- etfully employed to enlighten, first the the l.mdstobe 'a common fund far the use! Americans dtfe-nded the fail for a 'and bcn< fit of all necoidinsr lu their usual i hole day I ut in the evening about 4 o'- and proportions in the general clock, it was taken. The commander of charges and expendituie; and for no other rhe besieged delivered up his sword loan puiposc Fiom tins we may j Englishman, who immediately stubbed iufei ih.it Congress has no poxver to direct luiu, all his comrades were put lo ihu ttiL- piooi'fdsuf the sa'is oi the public laud swotd A line of der was then laid1 i to any othi-i purpose than set foilh in the from ihe of tin: Fort lo tlie sen, original com) net, to ek-fray the xpense of I there to be lighted, thus to blow Foil it.hu fedurul g jvernmcni. and therr-by fui-ui. into thf :iir. William Flotman, who lay I ing a poitii'ii of the naliatial revenue. A not far distant, by three strokes of change of that system coexal uli the oxis- she bayonet in his body, beheld il, undsaid te'nce of our constitution, is mnv sottgin to to one of his v.omi-li-el fiieivls, who VVOB be eflecttd by the nianufaciin ing ship I cosiill nlivo, will endeavor to ciawl' 1 ping mlcres's, arid xvhnsi' design aii'J policy is iu disuibuii ihu money misiiig f. tun the siilcs of ihe public landd among tli Slates, arid for other obifcls th in tlu.se ut u venue, pire, duiir.gtue. present vis-ii, fur the pio- higher clnsst'S of the people und valuable.but untried in Temperance S motion of the tcinpeiancecaiis il xvas itb no little anxitty that I came to this city weeks ago. On u former visit, made thiee years atro, 1 made ar- rangements to have my History of the atid jv i w Km am! Mcr- nt, Ikcis Point, 1C. T. 15, 1810. 17 .iTi All s WKST, tllffHli "f Nt I! I I. OK, ncr nf M.iin streets, iilii-p, wiftc niifilic.ilio.'is niriy lie uiiicle. IAIUMC r 'ir M.S. i Hit l d jr bclou lrnn-1 In s'lorl, a woman is a mira' i Russ' and published. Tins ideitakcnby Dv of Moscow, aim the stim of fclOU wiis about years ago, for the accomplishment of that object. But as I had not been ab'e to learn lhat the work xvas published, lect ihe following scrap, and tiarialate it foi ihebeni fil of those who that the formation of temperance siciciios, are ever sighing after what tbi'y h.ive which had been commenced in the Baltic means of happiness It may do good: if and neglecting the liich they posse so, we shiil! deser c praise: it can do no haim, so that u e thai! avoid censure1 A- tit n is to bsdlnie point of h'tppi- ne.-s fi'i nun, i.i- i ,111 jndjjc of happiness only compni isoti Those who have an cu'es- of what he most desires, appear to him most happy; but he is "really deceiv- and Sotici ;jj t FINCH, JH ass of suit b' th. IS men is just as happy, or, ippy as A rn m Hit us uu! ilifl' n nee i .y. rn I.M Git A L i AM, no me' is .-icki-i than the i ho .is- is cm b uj I1) in t- ;.o ii tfire hapjiiip Inch p i.-siou? more J. L..v. Ai nul VVu (k--.il, ,.UJ UtJiHNGTO.V, BIKCJJAIU> .t CO. F r w. Commission Merchants and Dry G uxK, II inlxviire, Provisions, -1'nni i Kisi Water and Wiscnii- W. T a II. C. TOW.SI.LIK A ion ex an.l Co'inseHor at i VniM -uillattfiKl Hi-Courts in itit-j lo be lilt' nt K.K-itii', Hack, AVnlxvoith, anei to his ed. O.i if it ill anoiher; lu> li ts siik HIM" i i (1.241 up. ,i in arid tie Tieasurcr desirrs I n ci 't jjold: am! though the pieces of i.ol.1 uL.rh In- li.u shuiilJ otittiumber ihe s.nils of the spii, vi t Unit pii ce of snU xi hich thf poor truin xxouIJ not bi; amotirr them. Uaf of a rose folded in the couch of Si lincleride, the gybaiite, is more annoying lo him than a ihorn lo Epectitus, or a burning coal to Guatemoz- en Crcesus suffer lions than Tristan I Hermitc. There is nothing so odious as envy, and nothing so slupid. "Who xvould not wish Piovinces a year or two ago, hud been dis- couraged and forbidden by the. Minister of Finance, I had many fears Itst nothing could be done for the promotion of this j ffieiii cause in this vjst empii c. It wns with such fei lings that 1 dime hither, as I have lemai Ki d, ii few weeks ago. Upon nsv iiiiiial, I found that the Tcm- lower, many of C.HI uo'V read, and i hry will communicatt to the others u hat hev learn Ivtsfioiu boolis md tracts jn this subject. Alrtady si ven "xci Iktit emperanco tracts hive be-i h puLlis'sfd 'n into the Russ, which have' produc. .1 gu.id i. Nil.--, at) lavek-d htinortds, iu difi' i> tit pl.i.'es, to n 10 drink litjuois. Since my interview xxith ili'jEuipi ior, I ,ave arianged with Count tin- Minister of the Intci ior. for the publication >f ihe Temperance El story in Class and Mnnish, as the .Emperor desiieJ me to do as it is deniable that larye editions hould be published (at least copies ;i ihe former, and 5600 in the latter) ihe um of 8600 at Insist, xvill be needed, iu tiuit an increased duly bf lujuir ul foi tho s'tppou of Ihc eminent upon foieu'n to the amount of the silcsof ihc public Km Is, as >i bounty to the manuftiit'irers, while the coosutners onld tl.i> mcieased dmv, makinsj us I Iish fte object. This sum the fi tends of t 'inpi-r'ance iu our country must furnish Vithofil doubt tlnj Riiisian govpiTiment i.iil OOP day greatly aid iu lliis giiod work perance v had not bi en I ul 1 did not think it prudent to usk this fa- This led rne to go to Moscow a? soon as j possible, to asceiiam what where ihe rea- sons xx hich had caused the delay of ils ap- xor of the Emperor at this time. Duiing stay in this cily, bt-fore I sui iiis Inipeiial Alajesiy, I met, in liule HI I iheie leained groups ol lo one hundred persons, from Dr Hnns, that various dnlicukies had t i.my who had become inten sted in liie prevetitid an. t h'jvet'if 'j'sniili Uti'H fn't thiil we slial! lax thf1 public lanJ in our j.irisdiclle'ii, he.eby dt-piiuay its of one the attii- bates of soxeteicrrily, tho life aciiun, and uf all civil govfimnciits Depiited of the poxver even tt) makeii rond or ciiual to ta'ie our piodnce to maikii (without the assent of Congi'i thf y hav< lucked up our resources deni.d us the very gifts and bounliisof Hejvrn; nr.d so vo "ill complettlv welthe ponder wiiiiour blood; thus we, with the tiuin life i hat letnains in us, save Port and magazine, arul peihaps a few of our comrades u do are only Hi' alone had to accomplish thil noble dtbign. Jn his ihiitieth year he died on the ponder which he overftowi-d with his blood. Ilisfiivtida and several of his noundi'J <-otnpanions by that means had their lives pitservtd." After this sim- ple nan-alive are tlic following words in larjre WIL- rttJ Tu gress we shall ieel Tur tleperideoce la! inability to exercise those it and fun- damental prmciplis- i.o i-sseii'.ia! to State- sovereignly. "I llicn subinit toyo'ir v. Udom sind discre- tion, the of meirioriulixinij Con- gress upon the siibj' ct of giadiialinc the price of the: piblic land, and of ci to MARRIAGE One of (he most remarka- ble fejitirts ol this extraordinaty mstitu- Uon isihesucci ssive changes it undt-i jf.jfs in the course .if ils history. When the yiumjj husbanJ and wifr first enter upon their new rein: iun, hew linle do they fore- see wtjai is bcfoie them. As they take poi- for the first lime, of their new house, and enjoy its cheeiintf aspect, in resrulari.v anil quirt, end ils expression of anticipate tho uT.ilti and vicissitudes, the ctitji and yrt iiisenn fount itns of joy and sorrow, which he in their future way t In a few yenis liow r bunged 1 One after another liasberu u-lJed iu various woys to ihe rotiipany which bi'jjun only, with two, until at length, they find ihemtfr'ves pre- siding over a rruneious circle of cbildrrfc otilv but th it aw.iiicd a i lulled another wo. id i muted to the Censois 1 iheiefore sit d perhaps more priva- M 1 tunkce, itu.l .ill .ne wi I ticpit'itiiirly iiiicndcdio. fti ferencfs. 11 jn Clii-is K William'-. Chief Judge, Vt lloval H Waller. New York. M M KMJ Mineral Toint Al W Ui.i-luiti, Ufiioit M.cli. Si-pi y.h, JulIN S M i VvT the .lore ROCKWKLL, I, It. u', wel S. L. COIIBIN, v rwa-iiius anvt Commission Merchant Also m Iron, Nails, Cflass.Salt Milwaukee, W. T. York. t' eai P II C.ulin, i Pu'D.-nn, W. Nor Imp, Oo. 1 ck J-Albany. iiCo. Griffith, 1 Co. I Troy.rc. Y. Jt Co folltli and BraiHtys, Burlington, Vt. i Mart'in, White Hall. 'oil, Kimbcrly A Co. dc Kiunman A. Co tiritfiili, Co, Cleveland, O Chesier i Co, Detroit, Mich. L. nOC'ICWELL CO. in Dry Goods, Groceries from the year ISGo, unlil the present tune, which xvas a! once translated into RUBS, and isilded to the oiinjiri il work. Having done this, and baxtngmet with the; fiienclscf the cause, in ral bath and nt fllescoxv, 1 propaied to leaxe country. This because I dreadet mate, in my infirm, or rather delicate stat of health, and because I thought tnal ihi-ru was no possibility of having an iulci- view wilh the Empetor, xvho had just le- admirution of ihe wise, like Pla- turned from a long absence in Germany, Yet Plato dired not show himself and was, sis might "be supposed, greatly oc- in ihe city; the children ridiculed him in ciipied by the accumulated cares of si'ale. the street, because lie was too broad shou! My slay had, however, made me ueCpiairU- deied: and I am much deceived if we ed with several men here, know the philosopher by any other name xvho were induced to take an interest in the than tho nickname given him by the mob. j object my visit. Among these were Who xvould notuish to cive tc a j Prince Alexander Gallitzin, anJ the minis- nation tilie Lycuigus? Yet Lycuigus tersof the Interior, and of the Domains of t mp. ranee cause, and endeavoicd to s rengLheii their hands. It xxas in imsxi er I t< prayers cjf these people, without j eixibt, that God h-s so woiideifully otder-1 1 this Many of them are living p -oofs of tlie blessi xvlnch flows fioti) liu: Slates thn I md within tl.eir ju i isdictTon. j nnd relatives, ati-1 elotneMifs the father and upon some fair and equitable [emu, that xvr may Le placed upon an equal footing the old rntl bo rrlicvi fl from that co- lonial dewradation and humiliating vassal age in the kddol 'rovcrnturnt fet- le.cft itt, i Union." JH our admission iri'o the i, e r.doptioc of ti mpeiance principles, h-iv- it g1 been rfS''tK-r] ihernse tioyer. Nor :ire these vi s fiom the dcs- the only poisons xx ho have adopted the principles of total 'sliricnce Thcte aie many in the south- THE Bi, vokBiKu'a Sosc, It is not iu ihc wild valley flanked with birch slopes. n vl stietching I ir away ihe cr.urjy mother boih involved in resportiibililies, fiom wl.ich they have altogether shrunk had they anticipated them nl the In u (Vw years this linppy cir. ch rmist Lc in upon and Death comes in and makes one anoth-" er his prey oiivjisgiadually aruvc at ma- utritv.and leave ihi ir fathei's roof to seek other liomt an 1 10 n tuin no rooie to ark which slicliertd them atlint: OIK! ut last, tin; md mother arc U fin lone. UJ.IJ lljl- lun..' 1 propaied to leaxe the I a 'tiincnce Thete aie many in the south-. I was anxious lo do, both c n pait of the empire. unJ a few m the1 d a longer stay in this cli- L iltic provinces, By the way, I havejusi _____ t the music ol ihe blackbiid floats J tosp-nd their dc clmirie al their soli- upon the evening b.-eize There yon may tarv fireside, ii-aida mosr interfiling anecdote in u-la to a distinguish! d Russian nobleman ii who was so convinced, by r the little1 Llacli snu stuck Mp tuigol that tali xvhich her.lofore l.nsbeen to look l.Av'k upon activity, und triil, and fujoymfnt, wh-it'h can never reiuiii. Such is the outline of the histo-y of th jusunds of f'.iitiilii s. SMELTING smelting' was one-oye'd, in a country where corporeal beauty passed befoie every thing else, and the Crown. All of ihese srenileimn were extremely desiious that I should remtiin hu hunj; his head upon his breast that he two or three weeks longer, and see if I miirht not be m-ogimed. Who would not wish to take possession of the new world desired by Alexander, and to dispose of it like Fernando Coitez? Yet Fernando Cortez, who conquered so many kingdoms, scarcely escaped dying of hunger in the streets. Who would not be rich and happy like a This is a foolish expression of the vulgar; for, not w go beyond the ry of France, we suppose it is King Charles VI ,to whom they allowed a clenn shirt once in three months. Would it be Charles VII, nho could not obtain credit of n shoe maker of Bourses, and who had to give up the boots -vhich he had upon his legs for want of money to pay for them Or should it be like Louis XI who had new sleeves put to bis old doublet, and who. could not have an audirnce from his Alajes tj1. The las', named of tiiesa gentlemen in particular, was deeply interested in the sub- tKit he agreed to pay the gnx crnineiit ibe j st m the ictuilers had mtdiMlakcn lo j p, y for their licences, in orde-i to have no brandy sold on his extensive esii.t- s. Thisi fa -t is" woitliy of the- best tim -s of temper-1 ai ce tflbrts in any country. Bui I Ir a few days I leave fir Denmaik and I tun e already slated. I am, yours truly, R. BAIUD. Sleighing. "Egae! I and xvh.it of it? t vonld'nt {five a sous for a sleish-ride un- le s I went like a whirlwind. Give rne a i Lluckbintfor now the as it were upon poplar. It is sxvtet strain, lojJ, but mellowed by elis t IDCP, comts upon ihe ear, pKas aril thoughts, atvl banishing care and sor- row. Tho bud h is evidently learn 'd Irs p ill by ptactice, for liu si's si dalely in f'lll ss of Ceasing ;it inti'ivals, hf> the strain, ttnhoulwcccw, old breeches lo be mended? Or should it be like Charles VIII, who left the principal officers of his in pawn, Ac., Water si reel, Milwmikee and de Com nines them, to a merchant of Lyons, for means to make a T. McELHENiNY, Beloil.Rjck Co. WiscousinTeriiiorv H W. HUBBARP, Draper Opposite Leland'sErchange Vftvt Water Milwaiikef. SHEPARDSOU, and Dealer in Iron jecl. As Minister o'f the Domains of the j fr. sty sky, blood horses, and plenty of ncxv new and very important depart-1 h d snow, Kir! I'll whistle off my fifteen menlot he has charg-eof mltsan hour, malting the old woods spin me as if they "ere running off a ret! us well as George XIII., sent his three year of ihe Imperial summer residents, (he serfs or peasmtsof ihc Ciown, who art txventy-one millions in number. Over these people it is his dcrty to watch, and he has long been desirous cf nvresiing among them ihe habit of excessive drinking. Ana he had even taken some measures te> i this most itijpottant object. Of course he was greatly interested in my visit and il was through dim.that the subject was brought before the attention of the limper- or. "The consequence was that I was in-j 1 -.-ere young, with winters like winters, viteet by his majesty to attend the sei vice of the Chapel, in the Palace at Tsarskoe-Zelo, S1 ihesoul of my meerschaum, j ii its a blessing rarely vuuchsaf 'd us m j th-se degenerate times, and when it does to make the most of it, kick care lo thy keinel, and y which the ore is smelted it i and e'lieap, when w er the value of llie metal. A pijf, or sioiiallv trace a tepetitior. of notes, the staves aie never precisely the same. You nuy sit an honroi lonaffr, nnd yeltl xvill-be continue J; nnd in the rse-igli many rival songsti'is will some- times raise ihti, voices al once, or delight you with hllt-rna e strains. Arid nmv, whai is the (impose -jf all this melody? We 8O pounds, is run off i n half. W. xverc prow nnJwwtho oUon. The of llni of the peiL-ct happiness which the '.urn is enjoying, n hen, untouched by care, conscious of security, nnd of the i his male, he instinctively pours j ,r. Ata jj cone, I've enough of the ol-l chip m hissoulin <oy, nnd gratitude and love. P'8 'hus ts He does not sii'g to amuse bis male, as the day s work amounts toIWS supposed; for he often ainss in profitable than ihe itnelung winiW, when he b not yt-t mated, lead m- n, or a hisp gone uilJ. j j.jng ,o djs feir now A Wasn't those jolly times, when js noi solitary; but he iings bccauso all hia wants a re satisfied, his whole frame 3 lojving at the distance of about sixteen miles from St. last Sabbath morning, with the view of being presented to his Ma- jesty immediately after the services. I ac- cordingly repaired thither at the appointed an Iprctly gills, such as in these would set a continent on fire? Ah! ihc world's er nting xvorseanJ worse horses do i't trot as they used havii'i snoxv en nigh now for a fairy's n? fos gettio? up your leai ing sleigh ro oties, and jo.kes, songs, soft words and fond for bowing. "Whenever a steam- i L er passes or stops at a little town, you a great oJ the population collected on ing to unile j Empiess, and' the Giand Duchesses, their by the I (I should be curio is to know what would j daughters. The Empeior, in a long inter- ve ily believe, sir, you :ould as well raise in ine days ovet Philip de view, in which I was allowed lo present'the oj.jpo lo .bed-.atfitiio-ht without the short-, ready to pwfortn this courtesy. j the subject fully to him, atone, received me j sm iking1 yon r meercbaum. Then too, the! Should it, be like Henry IV., the kindest manner, and acceded al oacej yo sngSeiloivsJ they're not ivonttf H inaraep- j to SuUy before Aniitns: "I desire to inform j to the proposal to have the History of the) di -Instead of the bafd, nmnly, open air i you of ihe situition to I am reduc-' Temperance Satieties published ik the ex of their along One or two, tike fualprnen, go through this m.anoeuvre by aniiripstioa, if.jatttling ithc figure head: then the vwel rangesa- bngside, goes the of the best sign a dry goods merchant ea raise in the west in order to a ready, sale for his goods is "NOT MARRIED." Atlas. The suggestion U pretty not go far enough. The written upoo a sipn in a New England was better: "Dry Goods, By John Blgelow; who to crt TAitfign drew cuftorn. TIW tingle Indies -vent, of course; i f.i r rud att der ibe

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