Tuesday, October 20, 1840

Milwaukee Sentinel

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Milwaukee Sentinel (Newspaper) - October 20, 1840, Milwaukee, Wisconsin VOL. TV. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, V OCTOBER 20, 1840. JNO. 16. MILWAUKEE SENTINEL irenr TUISOAT EDITED HARRISON REED d annum, advnnce. Cents in addition will invariably aU subscriptions not paid within six the or subscribing, and One If BM paid within the year. or per square lines or under) for the fir.t insertion, Jr> for every subsequent insertion. fVAU left without specific will inserted until forbid and charged j T. fJT'Stt or advertisement discon- mra.il all arrearages are paid, unless at (he ifce publisher. addressed lo this office must come to receive attention; and all orders must be aoeotapanied with the money. P. A. WINOF1ELD, at Law and Solicitor IE Chancery, Reloit, Wisconsin. LEONARD P. CHARY, t'.'ifiry and ConirMlor at Law ami Solicitor in Ch: Block, Milwaukee, lOy FBAXCIS Am -nrf at Law, anil OommisMrmer in taVa it M. at LTW, nnd Genera] Milwaukee, W T _ 5 UNCERTAINTY OF LIFE. BY SISHOP Beneath our feet, end our I Is equal warning ufl lie Ibe cout Ab.iis us In benren. Deuth ride) an every p using breM He luika In every flower, Each season hath Us cvn lid penla every hare seen th rosy KfM Of youth's toft decny, And fate descend m si> Men mjlit, On manhood's sutid-n Our eyes have seen tl e of Halt feebly toward ine louib, And yet shall r.ii'fh ou hearts engftgo And to come 1 Turn, rnontil turn' th t danger know, Where'er thy foot can tread, The earth rings hollow from below, And tbee ot tier deed J with glowing count nances and bright eyes and sweet smiles. Depend upon it, there is noiuing like a sensible, good naiured romp of a country who will play "hide and and "blind man's wuh you, but who would cuff your ears in indignation should yon address her in language which more refined ladies j would listen to wilh complaisance. Dur- I ing ihe process of husking, if a re I ear of corn is found by any of the ladies, she is liable, to receive n kiss from some of the company. She, of course, hands the ear to her favorite beau, who readily under stands the signal and acts accordingly The red cheek is sure to be redder before he leaves it. After ihe task is finished, the company adjourn to the gopper PRESERVATION OF HEALTH. StrrroN told a dory of a certain ROCHESTER, NEW VORK.1 The editor of fhe York Commer- physician who gave four rules for cia' Advertiser, wfco has recently been per- J reservation of health. When he egrinatingprttty extensively in the Empire bjitaoks were sold: one, which was said Stale, Hoch -.v- i... To truths divinely given The bones that underneath He, Shall live for hell 01 lie iven m ;-n 1 Counsellor at L''W n ml Solicitor Chanrerv, Milwaukee, T, it H> P. 1 it T.M- Y, Oxford, X. Y P P r n Mi'dicincs, P.tinN, Oils, Pve Ihe Sniffs, Ac. Water ink 2mfi H i f" t Medicines, Pnlty. '.ID-, live Woixls, Gl ss, TV, Pve RtufTa, Iri n, i' I'ainn, Si ilion rv.sf nf and WiscimMi. stii'ets, Mil- If T flir.DV, M 1 r..rw, 1C Ik. HIO POIIH, s. f'i'itt WiMoti'iti and ti ,t sr'i'M y in st h i AM RINK X J1 COMPANY Wi-'-n- MII VIKVI, t pd Jo t'i- i- i Milu i'ac _ P IJN St' A> fl- r b v ir. C M V I I i- i raocKr.n A at M il w, i 'i H 11 Kfll, FINCH I, J1 i Ri .'H'l -i i r, T >i I r .lllistll.ll e. G't Ai Luv J K AK.VOI.P, 111 C 11 n' THE KIND OI.U I'RICMJLY FEEMNOS. BY CHAHLI j SWA1K. The kind old frienrfly We have jbeirsnii t yet, Though and yetitihavc parsed, old friend, 8'nre thou and 1 la t met' And of gray 1 Luie'a advance -Spems in thy tadmg e Yd 'i is the same good h' 1 in grne by Ere Ehe kind oh! Incii'tiy teelinga Had ever brought M6 j The old 'ricndiv f e'.rgt! An JQ lold No oil er can hind ae heart Luc cho e loved li iksul old) Thy hand 1 jo> in VOL h r. clasp, Tin1 loucli of nje jitiy miiow, Yet 't 11 the tiat" euut1 h' iuy Cfl ionu a o C ko luotnmg drcauia Deioio Tnnli'ti st ray, Ball liept tiic km i old THE HUSI.1NG PARTY. Faiewfi[ ihejuih hu n.f 'iiic uierry a'ter b titea VS hi u icuJuii pud tun; smoked beside A (.11111 bem G Wiillier We like 10 n i-ur oc c isioiuliy to the cus <uid ji.isiKiKS of oui Hndatuis Tdik is iiuy of me g.iy in.isqui'iuclt', urij tlie itiit- bull -v lit K- biauiy, .aid elf- ,nid i tint iin 'U float n the d it (ice. ia tut toil iniisU', hue ihf lovi ly citaliutia ut a Uuutii l hi- i inbuJied spu us of jov, and <in I HHJMC u ho is iheie tlut tid u UK UN nfoih- etit liaud in h.uitt know Ilia ihisi- ippr.u1 rude ;tnd fuibid II U 'J'OWSI.! l <u I .i nil v M ill 'i He I1 ut tlocl. ill .-I! I' i-iu or C i II v it I1 i Wi. hi'ot h, int tin uMcJ to I bo .it I'tulrclto. If Cii K Ctiii fJinJuc, Vt Kov.il Ii W.illor Ni-i Yi ik. MDM-N M Si K-q Mineral Point M liiu-liiiul, D-tiDil, Mich. 1 V'.'i nf v nn I at JIIK! Soli C-iiirl .u MailiMin, i1- Ter. bi-iii enlr istod lo dire receive his Khi.rn, Nov. 1, JOHN S. ROCKWLLL, .irilHSTH ovfT the stoic of L. Uockwell Co. i I nol Un u a l> l.i nee upon iin s i i linn a w IK n tj u uai luhie s> '11 IV. ilt ti tl VH U liny tlul the st nubilities ol the uUtsol ihc pitstut g-i ni iritiun be i, iirlu d Jt th. biiK id( .1 oi a quilling fiol- ii p.si in or a husliinir jiii i u The ty takts ice HI ihose t' bi iglu i in.i js of uuiimm win n the n.i i uiu I) IS u [i trnong ibe st n s, uud tile -Mi.rns Un lulls, ihe old foiest 11 ei s .m bi ii.'hUiinjo in us bumtiliil illu A gUiiip of h.ippy and kmd- i In h( ins.s, ill s iiiul seses, fiom tin iiu yuinin; oil 1 dmvn lo ibe y-hoir- i d did iiiiin, .no us i rubied uiOiind the fi nits i i th< ir IK ighboi ni.liisn lorifj tmd ii. ai'y piti s of coin, giithertd fiom the (it Id u ith its c ivt'i my rf htuks The liolt1 l< njftli of the imple bain floor is lirnd uiih huske s, u bo, nfte r a ff w pie- Intiirj iiy joke-s, Ixi.jkt' ibuiistlves zealous- ly 111 ill! M l.isk. The pi t st nee of femuli s in snrh a gi oup uill no doubt, b'% objected to But loie? Ask the grey-haired if, in lite days of his hiyhooti, it deermd iinptoper, or inc. nsisttnt with dignity ami delicacy of their characti r, for fe- male companions to join their btotheis and ihe ir neighbou, mini evening's nniusemf ni of this riuliire. Thty would smile at ihe idea of impmprii ty. The assimbly is not one of stuingeis, where doubt and nppre- hf nsion must seitl every lip and ftttet arate for their respective homes. But the genuine husking parties, we grievelo say it, are now rarely henrd of They have tost the spirit which enlivened false refinement has broken in upon cheir pleasant amusement; nnd bright eyes and fair hands no longer figure at a husking. THE RIGHTS OF WOMAN. B7 WILT.IS GiYLORD CLARK. As the whole comtnuniiy is agitated wiih measures adopted to assc-it the rights and advance the interests of the laboring mitn, it wo'ild be well to consider fore mo- merit the cl.iims of industrious worn, n There is n strange, anit ci ui I mockeiy in the conduct lords of fifMtion to the They are fond of in fxtiavagfint tenns of the PVf lienrfi of I'.omrfii. d ipurt nnJ ffaz< bfip-lissly itpon the smisg-li-, u ith htlle In her or her little nuts, thesiiuv hapirnnl u-hich ni.iy Till in her HJV She is still ns in old n lime, ii gleanpi in the hanett of life iind though her irsp.msibiliiii s me <cjual of man, she is expeeud to supply her wiints pirinim all her ditties upon ihe rnisernblc pittance which the reupi r trfccitain very valuable precepts of health, which the bidders were not permitted at a high price. When the pftrt laser got it home, he was at first dis- at finding that il contained noth- iBg nore than four simple rtilft; but, on er consideintion, he was restored to a of health to which he had been long and often of the old pjhy icinn's book naihe cheapest and most valuable purchase he ever made in his life, Thf rules were ihe head ol Keep the feet warm. Take a light er. Rise early." A v orcl or two on each will show this. 1 "Keep the head cool." All tight ban lages on the head are very hurtful, es- pee ally to infants. The less of any kind tha is "worn on the head, by day or by nig 11, the belter. Childien whose hair is ke; t thin, nnd w ho sleep wnho'ii nightcaps, are far less likely lo catch infectious dis- eas than the of chiklien. the bead persons must avr id every kind of excess, and maintain moJeiation m every pursuitand in every plusnre. The giertt eater and the great diiikei have a bti iiinsj fosehead aii( cloudy bruin. The passionate man am the intrinpeiatf nrestianijeisto henhh, leaves behind as tm to be as iiell as to Sirj ly mind. Even'oohnrd s and burning head. health when pfopl relish for food late in LUOI.VGTON, BIROHARD CO. anil CdinmivMon Merchant's, and nml Retail Dealers in Grorenes Crockerv, ll.trdware, Provision1-, Ac. Corner of Eist Water nnd n streets, Milwaukee. W T. 49 '2 ling sod Commission r in Iron, Steel, Nails, Glabs, Sail Milwaukee, W. T. strtRtncff. Callin, 1 Putnam, New York. Daniel W. Northnp, J OarterACo 1 Peck Co. V Albany ft j <I P. Oriffith, I. H Hooker Co. Troy, N Y P. Corn sloe It Co.l J) Pollen and Bradleys, Burlington, Vt. Corasrock A Martin, White Hull. Cuii, Kimberly Co. 1 A Evans, Buffido. KinamnnACo. J OntGih, Standard Cfo, Cleveland, O ly movement, bin of those who have lived sne if. all tO'jeiher aschildieri of one family, nnd b.'.vej o HOIjii ness of m in to woman. It be admitted that man is gentle and .ifTeciinmto lo those of the o'hcr SPX who rnav be rf latcd to him. Sti.'inire if he ueie not. How iinnatiiial would be the th it would n quite mother's pains, a ife's solicitude, ;i r's tenJer- rif is. n ith h ushrnss How stiantjely cold and heniliss must be the bosom which, not only insi risible to ihe lov. Itness, pen- tlrmss, and pinny of should .ilso piove alirn to the In s of n.ituie Man not been for the neci ssities of his being foibid it. But vvKiit bus he done for thai poition of the sex cit d hiins1 lone, the What support or ni dots the widow hei flock of little ones or the unpio- tected oiphiiri or ihe aoed and fiicndlfss fernnle, leciive fiom man? Hi-u is her labor are her tighismain- an resigned to compleie 'aitied Wh if ticouiaCement do tho laws Those who eat a hoaity supper general- extend to support isofil-rrd by ly have distuibed, uni asy sleep, and awake champion springs tonh in jla late hour, languid and drowsy, fe< ble, her ciinse1? sullen, nnd irrilable, wilh a burning fore The sturdy laborer complains lhat his j hend, cold fea, nnd a disinclination to food uases are low, and thousands in a moment' and labor and JdMMHfei- him but the Most l.iboiins tnpn, however, are obitg- supeiior nssiduity ed to conten' themselves at mid day with a tithe of tho wage's slight rrfieshmrnt which they can carry ts with them, and depend on reluming'home no to their principal meal when labor isdone means. Arr her orphans moie" readily or In this case, ihe meal should be quite rea- cheaply sustained than the childrtn dy for ihem on iheir return home; and liibonr? Of coin se they are not. Ytt they should not go lo bed clireclly on ealing ibi-fed warm To do ihis act vily and exeirisp arc neirjsirv, thnt all ih( VMIIOUS ciiculations of UIR body may he proppilv on C'JIP beta k- i 10 avoid g k'et propel ly uami, namely, ni (deration, activity, and calmmss of tem- pi r. An iotempeiale, an indoUnl, or an il -tempered person, is heallhy; at d -at it is in the power of eveiy one lo a- vnirl such virinus hnbits, and even to resist n d break ihem off when acqnind, in that S' rise and to that degiep, every is the d rposer of his own health, and has to an- It is a sign baie the the dav nnrj ihe ii diligence of that iiretrutarnppetitr tends t' increas0 the evil Foi merly it was the f. shion, though a veiy bad one, lo eut sub j dntial, and often Itixniious supp' rs. There as then a common saying: "After dinner t while, Aflcr PIT w.illt n m In this homely distitch there is much wisdom One moderate hcaity i "-eol of animal food daily is sufficient foi iiouiishment, and conducive to he.ilih. Af- ler'akinff it, a short period of comparative epose is desiiable, but not the total repose if sleep. After that, srveial hours of ac- ivity, and then a slight repast, such as ill jot "require nuiclj exercise or the digestive Dowers, when the, uhole system ought lo .IT for nifling; u ith it. 3 a light supper." widow and rtc of the- who strikes for her hei t.'.boi Uss useful or necessaiv itiel each othei, t all times, and al all pin-1 the kitchen or in the H-nh s uid to !oil unceasingly, and re piiuince, which if qnadiup I bi.'spumed by a man laborer fn Id or the woiLshop, with the same frank smile of welcome. And piay where is the harm of miith and pleasantly, temp "i ulas they are liero vi tih pure, unstudied natural There can be none. The parlies hsue not mingled in the hol- low world, and leained lo tamper uiih ihe it, but employ themselves for an hour or two on some moderately active putsuit, which, bi ing; of a diffVnnt nature fiom their daily labor, will come in as nn agiee- h.tps, ihii twelve boms' laboi ts loo much to i tiis Heiculi.m ftame, and he strikes toi the HUH luiifitmn of his condilion. Tht ss is clamorous in support of thu pooi laborer oiaiois and politicians espouse hi- ecter in et his This vigorous young eitv, is eveiybody enjoy son unrivalled celebrity on accoimt of ili wheai and flour trade. Col. Stone that the fall of the river within the city limits, is about two hundred and sixty feet; and that no other 'own in the woild where there are to many flouring in ills, construe- led "upon 30 large a scale, and built with inch expense and solidity." These mills when all in ino'ion, manufacture about barrels of flour require for this purpose nearly bushels of wheat. Of one or two of the largest of them, and their mode of operation, the following V1 5" t "Two of these grenl Jfiouriny mm have visited, nnd examined from the water- wheels to the machinery in ihe attick, viz: the mill of the Messrs Beach, and that of Mr. H.irvry Elj. The former is, I am told, the latgest establishment of ihe kind in the United Slates, having; sixteen runs of stones. Mr. Ely's however, I be- is considered as in all nsptctsap- psoaching the ntarest to peit'tction of any of them. The rituation is upon ihe enst bank of the i ivf r, a few rods the i and fifty pars the Smouot property m the non chrtrterMHimits of that assessed at the jw.lw of 99.0UO and was owned by UK) The whole amount of tax levied Then tho place was infested by wolves, and rewards weiw offered for tlltif extermination, whole number of three twenty-six the bff of was but Nreatf A AgSUfee popuUlion was boat Now h is one of the Rrst IB world. The of the riVerp is tier TF venue; ond is a mart of nations. has brfoinp Crownlhsr city, whose merchanls are pn'n- ces, whose honoiabl-jof the eurih rsta duct. It stinds upon the edge of ihe canal. and has either nine or twr Ive runs of stonrs, (I foigtt which) and ihe whole edifict1 seems to be almtist BS fn'l of ry as the Cdso ot it nrid ihis mj< hinery s< sms to be of il e most complete arid per- f ct character. For insiance, a boat laden wuh wheut mav be of ihe mill the wheat hoveled into a chain of as- buckets, and can if d tlnough eve- ry pi ores! of ci vho has liibored the day in (he loom or on the shop board. 4. "Rise early." Nothing is more conducive to health and excellence of eve ry kind thnn earty rising. All physicians and lively, frank hearted youth beside her. have no sentimental and novel-borrow- ed nonsenso cradle wilh her feet. The sun rises an sets upon her and Ihe stars almost fade fror; thesky, before, with a fevered and exhaus! ed frame she sinks upon the couch. Bit agree in this; nnd all persons who have attained a good old age, in whatever par- ticulars tbev might differ from each, other, bave been distinguished as early Some persons require mare sleep than oth- ers but it be laid down as a general rule, that there is no grown person to whom the cooling chambers, into which il is ihiovvn arid spi'-ad for coolinjj. As it be- comes cool, il cani'd out by machineiy. and bioiiQhi cofll, superfine flour, and picked, as 1 before degciibcd." Tnrs ol the editors of ihe Picayune writing home, under date of Chi- c igo, August 17th, holds foith thus: happened alone in good season for a phasam ride bdween Peru and ibis place The one hundred milts, is across a beautiful succcss-im of prjniis, ,ind in dry weather, as was the cnse whi n we came along, the roads were smooth as a house floor. The of the bi-st Troy mnnufacuiie, theteatns exctMerit, arid were it not for a rascally bad bieakfaet we had on the route the trip nould have n extra agreejble Here wasa tavern keep, er who cave stewed salt codlish and fii( d beef for brtMktost, the latter as dry as the casings of jn Egyptinn mummy three ihou- sand years old, and tough enough for boot taps, when the prairie chickens were run- ning-about um.er his feet and delicious pick- led white fish could be obtained- fora mere song They send a man to the penitentia- ry for conniei'Viiinsr money, why nolnmke il an indictab'e off( nee for counterfeiting keeping tavein? Both are impositions up- on tho public, nnd 1 see but htlle difference in ihe criminality. This route to Noah, via, St. Louis and Chicago, is destined to bo one of more general travtl. All that is now wanting is than chsunrter atir] pi oplf yd livirm. can uiiinnhcr jjrHin fields wii.it is linn- c t.cof onrci'y, and h ri mu niir pipti. I ition did moie th.it of iti-tny of thf vitla'jps u' pi rsput stn IIP, c nrp col! if s lihi ni's, coll. rriotis of an, vvoit1 v the ol lift rf Europe. bat- anrjinf nct'i'ijiiis M ith HIT com nt, Wf find n our btor in mrdicdl discovpiy, in immriil philokoihy, in the arts, As to ihe Inner, after jriviriir to nnd the worlJ the tmrroilal Fulton to tho properties nnd of we not .it this moment s> ndinjront from the work- shops of our Noriiieg and loco- moiivpsond other appliances to the and to England? OUR A correspondent ot Bostmi rfccritly paid a visit (o Phil.id. Iphia Mirt. "I could S''e enough to conrincp me of the t iiith of (be assertion of my conductoi-, (hat improvemtnisof the new e-ry over the oitt were lo an extent increHi- ble and that ihf degrt-e of petfection which has been ettnincd, wai such ns nl- most lo forbid ihr id .-a of the possibility of f.nther irpprovriT'nt. rrT-Hincrr "f strtmpingand millinsr the only om in opciation, butihtU niibled (a farm some ide i of the beauty, rr gulji iiy, pel feet I sstiffs, rapidity and nbsenfeof inilivi.lu.il labor, which chaiacterise all the mnrhineiy of the- place. Formerly the of siamping snd milling was tedious and painfully laborious procets. By the aid of ths> feai'e invention mm, the whole business -s now cariird on with entire absence of real labor, nnd a rupidity that alumsifxcei ds belit f. The m.'ichim-iy bv which the operation is formed, al- though, from 8 to 10 horse power, (I for- got iheexHCt does us work with such an entire absence nf noisp, that would not b'- awaie that you were in room, although whhin three f. rt -Y i: did you not see it in operation; the rapidity with which thr half dollars, stamped on both sides by a single were j out at the i ate of froin 40 to 50 in a minute, sffmiti more like the work of ma- gic than of art While in tho building, was shown n number of new coinajjc, none of which have, as yet been issiti 1, AmeiicHn duller It is of a smalK r di tji sn him'to bring iho picnirnal l.iid out hefnre'lhe HppoinifJ ti.ne. Th" (he jippriirif in nt; :ind itisleiiJ of near Ttie place has surf' ted I otn 20'J, r cc ivid 400 futin ihf the times, bet inipiorcmenia are ttill (0 w hf ntitna and sddrcft on." thp fjii Jjfly tvlmsf frsttitti't hf hdd copied. (V afterwards thf Princes dm rtt Oca growth and nd s.-ni nn order to to prosperity of this country has been great nujt ihe cr.nrtiy. The mmshul, n.i b> in ff and rapid wuhouta parallel m the history with diiuiipnintmrnt, of the world. Within a single lifujiime. Danish, d ilv niiisi fiom bit! within the memory of many yet living, ptinCPss haj become warm nHlronm." this nation has gained in population, wealth and enterprise to an extent never realized unonnn-iy.'incp grrtt' or dreamed of by any nation in ancient or ft than a Immgint', prying, Chewier A Co, Detroit, Mich. irasof their arcrstors; and consequently, j J0g and unable to dem.md her the vicissitudes of alternate lisjht and sh.idows, are rnei without thai hitler disappoinlrnen' which follows soclostly L. ROCKWELL CO. Dealers in Dry Goods Hardware. 'Jr >ckery, Milw.-iuUee upon the dreai.is of the romantic and idle about her beautv and their chivaliy. as hrnvetfr em ly that may be enlerpi by tip sc.ind.il m onf p act-to io another; 'fro n By steadily pursuinsr this plan for a few! compelitioti in every niaiku of ihe wot Id j, who ioft-stj erfry tavern, jfrocf ry. and of bee i days. at ti frw wei ks, a habit ill by generous insiituiions. isely fice, every nn-l who. at every that na-'ed and cheerfully obey-d by liberal frequents, t. Us till MW or tward out vnncesto men of all climes, and bv the the-lust; hi- whom il a de. Ah-ihere is mirth, life nnd jollity in H.ile to say that share of the adv.mtdsjes lhat re1 bbor, must corismi to be ,is shr the and slave of thw who pra e be Require) of t.ik.n- J'.st ihe that na- ture requires, and regularly out j j of OOP sound sind refieshinsj sleep io npw benignity of GOD'S Providt shining cent mm to jrwtt i- visor ami activity; and ihis h.ihii is. upon her fiom cloudless ski-s, that her away, font, or ihttme away, whrwe mighty youth been nurtured intoalmott iiy and .Framtuch Cnrnpr of and Kast your genuitu- husking paily The riustt-' ziri'-ss aiew on people-; il begins in c( h ihoroujrhly formed it would he no less d is ITan-rsir-ets, Milwaukee. ers ply their tongues'as busily ns tluir w.-bs .-irid ends m ch .ins. I h.ivs exp. r- agreeable, than uselfSi and mjtn ions, for excfsstre jrmuness. P' nitt-miiry ----------------T McELHFNNY-----------------' htlntl9 whilp their ienced, (he observed) that the bmi-. wrh a person, harm? once beheld the! The rapidity with which of the Titlor.-Brloit.'RockCo. WisconsinTenitory task, Sto.ies are are sung ness a man his. ihe more he r dble lo r e- j bright rooming snn, to turn on his pillow have rearhi-d their preii-nt from woidsarrspo- complish he learns to ecnnoinize his tinejiand my, "A hiiie more a little more; wealth ani splendor, ol, tneir H. W. HUBBARD, I and Tailor, OppositeLelaad'sExchange, ken. Iroagmeto yourself, reader the sight itbatisa takmcommiued to every on? j slumber, a little more fotdingof the hands romance nan of history. New York may i of a long row of healthy lookiig girls, 1 and for the use of which you acceti it. tt Bleep." i be tonoed as an trample. Oat haadrtd New York may i dent tatttaiiaa KrtT wa dehwrtd.

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