Wednesday, April 30, 1856

Milwaukee News

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Milwaukee News on Wednesday, April 30, 1856

Milwaukee News, The (Newspaper) - April 30, 1856, Milwaukee, Wisconsin VOLUME i SHARP PDBUSIIER AND NELSON ATTOBNEf AT Will practice in tbe several if record in the city of in the S opreme Oburt of this and in the District and Circuit of the United fif Particular attention paid to collection of claims from TBB HARDWARE BY ON WEDNESDAY sao WATER AND MAIN STREETS l T7PH AM GRAHAM at SOLICITOUS IK 2 Wisconsin New Law OF has this day entered into partnership with his son John They will practise in the District Coort of the and in the several o this is Commissioner of Deeds for all the f Office East Water MUwan itanury SMITH L A W YE 11 8 t KNEELANDS j of Rathbono IE WEST fSTBRN ASTERN EAGLE AMERIOAN truing National ited Young AffD A FULL AS30RTHEST OF x Parlor rOHSALE AT Albany adding By t 153 East Water TO I HAVE ON HASD FOR SPRING A ikrpo stock of well assorted builders which I nSer at low a foil assort ment of carpenters of eveiy A large supply of locks and latches just comprising rr ir5 163 East Water deoll6m JOHN DEL OF POBTAGI j COUNSELLOR SO WUljpraotice in the State and tbe Courts f the United ce with Joshua fcorner of fcorne I A ILARGE STOCK OP RAILROAD WHEEL and for in any by tire jnannfaeturors agent apt 15 153 East Water AND BACK ON for tale by 153 East Water Main nnd Wisconsin docSy TALMIE TON FADIER St VOX Attorneys and Counselors at Will Practice ia the District Court of ftp United and in the State j 3 declSMy TEIACY ilomttopathic Phvticians and A Houue pathic medicines of all for the snppljr of phy riciana nnd kept on ml 4 DIGrHTON AT10UXEYAND AKP j Solicitor in 4 uncuu East Water Uorney and i Ouicc in Jntrin over Albert Smiths Jus tice 22T EAST WATER Otrr tkt Peopltt STEWART ATTORNEYS A2fD COUNSELLORS AJT Ill Eatt Water FRANCIS iTE IK DIOEXEXAK8 HAB Jnncau East Water ATTORNEY AT EIST W4TKB auglStf ARCADE LAKIN TTORNEYS AKD COOKSELLORS AUD SOLICITORS JN UJiceKittys of Sa Water angSO JOHN Attoinej and Connsellor at LUDINGTONri S Water CAPITAL I NELSON jy23 WESTBHN 13 14 Courtland NEAR j WESTERN MERCHANTS AND Business Men will find thin House illijll one of the mort convenient stopping placci in the j i WDfCHESTERJ CORNER OF HURON AND And Clote to the Steamboat Landing PROPRIETOR Board only ONE DOLLAR PER and Passengers taken to or from the Rail Road or Bed Keys BY WHICH BEDSTEADS Can bo put up in half the time required in usineitho ordinary For sale by i 153 East Water Carpet AfcOOD WITH STEEL if or sale by aprla I TAIt AlLARGE OVAL And For cale by 15J East Water SPRING 185 Webster WHOLESALE DEALERS IN AFD WESTJWATEn TITOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM THEIR T V customen and the pnUip that wo are receiving large additions to our already stpok of WDfES and for quality and ia without example in this Thank fnl for past we shall strive so to conduct our as to induce a continuation of the and pledge onrsolvos to give to every one who pur chase of us the worth of his Our o j I9IPOBTED LIQlfORS and to all who giro ua a we chall offer them at euch prices Mean not fail to Among our I 0 may be found the foUowinx brands DUPUY t COGNAC do do do do to do do do do do jLONDONDOCK do do do do ARZAC do do do jDNITED do HOLLAND our own and which we will gnaran AJso i American at New York Old Croixand New England Peach Irinh and Monongabela and Rectified by the i single or one hundred 1 fevery RE and Pure Juice Harris White Sautemes LONDON a large quantity of Brandies and Wines in of various p25 WEBSTER LIQUORS LIQUORS SELIANCE DECKER SEVILLE ANDABECON ttautly ilanufacturing to CASTINGS FOR SAW AND GRIST g Caps and and Building Work gcn BlacksmithiDg and ilachino Work done op short notice and in a man Stationary Engines nuulo on Short OuS Stock of FRENCH BURR will al ways be found to be the largest west of New York Comprising the latest Hill Dutch Ankor Brands of Bolting Clothj large iuyjily to select They also manufacture and have for wleajiupcriorlotof Parlor and Box prill be Warranted in all case for any article in our Line A personal examination our is DECKER Agents a d Manufacturers of WHOLES1LS DI1LR IM IMPORTED LIQUORS Double Constantly on hand at the lowest K AST WATER BAKER I iWlolnalt in roctificrs of a superior article of I kAST WATER WHISKY by tbe singlo or one hundred harreli aonsUntly on EDWIN RAY for the State of Wisconsin of Ibe celebrated Engene Clicquot cut iron and Sutrr which tbo Xiniing com nanity are invited to exemine undoubted refer mees Etc be eiven for aigli PFISTER I and dtalen Eatt Wattr Vfor auglS CIGARS l CIGARS CIGARS 1 WHOLESA E AXD 207 EAST WATER TECOMSIENDS HIS LARGE STOCK OF CI He receives new supplies ri am supplies of Havana xnd Domestic Cigars every and all kinds of Tobacco for Cifrar Being con nfected with Jianufactnrcrand Import er ai New lean sell at York wholesale and cheaper than any other store in tbe The finest assortment of imported from Ho rana and other always on Dont forgetJO East Water ocW JEWELRY MUSIC HENRY HAS REMOVED HI3 JEWELRY itoro from corner ot West Water and Spring to 223 EAST WATER occupied by u a real estate nearly oppoii te the Walker He has fitted up the above Store in an elegant and wiH keep the best assortment of f Plated and Silver of every ever exhibited in this He respectfully invitea to visit promising that satisfaction shall ho given inavery i AU Warranted at i All kinds of repairing done on short None but ilo best workmen I Having secured the above elegant and central stand for a term of and intending make it a permanent hewould respectfully solicit the patronage of bis fricndi and the public feeling assured ihat they would find it to their interest to call before purchasing Rantmhtr the Water Slrtit Nearly opoosite tbe Walker jan24 VAN COTTS Jewelry NORTHEAST CORNER EAST WATER AND WISCONSIN STXEE IIS OLD AND WELL TRIED JL ment is as in full tide of prosper i Thestockof new and and the prices so favorable at to make the place favorite and desirable retort tor cnon all sexes and i The Stock is the largest and moit desirable ever brought to the Western F NEW GOODS of our own importation and which wBl be told to the trade at the Jobbing MERCHANTS AND PEDLEB8 will do well to before going or purchasing r Among this stock may be found a full assortment Pailour or Saloon TOST A SMALL ASSORTMENT fj of theabove named together with the apa and Ball for the These Pistols are not only serrlcable u a weapon of but are ad for target The Powder and Ball aro oil and tho Pistol canbo charged tn the wmo space of time required to place a Cap on ha ordinary There is noise or attending the at same time the ball ia thrown with sufficient force fo do great As this stylo of Pistols u only made with of no difficulty will bo experienced in procuring the to fit We have also on hand a large stock of Bobbins A Law Whitneys and othor styles of Revolvers and of cheaper all of which will be sold tof call and examine our I mar2S HENRY NAZRO A PAPER i DRALEBS IN AND FINE Of every NUMBER UNITED STATES 2 Martina enU for the Royal and Kent Mills Cnp and Ledger Agijnu Jesrap 4 Ijiflins Woronoco llilUi Ledger eger UR STOCK rs THE LARGEST IN THE and being we are enabled PLATEDj VfttST A ASSORT J ment of Silver Plated Table and Dessert Knives and Forks Butter Oyster of the best for sale low by HENRY NAZRO A TOST A LARGE AND WELL SE tl lected stock of which we offer fursalo at low wholesale orretsiU marts HENRY NAZRO i A TONS WHITE LEAD for sale by 1U marl HENRY NAZRO 4 A A BOXES 8 by and other PitU 1 burg and French Glass for alo by UE1NRY NAZRO A marl TJ1V K BOXES assorted Tin 500 bdls commpn and Ibr sale by mart HENRY NAZRO A 1 fiAA 500 bdls commpn and Sheet Iron Sheet Lead Bar An Babbet Pig Copre Iron Brass and Annealed si Iron and Tinned Rivet for sale by marl HENRY AZRO A and flnnd for sale by t HENRY NAZRO A BREECH LiOADIXG A SPLENMD article for tale by j HENRY NAZRO A marl To t and Cpbol rom the most celebrated safest patterns of i ft Atsoth of every WATCH GLASSES AND MATERIALS also WATCH of every i The subscriber is thankful for past and nesU puUic decUl MISCELLANEOUS PAPER HAIMCING Has just received a splendid assortment of WALL 1 WILL SELL CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE IS THE CITYf LOUSE AND SIGN PAPER k Artists Colors and p 267 MAIN i BETWEEN ST3 i DEAEERS 0f PRINTING AND WRAPPING J3 waenttfor celebrated frixliny jlrnich are sold at Manufacturers The Price in CaA paid for Jlagi I PETER first Door north of siu MiJTFACTUKEBOPAWDDKlLrSDJ LOOKING PICTURE AND PORTRAIT OF EVERY iiHASON HAND A CHOICE SELECTION f FRENCH MIRRORS in ornamented Wisconsin Steam Planing Mill AKD Blind Door Third above the Passenger Depot of the Mil waukee i Mississippi FT framed which he is enabled to aellatSewYoTkpri Willow and Bed Compmi Charts and Printa mounted and dcrn and f cleaned and Frames Old All iork ciecnted in the most my31 LWAUKEE SOAP SPRISG ARE MANUFACTtTRTNO A NEW lrmd to which we in vite tfte attention of Dealon We ilBohfte on hand first qnality winter Bleached WHOLESALE GROCERS AKD is6 EAST WATER STREETJ TTfTODlD CALt THE ATTENTION 0 V V City and Country to tbei large and well selected stockof i CARRIAGE AND ORBfAMGNTAL glazier Paper Hanger pOmTOR OF WOOD A FEW DOORS ABOVE THE MARKET lOd at lowest Alterations Tuade on the shortest T V oct23 TpIlE SUBSCRIBERSrARE PREPARED TO may itand in need ofi Bafeguard for their ujd other u a perfect security ajrainst all the depredattons of i A v March PCRD PHOTOGRAPBIC TSB iLLUT STJCCESSFtftj would respectfully inform tied and lic that we hare refitted cur twteunia neat and tasteful and made othe ar turn better its grouiiw Fatcnt AinlirOtTpe o Water will meet with promptSttmUdri M Md iBfofmi ciOieiu that will mall BRIDG EBBOTRE the ihortert SUBSCltlBERS HAVE ERECTED AN 1 extcnjive with all the modern ii provcmcnU in for tho purpose of man ufacturing anu keeping on every description for the full completion of and arc now prepared to furnuh every variety of PANEL DOOR AND IWings for 40 different B of suitable for and every itylo of inside finish of and Steam J Scroll sawing and ad kinds of Packing Boiei made to i Having Introduced the celebrated Norcrou Plan IK into this department of oto whichfor superiority of execution tn every description of As well as in the manufacture of o Ir i and Saving all ffio advantage of the best Machinery in our several branches of busi and being also practical we are pre pkred to furnish work at as cheap and If not suncnor in to any similar establish ment in the r Our work is made of seasoned and war ranted to that made by The inspectMm and patronage of the public are reipectfully CONWA i GAS Steam Pipe 201 Eait Water opposite B traBBwalGNEOHEREBYINFORMTHE ublio of JJilwacko K sortmcnt of Pendan racets on from Cornelius 4 which thebwtffituresin the tTntted States VTe hope to merit feljow oititeni by prompt and careful attention to our r ocu of particularly lay W In a large stock of the thickort Ice overcut during the ujaton at of f l will bg required quarterly in ad by 1 i j IvIUIVflgit TlTtiM for tte deUierr of manypoiijjds at a ttipu flofei and sii M until a BLOUNT BRIGHAMJ RBODCCE ASD COplSSlOS BERCflASIS Acer if RaU Road tho Gran and dealer in Bercx Grind i RKmfflixCEa i W Durand t A IPS A j octal Challenge MANUFACTURED BY Hornbach WISCOXS1S WE ARE NOW ilANCFACTURINQ ALL sizes of these favorably known a spec imen of which was recently subjected to a severe tent and in the language of tho Committee appointed on the severer one than ever given this Report of tbi j J his being certainly the most reliable Safoin tliU persons in need of t bis article wilt find ittb their interest to examine onr slock before bnyinj All Safes provided with the bcstfof powder and burclur Price mod Agcntfor the sale of ihe Challcnco Safe a i E i 245Market if North f tho Post TRIAL OP THE CHALLENGE atPoEror of this hariai acted as a Committee on the trial of one of tho ChiT lena Sftffla Jr 1Krij twenty incher from Ute by a circular about thrco foct distant from the and reaching more than a foot above tad covered from all sides as well as from top and bot tom by thni filling whole space between the Safe and the wall and some way with fust four cords of Wo having inspected tie papers and bank bill that wero placed in Safe fire was set to tho pile and owing jfo a quantity of turpentine which bod been poured on the the whole was in a short time all ina The flames then continued raging for in hour and nbove and below tha Safey melting off brats knob of an inch and seven Eighths in and bringing the Safe to a rid hot when the considering afnlly satisfactory and one that a safo is un usually subjected to in case of eonclu lod to let an engine play on This was quickly brought in the stream of water being directed against thu and after it had thus been cooled off and tKq flaSes to admit of It tried to ba which after ume littlotimo ifas when in prosonpa tbe Safe vrai and to the astonishment of all persoTis the articles deposited 3nclb ling bank notes belonging to were round uninjnred by and only tome of them slightly damped by tbe steam created by eztib P v Eully convinced that the test aid Safe was sub iectcd to was a fully satisfactory and mach se rerer than any ever before given in this wo take the opportunity of recommending the Cnal iengt Safes of Hornbocb AWagnerto all who may A t i keep always on hand a large stock of Hair VV Curled Chair and Sofa Furniture Screws which we are selling at the lowest figures a mar4 HENRY NAZRO A WHIPS WHIPS TUST a large iand wellselected stock CF of Whips and Whip which we will sc low at Wholesale or apr24 HENRY NAZRO A CO Damaged Axes 1 DOZEN Simmonsand Davis slighUy for sale very at HENRY NAZRO OPENING op WE have on hand acomplete assortment cf Garden Boys Ladies Garden for sale apr24 HENRY NAZRO A BRUSHES BUUSHESI JPST large stock of and Shoe Paint and Varnish Sash Tool and Hair aud Cloth Counter Brushes nnd White Wash Brush es and which wo offos at lowest at wholesale or HENRY NAZRO A CO REAL IN THE FIRST 9 and lOblock lit Uti 3 and 149 Lot 3 143k of Lot 14a 123k 151 152 SECOND Lot block 3i Lot 8 black 33 Lot 31 on the water Enquire at 57 East Water of decSO OTIS COPAIITNEBSUIP REOORY t LAND HAVE VT this day admitted Mr BALDWIN as a partner in their and will continue their business at the old ZI9Eajt Water under the name and style of WELD A JOHN JOJLN The well known old Firm of HENRY EAST WATER i Next door to TTAS JDSTRECEnED A VERY LARGE and Jl moit carefully selected ilockof S tiA tl AND OTHER of ercrj kicd Their Jarira stock of Blank Account if every description are all or TUSIK ows MAjftr and are FiB BrPHKtoC to those generally old hero fit eastern They hjavc aUo on hand largest BINDERS STOCK n the which they offer low for cah to Bind rs in tfaa Their Boot Bindery Prairie farm for A FINK prairie farm of ZOO acres on tho lino of XJL the Madison Kail cmly two miles from Good frame houseVbarn and Good well of and plenty of stock water from k Will be sold forS20 aj tho owner is engaged in other Only and the balance on easy at 7 per GREGORY A 219 East up stairs Blank Book I WILL LEASE THE FOLLOWING LOTS for years to parties willing to improve Lott 3 and Lots 18 and on Division Kof Block on Knapp containiEg 120 feet on Astor and Ogden Lot block and blfk Milwaukee Proper Lot on the docked and the following Iota in the Fifth Ward block lot block lot block lot j JOHN Jan24 for or to on EHAVE ilANY THOUSAND ACRES OF FINE land situated in seventeen counties of thu State 1 amready to sell for trae for eoodj JOHN Kneelands Storo IN A FTOST RATE FOR SALE AT A GREAT BARGAINS AMauthoriied to the store and dwelling situated two doors from the Second on Chestnut Title naif balance fn one For further pmrtlcnian apply to 107 East Water r to MILLINS on tho prem i feb29 WILL BENT THE DWELLING HOUSE ON near corner of with halfan acre W land poaenion1 riven on Ifay 4th V TpHE SUBSCRIBER has just returned from the fcvnnfactory with general assortment of tips PATENT V thich reduced There is nothing yet can tolial the foe fnpidlty of Uis been loaded and ducharged 20 times a 80 and can be relied on aj a distance of i It is with and san be any kind of It jihe perfectly without this sporting Patent Water oornu of over MitcbeUV tho JsastWater lit door north OUR p no Brn OUUD1UU to oCer ludacMnentj to ecrual to New York now in store a general as sortmentof ENGLISH AND AMERICAN Consisting of Bath Atlantic and Packet Note Packet and Com innreial and Embossed LEDGER Iff Royal Super Flat blue and laMiand COLORED AND FANCY NOTE PAPERS Colored and Fancy and assorted colors Note Papers Alhambra and Tinted Bath and IBIllet Plain and POLISHED COLORED PAPERS Ultra I COLORED PAPERS Crane A Colored Blue and Yellow Starch and Colored Double and Single BOOK AND NEWS PAPERS We can furnish all qualities and sizes of Book and News Printing at Mill Odd made to COARSE PAPERS Hard Shoo and Envelope white and Bank Rail road Filtering Red Tailors Druggist CARDBOARD Boston and New Enam Satin Finish Colored Railroad sikzlo and double Enameled Cut Cards of all sizes Bristol Board and Fancy Embossed Programme Agents for Thomas and Lalhrpps Chromotypic and Velvet which we airo prepared to offer at their i BINDERS STOCK Straw Tar Paste Bonnet Marbled j j ENVELOPES White and BufTlaid Official and Embossed and i PRINTERSINKS AkD VARNISH Wades Varnish and All Ink Warranted to give LAFLINS Paper printers 25 SOUTH WATER COMPANY 13 NOW FULLY ORGAN and prepared to transact a Oeneral Marina Una Firo Insurance This Company will tako risks on all kinds ol Bank Bills of in course of Transportation by 7 or Also Fire The patronage of those desiring to effect either Marino is respectfully DIRECTORS Edward Samuel J ALBERT President MOSES Vice President H mar2 HOME INSURANCE G Kricelands Milwaukee Wise Inturana effected on agaiiat LOSS BY F I R E DIRKCTORa i j WINFISLD I CHARLES EDWASD A VAN OFF1CFR8 WOLC07 m T ice Woman Treasure T Jy25dci SAMUEL Attorney MARINE AND FIFE INSURANCE FOIl THE Star Fire and Marine Insurance or NEW Cash DIRECTORS Henry Van Merrick Allen Ebeneior Miner James AngnstiA Erastus Norman JAMES CALVIN Vice President HENBY Seory 4 TNSURES WARE X and Personal ftoperty Also AGAINST THE PERILS OP WRAPPING PAPER AFRESH SUPPLY OF WRAPPING PAPEB raccived and at the Paper Ware Boon i TfOONAA 4 marSl ORTON 4 PUBLISHERS AND BOOKSELLERS Park opposite Attar Ho New j 107 tjJeDein Auburn janli j Agents and Losses adjusted and for Iowa and Minnesota with In Furlongs corner of East Water and Huron un General Aent MARINE AND INLAND IN SURANGE A Mercantile Fire and Marine Compy PATCHS SCOTT Chartered j s so welljknown tnd enjoys tjbe custom and patron go of the Wisconsin Merchants and Incorporated to such a tfcat the proprietors rould only thankfully solicit ihe continuance of leir liberal Pnrticular attention paid sets of Boiks and other necessaries for RAILROAD INSURANCE REAIJESTATE STATE and CITY OFFICERS janl6 3RTNTJNG INK 286 L between Mimtgotacry and Oonrcr cur Eazt Office 7 Halt on le second The subscrihercontijiucs to manu aid has constantly on hand Printing Ink of 4 varieties of qualities will find tbeirorders executed at moderate and mAy be assured of receiving as good an ar u there is in the A eonxiant supply of the abovn Inks 14 kept by 10 aa a anufactdrer of is too well known to IB craft to need any thimj to be said in their auglflm3 Garden Seeds AT THE IJASjJCST RKCEIVEDy FROM HOLLAND Jt and other places in as well u from jiw York and a LARCJE ASSORTilENT GARDEN f every which he WARRANTS TO BE and which he will sell V Cheap for Caiht ehas also a largo variety of DIITCII j or aj Ho alsokeeps coaatantly en md i s uch Parsnips atroU Turnis kprSdSm SPECTACLES EEBISCOPIO GLASSESJN Pcriscopid V common glasses in Sieel and Silver Just received at jan29 j LOOMIS A JIY STOCK OS FURNITURE liryGoods as I am going out have no lo store them all as am I bound to put them JvfRO the old Giant Auction This BigGiant has CT JOHN hereafter up ooma with a large and wotf soleotedstock ankee Gold and Gilt Great largaJUis wjll be given aa ka pays no mnt quite an OMHOJf AKD FAKCY SOAPajfcrs U 1 EastWaUri Hartzell Ucnry Charles Cassiua DftTici Do Vice Jons SECT BBUCK Chicago City Insurance ripnuT 1 MASONIC OPPO3ITK POST DIRECTORS Edmund Isaac George Exchange Insurance Merchants FIBS Perpetual or mtulo in town or on every description of ISLtxD INSCKANCE on Gcoda by Lakes and Land carriage to all partaofthe MABISS on and freight HrxBS John James Jacob James Ci Office in Preusaers new brittk Building corner Mason and East Water wiero the under signed will attend promptly to tho applications of all persons dcsiringpollcies in either of tho abovo mentioned companies oetiO THE MUTUAL Life Insurance Gomy Of New Accumulated Securely and he in Trust for Policy ernes onSound at Establishad on the Cash Premium System Only The only Life Company that jrrnnts ACCUMULATIVE POLICIES Dividend of Net Prtflta to Members FIVE YEARS OF THE OUESTt SAFEST JL and most RELIABLE Life Companies In tho Having a larger ACCUMULATED t may toko the FIRST iaJ be More Enriiftntlyl n its character and any pr in United Explanatory Pamphlets had and application to Resident with Om1 LARIGOS nglish and Mercantile OE3 40 Wlscouiia rpHE PRINCIPAL RESPKCTFtTLLY Ef JL fornu the Public that his school ia again open for the rooeption of ThB Fall Term com Th Winter out Term 2lit Tbii having been five yean in aotlva it permanently establisheii and its pectg Itiapleajantly ntuatidin the centra tho building having been on larged and much hu ampleaccomrnoda tion for of both naei who to acomplcU and CoiuanauL Book Writing and Arithmetlo and effioienUy taught by Profc LAB with may ob tain a MAJTMLT IXOWUdOS pf DoIIBU EwTRT ID two or tnrse He ftaJ openedSis Book For farther information of tav t

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