Thursday, February 25, 1847

Evening Courier

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Evening Courier on Thursday, February 25, 1847

Evening Courier (Newspaper) - February 25, 1847, Milwaukee, Wisconsin COURIER. VOLUME I. MILWAUKEE, W. T. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1847. 1NUMBER 4. K V 13 IV I Jf O I K I JJ W. PUBLISHED DAILY BV WILLIAM H. SULLIVAN. a year, payable quarterly in advance. ni. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIST, -AX.IJ- MANUKACTUHI -N'li Al'OTIiiCCAH Y, 151, Martin's Hlock, Eust Water Street, Milwaukee. orders from the roimtry tor iivtirlos inhis !bm: prumprly cxecuteiL Prices uniformly hnv. -18 JAYNKS' M Itirgc supply onhand and Ibr.sulc at Jiulcri.tle, at tlie proprietors prices. diTii-J tit _ _ CUNNINXiHAMij. IUJ by .11 _ CUNNINGHAM. UIOK Ul CUNNINGHAM mile by I1 UK D. WA11DNJS11. E.IVJJRY THK having parclmHeil tlieuiitii'e.ntock jirapoi-ty Holiinu ndcli- re prepared to furnish _ ursvithout fur any tin: shoi-tcKt (lie miwirotwoiwblc' terms. Also TWO Oil YOUJB. HO IIP H TKA.MS. J. iiiliesitiidycntleiinjii. Cnr riimmanii HI3AHSK to iittrml Vunrralx. Stable in tlieretr ot United Suites Hutol. CHlllriTli: S (JAJ..VAMO The following is from the A. member of Centres-; from the State of New York, and present -Indite of Sullivnn connty. To Dr. CtmisTlK am now 8.jyears of age. and 1 thought I was too old to Ire helped by medicine, but your Ltiriys and ilagneUc Fluid, sen pie by my have been ofyreat benefit to mo. About six yuarssinoe f received a severe fall from my i.ijmvdtny back, and brought on pain and constant ilix'xii.iss.n my lica-f. Il nNo weakened my system" vory much, f have used the Fluid mid IVimfn. mnt though I bad little fniili, 1 follow ed strictly tlie directions, and t now has eiitiiely pone. ;ij has ise the spinal puin and weakness. Yum- van icftuonqlheniny Plaster isun invaluable preparation, mid I inn sure the bent plaster in the whole world, for Iccbk'nf'Wan.d debility. In a word, 1 feel every way in boiler health thai, 1 liuve for many years pasl. I can attribute the resultUi nnui- inu'but ynnr simplr nnd etlicucioi.ii remedies With liiL'h ro-piTt eincoro'.y yuiirs, W. A. THOMPSON1. Tl'onipwiu'illo, Sullivan Co. N. Y. March 1-J. CU.M.N IN till AM, sole aat for Milwaukee. __________ 1DL. K. Water si. DOWN'S HALSAMJC- ELIXJIlJorthci'iircof Pulmonary popular medicine uulio jfi list .j list received and lor sale by octsti CUiSfKI JNTGIIAM. Druwiiist, Ifil.oaRt w .st. BAY tip top 111 tide by the iloz. or single buttle ut C1T.NN1NGHAM'S._ tlie City n.fJnnilS pail, bbl. mill bait, ami two bli1, Kcilles, bylbu KE LSON K a_Hi. MITOUKVri orTLTN'K tlii.s dny received, nnd Ibr su.'c by A few lots S. L. HOOll. [KTTEU Hy llio afuxa ut single J dozen, i.ii aali: by fubaa S. T.. HOO11. f tyijl) TENS <lf asupenVrijuiJity.tiiisiluy ro- xJf L-eivcd by express and ut reduced F11KSI1 VACCINE UA'l'TKK, rci'civeil Ibis iluj mail, fnmi HiiHtim, anil tin- sale at Cli'NN INUHAM'ri Suive. OINTMKNT cuica every- JT.I tliius.) ilcAllisti-r'H C'olil Oil, lor (lie In. ir (to miles of on 22d of .liUiiiury, If 17, a Cloth CLOAK, cuiiHidurn- blyworn; InKirniatiuu may bo obtitinu.l ciiiicuniins it, bv uililreSHiim I'post iiaM) tl.e -ubsci'ilier at A. .S. S. _ _______________________ :iil number of MKUrCAI- ADVEHTISKH LAUGH from llio waanRlai-'Utry. New i-eceivcd and for !AM retail Paint, haviuy. Sash, linrl, To Ui, Hor-iv Comb, INaii, (.ir.iiiii C.'umb. Whitcw.iV.iliomKiioi inlnclios. do ilo all si- Cnmel 14 to IMe.ise e.ill and examine tlie assort- tlifyou don't wisli lo purchase. Ill IO o ni U: I iiiturn: cusluiniT.s unik ihu [mljlic hi t-'onurul tluil IjftvogfJt r'ul of wwwou: Oitnl.Mtlitit tlioy iw luf-t'-'ensoii.'wliidi buvebccn rumnvctl N Jt wil tn iiumiliis otlKf, et llic most popular medkines in remarks iidultera'.ionol'medieines.continued inimlhe la-l nnm- 1-er. This niunber cuf thu r" will be puli- s.uliedin form, mid n-lii-'ii jirinted, vi'llbe! t'llKK of Whnle-'dc and CITUISTIK'S ARTICLES, ruriiiM Ni-iiralL'iii, Ohmnii: Bbi-aiirilism, fci1 Malviink Hinu's iZmc] pnw.mild.] do Bells. iiyiielic i'luitl, Ac. Ac. fur side and retail bv .M. ftirtlic sale tit Ueetor AiticiKsalMilwiiiilnf-. just rocoivoiliiml liir Iiy WM. M. CIJNNINOJITAM, mvl rouil I ri OllOrfS ANo.larticlf, itimi-.ifuuturuH Jui-.amt Ibi'miU'liy WM. M. titi'l rctaU rtvu jrqipt. ClTAN'iS ITungafmti Ittdrtum 01 The irrrut MoJicitiii tor Cna-ininntioii oi' the fur thutfenumc, ntMilwuu- B l cast WM M, CiJNNTK'GHAM, tiIi-anlii uml ol w ill) an rtitirr uric vtf of of th prnvi'il liich urrivcil Irom llio cast tu lifuiiift'tfi'fuft; HW int" (.fttyntt nii, Twt'-utl Jin.l SloL'khiij YSL-II, uitlici en .'--li thf yrn-il ftfJJJ. awl CLOTH ilonO on ti-i iroinl in-inw uj cit any oih il ni IM tlouo. ('tirpcl. si ikii'Ctl to any hlisulo or oi' nil It t mis done on MncliiirtB hnvitiy i'rw I'ttu have tbuui rcsiorudnrrulii a or by y..u'n, u lurnis shop utlrcfkin ur n'.it supurior Wiitcr WILLIAM BURKE. WISCONSIN I> C. w holi HIM] retail drnl.-r in SCHOOL. CLASSICAL and MISCKLLA- .N'KOI'H HOOKS. Wi-rontin r-ur.u, mm Walci- street, bus just received 50 moic lliyn volumes if feliuiflu'd rirhool i.nil Chis-ii-nl Hooks, a full nnd Tliuif old cMislon ud tu ui-o irvitcti to culi and cxiimim1 11' mid fiTcs. Ti a.ul in the cai'-e ol education, -will furnished with the new works Ibr examination ami IM; on terms, the piivilcL'o of leturnii or ex H MILWAUKEE HOUSK, J'. O. J S VING- thoroughly rcpftircd nnc! nowly uil tliD above House, ia preijarudt o iiccominodtLle the TLtAVKLT.IXG PUBLIC Tn nmnnncr lliat shall givcsutisfticlion to, ill. The healthful and duliyiilCul lorutkm of tho nnJ the cNtenHive bsini abd Htftblo nccomaiudaliikiie, iniiku ila flcnirabic slopping jihico fur i'ronv the eour.try, witluheir uwn luauis. leavu lliiri Honsc daily foe various jfOititH in the Territory; anrf cari'i'tiguh ure alvvaywin ruailiiHJSB to take jxisscutfcrH tutd to and ft wo the boats I'rcc oi' Mi'wftukcc.Ap'll, iR-lfl. 3 Vo Cxcitcincut. BKN is on band with IIH i IJ ment of J oVcroxhibitcd ni llnti Extra Banvor, Liirgf cjtKuUifvoi j mtiyla 1'oriodical f ju fc ai.2 ir f OTIS nnd ot. ]Cxtra Nuti n Straw II titN. }J. TITHOOP. CO, 154 Washiugtoii Sircst, liostoa, Ulass. CONTIXl'j'I to the tvoi'k.s Huv ing J; iveu piirtieiilur attcnlkmtn this business i'DL'Uie twelve yearH. ]jcrHfnis Ironitbcni cam dcix'nd upon worUw beiny proir.nily loTNvard- ed UK Nbrili Ainerii an llcview, duurlerly a yr the LomTun Quarterly, For eigii Uiuiitcrly, WestmiH-iler Keview, Sr.jOOayr. The -1 wiH'k-s.'ld No.H.tunilHheill'ur lirawnfon's ileview, dnurterly, Tlie New do Am.Bililienl jlih'.itillicunSiu-ra Jo JWlidiA Fur. Mod. Hcview, dn ISesion Surgical .lour, Mo'ly, London JjtinoeC, do Itcliospcel. Twiecaycar, WEJCKLTKS. Liltell's Living Age, Weekly, O'.Tiiler! liu New Ynrlt Albion; orHritislmnd (Joliminl 'J.oo ft.ot) H.UO :i.nt> do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do fi.OO do Any work published in tliis conut-y. not men- llin.ed in tlie will be to ouler. O.K. ifc CO., llicir in LiHiikin nml Tin arecn ibled to s ipply all lO'ircnfan publtealinnH. Orders r.inde u.i lor both the piaees on the lirrt iinii lilleen'b nl' every inimLb. JMIP. Medical Schnnl .Mn.sieBeoUs anil relstil. Per- htiiw orilerinijr.t'EL uistiuiee, by tlie inonej or uciu ri'len, ni.iy deoend noon jilleiitiou. nn iiH tc -ins iironont. S tif CAUTION Tlie pnbiir iire iiifimnctl ibal we -cud out no trnvu.ling AdKNTH. 'I'lierelinc. too- void HJMHI by ununtbomed persons, reinil jaur uiilers to ua. Boston, Nov. 1S-IK. 3wl8 Uticu Factory. .Vrj. 1 ID, at UMIndian Gliirf FTtH 1C BMbMiribcrsImvu and wiilkcetieeii'.tiiiitlyon JL 1'iind ut Lbeir Store, :L large aHsortnient of TOBACCO, PNDFV AN'D CTGARS, Al prieebtil eeut. leHHlluui tlie same quality i-jiilic for at any oilier in tlie Htuta. remembered that Messrs AVariek i.V Hrynnliavi! Inhcn i.lio premium an tlieir ;irtiele8 nmnutiietarcH in both the Stute untl Mc.-lnuiic' S'J'ATl ON I! in livery ui use specimens have been cxhib- jirJcc.s 'CcMitiailos, f. Tiuk- DZS all colors mill qunliiiesfor sale by Wholesale and rctuil JJiuggist.__ ASrilA low by the matt, at tIAtfTJ'lltN IKJF3, (growtliof Kijby thehale or less imantity. tor rale at CUNiVlNGHAM'S Drug SHIM.-. i '.Til iiast Wiitor ritrcct- E FAllMKKS lulx mrr, yow nine.asure death to jmro lor hale by dec'JSi____ Oil. WM. AI. CUNNINGHAM, Itruim'iHt, Milwirakec. varicly llcward1 Uookn, vVu. A bi'tinlllul vtiriuty of Gold Pencils, ljcn Pocket knives and H lull nsMirtmeiil of nnil clcuaul .Stnlinnnry. 0 ot every dcHcn'iJl on in use. ALMANAt'b iiullivittur, iseonsin, Cliribtiuii, Ktti'iiior.M, f Comic, .Fuiuiv, THK ANNUALS .A bfKiitil'nl vnru-ty, vilhnllior KcfjisRhoPiul Uilin for Cliristtiuas Aiaid New Ycsir'B Amorirmi m.d Foreign tv anter. PIANO Vliilo. Fifi-, Vio- lin mid (JliirSmK't liiHLt'miUu'H.bii'-svinl it violin 1'Al'KK uiicl 1000 ul lirnniti runlHtti frl. K.I'UH for falc JL very OXLPIIHM'C WH'tmont uf HooSsin evi i-j dui-url'iiunt of Literature Hi-story, Ti'uvoK, Tlicolouy, Law, Pbllosofftiy. C'licinistry. Arclniuc- Uirc, MuciiknicH. Book Binding and Blnnlc Work. V- O. tins JarypBi bimlc.-ry, mid llic licsi wor'nurn in tlic anil rulij ami to iiuy jiiiUern iiitil to order, CVITV 1'iUtKMiliir iJlluiitH'Ji pniil lo rcbiiifllnij old hooks, tlie Purloilicaln.Atc. nuiy botViix; in -u ytont variety of BtylcH, anil at niodorute uudcotlou rags wonted In any 1 to over sixty thousand pci Their pri-aent.Slock consists of the folio wiug named ijnality which TOHACCO. 300 of James liivcr Chewing Tobacco. 500 KXUTJ fine cut .y H. AltTl.'LES.- wiM ,s HOOD I'or s-ilo Iiy iv-'.'i s. L. iioon. "IJl'UK Itl.NllINU- isv.iri.nihMjK- F F lioll. plain :mo linicy. T, IKKlb liulf linnntl.niid full buiind l.eueru, .lonrnals, Town He- ,Vf. to C'O., are nowreeoiving direct from New FALL AND WINTER stock of clol'.is, ctusinjors, clulbiug, i.Vc. They tlial llu-yliavi- liL'st'nui oxu-nsivc nful' quods in their line lli-it cvi-v hufn luxni.ulu In M il- %vanltLL-. Tlioy invilCT du' m'utlimu-n i.l Milwti.iAec aH as tlmsu from Ilie cnuutry. loi-jill mil examine leoliiiii llml cine Fi .1. K-rnal K Alt AH1 VN i itiitnsfor Jth li-i ;t-i's .'ill IT ol mun jtoou. NNINCMAM i1. Kahl :u :tn 'tu.--, .ind all (itln-i -HM. and lbn ScolcliSnufT, Mai'iiboy Hope sreni 2nd Anrlulwian itssurlmcntof Luiuly jSTuf-'lioloclies. C.EGAKS. I.n Nor- nnir of ilid'crent brr.mlfl, Imitation La Nornias, 000 ClicrnotHLn I'rininvni.o, SS.OOO Panetcllau Ln .Inyco, Spottuil. SO.OOO Principe Jjolacruisp, nojuOO 1'i-inuiiic Justo. fcianzo. JJark uiiilliglit Tlicy wlH also i-onslantly a luriro HMpnly of pntup in [mroclrtto nnit a gcnenil of nllnrl J'lcKi'n tlreivlinr. Terms easy, it'satisfactory reference i.sfriven, all Aildresa V .TC UM AC ILL A aml _ __ __ CUKNINOIIAM. UKO11GK K. H. DAY. iiositionsaml in writiutflo bo used in Ihn cimrtH oflnw or ol recordial in those stilted. All deeds, bonds, powers of nttoiney mid other writings drawn ami executed.con- formably to thestntutes oftlmso otntos or Wisconsin. The StatntcsofOhio an well an kept tor oxaminotiun. _ _ _ _ W. "W. aRAHAM, Attornov Lnw anil Sollcitorin Olnincory, Milwuukee. OHIco on Water street, over Grocery and Jobbing lioiite. WE :rro Tuxilurcd to turnish on the Hlirrtost ntjttoe, uL one L ivory >Sl -on Wtiicr SUvel, near liie middle brulyu. in the W-ai-rf, Hordes and Carriages, Saddle Horses, j Trail iti. dnublo iinrl ellbei wkli ov willKwit iioat rcfiyojjpblu Icnns, PUFSCII- to goto uny pavl of llic Tervi lory, can be Lxnivcyetl enfcly and flespatuli, in cnrringes or lumber vs'auonn, on torniw. G. DAVIS, D. 3. MOKE. ii- finale HOI-HOB ceiiHtanlly nil hand !oi' Hnli'or exi'linnge on fuic _ Ifl'iS. c. s. lii.HiKrvv HOUSJ5 ul Friuric- ville. liHiatod in tlie centre of tlie bo tbrmd nt iill timt'H ready mid willing (bcwleit bcmx almost liclileil to ileatk tit din int.) aud stmnpors may favor WAUN7OK BHYAN, No. 112 UenesocSt. Uticn. ton BCCRWOX, for whlcb the mar kot price in cosh will be paid. CUNSINGHAM, Milwaiiheo. EiVRY.S (JUNNINGllAlia. BFIiL xnlim-rihcr will give IttblcH to ixar- soii.1, will sali-.fy bira tbey arc to poor tu bny, will Hell to tho'-c wliolmvc tlic means vrrvclieim. 6.L.UOOD. every vuricly miiilolo order 'iisbionableniabiiunni ibi-sliorlest nol'n-e. VVilliams Caution to IJiirchasci-s. ptl K publie Lire hereby c.nuioned iifia'.nst p. L in-r fram .Mosc- Kinch, jr. or nny olhrr pcr.-OK. under him. certain lands in Wa-hlnelon and i ikvimUre eonmics in 7 H anil of runpj Inch Viuch under nttiK'i.ment -nil apain-t Gwduy S. llnbbard, in -tli. "I as said 'Tunlmrd owned no part n( siii? uls ut the I'.ate ol said suit, neilhcrhstd he for a loni-' time pi'cvioii.s (Jifrcln; U. most of wiid having to .1. 1'. Arnilt, A. <J KHis. M. Martin, llynon Kilbourn. G. Dennismu .1 del ils from said H.ibbavit txjotber nin- lierf for vbe remainder. tTull particulars on application fo JOSIlUA llATIlAWAV. Afjcnt for 'Wrij-lit, K. L :e, H. a.idT. JI.IIul.bard. .ianOn, SALKLtATUS-AVholesale al l-'uciinv price. WM. M. CUNNIMUHAM, junSj remit LHS. GAltJJEN KNULISH Knsl AVtucr Milwaukee. FliKSH VAC1N1-: VIRUS in Scabs pin up in tubes, H'alcd, received Ifcis ilav ]ier mail, trom J. V. 0. Smith, M.D. 1'hysieian of tfie Unaran- lino Department juirt of Hoston. The receipt of fro; of will entitle an individual lo (me sc) ari'indinjy to bis directions. W.M. M. nniKKlst. ens! Nvntei1 si .Milwimkic. Golden Seal Hool.ftirwliich will be paid. WM. and rel ail' Cl'XMNCHAV t tin'i ki n i.J M'tison an only by AM in I'nuf tlif-ttiirt in It.i ji Us .ire JIIKH! :il -.ill liim-s :unl il la .-nri previ ntalive iiiriiiii.-t Jrvei ruifl {-xild :il V. alcr cure i lie l in WM. M. t'TNNI AW. V J 1. tt.i oui'-nmtlj m. Ir.uief. "I 1 Q cojiti.' i tliu fnrnwrly Iiy .lout KIIICI.Y'H tin: lo IK'II'DDJI ItOHl onnuKj? x intltu abdvo iJr, ('inricv, cniiMU slroot tin Til itni onnmjcioii villi ibu oin the lurini-r v.-m-J :iml inonniintr tmn tin iissr.rcil he i ..unoi Mirjisi'-si'd by any. l-'iUiutj; ill) Unr ilii ic lii lli my forlhe Trrritory o Ni ii ntr.icl talcs ol Vl OODWOKTil S I I'ATKNTHIC ITI'I, TUXHt in or KiM nl; an-hcvi'liy rcijuired tn d.-sisl nnd wltlcwilh saiil will-Dili delny. fov the tllCV ill hcjrt'o rc'.llcd. Ol.O CllAFWAX, of Albany N.V rpWENTYbl Is. IKJSIK.rec'd a.ul for.-Jr by CASH PAID for Strained fron, Lrolden by Mils. CUNNINGHAM, II to wait.n him w ith a .ill. SH E L V H AH DW A worth of Shell Hardwinw, cmbrnc'md Uic Inrgcflt and moBteom- browghtto tlxs wewtern co'.iiUry. ALSO, itollurs worth of Saddlery Hnrd- wnro.oouBiHtingof cv.-ry art'cle belonging totbatline of wliijh were selected by ihose who arc prneti- calry acquainted tlie baimieflB. Call and cxtirn- inethe stock and get ft list of iho prices, whothcryou bay or not, as it may aiil yoa in makinK year purchaa- cash only, ut the fcijn of the Mill Saw may 27 X. J. PARW GLASS sale by M. CUNNINGHAM, druggist. CANDLE STICKS, for sale id. 1X_ N Oil Drug Store. HIDliAHD'b boxes received liiisik-.y nnd for salcby CTJNNINUHAM, retail njiont Ibr Dr. Hibhanl at Mil- waukee._____________________ .janHS CITY the west end of Oncii'.u street liritlgc. CaHtings made on short notice and allow rales. liand and for wale, C.inldronsund Kettles, and otlter kmds of. Hollow Wnrc, rionglis, Nos. SO, il iS, Bleinb Shocn (whole and hi WnfjonUracs, Cart Hoxcs, 1'anuing Mill cast- nrpu, Road Scrapers. Plough Standarda, Ac. Plough makers supplied with castings at diaconnt from retail pricey. N.B Custinga rCTdy when nromiiiod. 45 NELSON McCRACKEN._ OCIIKOTEH SB'EDS. M. Citnmitpham bas been appointed a- pent at Milwaukee for tlio sale of the well known Rochester, New York Garden nnd iFicld Seeds. He is now in receipt of a largo and general assortment of seeds for the coming season, and will be glad :o supply those v. ho wish to purchaso, either wholesale or retail. Tlie Bocbcflter aeedu have a bigb regulation at the east, and are preferred by many to the celebrated Sha kcr da. .TAMES P. FOGG. PrnpKetor of the Rochester Seed rilore, noelicilcr, Y. IEXI'EOT P'imc iixed up, ic. vVc juncl Cod Fisll. iic in a few days, a.ftorthc Canal is so CIH. FHKD 8 L U.OOD.' IJHI.S.DJ11KD API'LEB, for saleby tire el or by the barrel. low by a JPRKl) WA11DNKH._ PJLOKVS.VI.OWS. JAMES KKJiELAND Imu on hand and IMIK made arronceiiKinlK for a constiint supply of ihe vario.n, sizes ni' Minor fine? Ilurtort'A celeliruted T1CKKS- KILL 1'LOWf. wliich are acknowledged be tlie bent plow in tine in Wisconsin, and lie will sell them at the lowest market prirc N.B. Extra points always on bane7 dfima B 13 TjS.S- idu Crackers .rcc'dnnd ftuxili? al CUNNINGHAM OREGON IS now complete. Our I'1 New York will keep ns eon. 'tantly snpplicd with JTIUSSH PICKLED OYSTEHP, when tliey ean he rent through. We have alto made arrangements in the country lo receive -ii-iffi game daily, and we hope, by eparingno pains to make Heugc that pie to nur friondti na to inftrit a of public patronage LEONARD A- KKLLOGG atcrooniflalwayfl in readinCHiJfor partici1. jne AH Jeltoi ft 3v' l I'.'.un1.. A. W. c UM.t.isSv. iKHnns American Hat Inm.of nil i do :i rnr-l do bUstfi-stfi1 In huceor-' mil ijtifintilir-slo -nil sien ol llic Mill for cash only. inav-1: THUS siih-i' ibcr-wonld n-prclfulK aniliiiini lo in :iml Mi) wiinkccin parl cul.n .tlnlf they tl'.1 iibovu ib.1 OUic.1. fbr> sire pi-cpaicdloi'x. cute nil orders in Ibe ItAl'IIJO A AXAGJ.YIMHC AUTS, with m-alm VK de- spatch. AI lor, fcrsatlcndrdlo williprompinoK 1'ALMKit, .V I.AI'IIAM. July _ _ x'lHi ROBKS! I'rimc I.U fiiriwlrby J. H. 811.KMA.V, liasL Walcrtitroel, Milwaukee. for HK of Whai Will Vrm liny i do fl Soldier. Iliiwrleil Miipn li'nitefl on bloclis MciiteJu Oiuiie of Domino MciiteJu e, MR ___ ROOJJ Ltt'ur. TJicrc no JTorjak; I y__ dc 1JAPKH b-i, what tlio fmbhfritier bns llie lorfrof.STA'J IOXKRV lobe found ill lliix i-h.v nnj sells il l ferent n' V large ijnanlity of rrJ.l'.E. of llic dif- aiiiic.' :K JjJ KNU Wai.-r -i

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