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Daily Sentinel And Gazette Newspaper Archive: March 03, 1846 - Page 1

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Publication: Daily Sentinel And Gazette

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Issue Date:

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   Daily Sentinel And Gazette (Newspaper) - March 3, 1846, Milwaukee, Wisconsin                               DAILY SENTINEL AND GAZETTE, VOLUME I. MILWAUKEE, TUESDAY KING, MARCH 3, !S46. NUMBFJJ 14. E D EVJ-IIY MOHM1O 111! Corner of W isi onsin and Water streets, ami MI East Water streei, opposite United States Hotel. DAILY SENTINEL GAZETTE per an- ft GAZETTE rub- lishcil every Bloncky, Wednesday anil Friday or Si: J.OU at the end ot the v ear. Publif-het rveiv at ilvancc.oi >0 atcndoftln- >cai. 82.00 perarimimin. '.00 EASTERN WHOLESALE HOUSE. bEXTON GOODS. FINCIT pAPPH Boo is .asl street, U. S. Dlofk feb24 A. G DAYAN, WhoTesalt and retail dealer inDnv GOODS, south stole Heide's CoimnciLial Block, East Watei street, MiUvauKtc. N CI14NE, Extensive dealeis in MPRCIIANDISF at uholesale on'v, Eastern Whol  SdUARL) IN THE DAILY. OR 1IS-, KMCH V SQ.UMU One Square, 37' ecu's hrst inseition, and 20 cen's for each sut scqui nt ir-ertion, for less th in one week. Square 1 week, squaie 3 month-, tfO.OO 3 2.''< I month. 8.01 2 '1 Ji 00 per j including daily paper, per j' ar. fj-. Scpirnle contract- made for advertisements aie required to aoj ear i i the eeklj more than once ____ Tjxrrr.n STATES HOTEL, BY T it of East Water and Huron streets, Miluai.ku .________________________________ HOUSE, GENER ST A. Ross- rn E Co. West W ard, Mihva ikie. STAGI s le.u e this house dai- Ij for all pait-, of th-Tciritory.______________________ Til" MONT HOUSE, BY HOLM J CUT, AND STAGI Michigan t, BY JESSE M. VN Succeed of W. Pol im, alkci's Point, froi th W ird. Miln aukie. Accoinnio- ditionsfnonc hutci and 1 mod- "rate None in the citj hettci. Foiget me not_______ JEliVlt- 1HJI N ENG NEERS and LA.ND O.ncc on in-ii stieet, Milmukie_______________ WIM1MI M. i VMM "V5, Wholesale anil ittn dealer in DIM Mrm D.FSiti-r- E ist Water, belou Mi- chigan street, M'hv lukie____________________________ c. r u N L rm p AND COMMISSION rcmNT, ..Opposite the 1 BOOT, cast side East stiect, Milwauue._____________ (C CO. Wholesale and letail dealcis in ci description of MCK- niANDisf, PRODUCE, LUMHFR, IILRS' UTENSILS, Old Corner Stoie, Mihvaukip. FOUNTAIN HOl'Mi, I BY DANIEL N.NEIMAN, wlnie ood accommodations for pi rsons with teams can be hat1 uaukie West Ward, Mil- stret t, Milwaukie, W. T. Cindiesofcverv desruptionand q Cakes, Paltry, Fruits, Nuts, Fancy Aitieles constdutly on hand, and foi sale at wholesale and ictail. JACOfJ Wholesale and ictail dealer in D v GOBBS, Boors and SIIOLS, cornci ol Block, West Waid, Slihv tulcip. _ AMOS TTIFTS, Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Diy Goods. Rrocenes, JinoHnnd Sh leather, Pork Flour, Salt, c meet Jieef, smoked (I  1 cV Storige, Torn aiding and n Merchants Watd, aii Produce in stui CasuacUanu.5 made on I lour and j. r. R I AUCTION ROOM E ibt Water, below Hu- ron dtiect, aukie T. f-lior T L HER STOUT et nl f ne flooi he >u L I Ilitjbj s, on East U skiret, ililvwuil le. ___ W 1 S C O to 1 IV WOOUJiNWAK BY RICHMOND very description of ooden e such .is '1 Piils, Churns, iMea-tnes Sap buckets, always ou hand, at and rcuail, it G itislacLoi> prices TlioM N J. Dn-i-in Tiom Ncw-Y south sidcof a few do rs ibc e E.tsl VV.Uei stitet. Milwaukie. All o.deis proiupih attended to._________ ii. v ii rn KPN. Ma nifac" rer >lc-ale and i< ill  the iu- fcoitnient. dec'J_________________ W. PEARCC. bblb Cider Vmegnr, foi-lleliv Inclll) U N K1MISAU. ,-ip, WA; ATC1I at LIME-----A aiti- els r sale d rnctoiypnccs, b> R JENNINGS. e bv II. N. CO VAN T Co. _ WOOL ,11 d Cm ton Klatmel andDiatteis agreatvai for WOOLEN" Y he cheap" eti atid I qtidlits it iiu> BOSTON STORB. WHI'i'E LKAU____2UOU pounds Drj Ulnt. Kill K _ nt ,i No 1. in Oil; MOV 11 To, s.leLv A T. LARKE. "O7HISKEY___100 barrrls Whiskey, V V of the ben bi ands in maiket, foi sale bv nov22 I I'AY, 1T) F si w I'd stieft sole df. ut ioi UIP ft tnttnr, at aukie. H w ..h_e--Lvy, OARSE, SALT For sale bv dcco MII.LER cudiiMAN. T 'OK1NG A. O. B CK, VTTOHM v, COINSEIIOI Ton East Troy, Wal- coun'j, T. r. HOJ.M1S, C'OuNS n OR L RcGlSTLR OF Jelfer on coui W. 1'. 11 sn f street AT I. u, icct. Mihs n ikie Jau I'U'1- I v-r COL .-.6. "m 'Jflice in Iir, v In Mint; o ir ml MTIIIC Ins n utel ompi i n Tire A r-s Oaire I ii HI I M i Four oppo-t f -In o id. if IV. T ;l ncll s 111 e 1 ri u e L ii" I) i! Il st ol Ij nS 2 nrrth the I'-c a 11 h' ceond i V 1 1% in ism 1.1 ie iind S. Ji- To M (ilir idpmmg 1 ih C 5-5 IN Rf iduu Roi n ofthe or riu no n i. 1'. v I ce G '-in s icct, M fc n CO i O TILC in the 'iri :ici of IV, -co id V. in Sin s b .ilding, coi- I) "1. Residence it il J. P V! Iln CC 11 r. c. Smicnoa COUNSI i Walnoith o on W T. FUH- )J bl'ICK and ounselloi at Butlington, i r Atto nev at As Notd.y and ollice. ill tike other oh. a, VAahvo th wit mention appertains to that in: .ND Co MISSION IcuctnMs at Fettl's can bt. had oo Kin l> oi I i jducc. u ii r M.rri Dii-s "Mi u s 1! )t n 1 oto p r, opposite rU BELLS___The ourlesi out at LYON, BROTHERS. solvent at A A A good us LYON, RS boxes m fl nil's patent lefmed Mou'J. LYON, BROTHERS. Cloth find Fur l'nps, VV f ,r sa'e In LYON, n by the Mat, lor -.ale .it III I rib P II ____Any quantity log, tiace, f JLMP OIL ____ 300 g.i1 Ions ;it J-J dec 1 _ BROTHERS. MACKEREL ____ 10 hf bbls "Moston" M-VrKEREL, fors-alcby A F. CLARKE. TV ACKEREL AND HITE FISiTat J-VJ the "People's Store. [novl9] 11 SAYRS. sale by novSO AVM M CUNNINGHAM ____10 quintals, i'oi stle hv J AKNOI ____ CROCKERY____10 cratesassoiled, for CRANBERRIES___An excfllont ir- tide, fir "alcbj M _ EIR S Expedition to Mexico 1VJ For sa'e P. L. RO ROOD ACABOY snpenor iVJ arlH'efoi snto by ARNOI I) J. RAPELJE SOCKS ____ Sal0 10W by ATvNOIO low h, by J A. AB.NOIJX superior article, for UFFS, BOAS ____ lust rec'd and HEEP'S GRAY PANTALOONRi VJ a aiti le, sliilh ifrs pur, '.y mule, for sale A C OA 1A T .S nt a.) Co QHJRTS. CRAVATS, COLLARS, V-J A lai'e ass-oil nent, foi sale it lou la'es 1 v novgt II. N. CONANT To. STOVES- .Stoics at ftom20sup to lo, sale by mil II W BFEBr. ETERS ____ A good assort- JL nientof Pailo' rccen- ed silebv C __ I M 1 NGSi A good if t ic bfsi n1 ih'v ill he BOSTON STORK OOL.. WOOL. -AVOOL____Wool- en Rolls ind Stocking Yam coii'-lantlj on hand, and foi "-ale at the Mihvaukic Woolen I ac to' Km i. W. UURKC. WHEAT____100.000 bushels Wheat n anted, uhich the highest niaiket pr rr tn cash nil! be paid i> B. F. F VT, _ 21________________________IH'I qter stieet. INES l .Cu and other In the fluart, llottle. Basket or Barrel, for it the Wi item btore, ui d. EOVJJ________________________J. T. ADRIANCE._ ANTE )____A little Cash, for which .a haap of goodsmll hegivcn in by DI. KIEIMLRAtCO. W WI WA 1 1 ______ _____ ______ BOOKS. ..All and othci w oiks ill IP bound m tber best style at __ L. ROOD'S Bindery. FOR .A Case, with in 1 stinil, an excellent article (01 a Millin- er's shop or idi cy stoie. Call at rmprj's Conteclioncrj1. TiEAS____Primr.i Qualities of TEAS in sale thea-p at the Wrtcin Store. J. T AUR1ANOE. rpllREATOi this dj'i, JL Mooi e s Co Ii n 1 In e ul s ilp cl i' he ofill VARIETY STORE. for tale cheap. LYON. BSOTIICRP. lie low at the People's Store KERY. 8 crates Crocket y, rrc'd and for sa c by F. AILS____300 kegs Nails on consign merit, fin sale by MILLER CUSHM VN. TTMBBELLAb! 10 rioz. Inge si2erl HALLO. ITIEREl ____ lust call in nt ON, B WITHERS 1 hey aie now opening iho laigest and s ock of GOODS of dcti-Viption, for the ti.iife I eiersaw. C'ail and sec them. You will uot icpent n ____ dec4 DOUBLE ____ .Selling offatgici haigams tomakeioomfn f- Boot md Shoe EsUbli'-hmetit. 13? Kmt Block. W. PE VRCC. Vlatcr stieet, U "BF3LS __ __ 12 bbLpne Spuit's, foi saiecl.cap at ihr Tpopic eh 2 H SAYRS foi otill ah !iv Ihet'o'en nv iri'i'r' it i VARIETY STORE iw 6i v t D uns Pi HIT, an i Torw COMMISSION Mi iniAMj, South Milu rntee. __ >i K, WHO 't. HOOT, feao Dr.nrs E ist itei -tieet, 4 dooi- oouthof Post Office, .iu- kce, V, JOLL. MAKt.lI, II N M1NLR I attend i all il cal s in to vn an 1 countij. R-tidence, st oppos te the I uunldin Lo A B i 1 lid's li.S BmiKi Ofticen oner, uncuiirnt Hank 5 and sighi c aliangc on N Y., bought and so'd Block, i. r.' at< i at Mil vankee. dciiO the bas( 11 f u oi 'I tn ens iiu Ci e in Johnso i s i vtrctt. [J r rN ------Wi i i toun o" (.1 I 1 I t .llC'll g, 1 end at all hours to 111 c in Drctor V dt  Satinets Vcst- ings, Pilot and Cloths, heavy attiUc of i "ds toi and Sack cents, foi sale at the Dry Goods Stoic of____________b J. VAN VEOHfEV. CANDIES, by the mcr clnuts and dcafers should call at LMLRY's, and gi t their supply foi the Hollidaj O.OOO PaiN'cirE and AILS -250" kegs Nails, all sizes, ccivedperbrigRoatioke. LUDIiNGTOV i othd choice i y r. FAY. other 1GARS___30 000 Cigars lust recv'd att'ie Eastein House, and 1'tOO m paitic- ulai foi thctnde SLXTON fcCR C1 nLOTHS-..--Satinets nom 3s to s also Cloths and propoitionablv Ion, at ,re-ttin Stoie nov2j J. T. ADRIANCE. OL____10 bbls. Linseed Oil, for sale by or 118________________A r r'LMiKH ant LINSEYS. -In any quantity, at dec 1 LYON, ERO1 HERS. received, fvhnor and i s relebnttil P'nws 1 DING 'ON Co L> 3R1O RICO Jl M mil lor-ale by A r CLARKE1. r OOKLNC-GLASS l_J sotipd iiiai i etc ind fo? c at oc'll VARIETY STORE LUMBER. Lath nivl Shingl. I umbel ti Ml lill Hill Illlll 
  • mnTO SE LOW HOLTON GOOD M L. RY C4OODS..An extensive nwonm't TAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, for sale atthene.v stoie, James Rivcf, -TVRY c ofST O Nos l 2 BUFFALO ROBES. JiistiecenedfiomSt. Louis and for sale by n. dJw_________________H. TUROOr fe CO. "TtfTEUSHELS DRIED APPLES... Jast received at the Old Porner Store, ninth wi.I be sol 1 cheap fir CO BOXES Window G'nss 50 boxes gieen for sale lovt hv WM. GETTIS, 17 Easi Watei stieet 5) fxtra fine Tut ,tthe fcbi BOSTON STORE. TONS OLD CAST IRON w nted, for wine h an unusually high price will be p nd in cas i 01 at the Wisconsin jron VVoiks, on the Cai al, adjoining the Custom A'lll. IIilv nukie. j nl LANGVIORf'HY Co. ork foi sile BOXES New -wholesale or ictail, at the People's Stoie r O. ftti POWDER____Powder for sale by tho keg at the Paitdei House, low, bv W _ OIL____A few Bbls first quality, winter whale And spcim OIL, foi sale low, bv _feb5_________________________11 W BTgr- "TWYLLY'S MAGICAL PAIV 500 PRS ian27 cheapest in the 300 jan28 ROB ROY SHAWLS-50 p- ROLLINS Ancient History a volumes Uuodc'-imo. Josephus'Woiks, 6 vol. duo ccimo. 1 at jan27 S. L. ROOD'S. BOXES WINDOW GLASS____ compi ising the diffeicnt fioin 7 bj 0 up to 1C 1 y 32, recen ed and tor sale by n vl8 WM. M. CUNNINGHAM. T y BOTTLES FrencfTSuIpliate Qni- nine, 30 oz. Procipt'd Brrk, icceued ant foi sale by H1V20_______________Wholesale and retail Biuggist. PAIRS PANTALOONS___Or Mitwaukie, warranted well bevicd, and com- pn ingagieat of qutthtico ind btyles, foi sale ch( ip, and no mistake by II N. CON INT Co. BOX COATS____Oi Brondcioth, Beaver, Pilot, Saimet and Cassimerc, f 11 sale loi er than ei, at No 10 East Watei street '_______________H N. CONANT Co. SILK FUR HATS. ..Of the litest wintei fashions, for idle vciy cheap by nov 33 II N. CONANT Co. SA LT___f) JO bairels Salt, this day rcc'd mil f. r I v II I) Ni. ION A. 1HIFEU HICKORY____80 pieces. 1 fo bile by A11SOI m_'.mil he sy Jtlhp Q 00 pieces fine __sc kinil, loi sale low, to bL seen at Stoie.______'. r. CL VRKE. j QCOTCII "sTORErDrummond's Build- lO injs, 1 1 ast YTatei stieet-----At the com- niooio'i') Krirk More, be found a large stock of GRO- CniJE8, GOODS, which Ml D' UMMOND will sell 'nirll pioht. ________clei.15__ cut Cavendish To JL bacLo, in q lantitios to sn' purc'iaseis, the bestm market, al the e-tcin fctoie, uest d. J. T. ADRIANCE. BORDERS? A HSOIIntent of all qmljtit and in girat i jpty- (hand l nut tu) fcilc at v, om'eifallv ico JJ M to OF by H M.i: k ____ 150 pieces, for Co BIRD SEE D (.'ntiftry so' d, Hemp do. Mil'etdj uttlcfish bone. t- e foi hi id for s tie by M. M U> INGFI O [IhEPS'CUTvTsrr-Ts'olScos, Ve 8000 k_5 pine "llir'i pfnsilebv ______AKNOI 1) jnn2'. SALT____LOO barrels tor sale by dec3 R N. K1MBALL. SALE____50 Bbls Linsr-ed Oi L febl MILLER rUSHMAN. J.-NOWO THY CO. Wisconsin Iron Works, on the Canal Wa> 1, MiUvatilue m.ikc to order and keep con on hand Flouring, Gri t and feaw Mill Irons of every dcsci iption. Plo vs, Kettles and miscella- neoiisr ist ings, Wrought Iron Work and Turning and Finishing done to older, with Engine Lathes. This concern is the only complete Hilt rurnishmg establish- ment in Ihe 'lerntory. ly ___ TLLINERY.TT.MIS c tht plefisme of informing the ladies of Milwaukt that she has inst received N 'v Wim EE wit on assortment of GOOD Mutable for the season. BOOTS splendid rlraenl for -.ile by I UDINO I ON Co snles of JL fashionable Punts, fiorn 6 up to 21 cents per yaul, tor pate at the old IIilu aukie Iron Store_______PEEKED FlASH PAID FOR____ V_y Flas fceed; Hemp ceed, White Mustard Peed; Rape Peed, black Mustard Seed, American Saffion, Gold Thread, Slippery Tim Hark, Beesvi by CUNNINGHAM, Druggist, Mil-aaukie. ALPACA____A. piecps Alpaei for nale very low, by II W BECBB. R AISINS. -Bunch and keg for talc low by II. IV BEEDE. HATS ____ Gentlemen's ablc Peail Cassimeie Hats, a sjpenor article, foi sale tow by U. S4YRS JL iROCLAMATION-------1 )i umtnond is selling off Ins stock without n serve. SCOTCH STORE, b3 15i Drummond's Buildings. UTTER for good. SCI )TCH STORE, BIITMMS H) East Water Bt. TATUTES of Wisconsin, Session Lan.5, receded at the Book Storp of I. A Uh U S Block. MAGAZINES for February------- Graham's, Ladies' Book at HOPKINS' S Block. A CARD TO THE LADIES. .The subscriber it. get'irgup some very superior light KID SLIPPERS, smtab'e foi Halls and Parties. Please ra l and vif w the assortment at the Mitwaukie Boot and eb 138 United mwb. m29 IV FLvHCt. sale SUGAR-- -5000 Ibs. Sugms. for sal chc ip, bj dte I_______________O VV ALL. Vrnoi ican Biography------- i sile it B L. ROOD'S. Moiie it A very largo lot ol reduced pi ic rs r SWAIM'S PANACEA. _Ccivcn_and for salt_by [nov301 fUNNINOHAM. SOAP--Now Toi let J r Iow bv ___H. W BEEBE IJUSTON (JKACKERSM 1 fresh sit; llv d M W TVT W. M. CUNMNGHASI. OATS CORN Coin "Meal .ind Buckwheat flour for sileb; 500 hushr-ls ____ ile by C. J. W R. DK RIEMI-R CO nr0 offer- g'eil i mshing to buv for A good iuppl> of FRESH janU _ ANT GIRL, to fold Hooks. None need apply units? acquainted with the bu- febSO L ROOD. OTICK. -By mutual (he fiirn ofB T IROOP Co-nas anff all firm aietobc paid, and also all debts -.rt to be. ollectcd by B Throon D LORD TDRINTS. .PRINTSL -PRINTS'. Al Jl P-IC.-.R Mh Warp do. nev jirtirle o( veiy c icap, at __ VAu MOLASSES- .30 hhds- Mol.isses, con. sis-tine of Pol to Rtro. New -Orleans. Trinuladan-l N thenaSviup.forsalebylhehhd or bfc! at the Old MilwaiikicTroi "Jtorg II. VV. nODSMOKKD FIAMS be hnrl at No. I ft Water meet, which ore warrani- and will wlitn trit-I 30 ft pfTRKlii
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