Saturday, February 28, 1846

Daily Sentinel And Gazette

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Sentinel And Gazette on Saturday, February 28, 1846

Daily Sentinel And Gazette (Newspaper) - February 28, 1846, Milwaukee, Wisconsin DAILY SENTINEL AND GAZETTE. VOLUME 1. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. MILWAUKEE, SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 28, 1846. NUMBER 12. gtreets, Milwaukie. ___ KM' 4N HOUSE, of thcjlenritory. HOUSE, hVHOLMAN LIVERY AND SIABE __ _ ___ COTTAGK IK'S EDWARO ESIEIIY, street, tfilwaukie, W. T. Candles of every description and quality, Cakes; Pastry. Fruits; Nuts; TOJSJ srnd Fancy Articles constantly on hand, and for sale at wholesale and retail. _________ A. B. C.....ALPHABET BLOCKS EMERY'S. JACOB KAPBUE, Wholesale and retail dealer in Day (loans, GROCERIES, H RY, Boon? and SIJOLS; coiner oJ Rogers' Block, West Ward, Milwaul ie.__________ AMOS TT1FTS, Dealer in foreign and Domestic Dry Goods. Otocetles, Boots and Shoes Leather, Pork, Flour, Salt, c <rned Beef, smoked ll.nns, Beef, street, Milwaukie. StoieNo. 15 east Water jnnl7 JL.YON, BUOTIIl US, Dealers in DRY GOOES, GHOCFJUES, HARDWARE, bpruig street, West Ward, MihvauKie.____________ IBItVIS K1M3EKTON, SURVEYORS, EVGII.EERS and LAND AGENTS.- Office on Wisconsin Milwaakie. __ beTw street, J. PA1NK. street, Miluaukie.____________________________ Tl ELY, BOOT, SHOE IND LEATHER STORE Jaie and re-tail, .me door below L.I. on East Water sticn, IVlilaauKio.________________ PVTNAIVI te co. Storage, Foi warding and Commission Ward, Milwaukie. Cash advances nade on Hour and Produce in stoi P. ________ ACCOUNT BOOKS-.Of all kinds at tbe Bookstore of__________ S. L. ROOD. XES -.20 doz! Hulbuit's cTst steel Axes for sale by 20 boxes Simmons' and I olhoV biuad and chupp as Axes, For sale by_____________J received at the old conierstore, 2W) bbls Winter apples which vi ill he so d xti( me'y forc-asli Llll'lNB ION COMMISSION Watei, below Hu- ron stieet, Milvniukie._________________ different kinds, foi sale by the dozen, hundred 01 thou and, by WISCONSIN WOODENWAR FACTORY, BY RICHMOND description of Wooden Ware. Mich as 1'ubs, Pail Lhmns, Measures, S.ip Buckets, always on hand, at retail, at eatislactoiy prices.______ TIIoM IN J. Ev [fiom south side of Wisconsin street, a tew doois aboi Ea-rt Water stieet. Miluaukie. Ail onlera promptly a tendeiUo._________ A NY QUANTITY OF BONNETSfor at any pnce_at BAGGING. .-A few pieces heavy Bag- ging, fmjsale low, by________H B OOTb AND SHOES-----Every kir.rl and qitalilv f >r bale bv_ R N K1Y1HA1 L. >ED AND HORSE BLANK TS for .1 H. W. ncr Spring stn et, S. BUROK S, General deilor in MIIIINFRY VNCY GOODS; sin street. aiiKio. _ _ __ K1PP, AND II an M.chigLn street, jicarlj opposite the Ticino it House. _ ATTOK-SCY AMI no--. L in the Tnited SmcsBnck Block, over Paggett Richardson's A ar- Store. cr street.____________________ ASI> Cot N-rnons AT U .T. Ohce ,n W A T K it T O W N 11 O U b E BY T. Street, WUertown, Jefferson county, W 'I________________________lan 1IOU BY J. DuLat Prairie.Hock conn t v, W. T______________________________ B'OOTS AND SHOES------Some very stout ones, foi sale by _ __ ROADCLOTHS ond Satinets for sale very cheap by BAPELJE. BOOTS -100 pairs home made Boot for sale b> nov39____________WATSON. IRFiD APPLES____100 iy A. F. CLARKE. D RI iD barrels, for ea e tiy T. WARONF.R. D Rl 3D APPLLS____For sale by R N K1MIUI.L DRI3D APPLES____A large sa cc istanlly on hand. R. HOUGHTi Et LAKA'l'lONSt ____ Blank iorms, en bracing money forsaleatlhis _ D. R N KIM HA 1. 1., DRIED FRUIT____L40 barrels Diled Copies, extiaquality. LYON, BROTHERS. EASTERN of 1845, at CUNNINGHAM'S. FLC UR____A primp article, for sale at tl 3 lowest market price, by C. WALL. FLOUR____A very superior article. Foi sale by R. HOUGIITON._ G I iST-RATE article of CQDFISH, unv'd this moaning._________R N KIM BALL R 3EN "APPLES____By the bbl. for y s lc by decl J- R. DE RIBMER fc Co. quality and the i the SCOTCH STORE GIN____6 pipes Gin, all qualities ov34 B. r. b'x's Glass th's day MACKEREL .--10 hf bbls -Boston" MACKEREL, ior by A. F. CLARKB._ AND WHITE FISH at s sSt ne. __ _ _. I OTHER'S llELl EF ____ For sale by riov20 WM M. CUNNINGHAM. MITTENS GLOVES____20 dozen pairs buck, foi by_________WATSON._ MOLASSESriTfA good quality at 4s per gallon, far_Jile_by_ J. TtAPELJE. MEIR'S Expedition to Mexico------- For sale bv _____S. JURO M bbls. Salt, Hist rec'd and forsrle by___________F WARDyEK. ALT-..50e barrels Salt, this day rec'd and for hv 1 UQINOTON STRIPED pieces, 8TR for sale by ARNOI pieces fine SCOTCH 400 piPCC'S at ocllS SADDLES____Silver and ted. foi sale by _______ superior ARNOLD M EN'S SOCKS____For sale iow by ARNOLD M UFFS, BOAS____lust rec'd and foi sile cheap ____EYON, BROTH CKS. IX! AILS____300 kegs Nails on consign ment, fur Ve I y CUSIIMAN. NAILS kegs Nails, all sizes, re- LUDINGTOX .V To o IL -.10 bib. Linseed Oil, for sale by ,IQ A F CLARKE O ILD "MADEIRA____Old pule Sherry and othei choi< e ______B .r.TAY. a id foi sile by LUBlNGTOiN Co FAY. THAYEK'S HUl'IX, BY HMERY Troy, Coun- W. T._____________________________________ HOUSE, BY P. G. E. S. tion of the Madison and'l'rameville Roads, 13 nule In in Milwaukie. jan-2S B P1L arln IP soul by iea! t to. LAW AM. iv dings, rs AM. AT street. Milwaukie Buil- J. K. AUNOLD, l-VA-l SOMCUOR IN Cn VNCI RV-EaSt i street, Mim-uikic _ __ A. O. BABCO-'K, CotssrLLOR AM.SOIICI Wol- tountj, VV T.____________________________ JOIIN E. AM) COUNSE.IIOR vr Lut, AND REGIS-TEH OF Jeffer on eouni y, W. T janab F. C. P ATI El SO IV, Smiciroii AMiCouNsuron AND NOTARY PUE- tew uer, .A arge t at decl _ BROTHCRS. _ Books, and _ S. L. ROOD. .A good assmtm't f for sale by J R. DC RILMER Co. GRINDSTONES_____20 -rons Grind S ones thisd.iy reirivnd l.unTNO.TON Co O IH1O BUTTER-----57 fnkms good, just received b r_________LYON, Jnaiiy qunntitj-. a dec4 LYON. LIVES, Octavo- Good's Sludy t f Medici.ic, at B __ DETECTORS. -Rec'd (OREEK, Lalin, Fiench, and German Vj DICTIONARIES, and Spark's American Biona- phyinLOvol duodecimo, at _____S. L, ROOD'S. one1 corne all" All je that have money, come1" GEE AT BARGAINS are offered at Cheap Cash Stoie. 140 IT Stalre Block. PLOWS1____Just iccoivod. Minor t Houoty- celphi tPil Plim-- IHHINOI ON A. f ROOD'S. anc o moun- IIOifGTlTON. S 111 MULES------50.000 SlimsIfs, lor R N K1MBM.U KO ban els Salt, for sals by R N OHEEPS pieces, for S _ _______________________ S" HKEPS GRAYS____30 pieces, [the pine utiolp I !oi sale- _ SALT___WO barrels lor sale by R. N. KIM! S' UGAR--- 5000 Ibs. Sugais. for sale dietix bv dcd C. WALL. SONG 13OC dillemn kinds for POEMS--------A _most beautiful eaition, for sale by____I. A AP7TT.5J Boies BOSTONSOA1', for sale by A.r. at nov-24 HOPKINS' Bookstore, lib Uniltil States Uluck. MS____600 Ibs by fresh Hams, iorf R N KIMH4II PORT WIN 3--1 pipe Port Wine, y a: uinted the B. r. rAY._ ORTO MOLASSES' 5 lihds. md ,01 bv A F CLARKU. Attorney and VV1B Counsellor dt Lan Burlington, Racine n i: D Y r u TORNlf. COI M HORS AT L MllK rtllklP, W. pm the Irak building, nd Iiifema iceCoinp tm- the is.n I ne MATHIFSON, COINSM MiKv.iukie.W.'l. Ofhcc Ha't street, opj ,S CLKMIV, kxTon-SF'. in thpsppond itorv of the now b-ick bmlclmi; noilh Mde ofW, consul of the Wisconsin Marine and Fne Inbiranrc Office._____________________________ K. I taTABKOoK. at Geneva, 01 h county, Wiscon-m. As Noun 1'iibhc will liU l-er-d, othci .ippeitJins to that oiltce Fiti KI LI.OGG, Impoitci and wholr'.ilc de.t'ei in lyorv and Horn Fiench, Ki ?li-h and GLniuii I AN- AORS, R fee- lit- I'c ul slu Lt, (up stans.) New _ "OLANKETS____The real genuine ai J3 ticl ofMackinan BlaukPti, bloc, gieen, dMban and white, fur at 140 U. S. U. P- PLCK. -O and must f.isliion ihle lot in pn B dec crack' ___The only kind diank at the Astoi House, and at all the lotele in the country, for sale at the People's Store. TTl.IDSICK CHAMPAIGN HENRY SAYRS. The largest t N< w Voili GLOVES------ ONNET RIHBONS- and most f.isliion ,hl< at the notion Sion- UCK MITTENS 01 sale NS 43 pins, inr at I. O. F____The Odd Fellow's Hem for sale by HOPKINb. Junior. _________ URETGKOUNI) GINGER'------20 HJTTY____For sale by small 1 ph itP Ctiimitu1 jec-'dl CITE WARTS Loaf, crushed powdr'd O lllbbl for ilr hy______A F CI.S JtKIl __ SUGAR____10 hhds Porio Rico Sugar, oellS__________A F CLARKE. PARK'S morican Biography------ s_lle_ilt_____________fe L. ROOD'i. very largo lot of Stnrie w are nf i educed r. s CHOOL a id Schoolmaster rorsalc at t110 i L.ROOP'i. B Pt ople's stoie, West VV aid. pi ice it the H SAYRf-. BRANDIES____Ota id. Depuv Co. A. bei-meiws, and other celebrated bi for by __________________ {i TO 3 PRINTING____Neatly, correctly o. 0 Wisconsin street, McF 4 VI riV, T, noit the Bum Block, noith sidcof -trcot. B( OOTS SHOES____20 cases coarse Br a good men, wo- men and children, foi sale and ill be 1, PIILCS, by dec-JJ II. P PECK, 140 Unite I States Block C OARSE SALT____For sile bv decC FILLER fc OTice in Ihe brick building, coi- np'r ofW n in and Main btitcts.__________________ P CiRlVIS, s in Bnchard's r. J. 't Die >nii-; sti- et, Mil NOT.RY the bas r. NDG.MPVT Dealers, i n Gioceiiesdnd FIOMSIO is, south side U. St-ites lloi.k, Union street. All kind-, (Jountiv Produce taken in f Ji Goods___ricaj-e_i alland-cc.___________ pltTY.Ui noiirfu. Win i MI Pianieiillc, vVi consm The "ofriccominod itions, and luvson ble chaiges.__________ WiMJAH C. E SBROW, f? C OCK-, irp ured oii'-hoit notue, and nn i-a-ouable teims._ WAKE of all kinds nude to oulci.No. US Last W atei atrect, MilnauKic. ____________ '-IONS Will .itt end at ill hours to n tow n 01 count) v Olhcp in Doctui ck, LMst Wntcr nca, Huron COW BELLS____Tnc'ondcst out (jpc. LYQjSF, L CANDLES -'Jo Speim riull' O patent_iPfmedJVIould.LYQy.ROT IlEB. -.Velvet, Cloth nnd Fur Cops, foi bale by_______________LYON, BROTH "CflAIN____1000 Ibs forhale i LlMB'S Wool Worsted and Aiopana Hose, ju-t ice d at____LYON, POKING good as ______smtment at_____________LYON, EROTIIERS. iMP OIL____300 gj I Ions at dec4 LYON, BEOTHERS._ "II i CANDLES.... Eecen ed and foi sale by A. F CL AlSlNS- boxes s; 10 13. F. FAY. _ W AIM'S PANACEA. ccived andfoi sale by [nov201 S UAP. -New 01 k. Bar, Castile Toi- letboaps.fe sale low by II. W. ItEEBE. AGS at WANTED____ ID" FLANNEL-----27 sile hv ED FLANNELS. -A foi -ale by HOOD'p _ for np lot J. RAPELIE. White For sale by LYDN. 3000 ___ _ GALLONS STONE WARE-. Toi by LUD1NGTON fc CO. w. Woou N iKo.Ron -rnr GOODS, Gi-on Rirs, i. riiLii-, Uooi and WIIODI-N .md SIOM WARI and near the BYHEVRY To" HM-, lUium vni, VVaii'. one door nortli c f Rapelje's American Uo Milwaiifeic RV BOSTON Gonin, Oiirn LRH s, Boo rs tind n iddle stoie Hiede's Coinmcicial Block, Hlf FHi nt I'r made to oidei, by WM. East Water street SnufT and Cigars, at BROTIIEES. SOMETHING THAT O GILT PIC' 'URE TR 1MES _ dec4 rjpEA, Coflbe, JL quantity a Suaar, fvlolrs'-es in any LYON, BROTHERS. T >____An improved form, in-I pi 1 .mrl foi it Ihi- Olhcp for-.lie Iw Mill OSIN____15 by ban els Rosin, for sale C USJi IXGHAM. ds, for sale by R _ ___ R" EMOVA -.____The Variety Store has, been icmov, a toth-npn H.ick Bio. Ko 113 fast Water street 1] I' nbOlV- RIBBONS___Fringed Ribbons, a new amcle fort uinningLadW p- CIO 04 IBBONS____Black nnd colored Tail I, THY lion oiks, on the Canal, Ucst W.ird, Milwaukie make to older and keep con MantK onhind riouung, On t and baw Mill Irons ot cvciv Also-1'lons Kettles nnd Wi ought Ii or, and clone to order, with EnRiiie Lathes Ihis concunTstheonl. complete Mill cst.ibhsh- mcnt in the general all 11 W. ;ON M n the ountrj will be promplH SWKC'I old stand Milwaukic. at the mouth et the nvei, novl tc DIXON, IMl'OKrrRS AND I F4I.LKSIN HVRDWARE ANO CUTLERY. No. 4 fcdai stiret, 2 al e 1'eail street, Yoik. J. VI WARDVVBLL. O. P. DIXON. W ire receiving a full nd general assoitment of Encli hfcAinei.can HAUUWVRE in partof J'ahle and Pocket Cutlcn; Butinei Razors, 1'rle" Oh Plane Irons Saws AmPi in Butts and "-Cl-Ow Ames' els and VV in Rou's Mill and ross Cut Saws; Il.iri Blood'-- and Dunn ,-c. '1 aylorS fcttythes, Which aie ofleied on the most t.iyoiable teims fur casli, NewYoik.rcu lr-4b. RANBERRIES____An excellcm ai- ticlc, foi sale bv_________________J crates assoried, for V-V sale foi A. ARNO1J3._ artir-le. for C CODFISH-----A low Nos 1 2 BUFFALO ROBES. Just received fiom St. Louis, and for sale by "BiJsnELS DRIED APPLES..I Just received at the Old Corner J3io_p, whitli be sold cheap foi cash. q O JO n ,vis CO i at the People's Stoie. just r crates of Crockery, pc'd and for sa'e by r. V AHHSCR. 5____50 boxes Candles': boxes Poap, f )r sale by__________E. F. F VY. .--3000 Ibs, a superioi arti- clc, for sale by___________A. T. CLARKE. 30 bnasJava, Manilla, Rio n CofT, ff_r __ A_FCLiRIW__ F( d3tsw-wtf l.EWIs J II1GBY, Hrorrs B'IOK'S corner Wisconsin East Wati r stn-cts, Milwaukie. _________-------------. L IFE INSURANCE1-------The bei recci.c apphi at foi LIFI JO1ES Whole-ale and retail dealer ILLlAMSBURG'H I-TRli INSUR- ANCE The underMgncd is agent for the Williamsbuigh Fire Ii sutance Company (otlioe Lily- __! ..Till n DRV ORO UK. two Stoics 1HVUSMAN CO. MilwaukiC. I A. kfc Tschoil B021L CLARIFIED SUGARS-----A very Vy P anu by_____________AltNOLI) OR Bbls Linsr-ed Oil ________________MILLER fc C-LTPiniAS. BOOTS splendid AgMirinnnl Inr hy 11 DINC. I ON -The office over my stoie fto3 _________ A. F. CLARKE Satinets, Vest- inss Pilot nnd Beivci iy BOXES Window Olnss, 50 Kieon for s lie low by j nl %VM. OfcTTIS. 17 East Water stieet. ITTONS OLD CAST IRON wanted, L' foi an high price ill IIP p-nd in CT i 01 Casting, at Ibe AVibConsin Iron oiks, on the Ca ml, adjoining the Custom Mill. _niilvvaukie. i nl 1 Ll V QQ1 BOXES WINDOW GLASS------ cmnpusing the diffeicnt blzes, fiom 7 by 0 up to 10 39, leceived and foi sale by Jvlg M. CUNNINGHAM. _ BOTTLES French Sulphate Qui- Piocipt'd EUtact icccni-d CUNNINGHAftr, Wholesale and retail Piuggist 3 cases Satinets, which wiil bp sol 1 vtiy cheap at wholes ilc 01 ____A new supply, warranted to at liuumioi d's I'CH STORE. _ 3____29 half chests young hyson Tea, qualities. A. F. CLARKE. J.AS____Fresh, from 25 cents to IP lb, for E ''c by TEAS____Pnmest qualities in market, cheap at t! e Western Store. .1. T. ADRIANCE. rpAR, PITCH AND ROSIN------A few _L bbls foi_ta NAZROfcKINC. S "History French Revolutioti, _____ at of Jill kinds ca i be bad at WVTSON'a. n J_ rpHE MASON'S MONITOR Toi pale it [novai] S. L. ROOb'g_. JL __ __ HETsTLMlSt AND CHRISTIAN PS4UH) ST, foi sale at S. L. ROOD'S. UR DEALERS--100 barrels FLOUR, foi sale by the load, at the uaiehousc ol o A. SWEET. rri 1 100 nine, 50 nu 1 for sale by iov'20 SELLING OFF'-.No istha-limefji 13.ligains at the BOSTON STORED O cask Skates aborted qu a diesis. V oung Hyson Ihiper al and Black Teas; a verv ailiole, WORK. UIE ECIIANICS arc moving out and the Hoot- and Shoes aie pom ing in to ths M.lwaukie Uo >nnd Shoe Est nt, 13b U. Block, East Witci sticci. soitment. dotO diop in and see the as- S LEIGH SHOES____Steel plated and Cast Slcyh Shoes foi by ALT RHEUM CURED for 4 shillings ThP may be fiund at CUNNINGHAM b Diug stoic. I l I ----__-- miute Block I'.rst atci PAIRS PANTALOONS-----Of welt sened, and com- m sins a great of qualities and- style', foi sale S no mistake, by H N. BCOTCOATS-----Of Broadcloth, Pilot, Satinet aid foi Sule e. than dt at No. 10 IV ate, IsJOTSXCITEMENT1- --Pop in and t-iKe n peep at UNCLE BJSN'o new sUle of Hits. ______________detJ the OIL.-- At 8s. and Us. Gillon, for bale at the I'eopl OPE O Gil per foloie. H. SAYRS. Y_ W IN EG A li ____ bbls Cider Vinegar, __ YANDOTTE, or thelluntcd Knoll, by Cro] cr. loi sile by I. A. HOPKINS. TXTA ATER LIME____A iirst-rate arti- Inripl- rhnap. U IS K1MBAI.I SlI A VV Kerseymeres, Mn-hn delj.nca, iiLtand Rob RON JC'.II BOSTON STORE. QURPRU51NG BOXES. ..As well as O ,i loi Foys jnrH hi then'' jus rp i n n I and toill_n R ANUUMV C. FtttBFRJCK W. FAVRt, Jr HI MI MI JOHNSON, Siu'iit> WIIIBTS, FRANCIS SI-FINHCII, JOIIN LFROET, JOHN SAMUEL WILLS rs, CIUHIFS O. IUNDY, liPtlUCL RirilAKDSON, NICHOLAS WYCKOFF. ZABRISKIE, Piesident. SHEPARD, Agent __, atWcw-York._ INSURANCE COM- CANDIES by the box. ..Country msr- chants and dealers should tall at EMERY'S, ind get then supply for the Holhdays. __ CIGARS____IO.OOO PRINCIPE and nihpr biand CIGARS, icccived bv BROTHERS. :IGARS____30 000 Cigars just recv'd at the ular foi thetiade. FUR HATS..-Of or H latest M mtei fashions, for "ale vci> cheap bv HATS____Gentlemen's f.ishion- ablc Pcail Cassimerc Hal-, a supenor .iiticlc, foi low by "PROCLAMATION-----Diummond is at the n Wholesale and 1000 in pai tic- scxroN __ 3s lo me and I Stationer's Hall, wes above Huron 1MiIwaukie1_ Water street. t'ANY The gned having been appoin- ted an the F ie Insurance Company tl Hartford" ft. is picpaied to ue Policies of Insuyante to all ho imv desire n in this r larc, dom- by this Company, nnd its known character for promptness nithe pnvineut of lossc Ins "iven to it the universal onlidence of the will be foun 1 at the U St ,tes ijotel.- Milwaukie ___ LEVI HL13LKLL. UTUAL INSURANCE COMP'NY OF BUFFALO, N. undeis.gned, hav- >f the above Company, aie M til> been appointed agents nepared to issue Ccitidcatc :PS of Insurance on MARINE SfiXTON CRANE, r-Ttr-nsive in MPH Mll. Janas W. PEARCE, Wholesale retail in Boot, Shoes and Leather, street, LOTHS ____ Satinets Horn also Cloths and Cassimercs, the Western Stem. _ novr> J. T. ARLOTTE ELIZABETH'S works Examined, Renounced Gnlhood ,ind Woinanllood, at KOOD'ri ____ 61 pieces blnck and blur blauk, plain, fancy and thcchf.tiir.c-- all va- netiesandquahties.atlhe _ BOSTON feT OKL. _ Y GLASSWARE irceued a "cn eial assoitment of Crockciv and 135 Druinmonil'sDuildings. UTTER for sale.-Warranted goad. SCOTCH STOHE, feb3 DnoMMOND's Bt iiDJuns. 155 Water gt. B FOUND____A Silver Pencil which the owner can r by calling jt A. r CLARKE'S Drug TATUTES of Wisconsin, Session Laws just received at feb3 _________ 140 U. 8. Block. rpOBACCO___C.ivonnisb. James River, at the fob? BOXES New ork for sale wholesale 01 letail, at the People's Store( II. SAYRS. to their date. _____ EW-YORK Bd JIT ABLE INSUK- N1 ANCE COMPANY. -CAPITAL insures loss and dairnge by fir. and cvciy descnpt.on of propel ty.on fav orable HENRI YATES, JOHN I'. Nt SMITH, CHRIS ii AN H. SAND, Josvrn BOUCHAHD, A. G. Tnc Su AS Ho1 MFS, HARVFY HbNHY ROWI AND, BIIIC OWDER____Powder for tale by the keg at Die Pawdei Iloitse, low, by fpb5 H W BFEBE. OIL ____ A few Bbls fi i-st quality, winter whale ind sperm OIL, foi sale low, bv BV ALLY'S MAGICAL "PAIN" a received rnfk PRS cheapest in the world. STORE. 300 1RT STJYDAM, Ficbident JOSEPH SrnoNO, Secrctnrv Milwoukie. CALF, Agents. ROB ROY ps. Bioad Cloth, very low al the g M feb3 AG4ZINES for February------ Giahain'a. Ladies' Book, ic at HOPKINS' Bookstore, 14CU. S Block. OPENING THE PORTS Drum- inondofthe Scotch Store will open his ports to ad- mit all customers foi the pin of cheap boocls. CARD TO THE LADIES .-The subscriber >i getting up some veiy snpcnoi ligh KID SUPPERS, suitable foi Balls and Parties. Please call and view the assoitment at the Milnaukie BootdiK Shoe establishment, 133 United States Block. ATICD A ARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE in pci with power to incrciw it tc well known and long established Insti tution, with .in ample cash capital, have established -iv at Milwaukie, and offer to insure Buildings i-m nituie. Stores, Mi chindise, Mills, Wheat, on verv fa vorablc terms. Then extensive business is conducted 01 and honorable and nil losses wilt be euiii tably and prmptly paid. The following gentle men compose the Board of QARSAPARILLA____2 Gross Bristol's O S.i sapanlU, icccived and for sole b. CUN- NINGI1 VVI, sole agent lor the Cfiniiiin, at HEEP.3 GRAY PANTALOONS' CRAVATS, COLLARS, A large a sortmenl, for bv w ATCLI at AND CLOCK OIL____ C'UNMNGIl W BITING____20 bairtls nci'23 F PI MiKH WHISKEY_____100 barrels Hagar's ______Win key, for sale by I'R CD. barrels VVhiskey, foisileby __________T WHITE LEAD- -Just rec'd nnd for sale by_______ GETTISf 17 East Watei street. -.300 bbls. W'ii -.CY 24 H. N.CONANT S TOVES cs at fi on) 20s up to foi sale b ]jn3 H. W. BEBBE. SCHOOL and Private Libraries---Con taming ilu-iblemnttei. suited to 1hc long wmtei by and ljrivato Libraries provi- LASHES____For sale V V !m E FISH. .100 bbls. just recv'd anrl I n by (IWISfSTON Ca W HITE FISH ...SO bbls VVhiiefish lale'y for sale by U N KIVTUALL. OCHOOI C? (iedontlic most fas oiablo trims at dcc3 in, UOPKIN.V, llbU. rpHERWOMETERS____A good assoi t- JL mont of t'ailor and Distiller's TlicimoimMetf. receiv- ed andorsjlc CUNNINGHAM. S good tof Ue TIE VT and OATS WANTED ____ Tlir hiffhpst maiket pi fee paid in for Wheat t Store. HENRY SAYU3. W1 TEAS____Primes! Qualities of TEAS in sale cheap at the WcstcinPtorc. ____ this day, 200lbs Mooie'-. Cotton 'Ihi eail refined while oil. for sale nt the Drug Slorc ot _ A F CLAHKE. OODEN WARF-- .-Puils, Tubs Chi foi sale wholesale und rr-ta.l. atlesslhare ictnrv puc by _ R. D. JENNINGS. W V pi 1C ___________ OOlj and Caiiton Flannel Wrappers and Drawers, a great for by nov24 _ _____ H. WOO ARNrr.TofThe cheap- cfst and best quality af ihe cell5 BOSTON STORE. WHITE LKAD-------2000 poundsDrj White Lead; Kegs puie and No. I, In novll For sile bv A. K. CLARKE. WHIf KEY-------100 barrels Whiskey, of i tie bebt brande in mai kct, tor low bv nov22 B. F FAY, Wafer UOLLIN'S Ancient History. volumes duode'-imo. Joscphus' C vol. S.I. S. H HlINTINCITON, AIBCRTDAY, 3 MIIFS Goowft'.S Jr. Hi ZFKIAH HUHTINOTOS, JDMDS S. MOIOAS, P- Sectetarv 1846. for '48, at The -Any quantity of he.tvy H W.BEEBE OTS OF NEW WORKS, to numerous to men sale unusually low. at nov21__________________5lJ! L ROOD'S. LADIES'CLOAKING..-Omb. Stripe Cash'n res; Alpat-rts and check HoaUings, ju _t by________LYON. BROTHERS. CRAVATS J_J Ol ihe veiy uewtbt tf OClU___________________ _____________ MISSES' ___J Boots inrl fehoos in gipat variety, at th M Uui- Boot and Shoe Establishment, 139 East Waterstreet ed States Hot3l Block. nwSl W. PEARCE. OOL-.WOOL--WOOL____Wool- en Rolls and Stocking Yam constantly on hand and for sale at the Milw aukie Tnctory. nov28________________________W. fc W. UURKE. bushels Wheat wrnlcrt, for which the highest market pnep in cash will bi paid by U. F.FAY, nov'24 __________________138 East Water gtft-pt. IN 5S t'... .CHAMPAIONE and other WINES, b> the CiUdrt, Bottle, Basket or Barrel, forsalc at tieWtstemStoie, westward. w< and for novitt W1 L WHITE LEAD.. -Constantly on and forsalc cheap, Rochester WHITE IBAfr pure extra Nos. 1 and 2 and DRY J JiAD. novi7______________________HAGUE fc BAtTSE. TXJTANTED.--.A for which heap" of gopdjw.ll tegivenJftWflan, OE

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