Friday, July 14, 1843

Commercial Herald

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Commercial Herald on Friday, July 14, 1843

Commercial Herald (Newspaper) - July 14, 1843, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Lrf. 35. BY EL1SHA STARK.] M1LWAUKIE, W. T., FKID VY MORNING, JULY 1-3-, 1843. P32R AXNUM. THE COMMERCIAL HERALD ill or la published evui-y Mo.j.liy. vVi-ilntv-itiy ,md rnrhv at Milw.iukic. W. T. Uffux- in -Sentinel liuild ncv' corner of ami Eddi niimlii'rctiirauii tlio and is-.enfoffby HIP 'lulls lo si'ljtun- i hersresiJiui at l'i t'n- ovcnl ot !hi> of1 infellijietioe irom oaM, or ihc occui ronce at hcune ol aii v eveniofunportrtiici', diier HIP i.our ui tlio publication, in all pr.u-tU jbic cases, iv.ll (jo uiiJ ihe news insertr-il in ,t -second cdilion. TERMS. pour tit !lai-> prr aTrmin, in .Tjvnnce. or fhc dol- it'iuympiH tie (Inlaycd niilil lliu p-idol llii1 >c.u The Weekly Sentinel, roinpnsiri" a1 1 the itnpuri.iru mil of the Tri-weekly. will be nflurcli-d j( year, in advance, 30 m months, 01 S-, Jauhc ci dol year. The Uornn eivui! ffeiald will.iflijnlasrnoriorcliar- nel for the adveitis-ei urnl num ol bu-.ine-s. TERMS OK Casual Ore or cue tion, I'.vo in-ertions, fit additional for po- nocl than one month, 2ri ren'9, TeniH IIY tlie inonih or made known by application tit o'ir oPirp To yeaily ,unl those wishing a larger portion of on uo'luunu than aliy allowed, J 1 tie fa I deduction wdl lie made. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. dird-s, not cxccrdinz line'. tr-d for or TWO nOJ.L4.RS (or run- quarter; ihosi-oci-iiipvins 1J .nie.s at DOLLARS ?cr aw. SH'rPARDSON FARWELL, D alors in Iron, Steel, Nails, Stoves, Tin, llurd Ware1, Farming Black-smith's Mil- waukie Iron Store. C StIPAKUSOV. J. W1SCOJNS1NMARINE F.INSURANCE COMPANY. on Wisconsin doorbelow the Post Office Milwaukie. W. W. KELLOGG, Attorney, Councilor and Soliciior, also, JnMic" of ihe Waid, Milunukie, W. T e J. McCOMAS, Merchant and Vlat'e West Wind, opposite th" 'ntain House. Milwaukie, June 1, 18-13 tc DBS. W. L. K. ccOfli over Jones Field's Shop, corner East jiti.l Wisconsin sts PETER YATES, Attorney at Liwand SuliLi'tor in Milwaukie, W. T._________________2___ CHARLES GRAY, Notary Public <ind vices lor rtrtiu'injr Deed--, DoticN, and takmicihe transc-nbinEf. pigling ;uid Accounts, and as an ior the purchai.c and sale of Real E-iaie Offife with 'he Coniry Regibtcr, opposite the Ollice, Wisconsin street. streets. Milwa-ikit.', Mny 10 h 1843.________34tf___ ALEXANDER M Attorney nnd Coiinselkir Ljiw and Solicitor in W. T. 41 B. CROSS, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, nnd Solicitor and Counsellor in Chancei two doors i north cfihe Cottage Inn, Milwaukie. 14 JOHN F. RAGUE, of and inMmine'ital Piivnle lessons be W.'J'. 5-2tf. RANDALL OGDEN. Attornies rnr', Counsellors rt Law, FRANCIS RAND TIIOM Vb L. OODI'.N, JR. Milwaukee, Ju'y, 1843. 21t NEW HARD WARE STORE, At Ike lite Am il, npostlc the Callage fim. R Y Si O N C O ITTAVE jiist one of the most perfect ia. and well bclc-Lted s ocks of CLOTHING CLOTHING OME to the M'lwaukie Clothing _ pos.te Ihe Co tage Irm, if you want lo j buy cheap. On ha id an entire new large and I splendid stock of i MUiWWI', CLOTHING. of every dnscnplioi which is offered for sale I at the following ast jnishing low pi ices, viz Froc'< .ind ciitss Ooats made of English dyed wool cloth, ]I to A large assirtmo it of THIN COATS, con- sist, nrr of plain and figured linen, merino, cash- in are tt. f.rab d'eia elveteen, figured gambroon made in tb latest Kew-Ynr'-s fiotn 2 to Pants ot plain and fijjnred linen merino, drab d'cla gambroon, Satinelt, cass, I 50 to of cloth, satinelt, linen, Sfc.. 1 25 to Vests of ever; description, 1 50 to Gambnon, merit o, linen, Sack Coats, 2 50 to Also, on hand any quantity of v. bile and calico sh its, li'ien bosoms, collars, stool's, cravats, h'i Jo, cotton and wool hose, all of which will be sold Cull and see. suspenders, low and no mistake in nil its branches to be found in the Western country, comoi isinc; ic's. R English and Araer. Bar Iron llorsr-Shoe, Band and Hoop lion jNail, Spike and Round Rods .Dliste SprigSleel Cut .ind Wrought JVdiii- R zes- Uim, Pad, Tinnk and Till Locks Kndi h e': A mer Noilolk fc MoitieeLa ehrs Common arid Pc'iuni Bioad mid T.ible. Butts James' Scievv cu. rack-, ,ri I Brads Ti.ce, IIilciiiJ L ig Ciiains Tailois' and ad [rons j Table Cnileiy; Pen anrl Pocicet Knives i Bu her Knives Shells, St" isaial Rvois Table and Tea Spoons, Sparrow Bills Awls M5-.CM1 VN1CK' TOOLS, such as j Bench nnd Tools ol the best quality ide, Fit n ei and Moi lice Chisels Mil., K Cut, Hand, Paunel S iws Unnd Narniw Axes, Ha'chets, Auzes tcgether wilh a -p'enclid assortment of and olhet .Tide in ihe H.iiJ line, which th r purposes, for sale by A. F. CLARKE Co. June 28 1.843. SPRING SU.tlMEIl GOODS FOR nf Ike Jam of Tujlf KfndnU Co T'oriraitli'Hg Commit, em M'-rckn-nlt. oncl dealers in Piothtce, 1 Lead. Ur Pa i is, Lvwibcj 4' c. wthlhe above concern Harbor Steam Boat which is fitted up in fnsi-rale fatyk-, nnd will convey Passenjrej Mrrchn to Strain Uoa.ta, Propellers and Vi ssc Is in the Bay thoy have also a su ifii lent nu in be r of WE, W Si CO H'S, which will always be in ing for with a supoJy of first inte seasoned wood, and in readiness to receive freight, Liberal advances mice on consignments. j. E. M'CLDRK, T. w. B. STOCKJ-ON. Milwaukie. 19 N. B. All ai tides delivered at Milwaukie, brinjr subject to a ehaige fir Lifff'tnagc, will lie liable ior such charge, unless we are nntified to contrary, pieriotif. to their reception. Agf-nts the Tiny Uit-hii; ir, Tror Ar Oswego, New York Oswetio Cliic.iji-o, Troy Ohio, ond Detroit Lines, on the Erie Canal. New York Rufus Putnam, Allr-n Wieeler, Stephen Cnid, Thob' A. Jeunne, James S. Wvc- koft, A. Rind-e. Brewer, J. Reed, Az'lfi. R., John J. Newcoinbe. Tiny Grant JMoorc, IJ. C. Rossiler, J. S Ide. A Robert Hun'cr, Thad-leus Joj'. W. II. Moore. JSbla Smith s Ohio v aiticle, for s lie by June 2 V F. CL VS hiokey, a prune Co. C 'iN LC3 A-sortfd Candies, in 2t> Ib. boxes, lij- sale by A. F. CLARKE Co. W. W. GRAHAM, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, and Solicitor in Chancery, Milwaukie, W. <m Water-st Easi Wrnri, rlirerily over the store '.f ,7. C. Cramer W. W. G. willaaend to any business entrusted to his care ir. Mil- waukie and the adjomins; coonlics, including the collection ufnotes atjd accounts, the toie- closure of Moitgages, panition of real estate, JSTov. 3ft, 1843.____________________1-2-tf A. W. RANDALL, Attorney at and Gr-neia! Lind Milwaukie Co., W. T. 11 C. WALWORTEI Attorney an-1 Counsellor <it iitieii'! to all new hisji.cs.sioi the late firm ol Uph.un 01 ih, atlhe office recently occupied bvthein. Atisust 2.1, J. E.ARNOLn, Attorney at Lnw and Solicitor in Milwaukie. W. T. 1, i TI310 Subscribe! would inform bis friends, and tiie trivciing public in general, tint be Iris now cnmn'eled the above c.otnmedioiis Establishment, situated in the West Ward a few rods fiom the Chosnut s-lreet, be.nir the 2 re at avenue K-adirg intj tlio coun- J tiy, where- he will, at all t and pleased to administer and relieve the wants i of'all who may feel disposed to favor him with a call. Erniiiiants and id'others, lo go into the counlry, will at all limes find the a desirable bloomer plaee, as most of the teams bouiKl'lnr the intenoi puss this li mse. In the and well fitted up ball room, where CoHl.on p; rties will be given once in eadi neck Arid also the German Brass B.ind will yive Concerts once every week. N charges, good fire, and kind tievmrnt will be the ehai .ic'ei ibtics v Inch will u-t nil t noes distinguish tho Kanle. Bv ubich principles and s-tncfc ntion ihe subscriber ho pi s to mt 111 a share ol publ le p i nn.nie. IIKNRY L1E13ER. Milw; May 2u. 1K4.5. tl subscribers are now pre- pared to do ;i 1 kinds of Jobbing' in the Tin, Copp'-r. Lead ind iiheet Iron business 7 iS, J. R Evaria Bi other. Chailes M. lU-t-d. N. Co. Hnntpr, Palmar Co. Pe isp Allen, R. Co. VVm- AJeitiebciKcr. llullis'er Loult. J. W VVieMiam. P. Mc-Leai y Co. Deiiutt Oliver Newberrv, Armstrong Siblev, J N. Elbert, Webb Co. St. Tolmnn Wheeler. Grand liapnh Smith, Ham's Co. Cliiuign C is-cl Porter, Theion Parclce, Hnipphnes W inflow. Milii'iMi'iie Hol'on Luding'.on I L. Ward, McCl'ire. Michigan City ifc Gould. MILWAUKIH1, W. T. Boat Wood. will bo ready to dHi.'cr fiom the Manilowoo pier by the Hist o Jnlv, i an be piocnnd it any snore nf Michigan. June -21, H45. upon as fair terms as point upon the i AH 5) I''OR SAljE.-Twpntv acres of land, bi autitiilly the liitilv-st yr.uind i adjoining tlie town p'at ol MiluaoKie, i fine view of the town, river, canal. Per sons wishing o retired situation, the nd- be found the Iron 200 Cook, rlor-md P ite Stoves of the latest p-it kinds of Stove and Slieet Iron ware, for LYNDE, Attorneys anil Counsellors at Law nnd Sol.c- _..... a onon'ry and a city r. sidenco, LUDINGTOJM o> CO., i will dj well to apply boon to H--S >rud si7.i Pipe. Tin. Coppe sale by 'sriEl FARWELL. Dealers in Hard- Waie, v Goods Grcreries, ot Wisconsin and Watm W. T. B. S. CURRIEU, Surcreon Dentist, on Milwaukie House. hirect, near the Milwankie. Juue 7, I343. A at the i d, (liustis' I. A. LAPHAM. 9tt' ABEL BAILEY, Portrait Painter, in Heniy Waid. 1G T HOMAS J.NOYES, Justice of tht Peace, one door West of the Post MilwciuUie. W. T. y Store, in the West iv.ud, (liustis' anrl look at a choice se'octiou ot'Sliple and F.mcy Dry incl iidinjr a.11 1 he huh1 notions 'usually kept in a Thread uii'ri Noodle as [Josii-ry and Gloves of kinds. Mitt--, and JVInaltriR, 'Ihroad snd Jii bind Lare.s and Edjjinirs. plain and (itrured Ribbons, pocket hd'fs. cr.i vals arid ancy lid'fs, scar, s, si Ik bi and silk ,irid cotton coids, combs and brushes of H kinds', buttons, hooks and eyes, thread, needles, pms, and other articles too nu- merous, to particularize. Also, PKnn, StNuv, Cypress and will be scld very cheap, by R. .V CO- June 9 tit BUBO Fire Place Pats, all JL sizes; JOO baie 100 b sM.ders, 2.10 c ominon spidois.. Set- tles, 30 si-tt vvaojj boxes, and every thmsr in are, to be found at the Iron eel. ROSON FARWELL. shape of Hollow Store, on w.'tor st SlIEPy Jun Dried Peaches, by TC-'Fl'S K ALT. at tl.p B 5 slni- MH- 1843 nker Store, jnst recived Bunker Hill. 34. LEONARD P. CRARY, G Attorney ane1 Counsellor at L.IW and Solicito A and i Palm Leaf of which STOW Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. f' A. H. STOW, Gao. RECI. A Milwaukie, June, 1842. 53 L. J. HIGBY, in 'Hry Groceries, Hardware, Crockevy, Medicines Paints, Oil th Dye Woods, Dye Stuffs. Books and rj. tionery: Wale i and Sheets, M ins J. A. ARNOLD Co, in Dry Goods, Groceries, Crocker Hard Ware, Boots Shoes, etc. etc. i FB E DERIC RD NE Dealer in Dry Goods, Blardware, Crockeiv pur Groceries, Medicines, Woods, Dye Oils, Putty. Glas.s, Iroi, Nails, Collier oJt East W i- y ter and Michigan st., Milwaukie W. T. PROFESSIONAL persons indebted to E B. WOLCOIT, for piofes- sronal services- or otherwise, are requested to call at the office of A. D SMITH. Esq who is duly authorised to settle, adjust, and receipt i'or the Professional business, I wish settled to the 1st of January, 3ril3; and hereafter, annn illy, from that dale, sach lusmcss must be settled within the month of January. For tho convenience of all, my Books and Accounts will beat the office of the above A. D Smith, who will give prompt-attention to all who call. E. B. WOLCOTT. 24 ;m F. RANDALL, Attorney at W- T. u RAGUE LASSELLE, Auction and Commission Wat ?r Street. Milwaukie. 6m5'2 E. S. MARSH, <S: in Rogers' Block, West side of the River, Stnng-st. waxikie, June 17, 1843. TUFTS, KENDALL CO. the Pier, foot of Huron Milwankie, Produce and Coiti- mission in Produce, Lead, Copper, Shot, Cash advances made on property for shipment East and the Canada Markets, PUUGS general as- soitrnent of medicines just received and for sale by AT WHOLESALE HMTAJL: 5 hhds, t t Croix 3 do Porto Rico do 2 N O Lls bastard do; 100 bags coffee 20 Keg; commo i cavendish tobacco 10 do t.vistdo; 2 do cavendi ,k jest 2') h'f chests Y M tea 10 do Old do 2 do Poechonir do; 4 do Imperial do 4 do do 2 hbd-s 'nolasses 4 hhds cod fish 70 boxes I r'n Havana sugar 12 do Loaf'do bbls refined crushed do 20 boxes pipes 4- do citron 12 do oranges 5 do lemons; EO do raisins 1 bbl currants JOdrunis fiat bbls soil shelled alm'onds 2 nhds 4 ra cigars, different kinds SO bbis fine cut obacco pepper and spice 25 bbls do 4 pipes biandv; 4 do gin lOeasks port w nc JO do Madeira do 4 do Mill 14a d' 6 bbls St Croix rum 20 boxes spe-im sandles 50 do soap 50 bbls whiskey 5 do alcohol; 20 do vinegar 10 j 11 s Maccabo snuff. The abo'.e otti ;les mast be sold. June 7.1643. 9 FRF.D WARDNER. F. WAUDNER. and Beei' RECEIVED ON CONSIGNMENT. BBLS superior heavy Mess Pork, Odo do Mcsd Beef, 2 do 1-2 Ib Smoking Tobacco, 2 Fnkins No. 1 Butter. For sale by TUFTS KENDALL. May 17. 1843. __ LUMBER. LUMBER FEET of good season- ed Lumber for sale at the New Lnrabpr Yard, in the rear of the Cabinet and Chair factory opposite Pi.x lev's store, bv A. GOVE. Milwaukie, July 14, 1842. 43-tf ftfift B OI1.EB IROiN, and Spring Steel for plows just rec'd by J. C. CRAMER CO. Iba Good Lard, for which we will pay 5 cents in trade Jan. 10, 1813. F. CLARKE CO A few sacks Live Geese Feathers just r< c'd and for sale low by WEEKS MILLER. FOR SALE, br'ls Mess Pork, 50 do S. F. Flour, S3 do Fish, 50 Dried Apples, tons )hio grind stones, a sap. article GO M. t. com. and clear Lumber, 50 br'ls white gr'd plaster, quality, Fan ting Mills, low for cash or ex change lor Proi uce. TUFTS KENDALL. AM at5j i ts. per Ib. for sale opposite the Cottage I m by E. BAGLEY. TUFTS EiKSJDA )RWARDING and Commission Mer- m? chi i n is, Dealers in Pin Grain.Pm k. Flonr, 1'lasier, I. me. Copper, Lead, Shrt. Glass, Lumber, itc, iVc. At, the of nnvia Jni'i we shall be rp- ceivino- Piltsburir Windo v (4 Liss and Nails-. Piaster, from Michig. n Grand RapuJs a cf each article. Our ofiir-e i- now ni our old Ware-House on Water stteet; al the open nq-nf'ii ivitr.itiou u attended to, done ns slio'ild bo The fur nc inti nd to I ,ive eomyleted by the I st J uly. at, tune we sli.ill lmv'J a full sup- ply nj seasoned wood, oftbc- on iiand for Steamboats and 1'ropel'ers. Liberal Cttt-li Ailvanet's made upon Produce destined for the Eus' bs, carpeting Linen and cotton lnllii'p. jeans Cambric.s, checks, hats, c.ips Bonnets, brown a id loat sugars Ijoots, shoe--, cofiee, tea, spicea'ieialus, laisitis, pou ars, p'ows, Ac., With a very a rent abundance ot nil the "little too o specify here, making onr assortment of Diy Goods, Groceries, and Hardware as dosirab e and general, quality, and c msidered, as any other .fill in Ihe Inch we will sell by the package, piece, or Dtherwiso, at a small ad- v.ince from the cost. An examination is I licited. Products of the com try rec'd in oxeliange. MILLER. i Milvaniic. Juno 10 1 A r-.'B 1.1 ___ Subscribers have formed a co-partner J- ship nnder theiii.n of M HI ray Me Fad- yen, and am piepared tj execute all kinds of S'sii. tliiji aiil O> iiamcntal Painhnif. They will keep coislantly on liimd, Pa'mts, Oils, Vanvsln Win low Sash, Glass, Putty, is on "Watcr-st., nearly opposite J. L store. JAM 10S MURRAY, ARCHIBALD McFADYEN. Milwaukie. August, Irf-lJ tf 49 JNTS-5-5CO ps. just rec'd jy___J. A. ARNOLD. IT ARI) LAMPS -old a large .iLJ of Tin-Ware, en her at whole sale_or retail BYRON Co's._ 57) FHIir Square Timber for sale jit A us n a i low ior c ish bv MORRIS LOUIS. March iStli. 1S43. M7tf JOHN WINTER has up VVatci street, opposite the Cot- tage ('.-iriic i tin, and inis jnst received 'ioin the east tiie iug----tVew foreign nuts, viz- binch lujaius, filberts, Madeiia, roasted pea pee in anc a nuts; Tuikey fiijfs, pijiibo Ac. Flesh o-round coiTee tin family use, uani'iited tn keep li months', ground pepper all sp ce, E'ons-e s celel'i lioni hound candy, and as- soiled (if t he same f'irfoiv, may lie fn'ind Oi i'i e, eiv cmtiy, ii.ivmy the fla- vor of ai' oi-iitiac Fri" cli mae.iroon. that finest iit cases and now in use in tho London and 1'ai is tea pnitie-s Ca'i-j cf all kinds, N JLI-I m in to per M. Strong 1 Holl Gin, French Bian- dv. Tempi i .nice of in eilron, erf'ecl love, A genu- ne ait.cU- nt Lnndoi" Poitei.m pint be IP a lew N. R In tin1 lleci 'M be found fi-esh pies, boiled y n dine- h.iin, e. June 7. It- 9tt '.O TAVLRN KEICPERS AM) GRO- bU. fu-t quality Whiskey just received on consjo-t merit and for snle bv KtNELLA McCLURK. J'tAU, Pitch, and Rosie. also all kinds of d> e stuffs for sale by June 21. LUOINGTON CO JIIST "00 birrels superfine flour, 30 barrels ines-i pnrlr. 500 bushels oi oats, 50 bushels corn rneal. 2 000 Ibs hams and shoulders, and forsale bv jnneSI. DTNGTON ft CO. SALT. bariels snlt, received and forsale by____LUDItNGTON CO._ barrels Smith's, 9 jubt received on consign merit, anrl for sjle LLD1NGTON CO. A choice arlicle of Liquors A selected expressly for medical or any other use by LL D1NGTON NUTMEGS, Cassia 5 bbls curtants, 10 boxes citron TOO boxes bunch arid bloom raisins for sale by LUD1NGTON CO. _ The subset .hers. i Ihe to leceive wool :tt their Factory, on he west side of the n vei fni and a'ter t K- 1st d.iy ol' June next, to caid into nr in into blocking nv other yirn. either on Mi -s or at a. eert in price per ponncl and to full and cloth in the fall. The m.ichineiv will IK- nf l.'ie I. and all work done will be warranted to be do IB in the best iDuniK r. The subscribers :i so notice :h'i1 by next se.isnn theii inachi lery will be complete for mannfuctui com inn cloth, cussi mere, flan- nel, Sattinctt. fiv. 'WALTER WM. BURKE. IVJilwaakie, RJ.iy I, IHJ3. K. B A loori with a water pow er to let. Also a Lathe, if icni ued. 30 Heps sporting and blasting ie eiveJby WEKKS MILLER. p.iwdi-r November 1] BIMDEUY a. id Uhnk Cook Manu- ij) Ticti.ry Ola Periodic, .Is and Magazines bound lo oid( Paper ruled to any II LE'S BOOK in ne COPA VAilJVISirj A VCR.Y superior ar.icle. just rcc'ed and by A. F. CLARKE Co. June 20 tw Glass, assorted r-izes, 200 Ib putty June 21 CO'S_ 4BARKELS whiting, 4 hhds linseed oil. 2 hhd.s lamp oil, 4 barrels turpentine, 1000 ]bs white lend. 4 barrels c balk, 300 feejrs eastern 500 stme ware, 100 assorted size churns, 10 doz pat.pnt pails, 10 doz Palms' tubs, and a general assoitmont of tin ware, for sale by ______'L-UPINGTON CO. F' ANCY HDK'FS, flat ribbons, black and white cotton, worned, and merino hose ladies' gloves, pocket hc'k'lsx, table covers, fine and dressing combs, pirs, needles, hooks and eyes, tapes, bindings, and all the! ittle for sale by LU DINGTON be found with Mr. J JV. B, We woul recommend Mr. N a firs.t rale worknia may depend. MUinattklf, Jure 1 THIS '-.uhsciibers having disposed of their entire and trade, would call uPnu a" who have nnset- accounts to call and tliern immediately to All watclna that were left with us will ntthe old JONLS <fc FIELD. 1 take this opportunity to Ahaniel Kellogg, as being and on whom the public 5, 1834. OTICE The irm under the name. of G. J. Fowler Oo is this day dissolved by mutual consent. payments are to be made to G. J. Fowler, w 10 is authorised to settle all claims, if demands of long standing are not soon paid cost will be made. G. J. FOWLER, NATHANIEL KELLOGG. June 28, 1843.

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