Saturday, June 15, 1844

American Freeman

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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American Freeman (Newspaper) - June 15, 1844, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ifllltcr ATTORN EVS, SOLrCflTOtS, w. T corrfet of l ovra aukrc, Oct. HI 13. VV THE HOTEL Of CKCl, B.I IJUAVtlW, WisSIt1 vf Why ly. 1 i Ac iltJ.ljitlay, ATTOitNEYs ..INK AT LAW, 'i.icrrcits Is CJJAN'CKBV, AMD G.ENEKAL LANJD AGfeTS. Alir.WAI.IKKK, l attend ti> the '.'olIfK'tion of trva Tfi fart. G, J.l Witiker'dktlJ'.St'Ll i c e 1 i! I i jl_ .--i j..i'r: THJB L If' The miracle of the annihilation of i is at lengtly performed'-! Baltimore Patriot of Sunday; afternoon' contains 'ihc its by Paitfiot-says i Cedar st. C. S: Tathutn, 240 Wa ttrit.JV Y. i Jun. no21g.' Ll'KiMARD 1'. CKpaiYj, r ant! Cnuii.wllor at ahd KoUoildf Counanllor in Chnjiccry, MUwntJikiii.'VV. T.; A. I Attorney anj at IJMV, anfi Solicitor iii OlKuo twu ilourn cimt of the Puii, Oifico, i' A. EI-Y innfuifiicture.H niirl fihuvn ol' -ovcry iloaerijjiion, t.o ordcir, IfiudinytonV' Hlor-e, April Iyn7 Wis ruble's MATS! CA PM. (i. l. WALLACE, J> vv, J.U1KS S. BAKK.U, Attorney tit Law, iVIiiwuiikd'ij T, Two tloor. tin; Great: Writer 10. i.t c u Notary Public Liintl Offii-'o, 3d door east of t'hn Court new County M Kl V.V'T. OnVri his serviv'i'd C i clrfuv iloe'luj, Also MUe iu'Kiio1 and usher wiito ittul uufltr iiroleit bills cit' cxi-liungi; nml pmhiiiijdrv notes mi1' lirase, buy or .-t'-ll ri'iU e.-itnUj, cilher in j vr cuuntry, pnv fui- non-iiysiilnjits, ;incl re- .portions "HniJBdie iportiono 't'1 not.; the momerjt i piii'Djesjpaleti-i' :ctro Magnetic Telegraph now the CJapitol Washington'3nd the Railroad iVatt, between Charlea and Light slfreeis, Tlie yesierdny from to thp telegraphic apparatus i'n a room in the wacehouse T'tie batteries M'ure charged thi atvd tKe ttslegruyih ,'' full conveying intt'lligcnceio and Capitol. A large number .of, gentlei'ticn.' present to see the operations of ithiii truly astonishing'Contrivance. Many ad- mitted .to the roo'tr) hail their names sent.1_______ down, iivlesj-.lhan a. second the zippa- It seems rntus in in opfr'atitot) tiy Iho .in -Washington, alid berbr'ti the lapse of u lialf minute! the -sanie nawes were returned plainly' vrritten. -At half pnst-11 o'clttclc, A. M. avked 'in: neous wer lion on Mtniday The time vvns also enquired fur, when t-ha reijp'onste hay unjustly t ion .of of: l .v'frime. t; harriin as a wht therefore carries ij'for jKas alijvays-been se btl fey.Plihy, oins, taikea wife ;ji. I' "tit, ho her and! fash The .tiliie being, and-. end .of is if I rriiiy so all their sorrows, if they perVert tliat'bory .r l and heav nly indfie'ci, which.., .-has -being.'- afld wings of her Bpiri.tseein a ver.: :nd-panting io cirisp to her 'J'lie arn'ij ruathing a'ndibr'oofl. over, so'hui object of human at; '.by P ;ij to ).n.e .roils... Qnmindl ijiribed liittge iuid n -Iffefanc'liolji jjfhe If i mage; of a Constable jri book. v Question Dsiirycase. :Sweet' by a flrurn 'you'll do pathway cate, elijt Io lend suniihino to-thej. fur tn.i-vx; tif-ild tu p.Tsi-iis irlttr Ik lifJJeiect's Mil'.'Jaiikiu. N. H. ClrtcH, Wntqhoa, Hoxns and ewclty uf M UinJi rcFpivutS iuti wockinunlikc ionnrr SL wnrranttnl no tnisftifie A HALIS'.1} HOOK BINDERY- Ktruls lilunli Books, tuilcil 'snd :nan- (ooruciv anil iii'BHiinorior xiylc. bowuc to nnUfh nny Auiij UM3 h .J Attorney Sullrlsur in (.H.W uud Juiiicury, LAO W. T. fiOIjJtlTe-K IjIf 53113- A JXICTIONMU'lOW Arts, L.itin-atnile, Ilutory, S'olitipBa incUuling A cojiioug colU'Ution oi in Alincricitn Bingiapliy. AI-SO, i! SPARK'S .AMKKIOAN inC.' For at KN. KIMBAt.I, Sc. Co., in G.ra. certus ninl Miih'H coarse and iiim liocits imd filmcis omen'ii and Inui given from the minutes past eleven." -At this pcriod'it was also asked how maiiy persons were spectators to the telegraphic experim'elils in answer (ec'a.': After a variety of nuineii were sent up from some with their compliments friends here', whoso nani'os'h'iidjiipt-'.hepa'.tmhsmlttiicl to them. HuveralV'iieij'is of; priyatw intelli- gence, were also and forwnrdlone of which: was ivn order to the agent hero not to pay.a.ceriuin bill. Mere electrialluid proved too for it had been a .few.niitHite.s before. At hiiM" past. .12 o'clock, the a repijrler in Congress to send a despatch to the Bal- timore Patriot at 2, V. In. about ii ir.inuta'thu'answer came back lluis li will be ntlended j 2 oVLocii, I1- despatch I'.a'i arrived, and is as follows Our, just been njade a motion in the House to go into compiit tee t'A' the Whole on the Oregon question 70, Sfi. Half past House is ij-jiujed on private bills. Quarter to Ather'.on is now in the Senate.. Mr. y. will not by in Baltrmoroto-night.' So that s. e are th'us eniibled to lo- uur renders information from up to 3 o'clock. This is indeed the anui-1 liilation-of pjiiiec. Tho Clipper of tjuturdny contains the1 following information regarding the struction and vvorlcinp of the Telegraph': The perfectly secured wi.'iither by a covering of. rope-yarn andf is conducted on ihu top of 20 feet high, and about 100 yards .apiirt.j: umiBrstnnd that, the nominations .ODJ Monday next will be forwarded to Wash-: by means of. this Telegraph. The'; following is tbe.Alphabet used: 00 Kea'rlh, ert-nilhg hour. -'.'t. hav.u uejfifr'.tbough't .upb-.v Uiejgenjtle; aiid'ili'B infiuenCo ofv womjin, wjthoui fealings 'tjf. the .dc'epest-'ailririirtition. She. t -I "-I-'! t i. 'I1 .1 seldom hates.'. is wvo'iiged, ishc In tha smile -of (n you' ;.stbfy is as-thit'f, in ;Ho when it laying con., aundabout. Many.-.induceriiient's wbre'.jbeUi tip- VVhite but ho' irtai'nlained a'.dogged An assurance f; many of >v.fio: fi orn their mas- tb'aresifte1 r heard of, are' iff 'the recesses of the: Bkirtirigipiar This is not'ouly1 :'oiir. -but (jiuneral in: 'regard, to-the'ldcation offugiiives ;-and we ;wi.usjj sayVthat astonished person, is'tbipprehend runaway 'slay.e.i', when infot'iiiedi u; thai there' is iwithitt thirty jniles of thiii ciiy, a of fisne hundred, per- whole of them.Sjltiniiway negroes, who -.'have actually beetij.rer.iding on the samBj'sp'bV'for the last iwijlve years. These .negroes liVe misery, and it is 'ooly vrhen'jconipelieU by bungur that theyiJare venture but of (Sieii hidingplace. .ijire .ernpl-oyeil hy persons, '.whojja; ria'.mes are ;un.knpwn, Io -cut wood, tbefy iloal; thro.ujjlji the innumerable bayo''and the swamp aboueds t'o the lake. Fur troublo the .n.a'grp'es come in not tnpro: than once a and. arc ..furnished1 by thuir employ- xvitlv ilrn'rnunition, and.( the mo'sv. commpn jieeensaries of i .-generally cclinc- in the night i! tb'u're, is the kiast danger oi'de- tectipn ;and after obtaining .what they are off again! t.o their hiding plueus bufore the.niorn'ingjdnn'ns. A run- away'riegro camp-is at'least s hundred par cent, more' miserable than-a Hottentot vil- lage. i.Generully.speakiiig'.i.uiU surrounded 'by water, and in.order to l-leep from drown- ing, they .are obliged la .'build their beds, vns "six.-i is yfhefi: .she turns tears without In all ibat; is .sacred and. luVelyii seems to ili'its natural centre. Dol -look ,'vS'uu Ifaie clevoted; wife. Ftjr.-rejjolute affection, -slrjiigglingi; throtjgh .ebllhtless. trials Behold lover. 1'jbr fuliiess 6P fon'd which gives to I'lhings of. earlti ti: ojevotidn like- that wiiich'-'shoujdf ascentl ton GOD? Behold ttm mother, atf thu cradlii-.of her ;infant, or dr'pwsv evelid on her bosom.; or pens" as they are ealjcd, at least four i or five feet from Iho grobnd. This is done should -be ilfechargecl.iiUp'on-Whilh heinade j ;n tho hianncr: I the negroes txt- all ha pi accom- pioced crofswi-jc to .over these poles VsmaH -arc laid, i and then tho buseinent, is perfectly solid, is covered oyer moss which is found.-all through swamp in such quantities. To tljese dens thi; ru- the idevilMbe only; abcomplicajjl ever had great partner- acqoittedjlne, anp'you may hang him you can held ,at the instant, at .which theJoUo.wingresolution adopted, KUggestingither.fdnrialiori i.ifi.a, ll'reaty be- twK.en evelitl on her bosom.; as. 'having repeatedly in'inifeatei eat ti> its fair cheek rise and fall .upon] anxielydbr iw'wljiteipnd the .FWerojl tjrii. rest! Tina theduty of the-States We hava no doubt tleern is expedient to this Teles graph "to Philadelphia, .New, York, and Boston, Us utility shall'-have be'ert tested. When understood, tho mode of operation is. plain and simple. London: PuUty.clmic Aristotle strongly inveigled agiiinst ad alone being selected for! the tion of character, Hs argues lire body should be contemplated. The; manifest thapi- always muy; tbo.plbet strike his in her well niay jihu warrior ruish. tO' i-ho battler field for hitrsmiio niay the trim t.o' kindle, her' heartjdr Warm her Uai'iity ima'gioattor, she ;lpitm u'll. Last at ihe cross and- earliest the grave .of the SAVIOR, she teaches M'ho liavo )ived: sitiee Hisi i.BeMtimablc virtue of con- stubt ntli'Cj.ion. I lovo to scu 'her tjfi-tho couch of 'sjickness sustaining the fiiUiiing .lu-at! to. the parched lip- its V'f'hitt iCCl Jf'CC'flt their Ru- ioti, ik will he- ___________, .___ State pi; in the event of th'a rejection air of turn, and either sleep or spend their time most coiirsa, riotous scenes of dissi- pation. It is a pityithflt proper en- couragement is not'givt-ty to those who it their runaway negroes, or to cause n general survey ofj the swamp, and'1 bring tjie, fugitives to j j How inucb iheik', slaves- must lovo I kind inustew, flee- to almost un- j paralleled to escape tlva kindness of'theiir Colored who" imagine thai there is not ingenuity arid skill in the colored! race are in'error. Iu Ihe Munici- ________ __________ ____ _ ________ Artnexaiionyto take .immediate' stisps'-for the Court at Bosloii1, Gerjrgo Tolliver, "c'ol- fi.-.w.v. f i fori: of ci: liaiipn of '.htij KepubSic. I o toj j p rejj.) people-iin his shop. harboring drunken He diifun-Jed himself Trijburnsjiivys.i When vveiare'ConVinced thnt we hot in any case' to vote for ffccl conslTtsined to take gTou.ricj openly nnd I munfully, for a disalution-of to palate With us much propriety mig.'ht ihe editor.; :t reading.-.- with assiduity out.fbr :a line around ;the solemn curtains, and complying vvilh'llsK wish, of 'thein valid he says L'ct mo not havo tin's yloprri.v Ahoxij: room, tiboul my. bed; i" With :To cdol iiiji'Luriiini; brow inateacli" disposing W the sunlight upon the pale fort1 liea'tl Ijalbing the hair ivith dintmetits, and letting in. upon it from the' summer casemunt Mte breath .of -Huaveo Mow lovely are such .exhibitions -iotl ever-. and faith penl- I'lilce tb'e 'lover in -the Can-. w.holse fingers j.-w'li'er. rose to open' tliB; door. her beloved ;had jceji that he not .tq yol'u for a drunk- ard. Slaveholders have jno faorjs fnvor r ing; myrrh of. iSo man of seissibi) jty', .it take vling ..with iierplefiitiijs. of i" it.ufler'ba .._: the .out-'dotir world, .but a Teel- ing of r.efr .lvea are those which, exist in, tbe principal places; they the the forehead, and i'bo faco ;.neXV to these come the breast and. the the third in rank, tho legs.aild the feet ifhis may excite the derisioo of tjiossiwho; I'uney they carry their characters cini only 'on their skulls, hut there is philosophy in it than 'may ui first sight np-i iear. The intelleetuti'! character of SHpfr Inuiu UvUnmra. Waltr-Strcet, Kto, irst door iiortii of IJluck, for'.incrly wiitil liyJ. H. Fi CoinpaMy continue Io el >e, Lur J, rcct Insui'inces iibon liberal in wbicjh by in both-Vriririo ,intl Viro dtpart icifr.s. They ilsornccivu moilej othrr theif tht-y aiv ffj" Special ratOiioJ'intcrcstaHo-.' pojifod lor tuted I on New Ya-lf, Dotroil and Chicago; also in cijy ot ferutt Britain or Ireland. ii ALEX. MITCHpl-L, Ecd'y. 11 A LAHOli jUiii'fe of lor ,bj' pear i.s not conveyed-by the face nnd head lint by the pvoporlion, the symmetry, asd. iht; oxpfcssion of'tho'whole figure. The: jloinan glad.iator reveals himself to not! liy 'the head niche, but by the inordinate; of muscular (jinergy'; arid powerful of every Lirnb. .j. Ificuus deMudicijthe round- i'css, and delicate proportipri's limbs (ibovey expression voluptuous' Yrhich no sign: produce. The present Professoc Monra informs us that the lato Br.. SpiirKheim pointed hiiii thai the forehead of the Vtnas -was so low nj ;to asst'niin'a'to .to th'at of an idiot; but, without .hajyjng. the.'h'ejid pf Pctvcles.oniher fairiy tie-suggested- that thers is ;of ittiocy ;in ,thu pfj the body.. Jesting the of th'enrlist'.wijj recognize, in the muscular the liody, an expreasioa Which rio one section at it can convey'; and Uhia'isi theoretically iif accorila'iice witli the inott, recent phyii- discovflrieB.; j-j is aseertitincd u should in any form nave the apologist of n :syslem .ro full of hostility to isil holiness and benevolence as elavcry, the concocted esssnce of fraud, ami cold- hearted.tyranny, and the fruitful parent of evils, bolli to ihe oppressor and the.oppressed, the one thousandth part which has nevnr been brniight iu i Mr. David Haulriy, a in e -Method isl Church'at St. AlbstV's, Lick- ing who movc-d frdtn 'iCi-ntuckv 1.0 Ohio-ill 1831, lesiifies --'.s lijIUuvs: "In ihe year 1821 or'31, I sinv-n slave hung, for killing; his innstor. T.u: mnslor had whipped the slave's molhcr u DF.-VTII, imd locking him inn rooiri, him with tha snme faie, und, cowhide in hand, bad bi'gun the work, when :he slave jpincd b.iulle nnd ihc niiister." Samuel Ellison, n mnmbrr of llie Soci- ety of Friends, formerly of .S'jnihiimplnn county, .yir.yiniii, now of Stark county, Ohio, gives the .'ollovviiig tesliinony While a resident of Souil'tiniplon co., Yi.rginia, I K'nr-.w two men, after having b'eeu severely irualed, cndi'iivor to tmikii their cscnpe. In this they fail'd were taken, tied to trees, and whipped lo ilralh b.y overseer. I lived :i niilo fiom quaitors, and. at distuncr. could fri'miunlly hear ihe of the. poor crtjulurcs whtn buiUen, an.i t ould also Fieur the blows given by the c vcr. eer with some heavy jnBlriimpnt.1' Mr. Abra.m Bell, of New York, a member of this Scotch IVesbyle- rian Church, was employed in and '3S, in Ic-.velling and grading a milront! in the State Georgia j lie huO In.-- direction! ('luring the .whole titm-, thirty slaves. Mr, B. gives the following lesii- wbi aad from uoo We iijc this'jllw siMy impiety tt'f pirliciwUrlJinefor lioo of the -wojtSi. Midirism eKis.t t-'-ily if it be Jo alarmed Iho timid, tb'ii livts nnd properly of .Calculation upon the con-" HiinrMtimi -f varfious prophecies, T.igoe in tbemwtv-M; nnd: ligUrruively forth, [-50 eWlir.'ylt n Jri having untvy for. miles, nnd stations at the ex- don't so triuch object .i'piial trerop end of his journey. This, part of is. Anilexa.tion the country .has uever bee.n visited '.-before, ,chobject to iafid hu'ijHpresenlsitas beiqg beautiful. I M i...-- ijthe p.nttj; by Thi.i- stfppdiio embodiment Svbiggciry on' id ths Western .Ciitzeri.' __ _ _ The': yal'tte'1; of. -.propiirl'y. destroy" at the Ihlc iiiot in is 'estimated at .JdOO-jOQQ.v i- large number >.Irish funiilies ..wisre eucarripftd'in.thB :and other theiriflriBt. Quarterly-reporjf (ijijAugust deposits 183 ie specie1 showt ii dilriitiutior.i been Jtcv, B. K. V. R'usselij'ivnd: Rev. J; H. Siemens, who all .fliperieneeti-good health durihg the whole time of uxcursion. The-polony at .Monrovia war, in n most ;flourishSng-. condition, and ex- cellent he.allh. .Business.Ayau good, and provisions plenty. -.i'.'.. brig in the carfeo of slave of being'ooiinecled in j :laineil byithe British, j and prevented .from landing H.ei: cargo___I The steatner. came iirpuhd Io Monrovia, and the TJ. S. Deliitur-up the.'f, .An''Ajinerican. rivev p." AH the slaves bad their jiourrtd from the'lcift-repeated n-hippings ;bVy iiad Atr.: Barnard, of Fnr.irinijtnn. Ohio, who was in Mississippi in ISoT and 'iiS, says; 1 "The slr.ves were often severely' whiji- pibd. .1 one teaman very severely %ifhippedvfor accidentally oTcotton.: When they wore wlyipptitl, they commonly hiM dawn by fcnr men; cobld nni confine-them, they were Wsteucd by slakes driven firmly into the gtoiiild, :nid then lashed so asu draw b'jood at 'pricli blow. 1 saw one woman who hud'buely been delivered ol n i-liild ii'l of cruel itlnfLibdriil. The'ciumbier of..' i: while B against tb'e Tire- families of, thow! who tilled and1 wounded; in; the FhjIa.delphiaiHpts are aothV caseijlasl in a to relfef, i'or; -their They; have.. ctimmiuirti..are of -jjiiin'jjs J th'ey ri'd .jaiportaa.cC' British brig ot war Perijett, made a second -ai'luck tha slBV.e. ;ship Craw- ford, after the Ship had bei' te'aijjo of 1000 slaves orilboortl, iVticl off' by the ship, 'there 'was some on Bu'sinias. '.Is '-very .Jood the coast. The 'owned, by !yi SipamafcJ, at. carrying on-'as ex- tenaiVti traiie as everi .l'ct the and "other Tesiia'n -jiaperi, wo lear-n.. thtit of, are ..beautiful; .priiriesj bordering' upon, San (Gabriel, Brrizos.'.iilid Little; Thousands of Irlesa amjhciats drownft! a ii.-vv'weeks wfiife the latter slrtam'djaring a trjbst'siii- ''1 cif -pasjiiing 'directiy'; th't-ough the. making tteinseives -upon1 nrmli'.eted, t'Sn'f (jfigiH'Ornibsnt it _' years tile of Wisconsin may iio send to .hjivo- commenced. The. ''whole pApuIalion; did not exceed ten souls in April! 1S3G. At the lowiss'l esti- triale it now contains seventy thousand iii- hijibUatits! anil is incrsusing at tin- rate of twenty thousand per annum. In 1 the v'Wuu of .exports from the Tnrril.jry was esltimatcdiat taxable By the censuti of IS40'it that Wisconsin supported ai'great- cij nuniber professional men, in propor- tion to her thau any <lf the Spates. ..The proportion of nau.ipapers sho: supports, is still pje.-ilen- In 18-13 she ;paid'into Post .Oipparl- nrijent over and ubove- all this ex- Post OJIicius nd. car- rjling the liiails '-within bee limits.'. In Wisconsin, says the Kaeine all kinds of litbor find a rich reward, t.niJ cap- ita! tt profitable investment. livery citizen bus the tjlrongRst inducements ti. make iuiprovementsr-lyhich he is con inunlly thus adding to thtu :alth of the cornrnunity___Iff. y. I'Qmjession at Witfnighi Qry" givas up. the ship, and says eniphst- ically ;i" We eorjfeiislh.1t our pvb.Ksfietl ti'tais is pit-it, arid honest men, we cannot to in the fL'turc.; j coi biilicve this 23'f'O (Jays will-'i-itand tb the j E'pD ahd-Jhat'tbo end only-be ilula lofig .as o'.ti1- roikbt: i'3, 1S-1-1. iTv rii Before leaving JJcdfurd t p-oiniwd: ygi a lejtcr fioisi il.e l-'yrainUJs. it or in and 1 inn Km upinniit t.l tbe und inoninrionts of ei'Miitioiji nil of: (iespoti.firi strnlfhcs for tur.sed with sin- Tht i-'uiSuif Gml been ion JK-r.i of Ihc di-ueri nfo hftrm-JKiii'lieeni. .Mrr.clures her c-s licei'! by foreign rnl is and) hi- icliuLilaiUs hy pen- .I'tilly liss iifvn aocuinpli.'hed l-'lgypt be i'hc li.-iM-slof Kjiigdoms." I Uiti uf the Turkn, Iho f.s o.f t tliU'CH, ;.nd :i.ncy <il' the Arabs, I rcrtier.i- berfour aiijj tlii'ir and and while trem- bling for j here (JrVDie anetf to the r'lse oi' Anieiicni) Abolition. Gocfd bye. for he present. I will ro-sunu! my I pen at'a tnoi'ti convenient lime and. phicje. U.iMM, l.'Jth Feb., 1 I' i.'f n y present leistiry, to .aU'r begun tho 1 rerneinbor I .should Kgvpt with m pc-rson.-.l violence, y own slaveholding couii- s on shis point ,1'Votn nil thi) in- formation Ijhisvo I ;'.m convinced that, dirislifin sbiviUiolilers nn; fisr more iTuel towiiAls tijcir than nri' thu ofjibi; lidsc und far r.iotc vinoietive U v.virds fif Ihe rights c.f incn. One. vc.ison have anionj; them no ti) in; llitf priv- ry a divine institution, and thatrivil aif.l rights are (V-und-. ed irjt on thu of jus- tice and mercy lift on ihu tinr.ture of u A Ma'-jtiiiridoan would be hort'i- (ii.'d nt the itlfa the privileges of the n fitvorc-d ciiste; ur of ex-1 a IrufI I'rotii religious sehauLs or on ac- count of A cN-'r-iymiinof the lof liltigl-ind. liinj; n'sidi-nt in ti'u1; tti.'it tl'ui coplic to ihrir ,-dove.s thaii the Tiir'.i-sj ;UK! lie for ihia Ihe Mif'icii.'Li! n-ssoii the Cop- tic i-.i-l.i and jctliliej tin: i carried whiJ'nie'lVom B quan- tity of Tracts in th'< tu tin? 1 liistrilnilc'd tln'ii .in thi! :nid the public Turkish Celli.-i: liloiisp, in tin1 to tin1 of she hhvc Market! wou'.l have Ijeciiinc friend, he, io !hc of laws and con- .tl'.ij of Christianity, a simikir of Anti-Slnvery tracts iu Richmond Orlenns liud intended s.-.-liinj; an interview with Abe Pashn, im-iiniliu to ijivir S.iu: TvJctu, ar.d n't Iho j.ijiio Anti-fc'lavcry lee- iiiy too brief 1o permit mi! to f'.ir.ri'n slia, you know, is supposvi1! to be. rather wolliiildy iiH'iinc-d nn' I'ortoin high-miiided, sr'.UlniH-n in Amer- ica, in1 'ar Duire likely to mi.U'- I bnvH. yuu ttjthi.-pr.-sctii I llv.- chiiMirter of it-; ccl- ofiity ip.qr.irit'S thit iv.'.yi1' rapidly ar.c Ilial this iii.'.i moiit i-xtra- day. lie is both viliiK'ti in no iniMsurff! torrn.'y The I'lireroni penpli1 by diBennil Stamfords. Tcsini !iy h'.iirn- pean piviiiy.atii.iti and c.bris'.inn mnrulity, be Is a sanguinary Ij'rant. v, hrn you rjicullecl iha? he v. biofight up yl- mosl ji. he was forty yiw.i old bbfufe hi: co.nlii hiij wish nthef Turkish aw nsto.'iished at of iibnriii.ty at bi.s opinions, and tile, energy of his yuycrtuKCfil. 1'rotu time it been tha preroga- tive if Tut.kifh .-gsWrnoM tn us much as om uf their ciucts the squi'tiiiinj; -process will) prnii vigor but he alicmptt'il enlcreid the hendtj'of hii; tlui crputrin, as veU ab.stiaclion vrenllb hence tho. intrbj.'uclion of the col- Ion, cultivation, "f rtii rru'.iiufaeldrics, the oncournfe- jiC comnn'rce, UBilj .the. "t Hej.hus moreover founder. is .-schools aiii am I Um-.Uc .TiyU.'.r

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