Saturday, November 29, 1884

Times And Gazette

Location: Marshfield, Wisconsin

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of Times And Gazette on Saturday, November 29, 1884

Times And Gazette (Newspaper) - November 29, 1884, Marshfield, Wisconsin TIMES TNI) GAZETTE. TEH YEAR, i. C. A. COON, Editor, NOV. 1884. KOHL. MEB9, Proos. Fresh and Salt Meats constantly on hand. i> onlr k'-op Ifcc nnl! n'tntlloa tn all with Wf a Ki'Ct-liiltr Etutor, Eggi, Cheese, etc- Ciuh ftlvl IlUfrR and BUY YOUR Christmas Presents X AT THE A. HORL'S CENTER AVE., MARSHFJELD. Vo constantly on baud Frosh Beef, Pork, Sausage ol all Kinds, Balogna, Etc. Eto. CASK PAID for .HIDES AND PELTS A Grand Japanese Fair will be held in Marshfield, in INSURANCE. Tlii" v.Miild respectfully in- f.irm tho puMic tlnil lio taken tho of a iiuiuW' ui'fiooU and reliulilo FIRE INSURANCE A tnoiii; olhors Tin1. MIUV.U'KKK MUTUAL IN 1 Fiu'lies wisliiiiR'.o nifiiri! Llioir properly will do well to consult tiiotol'oro insuring GENEBAL BIT GOODS, On Friday December 12 I3th, Upham Co, MANUFACTURERS OF LUMBER and SHINGLES, LATH and PICKETS. Hard and Soft Wood Also Dealers i i Lumbermen's Supplies, GENERAL MERCHANDISE, G ZOCEJRIES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, BOOT PACS, OVERSHOES, ETC. Plain and Fancy Dress Goods, Ready-Made Clothing, In fact everything that is usually kept in a first-class general stow, GLASS, PUTTY, PAINTS: Also WINDOWS, BOOKS, ETC. Heavy Goods, Buch aa Pork, Beet Flour and Teed. CENTER AYE, MARSHFIELD. Afternoons and Evenings. Madams "Nee "Eng "Iche Hung" and "Song with their daughters, will be in Marshfleld to sell their wares, DIRECT FROM JAPAN. Highest Market Price paid for Stave and Heading Bolts delivered at Marshfield. For information reliuing to" contracts, and other matters pertaining to th. business, call on or address Tickets at the door, 26 cents, will entitle the owner to a Lunch and Cup of Tea, and ___ _. i i i i _ n T T rl A civ LULU U.UUI, w iii the Cup and Saucer will .be presented to the Ticket-owner, with a "Sonvenir" at the door. MARSHFIE1D, Marahfleld, Wis. II, DEALECS IN Crockery 1 Glassware, Caps, Jioote and at Die very Lowest 1'rioos. Farmers' Produce taken at ve-ry Highest A Good Slock of CLOTHING always on H.'nul. John Schauer. Articles from five cents to five dollars will be seen on the tables, at the fair, for cash, suitable for elegant Christmas gifts. Parties from Spencer, Unity and Manvilie can come on Friday between trains. FOB CHOICE FARMING LAND! Chicago North-Western V la OLOE UNITED STAti'S" FAST MAIL ROUT5 Jt irom autito A ad ifpolnW In Northern JlliiioJf, Con- v.r-'i1.. Kustoni tind Northwestern wigconsiln. Noitbern Mlohltrmi. Ulano- iwn. Wfinltobn, ControJ nnd ZiorOtinrn .Vrli-nskj. Wyom- luir. Ucih. lilaUcv, Moiitttou, Nevada, Vnilfarnln. Wuslilnttton Torrl- Cut it ui bin. Clitnti, Jopun. r.'HO ISliir.dO, lu.'riifi'n. Am jt'.ji.iuii, und nil lu'inoipnl points in tbt ItOHTH, NORTHWEST r.nd WEST. WHli f-i nwn It North ILLINOIS. CXmtnil and Korthort i Korthcra M1CHJ tiud 11A, II. otVovM to tlis Trnvolor ull accom- ttint oo'.i Iro od'cred by cnj Its tniin soi-i'ico eQUhlti thti! uny rosil: tsplr cyoort Ij r.a nt coc'oi t. ona Bnfcty will uorrcit: thc.j 11EMAIXING UNSOLD. OAK and other valuable ON Situated on tho Yollow Kiver and near tho Wisconsin Central R R Town 24, Kaugc 3, Wood County, Wisconsin. SWVi.NKK, XWSKy it SE'i, Sfclioi! 7. SEK SEU 1T- AdJrcss, Stephen Hebron. 236, 14lh St; Buffalo, .N. Y. WEILLSriLLE i.t imioMoa end points Vitb tlui Itiritlltig ol' the West miii Noi'ibwust, offer to tnoau uar CPECO, COMFORT AND SAFET1 Ar cniCAOO It doEf- I'ou ell other rillroarts r.t ".hot city U rmw I'Ar.VfK cAiss 01 till J-AIM.OU CJHSon it- o-.itos. rnd MUlTll-V. F-NTKIC- IKMV.'J On 114) COUN011. p-ij oa l-.i ST, CAIU, MIS-S tl-.rougb d.iy oxpi-o.-s ti-clns. iryou wlr.'i theBpsr TvnvulliT- cri-m. you will Miv your Tlcxot. bv- 'hjn routo ASli Win. U-AK.a For Vi'tea for rlnc-lo cr rovnd tlclrota und for mroricntipn i" rc- tp tUl parts of tlio West, Jiortjiv.'on, wrlto to Wenurul Ht (JblcnfTO, III. _. C'wtpou Acoat3 cell MARVrN HUQKITT, Ova. ?1 Vlrf-i r, unil Lea. W. H. CTF.NNF-TT, AS'. i ChlciRO. PENSIONS i-1'UMlonu wulowj.-, ohthln-ii pik- Any vuund, or liowrvcr ilulil. yi'u I" poit.liin. IVuslftiu an- <or lifr or or KIM, iiilw. vurlconi' phrouhi (UnrrhM'ii. vurliiocio, nt MvW of "uf "r bdtU c.vw, of hrarlag "I or ulft-nnf tuc fallltiK buck UO wwu.U'1, or any mliw ill'nbUlty rtwrMlnmiy ''f of inuuuiil. lubnr, J41U.U1 to iviy tills ri'lii'lous nriti nrc iv wort K clulraj. OM lif Jwiod CUluif' u It you. will crtruii nml wrllv mi1 upon wlnu ckim 1 will ly and whht can t I U Mil y.m, claim lo lr niul rpooUl ac jttnAicin obt.tlnpil. nroat In caiK-s. tfv'jd luy Im'ivaytf b ALL ODDS HJESTEOUIPPEP Lei II bo forever remembered that the 12 All. IV Al- ls the bast nnd shortestroute to and from Chlcapo and Council Elur.0, ancl that It is pretc -red by all well pouted travelers whon pass- ing to or from plx for ll IMJ Iff L1 nnd (ruu, n box rt ill, Ufjlfyou 11 t jnoijfy rltjlit tlum nnTtltinwclFO in world. All, of ullhorriex, HUC- from thi- flrnt houv. Tlic brouil to fortune opynf hclnrt) til-: nbsnlutoly At TXCE A: Co., i, Mtilno. !t cl30 opsr.itcs tha rouj'i and tho short lino betwaan CMca'a and St. Pinl and Hinasapolis, t-3 Crosso, Sonrta, Mad- ison. Fort. Howard iGroen Bayl.Vvis., Wlnona, Owatorina, Mankato.Mlnn.. Codar Raoicls. Des Molnes. Webster City? Aisona. Clinton. Iowa, Elarln. RocKford, III.. aroamonsst its SOO local stations few of tho numerous this points of superiority onjoyod by this ivUrc'ns of this road, arc Its ROOM Itswldeb PAIAC; tho IIKO of whiori not run by Harns Proprlotors. t} 'ILLE, W MoinirHCtui'OM ot na.t In Marble -.v Monuments I-l 12 A STO.XES, Wath EtnnSa, Mantels, Table Topti, 'ic. FINK A SPKCIAL1T v.-esthnd Wf-stof Chicago. o-JDlnoss centi'ec, 5Liin "nor rs-jorts ana noted huntli-sr and riohins R.-ounds nri ao- cpsslbio by various branches of and: controls ovnr 5.OOO miles of road and has over tour hundred conductors con- stantly oaring fonts millions or paL- Ask votir ctcrflnt UTKrH. All lending ticket EsenL-ssell thom. It costs ho more to travel en this route, that sives first-class accom- modations, than It worlt milvnrKiIly t" buih yoniJK or You CMI onvii forni f.ocantK tt 1'hnt nil liilMmiimnik'l'eil c'tTu-r: lo art- nnt w.' will to iw.y for rmubk1 of writing Full >niit free, rnrluiivs wll! be mrido by tlinn- v.-lni tlii'ir time tn tho -.vuri. f-uccet1? lv.U-ly s-.irt1. rnn't Ui'Juy. fir utv.r. .Miiiuo. Mr the I.lvo." ot nil tUo tif thtj .S. Tliu luru1- best boitlr tliKy WD.-I' nliwni m tlM- bi'Ioro wnf out ouil did n.n iutoud to deceit, mm tlirlntrrram nt VHT, tounly Jl your dlireluirk-x inj Iwut, or porrt-ppond wlili and I will Kt'l 7011 m owr- In "f jutir uls'eUarRj. whlth In iiood M illsoliltrKW.. ilUMli.'flif! clalnuiutii rlslmsari! or no pcoifrms. Ir diud uutnurliuil I" tiw dKpnrtn.ont. Ikunwit will If lummy bunluotn n ol cluir. Wo otTJr lo our bfft raiilf rial, tho host ilwlRiu und thu rjoit sillltu! wnrknum- shiii tlmt cun bo iTiKiiroii. vniplo; no anil will scd! our 20 ct-jt lower uwi- Uclorc la too county, u or ini lov you. I t.n bouutl, or Halm far pourion olhor olslta iiKRliwt this orrw.ii.-adiinjo in I cnn by with tin! cl-.lniant. ,MI (clthhilly oiwe. FoOl SVXIU I'OIYO Mneliliicry. outiltj tor >clnnJ lion Uukliu-u. fur V. oo.l Uwul. Cir- ruUr scroll III, Tinoiiru. 111 W on If iWllrtd and Charles. J. The duly Sow- IUE machine In tlio world. Sent on trial.' Warranted S yearn. for flluiitratod Cntnloauo oud Circular B. SEWING MA- CIIIMK CO.j Chlcmro, New Vork an'a will deliver mnincliluo at your rcitldoncoj Oilennd. Opening Dicimber UNDER THE AUSriCttS OF THE United States Government, Appropriated by tho. General Government. Contributed by the Citizens oE ADoropriated by Mexico. ApprorrUtcd by the Stale of Loniiianz. I Approprittcd by the Citj of Ncw'Otlcui. From to LWAIJKEE It o-.nis over mile? Rf road in Mm-thoru IllliU'l-, Wisconsin, IOM.-.I (irul ti> Hm-f, 'jr.iiichea imd cocr.octioaH runcll iilJ Kryfit orilioynrthwct-'tund Fur Wust, H nnturul'.y nn- Kwcra tlto dbsc.JiJti-m of Siiurt Linn, nui llouto CHICAGO, St. Pnul, CniGAOO. MILWAUKEE, Tortnyo, La Croft-0, CHICAGO, Orianviile, Aber- CinCAGO, MILWAUKEE, Hail ClnirO ami Stlll- iTAUXEG, WiiUEfiO (Ul'.l Mor- THE UNITED STATES FAST JMAOOUTE SHORT LIW2, Stevens Point, Applcton, .Weenali, IMCenasha, Oshkoah and Fond du Lac, Milwaukee and Chicago. New and Elegant SLEEPERS oil night runs. There are two sleepers attached to each train at Stevens Point. One for C-JI-JAOO CIIJCAQO, ;jii CbllCAOO, Eenvcr Eiua, Foul! du I.uc and Orftilrofh, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, Vr'nukeaha trd Ocono- OniCAGO. MILV-'AUKUE, Muuison anil du J Otl'lCr foi' MILWAUKEE, ChieD. Cine 4 00. jnXWAUKEE, O'-vntconii, 7ilr.nk.-xto nnd CHICAGO, I3F.LOIT, Jnnctvllio und JHncrjil J'oint. ClIICAOO, ET.OIK. Kociifnn! ncj rrabuquo. C1IJCAOO. r.ock Inland, CoJnr Kip- ----10- umt Tnmn CHICAGO, DEi Council Bluffii und uir.nha. Clty'.'Sicui Fulls end j CBVC.IfiO, MfL'.l'.l VXEE. t-m cim.ico, mi. PARLOR GARS n City, Mitchell crliiln. D ffi, St.Taul nnd Jflnao- DAVESfOKT, nml Minneap- olis 1K.-I C1XE, Bt-loit, nni'. JUjuk M1TC1IS1.I., n'OLSEY, Ashloa nr.d Aberdeen JUvar VnUoy Lluc.) Pullman Dining Cnrfl wt ijjc u-orW Itrc ruiKKl tiio uiliiu !lne.u lljc CHICA- GO. )tn> ir.i DV.TA1 ,t- sr. RAILRMr, and flvory nlteotlon is iiiiicl piisiir-iiitfrs by umployecs Uio Ccrapivny. 5. S. aiEF-TSILL, T. CLARK, A. V. n. C.VRPEXTER. Gfta'l Agt. CEO. U. HEAFFORI, .Ics't Gra'l Jfaac. MILWAUKEE ON AIL, DAT TRAINS. THE BEST ROUTE TO Chippcwa Falls, Eau Claire. Hudson, Stllwater and. St. Paul. Superior laciUtiofl mnlce this ibo BEST ROUTE GRAND R'PIDS, WftUSAU.WERRlLL anJ nil polios In the South nnd JAS. BARKEfl, en'l Manager, 6en'l Pass. Agent, DRUGS, BOOKS, STATIONERY e C. IVIITVEK. by Innirmerable ajid F R. u c s Indiutrlil Ciniit In tot World'! Hlttorr. Drugs, Books, Stationery, m m-m i m. .-v-fc Toilet ,________, POR.rXHIDITS_______ AND AQ1IATKB or (UUJKOTH THAN Or AKt XTKI BUA rates of travel ktiown in 'iV annals'of irhnsporiation iccfcred for thf cvcrj-whcrc. ia'ormation, xddrttt K. A. BURKB, Pircridr Gcntrml.-W. L A.C; C. MAKSHP1ELD. "WISCONSIN- Emilovs only the Best Workmen, uses oniy First-elms Sioek, nnd Guarnntcei v perfect FIT. licnKmbcr ilic-t hioo on Side of Central Sawed "Work nn4 Lodies' Fino Shoce H iToeislty. A full com.ploio stock of BOOTS SHOES, GAITEKS, OVERSHOE, AND LUSBEBMENS yOOTOEAR, ALWAYS 3N STOCK. IT IS A FACT, THAT YOU CAN BUY UEHITUE OF ALL KINDS, OF i.e. SUCCESBOB TO AS CHEAP AS ANYt HOUSE WE STOP MILWAUKEE Ocr Stock Is no'1 wo "re HlhTouJioo und Applotmi prlcim, frclgbt addod. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF MIRRORS AND PIER GLASSES TJnderr.aken a- Specialty. Coffins kept constantly on hand. Call andpriw the goodt. DSiLEE IS Drugs and Cliemicals STAKDAHD PATENT WEDIC1KE8, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Dye Stuffs, Pertumerv faff and Tooth Toikt Articles, Soaps, Shoulder timce Trusses, Sponges. fJriiggistr Sundries, Cigars, Etc. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medical Purposes; Physicians'prescriptions compounded, ar.d allordera promptly .inswercfi wi care and ilisnatch. The will i'r.iJ our Block of ciidiciiies coinp'.cle, ws genaioe, and of the. best qu.LlXv war-

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