Wednesday, September 19, 1860

Manitowoc Weekly Tribune

Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Manitowoc Weekly Tribune on Wednesday, September 19, 1860

Manitowoc Weekly Tribune (Newspaper) - September 19, 1860, Manitowoc, Wisconsin ta tlw prtwuUptiiw of S. W. SMITH, Editor Proprietor. WHOLE. NO 335 Our coiemporary of the Heiald has pulled down the Douglas flag, and "goes ii with the right and (eft bowers Brectinridge. Some time ago. tho motto, so often pa- raded by those who had no regard for its precepts, was paraded- at tlie head of the Herald columns, faud said as plainly as words could .that it would join itself to "no party which did not carry the flag and keep ttep to the music ot the Union." That the before the last word meant dis, ia evidenced ty lie fact that the Democratic party at that time was the only one which ever in- timated any disposition to dissolve the Union, and one of the faults of the present Breckiuridge faction is that its votaries at the South are among the most fanatical ol the disuuiomsts. Wo congratulae our friend apoij his decision and firmness in choising which of the two masters he will serve and believe that li.nvever lie may lacking in consistency he hi? chosen wjjeiy 5n sticking to Breckinridge, whose, chriiii-c- Tortl. upon this subject aad they will tell j m-ohml? Who'can realize that the you that on this account they are trilling to j workings of that mighty mind have see a change, and can bear to witness the election property nrnl tile Federal in jrutic parly all'nice to Hie .sidewalk. 1 All the houses were draped in deep i have a perfcf.t aiul the of Liberty Hose, j ter-; of which company the late Frank HuCors! imii.'k was a miMiiber, was in detp mourn-j and over the entrance were the words! teniplalion may exist, mid suspicions arise, of the exclttisc tending to Aceept, ire Asnnmv JACKSON. lias been, am! is, and is to be, wi'.hou! nd it." m-illior nor pi-rpflratur.-! "''nil- will C: iv Such a man tli- ii M'C d-'iiiaa'K'd and in lil'1 'it'G i.'l. W.ts giv.-.l a.-. furni is lii'cli.-si hi- ivi; .-iiiil lovi-.l and von- HI both lit'iiuspliercs. i-< One of the fi-v." Ihe Thiii M '.f Ilid-tliri-u linnJred in Cnrtl.ind c-ninly. a (i.ivi-riinirnt to writes ii5. idl but n Thai il..zen nre lor Lim-nhi. AnostK-r ciirr.-spoii- .Ti-nit-Hial L'.'ii.-lnnire ea-: intefure to ilt-iit in ivri.t-s thiii niai; ..I eve-, veil; uf rii.iverv into !'V ifii (it the ulil are Inr I.inC'iin Territnrv ree U K Mduu.v OUK Loss. Though lost in life, iv JiKM'ii'.y Tiu-.v u.'Lt, r.ivi-: FOKF.VKK! How much like Jackson, Douglas going around Hie country- making chip trap _ speeches. They would furnish abundant j proof Ccven if it were not already furnished f i by his whole his inborn vulgar and gross want of delicacy of feeling. associations and convictions, are with the The language of Brcckiiiridge when alluding to Douglas, is gentle- manly and Ho never re- ;luc! sorts to .slang phiases and abusive language, as in the habit of doing. The effect of this speech of Breck- inridge will be to still farther divided the two sections of the democracy, for the Kentnckian appeals to his.fol- lowers against the injustice of the 'iifi- wii t i to I THU TKSTIMIINV oi' AN Or Hon. William L. Giggin solution of the Union, no matter who was elected." His opinion of Mr. Lincoln finds no less cli-ar expression in the following language: "During the whole course of my connection with him in the House of Represen- tatives, I must say that I have ever known him to bo a gentleman. He consistent supli acts must be dcnun when they are by as well wUcu are engaged in them. The Detroit Tribune denounces tin; tie' nnd can sec "no ,'ood joke" about it, but cvemn- of last ads sure il was a very mean (rick, ntleriy i Kverett party in ximvortliy of any true Republican. If there j IIis views upon are any procos.-ioiisto be mobbed, meetings j 1'1C stability of the Union were clearly to be poles to be cut don'n and I expressed in tiie following words: flags uiultilatcd, il wauls some one else Ihao could be no duivjcr of u dis- Ecpublicans to be engaged in it. Such acts arc always inexcusably mean, aud on rt- flection il thinks Ihe Enquirer will agree with it in denouncing them, wbeiher per- petrated by Douglas men or republicans. It says that if the above been a republican pole would probably have stigmatized the aff.iir as an "outrage." Let the Republicans denounce the bad conduct of members of their own party, and they will secure the respect ol the peo- ple; but if they denounce a wrong commit- ted by democrats and commend ihe sume net when republicans arc the they may be sure that their influence will' by built upon a saudy foundation. Tbe arguments of oui Democratic fn'cnds arc very frequently shown by distur- bing Republican meetings, cutting down poles, but we seldom see any retaliatory proceedings on-lhc part of -We nlleuiled. a Democratic meeting in waakee where a great many Republicans dropped in out of curiosity, but, tho' some of the most outrageous statements were made by the speakers, there was no word of dissect on the part of those v.-ho knew them lo be falre, Aud this was only a day or two after the pole of one of the "Word clubs had been cut down and their meetings i vt-ry :-i; ;iJl [jiir.-lidM <tf'inr n Iriciids Imve fullon-cd the .-ciuud advici- Reyncilil.-. mi'l uniicd ilu.-ir puliti- (Hi-tunes with tho-e the corrcsjiondent and u subscriber a' I'.-rni'lisvillc, in conn y ivrite? u- 'ii very large, porlinii of tho.-e Ameri- wlio voted tin: Hybrid lickut la--l !a'.l. c now iidmitting thsit T-.II were nsrlit I-'n in nil which it fnliows. of course, i "SiiiMPer i.- a Ir.u'nMur, j inasmuch as it touch the qneftion of' In the strongest Democratic Wards L.vnv.-rA portion of the jil is n'e" Itnown that the Republicans have gamed largely by defections from Iho dem- ocratic ranks, and we believe that at leost hllil ;llll! "f the steamer Pc-nnsvlvania of the Union line, winch was bur- ted by Democratic rowdies with jeers.shouts, groans, hisses aud stones. These facts will fcavc their due weight with reasonable men pud operate in the canvass. The poto which cut down in the 6th Ward of Milwsu- tee. .rolled oycr small boy, breaking his ani1 killing hju) instantly. Hc'was n bright, little fellow, nnd his pa- rents were, of course, in deep distress. New York Times says that Brown Harper's Ferry raid the.state of yirgima -000, and that an coii- springing up over it that .will j-cretitualfy the iusti- itition r is not what tho Breckinrid insinuate him justice on all to be. sides. party I wish to do [Cheers.] If you want to know who Mr. Lincoln is, go and ask S. A. Douglas, with whom he stumped every county in the State of Illinois. [Cheers.] Yes, go and ask Mr. Douglas whether Abe Lincoln is a rail-splitter, or not. [Loud laughter.] Ask him whether he is a Democratic mauler, or not. [Continued laughter, and cries of it was my good fortune while I was a member of the House of Representatives to be on a Committee with him. I was Chairman, and I will say that no man on that Committee worked more in- dustriously than he did. He is a man of a high order of talent, and when he spoke no man was listened to by those who were in that House as visitors with more apparent satis- faction. His private as well asjntb- hc character teas free from stain, or A KKW IDEA. FOR THE the well known correspondent of the Balti- more 6'jnt tays that if the election is thrown iuto. tue .House "Mr. Lincoln will be as sun of Illinois as of Massachusetts, if the choid should-be between him and Breckinridge. It will of course be cither Lincoln or Brec iuriOgc, if any one. in the Jloiiie, as neilhci Duuglas.nor Bel.l, will have more thtm-.oiii of two Slate's fn'tjuit body.' tllo Missouri ip ;ncd on the nigh; nl iho sunk in four "me out of evary ten Fillmore in the spot at which she took fire, supported I'il The tou of tin: pipe is all that can be j Lincoln. The The .Missouri it.-; orijii in llic heart." ofull jutriutic men <le the 1 or. A fu of tho voters who 1S5G, are now for re is no defociion in the ranks boxes of the Fremont men of 185G. Now our j calculations would be something like and hu.-o, several of lager Deer. and a box of hook covers or backs for alnii tn thu Lfucoln vote iu Ihe city of New which, has hitherto of Union, non-cominitieu, joll nion. All evidence c.f pablic Mr.-. was oi lit that day seemed to iudicatu that sliip, workni" wi That Lincoln's vote will reach in this county we have the side of the .......-...._....._ ------0-..ip, working with nil the cool bru- comes out with tho names of Breckinridge I campromtse hud become r.anonKeit the] very of a heroine. She, amons; all the rest, at the head of its columns, and Hearts of the .Imericiin I'cople <it umf a J into the pocket of a lady named Mrs. Urcdoil. li public ballad has just boon entitled "Stephen in Search of his Mother." quote two stanzas: At Concord bin feelings v ore f.ialy nffcctcj an incident rare nnd rjuitc unexpected, i of he lmost succccued in re- "ie admirer of Bloiidin kotbook aud its contents, when lo! this talo of blood fi-om the lips of n bor, cjmost congealed the life current in our j veics nnd v.-o wore forced to crv out ID the! oi tlie prophet, Ho-.v long, 0; Be.aver Democrat wn-, that she mishl bcuboard the poor Immaiiily to cominil i-uch deeds us that] o.-iyfrr, !or 1' ho ihould jutt rccorticd. anil thousands more of a like Kmothor, iiaturu v.liiei! tlie public press daily chroni- tic hurried uwny tvilhout finding lii; mother." Lincoln Mcdalc'.for sale here.. von heard the latest cbnuudrun.V cli1? A fearful responsibility rests some-i Why is :i young lady just from boarding- v.ill venture to.assume it i school like a building committee Becuuse chc is ready to receive Douglasites, nnd thus it forbids all union and coalitions with them, either at the North or at the Wis- consin. TUE PllGSIDKNTIAI. genes, the cccentrc philospher of the olden tiine, went about with a lantern to seek a man, but never found one; and Donglas, the political mountebank of the modern time, goes about seeking n mother, but can't find her. The little dodger is still in search of his maternal ancestor, and seems to be as far from finding her now as when he common- ceil'his peregrinations, lie has been in "Ole.Virgiuny." ami in North Carolina, and nl last accounts was iu airing "my great principle" at every rail- way. Elation and on almost every street cor-, tier, but still not finding mother." He now announces his intention of re- tracting his steps to the city of New York, to see how his new Know Nothing allies are getting on, and' will probably-Icok for his mother in thai state for a few days, by the light of Ihe "dark lantern." Aud then he is coming West, to pursue his Glial er- raijd in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Miunc sola, and begging votes for the Presidency, as a poor, lioinelcfs orphan boy would beg for pennies to buy him sonic bread. A Stump candidate for the Presidency- is something novel iu American polilical contests and is a step lower in self-degrada- tion than any oihcr candidate has ever ven- tured upon; and whether tho little dodger- over Suds bis mother or not, we thiuK' there is one other thing he will find before lie-gets through willi hiu bcgging-'nnd hunting tour, and hearty contempt of all men who have any regard for modesty, sell-re- spect or ihe dignity of American Statesman- Journal. The pTogranmieris- sucd by- the Sav tho. arra grand tournament to be held in during the State TiiuKsp.vY, Sept. SVth the 'cultural with cntrancefree. Open to all 'Fire: m State- city of Jladisoji oh a. silver triiifipclj-'THlucd at Second Class Engines, on qtiantitj-, price a silver. valued at FRIDAY, .given by the ciiy of Fire First Class 'dislaoccr, silver- trtimpctr yah'icd- at Second Class price a silver vvalued at Second Class-Engines, on quantity, a silver trumped' Valued. at A rase between Hook and Ladflec, :ind Supply Hose Companies with 4 wheel carriages. Tbe rac'c'> hold a mile. The Hook and Ladder Companies to raise a second story ladder against a wall- the Hose Com- panies .to turn, around and" (bet of hose. Price a .silver trumpet, valued at If tliere are. not two or more companies to'compete for this prize, it will be ottered to all engines, of cither class, for a trial on distance through fifty, feet of hose. 1. All -ma- chines' having cylinders of more-than Of inches in diameter, rate as first class. 2. All machines having cylinders of inches or xjndcr, WUl rate as second class. 3. In playing on distance, all giucs will be required to draft'thcir own water from suction, playing through 200 foet of leading hose, fur- nishing their own hose, and., through such nozzle as the company -mav se- lect.. 4. In playing on quantity, gines tvill be required to play through 300 feet of hose, drafting their own water from suction, into a tankj time to play, 3 minutes. On quantity, all engines will be required- to play through the same leading hose. 5. Each company will be per- mitted to enter 70 men all told, and no more. 0. Each company will be allowed twenty minutes after being called, to get their engine ready to make their play. 7. Jn case of hose burstingj.. ten minutes will be. allowed to.replace it. iso more than two. trials will lowed to any company in case of bur- sting of hose. S. Judges to one :by the foreman of each company tering. 9. The foreman of each company enteriug will draw lots for the turns to play. 10. Tho 'committee .of ments will provide stakcs'an'd rope, and enclose, the company 'playing. The Madison Sack-Company .will'of. liciate as a police to take charge5 of the ropes ami preserve order. None will be admitted except the judges. Any company winning a prize will be excluded from further competition for that day only. All companies desirous of entering for competition will .notify com- mittee by letter or otherwise.-, ..Di- rect C. G. Mayers, Secretary tho Fire Department of Madison. All companies entering will be rc> quired to pay entrance on or before 0 o'clock a! m. on the 27th of September. The money -to be paid into the Treasury, of the 'Fire The companies will meet on Main VERMONT .a: dem- ocrat has been elected to the Senate of Vermont and btttfew lo the House. All tho Republican candidates are elected to Congress by immense ma- ioritics over all. Tho Breckinridge vote is only about one sixth as: large as the Douglas icte, but both com- bined make but a small minority of the vote of the State. he never spoke a word loo much; he ucperi. failed to Ike ngh word at the "Mother" said little Nczzic one nioru-. ing, after hiving fallen from his bed, "moth- er, I I know why I til out of bed last night. It was because I slept too near the place where I got in." Musing a little while, as if in doubt whether lie had giveii the right explanation- people of New Haven are not dis- posed to regard Heeium's exhibitions with complacency. But few Attended hid perfor- mance in that city recently, and soon alter it was ol the chief actors was arrested on a charge of having violated HIE law forbidding exhibilions'by mountebanks, tumblers, etc. He gave bonds to appear liefore Judge [lollisler. The penalty for each violation of this law. is a fine not-ex- ceeding S200 nor less ihuii SGO; excellent furniture polish H made with one pint of linfccd oil and about, iiall gill of alciiohol, stirred well together, and applied to the furniture with a liuen rag. this it ia rubbed dry with a soft cot- ton cloth, nnd finished by rubbing with an 'old piece, of silk, when a most beautiful! glocs on the be tho result. strength daily. that was not tlie reason. It was because 1 slept too near the place where I fell out.'-' dear- said one girl to an- other; "can you make up -your Yn'md to marry that odious Mr. '-Why, my, dciir replied "I believe I could take him at a AB Irishman being'askect in court :tor his certificate of marriage, saowcd a big scar on his head stiape of .a shovel which was tatisfactory; Tlie Syrian relief fund in New1 York has reached Uie'nmouut'of !Horace. Grceley gives Mobile Tribune says that in the South Douglas is :losing proceed I Grounds. The Madisou.. Fire., De- partment will cscord the procession to the Fair Grounds'. The Foremen of the several com- panies will .meet at the City Hall at 8 o'clock a. in., September -27th, to draw lots for turn to pluy. D. M. BL-JKWEI.L, Ch'f "Engineer, C. G. MAYERS, Foreman STp.. 1, G. L. C. MKMIURD, Foreman No. 2. G. B. McGiE, For Hook and Lad., D. C. Bcsir, For. SacfcCdmpanj, Committee. The Committee confidently extend an invitation to every Fire Company in the State, feeling assured that their arrangements for' the Tourna- ment are so complete .as to prevent disappointment or inconvenience. DEATH FROM EXCKSSIVE Patrick Fincey, an Irishman, an employee of Ihe Cumbria Iron Company, .at Johnstown, died suddenly from excessive joy ou Satur- day morning, lie Lad not seen his father for. some seven or eight and on being informed of his 'unexpected arrival at this place from Ireland, tho son proceeded to put ou his coat preparatory to entering the room where the ageii futher was awaiting the congratulations and blessing ''of e duti- ful son, but tho latter Tell dead, before gaz- ing on the parent, :whoso arrival n-as the source.of. such intense joy as t to cause big sou's Pittsburgh Post.' Ladies who ore inclined to look with a favorable eye upon matrimonial advertises ir.ents had better beware. A few days ago, the New York Post, .-i young indu just liberated from a term of three jears at Sing was arrested at tho post 'office in New York-city, for. laRing out. letters addressed to another uamc tlinu bis own. .As an ex- cuse he offuied, tho fact, that being tumble to obuin work, he had' under ra false nome, advertised for a rich wife, caJliug. himself "a southern geullenmti, occupying. rank in society, and an emiuent lawyer of fine per- eoual appearance." JValnc Election. Portloud, Sept 11. lie towns give Woshbarn, -Kcp, Smart, Dem. 102. Last ".Rep. got Smart Dem. Kcpubiican- majority now. year.. ..TbeJEtepub-.' licans, will gain Probably, all. tix Republicaa candidates for Congress are elco. la 10. Jas. E, cot- ton broker, bung. Liiiwijlf iij'his store this aftevnoori; An old' bachelor to "a traveler npoii life's railroad, -who htcwtholy. tailed to make the proper couDections..: V.

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