Thursday, March 31, 1881

Manitowoc Tribune

Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Manitowoc Tribune on Thursday, March 31, 1881

Manitowoc Tribune (Newspaper) - March 31, 1881, Manitowoc, Wisconsin MANITOWOC Office on Eighth orer Shennaas PUBLISHED JEVKRY PER btutaen should be addreaed to TJBljBtnrjB I 1 LAWS OF L Subscribers who dd give exprea notice THE MANITOWOO It BubBCribera Irish or reftue to take their or place to which they are 5ld responsible nnUl they K tie due notica move to other places without Notifceahould Tha Courts have decided that refnslnit to takes jiaper from the or removing and lwaysbe given of the removal decid POST OFFICE c ujwiu at 7 JL closesnt 8 for Soath at JL by way of Appleton at fur Jfilwaakce nni other pnrto of Wsconnin Arrives froni MiliLakw and luavea for Ap Blcton Hor JIanitowoc Clirfs ionla Corners arid Fridays at 7 Arrives on Tbiiraday arid 7 Frances Oreenftrect and every Friday at Arrives at 7 Pj the lame For TCmtonlrarg every Monday an J Friday at 10 Arrives Tuesday and Saturday at 2 Ibr iTwo Kivers Arrives vpry morning nt Devoted to the Interests of ttanitowoc City and ftlARCUrSuSSL Directory of Lodges and masonic overBobinxma Drug Odd of 8th t Ja over Council Temple of Honor Yortstree In Brick Block ntanltowoe IioOce As A first anoTUiIrd Wedncsdry ofieac mouthat Masonic Hall ITIanttowocChapter A the second and fourth Wednesday each month at Halli Hi ClUcfcermloc Lo4ee S3 F cvcrj Tuesday evening at Xawnic Manltowoc Lodge German 194 every Wednesday a Odd Fellows Clipper City Ixdze u every Satnriny evening in Temple of Hon or Mozart Lodec Germane every Thursday evening i GENERAL NEWSPAPER ADVERTISINfl NEW YORK Hope Lodge Noi of Han every other Monday evening inOd i Lodge Herman every Friday evening at Odd Fellows JOES Koernerlodge 24Herman Sons Saturday evening atOddfellpwsHall c Tern pie oi Honor 69 Meets every Monday evening at Temple ofHono TTJ w CHICAGO LOUIS MLSON CHSSJUH OUR PAPER BuraiibTorableie Spraene Lodce of Good Templars of Friday evenlng at Temple of Hbaor Saf Lake Meets every Wedaesday at 8 in Temple 0 Honor the United States bt and sold in sums tosnlt pnrcha on the principal cities of XTnitcd Great Continent of Earopo at low rates BANK POST REMITTANCES made Insuring free Inuinnlkiliinof nmmints to any address In Eo i I B JOTto STATES and other securithM iwnght and COLIiKCTS claims against theUnited and luUeritnnces and otlur claims in SEtlis PASSAGE TICKETS to and from Ttapoirfts and alloirs Interest bysperial Prtmleat i TTORNKYS AT OFFICE ON 8TII Sautli over Krchlers July S3 A TTOBXKV ASD CODNSELLOB AT Office X York ami 8th over Bolantt A TTCRXEY AND COUNSKLLOK AT Ofllce dirnor of Stli and Jiiay slo FEE3HET hero j SNOVT Shoes are laid Ssow drifts arc still I WHEKE are the two rings i SLEIOIIIXQ is not very ELEOTIOS day comes on April Currents of STEBS The man at the i Tiri longest rope in the NKCES to A fashionable A WEATHEE A clapof A CRYING Our neighbor s young PRBFIRBED Those whodo hot ATMND the tomorrovf evening TUB days are warm but nights extremely cold TnEEi i ern We are prepared to print election tickets onmort noticfe ELECTION tickets nt ilie TEIBINE office pnnt onshort for a Come to the is groat demand for wood for South IT seems as though Mother storm were A Yorac lady being taken to task for tight said that she rsorted to the practice on purely economical is that asked her reprover she re lace tightly simply to prereni waste Jly case saida cifizen the other day the plauitiff will swear that I hit I will swear that I did not Now what can you lawyers mate out of that if we goto trial Mve dpUars waathe THE Indians had thereat after alL If their medicine man didnt bring rain the time promised he was strmig This method would thin put the ranks of our count less weather the effect on the weather would hardly be THOSZ who hare to foot it up North ahould hold a mass meeting on FELLOWS sidewalk and pass a unanimous of thanks because it is clear of snow and ice and com to walk It is the best iept side walk in the without AFTEK the jury had been out hearjy all day he judge very properly sent them word say ng it is true you he but I didnt intend you to keep it If it is all the you wili return it you get through with A MISSISSIPPI woman interfered her mothers begged him to it home He Trailed until the even ngshe expected her own and comi jlied with her and now she says thai raternal affection is ahcartleas IF there is a time in a young mans life ife when he feels greenyit is the time when lis best girls mother steps into the parlor ust to see if the gas isnt too nd finds it turned on too A veoent counter couldnt any cheaper ban he does as he picks up his hat and glides CONTENTION TheKepnKIean Conventiosforthe city of ManHo mil he heldat the City Council room on Aril 3d 1881 at 3 oclock p Each ward Is entiled to three fcy order of City UsciK PBELFS has removed to Mil wankee it is rather hard to loose he is competent a good neighbor and a ret class and than all a reg lar old We are sorry e loose but commend him favorably td the people of our commercial He will do to tie SKSATOE QOAEUB of is liable to evelop strength in the State onyention as a candidate for He one of the most piomising young men in IB State and would make ai excellent Gov and his would execife the nthusiasm of the young and working repub cans to a degree never before SOME Milwaukee genius has discovered that he Anti treat bill will be very oppressive asmuch as it will prevent the head of the anuly from paving for refreshments for ife and children when he takes them to the WJLED Republican Ward Cancnsseswill be held tomor rowFnday Arrillst at to elect delegates to the city ot the fol lowing named places 1st Ward at Klingholz 2d Wart at the Wlndlaie 3d Ward at Jlestanraut of BahK 4th Ward TodI Each wud wHl be entltledHo By order of City Town of Manitoivoc The Eepnblican eancns the Town ofMdnHo to nominate Town ofllccm will be Beld at the City Council Booms in Slanitowoc on Satnriiy April i p Byjorifrof GomSttec THESE is so much ice at the npper end of the lake that vessels cannot ye the Chicago in the NicSiiols of km has been appointed Superintendentfcf the Life Saving on Lake The Daisy oh The propeUerfOconto ofthe Goodrichline was in port on Friday ancj went Soutn in the and well known lak of is here to superintend th rebuilding of the Guido work will be done by KASD The wrecking tugs inMilwauke anc Chicago are being fitted out and will com mence operations as the weather wH are any number of vessels ashore at different points and it is not improb able our ship yards will catch their 3air share of fflis is an accessable point and our ship builders arewell known as being entirely responsible and doing the test o THE Mates for New PRIZE r Drugs and Musical LOOS AT THELIT Bavins made arrangements to club tha Tail with the qiirarain nonnce that we will furnish the TEIBBNI OTznciT a large 8 cohmn Family C readtaginltter issneofcach week coriajjQiug over prentjtwcvsqnarefeetof printed IB not surpassed business literi select readii City Drug Stork First door North of 1st National R nnderthlsclnbWnsrarmneement any onebonkhe ma jselect from the toll Wak also work from pen of Mr Thomas Vusy11 wnolsof particular Interest to the American people the The WaketieldvisOoldsmitaa irann This is thclatest proJnetion of immortal onof ftich he odnsoled thrown out of by the Qlndstone It Is tbo most fnmous liovelof the C of This is fu1y prepared by scratch of editing IB 1 PIANOS and Special 25 pe cent Advertisers are permitted to change their regu lar standing advertisements four times during the yearwlthont extra cost Local 15 per line for the first insertion and 19 cts for each sub sequent Solid nonpareil la the buds of measurement Black or type of pica size oueiialf price Xocals not marked for anyspecial length of time will be continues until ordered and charged for accordingly Advance payment is required on transient ad vertfcements and Advertising estravs one four Badness not exceeding five One Inch space Sloe mmer gardens of an afternoon Did it ever ccur to that brilliant mind that the head of a It you nil you must now do It I anytliing fdr at your own your friend to drink unless ydu are prepared to pay a I They are all well supplied with ma erial and a good business is before The Goodrict The following arfe the assignments for the loodrich Line for the coming season Propeller Propeller Steamer Propeller McGregi or Slenmer fhirles Mcln Propeller City of J Session IF you are desirous of knowing what the Legislature has been yon wiU find Jhe laws on thesecqnJ tiat those that have been officially published The publication wjllie continued from week until the PIIgri ress and with each generation there is un increosed demand for aillllbns Bave and The Light of Asin is the poem of tlje abont which there is the romamli This isUicgem and the glory fc4 JVaverlcy classic that all sliouM story above praise and bo yondreproaclu Sociar Ktlqnctlcand Tlbmc Culture A book of value to young people Inihe conn i ry who desire to inform themselves of the ngoges of polite and to provide for the opportunitlesthat even the humblest homes The greatest of the books all things of George ijliot wlio wasthe foremost writer of her The recent theantbor Increases its gen and its fascination gjilns with KobinBOn We arc not aTrarcthat tbtsbpok was ever before offerel as a Tree the boot for boys of ad English Men of have the collection 01 firstrate biographical literature overseen in the same life is a story richer tnan any vMidshipman Mafryats Jolliesttale of prizes fcoy tho bright est jind best we offjr Ilistoryj Blogfaphyi and very latest Issues of Uio and and also those best stood the test of Frte specimen copies of the CracnraAn WIIKLT be obtained by addressing HAI ITEAB Co Proprietors ind fee specimen copies of the Tarsnire can c obtlineil 504w Send posljil card asking for specimen copies and any of sheet music not on hand and any Miisic Books wijl be furnished at short at Publishers pri pay cash for my I buy hem at the very Best For this and as I am hot at the expense of a team to carry my Organs arlound the I and do sell them at lower pricesjthari any other agejfit in this I ABSOEPTION FUBEANDSILVER GLOSS STARCH For the it leuqtlan ffens and finishes work TfiOUtfLES it DBAW8FROM the diseased parts the poisons that cause Tlioiisnnds Testify to Its A Broken Is the title of the List new song by T KKIYOJ ihat they need Tlmt bill rtwa not Some are unceiemo plato anyUiing of tlie and if it did it btlie aounj of au unearthly would be an easy nutter foi the head to tar1 otliers tlie Kent inciting Ins hope you are nut web footed you arrange to get had bcttei lush the money before leai ing liome liil to cluli out A OFFICE WHITE 3 BLOCK South oplxiiiite Schuottos SKDGfWICK A TmHnUKw COUNSELLOHS AT pinco In W 004 s np South 8th Collections promutly attonded PHYSICIANS rllVSLCIAN AND BESIDENCE COR Hinil Hnnalfl anil 3th Manltoitor w le SCBOKON lnto resident Physician at tlw maim hwi located a on Buflalo 2 west o Plunili t Kelsons s Gilt Edge Tome cures iiyst For sale lij o B Citj Lru nndROBWaONtUINIUCUS OLD ABE Madison on Saturday afternoon an J saw Vood to get breit but not M in the song this dreun is olvtn in a gpntlfr ort of way Go to C B too our name onetjf thc first signed j Stolc on 8Ul gel to Mr ESSUNGEK s and anyone U WIS Wwconsms WarKagle died at CTn Produce a woman or chiM who cin A New Buggy For ournal says we are opposed to because we to get P 0 That I A UABK epdt of ground is utilized by the ys in akinnink other at iing each other at legislature will continue to mutilate old Horns s 1 to 2 aud 7 to 8 M Diseases of thr eyeand ear treateil Office In floods Bio I OIHie boiirsfrom 1 to S S7b PKYSK1AX ti wn8mira tl Ha ani1 a E HOOR All opcmtions 7 to ana from 1 to 6 P M SOOTH SIDE Rudolphs OFFICE Horns to 12 and from I to C P M AVlNDIATE I1 YORK STBBET a to wars bo ready to take travelers to and NOUTH of Dealers In boy TUK the the revised Statutes for another week THK days arc very fine bnt nights are and consequently the snow does not wajsii very j are under obligdtioas to Ci State Supt Pub for of his repoit for TUK school teachers were dojbly hippy 01 Saturday They drew their monthly salary with a weeks vacation ahead of Ji is expected that after a few days of warm weather people will cease crawling out of their j second story windows for their fire wood j KEEDS GiU Edge Tonic cures Fever Ague Bay wejever asked their aid or even expressed a desire foi the appointment of or any otlur local 01 federal vx talll give them tnc THJBDM out and We are opposed to severr al reasons which are perspnnl andiro are un der no oWigation to state wef re as free to vote as we please as any other American citiien CHRISTIE supports SXABT because the former could not gel his paper out of the Express office last until the latter BJ BADKACHE all diseases of the Bladderand Urinary Oorgans by irearing the Excelsior Kidney Pad It is a MARVEL of HEALIKO RELIEF Simple Corn is mi and PreferablatoBerniuda Arrowroof Starch for Puddini Prei KINGSFOBD 4 niire Dont despair until jou hive tried this JI A B IC A V ii M BEVOMtHOXinMWIclne MI EFp Absorption or direct ns opposed lo iin by sent by on receipt of 82 Send for and our bookr Ihres Sljlhons a Yeir Sent Iree 28 ly This is the Original and onmta font andtakeno AND Which ia thesame This is ibout the time of year you are liable to want a buggy If you do you caube ac j commodnted by calling at the TEIBOVF office The buggy is entirely flora the well known works of FISH Bhos Co of accompanied with a Remember that paint and putty will hide nnny in a second hand article and there is hoth safely and economy in buying a new and warranted up the money and that is why that paper came out on Thursday instead of Turin1 QmisTiK could not get a man to Work off SHAMS tickets until he SSUKT put up tlie money to this we get direct from the man TUK snow blockades have cost the railroads in Wisconsin over 000 00 in clearing besides the loss and delay in business j THE only ones to suffer from the Antitreat bdl are thc chronic spongers and dead beats I and they are the Ones that are doing the howl Fog We are informed by Mr light house that the machinery for a Fog Signal is to be sent here within a few days and will be at once erected and put in woik ing THE river is clear of ice for some distance above street bridge and the fears of trouble at the final break np are fast fading You will have i fine excuse if jou don want to simply say to your friend that you are sorry nrit being a law abiiling citizen TOE apportionment committee have agreed ou a report the representation of this county will remaihthe one Senator and three Assemblymen Now fir in your mind the date of the Worst storm and when yon are oldesl inhabitant you can make the young fellows take a liacfc respective candidates for the ProTjate Judgeship doing lots of handshaking for they received lots of but the Heros Gat Edge Tonic prevents For sale By O City and BOBJTSSOS ATBSKCHT left for the East on Monday 5 whetherto haul up his pet the which was laid up at or to Mrs RICHARDS has resigned hersnpenn tendency of the Juvenile Temple in this much to the She has been very successful in gathering in a large number and has been decidedly and di servedly ORDERS RESPZCTfUMr AND SATISFACTION vl We have now onhan4 for caii which will be at margin IN looking over our State exchangeswe find that in many counties there is the sa muddle in regard the Probate Jndshipas is It seems to be a personal and not a political THB Innatie who did not know thegnn was has turned np in Se pointed the gun at his palled the trig ger and sent a ball that plowed a deep furrow on the top of her IP the democrats insist that the Ant itreal mg bUl is a repubKcan and directly opposed to they admit ThM they are deadbeats and rtrinV when treated Temperance BKIBQK delivered a temper ince lecture on Sunday evening at the Pres byterian church to a large and appreciative She has the reputation of being both an eloqnantand earnestworker and her audience on Sunday were not disappointed Big The train coming East on thc ran into a drove of cattle near the Branch on Friday afternoon they were sun ning themselves in a cat the walls of snow on either side prevented them from getting off the track except by beating tlicenginoin a free for which they of course failed to do When the was the beef was in pretly good condition tat Good Those formers who are engaged in raising horses should remember that the cost of rac ing a good one is no more than to raise a Even if they want it for their own use it is better to sound and good looking one than a poor owned by BABSIS is the sire of the best horses raised in this part of the The stock on the mar cel mil bring better prices note the sale of JKKOMK PEERCES sold at for NOO00 Another 4 year oldTMari now owned in Green Bay has greenlooltrf and his nrner ias refused for 4 game wasaoia on Friday to a Green Bay He ia ahandsdine has never was driven only filfle this bnt promises finely points the o PU Itots of In another column will be found pectus of the Cincinnati Comma whici presents a splendid opportunity forsubacib ers to get lots of reading matter at a low rate New subscribers will get the TBIBBUE and Commercial with book forf 2 75 for one yeai in those who have already paU for the TEIBDNB will have the Cmtrunaal and a book by forwarding 00 to this J late sheriff of Manitowoc gore us a call on He was on hia way to Beaver Dam deliver his splendid team which he had sold to the pro prietors of the woolen mills nfthat place We have known Pierce for nearly thirty years and never yet heard of hjs committing a mean or dishonorable while his course of as a man and neighbor he has been pointed to with pride 1y all with whom he came in andas a model police officer he had few equals and no superiors n this He is looking fresh and hearty and it is our sincere wish that he may hve enjoy life and That is what JOHN HUME thinks about our hue and it is about the verdict of the people here since he quit being a democratic I Clothing NEW SPRING SUITS AND OVERCOATS FOB BOYS AND Simples of irlth rules for MDt free open 0KB lydlrty wbito the Eak wlifto and NEWYORKCITY PLATO UToney Brtmned if not Chicago Manitowoc f A WEW KIWD OP WATCH New because it is only within the last few 5 ears that it has been improved and brought the reach of every old in princi ple because tie first invention was made and the first patent taken out nearly twenty years and cases made at that time anu worn ever are nearly as good as new Read road Mam Buy PLUMB wnrees sorrtasnE i BL1TALO i SA SOBTH f Smoked California SalmonS 20c alb The best fish that Holland very finest fish we ever had in a Smoked Clover a bushel what you Chicago Mess Pork 0Jc a Alargepackageof Evaporated rings only lOc a Ib i French Prunes a Ib or 2 for Bice a Buy f lama alb With n can of Com makes a Tery fine Try Onr fish department is one of the most complete tn the Northwest and fake espec ial pride in We can give yon any yon1 think either Canned or by the pound or Come and gee The Dupee Much better goods than commonskp fed stock Sliced Dried Beef a 2 large cans of Tomatoes for the following which is only one of many hun your jewelers can tell of similar ones May I have a customer who has carried one of Boss Patent cases fifteen years and I knew it two years before he got And it now appears good for ten veira longer Eemembcr that Jas Boasis the pat tent case made of two plates of solid gold one outside and one inside covering every part exposed to wear or the great idvantage of these plates over electro gilding is apparent to every one Boss1 is the Only patent case with which there isgmn a written of whichtlfe following is a fiicsimiie SEASON OF The celebrated Percheron Stallion Trojan by Imported SUCCESSJ will stand ae lollown fo thc season of 1881 Monday at Wewton Tnesday at TerensHichicott at A Coopers Thursday at EL Friday Noon at Remainder of the time at my barn In XKOJAS is the propertyof am isnowwell known was foalet June isietandu weight pounjs dapple gray very close Btrong high eplrltediind active Is a horse of ImuionBe Tiowcr and grea boue one tbathna few considering plze ant Will mate the season from f lat to Sept order ire have can think of alf grades and ire See that you get the guarantee with each Askyour jeweler for illustrated cata Bay Mambrino nd thcbnmof thoowner in fho Town MAjnTOTTOC Gottlieb Haffltlffi 1 George Caroline Mnnmu hill wlfS and Henry I j 1o the said Be of them O are hereby enmmoned to sppcar within twentyAayi after service of this erehunve at the day of and defend tte aborecntltlediKtloTi hejen demand of the copy herewith nn H T Wfw rWrrtlttd Altorneys Manltowoe dered d against yon According to iplalnt of which acopy I will mall Tree tie receipt fora simple VMMA BliBAia that trill PIM PLES and KaVtog the skin cear and beautifulalso Instructions for producing a luxuri ant growth hairon a bald head orlsmpothc Ben Anndelf k Beckman 4t5m Owing In tbe hardware a 6pnsoUdatipn of tbe firfea of WagnerkSon and compelled to anew set of and close out the We would ask our debtors to confer a fevor upon us by calfing at our respective offiewand effcetiuii mtthnmcdiate settle ment of their sa invst makejoom for onrrieVTwoka t 49t JERE FJ Paper Hanging and Calspmining neatly A lull Mneor Slippers and Ihave also a large line of custom made Boots lieen manufactured ty myself and thersfore I can warrant DONT FORGET THE The Sign of the BIG left itt his Avenue and Eleventh Streets or thc Franklin Book will receive prompt i The having been permanently curjrl or dread hya mpe Is anxious to make known to his lo v e f I it guMH for ASTHMAJ Iirtics wiBhing the will ail IflJ Ieun tlBm Clover Her for Sale I will sell at I its original cost a IASILLON CtOM mm Nearly NOW IS THE CHANC2 t ANDEHSONt j Attorney at Manitowoc THOKOUOH REMEDY In every of Halarlal Fever or Pever and A en while fordlaordert of the Torpidity of the Liver Indigestion and disturbances of the animal wlich Ithas no canhaveno It should not be ett with triturated of chcapsplrlls and essential often sold under the name of Bitters FOESALEBY Errors of 4 GENTLEMAN who suffered for years from Nerv ous PBEMATDBE DECAY and all U of youth will for the sate of snf ering send free to all who heed the direction for making the simpleiremedy ly which he waa 3iuTcrcrs wishing to profit y the advertisers experience can doso by addrew Jig in perfect 41Om I JOHN 43 Cedar New WineHerchantB GAYTOW 403 COBNEE OP lliLEIET TJI J lole Commilifon of fafoiti Storj lid PATENTS and 8 olfettoh ariaiut Foreign 412 mH Practice patent Jaw Inalllle brauchesjn the Pa tent and the Supreme and Circuit the United Pamphlet sent holds high from some of the leadinl business men of Cincinnati as to his character honest andstralght forward business Cone and try ns QAYTON k LONG HELP YotrrselresTiy making money vjiena dianco is tbereby al ways Eetpiiig poverty from jonr whpalvayr lake advantage of for making money that are generallybeeome Me those do not chances Wewuitniany boys and glrlato work for Wright Ii their own Tie tadaanin pay more than efSMr3r WBftrrofafi an who e filUtomake money very Yon can your jrbole Hme to the or oLly Si Vntl Jill Jjrti and fill t is ftwded sent

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