Friday, July 29, 1859

Manitowoc Pilot

Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Manitowoc Pilot, The (Newspaper) - July 29, 1859, Manitowoc, Wisconsin BE CIEXTJUE TO gentle; tUcre arc hoars when, ho By care is tossed; And ehr.doirs deep lie on his brow, By business triaU crossed. Be gentle: 'tis for you he toils, And thinks, and strives to gain Home comforts and home happiness; Doc't let bird strive ia vain. Be gentle: thongh some ty word Should fall, i: was not A smile, a kind word wiilrecdll, And many more prevent. Be gentle: Oh, 'twill soothe much care, And make each burden light; A geotle tone will amootii the brow, And driw an answer bright. Be gentle: (bough it may hnrd To check an angry woid; Yet try, azid li will surely bring A full and rich reward. I KK.VOM. UNION, CONCESSION, FOB THE C FOR MEN." BY JJEK12 C ROWLEY. MANITOAVOC, WIS.S JULY 29, 1859. "VQJLU3IE 1, NO 3. Sweet earth, that holds my brightest prize, Be wept, upon by gentle skies'. Blest grave that keeps the lovely thing, "From his sweet dust let violets Dear that sweep the tiny bed, Breathe lulling music o'er his head. Hush thy wild voice of fear, great storm! Fright not the little sleeping form. Beit not the turf to cause him pain Weep quiet tears, soft summer raiu! TVcare thou a fairy shroud dear show, For the bright flower that sleeps bslow! Drop richly hero, sweet light, And dress rnjr boy in raiment bright. Green leaves make whisper o'er rcat. And soothe his dreams on canh's cold breast, O gentle water, running near, Murmur comfort to his car. Build here thy 0 ringdove mi'.d, Talk softly to my lovely child Dear dove, mnko too, a pkiiitire moan, For the sad mother left a'one. 0 wliite-wingtd angels, softly be ir My darling child up heaven's golJen stall! Pear Oort, wholof'st the little child, Tuke to thyself my undefileO! Sweet Christ, -nho hcar'sl the wiilow'ii cry, Jlftke haste to hear molest I farm were up, I was awakened by t these three words, proiiuiineed close by me in the distinclest lone.-: "The furry man waits." So perfectly conscious was I of Laving been really addressed, that I sat up in my bed at once, and replied: "Well, and what is that to before the absurdity of the intimation had lime to strifco me. The now-white curtains of the little bed were completely unurawn, so that no person could have been hidden belli rid them. Al- though it was broad day. light, every ob ieetwas clearly discernab'e, and through the half opened window came ilie cool, delicious summer air with quickening fra- grance. I heard the dog rattle his chain m the yard, sis he came out of his kennel and shook himself, and then returned to it lazily, as though it was riot time to be up yet. A cock crew, but very unsatisfac- torily, leaving oft'in the middle of his per- formance, as though he had mistaken the hour. Mv a more reliable chron- icler, informed me that it wanted a quar- ter of four o'clock. .1 was not accustomed to be awakened at sucli a time as that, and I Master Phillip." turned myself somewhat indignantly on the pillow regretful that I had eaten clot- ted cream for supper the precedin even- From Chamber's Journal. A SPIRITUAL SUBPCENA. Some years ago. T coup- le of summer months in Devonshire, Csh- flianffirif one picturesque scene of u Micvi'i" that sport for another, ah s d.sbel 01 .11 fit i should find so fan a place w n y v aiji J i u tii -.'j'j 111 uo i j. had become the leading olh of could not re- iigure in my mind because of the the mys- terious any accomplice of liis call to mind. This, taken in connection with strong lenous <uiy vi -L..H.J, had played mo a trick, and trumped up a condemnatory evidence, it was clear would story for my further bewilderment, I go sadly against him with the jury, ns -r I 1 .____ ____.1. i I 1 ,1 nrtA n 1 1 1 I nit rvl, CV! if. IT Another little wave Upon the aeu of Another soul to save, Amid its toils and strife. Two more Hit'c ftiet To the dusty To choose where two paths meet The narrow, or the broad. T'.vo. more little hands To work for good or Two more little Another litdc will. Another heart to love, Receiving love And so the baby came, A thing of joy mid pain, ''I1 JIB 51' L IIAM IHJi. UtJUi.1 (.illldl iouslv at four o'clock in the Irreverent chap prostitutes the 'sacred out a' rrood and sufficient reason, after all. Eudl baso uses U3 lhe following: had not, I flattered myself, very much Then I little bed, got for boasting. I had evinced but ....niit curiosity about the unknown goalie- man who had heralded my approach at cause si! and looked under the daylight, and I had given them to under and behind it; into the small stand that I had a real_ object i cupboard where my one change of boots were kept, and where there was scarcely room for anything else. I Founded the wall nearest my bed's bend, and found it solid enough; "it was also an outside wall; nor from "any of the more remote ones could so distinct a summons have come. Then I pushed the window casement fully Ss i deed an almost inexhaustible treasure of delicious nooks in that fertile country, which comprehends every element of land- scape and inland, hill and vallfcv moor rind excels in nolhln'" more tiian curved rivers.-- What clifi'-liko and full folinged banks their sources, and what rich mead- ows, sprinkled wilh unrivaNcd kine, as they broaden towards the sea! At the close of my tour, I was lodging in a farm house near a branch of the Kxe, rather regretful at the thought of so soon having to shoulder my knapsack and're- turn Dorset, near a certain pro- vincial town, of which county, and_iir a neighborhood without a Ireo within sight, or A stream within sound, it was my lot to dwell. AVc had lately thrown out a bow to tho drawing room there, but why, I cannot tell, but there was certain- ly nothin" to see from it. a diil'er- wns determined to wake myself, and then if I should hear the mysterious voice again I was determined to obey it. I was not alarmed, nor even disturbed in inyjnind, although greatly interested. Tiie circum- stances position precluded any su- icrnalural terror. Tho animals in the inrmynrd wore lying in the tumbled straw close by, and near enough to be startled at a shout of mine. Some pigeons were al- ready circling round tho dovecote, or pa cinrxl sentinel" like, lhe little platforms_ be- fore their domiciles; and the sound of the __.............____ ___ _ :aily that of reaching the capital city, at least ten miles away. Hut my own brain was, for all that, a prey to the most conflicting suggestions, not one of which was of final service toward an explanation of tiie events of the morning. There waa J, at a little after 5 A. M., with a walk before me of ten, and a walk behind me of thice good Devon miles, breaJifastiesa, without ibe least deMre to reach the place I wns bound all because of a couple voices between them. I consumed the way in mentally reviewing all the circum- out a good and sufficient' reason, after all. Extraordinary A MAX OK exhibition of a very remarkable and unnatural character attracted a small, but highly respectable audience at the Melodeon, on Thursday evening last. A young man by tho name of James Stevens advertised that he would do many wonderful things in the way of cutting himiolf up with knives, nail- ing his feet, arms and legs lo chairs, to the wall, etc., which astonishing exploits ho proceeded to exhibit at the appointed j hour, in lhe presence of a number of phy- go sadly against him with tlie jury, aa a sicialls of including members of lame defense indeed allhoush, as it struck JKlical of Transylvania Uni- mc, who had only Cleaned this much from and nntiira j invjte-l to the stand, that they might detect any fraud or deception if practiced. He beo-nri by sticking n handful of pins, up to the head, in his legs then drove an awl tbrciua-li the mid do of his wrist into a chair, drove n kuifu through the muscle of his leg, nailed his fool wooden shoe, lhe nail or I in an editor's bed la.'t night, And others rnny sny what they pleaie, I say tin re's one editor in the world That certairly takes his ease. 'When T thought cf my humble cot away, T coulJ not repress 'n sigh, But thougl't as I rolled in t'.mt feathery nest JIoiv easy editors LIGHTS AND SHADES. From Life by-stnnder, nolhing wns thiin that a journeyman carpenter, who had not kept'a diary, should not recollect what iilnc-e he had "tramped though upon 1 -U-l 1 1 1 T any particular date U hy, hndT myself been on lhe Oth of March'' thought It took me several minutes to remem ber, and I only did so by recollecting that I had left Dorsetshire on tho day following partly in consequence of some allerations going on at home. Dorsetshire, by lhe by, did the prisoner say? Why, surely I had seen that face somewhere before, which was now tv.rued anxiously and hurriedly around tiie court, and now, as it' ashamed of meeting so many eyes, concealed in his tremulous" hands i Robert 1 7s a, T had certainly never heard that name and __ V i l _ .._.. It was the brightest, coziest little roon in New York! Cheerful with the raerr gleam of liro light, and the .chiming of a musical clock, and the halt' utteroc. twitter of tha gold-phirnage canary, wh< wns just composing himself to sleep in hi engs among the very sor of'room which liio wearied business mai would long to call provided wife's Ji'isli kitclien had an er different idea of things. said laughing, "I.matte ,He looked, at.lier half mused. "I did not iknov? ladies -ever cm. iloyed themselves said Amj'. "We iro obliged to study economy somewliatj iritl'so injrbw.n you don't belong to the rose-leaf ort of ladies, who ihink it iiorrible to ouch their while fingers to a cooking uteu- F1 slie said, opening her bliu: eyes in astonishment. keeps me heal- thy and happy; and as Charles has to work bard in the store id! day, it is only fair that I should'do my part." "Manv are foolish enough to think such things below he said, almost with t siyii. "i said she smiling. "I think nothing below me that helps to make my Hisband happier, or to brighten my home." l.t was a simple little saying, but May- nard pondered on it- long. Was it the secret of household bliss? lie looked at her Tittle elaryeof well se- lected and pile of musiu in the exquisite drawings hanging on the wall, proud- ly told him were Amy's pine eone temples and moss baskets, and little womanly triilcs she had amused herself bits of stand of geraniums and the piled up work with- in himself how a true woman graces and glorifies everything on which her hand may rest! Piriallv, she came in from the kitchen white apron exchanged for a tinier one of black silk, and sat down by the table to work, every now and tlieil joining in the converse with zest and a spirit that seemed the life and spirit of the whole. How proud was of her. LJow he appealed to her judgment on every occasion! and how fondly his eyes rested on her blooming face! She wasn't doing crotchet work; she wasn't embroid- ering web like was just darn- ing her husband's stockings; and as the shining needle gleamed in an ont among the interlacing warp and thought he had never seen a prettier or more graceful employment. For Amy brought a spirit and soul to her homely work that would have made tlie coarsest fabric bright with the tint of Persian, looms. And when at length Maynard took his leave, the reflection, "What a happy fel- II f'U US 10OL LO it wl passing through the mid- "hero about, to sor walked about the chinery going-ia, me finrrnr thronrrh iho there was nt way n inentav revewng a .ma K.II.IJ. stances of the case again and ..gain, and by yet I begun to watch the poor fellow credulous spirit; but when j a singular interest, begotten of tne mcreas- e'nce between such a spot and my then abode, from the windows of which a score of miles of undnlnling and varied scape could be discerned, with the old ca- thedral lowers of lhe capital city stand- ing grandly up against the southern sky' not true that people who live in picturesque places do not appreciate them, but only that they require to be made to understand their good fortune. lasher, by whose circling eddies I had often watched for trout, came cheerily and no means in a -L I at length arrived at the city upon the hill, I was as far from the solution of the mailer as when I started. That lhe ferry- man himself, a simple countryman, should iction that lie was not altogetii ing conv a stranger to me. The evidence went on and lhe counsel for the prisoner did his best, die of the-----, stacre, cut his dexter finger through tlc-div part, exhibiting the naked bons, coiu-lu'lca by p.'issinsfa knife ihrough his cheek, the blade protruding from his mouth. In all this but lillle bit-oil was drawn. lie also oll'ercd lo drive a knife through oar-.h ieg, find hang himself from lhe wail, which tiie audience mercifully excused him from doing, feeling snlistiixl thai he could accomplish whatever he proposed. About the procedure there no sort of hum bug. as tlif? eyes of divers gentlemen, who we're upon ths stand, were steadijy fixed upon 1'irn and any unbelieving Thomas'' M' man a biinuic j j be concerned in any practical joke upon but his speech was, ot necessity, npncn 1 f, i T-nthor InlllSLlce. 11 IIK1L of a me, a mere fly-fishing aequni'n couple of weeks' standing, or that such persons ns the Courteneys should have permitted lhe playing- of it up a guest at i -.1. i n ft Ilimi Oltcn 10; tiutu, 'i.--- o with inviliii'T tone across the dewey mead- Cowlees, was only less astonishing than landscape seemed in- I the perfection of the trick trick ows. The------ stinr-.t with new born life, audio have thor- oughly shaken t ft" iho solemnity of dreary ght.' i surpassing Courtenay, the good man of the farm, and like nil his class, a thorough stny-at-homc, could not discover what. I found in that lookout from his house to make such a fuss about; but his wif.j, whn hnd once paid a visit to her son when in at !'-ir- ininfham.knew perfectly well. Concern- ing which son Robert, "by the by, there wns a sad tale. Mo was the only child of the good pair, and one who should have I ihere at Cowlees, the riaht, hand of nels so entirely took possession of me in- deed, that ink's contemplation I abso- lutely forgot lhe inexplicable occurrence which had brought mo lo tho window. I wns wrapped iirtlie endeavor lo make out whether those tapering lines, supporting ns it appeared, a mass of southern cloud were indeed lhe pinnacles of ;ho cathedral when close by my car, close by, ns though tho speaker had his face at the casement likewise, the words were a third time ut- tered: "The ferryman There wns a deeper serious-new in ils lone on Una occasion, an nppaa i. t. .w it real I v was. But neither my feelings ot I looked on the mailer in that light, nor those of mystery, when_I took tlTe more supernatural view ot" it. in any- wise interfered with lhe gradual growth of appetite; and when I turned into a pri- vate room of the Bishops Head in _tho Uin-h street, the leading idea in my mind, i__l.i- Tl- tO mercy rather than lo justice. All that had beeii confided lo him by his client was this that the young man was a vagabond, V to touch 'the knife lade on t'l.'o opposite side to that into had been thrust, of lhe wrist, leg, or hand, lie used a few galvanic ring-s more there was a sunshiny Hltle household ma- icnionslyl wns'nt an expensive article rosewood chairs, cushioned in maiacoite mosaic rugs, or costly agate a neat little all sol with plain blue ware, "as shining as the most transparent of gold veined china could bo, and a sober- patiern carpet, which seemed to sny, -'I know I'm not make no pretence here I am, and I mean to be asset' viceabie ns Everything else was just as neat find as plain; and if there bad 'boon one solitary grain of dust any where within the four walls, it must have pined away and evaporated out of sheer loneli- ness! Lit.ils Mrs, nround in hei this that the young man was a h was v who had ck-ser.ed his parents, and run I. -1 n's ______ ,.tl ft, nnil HP- after all my was breakfast. If ui iui <tii -i seven and-forty mysterious voices :ind _m- formed mo that the ferryman wns waiting then, I should have responded: Ihen let all eVeuts, I eat a breakfast and Exeter is ns picturesque and vencrablc ns any raven c ;ould de.-ire to it, is not a lively town by any awny from and was so far de- j serving of little pity that he hnd, however, only been vicious, and not criminal; as for" the murder with which ho wns now charged, the commission of such a hideous outrage had never onlorc.l his brain. Duftho lad look like a murderer? Or did ho not rather resemble the Prodigal Son, penitent for his misdeeds indeed, but not weighed down by'the blood of a fel- low-creatnrei" All this was powerfully enough express- ed, but it was not evidence; and the jury without retiring fiom their box, pronounc- ed the young" man amid a si- ler.ce wliich seem ad lo corroborate lhe ver- dict. Then the judge put en the terrible bbie-k cap, and solemnly inquired for the i last liir.e whether Robert Moles had any why jontenco should not bo passed could effect nothing. Mr. Stev as ,-ens er suuir domains, now placing her husbfind's slippers where they could warm nii-cly. wondering parenlliotieally, looks did'nt now selling a tiny ........c-- bonnet of roses and ffenMiium buds in n to be about twenty or twcn'y-one years of f 8 uf snowy clulh into line plummet e.xactitu-le, and Wilford was accompanied something very likis n sig'h. Jfin home was different, far. lie breakfasted alone the next morn- wife liad been out tats at a ball, and seldom rose before eleven Tho coffee was cold and muddy, even in tho frosted silver urn; the toast was burn- ed, the steak sodden and raw; the fire smouldered away under its accumulations of ashes, and he read the morning paper alone, -with no bright face opposile fo share his interest in each paragraph. The button was oil' his wristband, but no matter. Clara must notbe he could just pin it over for the !i5s toes peeped out as he changed slippers for boots, but never mind, he would ask lo night where the others were. Pshaw! he could not lie lhe cravat to suit him, i jmd drasrgod it into a limp knot; there Misny wjj-e stanc] 011 tjp too arrange it, and then get a kiss for her ngo. l.iefore closing, ho proposed to oper- ate in similar manner upon any of tho nu :licnce, agreeing to forfeit if he in- flicted pafu. This, however, was pinidcnlly declined. AVc saw this man of leather yesterday morning, looking as fresh and or nail had never body. Lexington whole as though knife penetrated his" ehis'.ic Observer. oncf which I sh.-dl never forget. 1 'lid not hesitate another moment, but dressed my- self Jis (.'illicit ns I lfjj-ccncling arn smner to pass'iiisTast days in j My replied iho lad in n nigh he would probably rind them [Inrly low, soft voice, which recnlU'CH AT A Jfll.l.lON'AIHR PATS l-'OR HIS AND Jacob Aslor used to sny that all he got for taking care of his immcns'i properly was his board and clothes. One of tho uf Cincin- nati fares no bettor and yet counts his notes by millions! Mr. Longworth gets his board and ciulhos yet he among the longest in his peon- K.-rcr it i i J i., property in Ins own name, who took me incustouy, as gno ut jd I this poor man s existence as ot ue.uii. i J last meadow that lav between me and iho j indeed, sir, just now. Assizes, sir, now stream; it was higher ground than the j sittin. Murder interesting neighbor hind, and I took I fur a 'young genllemnn like yourself, .....interesting, sir." How do you know trlifft is retorted I, with tho indignation of hobl-le- :d tlohoyhood at having its manhood was looking engerly to come in sight of iho which was oppo- site Lank, and by f.o moan.- within ensv hniling distance. At hist I did ni lu my that the j ju queslion. boal was not at' i'.s usual m'JOiings. It am a man, sir. lint what about must needs iherofure have been already murder 1 Is the prisoner convicted f'1 brought over my own tide. A lew Convicted, sir Kossir not yet, "My cried I, speaking_ with au taxes eneray and distinctness that nstonished my- young man has spoken the truth, as I can testify.' There was a tremendous senaation in the court at this announcement., and it was some minutes before I was allowed to lake mv place in lhe witness box. The com.sel [.'our hundred and twelve houses and lots, and vacant lots in all! The total value of this property now can hnrdly be estima'cd. Six years ago, 1553, when the valuaiiou was made for assessment purpose's, the 300 lots fool- ed up an aggregate A por- tion of thtTlotslinvedoubled in price sinc .....V- Y i 1 .-.minrr "V- tion Ot UiO lots linve tiouoien m M ,cu lor the crown objected o.m boc.ou v.llujltioll others have advance, i.lence :it that period of the a'-1 lt Vonnrr gentleman, indeed', and throw himselt into the i. the i tion with all the indignation winch he had ".if titrurcs returned home or written of his whero- brought me view of it, hope wi'th the furrymr.n Manding in tlie stern j sir. leaning on his punl-poh-.1'and looking A jonrneym: lently'ln my 'lirection. lie gave a great been am "hallo'' when he me, and I returned it, lor we wore (.Id ricrjuaintarices "Well, master cried he, as I drew near, "you arc not very much betimes, after all; 1 have bec-n vailing for you nigh upon half an hour." 'fWailir-ff for MI- echoed I. "I don't sir. ho will be convicled this morn- a very bad indeed, sir. an carpenter, one Hubert Moles murdered a .J.hini in the (lend of night, sir, with a 'alchel: and hi.s wifu's lhe witness ngaiust him." "Thai's very remarked I. I didn't know a. wifo could give evidence." Nosjir. not his wife, sir the keeper's wife, nir. She swears to this TL was a nr.d more by this lime, lOr-MF- during which period Jro. Courlenay had j b kncw i jt happened two months grown uldcr than m halt yc-.ys be- j lted L didn't know i rigo 01'-mOre, Sr. Murder will out, they lore while the old man himself, ?aid i i i.J_ I previously ihe practice of midnight murder; but eventually the, court overruled him. and t was sworn. i I ilalsrd that 1 did not know the prison- j erby name, but that i could swear lo lhe amoimic identilj-. I rlescribeil how, upon lhe .jth less remained at about the same ns in His on Tike Street, UelmontVlace, is put down on the tax roll at On Mon day he paid his semi-annual tax, whic e to c of March hist, the loc.-al builder, being i" want i.f hands, had hired iho accused (o assist, in the construction of a bow-wiudow i in the drawing room ofc-ur house in IJor- seUhire. The counsel fur the prosecution, aftect- ing to disbelieve my sudden recognition of farm people, had altered loo, full as much as she, nllhough, far his part, he novcr owneti to it. It was not he, who told me was com mvwjlf And there! stopped jssiv. and how trae his. He'll bo hung in very verge of confers frunl of lhe jail, sir, in a hoden upon lo have been fooled by a j iin 'ill, so as almost everybody will be able _ -1 t .11- ...___ _ _ _ Jt 1 the prisoner, here requested to know er any parlicular tircumslanco had recalled him to my wind, or whether 1 had only a vague mid general Tn addition to property inside the cor- i-.Tiilion, he owns a considerable amount the citv His personal pro-, i taxed" at To look af lhe houses and the and pay lhe receive the thousand grievances of dissatisfied labor enough, and hard labor loo, for even an energetic JerKoyman. Our western millioniiric certainly earns his broad and clothes. him. until J'erhnps lhe ferryman himself may be nt I, ami is roundlv being Urn, I slept n, t., formerly Usen her hoists, comfortable little room si Here it was, vory ear.y ire. L-eifie even the his i tu a, hind-before, lo see it, blesa ye 1 should like to hear the end of lhe much indeed, waiter.'1 Should you, fondling his It couldn't be done, could not bo the court is crowded into a mash hUfn-siiionwhcn jiuzzled, and cer- be cure, I've a. a nnii.-h iuorc j-iolite one than that j Jjut no, Mr, it could not be (lone.' common tu hi... luethrc-n of the land, j "I suppose it's merely a question o! I had only _ _ lhe prisoner spoke his voice is peculiar, and I remember very distinctly to have heard it upon the occasion speak of; he chin, had the misfortune to tread upon hisfoot- rule and break it while at upon the j A "powerful" English writer says, in the course of an editorial, "It would not be inon: H! range than probable if St. Helena received another Napoleon, the pet of Kii- ropn, to its rocky bosom before the world is much older his own fashionable dinner hour, but ho did not say so; neither did lie mention that his wife was nt a inritiuc, and probably wouldn't be home nt present. And the cr'rdinl manner of his friend male him and think of ihe old limes when lie had been wont to sit down lo dinner just as the creeping sunshine reached mark" on the old kitchen iioor, and when "supper" wasn't association of gas lights, champagne, sugar-temples, and spi- cy" game, but n quiet meal, taken just when siiiifcel reddened the crest of the tall pop- lar trees on thy hill. Ah, lhe good old limes'. It wan long since he hnd been in such a tiny, v.npnMtfinling room as thitl where he now sat, accepting the cup of fragrant tea from Amy Willard's dexterous iititle hand. Vet everything was so bright, so neat, so tasteful the lire glowed so red- ly, and the rosebuds in tho vases gave such a refined grace to the little blue lea- service, HI id liie common-painted waiter, that he fall at oncu tluu was in lhe at- mosphere of home! 11 a never missed iho silver urn, or the gold-bniided china of his own stately ta- ble' never noticed thai his feet (lid not rest among t'.'e velvet, crimson shades of his own carpet; nor perceive the wide difference between Amy's linen collar and lhe shilling delaine, mid lhe Ilonitons and brooado that his fashionable helpmate wore; but he knew there was.some charm here that was lacking -'it his own hearth stone. It was a o-eniiine old-fashioned lie went silently away, with no light footsteps tripping after him to the door; the shadow of no sweet "good-bye" fol- lowing him like a.gnardiiin angel on his Way for Clara was a fac-hiocablc wife. At dinner time ho came homo, half ho- ping that there would be a glance and a smite like Amy's to greet a home influence around his luxurious apartments. "Where's She lounged on a damask sofa, lhe ring.s Hashing on her slender fingers, and her delicate figure arrayed in folds of luslrous silk, whilst the slippered foot, peeping from beneath, seemed rh only to tread the ro- ses of life. She hardly glanced up from the novel she Was reading us he entered why should she? he was only her hus- band. Hi; sat down and began drummitigenre- lossly on tha ttible with his fingers. "Isn't dinner nearly ready." "J don't know. It's tlie cook's busi- ness." "Bui she ought lo be more ?aid fie. can't help that. I wish you wouldn't plague me about such things." The tone was a litlle pettish, as Clara brushed away her brown curls, and resum- ed her book, and Maynnrd relapsed iutv silence again. J'rcscntly another idea fl.ruok him. Ciin'l. you play something to night, Clara? The piano has not been opened for an Come sing me some of tho old ballads." "I she taid listlessly} out I'm of practice entirely. Do let me you'll lay your book after din- ner, ami hswe jjood old fashiunod even- ing of talk and music gossip." I'm engaged for every mo- ment after seven the opera first, and liien t them o for one indow, and I ov that occurrence i-erheard him Ininenling j A r.vh youn Ihocounr-el f-.r the acouwl remind- i ply the mam court that a bi'-ken fool rule hnd >he intoxicates him so. i man threiilcned to np- uo. law lo Ins hot preserves, delicate pink shadings of dried beef, and cake that would make even a dyspeptic smack his lips. Maynard could nut help complimenting edibles, lift did'i.t get, any .'sin.-h a I the rehUuraiit wbuie ho ;wd, his the fancy ball." "Coufdn't yon 1 "O no, it would never dol" lie was there was a dull dead pain at his. void which rt could never fill. The silent dinner waa over; she went orth in her shining robes, and pearls in icr hair, and bracelets clasping her -arms, o an evening of reckless dissipation and ;niety. with tiniles for the beau m'mda, but none for home. While Maynard afier a long and gloo- mv reverie by his lonely fireside, took his nit and went away to the club, that brill- ant place of gaiety and mirth, through whose chandeliored portals so many 3 foot lias trod tho broad path of destruction! 1'oor had no home. "M.i, has aunty got bees in her "No; why do you Cause that lettle man coluhcd hold of her and said lie war, a going lo take the honey from her lip.-, and .ihe wftli haste'.'

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