Tuesday, August 3, 1852

Wisconsin State Palladium

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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Wisconsin State Palladium (Newspaper) - August 3, 1852, Madison, Wisconsin I BY ATWOOD, TW YMAHS BUCK. "Wealth caunot Bnj, nor Power Per Annum, in Adranca. VOLUME 1, TUESDAY, 1852. NUMMf 9. Wisconsin Stair Pallid iiim, irUICIMtD EVOtT TUMOAV, At ATWOOD, WYMAN8 BUCK. TBRKIR. pulUdlcm, .1 V not In advtuoA, C: ADTEKTIMJfO. Colaiiiii f 84 00 Still) 1 00 Our York Correspondence. .N.KW YOBK, July 11, 1852} Ifcjsrj A am into the country tins interruptc I mj uorrcdpoiulenco lor tho past two nooks which, howeier will be ultimately klvmitageous both to your rcadon mul jour During the past wed vohaiehad tvv annuls h-om Europe and cue from Cahtoi nin. Arctic, which cam NMlGH luwilnn, l uuertlon M> reonllil, OIM miifiih. IMIJW, on II a c 3 ir flenl. il >.M) III) an HI) ssi on 'IXihirto hums! in on Sunday, td us ia on with men 100 JOB WORK. VThofc mwlliliir) bi Ibek nlMfliunil rmntrel on MIIIO ioru> Half Ill buniln-d, hwMlrail on Mmo Quarter pur bundrwl, Kwm on Unll iWcua.oaeonimen (n.r hiiftdrett, Ino note paper, rrom The will ttrlotly (uiliwe-IG Iho uliovu lurm mccpl In sueli CMW may wnlflcl wilti n provliMiH u; runuenl. BROWN It CAKPKNTKU.' ATVVOOU, W It BUCK. II ;J 0 II 2 5 la July 18.VI. THE neotiunts from al parts of the State most encfjurog ingly in xcf rence lo llio prospect for Crops. A considerable! portion nl' tho wheat is already hurvcMed, nut baa eorno in very fine, both in regard tr quantity ohd quality. The spring .whoa croji is also represented us being dcci dedly good. With good crops, we mny begin to look for bolter times, When Farmers do well all kinds of lui.sini.Ms prosper. Agriculture is tho triii? founilatioii to .wealth, especially in the west; aud a failure ol crops is followed a necessary consequence, with a gun prostration of nil mercantile or me- chanical pursuits. AVu rejoice rno.si heartily that our farmers aro looking up once more. May succoes ever ottcnd there. ffi'ho Argtu tend Democnti ,will hire hard work to i make thu people bo- liore, that tho Whigs wish to liolil ttieii fneatings in socrcsy, from thing lliey can extract from our columiia, even though they may omit such (jnrfs of our our nenln to attend. Nothing can be tortuiw] into uny sucli It is our .opponents .thai rnosf desire to be present at our liopu they will always attend. JOHN P. Washington cor: leipondent of the ClBvelann' True Dem- ocrat, sayn there is no truth iutlie rumio thai John P. Hale would not accept llir nomination of tho Frco Soil National Convention, for tho if ten- and insists that lid is llio only inun for the tinm. gST A mon by the name of Michael Casity, in the employ of McCrcti Uull, in Miwaukee, wus killed on Friday uf- tjrnoon last, by the weight of u iipile tlrivot falling and striking him on the head. KF A rail on the truck of tho AVcstern Railroad, between Palmer and Warren, was HO c.ipanded by tho heat, one day hist week as to be dislocated from its position A freight train was thrown olV the track in. consequence. now liquor laws go into oll'eci in Uliwli; Island on tho lOili, in .Mas.v acliuactts on tho of this Month. jCSTTho .New York Tribunu says it tlio n.iinva of twenty-five Ouiiiovraliu inein- bera of Congress who rofnso lo support Pierce and King. JIow TO.MAKE HKNS Tho Dollar Sewspaper states, that lions fed twoorthroi1 times a week with red popper, tbo siHids l liei st n Iii rdirfdmt I Jlio Lnp ivi j ncin Um; t Vtistin it H reported, dun if, m anoe of power in the State Time, how 01 will show atl things clenrH Kostuih eft for Lurope ,m ho Atr ca on Wednesday last. His sudden de-par tnro withoutmotice to an} but his more ititi mate friends has caused some wonder, am enabled his opponents to launch out then without, mercj It was aunoun cod by those papers w. ore supposed to in Ins confidence that ho would sail mthe Washington to dav, and it must luue been nn important, motite so sudde c luaul so mngulai i change of hit plans. (Meetings been held in tins city to collect assistance for Hit relief of the sutler ersby the Monti eil fire, had alreadj been Mnt (or tbntpurpose On Saturday of last week a fire broke out in Boston, elestroymg the Sailors Home .the Manners CliHiclt, mid fort) e I her buildings, io aro rumors afloat of trouble n lib Great Britain concerning thefishcnes Mown following ma 'men to A Cm-it AIill with eight run et stone Hineas and weal ltd now point of 'Iwauiv and location does in 'of its An xtcti'mc Saw Milt ind lumiun rallies V ui ichine tor ool C i-> lomg a fit I usinosH1 unelcrthodiiectien of Din ow d. O> An exteisno BICIHH under tho control of Joitv I1T STK'AH. I'OWKIl'. Siw Mil] bj Messrs lUsloy Co Door, Bind, SushF i on cont toui m Hung irv 1 tit tlio assassin mis I house) lo her vwitnig II lends All n enl his nun, mitt n nuodiatelj' blow out tin 1 t''o moraiujr im J almost frightened out of their lues to own brmns The nomfiom Cnlifoinnns daj atoi the Illinois h unig entero 1 this port on hursda) Hli "00 issongt rs and J32 in gold dust The Whij, bltte Con had met at Snoramcnto and tbado ip it? tick t foi Jtidgoa and (Elec on Uio rcsolti ions dun intl don itionn of nud to iicUtiil ic'ltlcre to .ijie State .for. edu- reoc'iyecl, present of goods are producing -liigli es to hnd thernsehos snugly1 locked in ihe'itrmsof thit mal compai ions Tho ladieSi both fainted In t then lords'being o! I tanco nud tlio best ot all was made rrykt again LWB ON John Conley, of thui place, informs us Hint some ten bi II C Pirkor M ii lime Shop ind Pound u Me si iktnnet A Co Oil Mil, by Mews Dean Co Coin Ci leker, bj Noliind <L Williams Plu Pool nnd Sisli Puoton Ij Mtssrs Welch, Campbell Co i M ehinu Shop md Foundrj, Barkei A, Co Leditead and Climr Fnctorj, by Messrs Congei it Grccu Power Punting Press, by Messrs Bionn Carpenter All rf tho machinery above mentioned as btmg propelled by water IB now m sue eessftil operation and the probability is Letter ?l Mr. CoJiliM. call attention lo a Ictlor in luinn, untttn by lion A L COLLINS of this pi vc calii dout by tllA of the' Morning Neiat, that Ml C would not support Tien SCOTT I he letter sttt s el ilr GOLIIN 9 posj ft II we trust put to 10 I picion ot his colelncss in th AI No person i Quanted with Mr nertiis- pected tli it th< Matem< nt nf tho trui1, but n e rejoice-that ho his t iken prop- er means to it the ho ovei, !IIH own I1 UK TheluUei gnoj t titnk ot llio reas tin t him to the) support it Mr our country on the stage, of for hu raitTifufnen to the Constitution and the during iillougand illtistnoru'lifo1 o: ommont for 1m unwavertng and powerful tupport of, the Wbic party and ita principles alwayi., and wlieu WJ' mind resietl upon the prostrate nnd wasting fmtrtof that dyinff'inan and natrirt wuoflcnama u suggosted'fby fvtry thing of puriti iMtd witb the country for tbe Imt :oiy of oui party fifty ha pansinif away with out his rowsKT fi-om the Amencarj a reward which, thou'gh so justly and honor- ably duo, could not to iif Justreto his fame, but whidli would hat Q testified "republic's I WM gridi ed to the Iietrt. and then thought JJj l.l-_ another arid like j, n countryXiugwtituiiwshnBia not rout upon my country with my content. Think- ing and feohng I felt more than over i_ Beligiotu Tert la ,Great efforts hate made in diftercnt d to odium ot rota'iimg- tLi clause prohibiting holel- ing offlce in Now Hampshire, in the f on stitution ol tlist tius Win. [Mirtj or m sitid, the mid Ab- olmonsts" nro roipoiwil la font. AVel thai Ihn could" not the act, the ffciiou pure Ixxxifocon out number both tho other partwn in tli rriuiite Suto, We Mfor lo tho tuhjtct thu litno, however, tli a purpone of m- testimony from a sauice entitled to weight on Um import tut rpiention t.1 is. nitt the testimony of apoliticiau, ntid since he discovered the rot was thttt more Put m mot10" du stroymg his potatoes to such a degree, that but i feu necks continuance would elestre.) his nhoh ctop Ho obtained some air slnc'te 1 liuie, and spimxloel it freely tl a MHOS which hul the ofiect to entirely tho rot, and his potatoes are now healthy aud sonnet It lime shouU j mve a tpctifieior this ensense, it v ill pimcof in XSIcTi this IH lootl testeel tins romeelj I fa m t lifter, Texas was an. ofiiecr unmeel Boyle, eoir.mni dnii, in Amei ican vessel in the Mediteiranoaii, touched, at Gibraltar, nnl was muled lire etseenhei tut on tluconti ny i ojlin ot tliocletiil ol vo) rl nl f tl o [lutonn ind tvorj nco an I ost n t no lean i o the tnt 10 trnetnie UK! oici) in I n] ieh se u-stlim, a thu luu i f in ai 10 ib rl thci mldeis mil CH.CU ant to hi IICH n n y i ition I j fe-r tlio h toon done, j repai itor) in final settlement in ifovombor, In tins citi aid m the which will ailed -the -Prcside'ntiul' u stiouonlj b) but tho cl Us none.tlie lees on that account. ..i ro- er to tho Tcmpo.raneo anovemont, which row u more formidable .from, the desporate- eoiuipt aeti nb ot the Common Owned OH in powerin this citj ith in orgin zation more perfect, general, and mo. e itlueiitial in character than either of its op-1 onents, it hasjiut resolve'd to run ihdopen- and the wine irceh, the sulject ot the Annexation wiu.introduce'd. And saj s Spoflbrd, 'I see ou oi the TJnited.Statos have annexed we live, til, you aic it culm people we do erj thini, in n peculiar n aj you intend.to goon 'Certiiinlv." And ivhwi do jou mean to stop Stopl AVhy, uhon wo to thenatn nil bouiidhiies )f the tTnitetl bt itM "The natitrnl .boundaries of the United: and whnt nre llinv? sajs Spoflord UK> Equator and the Aurora Bureahs, replied Bojlo ih nmiitor snilh tint whet) or tho dia 'ogue ended here but tae seemed to et n ider it n slopping pU e mil do we. BP" Thu Bailrotsd opened tu Palmyni Jeflt count on a ilislanee of 43 .milcii from Blind to lus own Interest. fho St Linus nliles the lill( m i lent us anrc 1 thero i low iii.i ol Lo Umpen streets 0 oui bi tr in a re enoir, ion! n nnjf 'OKI il li c. lie id HI-, jioeiceung slew ly elown liurlh street eipigud ntlie lau I iblti t rf Oronn, thf dii t, when the iltcutiou pi raw booster wus toward" tlic iiri- jnlir looking ('rhielt llutlo bU ingur b uel he Innneit tuehbly ti> tiho dmn, 'u u're IOOMUL, ill jour witel thai No ansiier n is mUe bj the pel ton ad dies el I say, old said tho Booster Sou 1C a loosing atl j oui water ryht Miiart tl u I tell jon anu 111 I e cleg on d il joui jl 1 tub won t bo drj jou kuow 1 lie er w null silent, and the Bti ing cr again addressed John. Lcok IITC in foo don t vou seo that molhins bro) c loixc with join oil ci-> S ill tho dnvcr lent and tlioIIoosi r turned away in di Bavm3 "ill allow tout feller is a little the ente.inudato.tor nil tho offlusm I .ce but if he is so blind tq nis interest ns to throw his hbor aviav in i tho poople, oxc pt with an uat xpcctation of electing all of-1 but the intent of tnking from the old par- .M all who prefer poace to oi pouer which hiia been potent in jiscity for somo yohrs paat. The 'tobcr, utorpnnng busineu lohgiout ortton of the who pay .ie and all aro not to he old parties by interest or special regard ill s} mpntlnze with them and support the ickel they may nominate; aud I think it ,uue judicious nomina- iont, they will elect their for mu- county wd hold the bar- let him do it and ho d or GEN The Tho curaaeh (Mich HeraU relates the follow ing anecdote: citizen of our town gives a remark made In Gen Scott at tort George, in 1813 V bnti h flag was sent to thu American army The earner was tent to Gen beott's and suid to him Geii me with this flag to request ihat jou surrender to him, for if you do not, shall bo compelled to storm fort, and he will not be responsible tor tho Indir ane The reply of Gen Scott w ai this General to come on sad. it Ithe tort, and I will for coining fell Fom of the nine Steam En Cities mentioned are now in operation, ami bo others no either in town oronithe way trout tho cast to be stt to work shoit ly NotvuthsMiijdmg all this- amount ot machinery, tho wants ot community aro not all upplied Ike business of the town AJ. nts 111 in I flittering prospect I ho le isanlacss in I he ot loc ition is'unsm passe I rtliei tjftn in the West nurli the eouiitn in urn is equal, roi mnonlti rd pin posts to ll be it Iho e comic led wi'li the tact Hint vo slu'l soon ti uc alviillioic eonneeuori nithtlie oalvno phccsns in the fruut rmk '0 lit 'ibio yun. H the uliirri I or vbec ipiUh t uotemn great cr mdi ecments ike the town it as they are t res-tillrtr behind tho wants of tho ctimlij To tlie mun of famitj, who wishes to c lucatu his children, our town possesses imrii ijled ad i mtnges The best of hut e oi all cnptiot trcm those tor tho m f n t, to those posbcssing tho hi0lic t tigibfor a flntbhed ire m oui midst For allkiuda of Mechjnici i great demand ind laboring won of nil decryptions fand ready employment Ve thus simplv 'at jOur pjesent rroipecta as a town aud aa, they may half has not been told, V all who vimt our placf will fully ronhze Our business prospects aro now assuming chu shape that properly bebngs to oui lo- cality, md the shape they would have as- sumed seieral j.ears ago, had our Power beon developed II one facility had been tmprored at the sumo time milk were constructed at Janesvilte and Watei-- Itown our village would have contained three tunet tlie oopulauou at this day that it now does Ibe business, that naturally has been diverted to Janes viUe, Watertown, aud other places on count of itheiti inilling facilities Tbe wealth of our county hu gone to the buildmg-up' o( townv heretofore, but now, hai cf, for thf Wpplymg in llio Coin ntioi) an 1 nil! Ije rei 1 with inter Mr 0 Inen Is tlnongh out the btatc A CTIBMIN PViitn cimpayn mipei, to ho pivchsheel in tlio German Ian guigp aud lo devoted to tlie support of Sfott and will bo established i in Milwuukec about UK first wiekin August. It wilt bo unfelei the editorial cliarce of Mr A BOESLFII, fo'rmeilj erhtir of the Volkt ffatle, a B'tiitil mill ot ibihtv and (nee which will insure good paper terms for the campaign c nts pnr copj oi'm clubs of 10 for i ft 00 Inpo of Scott and Graham exert tliemselvea to this enterprise a good support JW Bates, Cnltenden, Bibb and ET Mareluill, aro spoken 11 connection with the i scant caused ibv the death of Judge McKmley of the U S Supreme Bench JC3T OfScial notion has 1 Unt the World s Fair, exhibiting rlic industry of all nnt bo ope icd in iNcn York, on the 2d of May next _______ _ tust wh.lo ho wtls yot spared to >MS and in oannot churzcJ thit it consKierntton of Ins mature old ago it then aiuHltere 'flue to Daniel Webftor that ho should racwvtho honor and rewnrtl (fa of thf great VUng pirti Thus I fc-lt, and feelnig thus I acted Itnniounted to prefer once, not prfwription. i ml I dare 'say here, that the. noble niugnanniioiu t woufd approcjafed and spproiod tlw preference, ind let ma Niuernf Point _ Thisis ihe litre" iind neat look ing paper just ektabhshed at Mineral Point bv O J Wnioni tho first number of w hah is just received Fnend aiciir is work- ing in n bid cause, which must fail, but we nis.li him bueecsi in h s business affiiira Letter from Hon. A. L Collins. Gen R MADISON July 22d, nyt Editor of the Sentinel Dear Sir Ordinarily, I base not deem inducement to say bore too, that I tho gallant Gene rar had teo mmh magnaunnitj, ind loo high an appreciation of grentnew 'nnd CIM! son to suiler liimself to be exceeded) by man m, Webster ihoiigh ho was u rnjl for the highest'of For my excellent col leagues who acted with me in the Comonbon, and for invfeelf, ci.tfin tbnt ,respuct for our conduct which a si! imn who act hoiiostly, opciilv mrT this I tlic irotoun lest respcnt fw ll-osowho (lifterwith uie- to mere men I need not perhaps olaimthat my collonguos and acted honestly If our conduct in, all, oui; rela Horn with Whig party not junttfy it the assertion h re will not induce tlie be hefi that we did no But because I admired indpreferred Jtitt in the Contention, Daniel Webiter, now it follow, and can it be argued that I, do not nnd cannotadmire Pen hu grant merit and fitnen'fbr i) e'Prondcncy, and mint therefore repudiate bu nomina- tion 1 I beg to answer, by no memis. We many men in our ranks qimllted lo be tbe Chief Magistrate of thu 'nation, and jet among them, different men may choose difTerentlj, nud that too, without invidious reflections upon those not of their first choice Again, I cannot admit tliat it is in accordance' with the "pint arid objects of the Cdnvention foi men to go into them and submit Uiero then claims, und those ol their friends for prcfernwnt, and then, (to use a familial if unsuccessful, to boll tn-tnfutt I be exceedingly mortified if I thought 1 were ically iiapnttd of doing at] that lus bean said on the subject, I do not believe that any man really entertains the give-n on ircounffl am prejudice tlio Loco- toco p irh Die I jtlow ing is troni at Iwmls tho Lnston Pilot of the 24th ai able and influential dckotod tn tin sts ol the Catholic, ttulh, mid in le pendent so far an regnrel.s the political abolikh this text from the .Constitution, whurs votei itjnnst llu nmcnd infiif, m el ihe win IJemocritn, and the re) ealeil d frat ol the mennirc ID jiiRth eh to the Dtme eiatie party it New II xntj slurp which re jecteel it IS'othinff furtlier in neeiwwav "eonviijw all t'mt the pirty a lone responsible for tlie-exchision of their religious -taiiu from New f pt-r- iMt troai Tlie Green Bky' Spectator, from Which lotliing tiuthful may be expected .upon Ins nubject, m a recent, attack ijwn Governor FAKWEIL, that .IHWCW imilf, states, 'that it it nt length announced hitt the Goi'urnor of Wisconsin bat dedd- <l to accept Hiid comply with the Supreme Court, no thr it ill the except Morgan L. m" This statement we know to bo f ilse in ''act, and beliove it to be false in iattnt also. authorised to'cay, that the Govern- r his never 'announced any thing Th Spectator knowing fiiSftiie Supremo Court, in f-ffect, contract to be in Mohlioti of the law, and nhouM not lie canieel out, has in Ikin.aay, "an- nounced' its own opinion, tr-nt 'ontracl should bo properly aiiel jtirtly cx- ecplui from the "upon'tha Public Works. Wheat throughoMt llio States is spoken of as looking ev- treniety 'fiiic Iho roceiit balloon at OMlmm' EngUind, tvank'rmin.itoil'bj' tho death o tho iwroiMiit, Mr. JHIIKSS Gosiston. :ispicioii. But it is not iimpl by the action that I support Oen Scott. 1 amplj because I feel bound of the National Coniciition A better reason controls my action hver since my earliest recollection, I had reason to be, ami bean, proul of the iminc of Wmfield Scolt Ho has a world-wnio reputation, nol onh as it soldwr, and abumane but i} and 1 now tav th it I shall for Gen Scott, if I am span no irod to vote at all, hut I shall promote his ejection to the very best of my ability Again 1 say, aud I say it that I linvt, nevoi said or intimated, oi insmu Uecl that I shoutd not support Gen iScott and if an; VVhigfuard for the benefit ot the Jforrungr. A'ewt, or i n tbb at tho hig oi foi mj btn ht, Is ready, and shall certify tathti contnrj, it will raise, a Question of ve racitj which I shall regret, because no man has anything to gam by vtaknig his charao- ter'against that nf any other man be that reputat on good bad104 indifferent. Possibly it may luue been sMomed, that because 1 supjxirted Mr Webster in the Baltimore Convention, I would not support den Scott at ttie.rjoUs But this would be poor reasoning In the Convention, you well know that I supported Daniel Webstej from UM- begin umg unto the end This I do not regret, and of this I dial! never be ashamed In loirig so, I acted: honestly, I did prefer Mr Webster, and in preferring him I did not ic the least possible degiee depreciate General Scott or any otberman. I need not beta giro at length my reasons foi preferring Mr Webster, but take the oc uon to- state very briefly I preferred Daniel then, because, he wwnn every sense eminently qualified; for the preferred him at tbe1 greatest man, TOtaUeotuallyt in the <widi that I think Iiim cminoutly qualified for the that I support mm Moreover, I do hope and trust there aro enough men of inj ccntiments in Ihow L tutcd States, to secure his triumph in tlie .coining., contest. Trulj vour ob t sen nnl AlfcXANM-RL COLUXS ed it imiortant or necessary, when 1 p n 1 e conclude I th it, it he sulji. t ah w 11 speculating about at.a 1 it WAS iierth botng correctly sottled, at dt that I mightj be 01 cuaed if not justified in undertaking it And ficru-I beg pardon in ame if 1 arro- gato to mjselt too much in assuming thai I am as compo cut to settle the question peeling my inteiidotl course as aio my friends, im focF or tlie piess It is asMimcd hj the Monuny ffetm up on good anihonM nnd'rcartj to bo support od by ok gooej W (I am not ejnote the language but the r't ot tlm Sfews) thit 1 line declared tint I "protonod Icfcat in lor Webster to sitccesa under Seeitt, anel tint I should vote iijamst beott at clectir'n with 11 diieidcterereo to those who kiuw betttj than I do, and to .these Whigs w ho arc ready to certify, itc I bog to My that he insertion ft tlio jUwi untrue inlet tei and in spint I lime not onlj said that woulel not vote Gcu bcott, but I tiuyo said publicly and prnately all hal an culnui> aatie supporter ot need to sa; only i Board 1'uHic ord( rrtl Ihe r u in V Scitihin in the n ime i I vis drowned liieit.e jt3T mm ag by the ii i nima of Jjshur us, wisiicenth' drowned in a small pond m tie lawn of Pi n Racine co while t-ST Juelgo Couklnv of tin fiorlbern Dislnit of New "iork hit, been iiomiDalcd as JImislcr to MUMCO in ,pl of Mr Let Lhcr rebigocd It IB rumors I that It h ill, tho presentP M G will get Judge ConklmgV placo and thut P wilt be made Pott Matter General To be 'happy, ;thc must be cheerful and not gloomy and me! A ]ir tu linpn ui djoy Urea) riches, one lo ieilr und sorrow ul ipoireny JfiT Lola Moniei hat decided to give the editor ot thu proving that the IBS and ban employ- ed Jamea T [ax Counsel lor the Plantiff Hot ten Pwt to Gen egotism It is Candid.ita has done so very little, tbnt be can't talk about bimtelf without >peedi ly exhauiting tbe subject. N freely yield him credit for hUgallaoi strvie-et, but think ho should not ,ba where neither hu detlinet i Very trnc Neither nor LH edu cation evtr dettiMd hiuji to IwMmj} Journal Cincinnali Gaietto says the re- ecipui of ice from the Xorth, for the of June, amount to1 over one million 'i CVA. girl, 1G years of living nt St. Male, Wwti 1 1 in U> have Ueuii ,n. wooks uud wiluout Iwving miy iioiirnhtneot it a minor at Wellington ihatan expidilwa in pfejmring in tho tuinli ivuttein for tho invasion oCMexkw, slid ;o wiwit .provincct train cvntral power. merchant nm-y 'of Papal Staujt couiiisu of and manned by lu if BIT AJ4. A writer ..onrton luw in iturlil a plan l.y which lie in fuiuni to avoid railroad col- a.d> that an iron clmir diivc-tly.iii front of the Ljcinc- tbatoneJi' the tlicre- in.'oii tliinfcs this 'patent nil-way burfrr1 will eff ct the desired object. t oMimalvti that innuil of Tnlugi.aphic nnd Marino lutelli- to iho New York it HnuoruMcmid Cautlict. The Democrilic tro publishing' a letter piiriMirting-to by Gen ten or tvch yeaisngo, with a view io of our adopted citjzenn'againithim. We Imvo hereu fore published a letter written four igo, by Gen Scon o Wra E Robtuson, Eeq, wherein tliB t it item< nt that ho nonll hni nifuJ iiri t 7 ino WiMistciiiO.) Dcmncrnt of- the recent innnitftoff IxunK, Stilun of fifty d-.llnrs ihn nnd to if h? Ind nn ipportiinin I In'Whig who llu. on Gnn. pnbl s 'he hi I the I lo be (mid whwi Gen. Scott in j red Preetdeiit Paper. Wo nro ntit hanil at jit- biit_xve try our Imnd nt it. 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