Friday, June 6, 1969

Madison Wisconsin State Journal

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of Madison Wisconsin State Journal on Friday, June 6, 1969

Madison Wisconsin State Journal (Newspaper) - June 6, 1969, Madison, Wisconsin Graduation Rapped at Memorial Event WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL FRIDAY JUNE 6 1969 SECTION 1 PAGE S By JOHN T AEHL Of The Slate The graduation of James Madison Memorial High Schools 442 seniors Thursday afternoon turned into a debate of sorts over the meaning of life the goals of life and the question of whether or not the graduates were dehumanized sheep Even the setting for com mencement the immaculate and awesomely large Dane County Coliseum being used for the first time for Madison high school graduations came under some biting comments from a graduating senior one of the four speakers The building easily housed the greenrobedgraduates and more than 2000 relatives and friends with plenty of room left over The four tried to help the graduates resolve even in the last moments before the diplo mas were presented the rea sons for education and the rea sons for the graduates contin ued existence is not to the goals of life that we should turn our atten tion we must rather turn our selves tothe living of life said Michael Brockmeyer a teacher at the school chosen by the sen ior class to speak He warned them that life is an unending search for the proper concerns and commitments that life is an immense jour ney to establish your human ity They were told by Ann Nieder tneier a graduating senior tha AntiDoyle Move Loses This Time By JOHN KEEFE Of The State Jeurnal Staff A proposal aimed at rebukin Federal District Judge Jame Doyle of Madison was defeate Thursday by the State Assem bly but a move to reconside the measure kept it alive The lawmakers on a 5344 vol rejected the resolution lha called for a constitutional con vention lo propose an amenc ment that would make federa judges elective instead of ap pointive for life RECENT decisions of Doyl Involving what many legislator consider permissive handling campus disruption cases hav piqued the lawmakers Assem bly Speaker Harold Froehlic chief author the measure has said that fe eral judges should not be im mune from public opinion Assemblyman Norman Ander eon DMadison argued tha federal judges ought to remai as is isolated from runnin for office If there is ever a plac where an issue ought to be de cided on its merits it ought 1 be in the courtroom especial when fundamental civil righ are involved Anderson said jour now commencement addresses by startling the crowd with accusa iohs that the impersonal quali ies of occasions such as this are provoking much more dissent and alienation among the ranks of graduating students He attacked the scheduled o u t i n e dehumanized struc ures of society for imper sonal processing and and said the sterilized aircon ditioned Dane County Coliseum reflects this dehumanization From Mark Parish another teacher chosen by the seniors to speak to them the graduates heard We do not know if this is the generation which will finally wage a peaceful rebellion de signed to insure the survival of mankindor whether they wil occupy themselves with staying actions or rear guard defenses of a particular state regional or national way of life We do not know if the young people here today and those o next year and the year after truly represent a new awareness an awareness of mans rela tionship to man and mans rela tionship to nature or whether the sound and fury of the las few years still signifies nothing whether it is simply a tired re run of that old say sensitive rebel at 18 complacent con formist at 35 Parish said the seniors may lead the world to some solutions only by thinking and living in international rather than na tionalterms by making ethica judgments based upon rationa principles gleaned from th methodology and discoveries o ASSEMBLYMAN James Sen eenbrenner one of the eight Republicans who sided with 44 Democrats in kill ing the proposal later asked that the action be reconsidered He said he made the request which will not be taken up be fore late next week because he thought the issue was not ade quately aired before the vote THE ASSEMBLY gave final approval Thursday to a revision in the slate election laws that had been prompted by the dis puted contest earlier between Assemblyman Joseph Looby DEau Claice and Wilmer Wa ters the Republican incumbent beaten last November The measure sent to the Sen lite on a 6039 vote would allow either house to order an investi gation of a contested election and to take testimony Waters who sought to reverse the slim onevote margin he lost to Looby failed to comply with current law requiring the filing of sworn statements by a dead line Without that testimony the Assembly Elections Committee decided it could not overturn the election of Looby A BILL extending to27000 municipal employes unemploy ment compensation benefits was given preliminary approval 71 28 by the Assembly Thursday and sent to the Joint Finance Committee The bill which would affect 117 of the states counties cities villages with more than 500 ipulation was recommended an advisory council made up both labor and management representatives Currently unemployment compensation benefits are pro vided for persons working in pri businesses science by choosing the role of he social man Burt Chojnowski raduating senior another began the GETS AN ASSIST School Board member Mrs Ruth Doyle presents one of 442 diplomas she handed to Memorial High School students Thursday as Principal Richard Gorton prepares the next diploma we have the ability to live Miss Niedermeier too had a warning Life is routine sometimes boring We must find life in his routine We must find suc cess failure anger happiness hurt joy and excitement in this routine She also prodded them How many of us are living only for next fall college or a new job How many of us have wgotton to live Life comes between the weekends during hjgh school We are herded like sheep into technical competencies within this overcapitalistic overindustralized and overmil itarized society The worst part of it all we have accepted this dehumaniza tion Yet in conclusion he noted We cannot wander around like blind sheep We must work within society to create an envi ronment centered around human beings around the awareness and consciousness of mankind We cannot drop out and isolateourselves from this society The final Mrs Ruth Doyle a member of Bruce Bartholomew Patricia Bast Craig Baumann David Beeman John Beeman Frances Belknap Ta mara Benward Kathleen Berry Debra Beyler Joseph Beyljr Deborah Bilzing Mlchatl Blntzler Donald Bliss Janel Boelkes Edward Boldon Carl Bolstad Mary Bowermin David Braaten Theresa Brady Beverly Brandstedter Patricia Brand stedter Brenslke David Brenzel Douglas Bridge Ricky Bruhn Erik Bry nildion James Buchanan Louis Buch hollz Georgia Buckley Ann Bucklln Bev erly Bunn Terry Byrne Jorge Cabrerra Alan Campbell Brlcker Carley Vilo Ceringlla Burt Cholnowskl James Clarke William Cohn Timothy Colby Kelly Cooper Nancy Cooper Mar tha Crawford Joanne Culberlson John Culbertson Glenn Curtlss Deborah Cus 1er John Danlelson Dannie Davidson Oon nle Davidson Jane Dawson Daryl De neen Deborah DeSelle Ruth Deutschkron Margaret Dlleanls Joseph DiPiazza Nancy Dodge Carolyn Doehlerl Mary Doherty Christine Dohrn John Donhowe James Dowllng Patrick Doyle Rebecca Drosopoulos Linda D u c k w 11 z Sherry Duckwilz Diana Dunham William Dur ant Janell Duxbury Kathryn Edwards Robert Elsas Deborah Emmerich Linda Engelbart Sue Engeldlnger Thomas Erck Judith Ernst Raymond Esch Rich ard Evans Claudia Fenian Peter Flke Rona Fin man Duane Fischer Jane Fischer Kathy Fisher Steven Fisher Karen Fleer Debo rah Fllegel PerOke Forsberg Barbara Fox Cheryl Franks Kathryn Frazler Timothy Freeman Steve Fuelle Terrence Gant Larry Gartman Sandra Geffs Rente Gendron Paul Genna Eloise Gibson Janet Gilbertson Jon Grant David Green Frank Grlswold Katherlne Grogan Howard Grunes Gustafson Karen Haas William Steven Halvorson William Handy Mark Hansen Timothy Hansen Diane Hanson Rodney Hanson Joseph Hara Mary Hardie Judith Har rlman Cyndia Harris Kenneth Harrison Mary Hartung Robert Hay Susan Heber leln KrUtine Heffernan Per Helmerson James Henderson David Henney Karl Hesse James Hillard Barbara Hodgman DivW Hoff Holmes Kathryn Hot mar James Hughes Hullner Ste ven Hunter Susan Hurley John Ivanov Susan Iverson Patricia Ivey Cathy Jacobsen Dale Jacobson Dirk Janssen Hal Jennings Constance Jester Anne Johnson Cherrie Johnson Grace Johnson Jan Johnson Jean John son Kathleen Johnson Kaye Johnson Thomas Johnson Thomas Jordan Goldie Kadushin Richard Kallsh Michael Kamarck Deborah Kam pen K a s s a low Paula Keller Craig Kelly Timothy M Kelso Kevin King Robert King Scott King Susan Klingbeil Malcolm Knight Brad Knoche Donald Knulson William Koch Eric Koenecke Karen Kovacs Sandra Krueger Karen Kumpf Kathleen Kunde Mark Kupper Sue Laird Russell Lamb Janice Lip cewich Janice Lashua Frederick Lauri Thomas Lemberger Jane Lemmenes Margaret Lemon Amy Levernze David Levin Judith Levin Donna Lewis Mi chael Lewis Stephen Lewis Thomas Lleb mann Jon Lockert Carol Losby Sandra Lucchesi Rebecca Ludwig John Lund Kathl Lund Janet Lylc John Lyngaas Randal Maass Mark Mackesey James Malec Richard Mandel Stephen Martin Pamela Marvin Michael McCluskey Eileen Mc Enroe k Constance McGhee Valerie Mellerop Terry Menlink Jane Merrill Douglas Meuer Randy Mlcek Gary Miller Gregg Mitchell Sharon Monahan Janice Moore Michael Moore Susan Morris Charles Mueller Jean Murry Mary Nack Eugene Neal Eric Nebel Nancy Nebel Anne Neslon Cynthia Nel son syrie Nesingen Gayle Neviaser Ann Nfedermeier Nancy Nielsen Susan Nor ton Christine Oliver Paul Olsen Lauren Olson Mary Olson Peter Otson John Osborn Susan Osborne Susan Oss mann Jory Pacht Dan Parfih Get the Cap on a Lauding Karen Watson Tells Her East High School Friend Chris McMillan Before the Coliseum Graduation Ceremonies Thursday Journal PhotM by A Craig Tomorrow Is Ours to Win or Lose Face Problems East Crads Urged Park Abby Parks Diane Patzer Ann Donald Paul Jane Paul Huldl Paulson Betty Paylon Krisflne Pedersen Bruce Petersen Gordon Peterson Gregory Pi azza Ruin Picone James Pierstorff Arlur Pinto William Plummer Linda Potts Elizabeth Pound William Probst Cathy Quale Cynthia Quinn P a t r Ic I a Raisbeck P JoAnn R word was had by the Madison School Board who told the seniors that the board and the members of the educa tional system have tried to love and understand you And finally I cant refrain from one remark Mrs Doyle said As I present each of you with a diploma I consider each of you as a unique and important young gentleman or lady You are not sheep Janet Adell Peggy Ainsworth Alice A1 brighl Carol Albi t inghl Evelyn Alroy Pa melj Anderson Laurie Andrews Michael Arny Kenneth Balkin Shelley Peggy Raisbeck afteriy Eric Rasmussen Paul Rasmusstn Susan Reese Mary Regan Emmalu Relnerio Elizabeth Reis Susan Reisdorf Ronald Richardson Patricia Rlckman Joseph Rtgonl William Ro barge Karen Roberts Paul Roberts Alana Ronne George Rowe Joan Ru dolph Ann RusselF Randolph Russell Paul Sachtien Ann Sahagian David Sahakian Stephen San born Alan Schabow Frederick Schar mota James Schmelzer Elizabeth Schmidt Aileen Schmitz Sharon Schmitz Bonnie Schmudlach Mark Schoenenber eer Susan Scholfield Patricia Schorr Debo rah Schuckit Arthur Schultz Janet Schu macher John Schumann Daniel Schwarz Sandra Schwenn John Selix Barbara Shand Mary Shaw Paul Shtveler Lynn Shomberg Laurel Shulze Patricia Sieloff Howard Sllldorf Terry Simonini Janice Skinner George Sledge Julie Smidebush Karen Sorensen Karen Spurley Dana Stanley Carol Slelma Mary Stelma Reed Stephens Gary Strong Deborah Swanson Peler Swanson Patricia Taplln Robert Terry JoAnn Thiemann Stuart Thomas Ellen Tibbelts Ray Underkofler Sydney Usher Christine Ultech Kathleen Vanden Heuvel Mary Van Susteren Mary Vivian Byron Wade Dorothee Wahl Terry Waldman Patricia Wain Barbara Walser Kathleen Walsh Larry Waller Deborah Werd Tanna Warren Richard Wasserburger Ann Waters Cath erine Weaver Marilyn Weber Thomas Wsiford Kathy Weller Steven Wencel Gail Wendt Gregory Wescott Barbara Wetzel Karen Wiersma Andrew Willelt Gayle Williamson Barbara Willlnk Jeanne Wilson Lynne Willse Linda Wisknw Anita Wilte Joan Wollin Catherine Wood Sydney Wood Dale Wurster Charles Yale Doualas Yapp Charles Young James Young Ste ven Young Amelia Zabit Andrew Zsblt Verne Zastrow Jane Zlmmer Keith Zut JoAnn Zulz East High School graduates Thursday were urged to develop moral courage to stand for their principles regardless of how to days society tries to tear our principles down Joseph Thomas the Negro president of the 522m ember senior class did the urging be fore the grayrobed class and more than 3000 relatives and friends at the Dane County Memorial Coliseum This 47th annual Commence ment by East was the first held outside the school IN CLEAR strong measured words Thomas said Although the problems that we face are not of our making we canno change the fact that they exist But as President Johnson stated in the appropriate word we have chosen for our clas motto Yesterday is not ours t recover but tomorrow is ours tx wfti or to lose COMPARING the problems o society to those which are en countered in sports he contin ued Similarly to conquer the problems that confront us we will have to know the problem its causes its weaknesses its strengths We will have to make the right decision and we will have to execute that decision with tact perseverance and cour age This is easier to say than to do but the job is ours THOMAS SAID the Vietnam War is the most immediate and absorbing problem bu also noted other issues by quot ng Sen Edmund Muskie D who said Today peo ple in the United States are angry and frustrated We are angry because too many of us are being disinher ted from the benefits and ad vantages of our affluence We are frustrated because of what we continue to do to our air our land our water and en vironment in general knowing we will reap a whirlwind of desolation We are angry because we still have an estimated 22 mil lion Americans living in pov erty despite 100 years of un precedented economic growth and expansion WE ARE frustrated because we managed to produce 85 mil lion new job opportunities ove the past five years but 84 mil lion Americans are still on wel fare Thomas said These condi tions of which Sen Muskie spoke have brought our countrj close to revolution He cited remarks by the lati Sen Robert Kennedy in calling for moral courage to stand for an idea or strike out against in justice The goal I would like lo see achieved is equality and peace for all T h o ma s concluded East High grads of 1969 lets do our part PRINCIPAL J A Lokensgard quoted from a letter by Presi dent Nixon which said in part Each person must make his own exploration of the world cair thai trip annual Ronald Gibbs Stanley Gilford Nancy Said inai fie aiinudl Gjer1ioni Davld Gmelnder Karen Good man Lizabelh Goodrich Deborah Gordon Donatd Gori Jr RobertGould David Gragg Sandra Kathleen Gray Patricia Gray Janice Green Edylh Green Patri cia Greenelsh Marylee Grolh Linda Gru eneberg Lynne Grueneberg Debra Grue newaki Pamela Grunert Perry Grunert Nancy Gugel Richard Gundlach Cynthll Guy Dennis Haack Elaine Haack MarkHa blch James Hagerty Rlla Hahn Mary Hall Scotl Hamm John Hanevold Her bert Hansen William Hanson Cynthia Hanusa John Harper Vicky Harrison Commencement is just what the word means a beginning of hat exploration The graduates were warned y School Board member Her icrt Marcus that they face the ob of putting more quality fnto our national life Marcus said Too many peo le are losing a feeling of iden ity You face the job of turning nward of improving human re lationships The graduates Linda Adklson Anna Albericl Richard Alesch Claire Alexander Robert Allard Barbara Allen Charles Ambrosavage Jr Joseph Andersen Susan Anderson Terry Anderson Theron Anderson Penny Au clalr Kayla Baker Charles Bakken John Baldwin Mark William Barreau Douglas Barrett Catherine Bass Lorna Bauer Nancy Beach Julie Beld Lillian Beld Gregory Bennett James Bennett Thomas Benson Mary Blackney James Blair Mary Blanker Patricia Blonynski Dennis Blodgett Michael Bollig Connie Susan Borman Prlscilla Born Diane Brechtl Steven Brenz Charles Brewer Connie Bnckson Georgeann Bringe Gary Brinkman Dale Brown Pa trick Bryhan Susan Bultman Deborah Burke Ronald Buss Thomas Busse Debra Busstan Cheryl Buttrey George Byrkit Gregory Campbell Terry Campbell Mf schael Caravello Barbara Carnahan Ste ven Cassata Carol Caucutt P r i s c i 11 a Chadwick Wendel Chamberlin Kathleen Chase Sarah Chatman Larry Christen son Catherine Clift David Cockii Susan Cockings Sharon Colby De Collins David Comello Steven Crapy Gene Cupp Janice Curley Jacqueline Dahl Kristl Dahl Dennis Daughabaugh Gloria Davis Kathy Davis Marlene Davis William Dean Kathleen Derer Linda Derr Rose Dcrra Paul DeSmldt Patricia Dlckerson Sandra Dicks James Dieckhoff Gregory Dleder ch Krislopher Diehm Richard Disrude alrick Dobson Thomas Dodson Joan Doll Catherine Doll ard Georgia Dollard Kathleen Dorr Palrlcia DowlTng William Jerry Hai ser Timothy Heft ugen Ja othy Hea James Hauser Susan Hau ly Linda Keaney David Sharon Helsig Vicky Helmenstlne John Hemberger Gregory Hengel Pamela Henkel David Henry Debra Herling Ju dith Maria Hill Nancy Hillebrandt Franklin Milliard Gall Hoffman Gregory Hoffman Judy Hogg Heather Hohler Barbara Holmes Robert Homburg Eileen Hooker Ronald Horstman Jane Howley Patrick Huggins Deborah Hunt Melody Ihle Bernard Imhotf Dyanne Jacobson Kathleen Jacobson Peter Ja cobson Horst Jacket Michael Jensen Jeffrey Jerred Judith Jlru Joch manni Georgia Johansen Jacqueline Johns James Johnson Martha Johnson Patricia Johnson Sharon Johnson Wallace Johnson Douglas Johns rud Richard Johnston Elizabeth Jones Jean Jorstad Patrick Joyce Clara Kail Pamela Kallenberj Gary Kasbaum Grctchen Kelsey Diane Ken nedy Ruth Kennedy Michelle Keyes Ro chelle Kidd Kenneth Klmport SIrl Kltson arylK leem a n William Klein Jerry Phyllis Knott Donald Koenig Eve Konkel Elaine Kraak Jerry Kraft Rosalie Kraft Klemstine Kathy Klongiand Kobersleln Allen Barbara Kramer Kenneth Krebs kings Denise Dray Susan Eberle Thomai Elert Susan Ellis Eric Emery Robert E r I c k s o n Christine Esser David Everson June Everson David Ersland Even It Cheryl Lynne Ewald Sharon Farber Leigh Farquharson Pa tricia Farrar Richard Fassbender Cheryl Femrrle Ann Fischer Karen Fleming Diant Foulk Barbara Frank Donald French Palrlcia Fuller Peter Gallagher Ronald Callus De Wayne Gasman Barbara Gehri Terry Gent Linda Gerhardl Madeline Gerwick End Apathy West Graduates Told By GAY LESLIE Of Tht State Journal staff With charges to give us an educated heart and involved ringing in their ears 512 seniors received their diplo mas from West High School Thursday morning The ceremony was the first of four scheduled throughout the day at the Dane County Coli seum Delivering t h e invocation Rabbi Manfred Swarsensky of Beth El Temple said under Gods law there is room for only one aristocracy he aris tocracy of the mind There is room for only one nobility the nobility of the heart He told the graduates they must seek out the good in so ciety THE UNDISCIPLINED life is not worth living he said It is not enough to be angry young men reveling in criticism alone Michael Dana elected by the graduating seniors to be their Valedictorian delivered the class address Noting that it was just a year ago that Sen Robert F Kennedy was assassinated he told his classmates they would do well to emulate Mr Kennedy and shed the cloak of apathy We must make the choice io get involved deeply and person ally in our society with all its ills and shortcomings and make a serious commitment of aciton toward their end he said DANA NOTED that apathy ed to the downfall of the Roman Empire and that American apa hy toward the plight of the gro has resulted in destruc tion in Harlem Watts Detroit and other places As a student senator he re called the apathy of students to ward the workings of student government And he accused the administration of having fre quently displayed an apathetic attitude toward the legitimate nterests of the students Dana said young people and other maintain an awareness of the world and ts problems make a well considered judgment on specific ssues and take action to im plement the decision THIS ACTION does not imply violence or militancy such as is rampant on college cam puses today he said Vio ence is the tool of the ignorant and undisciplined mind that re fuses to respect the opinions of others In his mad rush to correct societys ills the violent activist only crpates new problems and fails to solve the issue which he originally confronted For a so ciety to provide for the freedom of the individual violence must be discarded as a vehicle for so cial improvement Joseph Fagan chairman of the State Commission on Indus try Labor and Human Rela tions and a 1942 West High alumnus told the seniors it is getting more and more difficult to be an individual We seem to be living in an era which takes a consensus ap proach to decisionmaking he said Mass demonstrations are a group thing that lets others decide for you WHAT IS BEING estab lished Im afraid are ghettoes of impoverished thinking in re action to ghetloes of impover shed living Fagan said Using the Commandoes and Enforcers of Milwaukee as ex amples of young people who are rying to work within society to change society and who have tough and intelligent leaders ic said Take a page from their ook I challenge you today to be as relevant as they are These groups have shown that virtue is not always conform ty he said The graduates are Carolyn Marie Ableman Elizabeth Agard Susan Elizabeth Aoee Jeanne Ann Alexander Joyce Ann Allhands Anthony James Amato John Stephen Amato Ste ven M Amble Alan R Andersen David Lawrence Anderson Fredrick W Ander son Martha Jean Anderson Mary Irene Anderson Karen Lee Arbogast VIck Cynthia Arts Alice Barbara Ashman Catherine Mary Ayers Susan Elizabeth Avers Leonard John Ayers Cynthia Jean Ball Allan F Beatly Paul Lauren Beck Thomas Rob ert Bellman Susan Bellinger Susar Ann Benlsh James Roderick Bennett Susan M Bennett Martha Jane Benson Neil 0 Bernstein Todd Andrew Berry Ruth Ber son Alan Michael Bertleson Susan Marie Dennis Bterl Nicole D Bilotii Timothy Haswell Blau John Caswell Bliss James Louis Block Palrl cla Jean Blumer Thomas George Roland Gloria Jane Boone Scolt William Borenz Thomas J Brantmeyer Sara Elizabeth Brewster Bette Jane Briggs Patricia M Briggs Spencer T Briggs John Telford Brinsmade Dee Ann Louise Rrockmann Ann gall Brogden Cheryl Elaine Bar rell Lee Browning Craig R ftruner Am1 Carolyn Bubolz Marjean Gwen Bunker Timothy J Burch Jerry Alan Burkhelter Randall Lee Rurmeister Christina Ruth Burns Sllfn Lotjise Burris M I c h e James Bussan Rodney f Butler Anita Mae Syen Alan Cameron Sam L Cam eron Karen Ann CcmfbtH L Camp ell Michael E Caravello Geraldlne A Carlson John David Center Michael Wil iam Chase Mary Elizabeth Clark Kristin loehr Clausen Richard Louis An nony A Clemenli Linda L dementi atrick W Clifton Elizabeth Ann Cob erly John R Cole Paul Walter Cole Michael C Collins David Brian Coppel Carol Marie Cox Carol Loomis Cove Jancy Maureen Coyne Deborah Ann andall James T Crawmer Thomas R Crone Richard Allan Cuccia Mary J inane DLynn X Damron Michael Dana Nancy Jill Dean John R Delia Timothy Desch Linda Mary Delra F r a n c 11 Xavier ickert Sharon T Dickinson Patrick Lee ieler Karen Ann Klrlenzo Susan Kaye Disch Timothy R Doll Julia Ann Dol hin Susan J Donahue Catherine Ann orner Thomas W Druck Deborah Ann Dunn Kevin Edward Earley Edith Clare Eberhart Michaei Robert Edwards Mi chael Roland Edwards Carly Ann Ehly Theodore Anthony Eisele Shontl R Eider Kurt David Elding Samuel T El ickson Robert 0 Ellingson Sarah Ann Ellis Fred W ElWaktl Geoffrey G Andres Julianne Mary Engel Cheryl Elizabeth England David F Epstein Timothy B Erdman Eileen Erikson Cole hristopher Eslyn David K Evans Donna Marie Eveland Catherine L Ewingj Sara Ann Fat coner Kriss Ann Farrell Mary Kay Fee ney Frederic Paul Felker Lauren Diane ey Judith Anne Ficken Susan Elizabeth lscher Charles J Fitzgerald Gary Thomas Fitzgerald William T Flemming Scolt Beauman Fosdic John Arthur Fox Andrew Howard Frank Irwin Frank SueEllen Frank Ellin Anne Frye Mick Gandolph Eleanor C Gard Christopher Gargan John C Carver Glenda Lee Gates Donna Jane Gaus Kalhleen Helen Gehl Mirk Steven Genin Lynette L Ges sler Violet M Getter Gary S Gibson usan Carol Gfad Patricia Ann Goebel Richard James Goering Laurie Ann Gold ohnson Martha C Jones Randall W aia Kalhryn Lynn Kearl David M enworlhy Jill Annette Kerltula Michael tying Kienitz David Curtis Kilps Mi nael Joseph King Richard J Kingston Sandra Lynne Kinnamon Robert Ed ward Kirley James T Klubertanz Clau dia Joan Klyve Joanne Frances Koenio Joyd William Koenig Frances L Kohl Janlel Friedrich Kohler Donald Kuehl torst Thomas Charles Kowalczyk Susan Ann Cressin Kathleen Ann Krismer Michael aenson Krival Ralph A Kuntz Thomas John Kuehn Marcia Ann Kurten acker Curtis N Kussow John Carl La Bella Mary Ellzabelh LaCourt Dennis jeorge Lange Pennl Ann Langley Jef rey Wili Lansdowne Jeffry Scott Leeder Rebecca Leidner Lenore S Levey Inda Louise Lewis Steven B Linn Kath een A Lippilt Jay S Livesey Michael Scott Longfield William Paul Louther 3amela Lee Lubbers Robert Henry Lund Sandra Linn Lunde Peler J Luther 3iane Gail Lutz Pamela S Lybeck 3iane Elaine Lytton Deborah Ellen MacCallum Roderick Allan MacDonald Michael Leo Malaney Patricia Ann Manzer Linda S Marcus Jeffrey F Marlatt Bonita Jean Martin Holly L Martin William Robert McBnde Michael D McCoy Marcia Jean WcCusker Scolt Steven Mclnnls Amada jue Mclntire Thomas Robert Melcher Margot Andrea fA timer Jane Louise berg Madeline Jane Goodrich Cynthia L Gorton Mary Lynn Gower Mary Alice Grafton Scott Edwin Granger Cirol Ann Grant Patricia Grif fin John P Guimond John Martin Gules serian Richard S Gullick Rosaline Kay Guslnow John A Haley Louise A Hal Ann Halle John L Halpln Paula Joyce Hammersley Dennis Rob ert Hampton Elizabeth P Hancock Caro lyn Lee Harkin Robert R Harms Shar cen Frances Harper Laurie Sue Karris Roger Adam Harlman George Hartung Heather Jean Hastings Rebecca Lee Hau gen Jane Frances Haydtn Philip Heidolberger Joanne Lynn Hen ning Mark Stanley Herrllng Oany Beth Hibner Roger C Hlgble James Hlldebrand Melissa Jean Hinlr John Waller Hindi Hency Ellen Hochsletter Perrrnnne Jean Hodge Christopher T P Holman Cynthia L Hoops Nancy Ann Hosman Lynn Marie Houller Joe Russell Hunt Chrlsolpher B Hunt rest Richard Alan Hyman Randall Scot Jacobs Steven Bruce Jakel Ellzabelh Anne Janeck Stephen P Jarchnw Kalh Marie Jonklns Janet Jensen J Michael Jensen Brian C Jlndro Steven A Jlrtdra Chrblint Marie John ton I Jonmon terah Jane arryl Miller Michael Miller Jeffrey Scoon MiHer Joel Stuart Mmkoff Barbara J Mitchell Robert Douglas Milchell GorduL Moake Tim othy George Moeller Ashjy Carter Mof fall Linda Lee Monk Rita R Montallo Gary Allen Moore Stanley L Moore Anne C MucMer Efwin G Muehlius Mary Jane Mueller Thomas Steven Mueller Colleen M Muldowney Julie Kay Munson Steven Austin Munson Mary Anne Myers Peter D Nash Karen J Nelson Mark Alan Neuendorf Lajean Marie Nicholson Dean R Nickels Randall Francis Nolcn Kath leen A Nullon Jane Ann Oakey Mary Mark J Olafsson Mary Kay Olsen James Burton Olton Kevin Olaf Olson Mona Kay Oppriecht Jean E Orchard David Manton Oslran der David Warren Pagel Elizabeth C Palm David John Palrz Trudy Jean Pallz Joanna Catherine Paras Larry Paul Parks Richard Louis Parks Suzy Lee Pasch Thomas Allen Peck James j w Patrick Peloquln Joyce A Perry Ralph John Petersen Anthony J fl Barbara Jane Piper Richard Allen Pippin Joseph Gerard Plazewskf RIchar A Pollock Janls Ellen Postle Mary Prls cilia Polralz Suzanne C Potthast Danle T Powers James Pregler John R Prn die jr Lawrence Richard Prouly Karln Ann Purcell John R Purucker Cathleen Forres Quinn Michael Edward Randall Claudia Randy Joseph A Ranney David John Reese Kevin Killoran Reilly Karen Ann RepfMn Michael H Retelle Ann Reynolds Timm 0 Rtchardton Dale Robert Rlchgels Llnrta Carotyn RMeout Robert Matthew Rleier Jerrm W Rlley Jane Shir David Franklin Rlmmert Daniel J Roberts LaNah M Robson olf Alan Rodefeld Patrick Dlanne ioenneburo James Rohan Thomas Vic or Rohan William Harold Rooney Sally Rubin Jean Ellen Rundell Julie Elizabeth Sacks Arthur P Sanser Paul Frank Saltier Jeffrey H Saunders Anlla ean Schacht Fredericka Schilling Susan Ann Schilling Gregory H Schimming Michael H Schneider Mike J Schoen berg Debra L Schorr Thomas Allen Schultz William Alfred Schultz Jane Ann Schumann Mark Alan Schuster Marlene aye Schwartz Douglas Guy Scrivner Maria Laura Sebastla Howard F Selfert edo Auguslo Sena John L Severn iarry O Shapiro Davfd Mallher Shaw Daniel J Shea William S Shea Ira Sheldon Goerge IV Shepard Patricia Lynn Showers Robin Lea Siebecker Rebecca Ann Sie aens Wally Jo Sievers Jerry Simon Wlch H Simons Richard Alan Skillrud Andrew Warren Slagle Susan Linda Smi ey Brad James Smith Jenifer Smith Jancy Ann Smith Nicholas Ulrlch Smith usan Ann SoIIe Kalhryn Ann Sommerfield Jane Marie lei fen Elizabeth Ann Steffens Carol Sue Steinberg Mary T Stephenson David Warren Slewart Amy Ruth St Germain Douglas H Stillings Sharanne E Stilgen Michael Anthony Stone Sieve M Stormer Jeborah Anne Sloughton John S Stovey Joan Timmis Strasbaugh Mark Thomas trassburger Stephen Vance S t r o t h e r Peler L truck James Lee Roy Sutclilfe Douglas John Svetnicka Terry J Sweeney Debo rah Bea Sweet Debra Jean Sweet John Craig Switzky William J Taylor Ruth Ellen Temkin Alexander Terras Michael Joseph Terry Jerald Leslie Thomas Mar clarc Thomas Michael C Thomas Terry Elizabeth Thomas Bryan Douglas Thompson David I Thorstad Dawneen Kay Thorslad Peler Munroe Thurlow Thomas Farwell Thur low Joyce Lisbeth Tlegs Mary Andrea Timm David George Tipple Lynn Ann Tobias Keith James Topp Marilyn Jean Topp Charles Wychkoff Totto Anne Cam ille Trawick Barbara J Trobaixjh Kath leen Marie Troia Barbara Jean Tuttle James Cyril Valley Joan Elizabeth Val ley Ann M Van Gemert Kerry E Van Kfceck Kevin A Van Kleeck Lynn M Vanko Mark Everett Van Sickle Michael John Verrlll Thomas K Vincent Robert A Victor Eric R Voqefman Constance Jo Volk Mary Susan Wall Gregory Allan Walters Mary Ruth Wat erbury Themes Wegner Watson Miriam Ellen W e I n s t e i n Martha Jean Weiss Craig J Wenger Christine M Werner Jeffrey Thomas Werner Paul M Westley Kathryn Marie Weyrough JoAnn Wheeler George W White Ronald E White Janet Lynn Whitmore Christine May Gretchen Marie Wllkie David Thomas Wilkinson Scolt E Wilfe Jehri Rex Wilson Mark Mi lei Wohl ferd Monica Marie WohKerd K t h a r I n e Welnawsky Peggy Wood FlaiKl C Wool on Jane Wnr tay Judy Worth Carol Jean Wysocki Carol Ann Yench Eleanor Yeung Joseph Young Ann Zech John Cnl lira Zlmders Robert c Zimmerman Nancy Rum Zltzer B Iwettltr rohn Donald Kuehnl Gary Kuehn I ey Kuehnl Jane Lager Jean Lambert Carl ness Tommy Lang David Lanphear I Mary LaReau Brian Larson Donald Laulzenhiser Maureen Lawler Virginia Lazarz Charles Ledln Nancy Lehmann Kathleen Leist Emily Lettman William Leute James Peter Lindsay Siisan Lord Richard Lorenz Axel Lorenz sonn Douglas Lucht Gary Lukens Karol Malec Peler Maly David Marks Steven Marten James Martinelli Dixie riarly Rhonda Malney Michael Mat ranga Gerald Vickie Farlane Robert McGuIgan Christie Me Mlllan Tcrri M c N a m a r a Jeanne Menlzer Karen M 1 c k e I s o n Mildred Aickey Keilh Middlelon Marlene Mldthun old Mielke Richard Miller Sherry Milter Craig Mocn Jeffery Monson William Montgomery Dennis Mooney Theresa Dorene Morse Thomas Nancy Mueller Dorolhy Mulhern Lynn Mulhern Judy Mundon Mary Mun son Ronald Munson Bertha Neavcs Joan Neele Deborah Nelson Richard Nelson Jan Niemann Dana Norgard Thomas Noyce Donald Nyboe Henry OKane Donald Olson Sandra Olson Kathleen Olsladt Susanne Owen Barbara Pagel John Papiernlak David Parker Anita Parr Constance Paus Amy Payne Steven Peck Michael Pelletf Jef fry Peterson John Pelry David Pfeifer Elisabeth Pehlan Mary Phelan Brenda Phillips Susan Phillips Patricia Plnwar Barbara Pliner John Pogue Cheralyn Pollock Gregory Pond Vickie Powers James Preysz cole Prideaux Sandra Proctor Wayne Pruitt Georganna Quigley Barbara Raatz Stephen Rabldeau Alan Raemlsch Eugene Rafferty Ann RamT ker Vickl Reed Carol Reinke Kathleen Reis Gregory Renz Gladys Reque ard Reynolds Bernard Rhinerson Gary Richards Joellyn Rlchgels John Richmond Mary Richwalskl Deb orah Rinden Karen RInke Richard ers Richard Roosmalen Rita Rose Davm Rosenfeldt Ksthryn Ross Steven Ross Richard Rounds Marilyn Rouse Patricia Ryan Shirley Rydstrom Sarah Sanders Richard Schcer Sharon Scherbert Linda Schiller David Schllm jen Gary Schmicdlln Jeanette achmud ach Michael Schoenbeck Peter 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