Thursday, October 3, 1968

Madison Wisconsin State Journal

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of Madison Wisconsin State Journal on Thursday, October 3, 1968

Madison Wisconsin State Journal (Newspaper) - October 3, 1968, Madison, Wisconsin PAGE 6 SECTION 1 WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL THURSDAY OCTOBER 3 1968 More Arrests Expected Here Student Faces Federal Dope Charge A 21yearold Plattevitle State University student appeared in Federal Court Wednesday to lace charges in he current crackdown on illegal drug traffic in Madison Reginald Jenkins PJailcviMc rl Adams r Court on charges of the sale and deliv ery of the hallucinogenic drugs LSD and STP Adams set bail at and appointed an attorney to repre sent Jenkins in further proceed ings Jenkins was being held in the Dane County Jail The student who said he was from Milwaukee was arrested by federal agents Wednesday morning He was said to have sold the drugs on two occasions in August and September on the University of Wisconsin campus US Atty Edmund A Nix said that his office has a war rant for the arrest of another person jn the drug roundup and three others pending said that the arrests on federal charges are being made because of the involvement of federal agents in making drug buys during the crackdown on day They included two coeds lies in Madison the narcotic traffic ia the cityand four young men All of them and campus area The crackdown onthe illegal drug traffic started Monday when Madison police and feder al agents started arresting 38 users and sellers charged in warrants resulting from two months of undercover investiga tion in the campus district As of Tuesday 28 persons aged 16 to 25 had been arrested and about worth of nar cotics and drugs were confiscaU ed Six of these persons were ar raigned in county court Tues i pleaded innocent to the charges Annual Session Pay Boosts Urged in Legislative Study Another 16 Madison youths This has been a matter of the deepest concern to this adminis tration particularly the develop aged 16 and 17 were turned over j ing evidence of the penetration to juvenile authorities There were no court appear ances on Wednesday but some of the arrested are expected to appear before Judge William Buenzli today Juvenile Court Judge Ervin M Bruncr said that all youths turned over to his court will be handled during the next two weeks The Paws That Refresh Any Home By JOHN M KPEFE OI The Stilt Journal Stall The Wisconsin Legislature should meet annually instead bienniaUy and the salary of its members should be raised from to a year the Eag let on Institute of Politics recom mended Wednesday Eagleton made the sugges tions in its final report to the as a nonpartisan consultant for ers of both houses get an strengthening 1 e g i s 1 a tures throughout the country The joint committee took no action on the report except to agree to hold a public hearing on the package of 183 specific proposals including the pay in crease No date was set but the committee said it would not be until after the Nov 5 election The pay raise proposals It has been a practice of the juvenile court to have some of tie young offenders handled by juvenile probation authorities without appearing in court Madison Mayor otto Festge issued a statement Wednesday praising the work of Detectives i Stanley Davenport and James McFarland for their exem Organization and Procedure aft er making a twoyear study on improving the Legislature THE INSTITUTE is a branch of Rutgers University New higher salaries for the legisla tive leaders Eagleton recom mended that the Assembly speaker and Senate president protern receive a year Brunswich NJ and has served the majority andminority lead Paws like any other paws an undistin guished cool blackbutton nose ears that droop like those of any of his relatives but look into the eyes Then callyour roommate spouse or par ents as the case may be and tell them Heres The Wisconsin State Journal Dog of the Week Hes waiting in a pen at the Dane County Humane Society Pet Shelter at 2250 Pennsylvania Ave for somebody like us to take him home Look into his eyes Now Max Bethke 813 Woodward Dr last week look home the little beagleterrier on the firefighters hat why cant we make room for this 3weekold Then everyone vote Journal Pholo by L Roger Turner Boll Orders Investigation Peter Pan Arrests Await Hanson Report Goldberg to Head HHHsNY Campaign NEW YORK In an1 efiort to unify New Yorks Democrats Arthur J Goldberg was appoint ed Wednesday to take command of VicePresident Hubert H Humphreys New York cam paign for the presidency G o 1 d b e r g former United States ambassador to the United Nations Supreme Court justice and longtime labor union attor ney didnt replace anybody he was added to the top of Hum phreys New York organization By JAMES OSET IQI Tha llili Journal Sliin No arrests were made Wednesday after a University of Wisconsin play entitled Peter Pan banned toy Disf Atty James C Boll was performed Tuesday night on the University campus The play was performed de spite a Tuesday afternoon ruling by Boll who said the play was obscene because it included an eightminute sequence with two nude coeds BOLL SAID he ordered Ralph Hanson University police chief to investigate the matter and supply him with a report which would include the names of the two coeds The district not say when attorney would the investigation but said would be completed that as soon as he has the names he will issue warrants for the arrest of the coeds and Stuart A Gordon producer of the play Gordon is a drama stu Is Nudity Innocence Depends on Point of View By GEORGE MITCHELL Of State Journal Slilf The nude dancing girls in Stuart Gordons version of Peter Pan are an essential expression of innocence according to Gordon Dane County baloney Madison community s t a n d ardsdo not tolerate nude danc ing girls Boll said Wednesday and the two who performed Tuesday night will be charged with violating state obscenity laws Community standards arc tricky to determine Regardless Reds Win Position on Minnesota Ballot ST PAUL three judge panel ruled unanimously Wednesday that Minnesota Sec retary of State Joseph Lv Dono van must accept petitions to put American Communist Party Dist Atly James Boll has said in effect on the Minnesota ballot in No vember In an eightpage opinion the federal judges ruled that the Communist presidential and vicepresidential candidates could not be kept off the ballot under the 1954 federal Commu nist Control Act Donovan had refused to ac cept the Communist petitions early last month on the advice of state Atty General Douglas Head cited the 1954 federal anti Communist legislation outlawing the Communist Party as the states reason for denying the Communists a place on the Min nesota ballot the nude dance received warm approval at both outlawed performances Tuesday which can only be interpreted as an af firmation by the 900 viewers that the scene is artistically effective In fact in the Tuesday night staging the dance did not strike me an as expression of innoc ence It wast enjoyable as far as pretty girls draped in the color ful lights of a smoke screen go To be sure there was some thing relaxing about the dance This feeling of relaxation maj be what Gordon hoped his audi ence would view as innocence That the dance was sexually suggestive is up to debate Many persons interpret sex as the ulti mate expression of innocence Some certainly saw sexual inr plications in the fluid motions o the girls dance What has been overlooked so far is that most discussion o Peter Pan begins with Wha did you think about the play Now everybody is saying Hov was the dance ADVERTISEMENT FALSETEETH That Loosen Need INtaf Embarrass Many wearers of false teeth suffer rmbarrassment because their plfttca drop Blip or wobblo at Just the wrong time DonC live in of this happening to you Just sprinkle a little FA8TEETH the noilacid powcier on your plates Holds falsa teeth more firmly go they fee more comfortable Checks denture breath Dentures that fit are essential to health Bee your dentist regularly tiet FASTEETH at all drug counters dent from Chicago According to a Wisconsin law on obscenity the coeds and Gordon could be fined up to receive a fiveyear prison sentence or both IN THE EVENT the play is performed again ever I lave directed Chief Hanson to stop it Bill said Boll added that his office re ceived many complaints iVednesday from Madison resi dents who protested the per ormances uf the play He said that no one who attended the lay had registered any com plaints A spokesman1 for the Memori al Union Theater said that after alking to members of the cast ie understood that they would lot attempt to perform the play again TWO PERFORMANCES were conducted Tuesday night in defi ance Bolls Ming When stu dents learned lhat they could not present the play in the Play Circle of the Memorial Union they moved the production to a basement auditorium of the Commerce Building Two showings were staged but no admission was charged Students without University fee cards were politely asked to leave The audiences of both performances a total of about 1000 were asked for bail contri butions David Goldfarb president of the Wisconsin Student Assn Tuesday night issued statement which read The WSA stands behind the princi ples of academic freedom and freedom of the arts I FEEL that there is no need for censoring the Union Thea tersponsored production of Pe ter Pan Goldfarb said that WSA is ready to give legal assistance to the students in accordance with Student Senate policy It is one of the constitutional purposes of WSA to protect indi vidual liberties of the students Goldfarb said It took a halfdozen men coax her back onto the truck Show Cut Segment Comedians Ask CBS LOS ANGELES w A ipokesman f b r the Smothers Brothers says the comedians are trying to persuade CBS to reconsider showing a segment hat was censored from the show Sunday The section showed Harry nually the Joint Finance Com of our high schools by those dealing in the addicted to the use of these drugs and narcot ics Festge said While praising the work of the police and federal agmts the mayor rapped past UW adminis trations for not giving their full measure of cooperation The complexities of dealing with this problem are magnified when there is something less than full cooperation with ttiose assigned to the investigation I ask once again that the fullest cooperation be extended to the investigating authorities It would be unrealistic to think we have solved the problem Festge added He would not name the Uni plary work in exposing the illcjversity administrators that did mittee cochairmen and rankuig 6al of dru8s and narcotnot cooperate with investigators Knowles Reports Sunday minority members and assistant floor leaders and the party caucus chairmen ALL LAWMAKERS except IT rCm 1C for senators elected in 1984 now Cf f n r f j n receive a year based m the assumption the Legislature JANESVILLE UPI Gov is a parttime job The holdover w p R senators now get a year en r K n e s sald The Eagleton tliat Wisconsin has tions are separate from those of launched a comprehensive traf the State Legislative Compensai fie safety program in public tion Council which recently recj schools ommended a 500 boost to foe lawmakers elected this Nov ember The council made no recommendation on salaries for Knowles sakl a school safety coordinator will be named in ev ery school district and teacher certification requirements will He said that other efforts will of safety and amanual no power to do so The councils pay raise j recommendation is pending bejindude preparation fore Carl Wettengel director Ofjcurriculum the State Personnel Bureau emergency safety er he makes his recommenda tion it will be forwarded to the Personnel Board and the Joint procedures for use by school personnel and students Eleven of the 1G persons Cow Uses Initiative Getting to Barn Roof RIMER NC ifl A cow on a arn roof It happened the other day and it was the cows idea Steve Phillips of Siler City was loading cattle onto his hreedecker truck at a livestock arn One brave bossy jumped from he truck lo the top of the barn to Belafonote singing against a background of police action dur ing the Democratic National Convention the spokesman said The spokesman Denny Shana han said Tommy Smothers thinks the scene is one of the finest artistic things hes ever been associated with and hopes CBS will reconsider it The uncut version broadcast in C a n a d a shows Belafonte singing Dont Stop the Carni val while Chicago police load demonstrators into a van The scene was from previously cast newsfilm Shanahan said and no violence was shown S h a ii a h a fi quoted Tommy Smothers as saying CBS cut the segment for reasons of policy andgood taste Finance Committee for action i killed on Wisconsins highways Most of the other recommenjlast weekend were age 19 or dations of the Eagleton Instituteyounger he said This tragic dealt with suggestions to consol1 loss of Wisconsins young citi idate dace MENZIES RECOVERING LONDON UPI Former Australian Prime Minister Sir legislative services rezens is in my opinion dramatic j Robert Menzies continues to Police Service Awards Presented In his four years with the Denver Police Department Patrolman Donald Rask has faced loaded guns and flash ing knives Hes hauled in burglars and helped solve murders Hes cracked a car theft gang and kept his cool in tense racial situations And lies been ex tolled for such virtue as gentleness in helping an ill citizen Parade and the Internation al Assn of Chiefs of Police give the Police Service Award to Rask and honorable men tion to 10 other officers in SUNDAYS Wisconsin AState Joartal the number of standing evidence of the need to instill legislative committees and imtraffic safety consciousness in in the twoiour elementary school chil prove procedures houses dren make good cuperation fered Sept the London Clinic said Monday progress in his re Irom a Stroke suf 5 a spokesman for Mrs Tarr Heads NixonAgnew Unit APPLETON UPI Mrs Elizabeth Myers Tarr wife of Lawrence University president Curtis Tarr has been named 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