Monday, March 25, 1968

Madison Wisconsin State Journal

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Page: 26

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Text Content of Page 26 of Madison Wisconsin State Journal on Monday, March 25, 1968

Madison Wisconsin State Journal (Newspaper) - March 25, 1968, Madison, Wisconsin FACE 6 SECTION 2 WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL MONDAY MARCH 25 1968 FACSIMILE BALLOT NOTICE OF PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE JUDICIAL COUNTY SUPERVISOR AND REFERENDA ELECTIONSAPRIL 2 1968 proper manner for marking a ballot but he shall not m manner advise cr indicate for whom to vote OFFICIAL BALLOT PREFERENCE VOTE Republican Party MARK THIS BALLOT IN ONE SPACE ONLY You have one ot 3 choices you may either one of persons whose are printed on tlus billot in that cue a CTOSS or fc the space after that person j or Vole all of tha names printed on this ballot thus in fact ex pressing your preference for an uniostructed delegation from Wisconsin to tie nahocal convention of the Republican parry in that case male a or ether Jimihr mark in the space following None of the names laown y or lo the presidential cM i Writfl nlnw into tbe HAROLD E RONALD W To rt of the County Clerk lo the Eiccton of Dane County Notice it hereby given of a Presidential Prefer ence Judicial County Supervisor and Referenda elec tion to be held in the several precincts in the County of Dane on the 2nd day of April 1968 ar which the of fi xers named below shall be chosen The names of the candidates for each office to be voted for whose nom inations have been certified to or filed in this office are given under the title of the office and under the jappropriate party or other designation each in its proper together with the question submitted to a vote I in the sample ballot below INFORMATION TO ELECTORS Upon entering the polling place an elector shall grve his name and address before receiving the ballot from the ballot clerk The initials of 2 ballot clerks must appear on the ballot Upon receiving the ballot the elector shall retire alone to a voting booth ond mark his ballot A ballot clerk may inform the elector of the shall a presidential preference vote the make or other maTfn thel the candidate name fo whom heTnreni to o T M or Tnak in the space at the of None of 1he names shown or shall write in the name of his choice for a candidate th shall t vote or 1 candidate he for e intend ame hi marked to eveal RICHARD XI MXOV of tie namesshown Uritein Candidate 1 I OFFICIAL BALLOT For Judicial Election MA A C icia balot is it shall b fofded so the msde marks do not show but so the print ed ndorsements and ba OFFICIAL BALLOT PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE VOTE Democratic Party MARK THIS BALLOT IN ONE SPACE ONLY You hive ore of 3 choices you may either Express your preference lor one of the whose namei are printed on this ballot in that case mate a cross or other similar mark in the space after that persons or Vote against all of the names printed on this ballot thus In fact ex pressing your preference for an uninstructed delegation from Wisconsin to the national couvenbon of the Democratic party in that case maie a cross or other similar mark in the space following None of the names or Write in the name of another person to become the presidential can didate of the Democratic party in that case write his name into the space following Writein Mark with a cross X in the square at the right ofthe name of the candidate Yor whom you desire to vole if it be there or write any name that you wish lo vote for in the proper place JUDICIAL OFFICERS for Jusrict of Court LEO B HANLEV A Xonpartisan Judiciary Vol for D For Circuit Ninth Judiciol Circuit Branch 1 Vol for On BICHARD W BARDWELL ANonpartisan Judiciary sow ut so th ed ndorsements and ballot clerks initials o th oe do show After folding the ballot the elector shall leave OFFICIAL REFERENDUM BALLOT the booth give his name to the inspector in eharje of the ballot box hand him the ballot to be placed in the ballot box and leave the polling place promptly An elector may be assisted by 2 election officials of different political parties in marking the ballot if he declares to the presiding official that he is unable to read or that due to physical disability he is unable to mark his ballot If an elector declares that his is visually handicapped he may have anyone assist him in marking his ballot or operating a voting machine Tho presiding official may administer an oath as to a persons dis ability The following are facsimiles of the official ballots OFFICIAL BALLOT County Supervisor Mark with a cross X in the at the ijht of the name of the candidate for who you desire to vote or write any name thafyou wish to vote for in the irper COUNTY SUPERVISOR 1 tor Supreme Court Justices and Circurl Judzes it oi nao ii for Circuit Judg NinlK Judicial Circuit Branch 2 iVOHMAN C ANDERSON A Xonpartisan Judiciary W L JACKMAN A JSonpartisan Judiciary for D For County Judcjt Branch 2 WILLIAM L BUENZLt A Nonpartisan Judiciary for One LYNDON B JOHNSON EUGENE j MCCARTHY None the names shown Writein Candidate rn D n VOTK FOR OVK BBLCE K PATRICK LaGlUNDEUK D a The above ballot is for the 1st Supervisory District whch is comprised of the 1st Ward and the I9fh Ward 2nd Pet The remaining districts ond the candidates are as follows Vonber YES D DISTRICT COMPRISED OF 2 2nd Pet 3 3rd Ward Is 2nd Pets 15th Pet 4 4th Pet 5 5th Pet 6 6th Pet For County Judgt Stanch 6 DOUGLAS NELSON A Nonparlisan Judiciary Vol for D MICHAEL B TORPHY JR A Nrjpparlisan Judiciary 8 j9 io D NOTICE OF REFERENDUM ELECTION April 2 1968 STATE OF WISCONSIN COUNTY OF DANE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at an election to be held In the several towns wards villages and election districts of the County of Dane on the first Tuesday of Aprii AD 1968 being the second day of said month the following proposed amendments to the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin hav ing been approved by two successive legislatures will be sub mitted to a vote of the people pursuant to law Jt Res Nos 13S and 96S Deposited April 26 and December 26 1967 Nos 22 and 56 1967 A JOINT RESOLUTION To amend article VII section 24 of the constitution relating to the retirement and eligibility for office and service after re tirement of supreme court justices and circuit judges general session of the legislature in the year an amendment to the constitution was proposed by 1965 senate joint resolution 36 and agreed to by a majority of the amendment Article VII Section 24 No person seventy years of age or over may take office as a supreme court justice or circuit udge No person may take or hold such office unless he is licensed to practice law in this state and has been so licensed for five years immediately prior to his election or appointment No supreme court justice or circuit judge may serve beyond the July 31 following ibe date on which he attains the aee of sevemy A person who has served eight or more years porarily on appointment by the chief jnstUc m coart or by any associate jnstice designated by luc sumeras court as a judge of a circait court under such general Jaws as the legislature may and WHEREAS at the general session of lhe legislature in the this amendment received second consideration ap proval as 1567 senate joint resolution 3 now therefore be it Resolved by the senate the assembly concurring That the adoption ard concurrence in the present joint resolution supersede the adoption and concurrence in 1967 senate joint ff fsvTrif Tt W Trt J 25 of to permit any person who a Justice of the Supreme Court Court to serve temporarily on as a Judge of ie legislature s eight or more of he by the Chief Court under the general laws retirement age o b ory rerement age to be ebgible to serve temporarily on appointment by the Chief Justice as a circuit Court Judge If this amendment adopt prior to compulsory retke would question of lhe ratification of the fore on gouig amendment be stated on the ballot as follows 12 Tilt the 1 1 3 14 115 16 7 1 8 the be amend ed to permit additional purposes when deemed necessary bv he Saure 20 sources other than a tax on property iegSJamre from 20 21 EXPLANATION EXPLANATION Effect of ralificatioD I Supreme Court Justices and Cir cuit Judges now must retire at the end of the month of atlain mg retirement age A yes vote on this amendment would pS vide a uniform retirement date of July 31st following attain 1 3D i would allow the SUch and s and r an for calling an April election to choose a suc eflCCtmg the to a new judge during II Supreme Court Justices and Circuit Judges now nuM erve until compulsory retirement age to be eligible to sTrve urtdf ceas a cu Court Judge If this amendment is adopted a justice or judge leaving office prior to compulsory retirement age would be eligi We for such temporary appointment if he has served eight vears reducing the need of creating additional courts Res No 18S May m No 251967 A JOINT RESOLUTION VIII section 10 of the constitution relating JeVelOping WHEREAS at the regular session of the year 1965 an amendment to the constitution Senate Joint Resolution 23 and agreed to reads as follows of ratification Sec 10 Art VIII of lhe Wisconsin prohibits the state from incurring debts for or m works of internal improvement Ex general prohibition are made for certain works ivs airports veterans housing and port facili section also contains a specific authorization for the of acauirine pre h UM servn o servrng and development the forests of the state as long fte amount appropriated in any one year does not exceed tenths of one mill of the taxable property in the state If proved by a majority votes castPthisP amendment tuld 24 25 26 Deposited November 17 No 481967 A JOINT RESOLUTION general session of the legislature in the an amendment to the constitution was proposed by I Resolution 5 and each of the majority of amend IV Section II The legislature shall meet at the seat of government at such time as shall be provided by law e unless convened by the governor in special session and when y so convened no business shall be transacted 27 28 29 iao 32 33 34 35 36 any debt for works of i improvement whenever be it contract be a party in or other n o n or or property shall nave been made to the state especially dedicated bj the grant to partcular works of internal improvement tne and be it further That 37 i jjj resolution 13 by this legislature and be it further Resolved That the foregoing amendment be submitted to a vote of the people at the election to be held on the first Tuesm day of approve sJtution of this state and be if further sha1 hereto the avails of such grants and may pledge o7 app op nate the revenues derived from such works in aid of their rtion Provided that the state may appropriate money uc uie eiecuon to oe held on the first Tues trcasur to be thereafter raised by taxation for the f Apni 1368 and if a majority of the voters voting thereon or improvement of public highways or the develop ve this amendment it shall become a part of the ccnm and construction of airports or other aero n of this state and be it further projects or the acquisition improvement or construe of lhc appropriated under the authcritv t iection in any one year an taxable I Shall Section 24 of Article VII of the uc amended to provide a uniform annual retirement date for Su preme Court Justices and Circuit Judges of July 3st following at tainment of retirement age instead of the month of attaining cerement age Court Justices and j me asscm juages now must retire at the end of the month of attainingforegoing amrndment to the constitut reiirement age A yes wte rn this amendment would projlegislature and be it further not to exceed Uvo of the state as de i foregoing amendment be submitted to a the to be held on the first Tuesday of April 1968 and if a majority of he voters voting thereon sha a part ccnslituJ 38 nfr tion of trie stale and be it further ljrj Resolved Tnat the question of the ratification of the forei going amendment be stated on the ballot as follows 41 soction of constiiution be amend ed un e amen ed to permt the legslature to meet in regular session often1 er than once in two J42 years siate assessment may be n special session for special 0 prOPCrty Xow 5ets this quIsio EXPLANATION ralificatioa At present the Wisconsin Constitution iure shall meet at such lime as shall be years unless convened by the gov f a majority of Once senate the assembly concurring That the nt to the constitution is agreed to by this the n woyd l an oncc in vcars to meet in regular scsion 43 44 7fh Pet 16th Pet 8th Pet 9th Pet 10th llrh Pet 13th Pet 12th Pet 13th Pet 14th 2nd Pets 15rh Pet 22nd jr per 16th Pcf 17th Ward 18th Ward 19th Pet 20th Ward 21st Istfr 2nd Pets 22nd Pet Ilfh 1 Oth Per 5th Pet 9th Pcf 8th Pet 4th Pet 6th Pet 2nd Pet 12th Pet 7th Pet Vil of Maple Bluff Vil of Shorewood Hills Vil of 1st and 2nd Pets Vil of 3rd and 4th Pets Tns of Blooming Crovc Cottage Grove Sun Prairie and Vil of Cottage Grove City of Sun Prairie Tns of Bristol Windsor and York and Vil of DeForest Tns of Christiana teerfield Medina and Vils of Cambridge Dcerfield Marshall Rockdale Tns of Albion Dunkirk Rutland and Vil of Brooklyn City of Stoughton Tns of Dunn and Pleasant Springs Vil of McParland Tns of Fitchburgand Madison Tns of Monfrose Oregon of Bellaville and Oregon Tns of Blue Mounds Perry of Blue Mounds and Mf Horeb Tns of Middleton Verona Vil of Verona City of Middleton allow time for callin an e thereby effMttng frAp summer B to h a nCv dljlr S n T thc lo te hcid CT 7VCJlav In I5ftard a majority of the voters lhc ftcreon approve this amendment it shall bccorrc a par of the constittjt7rn nf the ftatc and he it farther GIVEN under my hand and official seal at the Courthouse in the Ciiy of Madison this I2ih dav i of March 1068 Francis R He hi Dane Counly Clerk Pub WSJ Mar 25 1363 45 Tns of Burke Springfield of Waunakce Tns of Berry Biack Eirth Cross Plains Vils of Black Earth ond Crass Plains Tns of Dane Mazomantc Roxbury of Dane and Maxomanie CANDIDATES George H Harb Mello Stapleton William H Evans No candidate Richard A Lehmanrt George Solsrud Robert M Finlcy Frank C Cugel Ernest J Burmeister David J Ohnsfad James T Sykes Clarence E Nielsen Fred A Raemisch James E Pcrtxborn Victor H Cramer Harry Epstein William H Voges Victor F Gruendler Harold F Klubertanz John B Hicks Dana W Rockwell Richard J Pire Halen D Graham Thomas A Page Robert L Guerin jimes A Simmonds WilHam E Simmons Samuel B Ferguson Jr Kenneth Wm Jost Eugene J Cawley George Card Robert R Janus Lyle 0 Johnson George T Burrill Francis H Hanson Arnold 0 Wake 0 Reed Humphreys Robert J McDermofr Russell McCarthy Roy O Weisenscl Millard T Erickson Carl Sirnonson Emmetf Volenberg Oscar H Hoife Oyvind J Wikum Walter H Eggleson Carlos Martin r Irving A Quam Clifford E Sagen William F McKcc Daniel F Rinrel Clarence R Frifi Forest E Madsen Floyd Albert Harland F Dahlk Edwin T Htckrmn Roman P Ripp Joseph Dybdahl Hermann Eisner Robert J Ballwcg Merton Walter