Monday, November 7, 1960

Madison Wisconsin State Journal

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Page: 22

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Text Content of Page 22 of Madison Wisconsin State Journal on Monday, November 7, 1960

Madison Wisconsin State Journal (Newspaper) - November 7, 1960, Madison, Wisconsin s g o UJ in Instructions for Voting on the Voting Machine Move The Red Handle To The Right This closes the curtains automatically Turn Down a Voting Pointer Over the Yes or No of Each Question X 3 Turn Down a Voting Pointer the Name Hiof a Candidate lor PRESIDENT and Leave iff Down YOU MUST VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT SEPARATELY The Presidential Ballot is on the upper left hand side of the machine It is NOT affected by the Party Levers SAMPLE BALLOT General Election Madison Dane County Wis November 81960 4 Pull The STRAIGHT PARTY Lever of HOW TO VOTE A SPLIT TICKET JMW fulled tht straight party 7VRN UP the Voting Pointer YOUR PARTY I Right Ihi flyer tht winlifales name you wish This turns DOWN olf Vofinfl Poinlers in your party EXCEPT PRESIDENT j wf mW TURN MWM 9 Pointer tht name of any other CANDIDATE tmJidate SAM OFflCL VOTIR ABOUT TO ClOSE CURTAIN Moving Hw ltd IP ihe Straight Party Levers and Beginning With Down Voting Pointers Over the Names of the Candidates of Your Choice foe facA Office INCLUDING PRESIDENT and Leave Them Down o Leave Voted Pointers 6 Move the Red Handle to the Left returns your Voting Pointers Counts your votes and then opens the curtains NOTE Presidential Ballot will be Tinted Light Blue on the Voting Machines If You Change Your Turn UP a Voting Pointer end Turn DOWN Another for the Same Office At no votes arc registered until the Red Handle it moved to open the you can make at many changes as you desire while the Red Handle it at the right tide The machine is so arranged that you can turn down only the proper number of voting pointers for each office you cannot spoil your ballot by voting for too many candi dates Each candidates voting pointer it located just above the name a voting pointer must be turned down over the name of each candidate for whom you with to vote LEAVE VOTED POINTERS DOWN No orw will know how you have voted because the movement of the Red Handle returns the voting pointers to the unvoted position before the curtain begins to open Word Precinct 1 Word 6 Precinct 2 Ward 7 1 WM47 PrvdiKta Word 13 Word 15 Ward Ward 17 Word 11 Prdntt 1 Ward 11 CURTAIN CLOICO VOTER VOTING a I o u C a STRAIGHT PARTY LEVERS PUtl TO HIGHT Shall section 3 of article XI of Ihe constitution be amende J 3 3 so thai the limitation on the Indebtedness of counties having a population oF 500000 or over shall be based on the value YES NO of the taxable property In such county as equalized for state purposes rather than on the local assessed value of such COUNTY DEBT properly the method of determining equalized value for stcfe Ti AU purpoics to be provided by the legislature IIMITATION 23 4 5 PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT VOTE for ONE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN INDEPENDENT INDEPENDENT 1A KENNEDY Lyndon B JOHNSON 2A Richard M NIXON Henry Cabot LODGE 3A Tarred DOBBS Myra Tanner WEISS M Eric MASS Georgia COZZINI GOVERNOR VOTE for ONE 48 DEMOCRATIC Gaylord A NELSON oC REPUBLICAN Philip G KUEHN Shall City of Madison Issue general cibligatlon In ihe sum of not exceeding for the purpose of constructing ond improving a system of sewers and drains In the City of Madison in accordance with the initial resolution adopted by the Common Council on July 28 I960 YES SEWER BONDS 7 LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR VOTE for ONE 7B DEMOCRATIC Phlllea NASH REPUILICAN P SECRETARY OF STATE VOTE for ONE 9 STATE TREASURER VOTE for ONE BB DEMOCRATIC William H EVANS 9B DEMOCRATIC M LAMB te REPUBLICAN lobrl C ZIMMERMAN REPUBLICAN DnuA SMITR 10 ATTORNEY GENERAL VOTE for ONE 10B DEMOCRATIC John W REYNOLDS IOC REPUBLICAN THOMPSON 11 SeprescnlativB in Congress 2nd District VOTE for ONE MB DEMOCRATIC Robert W KASTENMEIER nc REPUBLICAN Donald E TEWES 12 STATE SENATOR 26fh District VOTE for ONE 12B DEMOCRATIC Horace W WILKIE 12C REPUBLICAN John B THRELFALL 9 Shall the Clly of Madison issue general obligation bonds In the sum of not exceeding for the purpose of providing street Improvements on various streets in the City ann OOO of Madison in accordance with the initial reso ution adopted by the Common Council on September 8 1960 STREET IMPROVEMENT BONDS 13 Member if Assembly IstDiitrict VOTE for ONE 13B DEMOCRATIC Norman C ANDERSON 13C REPUBUCAN 14 COUNTY CLERK VOTE for ONE 14ft DEMOCRATIC Otto FESTGE nc REPUBLICAN 15 COUNTY TREASURER VOTE for ONE 15B DEMOCRATIC Waiter N SMITHBACK 15C REPUBLICAN Robert C SHERIFF VOTE for ONE loB DEMOCRATIC Franz G HAAS 16C REPUBLICAN Benjamin I BENSON 17 CORONER VOTE for ONE CLERK OF CIRCUIT COURT VOTE for ONE 17B DEMOCRATIC Michat MALLOY 17C REPUBLICAN William A BORNFELD IBB DEMOCRATIC Jean E JOHNSON 18C REPUBIICXN Agnti A 19 DISTRICT ATTORNEY VOTE for ONE 19B DEMOCRATIC William D BYRNE 19C REPUBLICAN RADUE 20 REGISTER OF DEEDS VOTE for ONE 20B DEMOCRATIC Harold K MILL aoc REPUBLICAN MOHS 21 COUNTY SURVEYOR VOTE for ONE JIB DEMOCRATIC AfexW ELY 21C REPUBLICAN o b