Monday, November 20, 1854

Madison Daily Patriot

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Madison Daily Patriot on Monday, November 20, 1854

Daily Patriot, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1854, Madison, Wisconsin clotk, v, 0-ie C'l T-BMS, (vjnjwiiiv V. six ...10.00 yejlf, r v'' inimeiUately receive their _ United Supreme Courl I j 11 IlKALKIW IN AliL-------- Hardware ealli'the k IVi-TS iv.hou in our city. .of the bt'st. nn Also and, in alltlw .HuTtitlicrwv :n lu vruitoeliin; frunkirit, in siiti ci.uvity, deed tied at ilairtfcanil1 demands exhibited in: ons eicht mcntlis.-'Vj'ntllietenthvdav allowed by Court th'it WB< to'the Our- thedwcllina house: of v' wn, on the GALVLN B UN oniin'iBsiuiicrs. A Sock County l-K hereby 'pu flE o? the town of. Ueloit, i n .the County N- for t ic benefit ol tuc S t felVont V r ,S U, .thi vllL UcUu, -n the BITTSHB 'ontalnins nei her A -stale, ...Ulcmcl, A NDONE aXR Ofe TUB I'EST, Ai And Saiest tterae.lic- yet a, ivutSM. VAYSK, .MADISON WISCONSIN.; on-his .-efcronoeH crmnfry, he is permitted to iii KTKK V. DA SAMLiir, WlMch we will Revortcr-BKX J AM I N l TIovsc Straw other r Vl'M'X iu V A Utter it' is f tue best of W Att'ys. for .Petitioner, TIOl'KTNS, L.c; BllAt'Kll. A. KtllD. I'risun A. M_UUOLS, "V racnk We mean to make ours the i ATtioultural Tool Store of the State-, Manufacturers of, all. kinds of. W i re .Sarccncry. Ovflorsj respectfully (iswirt-" WliE an-tesigned will at public motion n inent a'm'oii" which 'may be "found Men o children's shoes ,l._li.V O. 0 51. -I'tmiUhS. A's't> HEALKRS.Iff S. .UOl'Cti i.l1 IdAAo'l'. H iivovefttfeil.the above dition of two'skillf'fl and esperibt UltlVPlI .1 I nf .Solicitors Block, first door South c c'cmrjicn. C C. CIWRCM, 11 fast reseiveil and for "_________: ____ BAKEft CO., OMfitta AN U WIULBSALB-BEAtKHB- IS iiies, Cigars, Urotificrs of a -u-wrior ;irticle of f, _ AND ST E .vcuiH.. r T ,1 15 tons aBBOrtwl A.uev.cvn l 1') T..II assovtoa Roun-l an-1 Squire Iron. 1; Swedes' Imn. Horse Shoe Iran. Whlh ciorners will do wcllto be- Cider Vinegar! "C for an extensive hotel l-asi- j ,M3 AS TO j a large quan (i of ,KNTFFIN. RAGS, .wa vcrTpftiirU'nKmtlia credit, with VJ perw bale to vV t- ('I f fi 4 T> r i.n V -1 n I'Yiict P'ltfIV 01 t 111-11 Irs vi i o n 1 W Tn Pr uoua.y Stov p ANN Conrr 'iB-i B ANGSOFT, 'Lincoln Stre all the VfllSKEV'i, for DOLLARS' in: .all _ ITCU thcv an- int" P SSl PUU-s, if'tKte-l'-wifi'.' the A ,abe article, which is-m. b'nrtuiess, they are unn they in ilce it Yo'r (the interest ol .dcalera. i.yw.liere tO'pkti'onize thorn.1 j 'FWT.ST douMe-l >T, nutter Wanted I TIE November of Dry Gonds 20 Lemnardscillo m mufo "wRiGtrrs. French Kx- 25 cents per Ci UEAEKB IN "ahivinif'Sbap; -r Algo, j- _ nr1- 'irkUrill .135.1. cult Doartr tlosiwty Eiv M. KlWtrUtime flul a writ of iitt-iah- ;lucnt wiis on_ out I'. Uirri-, at- the lhll.. IVISU'HISIM; f 13a.l- Vi i u Or'pr AiTiiBW order >n. FliWfoUWfc rtV Viiiiiifaiii, vwit at tue t, .pU-mtilf. oiuti, Vetum .1 ,A 1851 .an.thei second (lf pViintiit iwrVfto aatisly the ptiintur Tanners Neat at u'ld, Alcohol, WRIGHT'S. nl GALLERY rtt f iWuldEA. i iiivw Pens of. .yarict O- at-'''" Fa ,lUlren Ushuicnt. t gtock and:

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