Friday, November 17, 1854

Madison Daily Patriot

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Madison Daily Patriot on Friday, November 17, 1854

Daily Patriot, The (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Madison, Wisconsin THE DAILY PATRIOT. Be Sure You're Right-then VOLUME 1. MADISON, WISCONSIN, NOVEMBER, 17, 1854. NUMBER 15. JOHNSON. j Attorneys at Law and Solicitors in Office in Wells' Block, first door South West of the Capital House, Madison; Wis. H. W. REMINGTON, vlnlO J. W. JOHNSON, TERMS Six SINGLE Regular Advertisements to be handed in as ear- ly as 4 o'clock p.' m., to insure insertion in next morning's issue. ADVERTISING TERMS One column, per year, 2 <Dne column, six months, One column, three months, J Half column, per year, iJ.w Quarter column, per year, Ono square per year Business card, per year, One square, insertion, 535- Village subscribers will confer a iavor by immediately giving notice at this office, of a fail- are to receive their papers regularly. The Pub- listers appreciate punctuality in business, an 1 they are determined to observe that' virtue, both in their news and job departments. _ OFFICIAL JIRBGIOR_Y United States Government. Presiaent-FRANKLIN I'lEKCK Vice Jl. ATOIIISON. THOMAS DOGGETT, AVholcsalc ami Retail Grocers, EAST KING STKBET, MAPIBO.N, Wis. JOHN H. McAVOY. Attorney and Councellor at Law, and Solicetor in Chancery. Office in Wells' lilouk, Madison, Wisconsin. Dealer in Drugs, Medicines Chemicals, Groceries, ._ S." H." TITUS, ArcMtect, Civil Engineer, and .Gardener. Attends to all kinds of Designing, Drawing Plans, and Specifications, and superintending the erection of buildings, Engineering, Surveying lay- ing out Cemeteries, Public and Private Grounds, Also executes Maps and Drawings e every description. His experience in all the above branches, m York, Cincitmatti arid other places, warrants him in guaranteeing entire satisfaction, to all who may favor him with their patronage. MAY BE POUKB AT THK OI'IMCK OF L. J. MAWISON WJSCOSSIN. Amon'j; his numerous references in variou of the (.'o'uutry, lie is permitted to nametJ'e follow- ing in Madison Administrator's Sale. THE undersigned will sell at public auction at Sauk City, Sauk on tke TENTH DAY OF OCTOBBll NEXT, the person- al property of CHARLES WYCKOET, deceased, consisting of Bedding, .Linen, la- bles, Stands, Carpeting, Crockery and Glassware' of all Idads.. Wooden ware, Hard- ware, Stoves, Liquors and Wines of every kind, Syrups, Cordials, Groceries, ;Double and Single Plated Harness, one two-seated Covered Carriage and one .three-seated Covered Dou- ble and other articles of personal prop- erty too numerous to mention. The above ed Household Furniture, Carriages, are new and of the best style and quality. The Wines are the very best that could be found in the city of New, York. The undersigned will also sell one span of Hor- ses, also a Lease of the United States Hotel, in Sauk City aforesaid. Said Hotel is- also for sale, and is well situated for an extensive hotel busi- UtTERMS OF SALE AS TO WIT All sums of or under, Cash. On all sums over three months credit, 12 percent interest and approved security. Sale to com- mence at 9, A. M. GEORGE ANDERSON, Administrator of 'CiiAEUis WYCKOFF, deceased. Dated Sank City, Sept. 22, 1854. Chancery BJIHO County Circuit .Cbunccry for the Neeiy administrator, of the 'Estate- of 'Nicholas Smith, deceased, vs.-Jului Cpursul Ott, J'ohtii James .Ott, Matthiaa Martin, Freiiii MastinJ Jacob Mary SchH.Kter, J. Gull, Henry Jacob' :Malilur, 'Curlui Wetijt, George Ott, Cunrad ZNYicUy, AVillluni Votish, John S. Clark aiiil Ezni 'Jj. 'Viiniejr.' BY, vil'tue and decretal order ..of sale tiiaile iti the ubov.e entitled cause .on .t-lie .12tli day of O'ctubur, A. D. ISM, I sluvll on 'the'. 2iT day December n the ftont dooi-oflhe Speaker of the United States Supreme Court. .Justicts-UOGKll U. TANEY. Associate McLEAJS. JAMES JOHN PBTKBV. DANIEL, HAMUKL KKLSON., UOUliRT C. URIliU, 1JEN.TAMIN 11. CU11TIS3. C. MOW Aim. Wisconsin State Oilicers. A. BAKSTiW. Lieut. T. LMUb. SeavfiUry of T. H. Attorney, B. SMITH. Siitteriritentcnt Public A. WRIGHT Sk Comptroller-WILLIAM M. DENNIS., S.tatc Prison STAUKS. the Supreme Court. Chief V. WIUTON. P. SMITH, SAMUKL C.UAWFOHD. CO., .1.llini-lARKJONi: CO., I'VI'IJN WILLIAMSON it Blj'LlUICK, SIMEON MILLS, Kaq., E. F. HOfKTMS, L. 0. iiaxt, at oneiocootn e o Court House, in Madison, in saUl county of Dane, sell at Public 'Vemliie to Mn highest bidder, the following rooi-fc. property, tivwit.t CbmiiionuiiJiiat the east -corner nok 'Number fifty-seven, in the village of Watlison, at! from thence. along the street one chain HURRAH FOR OUR SIDE THE PUBLIC are hereby notified that tbe undersigned JL have, opened au EATING SALOON On King St., Below Wright's Drug: Oysters and Sardines Of the bust quality may at all times be found, nsxly and willing to be eaten, either rousted, stewed raw. Alsa, GROCERIES Of hi! kinds, the beat quality, and Cheap as the Cheapest in Market, beijinning. Also, Lot Six. Block iil'ty-ilve, in the village of MttdiuiHi. Also, Lot Numbered Eleven-, :in JJluck uumhtr tifty-three, in the village of Madison, all situated.. in the villaee of iiiadisori; 'in the eountv of i'lane anil State of isori; SIIKRIFK'S OKKICE, Oct. 21, 1854. VILAS Upvs VISXEV, Solicitors. A general of Provisions fox- family j collection. ALSO, VH.QJRSJCE lioucrht anil Sold. A sjrctabks of all kinds Friends, those who want anything in our line, give, us cull, and 3-011 shall uyt. jro awav (lissausiiod. lij Madison, Oct. 2S, 1851. vln'20 S. MAIN. Slitriir, Bane County. A. A, BIRD. immeiiBO wsswt- 'inent, among which may he found Men's boots and shoes, Congress gaiters, bootees, embroi- dered slippers, pumps, Ladtfipfveneh guitere, and half garters, I'reneh kid slip, buskins, Misses gaiters and buskins of all kinds, children's shoes and boy's boots and shoes, by vlni DONALDSON TREDWAi O D as Bishop Lawns, India Linens, Book Muslins, Spot- ted Swiss, Barred Mulls, Caxibrics, Linen, Lawn, Linen Cambrics, Dimity for sale clicap, by _ Dozen just received 'and for sale by TIBBITS GORDON. Circuit Judges. 1. JAMES B. DO0LITTLE. SIL CHARLES H. LAllKABEli. IV. TIMOTHY 0, HOWE. V M M. COT HERN. VI W Y RAM K NOW LTON. BERRIES I list received and for sale cheap, a largo quan tity of Cranbcries at tlio store of JACOB KSIFFIN. Guardians' Sale County Probate. In the matter of the. Guardianship ANN T.ISJSOTOS, a minor.. is hereby given that by virtue of .an j order of license inade in siiicl matter, on the 3d day of July, A. D. 1854, -the uridersigned guardian of said minor will, on the 6th dayof November next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the front door of the Court House, in the village of Madison, in said county of Dane, olfer for sale at Public Veiiduc, the following de- scribed to-wit: commencing at the 1-4 post between sections nine and ten in Town No. north of Range .No. ten east, thence south on the east line of said section nine forty chains to the south-west corner of said sections thence east on'the south line of said soition one chain, thence north parallel! with first line, seventeen chains and sixty-four links, thence north iifty- eight degrees east' nine chains to a point seven chains from the west, and seventeen chains and seventy-five links from the north line of the south west quarter of said, section nine, MJience north seven degrees cast seventeen chains and ninety links to the north line of quarter-section, thence west on said line ten chains and twenty- six links to the place of beginning, and contain- ing'about twenty acres of land. TERMS down at time of sale. n18wo HBNliY M, Dated Oct. 10, 1851. Guardian. By Order of MATTHEW H. CAHPEKTEB, Court Commissioner for Hock County, iTOTICE is hereby published of an order ,re- 1 quiring, all. the, creditors, of 'WILLIAM of. the town of .Beluit, in the county of .Ruck, in the State of Wisconsin, an insolvent debtor, petitioning for the benefit of the Act for the relief of insolvent-debtors, to show cause, if any they have, before the said Court Commission- er, at hisoflice in the village of Beloit, in the county pi lloek, aforesaid, on the ninth day of, atone o'clock in the iLt'ternoon.of that day, why the prayer of the petitioner should not be granted. Dated this, 28th day of Sep- tember, A. D. 1854. nlBwO ROCKWELL PASCO, Att'ys far.Petitioner, Beloit, co., Wis. MADISON BASK, Wo. 5, Jfruen's Block, Madison, Wis S. A. LOWE, i'reiidtnt. L. A. SI1ATTUCK, Cashier. SHAWLS. BBOCI1A, Long.and Square Shawls, froin to Kay State styles. Super White (.'rape and embroidered. Cashmere and il. De Laim: Shawls, new and nice A DONALDSON TIUSADWAT'B. C" pieces Carpeting, choice selections of .HiKgiiu' best Tln-ee-l'ly, Superfine, Ingrain. Also, Xapestrr, Velvet, Brussels, Cotton and Hemp, it DONALDSON it TUKADWAY'B. K EARTH KLGS, India Matting, Hope Carpet, Cotton and Wool Drugget, all widths from 2-4 to 10-4 wide, at vln20 DONALDSON TKKAUWAV'S. ITtLOOU OIL years old, hard an oak board, a splendid assortment of patterns colors from '2-1 to S-l at vln30 DONALDSON TKKADWAY'B. G- 1854, 10, B-UtRELS BAGS Wanted, by DONALDSON TREADWAY. largo lotlbr sale H. H. HATES, No. 2, BKOKN'S S. Senators. HENRY DODGE, of Iowa county. ISAAC P. 'WALKER, of Milwaukee. U.. S. Representatives. 1 DANIEL WELLS., Jr., of Milwaukee. Il' BEN C. EASTMAN, of Plattevillc. III. JOHN B. MACY, of Fond du Lac. State Agricultural Society. Presulenfc-ELISHA W. EDGERTON. 13 Cheap, at vlni __________ BARRELS OHIO WHISKEY., for Medical purposes, just received, and for sale by DONALDSON _ EN THOUSAND DOLLARS in Cash for Goods, at low prices, by ,t. TT-i.E 's WARP ALPACCAS, all colors and qua! itios, from 25 cts. to per yard, for sale by vlul' _ SUB TWIST double barreled SHOT GDNS TE, the subscribers, being appointed by the T Hon., the County Court for the Comity of Dane, Commissioners to receive, examine and ad- just all claims and demands of all persons against the estate of Josiah H.-Lyon, late of the town at Dunkirk, in said county, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, and eight months Irom the tenth day of August last being allowed by said Court for that purpose We do therefore hereby give notice that we wg attend to the business of our said appointment a the dwelling house of Albert Warner, in said town, on the last Monday of January, and th nilk the time. Any person giving information or returning cow will be suitably compensated. JAMJss Madison, Oct. B EST COACH, Furniture, Japan and Demur Varnishes, at WRIQHT'a. T 11.13 groiitest variety of 1'ancy' ever in this inur ket, now opening lit CHOICE French Extracts froin 25 cents per bottle upwards, .lit- WRIGHT S. I-AHI'V GALLONS pure Linseed Oil, by barrel or gallon at WUIGIU'b. I >OOTS and large lot for cheap, at II. II. IIAX.IM5, 1> No. 2, Bruen'a Block, Tliompson'a pure Lead, and Rve Tuns of Snow White Zinc Paint, for sule at WRIGHTS'. BAIUXBLS best WhiaeOil, by barrel BOOTS ANJ) An immenBe assortment, uaaag which may be found Slen'i boots and ihoef, CongreM Baiters. slijipem, pumps, ladiet' French Biters, half gaiters, French khl ullpi, buikini' nluet' MADISON DAGUERREOTYPE GALLERY! HAVING located permanently tn the truly benutlful town of Mudlson, wliere Nature bai left uothlof un- done that could add to the beautlei of lamucape feencrjr> and where a just appreciation of the of art, as well as of science, seems to bo thoroughly implanted, and (trowing up in the midst of the people, especially, -.--_: ____ ..najuuia t.hat. nrnereu. alia MCCtlLTY'S Window Glass, all best kiln-dried Sash, aff sizes. Putty, Whiting and Glwlnfi Tacks on haad, lit ISinnerfl'-Oil, Neat Foot's: :OB, Machine Oil. at WRIGHT'S. J. Cumph'tne. Fluid, Alchol, EST g.yrups, Tobacco, Cigars, I'lavoviQg mu I'alnt, Vaudike Brown, Chinese and Vermillions, Umber, burnt and -Baw, Indiau tlltra Marine and' Prussian j s Furniture, Japan VwieT i T YoM Barry's Xricophcrous' Ptialonjs i JL Invigorator, and all other preyaratiotu LOOKING GLASSES, at the Regulator, b 1 LOOKING GLASSIJS, at til lUOv niurcioru wimiu miy to the town, and the jmMlc generally, that our room. BHUEi'3 BLOCK, I'h story, on the same floor with the Mineum, (now Kited up'in wperb style, with numcrou. provements, where an hour may be very in viewing a fair representation of the natural pro and curiosities of Oie "Great Weit. In addition io a targe and very high SIDE LIGHT, for general use, we have atoo a splendid where groups of any number from ftre to fiRjr eui to Ulum W I'icturcs0 of sick or deceased periM taken with KNtt care. Also, views of tondscapes and public or buildings made to order. foU choicest Instrument, that the world aftjrds, duties to corresponds, together wlin a uotow_ experience, we are determined that no eitort shaU L Ini to our' gnUery-one of the Ftart, In tbe hope to a liberal share of :Atthis Gallerymayalso be found Daguerreotype chemica. Instruments, and apparatus of all kind, belonj- fing to the trade, and operators wtahln. to ar. Hclted to call and examine for themselves. H1TB OOODS-8uch as Bishop Lawns, Indto Book Muslins, Spotted Swiss, Barred W J

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