Thursday, February 5, 1852

Daily Argus

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Argus on Thursday, February 5, 1852

Daily Argus (Newspaper) - February 5, 1852, Madison, Wisconsin DAILY ARGUS. "BK sura YOU'KJS GO-AHEAD." BY CARPENTER TENNEY. MADISON, WIS. FEBRUARY 5, XUMBEH25. MISCELLANEOUS. Single During Session, (Tingle subscriber.... Square, one inser- 50 One Sqnnro during A very libvrnl (iiseount from the abovo terms, to yearly advertisers. Advertisements should bo handed in ti curly aa 9 o'clock A. M. States Simtani. THOMAS IK OOUNSKLLOIf and attorney. Oniccat his residence on Morris Street, Madison, Wisconsin. D. J.M. Linv.l-'ort Winncbago. Wis- consin faithful attention to al buHiuertaontrustvdtohiscare. Otficeut Mr. Veederd neurthocaniil. STMVKKS CltAMIiU, Attorney) an-l Counsellors at Law and Solicitors in Chancery. La Crosso, Wisconsin. vSnTl.v c. A. n, ur.Aiir.n. S C. art; ali-n Land Af'onU, and will pay par tlcularattention to the location of Land Warrants, ice Bankers, 0AU 1, .MAH4IIALL. I, Wisconsin VIIAS.F IL1MJ M1IAVAUJCKE HOUSE, IJY SKINNER AHLTTM. Main-St. fy Washington Jlvenue. AVISCOSS1N EXCHATSTG HOUSE. WIUTBWATEU, WIS., nv 1852. W 1852. Dr. A. J. WARD, WMOLESAI.K AND RETAIL nKAI.f.R IK DRUGS MEDICINES, KING WHKKKhe isnov? receiving and opening a. new und extensive assortment of Medicines, Chcmi- ,1s. Paints. Oils. Glass Varnish, Wye-Wood and Dye- ulTs. Kan.ily Groceries. Choice Wines and Liquors, re-Works- Toys. Perfumery, Knncy Articles. Brushes, onibs. Stone, Glass and Wooden-Ware. Slacking, To- eco. Snuff and Clears. All the popular Patent Medi- ies.i.c. II is stock now comprises articu Lilly ttcpt.arasng which may be found the following, Drugs arid Medicines. Tartar, Camphor. Cas'.ile Soap, Liquor- Bal'8 Capaibn, Rhubarb, Aloes, Flowers Chamoinile. Castor Oil. Quicksilver, Roll and Rower Sulphur, Borax, Olive Oil, Red Precipitate. Ve- nice Turpentine. Kps. Salts. Covro. Subliipate. Acquu. Ammonia, Soda.Tartaric Acid. Laudanum. Pink Senna. Quinine. All the essential Oils, Gums.lMyrrh. Triga- canth Arabic. Gamboge, Sec. Corks of all descriptions, DutU Cricks, Anise Reed. Coriandtr Fenugreek, Rlass, Glue, Neats Foot and Tanner's Oil. Peruvian Bark, Cayenne Pepper, Kmery, Sand Paper. Opodeldoc, Shakei'B Bonvsett, Iloarb.ound.kc-: BROWN TTTTTLE [Late of the City Hotel.] Sts. OPPOS1TK PUBLIC SQLTARK. OI1ICACO, 43 UNITED STATES HOUSE, MONKOF-, MIKKN COl.'NTV, THE Subscribi'iM would respectfully inform tho public general, tl'iit they have taken thu nbove baililinp. whovi: they will be pleasud to KNTISK.- TAIM 'TIlAVKIjKJt'j.utKl otlierg. on ronsonnble terms. JIoprriK by their attention to tho comfort of >cueats to fjive ion, tln-y solicit share of yub- lio Mouroc, July, IS.'.l. A. T. HAUT a Co. TO LK.T, ut uU limeB. for any of the State, at low vv. s 1'Utt'H vSnlOly FRANKLIN HOUSE, T. R. TiLODfJKT. (formerly of Mansion House) hns talcen thea'oi.ven.iiii' St ind. "here lie will be huppy to ou -.sHo ly l.-wov liuu with tlivir ountom. ChM rijaioiiabli'. vJinlttf scr-Ti 'T-F .-.y 2J..AO NOS SI k h-i M UN VrilKK.T. iiUKKALO, N. Y. JtV iS, SUNS. Formerly of the lliutfoiil arid Mechanic-, Jl.illjTruy. N. V. H 11: K. H. Thi- andc -inn odious, clensai.tly Mituiited in ih' bn -ines-. p u'j "f the uity, ..iid i-, the ori ; only HulPrt In the city. ccnvt to tint tfu'1 f-fci vStiSly 1851. ia... P. .IONKS, WAKESHA WTS. OK KICK, for ,vll parts of tho cnnn 'try koptntthia (lou-e. Couches leave for Galena daily (Sundays 7 o'clock. A. M.. via Del.itleld Suiuuilt, OeoumiiBwoc. Milfonl. Altaian. Ltvke CJrove, oral Point, and 1'latluville. for the North-West leaves on Tuiiijilnys, and Sat urdayv. utter the arrival of the Train t'roui tho Knst. at 9 o'clock, A.M. .via Watertown. OaU Grove, Beaver Dnm, Vox Lake, Wanpun.nnd Kond dn L-ic. Til K Tri-Weckly for Madison leaves on Mondays Wwdnendiiyi. noil I'ridays, after tho arrival of the. Train from tho Kat-t. at 9 o'clock, A. M by way of Ottawa. I'nlmyrn. Whitewater, Fort Atkin- uml Cnmbridgo. Extriif at short no tlco. P. O. JON KS. Agent. Q0- PMnetsgerfl ami baggage taken to and from the Cttrn free of charge. n431y WISCONSIN HOUSE. BY JOSEPH HALL. Potoni, Grant County, Wis. Ko pains will be apnred to render thishonse ooraforiableand pleasant to travelers, good Stables arc attached, and careful ostler jure aj ways in attendance. MISCELLANEOUS. Hew Goods. DONALDSON TREDWAY Are now receiving their stock o FALL AND WINTER GOODS, which they would invite the attention of Jill those J. buying in, thin market, at Wliolcsale ov Ketail. Our ii'-'W stock this fall is much larger than has ever bi'lore been offered in this murkct. and are much reduced below our former low rates. Our stock cou- BU'lsof an unending assortment ot STAPLE St i-'ANCY MISCELLANEOUS. iWASHSOIV Chartered by an Act of the Lcpiitlalure of Sluteof HAVING dulyorjraimed and ctuiplicd ivith the re- quin uients of thoir charter, and adopted the approved system of .Mutual Insurance, arc now preu-ired to iccuve applications and issue of Upon dwelhuir bouses, taiein.s fire which will enable I hem always to meet IOMI-Sprompt- r, liable company to those in- Tapestry, Throe ply. Supurliae and Vine Ingrune Bru 150 Ilieh Pay Stilts Shawls, new stylos. 100 Kiel) Otishniuve, and Urocha shawls, new styles. 200 ps Ladies' JJrt'Bii Goods. SO Sheep's Grays and Satinets Krenel. Broadcloths. and CassimereR. Kmbroinered Drapery. Muslin. Linen Damask. Worsted Dama.-k, and Manilla Mats. Hearth Hugs, Window PAPJ5K HANGINGS, Piano and Table Covers. Uicb Winter Kibbons Bonnets Muffs, HATS and CATS. Sugar. Coffee, and Tea of all varieties. Mol.ipnos. Spicn, Pepper, Mustard. Ib-oe. Fisli, Kai.4n.s, Citron. Xante, Currents, Halad Oil. Chocolate. Cocoa, Soda and Butter Crackers, Rice, Staruh. Ginger. Sahe- rntus, Variegated, White, and Bar Soap, bperm and Tallow Jugs- and Pipes, Catsup. Pep- per Sauce, Mackerel, Pure Liquors for Medicinal purpopog. They were all purchased from Custom and may therefore bedi-- pouded upon pure and unadultorited. SOAPS, PI3KT-UMEUY, FANCY GOODS. ShavingCreum. Soapii, Military und Windsor. (ioulard'H Medicated perfumed sand Soup, Imperial Sba vinj; Brush- es, National l-'rench Violet. Musk Almond and Transparent Soap. Wash Ballp. Lubins. Kxtracts Jock- ey Club Patchoully, Bouquet de Caroline Mille Klems Vorbenn, Caehous AromatMiun. Cologne, Bay and Uose Water, Spanish Lily White. Kin llouge. Persian Toilet Tobacco and Snuff Boxes. Nipple Shells. Nursing Dot. tics, Breast Pumps, Teeth Kings. Bed Pans. Syringes Shoulder Braces, md Abdominal Supporters. Pessaries Catho'.ers. Powder, Hair F.radicator, Perfumi: Satchels. Court Plnster. Play- inf; Dice, Pencil Gillofs Steel Lim- nric Fish Hookn. D.-awing Pencils. Percussion Caps. In't. Red, Black, and Indelible. Combs, Pm-ses: Pockut Transparent Motto Wafers. BRUSHES. Hair, Hat. Stove, Scrub, Shoe, Paint. Marking. Varnish Sash, Artist, Round and Sable. Camels Ilnir. and Stri- ping PencU-s. Blenders, and B.idcers. White-wash. Coun- ter. Klesh. Tooth, Nail. Comli, Urooin, Clothes, lufaut. Luther, Table, Hor.-.e and lirushi-s. PAJSTS ANO DYE-STt'FPB. Red. Cam and Log Wood. Ku'l'e. Kx-Loy Wood. L.ic Dye Cud Beer. Red Madder. Al- um. Copperas. Blue Vitrol. Solutkm Tin Composition. Oil Vitrol. Aci.t, Mid all the Grain Tin Pninicu and Rotten Stone, Ann riean. Chi- nese and K.iMiu'lish Keel. Sp.uiKh I'.rown, Venitian. Ver- Paris iJrue-., White. Bl icl: Red Lead. Chrome V'l-lloiv and Green, Japan, Co.ich anrS Copnl VHi-nish. Lamp'olack. Pjitty. AVlHiiiiir. Vellow Ochre. Sp'U Turpentine. And Lin'-oud Oil. Kosin, Chalk, Terra de Sienna, Umber. Gold Leaf, nrotizt-, and u gcuural as- I'aiiitjjfor Arti.-its. Hoots Shoes A FULL ASSORTMENT OK And Provisions' Hardware and Cutlery. and Oils, j Pure Wines and Brandies. Drugs and Vic.lieines. StulTM. Tubs, Pails, Churns. Kcolrrs' Karthcn Wure, Glass Ware. Window Sash, Putty. Glass and Nails. L J FARWK.LL. -JOHN OVTL1.N. A J WARD. N W DHAN. W.M WKLCII. DAVID AT WO 01) P> K SIMKON- MILLS, N H KDDV, J: li' W.M c M KI.I.S 8nSly NEW YORK CASH STORE M1F. PHOrillKTOUSaj.'o niticunt stock of in n ciipt of a i AND WINTER Ooods, from New York and Roston, and are now pro- piin-d to to their fri-ndc and tin- public thiy liavi: n stock of on hand that will as- tonish tl.e for ehe.-ipncrp. beiiuty of itjle." '1'hi'y mean ly Miy. and havinj; jmr- their stock with cash, of importers are prepired not only to furnish every article in their line of busi- ness at competition, but at the time tho very best Roods in tliu inaikct, A 1 way n happy to nee til cm. but more particiilnrly sit this time, conliduut they "w ill had onr "roods piv-M not eqnalcii by any oilier establishment in Mailipc.ii. or rlM'vhi'ro in the Our coMjirises the and choicest variety ever branuUv. to this place u-t any one tiim-, in pin t as follows: Cloths of every beaver l-'elt, Labrador, Coaf Poter Sham. Ki eneh. and Aniwican Ijrnsulolothti. lilack Cassimeres. Fancy do, Froneh Ooe sKin. American do. Satinets, bheeps Oray. tvillod and Jeans, all Wool aed ('ottnn arp 'i'A, oedn, KlnniiolM. White. ami ellcw. IVoolrn VcUel und Cishmere Vi-fclinfjs. Silk and Velvet do SILK AM) VKLVETS, TO fflir, new house .iustbuiltnn tl-.o corner or AVilli-an- Ji s-o'i uml Htivuth. g'nvn lin. :nc liate1 v Sept tf. K D tf.SLKY. Co article iur Sun Bo RiJUOLEK'. A A PUT up in wood and Warranted not to cut i the I1 or by UO-VAI.DSON' TUKDWAV, aud follur.'. Dr.i-.viri. I'ndei-shirts. Ft. Cr.-.vat-. I -Vlpsic.i Lii'.tr.-i. Deliiinpi. P'n-i Toplins. ni.iclf Blaci< k lace V f li Apply to the Telegraph CSieo MILWAUKKK MISSISSIPPI R ROAD -C A.'.M.. and 7 P. M'. 1'-'lTO M at .MICHIGAN CKNTUAL11AILROAD LINK BOAT Leave every morning at 7 o'clock for the South S am< Fresh Jaia po FAIKCIIILD'SCASII STOEK. oo, Blue, HowmKMulbeiry. White Uianite Whit.Irr Common Ware, LAMPS; (Jerniun MlTnrimd Pin ted Table. Tea. Salt and Mustarl inff. Kxrthen and Glitss Vases, <J-e. 11 of Mil; behold CrfKAP I-OR C VbU Give Jiiu a nail, anil e for "r'2 J. pIIAir.S, CIl l.v Si TilKADV.'AV. Cranft's Fntfjti {'oiaiJOHKii Soap, '-L'O, TOOIf nan me ervj. s -i "f abmit li.rc nniNol ti nii.n i-i no u-'1' POK. AVV.RY large supply of every Rrndo and nriee. DKAN RUCGLKS. etllllTS.Collars. Suspenders. (31oves.and n irrcat v.i r'n-tyof seullenien'stixiTies for sale GU1XJJSTONES. OTONS. and u Vermillion Grindstonn? TONS OF IRON. Norway, Swedes. re- lined and American. Also a eeueral assortment LKVVId UOLDKN'S. AL ARGK lot of Powdered. Crushed. Brown Havana, Plirtrt '9J 11 c oiirmTK. nt IIONBY WANTEO. IN for goods at tho lowest raarkrt price by DONALDSON Sc 1'KEDWAY. State, Cashmere and Brochu. The WH. ANO SILK. HATS. CASKS of Gennin'i style or Of every description, for gcntli wear, alwav.s on ban J. or made to order, when callc.l ior price-' ehenp (inongJi induce every to buy a suit. turned out from ourcstah iVliuient wurr uuteil tobeilonn in a tiinanlike nianner. .such as to render it --i vice- able Id the buyer In tiiut. having on hand tliut be dcFiri'd in our line we nil! dispc.M'ot the same at the veiy lowest posnible piices. and sncb produce ns can rt-uflily be di.sposid ef: gain. As to the quantity and variety of our (foods, we do not wish the public to take our report menly. but res- pectfully invite all to oometothe New V'ork i ash Store and examine for tlicmsetveo. and thereby leai'ii the truth of our publication. S.KLAUBKll St CO. Madison. October, 1851. Illy LACKSI r.AeKSI! fJIHK richest assortment ever offered in town, at i. DKAN Almanacs for gratuitous distrtbu tion on thu counlcr of A. J. Ward we have not time to stand in thu door und hand them out. the public are invited in. PAKCAOKS of choice TKASin and lib PucUanes from the Canton Tea Company. We arc agents for the sale of their Teas at this placw. LEWIS UOLDEN. F IKESH Ler4 for naie at Gsrocory so J Prorij- icn Store. 5 Ji; CTTUis'r) QFftll itiesand by DONALDSON Shoep'-Kin Mats for sale by DO.NAI.DSQN Sc TIIKDWAV. 100 KKOS Nails, at BKJ,

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