Monday, February 2, 1852

Daily Argus

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Argus on Monday, February 2, 1852

Daily Argus (Newspaper) - February 2, 1852, Madison, Wisconsin DAILY "BE SUKI: VOU'KE GO-AHEAD." BY CARPENTER TENNEY. MADISON, AVIS. FEBRUARY 2, VOLUME 1 NUMBER 2S. ttillf WI JEditvrs, MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS. Jffl 33' BKT..L Single During SoH-jiou, ahiglo subscriboi-.... Sqiwro, one inHrt- 50 One Square during A very liberal discount from the- above terms, to yearly advert tsora. 1 AdvcrtisotiiontM ciioald be hauded in a an A. M. TflOJIAS 11SJOU, iiOUNSKf.r.ORand attorney. Olllcnat JiS.i residence on Morrb Street, Madison, o. j.iw. LOOP, A'.tornuy Jvisdr'oanf ollorat Wii connln proi-.ipt ind faithful r ttontion to ,H business unt runted to Office nt Mr. Veudcr the canal. Tii-nM-yJf STMVKWM CIlABlMii, AttornoyH ini-1 Coun .ellov-- nt T.nw and Soli'-itorain Cro-M-, vSn71v R IV DRUGS MEDICINES, WlIKIlV'.lio rece.ivinj; and opening n new anil extensive if Medicines, Hhemi- i. Taints. Oilfl. Clans Varnish, Uy-Wood und Dytj- y mis. Family Gvoceriey. Choice Wines and LiquorH, K re-Works- Toys. Perfumery, fancy Articles. Brushes, ouibs. Stone, ijliiys and IH.-.r king, To- '5nufl AH the popular I'atent Medi- ie.-< (lidctoc't now eoniprm'R ng whirl; may found the iollov, if.ii, Drugs and. Medicines. Tartar, Camphor, Castile Soap. Liquor- Dai's Oapaiba, Rhubarb, Aloes, Flowers Chnmouiile, Castor Oil. Quich.-ilver, Holland Klo-ver Sulphur. Olivo Oil, Hud Precipitate., nii-cTurpontino. tialts, Corro. .Subliowto. Aoqua Ammonia, Soda, Acid. Litud.'imin. Vinh Senna, CUiininc. All the cnpenrial Oilp. Triga- eanth Arabic, MI. ot nil dcirriptions, 13atli Bvickii, Anihu Sfced. Coriandi-r V'enn'criv.k, I'-ing- (Jliie. Foot and Tann-.r's Oil. Perm H.irlc. I'ayi'imo fupper, Kuiurv, S.tml Paper. Opodeliloo, Shaker's MISCELLANEOUS. Chiirti.rcd by an Aut of thr v' Rlalcof Vfiscov'ttn. TREDWAY Are now receiving their stock o FALL AND WINTER GOODS, TO which they would invite the attention of all I in thin market it of th.-ir cLarti r.aud Jidopted tli- in I npprovodsystcm ol.Mutual arr- norrorv-' i" or Retail. .-ji-v-t Retail. to receive _ upon dv.x-luntr hoaxer, f Our IK. wRtnck this fall ia much larger than has inga against loss or Tlfv befmv hoell offi-red m this market, and prici'B arc much j Uo pi operty in eUios o'sposed r.inU of an unundinu; avortmcut of STAri.K V win ly., and ra.iku it a IQ AIAIMIIAI.I.. CHA8. X II.SLKY M 1 d, W A VI K K R 110 R. 11 v 6ZINNBR AHLTJM. Main-Si, fy Washington Jlomue. WISOOMSTN EXCHANQ HOUSE- WHSTKWATER, WI3., 150 Hicl) Buy State, Shawls, nt-w styles. 100 Rich Cnsbiueru. and Ktocha sliav, new qtyiw. 200 Lndi-s' 50 Grays and cutinets and ICmbroiileret! Muslin, T.anou Danuisk. Worsted .did V.tinilu IvlatS; Ileartli t Sliadt-s, I WPKIl IJ.VNOENWS, IM.xnoanO. 'fai.'.e Oovci'-J. Hich Ribbons H VIS and CAPS. SIMEON Ml -N R KJDDV. N H 11 DK 'I U.M Sugar. Ti'.iof vaiicliw. Molnq-t'h. Sjiiop. Puppor, N 1'i.vh. CKron. xlantc, Ctirrentg. Salad Oil. Ch'ir-olalP. Cocoa, Soda ami Uutti'ir lliru. Stn'-i It. Salro- ntos, Whico, and B.'.r Soi.p. Spi-rm atui Tallow Cuc'llps, Jug-iand ISottl'M, I'ipex.CaUup. !'ey- pcv Sauce, i Mackerel, 1. J JOHN A j w N W DKAX. WKLC31. DAVID ATWOOD. f F Hi orr SIMKON MILLS Tr TJ X> n''''r'-) I. J {tC'-'X I! Apply to the T. n; ,1. leases 15ooSs A FULL ASSORTMENT OF STTT <uw TJPJJ- i leu-vo Milv tor ROAD. Slicrasaan Hosiwe. BHOWK TUTTLB. of tho City Cornea'ok" CJ.'ivJt Sts. ori'OSiTK runi.ic CHICAGO, -IS UNITED STATSS HOUSB, MONROX, CillEKN COUNTY, WIS. 'J'lIB Hub-icrib.'rH irnaM roipoctl'ully inform public .tn Koner.U, that Uuiy Irivc spaoinuv building, where, they will be pie_-muJ toKHTliK- uthnrs, on reasonable terms. by their tHi-pitiim to tho 00.11 Pirt nt givjBtrf to ylvQ H itirffxction, tut y solicit n of pub- tlo piitronnse July, 1801. A. T. HAUT i. Co. Litjuors for Medieinal They were all purchased irojn Cuntoiu may thcrctorn be de- pended upon as pure nud unctlultcr ited. SOAPS, PlGKVtr.tllSHY, Jk VA-1VCV ShiivlngCi-e-un-Sonp-t.Military and Windsor. GouHr Mpiliuntodporfuuied mnd Imperial Shaving Bru-u- es, National French Toilet. VioU-t. Almond and TrantpKruntSoiip. Ball'.. Lubius. Kxtractn ey Club ratchonlly, Bonquetde Caroline Mille Caohon.-t Arom itiiiuo. Cologne, Bay and Hose Wator, Spanish I.ily White, Kin llonge. PerHinu Tobacco and Suv.ff Nipplo Shi UB. Bert, ties, L'-ri-uxt Terth Bed I'nns. Syrinces ShooWer Braces.and Suppoiters, Pesiarir-s Powtler. f! )'r Pri-s.Hn'rInviijoratPr. Ilaii- Krsidioator, ria-rti-r. Hr.y- ing Dice, Pencil I'ointK. 1'en-i. erio Finn Hooks. Dra-n'inc. Vi-ucils. I'en-u-sion (Japs. In'., Hod. lUaek, and Tranrpareut Motto Wafers. And frovi'ionR' ilnrdTriro and CnV.cry. Pain'i- j i Cure Wines anil Bran-lies, Driip'sand Me iiemes. Dye- I Stud's, Tuhs, S'ails, Churns. Keclcrs' Karthe n are, "rli'.K'rt Ware, Sanh, Putty. an nnk JJookR Statioiioryj Paper MICillG VN CKNTniLn BO J.eave every moruinsnt 7 o'eir-ek fcr Fresli _ _ AT fce... P A r il CTT -r For and frood, and prices. s, I vAktt. N. S.DON A. THKDH'AV. ly' '0JJ TL3 fcf-ppBccnstjin'.- Maillsoa, "Win., Oct. ISjl. vSnSly j Blue. Hair, Hat, Store, Scrub, Shoe, Paint. Snrfi. Round O.IK! Ssibli-. nmels Hair, and Stri- ping Pencils. BlunderB.cad Coun- ter. Tootli, Nail. Coinh, 1'iMoin, Clothed. Infunt. Lather, Tnbli-, Horse and I1O31SSCS .1.MT" CAUJKCACKS TO LKT, ttt nil timiv, for uny vC nt low COLK "FRANKLW HOUSE, BY T. Iv, li! .OiMJKrS1. PAINTS Niee.rnufrna lied. Cam anil K.i-T.ri; Oje Curl Brar, Kud Mumleii-. -VI- win., Coppe.vus. Bliiis Solution Tin mpovitiou. I Gr.tin Tin 1'anice nnlKotten Stone. hi- neseand llert, iSp ini-li iii-uwn. Vc-uituin, V'er- Paris Biach Hed 'Jhrome Wltow and iiieeu, .'iipin, Oo.ich lampblack. I'n tty. YelloM Ocln.'. Oil. Ti-ria do Sienna. Uinbi-r. UrtlJ liroiiii-. .Hid a.s- aoritUBUtof I'ldutsfor Arlislii. J8EW YORK CASH STORE Common "Ware, At alt timop. In addition to the ftboTc. I ke-p ly im h.indal.ii'xu Sjerkof WINTER York and Boston, and arc now prc- to to Lheir md tho public flu y h.iv ti "toes, of on tlist will tonish the for cheapneRA. and bi-auty nf stjlcs Th-y nivrni they and havinfc pur- cha-t- 1 tlu-ir slock with cimli, of importers prt-pnn'ti not only to furni'.h every article in their line of bupi- at whioh duty coinpotition. but tho hnmc t'uuo be-t in snarket. f'latpo. Waite.p. an-i Pallor, Church, ana LAMPS, Gemini) i Pi.ited Tablf. T-1 KinitTeri ,-mj ri-j'oVi, i tlic HatJfrs 12xlh. 1-2x10. 10x12. MR. BLOWOl'Vf. (formerly of the Mntision Jint, taken fJionlovcn-in'MTaTurn Stain' whTclio will wnlt on may him witl: their Vorinifnjf'1- Mothor's Helief. Dr. .Iiiyni-V f'nmi- ly Miidic'tieB. nil tiio Saraipiirill.-', Wistai1'-: .oid HWRVIU-'S byiup Of Wild Cherry, I phMn'M i-ry, niidolheri.'s Inilinn Vf-netublo Tar. Orii-ii ti'.l, ice. f'l'. Oliriutiu'i, and t.5i: Belts, Br.iri-lt- t.s, NOS. 81 St WAIN' KTUKLT, BUI-KALO, N. Y. 15Y U'ormoriy of tho Ilarlfoni Hotel, Cnnn, and M K. Y, N. U. Thin floiHolaliirKeantleoiiKTodifiUfl. in parl "f the city and IM and only Huff'.s lloti-J in the city. Pttiietyrc find convcyi tl a-nilji cw 'aliavvr Free 'of 1851. Prairie vi He House, By r. o. JONKS, WAKESI-IA WIS. STAtJK OKKlCi: for nil of tho eoxin tay Icoptatthli Home. It-iivufor Uulunndolly cxcppted) at 7 o'olock, A.iM via. Dclnfiolil Summit, OoonoinuHOC, Wnl'-rtown, Millord. Aatalan. Orove, Point, and I'luttpvIUv. T1U-WKKKI.Y Stagu for the leaves on BOOTS SHOl'.K. V (ine OONAl.H'-ZuN TKr.DWAV. 1 w.inted by S. THKOWAY. FOlt SAIiK TO IjKT. new houee jnst biriit nn the. corner of Willirioi- wn and Livingston Streets. Fo.--scS3ioii K'.f-n inediittely Sept. OJS51. tf. VDILSLKV.ftCo A NIC K articlu foi- Sun Konxets. at happj to them, Imt more particv-larly nt tins ,trt.' confident they -B'-ll finii Mid prices not equaled by any other est.itli.shment iu .M.uliwu.or in Onrrttoi-k coinprjipB thy tin.l kxrici-nt vrioty over to this place at any timo, in j.uirt as follovrii Inlhsof -very dowription.1Jpr.ver Kelt, Labrador, Voter Si) na. K j Booth, ot (he J. ft. Smith, try a'M :t Pure Wiaies 1 PUT oy in wood and Warranted not to in eie. Kor sale by DONALDSON' TUKHWAY, READY MADE! oorn from the at.9o'otwk, A.M. .via. Sammlt. WatNtowu, OskOrove, Uea> er Kox tiikc, nml Foud du' THK Trl-IVcokly SHftftit for IPHVOR on Mondays Wednesdays, and the strrival of the. 'Train froru Iho Kwtt. 'at 0 o'clock, A. M by ol Ottawa, Palmyra, Fort Atkin- nan fiirnfahM ftt short uo J'- O.JpNKS, Ajtcnt. flfif- Pftswngtrs ftnri taken to iuid from the HOTDTSE. HA. LI.. County, Wit. to render' ibis house oomfort able and pleasant to travelers, good ''aad carefnl ostler attendance. STUPF THOWSJSUS. AVK11Y supply of evuiy Rtade ami in-ici'. Oil HITS. Collars, Snspiindeni.Otoves.and n rii-tv of for cheap H. GRIKUSTONKS. 3TOXS, '-Bcvea" and Vermillion Orindstouen now ront'ivinc and for pule f by i CO. A TON'S OF 1ROM. N'o'way, Swedos. re- 4U fined ami American. acenersl f LKVV1S fc (lOl.DKN'S. Alt iot of Powilered, Brown Havana. Porto X.Orleans LKW1S IIOLDEN'S. MONKV IN exaliaaao goods at the lowest martrt price by Bay State. Brocha. The boat twsortment'itit'o t'oStn'ean'bofoundat i CASKS of Beebe'eand Gennlu'g. Of evprydt'Nrription. for jfr-ntleiriHii's war. alwiiyg on hand, or made to order, waeo eallril ioy .at prices cheap ennii'ih to induce man to huyatixtit. Alt work turned out from our establishment warr anted to he done in a workmanlike manner, such us to render it srviro- ahle to the buyer. In having on hand everything IhHt'iHiiy he dert'red in our linn, we will dispopcof the wimeat 'tho very lowest po'fible prices, for cash and uueh tis can readily disposed of ngain. As to and variety of our jfoods, we d" not tho pnWie to takt- our report menly. but res- penlfully invite all fo come to the Kew York 'o-jli and rxumiuo for theuiaelvefi, and thereby learn tine truth of our publication 8.KLAUBKR. CO. Mudison. October, 1881. Illy K rwbest uwdrtmeut erer offered in town, at DEAN d tion on eouuler of A. J. Ward An we have not time to stand in door and hand thumVmt, the public iuvited in.' 37Jy PAKCAOR8 TEAS in from the Can ton Tea Company. uroagVnte tale of their Teas at this place. ____.____________j________C.Ey 'HOLDEN. FKF.fiH for file Cannoni) OrocWv Prcrla- i We luUv to HH ...wMm.WuHong w. er tli.-a it "UM, ft.t lu" V nrt ft-, P. KS, .v J. n. SMITH. Sold iu Madison, by TIBUITS A Sheep'liia Mats for by DOiSALDSO.V VfTKIOHT err OE'> caupht sure-cao't help

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