Wednesday, March 13, 1861

La Crosse Weekly Appeal

Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of La Crosse Weekly Appeal on Wednesday, March 13, 1861

La Crosse Weekly Appeal (Newspaper) - March 13, 1861, La Crosse, Wisconsin AaataL LA OfitiSSE WEEKLY APPEAI 1, PUBLISHED FOR THK PROI'KIKTOKS. OXK DOLLAH I'KH ANNl'M, IN ADVANCE VOLUME I. M Ijf AUGURAL ADDRESS WEDNESDAY, MARCH KJ, IHtil. NUMBER L 1MT IkrM or at, awaUM UVM UXt'OLX. In coiupliaiK-u with u ruMi.iu jn i T" of what I hava atid .li-ii-rala a m.-p wluU i. any rrwn mr auriM, n.H to auuk all which ntnnd unrrpeah'd. anceriain why wi- .In r Will you than to vii'late any of tin-in fruMiiiL' to a wliiU tltcrn it ttny il 1 l .1 i ii i Imwib HUT HI iv (MjitJ.iii 'tii" vim ftu Hud iiniiunity m having them held be oni k.T. r ..I f iiiK'i'iiNtitulional. Iliecertiiu fl.'i- nn-udT nil my not to 4iueu4iiitiiu. far tu Hurt I., law, omvin, ahav P. Jferntt. i. ,8 -c; It 7- years since the first i under uiir uationa! that in riirUit r tj Daily 51 t. -i an iCtt'irnnti'i-i, un I r.'titn'i n itiT-.m-.i. Sj.uth.-rii Stafra. that by UK- ,.f I o( a >tt their ALSX. D. CEOMWKLL, I'.Uy, it In s-.riii- ;i. li it-it in il-i-lf .iitj.tlli- llic 1 HAD travagaat MarehwMM wM of ia ia ha> her YMTP ttd Mfl f were nbcffU at a penditnw of 1400 far UlU.ndcap.. Tfciad court to noo-mit THI LITTBI JH how much a child dota in di from inn-riae to no-att, tfct feet patter around, to u, ao a __ limbing up here, kneeling running to another and turning, rattw aW d. H. McMILlAN those apvt-i-hfM whoii I declare lli.i! I U J-re; ,-r U fawl Itwt, tvtt-re with the ..f j-i no lawful ri.'lit .J ;i baVP ho -.1 t.i d i f 'I'h w'n th- full tli.'lt 1 I.I.I IU.I.I- ___ ___ and many .tinuhr jj.-l h.i J. BRYANT. r rrealle.l and. nuin- tint, Ul DrUgBtSOKUL, th- r n. Wiwu- all r. t reaching and doabliag, ''rory and ttmete for fat It very to mtcb it roar well understand Hrrathing of the roij Rttb with arm toned over ita i t for the next through (he day, tiff tnat tlmr an the maternal tort, wbiea IT aocoanodataa itaaU, iu tan real or fancied. upoa with awa M vafl in Ut f c. J Jkupvta R W rivi-- ni .--i.-h t ,.1 its uw i ii-iiui :t .1 t tn ili own -i iriitul tn that i'alati- i' ji i tJie :inii '-.iili.! a ol.'ii'jl fabn- M f t li" law 'f u, 4-, I i i .1 .irr .1 .1 "t" tin- i' r t- n.- TV. "H" illJttcr illnliT Wll.f T "i Irrt i j j. m I 1 i- orcr the white lit yon ri ii i.iir 'Jt "funny" to tell it. .4 I .1 i _ ________ !i n I r-.j; H.r j HOLD on tojov !7 tl-lNi; J'.l.unii. U AM) i .f. ir _ __ r fptak barablj, or uae aaj _ on to jour hand when an to s'rike, pinch, acraieh, nUnl, i i l to grrike. pmch. anf r.'i Jii'ff m t'-'''r rtuJv. or when yon oat i f; rtud-v- or the ptth of i-- I.- rriL'H or k L A i w. taacv. [toblir !i.i .f -1 tn temper JM arw or impoaed Ton. !'r 1 n aov bv tbc II .1-1 Hi: ,i, LINK. part UK ntj, BISHOP ATTOKXKTd 4; Brick AT the lawji ' etvi'it in nil t.' Theri i.i i eternity. Hold nd evcf win BlTr or iar i -r TVI'1 Ppterabwtijh f t-.i- ri .1-. p.iblishea the foBowlng from a i'. vl.-iin r- it liaWi-- r i '.r n- I'.r II if j 11! ;i{ i-' m.'.r l n tr V f- A f arpt-ntcr while engaged a a? in polling doarn an old bonae. and r n'.vivp some of tho rotten timber r.. :M... wa. hutcn by a i i" 1- :1 bis finecr waa a..1'.; i f. its natural aue, and a r' v rltr> "ircsk runnior up hand and t-..r.; A langor cane .po, hinK l n t-i i he Yisi' inri-n-lcil tiv who t' thr nf wiiit K- i .ii f.i v- pivrr ix lh'- l.ivr. All ni'iu'M ,n- _ LI AtwrVicfc'i. nl Vkx -in-ri'iit inn. In thti .11 ;i l( (tn.l rUr morh nil', i.tln-r. To th-- IT-'ii i Brick Hotwe, ill. IIOH then -l.'lveH -A-ll'.S i.-Ml- fl., r J. I .1 in.' r i. tl. i ti .r I- i -ti :i" ir r i-' I in-OK t r r- "f I -I.: '1 ,1 h 'III It :i. v the a II witli n In ;iri- it i it.- lit ik- I M. T. i. r. xoiti MOSTOOMBBV i TVI.KR, AUarMTr at Law, La y tfcrir fort in lh.-v n..' i n.-arU BM Twjrti. dl a law IJV iDinnx r ;-r i' 'inn >-'i J ii ;i vision grew dim, elearljr indtoa- that tbf eublilo nxnaun tkat teTnit WM raittdlr limn hsvo llf an- t. r K- wsi, tried, Bierelv br war of ,t tMbe-Wrprbi of aft y luil I man- like a charM. the eompo- ..-rvile mMirrof. whieh wcn, of pqnal parta made tnto a povltier; anil it the name time a cord bunnal "jrbt'y the wriM. In two "flerwanlsi he had ao far neovwed M ..l thai l....'k. winch inrub-atro the cured Hovtnat ,.i fuayery hy 1110.1 us ..f in- a mad br w in the iSiiithcrn .'ml .rwd by thr sitfluititres of aixty-vighl.; V t.- wi'iidrred af if many tht'iu t IIP tre.i.ii-n M GREEN BAY BANK. tin r tii.-it v u- i v.-nf IT.'' I-.-'" C I i.. -i i-r t lu-nu Mi.WMful iu oWt- and tho freo narantina nf RK7ERRNCKS. y Bank, 5. T.. toeM Bank 4 O., fit. Jno. J J. B. OBANT, that Inn alril) -n .t, H nnr ly contruvi nn tn t i, i it lw Affiiin, in nnv l.iw up- tt, On tbia mibj'Ct. rnufht not Bit th" '''-m.v inm in and V to hf iiiir...l.i.-.-d. .nf i. Vl! f or twi, of their Awnkv that afn-f- man U nriy tl- "V "'.l1. nl the S.wth the whole fabrio UlHlor fwiM- N' as a And it i T1 m n_.-Hi n ..f t.-rf-.-' i r i i h.'..- i r f.....Ill tl V M -1. il ri, I f thtit tlu'v nvr- u i r r o. -1...I! in t.-rrcuts. h, tho Senato on T'" "f. they voted to a nnn nc.iin.t j of lU In thv and rft'.irritig tn n f-onnnittn> r.IC8 V bv lnw f'ir tlie (if that elriiixc n.sDurofl, if-i- flair, n lit d I en -i> .lull n in-! ml lir- C .n- -f I' in.-.i ot will fall it'by IK-nee eonMironmcs, and they .t i iri- fiii; bijrly iii'lipunnt nt the "trick" bV of KariwM. Mnat, Main aa4 A7 B I C K L A .1 U CO.. BOOK, BTATIOirKBV. which fri .lull-imw n in., .iii'-.Hi..n I.i In- v "f ll'i.- ,'-i. ,-t l.. {bn Vote itf New Y 4C. tbut the Sutir .hall bo I eoinpro.nW ia tnn I We (V entitled to all ami immu wi'h mi. ne-.irnluod and tho Trii 10 "Ti-w I thrroffieialoath to-d.-iv, with nnj -f k.., 7, HIM! (hat it will nut bo eiicl k CO., mental rrnr-rvationp. mid with no mtr-1 t'-nrii -viuj' .Uiv I Thnt ..n.-i.i.iti- i ..civ ur the I'renitJ ItV, mme to roFictrue the Count ituti'Jll r.r laws i 'irp ln "rnn'i'li.-r nhnn'-pk tl-. IM i.. irrt i f i i -i In I iunn M all rh.wn f..r ttin pur- 0 any hyrterTitieul rules nm] while nrif fM ,iny it u timy out; of tho fanatiral jourui MilwaOKff. do not now to imrlti afflrm or .l-nv.' If tUn- I n-H T maiuianr. York Confer rnri1 Tribune t- i aa prop.r to IK, enfore- i- Tn tW I that it will he niueli i "vr h for all. iJ.lh in official private moral weight, ndortad either the I'renidcnt. Thoir nv.' in "a ItiuitiHin of u i. I will noitiif-r iniKht ma in- mirii u timy OIKJ of tho fanatical jouruala eontcmplated But if llOMf) VTJlQ whlnlt nn.An.J _-._. L______ at i i llA V alllMnAArl in A MI A ttrbavi Union tdnfnrin to, abitlc by it r UK tlin (Jrntnirtinn inlorfwm with it ntt u, i" they should ueoeed n bringing oncir and abonld mhhTtn maintain Uir rf publican leaders will at the first port of oottj ia CoiMhaV erato 23 tit to baring OB Haard, jot-t to the of da ijuin-d to deposit with inauifcat of nd ketor way, if ho thioU pi i uparj.. place an inapvctor on too TMM) to company her (o tha frit at which her cargo may be failure to furnish cciro the

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