Friday, October 13, 1876

Janesville Gazette

Location: Janesville, Wisconsin

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of Janesville Gazette on Friday, October 13, 1876

Janesville Gazette (Newspaper) - October 13, 1876, Janesville, Wisconsin CARDS, DENTIST, -KTortla. Street. "Cnae'r the Commercial College, near the Gazette Office, Janesville Wisconsin. Dr. H. A. NEWMAN, Dental Surgeon. Office in Smith Jacfcman's block, opposite postofflce Janesville. Practices Dentistry In all its branches. Administers nitrous OJrtdo eas for toe painless extraction ot teetn. sepSaawly II. If. Real-Estate and Loan Agent, Life and Accident Insurance iiirnislied in the best companies. Special attcniion to the Baying. Selling mid Kuntiui; of Jienl Eslalu and.totthe Loaning of Money, choice Properly in the city and Farms in vicinity thereof constantly lor Sale or Kent. OBice on Main street, over M. C. Smith Sou's Clothing Store, Janesville, Wis. M. M. PHELPS, Attorney at Law. Collections made, loans negotiated mortgages foreclosed. Office, t appln'B block, cor. Main and Milwaukee streets. jan31'7tidtiwly io person can doubt this testimony, as ibcrc rir> doubt about tuc curative power of INK. NAT-I'.-K, ilass., Jan.'.lst, 1S73. MR. H.K.STEVENS: Dear We Imve CTod reason for regarding your VEGST1XE n medicine Hie grenii'St vul- ue We feel assured Huil it hns been the means of saving our son's lite lie is now seventeen years of for-the two years he Las suf- fered from necrosis of Ills leg. caused by srcrofu- ous affection, and was so fur reduced that nearly a U who saw him his recovery impossible. A council of able physicians could give us but the faintest hope oi his ever railjiug; two of the number declaring that ho was beyond Ihe reactt of human remedies, that even amputation could not save him as he had not viijjr enough to en- dure the operalion. Just then we commence 1 giving him VEHBTJNE and lhat tiaie tothe present he has been continuously improving, lie has lately resumed eindies, thrown away his crutches and caue, and walks about cheerfully and strong. Though there Is still pome discharge-from the opening where nis limb was luiicfd, wo have the fullest confidence that in a little lime he will be perfectly cured. He has taken about three dozen bottles of YEG- BTINE, out lately uses but little, as he declares ho Is too well to be taking medicine. Ki'spectfullv yours, H. USbT, MRS. L. C. F. BEST. I Piepared by H. Boston, Mass. Absalom as u Reformer. The reform claims ol the democrats have sul'jectecl them to a good mauy sharp raps during the campaigD. One tit tlie best of these was adminibtercd by General Har- risou ia his speech at Incliannpolis recently when he said "I think Absalom was the original prototype of this modern demo- cratic relormer. The first analogy I find, is this: that Absalom was first a rebel and then a n former. [Laughter.] Well that is pretty close to close us preachers gL-rjcrally get tt> it, I tank. He took trea- son into his heart against his old father, God's anointed king, aud then he.went iuto the just like Hendricks und he said to the people 'Your course 13 just and right, but the king hath deputed uo man to_ hear thee. O-o-o-o-h-h, thiU I were .judge in Israel! that any man that had any interest or mat- ter might come unto me, and I would do him justice.' Now, isn't that icu language of Tilden wneri ho was told of his nomination? Isn't that a close paraphrase of his words when he strutted up aud down like a turkey-cock, That's be- cause I'm a reformer.' [Laughter.] The end of that story is the bust part uf it, as it ought to bu of every story. After it tells bow David gathered up the loyal hosts ol jBr.icia.aiD to bis standard, and recrossid ttie Jordan and deleated the army of Absa- lom, it winds up, if I recollect right, in tLis way: 'And Absalom's mule went out from under him.' [Laughter.] There is a proph- ecy in that ytrso which id going to be ful- filled this fall. The result will be that the Tiklen and Ileudricka reform mule went out from under them [laughter] with Rutherford 13. Hayes oa his back. [Great SMITH Are now receiving daily their PALL Stock of Merchan- dise. We shall have a buyer in N. York for the next sixty days attending all the large auction sales, consequent- shall be re- ceiving new goods every day. It is a well known fact, that for several years past we have kept the best stock of goods in the in- terior of the State, and sold them at the lowest prices. We shall have a better Stock this Pall than ever be- fore, and shall sell them at a price that will defy all pretended compe- tition. GENERAL ELECTION NOTICE. NOTICE IS QKREBY GIVEN, that at the (ten- eral election to be held in the several towns, yards and eleciion precincts in the State of Cousin, ou the Tuesday succeeding the first Mon- day, being the eeventn dayol November next, the ol lowing officers are to be elected, tg-wit: Ten electors oi President and Vice-President of .he United States. A Representative In CoBgress fjrthe First Oon- Elessioual JJlBtrict, comprising the counties ol Kock, Hacine, Kenosha, and Wauke- sua. In place of Charles O. Williams, whose term of office will expire on the fourth day of March Beit. AKepreEentatlvein Congress for the Second iongretslonal District, comprising tfee counliee of Jellersoo, Dane, Sauk and Columbia, in place ol Luc'.eu. b. whose term of office will expire on tlie lourtu day of March nest. A iU'preeentKtiveiu Congress Tor Ihe Third Con- gressional District, compiling 1he oounties of irant, Iowa, La Vayuttu, Green, Kichlaud and Jruwfurcl, in place of llenry S. Magoon, whose term of otlice will expire on the fourth day of March next. A Itepresentative in Congress for tho Fourth 'onureeeional District, comprising the counties of Milwaukee, aud place of William F.Lyncle, whose term of office will ex- pire on the fourtli day of March next. A Kepreseiualive in Congress for the Fifth Con- gressional District, comprising the counties of AJodge, Fond du Lac, Slieboygaii and Mauitowac, iu place or Samuel JJ. Burchard, whose term of olllce will expire on the fourth day of March next. A Representative In Congress In the Sixth Con- gressional District, comurlsing the counties of Ciret-n Lake, Waushara, Waupaca, Outagamie, Wumcbago, Calumet, 13rown, Kewaunce and Door, in place of Alanson M. liimball, whose term of ollice will expire on the lourth dayof March next. A Itepreeentative in Congress in tho Seventh Congressional District, comprielng the counties ol' Vernon, La CrosBe, Monroe, Jackson, Ticm- jositor, the amonnt invested In loans on reaT 1854, A. PALMER, THE OLDEST DRUG HOUSE, four Window Class, Paints, Oils, and all Goods in the Drug Line. A, PALMER, 81 West Milwaukee St., Janesyille, C. II. Palmer will bo slad to meet his old customers, ami will attend carefully to their wants. pealettu, liutlalo, Fupin, Pierce, St. Croix, Bun Oluiro itud Ulark, in place of J. M. Husk, whoue term, ol" office will expire on the fourth day of March next. A Hcpiusentative in Congress In the Eighth Congressional District, compmiBg the counties of Uconto, Bhawano, Portage, Wood, Juneau, Ad- ams, Murqutitte, Marathon. Dunn, Uhippowa, Bar- roil, Polk, iiuriiett, Bayfiold, Douglass, Lincoln, Taylor, und AenUnd, in placo o[ George W. ol January c.ext. A Slatu Squalor Iu the iweuty-ninth Senate Diouicl, the couuuets ol Uuil'alo, Pe- pin tindTrumpualuau. A Sute Senalur in the Thlrty-flist Senate Dis- trict, couuJi'tting ihe county ol" La Croase, in pluce ol Sylvusler L. Kevins, wlioae term ol of- iir.u will uxpireon llic Urst Monday o( January next. A Stale Senator In tlie Thirty-Third Senate Dis- irtct, cumiirit-iug ihe of Oanukee and Wurbin-iton, In placu of Uiiead J. Wilmot, whose torm of olHcu willcxpiic on the flrat Monday ol January nnxt. A member of Assembly in cncn Aeecmbly dis- trict in thu State, and tuch county olllcers as are by law to be elected at e-uch election. An act of the legieUiture of 1870, for the organ- iziuiou of siiyiiiKb banks and savings Bocietles, ie at ihe same time to be submitted lo a vote ol the pursuant to the, provisions of. eecnon 5, article Xi, ot the constitution of the Stale of WU- cuusin, which act is as follows: AN ACT lor the organization of Barings "banks and savings societies. The, JPeovle of of Wisconsin, represented in Senate and Assembly, do-tnact as follows: SECTION 1. Any uumOer of persons, not leso than iwenty, may unite for the purpose of organ- ising an association to receive on deposit the sav- ings of laborers, mechanics, farmers, servants, minors, and othtrs. aud to loan the same for the beuent of euch'uepomors. They may make, sign, and acknowledge bc.fore some proper officer au- thorUcd to take ncKnowlcdgineiitB of deeds, a certllicaic in writing, in which shall "be stated the name of unch association, the names of the cor- porators, the name of the city, village, town, and county in which the operation cl such association la Lo bu conducted. SECTION 2. Such corUdiate shall be filed In the otlice ol register of deuds oT the county in which he business of the association ia to be carried n, aud a duplicate thereof shall he deposited in be ollice of ihe.secrelary of atate. SECTIONS. Sncli corporation shall have power enact- by-lawe for the government of its all'alrs, iud such uy-lnws may pretcribe ihe condition on vhich auch deposits ahall be made and the terms m which payments ehall be mnde to the deposi- ors by sucli iuetiiution, and the depositors shall oe bound by tbc coudiiipns enacted iu such by- awg, which be printed aud conspicuously losied iu the oluce ol such corporation. ate securities, the amount invested in stocks and bonds, tlie amount of lunds on hand, tlie names of corporators, trustees, and of the other ofllcers of such institution, on the first day of January of each year, which statement shall be kept on file n the office of such bank, and an attested copy ol he same eball be forwarded to the secreiary ol state on or before the flrst day of February In each year. SECTION 12. Such corporation shall not make and Issue any bill or promissory note to circulate as currency. SECTTOS 13. Ko corporator, trustee, director, manaeer, nor any other officer, except the treas- urer stall receive any compensation for his ser- vices in the management of such bank, nor de- rive any emolument therefrom; er, that the president may receive lor his services a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, when he ricoosits shall exceed five hundred thousand dollars, SECTION 14. The net income actually earned by any such association shall be divided ally among its depositors to an amount not to ex- ceed eix per cent. their deposits. The surplus earnings above said six per cent, after reserving a modeiate sum for a contingent fund, shall bo divided among the depositors as an ex- tra dividend as often as once in every three year8. SECTION 15 No trustee, director or manager ol such corporation thall be a borrower or surety for a borrower of any of its funds, nor receive any money or valuable thing for negotiating, procur- ing, or recommending any loan from such bank, nor for selling or aiding in the saleof any Blocks, bonds or securities to such savings bank, and any such olllcer who shall violate any provision ol this section shall forfeit lo the stale one thou- sand dollars. SECTION 10, The treasurer shall, at least ten days before each meeting of the corporators, mail or deliver to each a written or primed notice ol the day ana hoar of holding such meeting, and il he shall neglect to give such notice, he shall pay one hundred dollars into Ihe treasury of the lown or city where such bank is located, SECTION 17. The treasurer shall give bonds with surety to the acceptance of the directors or trus- tees in not less than tea thousand dollars, paya- ble to said bank, said bond to be In the custody of the president thereof. No presl lent, director or trustee shall be surety in the Dond of such treasurer. SUCTION 18. Every corporation formed tinder the provisions of this act shall possess the pow- ers and be subject to the provisions of the seven' ty-eighth chapter of thf revised statutes so far as the same may be applicable SECTION 1'J. At the general election to be held on the Tuesday next bucceedlng the first Monday in November, in the usual places of holding such elections in this state, for the election of ail oili- cers required by law thea and there to be elected tbe question whether this act ehall go into effect, JjBCAl, or in any manner be in lorce, shall be kubmittei to the people, and if the same shall be approved by a majority of all the voles cast on that sub- ject, it shall go into ellect and be in force from and artet the date of said election, otherwise it shall nut go into cll'est or in any manner be in force. SECTION 30. The votes cast on the subject spec- ified in the last preceding section, ehall be by separate Dallot, and vliall have written or printed on each, of them the words, "For an act to incor- porate savings or, "Anainst an act to in- corporate savings which words ehall In- dicate the vote of theclector for or against the approval of tills act, ana the ballots so cast shal be canvassed and returned in the same manner as the votes cast for slate officers and required by law to be canvassed, and the secretary of state ehall immediately on the completion of said can- vass publish a statement of the result thereof, in sonic newspaper printed at the seat of govern meut, and shall communicate the same to th n the 20th day ol September, A. D. 18T6, In favor of the above named against the above named defendants, I phall oiler for sale and sell at public auction to the highest bidder at the front door of the past offlee in the city of Janesville, In said county of Rock, On the Slh day of November, S. D. I8T6, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon of that day, the fol- owing described premises, lying and being in the county of Kock and State of Wisconsin, and inown and described as follows, to-wit: "The northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of sec- tion number (87) in township num- ber four (4) north ot range number eleven (II) east, also about twenty-three acres of land being all that part of the northwest quarter ol the norm east quarter of said section, lying south of the public highway running southwesterly toward tfivansville through said lorty acres of land last or so much thereof as may be suf- ficient to satisfy said judgment witk interest and costs of sale and as may be sold separately with- out material interest For Monroe p. m The m. train makes direct connection in Milwaukee with trains on C. H. A Bt. F. K'J for Chicago and east. WM. B. NOTES, A, V. H. CABPENTER, Agent. General Facv. Agent. j anS9dawtjanl'7 1776. EVERYBODY Visit the Centennial. Fast Time and Low Rates BECAUSE IT IS FOR RAILWAY COMPANIES TIME CARD IN KFFECT MAY 28rn: Milwaukee............................Depart PM Detroit..................................Arrive Noon Buflalo..................................... P M Ntw York, eecondday................. P K Boston......................................... P M Philadelphia.......................... P M The Quickest Time and Lowest Rates Between Milwaukee, Philadelphia and All Points East, t.OTU.tO Detroit Milwaukee RR And Steamship Ltuc. HOT eiison who Keep Cool While en route lo and from N6f M OF FMlGl Tie ns reason who you should not Rouud Trip Tickets on Sale at al Frmcipat rolnts In ibe Northwest, at Company 'a Offlceo, 395 Broadway, ana at Dock. Ofllcc adjoin- ing Union Depot, Milwaukee. Duricg Uiis his U the only rouic having Milwaukee for iis western terminus, and lie rates are always the sume Iroin to the Eaet oiher lined quolc trora Chicago, thus protecting and idenii- iyiug iieell'with the intcrebloi the great WGBt. Western Union Railroad. Warm Centennial Season. Northern Koules arc the Coolest and More Free from Dust. Time Table. OOINO TVB6T T. K. Leaves lUcine Junction................ A. H. XX "TZ5 T "PP _L Southern War Claims. Washington, October democrats have studiously endeavored to mislead the public as to the amounts ot the claims which were introduced in the house last winter. Their speakers maintain that no considerable amount of claims were passed. This waa an electioneering trick. These hills were purposely and avowedly wiih- held until alter the presidential campaign. The official books of the house not been accessible to republicans. From ad- vance sheets of the Congressional Record of the session, it DOW is possible, however, definitely to fix the number and amount of taesn claims. The result is more astound- ing than the republican press and speakers have indicated. The total sum proposed to be approprietcd is more than onr entire national debt, and amounts to This waa done at the first ses- sion of the present congress, VEGETINE IS SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS and DEALERS "Wl 1OO FONTS Second Hand Job Type, Comprising an excollent oatflt for a email joD P SALS AT HALF THB The Lnst of Lee. Sail Lake, TJlab, Oct. Beiver, Utah, to-day, JucU'e Boreraau passed sen- tence upon John D. Lee for participation ia the Alouutam Meadow massacre nine- teen yews ago. In doing so he calle] at- tention to lae atrocity ot the crime tbe inability heretofore of the authorities to nrocure evidence tbat the conspiracy to murder was -wide spread that he was finally ottered up as a sacrifice to popular indignation, but that others equally guilty migbt hereafter expect punishment. Tbe prisoner having the right under the laws of the territory to choose death by hanging, shooting, or beheadiae, and having chosen to be shot, was sentenced to be shot to death January SO, 1877. Now is Your Time. BARGAINS, Great Arrival of 25 Cases of all the New- est and Latest styles.'of Fall and Winter Men's, Youths' and Boys' Furnishing OoofSs, Hats, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES! the One Price New York Clothing House, 15 Main Street, Janesville, Wis. HARRIS FRIEDMAN, or the flrm ot A. FKIBDMAN CO., call particular attention of ovcrj-body who wiehos to etvve mouiey, to call on us and inspect Our Weil-selected Stock, in all the Latest Styles, of Men's, Boys', Youths' and Children's Clothing, Just received from onr New York Factory. Also a large stock of Gent's Furnishing Goods, Jewelry, at ouch low prices aa were never before offered In tins market, ur irtiy other. An it takes to rnuca spaco to mention To and Prom Arrive Kock Island.. aoisa EAST. Leaves Itock Island......... Freepon.............. Belolt............ CllDton............... Kacme Junction... Arrive Milwaukee....... A.K. P.M. K. TA6S. pro. am am p m p m pra a m am a m a in am New York And Iho Erie Lehigh Valley Ry's To and From PHILADELPHIA Wewlll only say, that as we manufacture a full line of Clothing in Hew York, for the wholesale trade, we are enabled to otl'er you Goods at a Saving oi 10 to 10 per cem. Uur BLOCK, which consists of all the new styles ol Men's, Souths', Boys and Children's O O Men's and Dress Sul tP, of fill kinds, Children's and Boys1 Olotblng variety. Aleoa full and complete stock of Glut's Hoods, Hats, JcwuLry, call audbu convinced of our low pricua. Goo els shown with pleasure. Our Uuir aeiu price and eatUfaction guaranteed or goods ex changed if unsatisfactory. S, xr IIA-RRIb lJiJ.jb.lHM An, One Price New York Clothing Houac, 15 Main Street, JaaeBYllle, IB, SECTiuN 4. The corporation ahull annually elect by ballot a board of trustees or directors, which consist of not lesa than ten. {SECTION 5. The trustees or directors, within ten clays after their election, shall elect from the members of their own. board, a president, one or more vice-presidents, a treasurer, and a eecreta- ry; they rnsy also elect from their own members a cum m Lite e on finance, all eaici oflicexs to-hold their olllces till others are ejected to fill their places, feECTiox 0. It Phall be lawful for such corpora- Lions to purchase, hold, and convey such real late as bauka of discount und circulation are au- by laws of this state to purchase, nolcl, aud convey. bKC'riu-N 7. No more than three efficere of nay savings association, aliall at the same viine be of- ilcera of any one bunk of discount or circulation, or trust compnuy; und no cashier of a bank of discount or circulation 9halt be trensurerof any savings bank having over live huudred thousand dollars of deposits. SECTIONS. Any savlnga bank organized under lliis act may employ nut exceeding oue-half its deposits Ui making, lotiits ou personal security, and in the purcuustj of the public stocks or bonds of tho United Slates, of the northwestern slates lo-wit: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa Wisconsin aud Minnesota, of the uiithorizec bonds of any incorporated city, village, town, or county in vhe aforesaid northwestern etales. Al other loans shall be secured by mortgage of un- iucumhc'red real estate, lying and esitniaied in the aloresiiid northwestern suites, such savings bank fchall invent any part of its deposits in me stocfc ol any railrouu company, nor loan on, no invest in, aij.v mortgage on real estate, excep such real estate as lica In the aforesaid uorih western stales. SECTION (J. Nonsuch corporation ehall buy or loan any money upon any obligaiion on Which only one person or ilrm ptiall be holden, without additional hecurit.y lor tbe game, equivalent to the guarniitue or indorsement of some otner re- sponsible parly. SECTION 10. Such bank may receive on deposit from any one person, iu his or her own name, or in the uame of another in oco'year, a sum not ex- ceeding one thousand dollars. SECTION 11. The directors, managers, or trus ties, blitill annually appolutnotlCBe) than two dliort, who ahull not diruciors, managers, or trustees of the corporation, who examine the accounts, and securities belonging 10 such society or bank, und .make a owora etatc- ment showing.t he true condiilon thereof, the to- tal amount of deposits, the whole number of de- pqaHors, the largest amount due to any do- Are Connections arc made at Frcoport with the 11- linoiB Central H K., at Fulton with the O. N. W. ll'y, at Kock Island with Chicago, Kock Is- land and 1'u.ciflc and Kock Island, and St. Louii Railroads. PUttD. WILD, General Dcket Agent. D. A. OLTN, General Sup't._________________ Dr. Lock Hospital, Cor. Washington and Franklin BIB Chicago; chat- tered by the stale for iho express purposed giving tlie highest pos- sible treatment in all chronic more, nodes and loid ulcers, in dropey, in vene- real Bore throat, ulcerB. Prevent terrific forme by early treatment thesi Our Steel Pail, Dnuble TrnclinnnUCC IT To New York and 1'hiladelphiar fill I LO I I BeiDg Only Line Banning Pullman Hotel Draw- ing Kooin ami bleeping Coaches Daily via Niaga- ra Falls, Bufl'alo or Cleveland IT where the human body becomes acomplete wreck and where every hoar of existence it a torture. A. Book for the millioc, 100 pages, only ten ccuts to pay postage. Consultation free. Ladies wantinc the most delicate attention, home and board. orwrite. AH PATNT S Only Line RanninETbrough Thoroughfare Coach- es Daily between Niagara Falls, Buil'ulo and oth- er Points to Mid from ff f f NEW YORK or E> Only Line (hat can JUSTLY BRAG over ITS SCENERY You can also Xt! By giving it a trial. Going, Coming, or both ways Q THROUGH EXPRESS TRAINS, Noon and Evening, To and From "W IIST C7O., Attorncys-at-Law and eoliciiors of American ana Foreign Patents. We have an associate at- torney at Washington, B. C., whose auty U is to watch over the cases of onr cliente while before the Patent Ollice. Interlerence and Itejected Cae- es a Specialty. We attend to Drawings, Recording Papers, inR Aesignments, furnish Copies of Patents, and look to all mailers connected with the Patcntof- fice. Send stamp for our Inventors' liand Book. Address BRWIN CO., Iron Ulock. Milwaukee. MARINE BOILER WORKS, ays low as by any oilier route. Tickets at all Principal Offices. J. N. ABBOTT, B.-M.ARMS, Qen'l Pass'r Ag't, Gsn'l Wcst'n Pass'r Ag't New York. Chicago. a day puar.intopd minx our Wet! Auger Drills. a. inuiuii pnM to Rood Agents. AuRcr book IVce. Jilz Auger Co., 61. Louis, >Io, Manurnclurcr of and Low PrcBBurc STEAM BOILERS! Oil, And SHEET IRON WORK in General street, Milwaukee. Particular Attention Paid to Repairs. Orders Solicited and Promptly Executed. JySldly Mce oi TiilQi Depositions A new blank, jotl printed 9AZBTTB

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