Saturday, October 20, 1894

Janesville Daily Recorder

Location: Janesville, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Janesville Daily Recorder on Saturday, October 20, 1894

Janesville Daily Recorder (Newspaper) - October 20, 1894, Janesville, Wisconsin JANESVILLE RECORDER. Foreign Mwrttews NUMBER 94. JANESV1LLE, WISCONSIN. SATURDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 2O. 1894 PRICE: THREE CENTS. m EN1) MARSHAL GRAHAM iNDiCTEO, m he Said To Fir.t Hanging in St. Paul Thirty-Three Years. in H 1Kb 'J Charl., K li-H, >n- Mainifju-f tirinjf O., who, on k tn f .rx 1 jxvk.r. orf. n-1 r f, the EXEtTTIOX A DOVU.E OXE. irk Ix-ar- tbf; Tw -f i 8h> rdooHi A j MI Jfl 1 he JU Wri. V> -tf on nff- th- fjtftrr afjo-vf tU ir 'vf.K-h rtMir-rnrn.? tf i-n-rtetle their GRAND FALL AND WINTER OPENING COMMENCING SATURDAY, OCTOBER aoth, and continuing: for om- week at THE GOLDEN EAGLE CLOTHING HOUSE cured. cs- txeh-ifl 1_ and ene .ri I i.'-rt: that Hi'pll-.h'Kl Wl t) r to K by for _____ new The dread j the th.- of which -will atic sttitwn, <md the iinoer- ,iaa the time of her return an as the of the deceitioiie th-it Please Remember to by The time has now come when you must think of SE direct. Thepric 11. fn ii it v vi I'm ciiiu-ilUir .v.' 1'iivy nn i-t< ot th' inte- i ,ki The HV.GL'. A" PARIS. i urt-lKti Af- i'.i In n reoeived in'; iliat .lip condition ,t mi fli.'s if< d <'or i uix i ii ID political t1 t IK Nt t'XprOHft i iU r" over, allude in -1 of iricndHhlp for In i thntthis pol- U.i'itft'i Mieowwor. t, i i-it Not the JtiKht Man. rt-MUt-HLAMt, Wd, Oct. 19 C J- irvey, for the Virginia train >bbery, wuri brought Ix-fore Judge Hoff- inii fur examination, lawyer Thomas, I Baltimore, representi-il the Adams Ex- company and rwiuestctl a postpone- n-iit of thi> hounnK until tomorrow. The risoiier'scoiisisel, Messrs. Richmond nud 'liieBeth, offering no objection, the re- was Tho prisoner con- mnes to alxstam from talking further haiL to maintain his limocenco. There is convletion thai t ho prisoner, ftl- hongh probitbly a crook, Jiwl no conneo ion with tho hokl-vip. Kflturn of Coiikllu. Lis, Mich', Oct. IW.-Dr A. B. who has returned home after >vor six weeks of myhtorioiis absence, left for Manchester, Mich., to visit his wife Mrs Conkliu had removed to Manchester und mournwl her husband as dead. Iho cbKJtor's story of hta kidnaping and deten- tion coincides with tho btatemonts mado after his dlsapTwarmice tibowt tho two col- ored men hanging about his premises and about the vehicle standing near his ollicu, which later disappeared along the lako road. Uo eun as yet give no other theory for his kidnaping than that already stated by him._________ Tlii-i runvH has si-n-i.iUon ovory- v, i A Ut> to l.Klvlill. I'nnccsh Alix of Ihe <v cowicli, (iccom- VI -torl.i of Uttttoil- II i-'n-Ci'lt IjlVHllltl. SUSPtlCF CAUGHT. i <m n le actud SUh- 1114 l hospital or -il iitd nt ion. It was ii! .1 1 it- sum of money ii i-. t H 11 sinixH-ted ho i i t io i 1 o ,1 in. Ji, t i x t I'll. I1 !i, li cxpn-s-. ruMMTH. aim dt nioi i ri'covon'd 1 f> MI hK hat, other hi- ilc'iliuu'. hooi-, und feiichol. n--- i n 1 ol money. i imi'iUtul th.'t hi) i'soi'0 oV iil.t i-, HioUlv .itter hu hai'. (tu well dressed in v iii n. Heint; rofuseci lui f r the th: he touted u nd (hut nil W.H tin f, in II-D nltnlion tho mil b i lied all tho MOVKI hi Kvldentlv D, it- I' n K thoii' art) one t the i'.til) rohhi'is IKTH. ii i ,iu ii n ihi spot I lontid in i ho tin t i nei of Ids criii-O for Brave Men. r HT Oct. Hlncklcy, Minn., j speoinl to Tho Pioneer Press sivys: A j inuotlng of was hold for the pur- j poso of somo stops to rocogiiiao tho bruvouyof tho train crows on itho fcttt.t- orn Minnesota, and St Paul und Dnluth railroads who saved so mtmy lives during the grout ilros. It wns decided to give u medal to each trainman A committee was also appointed to draw up resolutions of tlumks, extending to nil tho world feeling of thankfulness expressed lu thlB meeting._________________ Afraltl Truin Kobbom. ST. I.OUIS, Oct. of the Pn- cHle Express company in tho Indiun Ter- ritory have been instructed not to receive money tu forward, and to discontinue tho bale of monoy ordors. This action is the josultof fjvcuient depredations mado by luuulits without interference on tho part ot tho two authorities in tho Indian 'lerri torv the United Stivtoa government ivnO the' local government of tho Indian Na ST. Jjouia, Oct. Republicans UioKlovonth Missouri congressional dis ronommated Churloa Joy who i unsealed by tho present congress In favo- ol' JohuJ. O'iSelll, Democrat. Iho Ki- pub'ioans of the Twolfth Missouri con district nominated Frank W. Storritt to oppose Hon. Soth Cobb, Demo- crat, now running tlllrtl term nl It 'll ln e- i ttruly, then adjusted The noose quickly, (irow down tho bltu k cap ever the eyes of he condemned men, stepped back and he signal givon. Th-re was about wo seconds of suspense. Ihen the loor beneath Monigkeit swung open, the body shot downward and out ot sight. Hitcli In Vrosiammc. There was nn exclamation of excitement when it wns seen that Ktmiseh had not dropped also. There was a short and ex- ulted commotion and a quick movement among tho jail officials. Quicker than it takes to tell it Captain Bean, ot the county, realized what; had occurred and without a moment's dolay swunghim- st'lf down to the floor beneath, sprang to the pulley by which tho crap supporting Brniisch was oijened, gavu it one strong jerk and Wonigkeit's partner iiigmU nlso disappeared from vlow The delay haft not been mow than flvo or six seconds, but who shall know how long it seemed to Ermisch, standing there with the knowledge that there was a hitch and thufc his partner was already .winging bolow him? If Ermisch had any realisation of the incident ho gave not tiio slightest man- ifestation of it CoiiHi'lousneHU Censed InstiuiUy. In both cases consolousucsd had oca bed instantly. There wns oivi short, iivack, al- nioM-, liupercoytlblc and upper part of the body und then each man hung there without turthor motion. Dr O'Brien, tho olltcial doctor for tho oc- casion, stated that tho Jail was so grout that death c.imo almost, instantly from strangulation and without buffering to the men. In eleven minutes from the time he fell Wonigkeil was pronounced dead, and two minutes later life had de- parted from the body of Krmisch ihe bodies wens taken down, placed in cofliua, and renuAod for burial. Tho crowd that hung about tho iail all night w.i- Mull there, its morbid curiosity about the ilrst halving in tins county for thirty-throe veart seeming to be in no way docreaseft by the consummation ol the legal tragedy. Those two young desperadoes wearing masks at about o'clock on tho owumg of May 2, entered the saloon of L II. Kehlman, at the corner of Wabasli street and College nve-m-j. tommanded every-. body iu the room to throw up hands, and demnnded thi- at t'.o bar 'they then shot, down and killed Linhoff, the bar- keeper Though Krmisoh was but 19 and less Ih.iii 21, it was shown to the court and public that from childhood tlu-v been crnnlinlrt While under death senceneu Ulrmisch suourod a re- vuhei through bis mother, and attompteil toc.irry out a plot lor laid between ,etl and ;nigkeii through the paes- of notes He shot and painfully wounded his death w.itch and escaped part way throrgh tho jail, being lecupt ured _______ That goods will be cheaper thr n erer in our new store. We expect to pay our in- creased expense by larger sales. YTe had about -30 packages of fine g-oods in the York custom house -waiting f or the new duty; Those goods are now being opened and you oiight to see them aiid note the prices. We have all the staple and common goods also in large quan- tifies. Onr regu- lar price on Stone Men's good wool write, well made, nicely trimmed, all aizee, worth Opening Sale Oil Men's good all wool in single and double breasted styles, worth f9.00. Opening Sale Price.... .OO Men's good all wool Scotch raits, neat and nobby patterns, dark cassimere and m single and donble breasted styles, worth Opening Sale Price....................... Men's single and double breasted sack suits, fancy cheviots, fine worsteds, in button cutaways, worth f 15.00. Opening Sale Price.. Men's very fine fall suits, cat in single and double breasted sacks and cutaway frock styles, also casai- meres and black serges, qualitiesithat other "tores charge you Opening Sale 1'b.UU Men's very finest imported Clay I cut in the new regent and regular length Prince Albert styles, made suit that coat HHHpte Price.. Boys BREWER BE AT----- Janesville, Park Hotel, Mon- day, October 22d. M Suits. breasted styles, %ftB, dark patterns, MtMJJ tht -.1 ,t il -.hiiu-nt in- jll, T ml iho i.iuMiliy ol Wing. en. pumUv- irihiiml Ttio }n i, t MADISON, OU. O Doolcy stopped upon tin' scaffold in tho cast cor- ridor of tho pcnitonti.iry coll room. Ho was firm and ami was iK-compa- nlcd by KUlrldgo ot Adanib county. Sheriff Trump und Deputy McOrmick of U-e county and tho deputy warden. He was then pinioned and tho iioobO nnd lilack CMP adjusted and nt Shor- lit T 11 Kldridgo spi ung thu tra-p tuat l.umeh.Hl luuKlcror J.IIMCS O. Dooloy into i-ternity The drop w us about T feet and death proJiouiiui-d instiintanooas. Have made regular visits to the s ame oflices in tbis Action of the slate for the past twenty five years. This lonsr wtperience in the treatment of aud cnrjtan study of the best methods, enables them to CURp EVERY CURABLE CASE. Consultation Free and Reasona- ble Terms for Treatment. Liver We are prepared to show suits in treating diseases of Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Nerves, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, ity, Youthful Ind.scretKm, Cancers OU KNI.USH, Iail., iiiun, u I'iU'iui'i-M year P.I k r. lirt I.-U-.1 fir. I. -M.'ll. Oi'! "J H Holmes, c hi u'ul Ktlx'ir Bnil h, ft >t ih' Hank Note eoni- l.U S n ion r.f t with thostito ii u print ii'i-tnlnht Uo by tlu) federal i i !i of iKivhiR -i.ituif prohibitliiB Unlcod illll'IS ji, i >cr finli nil i, ti rt .tloiKht Imlktmeata tin- tlitm nn-inbcrs of tho jvn-in i oxiiiuiui'w mt Car- 1'livplciiin-. Dr. A. IJ Wrlyht, and Dr. U 'J nf i 1 (U jki> Tragedy. 19 Cieorgo Gold- old, while ment lv dei.mged Uilleil hi- wife with smooth- in.' iron and then oinptii- 1 tho of a double bar.-oh-l into his o-vii brain (Joldmim sp Mit a months in Ihe insane and had been pro- iiouiH'fil cured ________ 01.1 Kfimlmi at UN-, Oc-t eighth re- union of the Filtieih and T'wonty-heveuth Illinois infantry. Third Missouri cava1 ry, and the Tenth Slls-mirl infantry is going on hero. Four hundreil snrriTors are present and n campfire was held In tho Kmplrt- theator _ _ Couuterfciti'r Sentenced. UlUAVAUKKK, Oot. Henry Wei r of Chicago was found guilty of counterfeit- Ing and sentenced to prison for live yi ars. THE DEATH RECORD. v n M 1 tri n tin -ct. --Tho jury in tho or .Kwejih A on "f having aewpted in f not ot 1. iu Mluoni-r r-. S Scran ton, which i r In tl i fiih- of Oct 10 off Now i, ttH" o itiro i f tin- MhixnuT, in nwiiibwr, Thi pubH-ihixl 01 tho ii it li it! wui un- Cuptnln WILLIAM B. JOHNS, vetcrn tho Aloxicnn war and gratuato of I'oint, at Washington. Chiuf Biiginocr HESBY JIcEvAK, Uintod Sfcivtos navy, at Washington. tioiicral WILLIAM F. HAYNOLDS, at De- troit. Oo Hack to Enjlanil. NEW YOKE, Oct. Lutcomb in tho United SWtes circuit court dismissed tho writ of hnbcivs corpus in the en ot John go back to Knglaud. Oct I'.i -Nathan fo mumll} jnno his rt'fnstil to ih Tai 11 .my candiil.tte fcr the Ur-JMH a U'tcor to Jam J. of Tammany'soxuou- tuiuitu1! st; Mug hi-> reasoiii, for I've secret In my heart, Bweet Marie, A Ule I -would Impart, Sweet Marie. II you'd even fairer be You must Parka' Tea The Improvement yon Sweet Marie. lit BAHCKI.OSA, Oct. dynamite Lomb-i wero found near tho engine of ft Urge maiHifuUin-y where a number of nn- urehisls wt-re formerly employed. Fuses wiro attached to the bombs, and they are bcheved to bo lully loaded. Among the unnrehisls who wero .it one tune employed at the refemnl to were two men who weu> executed in front of the fortress of Mon I Juich An investigation into the churm-tiT ol the bo-nh-, showed that they were powerful enough to have blown up tho whole <nmner oi tho cily in which they were found._______ Injured at t.rartc Crotsing. JJOUISVILI.E, Oct the Seventh street railitiud crossing a switch engine on the me and Nashville railroad ran down n wacfon lontaming 'I homa-, J Sullivan, his two soi is and his daughter The wagon WAS smashed to pieces and Sullivan tmd one of the were so Taadly injured fiat they wiM probably die The other boy and tho girl eacaped with injuries. _______ Veteran KHIctl. MitWVUKKB, Oct, Crowley, veteran at tho Soldiers' home, was stabbed and killed by an unknown man. Flaii.igan Vindicated. ST. IjOUIS, Oct. 18 report to The Riiblie from El P.vso, Tex., says: Tho cases Rgalnst Webster Flanagan, ex-cus- toms collector for tho port, charged with conspiracy to rob the government of du- ties, has been dismissed in the federal courts. "I would trust tbat medicine than doctor I know nays Hattie Mason, of Cbilton, Carter Co., Mo., in speaking of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aai Diarrhoea Remedy. For eale b; G. D. Stevene, druggist. en a Specially, Influenza, Asthma tcr. Scrofula, Blotches, and all diseases ot long "fddresH with stamp DRS.BREWEI: Evanston, 111. wool suits, double P with pante to each suit, sge 4 to 14, worth S3.00. Opening Sale tf.OO Children's good all wool Scotch suite, double breasted styles, age 4 to 15, worth Opening Sale O Children's very fine caasimere, black cheviots and fancy worsteds, in all the leading styles, age 4 to 15, worth Opening Sale Bovs' good knee panta, made of heavy wool mater- ial, age 4 to 14, 50oT Opeaing Sale T... .25C Boys' good heavy wool suits, well made, age 13 to 19, worth Opening Sale OO Boys' suits in dark and medium ctlora, strong and durable, guaranteed all wool, cut in ihe latest styles, age 14 to 19, worth Opening Sale mm. Boys' suits, strictly all wool, age 14 to 19, cut sin- gle and double breasted styles, extremely nobby, and not sold by any one for less than OpenineSale Price UU Slay diagonals and fancy worsteds, three-button cutaway Opening Sale Price 10.50 remaining will again jr be marked 1 Men Men's good heavy wool over shirtejdark colors, well made, worth 75c. Ot-ening Sale Price............OOC Men's good heavy wool Jersey shirts, worth Opening Sale Men's heavy all wool hose, worth 85c. Opening Sale Price...........................................18C Men's good cardigan Jackets, worth Open- ing Sale Price........................................ fOC Men's heavy overalls, worth 85c. Opening Sale j.e................................................OOC Men's good heavy undershirts or drawers, worth 40c. Opening Sale Price........................... Men's heavy fleece lined undershirts or sold everywhere for f LOO. Opening Sale Price.........OOC Men's good all wool sanitary shirts or drawers worth Opening Sale Price.................._...7OC Men's best unlaundried shirts, linen bosom and cuffs, double front and back, worth 65c. Opening. Sale Price...........................................' Fall and Winter have to offer you for Men" Boys and Children Eveiythinir make-uo. right in qualities, light in fit, rlffht 3f new this fall from maker to wearer NOTE A FEW OF THE BARGAINS: Men's Fah and Winter Overcoats. good heavy part wool o ercoats, well worth Opeaing Men's guaranteed all wool A.tlUm in gray and brown, finished with silk sleeve lining, worth Opening Sale Price........................ Men's eiegant overcoats, made of fine beaver cloth, colors black, blue, Un mid drab, wngle and doiible breasted styles, worth Opening Sale Men's very fine Kersey ove.-coats in blue and black, single and double breaafcd cut long, part satin and wool silk lining, these orercoata cannot be duolicat ni anywhere for leas Opening Sale Men's finest imported Carr's Melton wad Kersey, overcoats, silk lined, elegantly Ions, single and double breasted styles, worth __ Opening Sale Men's ,good heavy ulster well lined, collars, 52 inches long, wort i Opening Sale Price............................ Men's all wool Shetland chinchilta ulster over- coats, collars, 52 inches lonjj, wool lining, worth SiUo genuine Irish frieze ulstar ovorooata in and black, elegantly made wool lining, A inchbalong, worth 50. Opening Sftle Bciys' and Children's Overcoats. OO Giiildren's good warm overcoats, wool lined, age 4 to 12, worth Opening S ale 1 Children's good cape overcoi its, well made, age 4 to 13, worth Opening Sal3 Price......... Children's good heavy ulster overcoats, wool lirfed, large collars, age 4 to 14, worth Opening Sale Price............................ Children's good all wool ulelar age 7 to 14, in colors, largo collar and wool lined worth Salo Pric Boys' good heavy ulster overcoats, wool lining, large collars, age 14 to 18, wortl Opening Sale Bovs' good wool durable ulster overcoats, well made, age 14 to 19, worth Opening Sale Price Boys' good chetltmd chinchilla ulster overcoats, age 14 to 19, in light and dark ehades, cut extra long, worth Opening Sale Price................... Boys' good frieze ulster overcoats in gray, Oxford and black, age 14 to 19, worth 12 00. Opening Sale Price............ Boys' fine Kersey Overcoets, single and double styles, in blue, black, brown and tan, well macH silk sleeve lining, cat extra long, age 14 to 1J, Opening Sale Price .S3O .OO .00 .00 00 JpO.VHJ woirti penng ae rce Men's and Boys' Hats and Caps. 95c 50 50c 1 -n gr Price ARE To meet the demands of close- buying cns- Dtoniers. We Can Sell Crockery, Glassware, Tinware and Notions Men's good Fedora fur hats in black or brown, the latest shapes, worth Opening Sale Price.. Men's fine stiff hats in all the leading shapes, worth Opening Sale Price................... Boys good Fedora hats wo rth 75e. Opening Bale Men's and.boys' fine silk plush caps, made in all sorts of styles, 75c and upward, worth double. Children's caps, all styles, 25c and upward. Men's good strong suspenders, 15c and upward. Men's heavy duck coats, vool lined, worth Opening Sale Price................................ And last but not least, au immense lot of men's and boys' yacht caps, navy blue checks and plaida, made up in all sorts of styles, but everyone worth at least 75c. Opening Sale Price...................... After this week any of these goods remaining will again be marked to regular price. line, body welcoifre.r join us in this celebration. The GreatH0fflestore THE GOLDEN EAGLE CLOTHING HOUSE. The ni- PFENNIG MOE8EB American, FIRE INSURANCE. REAL BSTATB Notary PuDlto. Corn GEO. H. McCAUSBY, GOLLING, WRAY X BLAIR, Builders and of SUlri and klmdi at Interior flnUb. PHOENIX PUNI1G MILL. On the In rwur o< GBO. K. COUJHe. TrBMT. WM. H. BtAIS At a 'price that aston- ishes but delights. Call and see us; we will deal square with you at THE HU J. B. GREEN CO. e 103 West Milwaukee St 'mTratu SKPHILIS I rforproofaof iitconxlBlu-------- TURKISH BATHS ABB 01 Superior Excellence TOB Promoting Health AND TOR Preventing Disease. No. 4B7 South Jacfaton atreet.________ ____ .OXIE TBK tAKOtni vmn rooo CHICAOO COHBOUDHTEO BOTTLIMa CO. 14 TO 18 ILL. TCUPHOMC. WAIN EWAHK or fOOK 8oUl by nil wholesale drugcUU and M your locil dealer don't keep It, on receipt ol two and the will Jorwaril BEVKUA.QK MOXJI. ___ DR. E. EVERETT, EIE, BIB, JOSE -1ID TfflOiT, LADIES PQ fou KSOW OR. FCUX LE BRUN'S p' m Pwmtice A Evenaon, r only Mnt by aoeo- Noiice to Contractors Sealed ptoposftU the construction. a werrrom tfieOottnty Insane Mylum to Jock Md on flleintheoffloaof the. county clerk, wi lib re- until two o'clock p. m. on the whtcb thnt by the public tracts awarded. to wject any County MMh MjWMk Bnm Power, rulneu. Vitality, tor vwriuhd crrMw BO ww ___ i I the port Mid plnmp, onrrtM In par DOB; xoM prepaid with written to talni oiMld with wrttwm to ei rrtnndwJ. ut for Matad In plain wrapper, which eon- til OiuMOtal K9 a to 9 p. i GhBdren Crr for Pitcher's Cufcitt

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