Saturday, November 9, 1907

Janesville Daily Gazette

Location: Janesville, Wisconsin

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Janesville Daily Gazette on Saturday, November 9, 1907

Janesville Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - November 9, 1907, Janesville, Wisconsin CIRCULATION OP THE DAILY QA2CTTE YESTERDAY........ 3901 CIRCULATION OF 8EMI WEEKLY GAZETTE SATURDAY................. VOLUME LI, JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 0, 1007. NUMBER 213. IN BANK FUNDS New York Clearing House Report Made Public This Afternoon After Business Is Closed. MILWAUKEE TO USE CERTIFICATES Omaha Banks Are Now Paying Cash And Believe Tlio Worst Is About Over--Gold Engagements Pass Over Ffty Millions. (HY ANHCHMATUn Now York. Nov. Hid Hlntl'tlH'tllS llf till! oloiirlnU hollSO hailed HilH afternoon trade hud cloHc'il tliu situation ilm-JtiK UK- piiHt, wrote IIIIN decidedly cleared nllil III'- fill I'M 1IM> III hotter shllpo llmiliclally HOW. 1 The Statement Tim slalomont for Mi" week that 'Mm ImiiliH now liolO ir.l.lWinll ll'HH tllllll IVIpllll-monlS Of MlO tWOIlly- llvn cunt rule. '1'llln IH ll tloeromio nf the niHli roHorvn or IIH compared with Inul Wl.-oU. Ute Certificates Milwaukee, Nov. order to ini'i'l tln> ili-iiiiitiil or III" inorohiiiitH Mm Milwaukee Clearlnir HOIIHO Asso- ciation announced HilH afternoon that Hliirllnu on Monday they would IIIHIIO cIciirliiK IIOIIHK eorlllli'alos III dollar, Ih'i'-ilulliir mid Ion-dollar nimmtilii. O. K. In Omaha Olualui. Nov. llminclal nil- Illlllllll III (Illlllllll llllH Improved III Hilrli nil I'xlrlil thai Din Illlllllll of Mm city mi' now nil dopoHllot'H Of IllKtlllllJllllH ril.lll Oil chl'OkH dinwn (mains! tin- luuilt IIH wi-II an cash In lull on NHW York DraCtii proKcnted by Ovf-r Fifty Millions New Nov. tnlal known [mill passed Illo liriy-iiilllloli-dolliii' marl; toilny ami ov- i-i-y InoomliiK Htoamshlp IK mldlng In Mn> supply iili-i-ady on hand. Tln< nil I'M In l.ondiin by Mm llnnl; of has imt tlin rniih of Kohl to thin Hide. BRILLIANT SHOW FOR LONDON LORD MAYOR elaborate Ceremonies Held Over In. comlnu of New Lord Mayor of World's Metropolis, If TIIK London, Nov. MiiiiMmimn-il MIIVOI-'H Hhow took plaro today, and Urn m-w Lord Mnyoi- of l.oiidon, Sir John riimli'H lli-ll. WIIH fonimlly liiHlalh'd In ollli-i-. Hiini-iii-illiii; Sir U'll- tliini Tri'loar. Tim lilrlioiit of Mm popn- IIIPII WIIH HID Inrtsi-Ht of ri'oi'iil yi-Hi-M, whllo Mix iirooi'HHloii WIIH i-xc The HIICCUHHOH ncliliived hy nmateiii'H In (lie itt'oat pauounlH held al War- wick and llnry St. last mini- mer decided (he committee In chaw of Ihe Lord Mayor's parade mi nn Im- portant experiment. The help of ama lours WIIH Invoked, ami the HpoctaRiila element WIIH placed In their hands The. principal Hpectncle afforded the! talenlH excellent scope. It WIIH I pageant of lloyal lln kliiKH who have borne Hie name o Kdward, hcKlnnlnK with lOdwaril Hi ConfoHHor. and endlni: with Kdwar .VI. Ktioh of Mm I'dwanls WIIH snr 'nmndeil hy the most pnnnlm-nt iieopl of his rolun. Several hundred horsi men were In line, nml n slinllnr nnm her of clmrnclorH worn leprcHcntei hy men on root. To complete (his'spectacle It closed by n representation, on nn am billons Hi'alo, oT Mm presenl Kdwai t'olKh, Tbe principal fonluro WIIH Croat harvest thanksgiving car. em hleinallc of Mm fuel that llrllaln Is n peace with Ihe world. In the centre o Mm car WIIH a pretty it-pro the IlKiiio of I'ence, nml female uiOH Htamlltii: nt each of Ihe corners wore symbolical or Knropo, America Asia nml Africa, The route of the procession wr.s from (iiilldlmll lo Cheapslde, Ilienci Colemaii, Fore. Monriruto KhiK William, Cannon Kirooi, St I'anl's Chiirrhyard, Illll and Fleet SI rot In Ihe Courts, when his l.ordslilp wan received by Mm Lord Chancellor. The return WIIH via the Slraild. Northumberland Avenue the Victoria lOmhaiiknionl and Queen Victoria Street to the Cnllilhall. Tin husliiomi IIOIIHCH nloiiK Mm roiilo of the nrocosHlon wore olahoralolv deco, ruled, ami It WIIH nollceahle that I hi enlhiiHliiHm on Mm part or the miilll- Hide WIIH Mm mosl prononnced when over the forty hands In line tendered "Itiile Ililtannla." or Mm national an- them. The ooroiinmloH or the iluy conclud- ed this evenliiK with Hie' customary brllllnnl hamiuet al Hie C.ulldlmll, at- tended -bv the cabinet tnlnlHters, for- I-IKII nmhaHHiiilors ami many other KlIcHlH oT note, Tho HOOIIO 111 the ban- hall WIIH one or even more Mum ordinary brilliance. The linen oak- en rafters were decorated with Hat's and the hall WIIH brilliantly lighted, sliowlim to the best or advan- tage the KlItloiliiK nnlforins nnil tho dresHos and of Mm ladles. Sir John Charles Dell, who will be the titular ruler of the City of London dnrlnir the oiiHiiInt; twelve nmnlliH. IH liroc yours old and has already IIH Sheriff of which IH hefon< one can liocome eligible lo the l.ord Mnyor'H chair. lie IH host known IIH the chairman and director or Mm Won- lock lirowliiK comiiaiiy. For many years ho IIIIH taken nn active Intercut in municipal affairs, Jolnliu; the Court of Common Council In Then he liocamo sncccsHlvely rhalrman of Ihe Olllcei-H and ClerkH1 Committee, of the (ieneral I'lirposes' Committee nml of the Corn mid Finance Commliioe, and nerved an Deputy novernor of the Irish Socle! y. Tlm new Mayor IH also hlch In the councils or Hoveral clly com- lln IH on the Court of the urn' Company, a past mas. tor of the (llovel'H1 Company, and IH mi Mle livery of tlm IniiholiloiV, Uirln- t'l-H1 ami SpectacleimikerH' companlcH, Former Mnyor Dead Milwaukee, Nov. C, Kerb, nuoil hlxly-Hlx yearn, former miiyor of Milwaukee and one or the host known Lutherans In the state, died liiKt nlclit from pneiniionla. CHIEF GOSS SPRINGS COUP ON A FIREMAN Delolt Fire Chief Charges One of His Men with Intoxication Whllo on Duty. [HpKCUi. TII TIIK luinrm.] llelolt, Win., Nov. Chief riiiHH pri-Honted a formal complaint. iiKiilnxf one of hlH ilremon, Tlmn, Cur- HHH. for Intoxication while nn duly to Mm hoard of l-'lro nml 1'ollco com- mlntdolierx wlm nut In hint 'Veiling. Mm coup helm; n Hiii'prlHe lo everyone. The will lold u tneellni; Monday when heir verdict. In Mm CIIHOH or Chief IONH, AHHlKtiinr Chief Hunter, and irlver lluller, who IIIIH lieen prom-cut- "I on several will he nil- imillieed at Hi" name Mine Iliev ren- der their dcclHlon In the eoinplalnt. luoiiKht hv COSM araliiHt hU iln-mnn. The dcclHloiiH In MIONO caHCK IM mix- loilidy looked forwiiril to hy local XI'IIH ivho have horn much IntcroHtod 111 Die Irlaln held liefoie the hoard of COIIIWlKHlollCI'K. Explains the Reason I'OWOIH of the Honlor claiiii of Itelolt college, explained Mie reiiHoii for Mm lame at thin yea I'M fool hull UUIIIOH al Hie animal hampiet of llololl Aliiiiinl IhliiK In .Milwaukee held In the ('main I'lly hiHt ulu-n he Hald thai Hie of.Hie eolh-ce are due lo Ihe lai-o.o monolary rolnriiH fmni the KlillieK. lie derlared Mint Mle did not pay men lo play foolliiill and coniniercljillHin lo creep Into the alhlelles or Mle collcKo an little IIH poHHlhlo. lie iioliili-d out that tile plOHoill oolh-Ki- team IH colnpOHOll moHlly of FroHhmen, I ho nppei claim, men lluillm; loo iminy oilier In higher voiliieallon to occupy piny foothnll. Thi1 KII Diali CAN UK now (Ins THIS "DIAIil.O" soon lie inlriiiliiceil inlu (hid country. LARGE MEETING OF MISSIONARIES IS ON WILL DANCING BE ALLOWED'IN SCHOOL? Kails School Doard Must Decide If Dnnclng In to Do Per- mitted In SchoolhoiiBC. IHI-KCMI, TO TUN iuari-in.1 l-'allH, U'ls.. Nov. icMlloii of whelher lo allow ilancliiK In Ihe new school hnllillni: Is nt prex out pnxxllni; the InenilieiH of Mn cliool hoard hen; and a comiillllei WIIH recently appointed nialie Mn oesHiiry rnlon for the UFO of Ihi but when came to Mn Sherlrf Snillh. I la I ex It IH clali.....I van llvlnu on a IIOIIHO limit with atesi victim near the Iowa Hliore vhen urn-Hied, lie admits liavlm: hn-e wives llvlnu hut HHVH that all mil a divorce Inn bin hint. MIH. tales claims to have evidence ho itillty of Wedding of Mlis Jane Carlisle. WiiHhlnuiiin, C.. Nov. atie Cm-llHle. daughter of MrM. W, K. Carlisle ami KianddatiKhtor of John CarllHle, formerly Secretary of he TieiiHiiry. WHH married early this ifli-llmon lo Frodorlck l.alhrop Allen f Now Yorlt. The eeroiminy took lace at the John Carlisle residence in K Hlreot. nml was followed by a n-allfiiHt and reception The olllclnl- mr was Hie ijov. Dr. of SI, 1'atileli'n Chinch, The ride was OHCorled by liel' Krillld- father. Largest Gathering of Foreign Mission. arlet Ever Hold on Const Opens r at Sc.ittlu Today. FHTht'lAi. ill TIIK CUHLTIII 1 Seal Me. Wnch., Nov. most imlnhle Kiiihei Inn of inlsHlon- arles Ihnl htm ever been held on the I'liclllc Coaul opened In Seattle lodny and will coiiUtiin- ihroimh the cinnlni; The occaKlon la Mm world'n conveiillon of llm Forolmi MIsKlon Hoard of Mie .Molhodlxi clinrch. and It will he followed a week heiicn by the of the Home Hoard of I'orl- lallil. II In Illo lll'HI Mine Hint. Ihci.e nieelhiKH have ever lieen held In thin soellon of Ihe coiinlry. They have at- liacted a dlKlliiKiilKhed of churchmen and mlHHlonai IOH lepre, Menlliu; all partx of the world, II hi expecled Ihal III holh Mm admlnlslrallon of .Melhodhit uhm funds will In- warmly dohaled. I Hn Im: Mm past ion yearn Ihe Hcope of Melhoillhi mlssloiiH, i-Hpeclally those abroad, ban Im-reaxed enormoiiitly. Now llm nppoiihi lor nilimlons In the rnlled HlaleM are demamllm; inten- tion, h'or Koine years Mm uppeiilH have been aiiHA-eied by u peicelitaue In ereime. Now II la Hiild to be likely thai Ihe whole idlilalloii will he umie over with even more care limn usual, and perhaps a dllToiciit basin of award decided upon. DEDICATES SHAFT IN MEMORY OF NATIVES Monument In Honor of Those Who Died In Donolngton DInniitcr Will Do Dedicated Nrxt Week. 'lu THI-. I San 1'lrijo, Cat.. Nov. I'repara- an- helm: made I'm- the dodloa tlon' next week of lln- monument In Ihe iinlloi'K who lost Iliolr lives In Ihi dlHaslor nn Ihe Kinilinal llennhiKlon .Illlv 21, Of Illo crew of lln Unlli-d Slalen Kinilioal wlxly-llve lost Mn-lr liven the exploHlon of a holler while the vessel In San IOKII harbor. The Hhaft erected lo the memory of Hie dead Is lifts'.live feet and IH of The base of tin.....Imnn hears Mm followlui! InHcrlpllon: "ICrected hy the olllcorH nml men of Hut I'aclllc siptadriin lo the memory of HIOHO who hint their liven In MID performance of duty." LABOR LEADERS MEET AT NORFOLK MONDAY Talk of Ouatliifj Compera and LKCCU- live Council Han Kxcited Intcrcot Dut Is Not Snrloui, iNI-rOUI. 111 Niirful'i. advance cn.inl oi deli-Kales Is pint In1; In ;m ap- pearaiico I'm- Hi" annual convention of Ihe American l-'cdcrailiin of l.nhor. which Is lo Its hen- Moiidiiv. The ciinvontlon piomlsi-M to III- Well lltlollded. Then- Will he dole- inili'H I'riini .Maine and Horn as Tar IIM CalU'oi'iila All cliiiseji of hilinr, from ihe must uliilled lo Ihe coinnioiH'st anil IIIOK! poorly paid, he icprc.-cnlcd. 'I'alli of Hie reelecllon of I'l'i-Hhlenl iIompeiH and the pioMc melllliei-M of Ihe ciilllicll hlM atoiisod ooiiHlderalile Inlen-Hl, thnimh It hi not li.'llevnl ihal the movement Kland-i any chance of HIU-I-OHM al Ihe prejienl i-oiivoiitloil. The idepa luNoii h.V Hie hi Irsl Hie Cilllly of Hie tiiiciilled "Idacli of Mm federation In the I'lilicd Slates ronrlH will ici'elvo alleiiiInn. Aimlli or matter In vliloh coiiHldeiahle Inlor- IH lalieit al Ihla time hi Hie as lo whether Ihn f.'ilc'i ill Ion will lake purl In the presidential ciiinnaimi of It hi expeci- oil Ihal I'lenldi-lit (ionipeis, In hlH an nnal1 mcHSiiKo. "Ill the plant- In Mils dltectloii. If any have heeti made. There will he a warm llr.hl lor Ihe iicvl convention of the federation, wllll 'Senlllo, MenM-r, Toronto and HI-V- 1'ial other oitleii an the ciinlcsianlK. CROWN PRINCESS HAS A SECOND CHILD Wife of Frederick William of Ger- many Cave Dlrth to Son This Morning. INMllOMTKIi I'llKHR.) llcrlln. Nov. I'rlncoss I'loderlck William Idrlh lo n son this inoniliiK. The llrst child of Ihe Crown I'rjnee was horn July I, Honor to Confederate Dead. Decatui1, (In., Nov. liaiidnnne lU'iilille Hhaft erected III the court IHUIHO simare was unveiled here today is mi ovoi memorial to tlm Confederate dead of DcKalh county. The ceremony was made Ihe occasion for a Ki'aml di-monstrallon In which veloran In Kniy who WIIH phys- cally able, and many a one who was not. participated with an energy ind onlhuslaHiu which dolled Mm life, aapplm; yearn that, have Kolie sliu'e they bore arms for llu> South, A parade of Ihe veterans, Hclmol lillilrcn and fiatermil orders wan lowed by tho coix-monleu of KING EDWARD IS 66 YEARS OLD TODAY Diamond, Valued at Presented lo King hy Trans- vaal Government, I u, -i.i o London. Nov. !i.--KlnK Kilwaid. on (ho occasion of hh> sIxty-iiKth birth day today, received a pi-esenl that wan ceralnly "III for a This was Illo Ininoiiii Ciilllnan diamond, which was picscnlcd HI hhi .Majesty In Ihi- mime of Ihe Tramtvaal novelnineiit. The diamond Is alleged to he worth SMIII.IMHI, and IH icKiudeil an one of the InrKost and llnest. Htom-H Mm world bus ever known, In accordance with his oilstom of many years, Kbit; lOdward passed the duy nt Samlrlimham siirroimd- ed hy hlx family. In the toloKrams of concrattlhitlon that poured lu dnrliii: Hie day nil Ihe crown hi-nds of Europe, I'roHlilcnt Falllen-s of I'ranoe. I'resl, ilelil ItooHovelt of the United Stales, and the numerous ambassadors of (iron! llrllaln lo forelcu powers won- ropicHonlod. Then1 were a number of cotmratulalory from leading munlclnullMes of the Tnlicd Klimdom and from Canada and other parts of the empire1. The ciislomary naliiles wore Hied by Ihe warships at rortiiniimtli and other naval centers. Cunaeia Honorn the King, Quebec, Nov. royal Hiilute of wiinii was llred loday from Iho Ci- tadel In holior of the Kind's Idrthdrv, and the men of Hie garrison were en II hollilav, Oltawa. (Int.. Nov. helm: the hlrlhdav a royal salute of JI mms was llred from I'arllament Illll. Victoria, ll. N'ov, honor of ils Malesty'n hlrlhday HIIKH WIM-O Ken- Miillv displayed on pnhllo ami private inllillncs and a siilulu of L'l was I red. SCHOOL BOYS PULL TAFT'S RIG TO DOCK School Children of Philippines Draw Secretary of War's Carriage When Mr L'Mvps Manila, (III AHNtHUIKM I'MiHM. Nov. The depnrtiiri! of Si-cn-liirv Tall from the oily on tin eriili.or lialnhinv for VUnllvonlol; to- wan attended hy a reimirltaldc ih-moiii-ilralhin on Hn- part of .the Fill- HIMSIV were wltlldfllU'll from Tafl'it oiirrliiKi- and II pnlloil hy Ironi l.iii'i-lla to Hie duel: Iliioiiuli rroivila of ctllzi-IIH. CDMBINETO RAISE HULK PRJCES BUSTED M.mltowoc Milk Dealers Will Charge Five Crnts .1 Quart npcnuse Some Would Not Agree to Scheme, IHITCIAI. T.I run .MiinltiKvoo, Win., Nov. .mill; dealers of lliin oily wlm raised Ihe mice one cent, on .Monday will -ho lorccil to relmn In live cents n ipia.-l, the old price. This rosiilli'd from Mie n-l'ilHiil ol live or of Hie ilcalerH -to remain In Ihe iiHKoclatlon and It ,'H i.alil that Hie reduced price hi alK'tidY III lone with more than a half of Mm dealers. The hlcii of Incorpoi ill Imr Hie aiM.clallon will he nlialidoliod now as there has been conitldorable fcellnt; Marriage Licence: Application for i imirrhiKo license WIIK todav ).v William U. DoiiKliorly of Milwau- kee. aiid Lulu II. Howard of Magnolia, TEACHER REJNSTATED; SCHOOL BOARD FIRED Pewaiikce Votes to Have Pret- ty Tc-.ichor Put Dack and Have the Qo.ii-d nesiun. TO TMI: I'ewankee, WIs., Nov. Miss Helen Kohertii, the prellr nss'.idalil principal of Ihe village KClmol, whone recent dliuulssnl hy Ihe m'hool hoard was followed by n wnlk-onl of tin- HlndenlH as Ihe hourly uoiil-wlll anil hacking of Hie was shown al the special xchool piivllni: I'rlday i-venltiu when icsidiillons were adopted by an overwhelming virie of M! In 7 asklmr (he inemhers of Hie school hoard to on account of Incompelency and the reinstatement of Ihe teacher demanded by u 11 until- nioipi vote, C. Armln, for Miss ItohortH, a leniTMlJ' Hiipri'iim court, decision temllnu to HiiiM'ort. contention that Hie board wan In. tho W1OI1K. TWO FAST TRAINS WRECKED BY HITTING FREIGHT CARS Boston And Albany Passenger In Smash.Up- Second Wreck On The Wabash. flir ANMIICUTKH rllKHN.I Wi'Ul. llrooklll-lll, XdV. A lliiKlnii Alliiiny oxproHH train from Alliiiiiy hound hii' Huston Ktriiok ii I'rolKhl Iniln while haekliiK out (if it Hiding Ill-Ill- I III- Station Illlltiy. OllUsllie; ii hiiil wreck mill I.Illlni; tin- cuitlm-or j more pasxonuors wore novon-ly nlmh- of HIM express, Several porsoiiH wore up and linilHi-il. lull nobody HUH ml iiml bruised hut none HorloiiHly. J sorlomdy Injured. Another Wreck l-'l. Inil., Nov. liiiinid lietrolf-ltnllalo piiHHoiiKor train mi (In- Wahash collided with a frolnhl. HI-HI- (In1 of Fl. Wiiyne to- dny, Si'vnnil trainmen and Hovoral GIRL LEAVES HOMF; DAD OBJECTS TO MAN Father Girl to lleturn Home hut Sbn HcfiiGCB Uncaunn Hn Will Not Take In Her Flancn. TO no: Chlppewa KnIlH, Nov. Wlu-n Wlllinm Colilen rolurm-d Imnn loday he found n mile from his daimh lor Hlallm; Mint she had left lionn hocailHO lie ohjceteil lo lief Cliuace nieiil lo Carl HoKslad. The fnlhei soon learned In-r whoreahoiilH nml with (ears In his eyon boKued her lo return home, Inn uln- staled Mini she would only return upon Ihe condition that ho would receive .Mr. ItoKSlnd vllh open nrniH as her husband and fo allow him lo Hhare her homo. To i-se arninueini'iilH Ihe father Hirenii oiisly objecloil, FLAMES STILL RAGE AT SUPERIOR FIRE Devastating Conflagration Still Con- sumlny Shore Man Thought Dead. TUT 1HNIICUTRU PKHin.l Superior, Win., Nov. which Htiu-leil In the lii-ent Norllierii elevator at. nine o'clocl; hint nlKht WUH Htlll hiirnltiK early today, after havlilK HIroveil an elevator, three Hour lillllH, thirty hoincH, TIMI.IHNI hiiKliohi of I wo HCOWH, n ih-rilclt, and Iwn I'lie IOHH IH i-Hllimiled al me man who attempted lo I-OHIMIH ool clicKt IH helleved I" have perlHlleil n Mm llaniex. Big Dlaze In St. Paul, St. 1'aul, Minn.. Nov. olflon nml waiohonuu hnlldlni; of tliu North- i-i-n company ut Concord nml Arthur WIIH iiiiHtroyi-d hy u lint that Hlnrtcd Hhortly bcforw ulx o'clock Friday inornlnk'. Arthiir CiliinderH nml 1'rcd Dlllnny- ili'r, hoyn eniployed In tho hulldliiK. am and It IH Iciucd they per- iHhrd In the iliimoH, Twolvn men nml hoyn on the Hi-cond and third lloorH i-Hriiped by leaplm; down tlm nlevaliir Hhaft or tliroiiuh tho win- lloH'H. Tlm loflH IH fully covered hy liiHuninco. line hundred men havu lieen temporarily llirown out of work hy the lire. Dad Fire In Crofton, Neb, Croflon, Neh.. Nov. lioiini'H xvere wlpinl out hy a Urn I'YI- day nlKht which doHtroyed inimt of the hiiKlm-KH portion of Croflon ami threatened the entire town, Tho luHH will oxd'oil Gen, Cooth'o Farewell. New York, Nov. JI.-.-AI Ii luoimter open.air ilomoiiHinitlon In tilt-re- optlcon rcproilnclloiiH of vailoiiH cm-" cnnm-Lleii with life and wnrlt fornii'd u novel fcutuio, (Jon. llooth, the founder of Mm Halvatlon Army, wh'i lu lo mill Kalurday for ICu- rope, 1'rliliiy hade liln Holdh-iH In eoiintiy, and Hie Ami.-rd-un peo- coin-rally, larewell. fleii. llooth mado hl-i limit nihln-HH from the Htopx nf iho hull, lie Hiirronndcd by liimdrudK of iiiiironm-il rol WATCR COMPANY WILL MAKE IMPROVEMENTS IF CITY BUYS Fntnl lTlro In Charlctton, W, Va. rliarlcNlon, Nov. fot'r-Htory ImlUlliiK occupli-d hy tlm wlMli.-Niiln grocery lli'in of Knffnvl- Hum. wan' diiBli-oyeil hy lire Friday iMitiiltltiK a of J'JHO.UIIO with liiHiir- Iliii-u of ,1. .1, l-'olry of the lire' department and John Uuwi.'.v, Clui'Jt. were hiinu-d to death and Hovurul ilromuu roculveil mluur Injurlcu. Manilowor City Council Confronted by Nrw Problem In Water Workj Question. THl-irCIAI, TCI TUT Miinlliiwno. Nov. MllH city will iitiree lo ImpnivemonlH hy the compuny. iirovldlni; It piiri-lm.seH ,lhe planl, Ihe Mmiltowoc AVlili-r company will hiHlall nn mldl- llonul hollei' nml will a No Hlnli nlMitli- or well. Tin- ImprovomontH are CHtl- mated at hetwei-i Iwi-nty-llvo nml thirty Ih.iiiKand dollnni. Charities and Correction. l-'nlH, Minn., Nov. aiatlona have lieen compleled to ell- lerlaln the Mliinexola Cmit'eronco of Charities and which will he In HCKslon ln-ie dm Im; Mm next. Ihroe davH. Tlm formal opening taken place Mils evening with fJovornor JolniHon IIM tin- principal Hpoaher. Senator MOHCH K. Clapp, .Iiilla Lalhrop of and a iiuillhor of other pei'HoiiM of pronilneiicn wllj lit) lu-ard nt tho HurHcana Maruelllei, Mnrmdlh-H, hiirrliintie Hwept over thin city Friday nlnht, cmiHliuc IminoiiHo iliiiniKo to docks and other wator front property. Tln> HUH worku worn Jlooded and Mm city wna plniiKeil Into diirkiioHH. A niimher of pi-oidi- rfuro killed by LOCAL PARAGRAPHS. Violent of Tremens: KilohHdii of I.'elolt. a prlHonef III 111" iMinnly lull, IIJIH dellrlmji tronii'.MH In Its miiHt violent form. Me rnveil all and nil iluv today. SuvonJeen KiioHtH will Hpi'iid at lln> In- Hlltiitlon. Anlotie MOIIHIIIIH wen ln-oiiKht In from ICdcerlon hiHt oven- Illr to nerve a 20-ilny Hontonoo. Committed to Asylum! .Inlm Wleln- hlcer, who roxlili'H al -1111; South River K( root, WIIH oxainlliod hy Dl'H, H. II. JliiclimiiHler nml I'eniher lodny; Tiroiionnced IIIHIIIIO iMiil cominlttoil to Mil- iiH.vliim at Meniloln. whither he he taken either or tonior- nioriiliiK. While fn I ho RniRp of a linllnolnatlon. hu IH iill'wil to Viave wanlolily killed il unod horHO, F. <S. A, M.: ItoKiilar conimiinlca- Moll of .lanoHvllle l.oilne No. fili, F. Ai A. M., ,nt MiiHonle Temple next Mon- day ovonliiK nt Work In J'. C. decree. MYSTERIOUS ESCAPE FROM ROCKFORDJAIL Stranoe J.ill Delivery Dlicovered Out No Were Used IB Unknown TII TIIK iuirrri.1 Imloll. U'ln.. Nov. nun-it, convli-ii'd of liilllctlni; criminal IndlKnllli-H on Mm IM-IWHI old Li-Hti-r Slii-lly of South Imlnll, in.VKli'rloiiHly from Mm U'ln- IH-IIIIKO I'oimly Jail nL Itoi'liford Krl- day iifliTiioon, No IIIII-H wi-rn nut nor nny ollmr irni-n h-fl ID Kliow liln iin-aiiH HI- iivi-mm of i-ncapi-. Tim iiln-r- lit illHi'ovi-ri-d HID ilnllvitry only wln-n Im cnliTi-d Mm i-i.-ll lo tnkii Unriilicn In coiii'L wlmni n motion Tor a m-w trial htt Imiiril. AGED AVON FARMER DROPS DEAD IN HOME L. S. Heyerdahl Dropi Dead When He His Own 70 Yean Old. IHI-KCIAI, TO Tin: nifHTTE.] Ilololt, Win.. Nov. from tlm barnyard whom Im had ht-eii iloliic Honm work I.. S. lleyer- lalil. a farnmr n hair nillo mirth of tlm l.ntlier Viilloy church III tlm town of Avon-, entered tlm kltrh- on of hlH home nml dropped dead. Tlm end wax duo lo heart failure. Tin- deooamMl WIIH u limn of mivnllty yoarx and WIIH an old and UHteeineil roHldent or tlm county, lie IH HUP vlvi-d hy u wlfo nml chlldrun. WELL SATISFIED AT ROOSEVELT'S IDEAS Robert Mathew President's Policies for Government Regu- lation of Railroads, fur iHKOcuTrn J'roHoolt, Arlx.. Nov. Matlmw, general comiHcl of Mm Itock Island nyHlein here hint nlKhL leclnred to an AHHiicliiteil I'I-OHH rep- reHenlallve thai he emphatically en- lorseil I'roHhlent HnoKoviilt'H pollcli-H For Mie liovornmeiiL' regulation of rail- 1'OlldH. Fair Opens at San Antonio. San Antonio, 'IVxtiH. Nov. iior Campbell delivered the mldroHH loday al (ho opening or the ninth an- iimrinterimtl.....'I IhimlieilM or. vlHlloi-H were In nltomlaiice from Imtli Ides of tlm border nml the opeiiliu: WIIH conducted under imiHl favornhl" Mimy ImproveinenlH IIIIVH made In hnlldlnus nml Kroundrt ItirlDK Mm piml yi-ur. and many new Vat in OH are Included uinmiK Mie at- raolloiiH. The-oNlilldt of live Hloclc ind poiillry, iiKrlcnllurnl nml nred prodilclH lire all worlhy of enpe- -liil note, while Ihe program of hormi noon IH pronomiceil the houl ever ar- for Mi" ''xhl' dlloii will coiiMnne for MARKET REPORT TO TIIK iunmn.1 ClilonKii, Nov. reeolplH, mi' niarKol, Hteady: beeves, T.IIO; COW-H and helforH. I Ion n-oelplH, linirliel, l.'.c hluher: llsht. jl.siiifj-IR.Hi: heavy, mixed. built of tMili'H, J.'i.uii in rocidplK, 'Junil; marUel. woHiern. mi- ,ri; lamlm, '.-'heep Hieady Whoal: Opeillnu, i'difjiMHJ; hlltll, IHOi: low, !ia; cloHltiK. Openliik'. lilclt.; low, cloHliiB, llye ClonlllK, 7S. CloHlllR. May. Oatn: Mny, I'oultrj l.lvo, Htendy. creniliery, 2KJ1 L'RH: dairy. L'nfi-sn'.ii JANESVIUUE MARKETS. Nov. C. Kar Old, Kiir New. Tfic for ll'ii. 4 fie. Corn nml ontn, J31WI32 nor ton. Standard pur ton, per ton. pnr cwt. Corn pur ton. per ton. llulnd, imr ton. Creamery IM'fco Hi. Hairy 2Ki22c pnr New SSiil fine per bll. Klt-'ln. Nov. On the hoard of trade today butter wan quot- ed at 2lo. (Inn; .'lo decline from hint wo ok. Output for tlm wcuk, UlKltt-lct, IbH.

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