Friday, October 3, 1941

Hustisford News

Location: Hustisford, Wisconsin

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Hustisford News, The (Newspaper) - October 3, 1941, Hustisford, Wisconsin EC. THE HusTiiFORD NEWS. THE LEADING WEEKLY OF DODGE COUNTY Volume XXXIII. HUSTISFORD, DODGE COUNTS, )NSIN, FRIDAY, OCT. 3, 1941. Number 47. Lutheran Church In jFarm And Home Tom Herman Is The Hocheim church, a Luthei- an edifice located three miles ease of Mayville and of which Rev Laabs was the pastor, was destroy- ed by fire Saturday afternoon. I was a brick structure, erectei many years ago. The, exact cause of the blaze i. not known. Fritz Hoffmann o1 Lomira was repairing the wooc shingle roof on the steeple, using a rope tackle and seat arrange ment. While at work he observec that the shingles nearby had start ed to burn. He attempted to bea1 j the flames out with his hand hat but was compelled to retreat to the ground when his rapes start- ed to burn. The flames spread rapidly and soon the entire building was a roaring blaze and completely de- stioyed. The parsonage is located across the road from the church ami was not damaged. Although the Wisconsin cran- berry crop is smaller this year than last, the national production is ex pected to be larger. Milk production for the United States on September 1 was 5 per cent above a year ago and at the highest September lev.el on record. To make Hustisford tl e standing community of thi tyj is the ambition of eve -y ffiflf- chant in this This ambition is only nat iral Prospects for petato production indicate that the Uniteh States crop this year will be at about average levels considerably smaller than in 1940. More than 1200 Wisronsin high school students of agriculture will compete in the state judging con- to be held at the College of Agriculture at Madison October 3 and 4. Prices of farm products have risen sharply in recent months and in Wisconsin they are now 42 per cent above the 1910-14 average compared with 31 per cent for the United States. Local Center To Be Held Oct. 10th As a alfalfa means of combatting the wilt whica is making its way into Wisconsin alfalfa fields, University agronojaists are recom- mending the use of the more wilt tolerant varietiies such, as Cossack ad Ladak. Arrangements have been made lay Dodge County Welfare Com-' f mittee in cooperation with Farm Dodge County Physicians for eacfc haye repfiid child in your school district u" thousaad farm be- tween the ages of 9 months and it mated that at least 80 per Some Wisconsir dairymen are encountering trouble with rickets among their dairy calves. Univer- sity vererinariana explain the calves fed good rations and grow- ing well have greater need for vitamin D than slower growing calves fed more limited rations. and immunization against Diph- theria. The prevention of Smallpox de- pends upon vaccination and this measure consists of placing a very small amount of Smallpox Vaccine into the skin. It is a simple, pain- less procedure. Vaccination usual- ly protects an individual from 5 to 7 years. Most children have no after effect a small lump at the site of injection. The spot of the vaccination should be allowed to thoroughly dry and most physicians prefer no dressings. Immunization shocld already be done at the age of 9 months and is accomplished by in- jecting a small amount of toxoid into the skin. The, great decline in the Diphtheria Death Rate in recent years has been in keeping with the progressive use of Im- munization. Chances for your child to suffer from Smallpox and Diphtheria will be greatly reduced 'by having tham protected against these diseases. Lives, time and money may be saved by taking ad- vantage of this free program offer- ed by your county The local Center will be held at Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. the Hustisford Public School on I Arthur Loterbauer at this place. Friday, Oct. 10th, from 9 A. M. to 12 noon, and includes Village and Town of Hnistisford. Willing To Double The following applied for mar- tinge licenses at County Clerk Waltci Oberdiek's office at Juneau this week: Dale Porter, Waupun Violet Lockner, South Beloit, Illinois Alvin Bruendl, Beaver Dam Angelina Tadyoh, Calamus Harlow Tesch, Beaver Dam June Skene, Beaver Dam Marland May, Beaver Dam Irene Schultz, Beaver Dam HuraeU Mm. Woock and family spent Bible Best Seller The Bible hint outsold "Mein Kampf" by copies, in Qer- Wheat Crop The smallest buckwheat crop on pro- duced by the United States in 1989. Took Twenty Years George Grey Barnard worked 30 years OB his "A Monument to De- popularly called the "Rainbow Always Kggs Whether dried, liquid, or frosea are used In baked goods, the VDquaUflod term "eggs" Is usually need en the labeL Telephone subscribers in Sao Pau- lo. Brazil, are listed in the Red Book under five classifications, according to Comer's. They ere listed by street address, business or ton, post office box and auto- Mr, and Mrs. Maas of Tuneau spent Sunday afternoon .vith Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Naif in. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Draeger aid son of Beaver Dam spent Sun- lay evening with Mr. and Mrs. Sdwin Woock. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gerth of leaver Dam, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mrs. Ervin Pieper and Dthal Woock attended the funeral of Jacqueline Macksom, four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- >ur Macksam at Mayville. cause every local merchant real! that he can prosper only if Hu ford thrives. It is obviois very little money will be over his counters by a peoj le are poverty stricken. On tl e hand, if there is no idleness an the residents, if the indust ies operating at capacity and alt families in town are living ,n fort, with every prosdect f )r tinued good times, their we 1-bei is reflected by the increased of trade that comes to tin t chant. Every Hustisford mercha it lizes that the day of longer with us. He cannot achieve his ambitions by merely, wishing for them. He, the does not contentedly doze in easy chair and dream of an influft of outsiders come to locat< tie vigorously helps to c. eate a community which will ittraef them. When he argues for bettef schools, improved streets, locai oarud and other civic improv menti he does so with the kno vledgfl that he will have to pay eve: i moMf than his share of the cost c f such improvements. Merchants Bark 14ie Every merchant in this to m de- monstrates his confidence i i Hus- tisford, in its prosperity and in itfi future as a rising member if Fire Prevention Week In America October 5-11 Fire each year destroys thou- and of homes, factories many square miles of forests. proximately Ap- persons are killed annually and many more thousands are horribly starred and maimed because of accidental fires in the United States. Let's help stop this toll of destruction in our state and Heroic efforts by fire departments help to cut down fire losses but alone way does not solve the co{ Everyone is every hamlet, sent 3 and city must help to stop the the job es of Fire Prevention Week Oct. is not just set aside to rate the great Chicago fire of meel and Mrs. O'Leary's cow amd n episode. Fire Prevention varioi should be considered as a when fire prevention activities reviewed, with every criticism to make for a to planned daily program for he CD coming year. Continuous calen ing away at fire prevention be dis bring best the yeai REPORT OF CONDITIOfc HTTSTTfi wm n syr A Changi) Admission Tax Wednesiay the law on tax on was changed from 21c to lc. No exemptions from col- lection of this federal tax. Ad- missions of lc or more are now taxed at the rate of lc for each lOc or fractioi. DO'XiE COUNTY COUKT HOUSE MOWS At Juneau. Work or repainting the brick and stone on the court house got under way this week when an Ap- n, the Wendlandt of the soil conservation t in the county held a ing- at the court house commonwealth. demon V Edward Gehl ex- remain here at Juneau calendar so that all actions OF ______ BANK of Hustisford, in the State of Wisconsin, at Joe close of business on September 24, 1941. Dodge County. ASSETS Loans and obligations, direct and guaranteed- and dollars. Before your local mercha it can obtain a cent of profit, he must, in addition to maintaining a i ade- quate store and fixtures, pu -chase and display a large stock cE the kind of merchandise that thj peo- ple of Hustisford want. He must employ well paid, courteou. people whose paramount purj ose is to render the finest type of i srvice to his prospective customers It is a big chance to tali s. If immediate profits were hii sole consideration he would neve take this risk. He could inves; his money in any number of othc r pro- positions, make more mone? and make it without waiting as 1 ffer- ed a bonus by a neighboring 1 own, the merchants dig down in their cash balances to help raise a large bonus thereby bringing a ne v in- dustry here. Whatever this i leans Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve ,sad cash items in process of Bank premises owned Furniture and TOTAL LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, antt Deposits of States and political Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) TOTAL DEPOSITS.............. TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below) CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Surplns Undivided profits Wisconsin Ranks HigbQlo Hybrid Corn Production Almost two-thirds of Wiscon- sin's corn acreage this year was planted with hjbrid seed. A spectacular increase in hybrid corn has taker, place during the past four years in Wisconsin at well as in the other important corn producing states. Of parti- cular significance is the sharp in- crease in hybrid corn acreage of the Corn Belt where a substantial reduction in the area planted to all corn has occurred. With the yield of corn increasi ig as the result of the use of hybrii seed, the produc- tion has mot dropped' proportion- ately with the Acreage. Wisconsin ,has the eighth largest hybrid corn acreage in the nation although it rants seventeenth in the total corn acreage. The state's hybrid corn acreage this year is es- timated at acres which is 64 percent of the acres of all corn in the state. Ho Koll of Houor Tlio following paid their sub- scription to The the paat week for one or move: Fred Wittnebel !Jep 1942 Mary Guetsbhow Nov 1941 Fred Breitkreittz Aug 1941 Paul Grulke Maj 1941 to out patrons. f Market T J Market Calf 145 Ibs. aad up Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. .12.60 12.00 11.00 Ibs.............10.50 Below....................9.50 Other Market-- Eggs .80 Reserves {and retirement account for preferred capital) TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS This bank's capital consists of common stock with total par value of MEMORANDA Live Heavy hens................19 Light Heavy Leghorn liens up. 13 Light Leghorn Cocks....................13 Leghorn broilers 2 Ibs. up .17 Leghorn broilers under 2 Ibs. White Rock broilers 4 Ibs. up Barred Rock broilers 4 Iba. up ditional jobs for the people of tisford. It means more mane; aad assistance toward prosperity for everyone here. Good roads, good sidew good street lighting, elect fei' for the homes, water, sen etc., all make for comfort convenience of all our citi The merchants are first tx> rat these improvements even (they know that they will be i On date of report the required legal reserve ajrainst deposits of this bank Assets reported above which were eligible as legal reserve amounted to I, W. E. Kohn, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statements is true, and it fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein contained and forth, to the best of my knowledge and bolief. W. E. KOHN, Cashier.. Roland R. Radloff, Gustav Joseph Gillich, Directors. State of Wisconsin, County of 1 Sworn to and subscribed before me this day of September, 1941, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of thw bank. (Notarial Seal) Willie Kaul, Notary Public, My commission aspires March 5, 1944. them more than the man own- a smaller property. ih do you prefer, progressive tp upon which the future his community depends or pseu- bargains, dissatisfaction and totmjnunal decline Your patron- is the only gauge to your pre- Words without support meaning-leas. (Copyright 1985) .17 .17 .16 Colored ............16 Milwaukee Livestock Market Hogs- Good Good Good light Boars.............5.60-6.60 Cattle- Steers choice to Good to choice Common to good Good to choice cows Fair to Butcher Choice bologna bulls Calves- Fancy selected ve.tiers Bulk of vealers Good to Oeafl Fredneed Here Of me fine ounces el Cold producid In the world to 19M, only about oubces came from continental United States. Foreign Deoatites Purchase During the six-month period tot lowing the o< rtbreak of hostilities IB Europe, foreign countries purchased vflle, N. C., Is thi appearaaee worth of American toy lights that twinkle aad dai chemical products, a 60 per cent increase over the corresponding pe- _ tied a year ago. reports Industrial points, nobody ass everfceoa Terse, 'gtirteacaf The term, "stretch-out' Is ef teav tile origin, and refers to the "stretching-out" of a worker aad bis dollar of over more ma- chines and more oitout. Grandfather One of the myvtoriea Grandfather moot teas, aeer Ltav ef

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