Tuesday, May 2, 1854

Fountain City Herald

Location: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Fountain City Herald on Tuesday, May 2, 1854

Fountain City Herald (Newspaper) - May 2, 1854, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin IffCK, Editor and Proprietor. VOLUME 2. "Free Principles for Posterity, u autlyJeftiM of FOND DU LAC, NUMBER 25. CITY HERALD, avaav rva--p.itf At PmMt (4MT. WkMtMMiM, BOTAL BUCK. J It. ED'ALL, Alh-rrwy and al Law, Solicit HT UflW. arW HI.KH. up .tain. WHI41UT HI.'VEH, u, CNl> -lu av R. Wiitlwi fcr fiHiMaia City UtraU. BHOTUCB, Deel4m ia fuw-jr and (l.ok T in Critrkrrv Ml. du at ttiw (JUT, -t 'I.... l.an-1 fv. Tr-.in I wl.....wn. ri JOB WOHK hw with boon, AnJ fragrant b-mkrr'fiowvra. Fi linif all the .mil with tjlutneat, Bu.i-hmjf .1! irn.u.-h.j of Bringinit ji.y u wild madnM. ThnHigh .h. fomt laitly djinj, Brw-e-i warm yaily To t tuft ___ Klli. lir-l 4 tach fur.ii. -J n I Karh hundred nt, bunt-., frv. here uvvrv fur lit 1 ll C K.VIOtll1. WAV PUN JfX' HAiV Rr CaiutwiLL Linn i. Tcclht I Dll. L. nvntl L. l.fmfr hitvintj loentHtl perma- _ V in Konil ilir fumlcru bi- u D Id La- lunl nf the city Hliil A l llHIi-e to Ixnl -liwl llolvl hit MB T liinlilinu -n r S-iuth of the l.ll If t 4k PRODUCE A" COMMISSION IlllK i'j CLANa Wtt.L4. 111; I AC nlw rul inic In- at a for t- uriiv nl Jif dreary liax in notltng. An.) >nn. anil ruin lo earth are bendlnf, All puvuranil blumling. HI. I KIUIIIJ are entiling llnar huoiniiiitf, Ai-d the BuHly druniaiiug. Hunie la'lun. itA rneanure, Drniginjf li h wrn, And teuvui, and IVajfrHtil NKL1.V W1LUWUOD. I rnvy and adtuirntion flf enrj Wi. wijitlj bo ijtiiir vrwa-fiitltitcUrl know that the opitiiuii i> entirely deficient in the wtidaof That uTiilrnmn, plunged in llie [itrpleniig, cars of iUf :vj tujie, and in )iia leinure inmn.'ntH, sw-eta the a-wisty of iliB jnd u.n-lligeiit la- of fur relinwl itndlli- tellectual would he lo learn lliai be Ueari the rvplllali'ia of a beartleu or a fbrtuu- TliHt puc.r girl wbnte Hvovminn obiiijres be wfteti in the- ntrect, wbbttl fright enwl iii know that any uui to altnw her pretty KICK. So it U -hrouuth every grade in aociety, indii'i.in.ili are ever aoiiuwt ol wli.ii they le-ul dream of; and ihe ill-ta tun.-.: .-unni.M-, nothing in ocing band- icj rr.itn inouih to ittouih that Hltle an.! eiii.fini.ua raauxlHcbea; tfliitiiig M-.allhy along, with an of apimfr.ntTy t-ritshed 11. JK.I-: j -_, iliAprilt said he, 'ah I rememW that.'! that time. Mart- in, t o daughter.'liwe Ml us uuiHit lliu murder, aaid Il.-ill. 'Vou know, 'itiat at! C the rt.erra cie five; ga jn nlliny replied the MI at be led me up another a air. Tbea get Miner prepared; for be moat no be here, aa I have doubt be knom wilh a liortvy hand cltixens cta.t in jiifitc. i v. ,ti 101 UIID arm it it ni i- a 1.1.. t Seveo. had H ,2-! 7, ing- black silk luhs -t ffWli dUnce up hi> H-MV j m.xiih lut thcv rwu-Wj adieu lohini nn.l (-ontniiMinJ- iiivari .Wy a untk-r [Vtlrlllu'l netvM, and thc-sij'es of the 'on hi, head. At the tint I upon rimr'aiid prop- er, ara i-idic-iilons" ilwt.liy" nnrl nut of Oh. 11. Ii you, it d.nil which dVtiifld m'Pl- .n.it liull tuv.l Ins pocket pie' (trrclinf and uigar-caan- and iku ottier men to our hotel, where UM.I on devilied lurkey and the winu (.her t'aiher or tiMiliet.seiinr.-.; but then, 1 worth un fur Martin'.-, wile _. _......B I and lealner umlals. by the young the ancle. Her face i iruide fur tlix "Oh. Hi, intl u u.l" lint il'yuti dwire th TKKri'H TKhTl'H Dr. j. K. I'HACIH.'AI. DKNTWT. II A V I Ml him I ...ftr in In- Cirv w nml tinny tinn willi cult-: tn thi> t A l.ipnfli ifK.Ki.l.lu l.ar. wirh H alt liin Mrr ninn r.i ihi- City. l-it.i, vii- IS'sKltTIX'i TKKI'H OS PIVOT.. v wi. CI.ATK. FII.I.I.VH. KXTKA'.-- dr IU- hi L> tlii-in. llmt nil j-hall on Hie nuMl plan with i All H t: ill llinry'- thd l.0ww' I..II-.- ICjart. never lirvrtlha riidi a ItaVr brni be wrote that cnuph't, ur the prnpU of Auld und na thi'v in thiA part if wivked xbili'uur wmilil dt-r.on il. ittai MM iiar.tly tlu-in nun. Il H knowing what, punpiit think jpBrfwlly wretclieil such a of things would ttinke ihe kn.iwledir. wwihl lite gluuFul merry laugh, aroniiil tlio hmiiv hn.irih done hi.w KWIII would imiowiit lliirih change to tur- Uurna inu-l teats 1 (flit ed through v- a far tuei.ijt mid "il which "IllJ looking liasijm-pio-l the pnvnlego of! 'ln: turnwl into n.irniiig the waitei t--' (east we saw no more o''L It'll, at tl: of (lja tin it v (K.kl li r.-i M.- h.- .'rifil-li. t HI -I I r.'U.I V ilriu hil'y in gitti In- tkfh C AND OBACCO! 51 tl'UKu, -i ;i .V.-w ir. in ii.. l'. it uri-t j.a i inn ill.- mn.-n. .-n li- j; I'-.i A hiii t r: v Irr. Sil-! i. iKti--y. i itk'lk thai if nf opinimi in ri'g-inl to us, it a rn'e I" our yull til it ihe bli.-vi tif tglnir (MI r.-rjtMc ki.tm le.la- in thi.. -re are no wlio HKV '-xacilv T-, ti..i, and rii'-re tllnn prob- niilr your lueitlur not hulf uipaUt; ot' Vjiviny; you mlvk-e, Iu marking i.ut C ttir.-e t.f loii.tuei, 11 are ofr.gnlat it. to wlmi VKII tl. .-in the Btaii.Jard of pi 'Ibeie is nmy ontj wa1- in whi A'ould pr-ivo prtip. h.'tii.-- lend ilieni to nil manin-i nl ill nalur.-.l a litt'ri iimre charv of lln-ir would (iinl llmt their i'liaraelir-were not in the general "tin tlits lf 15.. oire Vt-iil ,re llit-n %r. a Mil lhaL Ki-t I'aty nrul ii un ii.d, -ilnl rule tri for ill. f tl.iit we aro in llie right pHtli, wi Thii wurld not bad world Ai would lomake it. And whuthur if ami. or wtu'lwr ill. Do, uu how it" The only wny tu lie truly to tnrn a tar to lltuxe croakers, wit., would enlighten u.i, aatu vtliaf lliev and think our frienHs the doar-ii, most faiti-fiil and true, that cxn be and love tlii.m MCeonliiiylj.. Lei n.- inif-st in tin. illnsi..D, tlini oiheri> think us as urtnt mid go on lite with rt.-i pi-nOeru mii.d, and h--art, with a reaiiy lit a deed of kindnt'M. fur those who it, he they ever 10 i.liHt is i-unnin." NGI.LY WILD WOOD railing. From thf fierrice wen- ilj.-n .1: grt- still, ly ir.gin gitrriMin at M.ilts. Rivorved by il'n- trii'inUiiip uf tier and uiy tVien.] mid M honl-f.-llow, Cteuu-ii'ini >hn Hall, I inul a me iti her .Maji-Mv'.- Blonde, of ixveitti -s.ii ynii-; .old al'u r a pti-a.ant run for u few a smart when sailing ihe c.'a.-i lin. down i.f top and we ran into Mahiu-i tu re.iaii AuiniiLon ni early, and i-ave a guide If) us toward iho ueigtiboring hills, where- we iiuvoc aiuong the uLviuleU to uay. 1'u.ruiunllV ni tive o'clock in llie mori.iny ilie it. rou Iseil u.-9i and iitler t nUcd, nnU ftcvoliiu.uiSewk 0V a yutltiit n.illlt, 10, lor %vtiuae ilili'hu lue Wui- ter JJIA ou out if ever ray render the Spanish heg- luoiid pi, turti riiiiuU la now in OuivneU Coi- iney- will knoix Ilia uapecl ol out lltue He. wiu) Hbout j cars old but VMlloli, pr-rceptkVe. [WcuKt.-.-, xverb Illali .iioae i r ma..) u in..11. biiitoM III- j wall ujore- ot tUej Tins was ab.jttt the close of the Jnr, hen ili.ii Bin! 1 were draining I be last dro'p vniuia, put verv alarming question.-; 10 old IVlro Si.e told hiiu that ot our tlask.aiKl surv.ytiij-li-om tha nioun tain -lojji-, tiiu majriiiKcent puwjwct of tlia -eiilatit spreading nt oar feet like a bnsrhtly liiueil mail, having that warm and llie was intk-ted by liandid and eoiiirnb.-injistrts and it he uu a heavy nlwper. 'in the war against I learned ol I "'ell win it the jiia-nent lierra Mataja, the bulwark of Spain agsiinst 7vfnca, wa- is u the vitstance. with its towcra and l, .n houses, and raat cathedra ca-tlis and Gothic npirwv. nil "Uui niiat will you do, if attacked IM may wiMity ,'lunis, and so 'Iliest' alarmed me eery tnucli; a 1 of murder ami tame be- j Mll% tore me. I crept ct.we to Itarrail.w, who, !T fr.-in Sohi to 11. I hai-e vervold Mud verr tun MUU Hileri '-l H (mil l, wulcli con Ue iiad ZIUL me iiiliil.il Lllau Ui tere olaCk, jrk y willi litre euilftlaU-d ot'il dllapliuni I knee wllh a neJ nis luxtiiiant tiiacU hair in hlseaih, aiul 'eel "I a llUle iauarolte. He allllle llilvlligelit wiUial.unJ a vaKL utliljber ol' wtilel -.rea-ed Hi uonoer aiui terucuy vse j mm one pedeLu HiioiLjur; bui tmu particularly un Lliu ueilteVIUel.U ot a I44JI, Jlii.lt iC-n., olnt-ril'iae called de A vvUo was llieli prowting ut ttmt ar.v ilrtiiy tol e.-peeiuih vvtu-n Luo ijuw t'rolll Atriea, l.t CiilullllL iijiun llie ljUlel. villages and ol Ine leiulu! bin hii preseucc scuuied a protection to tor a time.' the hour fur Uatl arrival, wo. who were tlic otny W.TP j to retire to our rtioiiir. by ttiu wile of .Vim-tin S, wo.' i Harradt.l, saw, perhapK, his Uann'or, be said lhat should slei-p in, the same room wiih h! This was nil very fine; but oar ple.vuro le-sencfi by the conviction thai our lit- He IVlriiio, was absconding with our gnmo: and ,ve knew that it would never Blonde next ,iay. The foregivrun.-l of tliit panci-aina wns broken by irnnnivriMc stun 1 .land of in.iiiv hinjs; but rk tha! and but llie rxpremon of her ere wat. It hovered between the bright fenciorjaeLw and tbe glazed orb of an arratrt She soanrwrt me and t the old devil a womaa, ww aecuratoly api.riw-i-j tbe rtL ue nt ail I had en. senon aai.l 1, 'akat CM I bare for -upper f" 'The seiior has come at a bad linw, (at little or no provmnna in our (The larder of tnrery fata bew in the Mine rondhinn tbe.lan of Cer- tallies and Gongorck.) 'Kor Bow 'this between Malaga and in W fettta frequented after aoonday, to Ihe Hr> tibia robberwe and toe fowr by Juan the laM .linx Caraba! "ut very bard thiK TT> for liim.' can I have, 'A iMiated (ratin.1, with bw beanV aaid the fiattoiM. 'And a gtaw of tho hoat oar Tierao bat wuraJ ia UM i of pine and on iho tho _____, ___ the sky and datkene.'] fast ullt the best we have is at the el uftcr the s-t. wo a -triel nnd C-tballero.1 The ino vaa and tlie wittj 1 Tis poor fare this tvt Luagrv nwa. I have tint I expect my frieiivU tnonicntarily.1 The a ooM and tiave had nothing a wenk PMC, In Jian corn boflod jpruau- i Inez SIIYO told him runghly that Im must be content to sleep alone.. Then- ihe ]njor oid man was hall led and li.ilf-i away. Aa for I but a! so they me into a dark wh.-ru sfrne'iiiraw hiv on the Moor, and. PuJrillo, >hoiitir.g.-md whiv .irina m., lo steei, ifi't-ru and ba tiiankful ;ls WL' on. we knew not very m cranny, and out at for ry.ir lost bru.he.-s and eight j in whkh V 'hele hi- Vt'Hti nuld uer Lo bti i tuitv lay down en the straw, anJ lindinjr ii .vot. in h-'-rri r, (earing it j Moinl; iinil reiniiint.l in tin- dark, pray- i :o our L ulv of the Seven Sorrows, aii'i j ;iint to f he hoiviinij "i nlofe tiiui, ;ut IHHU-, whei'i aii olbi-r ia tJial terrible Pt-aa.l l.ltud away. I lieatd il ar.ii lo Mai- 'r. wif..-. tin t ear, ii, w lib a irj, e'lirh.li.. ii..-r lia.-ni. A a-: It v.' ,-iJ.ia'i lie n wiiher. L. with ,.s uf another. root, tails and fl.jur of tLm Mated, ot a of No inoeir had n'son: the wind uctpin .111101.2 lite proves :md uoliows; the ulJ meet Master Jusa of and bnnrdis and we 1) a ray biiii said 1. :l-l Oltr the t'ity it Tf tlit swaiil rre fi ihiuk wild Jj S'-ft as r of tloun.-lii.-d ten unit- :il sho of i itivra t. and need n i it tjuarrel If but make liie t, iliinsinj; that they are no-' ed not OMUL; in cohl.iet with! thry ebi'o-e. Now much wr.ip ours. Ivia iu the uhi, h iK-luatv tis, and abihiies. and ae i' .vlj.'i. aii :U-f> of i! a Itii" of is FIHU ft Sii-rra t ue-ky ifl'Sjuiin, u f t.' ninl ft- Kr.rn ihv ijii'Utir- ful ant) H'tnnv i-itu l tmi vtuw them thf !N( EOYAL BUCK i.V ITill.U'. ,tu Lac Counr- of w hut lli.-ip iho d ul lire i.-kl fur l'l''lpral uBitf gn LEWIS ii1--.: 7" r-mii- i ki-n tht4 iivrul't nffl i'-nt prHciii-.d to com j'lifofe. ,-f I IMS adj went hills, wluic it poi In. all tie Muriji. of tUi-ivnile'Ui of UMIIMH. ,ife. would be .-ot.ltwh ,i tu I r'n'l1''r lh i i 11 i Ih-uli'liiilil i.laek aud I lie wua en d a blink- i i _ I ,.ur nnd leaving our vwurd until tu holdaiiy i.rBee. The urn-1 eliiu.i leittt, I unly wy n-gt fair who wriu-a wicb aiki UNO enul pulleil aaburt in ill .-mi Uind tuouiilaiua, tlir bt-il for iu I be lofty ul the q-.i .re Hud M re.l lai.iitivjii ligin ie..HII lo gliniMifir on lull buck chmi iron f.-uiniry. wi.ieh. lor H j.rmt'u-a, ft.Lialt limit 111 tilelr. and work for in touching f.r llie nawapriprn, would >lioiild hi-ar that txlbd atutf." That daiiuwl vhn hrnrU bring tiiy. would lower Ilur preUuwoi.t, did kbr in aa.1 ia any ibr IMUMUI mkmi lo thai -ball (a> j 'lin< 14th "f 9IIKUOTUAX U.ML A that proj.ct from the city tu ibei-a. thai noUe vrntch worming pan if wven in l Leaving our aliiioliug .111 al a hotel, waudend alwut ihuluwD, Mted the which a of Tart thru ikr .Id JJ. .man Cathedral nud bubup'i r.iUtt: tun lingvml kingvl iu Uio .lint, brautiful protueuarle wliivli ia l'.-et wdf, and u bj rowa of .or- iiiyv uTeanom trfcs, Mid in tdv crnirv whii-b it iBwbte (uunlxiu in iiito ti, U.-rv we MOM lirigbi-eyrd ia .ml uui a few in bwmriir unl of Lon- IT, and I ihiuk the more iii.-rry I', g.iudtiy all ih-.-ir wyn uf ihe U-lj iwit or unirrign Jn.ii, lion. I ?I would a guinea lliu I llie interview n onki tani.jtiskv In si.rue. tb-: tiiii Hull', Neiiil-ss l 'I think I s.iid T, 'f.-1 ,ve a iw at lea.it trfer.ty col. reil MIIII in lie .-hi-ps on i lie Alanleda IK- is a I'ei'ui-i.-us looking I'Le rourid 'Keroi-itnif. I jwuorl' thei paU-tUo 'i tu diti't-r from you, havinii 90 Lbi'nk unit like olt.er mi-it.' I gaz-'d Hi tl.e r-peaker, wh .rn. bv tn'veil t, by tour do ieu britoS.'liUlioits. 'fad, ritiboii, hi.- blaek, piusii br--e- 'i .-.f-.t-r tlti-, I heard tlu-iir whi-perins; to Martin nut tiff, k-d at llie of oi-l IVdm a OaU.luus mail, iia-j "jud IL "II tin; ili-l.il'.' ..-ru'; on nrc, li.nv. Mol- vour where- of fra- ih.-tl sai I -d I -.1 lj.tri-.i..le-. etrii. loo Harv l-j oj I Juan ami M r was a It itii rille hand, i i-.e si: tore tin, ai i-eiii-in-.l will mi c-icki-d, and lt.> was i nMm-.il; !or aruis ai lie do-.-r lie "Help' I, amor d-.- i, .S-ni.rii d t.y mm in.u.le by a sliet-ji w b-n iht kir-le ,..f' Li cmero m iu iliroti: -tnd ja ihe to 1.1 in lite bill tiiv 3, -lit Tbcli >w. 1 ll.- i titl .n.-k Tw. since U.di and I I .-.ill of li-uw ,I1V ti-I (he tli.j i-nit I "he ir.i I.ut tlw mat I but f..-i! tip-' >Wl'l't dowu dark the S.erra. l.iouznt neither uf ter r.f .in inv U tbe bottom IJ''-'.V 1'" 1' wi' tli -'I a .nvcal th. l.-rril.i.- biood within inc.' There I 1'iv l.-y.ir, t.> .'-hen i i Uie it-.-l'ow a row uuile at th t en.t .if ihe tbe Itifisi-f l.-ntrei tree-, wild i-'ni vfts of the I i step: fo I ftouth of -VIJ-, if-, to bnl. and L. did ti ,1 anile U 1 when lavt remains of the !.K in Inn ry inn sank into ipjit arid Wi tie le.-irt rK> ofh-.-r. tfaji-. thcrej, wavering glow cmue fr-jm t1. fe.irtli, a tew pine a Ions; and I ihe riO iw n bad U of r0' iT1 tlie patruba u a pr-Jtv of boairv-at" ,i M.irtin Secco; have n.x an.Aher Ok... were it to light a bftratd altar; tike ate utbnilvro m -jut gn (o bed the 'Hetjd not that, aeoof patron.' I; I am a ta maj earn, aad ata -w- I.IK- a knife in rm an.I nltogvUmr he lolled i-n thtj xwurd. stuoaking a paper ci-j itnr and sipping 1 thought would muLc a tine nnd slri j in that direction whertt, by the Hang of f.ice wi- now .JHikeiied uy "a tern it he moon, 1 knew :hiit Malntra muat lie; but 1 it my belief lhat he wa lo pour 1'eOro turjnci Hall, and n-j reply y wre eolioea traut tbe ._. tu iiiv hy i'inetli. i t-f being -.ojry, Pedrillu lifted j Trre ravine, more 'Joan he, eomrflHteJ up bis hiimU, and prayed thai lleari-n ni d A.'nin I saw the Vega sin-ping at my feat XBe of "Tlia'our of the Seven Sorrows wout-I for-! nt the haz-; and.on turning an atigleof tbe Ihe .ker for j found myaeil loan inn or Mberaa. Ii .ving on il aik.ut ihnre bu dred '1 r closed lay that night which I approached with joy, eooclu- wiro vwW fif.een thousand Iu tha inoniing I wat Wld by Inez, toe ding that my t'rieitd Jack must (one rfiiial; fmt fault has thrice drawn eve-y i liiit old B .rradae bad dejiaited; tha! way, an: I wonkl prohoUy be there. it Fruta abitgado, act. i the hrlb of me.; Lilmal! Sjmniih nna, il waaalargeawd me Ut tk> thi-i nott1 ui.ll. lo of Anuquen, j I Martin Secco ine bow 1 tlepi t I Ibe lower narf of which jaatJ, and sou.. a> 1 WM nothing better than a great open itraa, I rau like a haruback (o Mitaxa; males and anil, a 01 pe Iu aoder trace of Atam da'. -ojoairtted tne maj-aumte- lib, of cou -wrl Hall, kiMCkmg (be aihra the eer wwrau toB Mi mj hale fc! I waa colj a poor, ragged, lillle piouo' re- tlu mukl-i ptied Pcdrilto ie a whirnog mice; "and who would bebrre net besktea, old wat IK. 11 I wi who currit-d in band a aaid Iw, bowing profoundIjr; trmr, have been shooting on OM aaid I, fad have mi m Bnt- tab D.wal oflfccr. Iw paased. vay r 'TiiwrlJ; for I an tbe eeanr hi. experiatioed ootuiag fc-rt dwomKjrt ia poor poM-la. Whea I am ricl> tenor, I to have a hotel ID tbe a; i lo Malaga again, he will At thia rwmrii I beerrj the alow, ebwrkiiog langri; but whKber praepett a or UM cfaiwoeeof my erer 'Sow, eenor ewl I fianag up my rale, airauld Uke to r. chaa-ber. aad aaawU tn nottaeattaia.' tbe waww-H t w(

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