Thursday, March 17, 1853

Fond Du Lac Journal

Location: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of Fond Du Lac Journal on Thursday, March 17, 1853

Fond Du Lac Journal (Newspaper) - March 17, 1853, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin 11 it il wfttb. It to tw i ibnton if that cllyi Iron Co., IIMrecently been Qwieral Mnimfsoiurliig Low ef tt the coritW nf Puriter atul Is in this clljr. which has operation .for right lo the new process having been secured to tkem New Tho elufrni-d' for tfee invention ire, that iron produced for twenty dullart per-ion Jew the paddled or iron, nnd that it worth ten dollars per Inn mme, on account of iu qual- ity) that greiiler quantity of iron is extracted (rum givfii HrtMiun'. of ore, than by the oli' processes, and that it h ihe onry prncets by wlucli pure, wrought Iron ean he produced. of the invention the iron ia denxtdyzed, by healing a mixture uf pulverizer! nro und con I in close so that-by the combustion lhe> coal, the ia-absorbed from the ore. and pmwd off in nn trri- iurmstate. The n-tidum in tnlten from the tubes and worked into balls weigh ing about 100 poundtt each. are taken to the trip hammer, by which they arc reduced to blooms. Twif tons of the iron nre now made day, and it requires about iwn IOIIM of ore, and one ton and a hull' of eonl to pro duce one ton of (he wrought Thw iron is extracted und perfected by a tontiniious very simple in its and Vliert-nue is tobe more udHorm, end ultopi'tht-r tibperior to that made by oihur proctssfs by which the ore or iron n nst innii-riio two succoasife exBOturtiA in the before it can'be reduced to wrought Rail Road Record. he larb lor Mr. Clayton's resotmlona were tnfceu t" them. v j Many dartiooraitb SenMnrs are pOKfdlo tbo rigbt Treaty, and it is feared U will tint be ratified, Schuy. ler Livington, of the firm of Barclay Liviugton ottered yesterday W.- The post Mmtsier lo England will the Prrsident .cnlleetorahip of be ftrrt ii In Mr. Buthoiiiian nnd nf decliiilngi to Jfr; Dix. It is said that NetnnnlctHiiw tluiru will get the Consulate nt Liverpool, Mr Henry Veneylaa been nominated ai Consn) at Havre John W. Egfln Consul at Nansnu. PrenidetM Pi last- evening gave H -dinner lo Mr, Fillmore, und ihu latin Cabinet. Washinglnn, M-nrch I lib. left this P. M for Bal- 1. Dnwutmt1 Otmoefattn Utitori In It u Unvlnw, (m In iti aUcntlon fiwn lit impolitic (Horn, nmjuitly culling iliiwn htiid. wlih Ttiu I he t tMnrbiirglt CJerman traveler informs Hev. Dr Phillips, ft missionary in North Africa, that bua discovered -u race the kingdom of limm-liara, thai their rvligioua ritet arid ore y fiimily, liu says; has among them ilio taw of iVJoso.', written nn purchoK.'iJt. mid allb- tigli they f tho Prophets they have none of in writings. Thuro urn yel vast unexplored tructa uf him) in Afi.ics, doubtless uiiinli ihiicd by ne- jjroen wlio'hnvfl never looked uputi face, of a white mini. When ndvoniti- rous iruvelrrs penetrute into tlteso re- fginos, much wrll be dixcoverud and timore, and will return Ui-morrow with Pieice. The fullowino; nominniifins wore 'soitt to the Senate to day by the Presidunt, and referred1 to the itpprapriatH corn- initli'i'l J. Bridge of lioaton, Apprat- birge ftir the Pnvitie Mr. Ciirr, Jiff eiver of Public monieajh In- diana, Jrise B. Clpmeiih, MurnHnll the eastern in place of Mr. Brown Washington, ''March 12. On racily y.eatefdti.y was quiet, owing to tht; nbaenco nt llie Pffs'ub.'tit, .Re re- lurni-d liist evening-. Sec'y Marcy l-bnt mine of the who have laith- lo aMuiikth and iiiteittat worbl; I NOUN BHUI.V. On SatuTday lust, a young Chipprwtiy Indtiin tow and shot ay Bear; Uefoin he tnid got him ecalpvil, liv fnund l.imswll in lite embrace of old Buiiii lifistftf, liis gun liia loniahntvk fust in iho hug andar his liluukct liis only wns his kiiilu. the siruggln fearful end doubtful; while the beast rrtxiinjr uwny unit p'ied his kniie; our hero con- quered at though wi'h tliu IOHS of the flesli of and nud one rib broken and nearly suiidcifd from ft is body. The jiiinr f.'llowHur- ind it hoped will recover; lio flffnerrec 'a pnniint nnd n kntghthooJ. Pinetjf, M nrc-li 4th AFTRAT IN Me- CuHttcli, the nuifd 'JVxan Hunger. had an encnunter at Urowu's dinner table, tu day witli aVVeit, lawyer from Mexico. Wext had tiiHiilu-d McOnlloch and flnalty threw a glttsa of in face, whereupon the Jinoclu'd Went down with a turn. bier, i> pile of dinner lee over liif hand, And him with a chair un- til waracrHMisly though not danger- ipjufcd. (N. Y. Dully fully performed ihcir dutivs in liia da- pnrtnii'iit will. hi> removed. President Fillmoio dues not .teoyo until Muiiduy.. Federal Appointments. March '.14. Clnytnn it'soluiiniis under tion in Senate. Musou is sjH'ukiiig on rhtm. The following tiomintitions re- ported us submitted to tliu Senate to- Mr.-Buchanan, Miniuter to England. Mr. Dix, to France. Mr. to Spain. Mr. Wise, "Central Amerk-B. Theodore Sedewick, nominated for Collector ut :Nuvv York. tSeimlor Duwns will probably- he U. 8. Judge. News from all Q miners. MBK-II JOih; this toreiioon, lad nn-med; Pollio JjHbati was in the brotmt, the wound ptMieiruting tlie n Imy named Joseph Ginder, Liiban ox- pirod immeilialely.- Grader fled, but has been urrwstod and commitleil to await'i lie verdict, of ll'.e Gonmers Jury llui Alexanitria niul the I'unimyiviinmii, tliis-. imjittrii Wlilch tho piil iluviewi ripply to tlie nut vtiry iliiltfi'Jng lo iho pruteudkrf'Iwtfli'i' nt'u smrty. The IVleniburji "Tlio RlplintotilrT Wl.ijr If fif tliu npiiitnii, iliiit in "If ilir uniintlti llicrt) Im'ti uwhil io [uirly. we Ciin unNiirp llial Mr.' tiyurgo tiiinilk'i'ii lOpi'M.ieiila but 1111 alum in tin- great ( Tiiinily, ivtnt wii will lliikt bin irnyiilfdi urn by ninety uiiiB; tliut u lui uili-'t'lt In bu nil t'Xiniutiiil, Uu in Imiin- K'iiji (i8ii TJio I'ciiOHylvniihin Buys: "Tlit> rciiiiirks (if lliu Unimi, in ro'ntiirm to lliU wikl, lilitmiui'i1- Mugticiiic, --willl mn-Bly hit <jv- try ii n it (Ifiinn'iiit in liu; lund'.'J. Tlio iluch'i LID iidvucttU'il .Ity. Ucvit.'w, in to tuke ut 'J'liu ni- pinnonl in, llnu tliti iitliiuil will itntvilulily dill lulu our Jminla, uiul il iniylit us bu ItiiiJ Loli I oi'unw That is rtuliy n stningo llmt may with u ulning Imiitl tliui wbtcli wo must nutui-ully worn to be upplicit to uvn-y ilny IHVj unnnig Individ- Iho heir HcldiHii vriiit til] (liu luvvn ofiiutnro iitventKl liinrwiili mi Tlnit would ultow him' tu tuki; I'mni ut liny litre, Ihiit wliieli winild liiw- fully deswinl to liiin ut liis Ouch ubnnt CuLu uru nnjnut, ilk'gnl iintHiiijmlilir; in fuel tliu Inticr (jniilifi- catiini re.sntlH IV'ini llit: two preceding. Oonil tun 'ncvtr violate Tuw nuit jitilicu. S'.ic'h' a pulicy must emaimttv from nn ill-lmlmict.'ii Uiinil. Tlio hrtliint of C'nbiin iadepeiiitence, fiiiil Cnhmi'tiinif.Xittiinj, ncenin it n arrow aimed nl H "cnttaiiiiiinatjuii ovdiitly ID lie Such "rj'iVi wonlil be iinwrirtliy of nnr attention, did not IVtnn m) nl' mtlii-r dult, or riil in i fiuvr in N. Y.Mh'rch Jhh. In tlie overhnuled the tiohtinct. of tho of Navy with Hovvlutid nitd Aspimviill, coul for tho Jupan expt-ili tioir. Cooper (itlfdjfi'S the firm liy: thin'contract, mndo SiflO.OOO out of Governnxtnr. Tlio Senate has ad- jount-J lill Mnti'day. Nuvy Oi-'oatis, 9. Latrr iiccounla from Iliviuhuns stati; 'hat li Iji stfamiT has tnki'H JIOSSI.'M siuti'ot iho'Isliiril of in imrno of Mosq.nitu KiiiiT. Greiitexcitement In Stenmt'i' then, ed lo inid lio.ivy cuiitjim beiird in tlitii qtiarter. ;Now York, March 12th. Tho .Sionmer MILTON, from J'iits- liuigh Jjouttville, was burned to llie wuters edge l.iiti ercithig, -New Ofleniis, March 14' Mr. KINO'S er Cicsfint City arrived from Hiivaiia to day. A who left Mtiton- lie ilic'Auirfirnii no orthodox irihiitiat to fix "heir jxtH'iciil -ojiin- ioin nnd jndgc The qjiiniolis of tlie iiiid tliuwtioii.' jicoiilc, uco ihi; lui- lis our Miliunul strnctnrn Vt-sts. G.-JC tndiviihml is no inure to lliun u brratlrto 'tlie Tln.Tf in.-fij lip n (hut llic pc-o'iilc, or llic'-tleim'u-ratift will ever fa- vor ii "IjiicciiiifTring" Did W.P not ctinlidc. in snilii irul nf the tnnvrrt si.cli y, A WAHNIXH TO M.UIHIKD A s the ad oi' an individual having a law- ful wife. A learned man, are nol very regular, one lust while walking lite a lady whoie w itk, and wct-ions eiicoitr- aged him ta her. Hv forth- with ofbixd her his arm to escort her homo which the After ing Lim nround sumo tew etjiiurcH.nliK brought him up to his own it wifet! Since ihi-ii we have no aort of doubt that the gonitemnu hns been caiitioua how ho moddltid Tadiei in the street. DctaoiT CITT The regu- lar, (democratic tiorniiialioiia" inDftrolt with a ri'us routv tit the Ohtir- ter 1-int week; the Indfpf ndi-nt ticket 'prevailing in out o( the eighl Wsrvla nnd in 1 1m City an majority of 1000 10 turiu'd, not su much upon parity oti City I [Seiiklnel. :truvementa' iir TNI the iWWwIng are the Cliairmen ul'vtutid- ing >fn Foreign Mrl Finance. MK 'NrtrnJ affiiirt. Mr: Public BaHwaya CanaU MfV Mr. Indian tiffitira. Dfrtrict Corumbiai Mf- B" vl. rfiiscinibly ibnibl Hie ji.i.'rmatieiicy of nnr in- Dtituti'rine.. This CJmlis nnil-V.-iiiitals nru nut in bo <inr. it wo vi-o'nlif. rtrrjx-tiiutt! n 'above .-iH'ulbt.'rs, furiis free lilicir.l In Ihc c n! ;bo liini.1 iheriHa'notliiii" to ricilr our ffiu-.i, and bni littli: tii uiir iiviii-i'.'f. Sjini'ii bus nod [loiitiuti to ili.vjioMMit'it, wi'll known be titst ilccrcuiiiiiy in valno loliur.. Anil ;t 'would btlxtt n tlioin in the tu'iViiy En- ropi-iiii nation wliirb nbmilil podsriis it. Its In our niul nulnral bnsi- IICKII iiitcK'onr.sti bolvvi.Li'n tbo ntojib; 1ms icn-yiurs lln; of wbiiib tbls country must re. j) llic bur- '.v'ctl. Tlio i-.tprc-Jsion iiltrUiiiU'il to ilio T.nmbiiri.l bllliltil lll'ii IT tiMjiiL'iilly J'tiil Iu riil nf llii.'in ft; wi, II UK tiny, [ii'iiuiit'iilly ,-t'il, but llicir i-i'lujlnliini in nnil hliini wuniing In lln1 viciiiim by wiiy, lln-'i't rcu- aoti fur thin ting. VVoiiilcr -if tln-y'll iuit llicni in "wouiien 'wuddcn ur "n'miiU-n have bocn lliu curriin- cy nf til IN inn nf'conn try, iin.j ibt: .will In; tuvtrcly tiy llit; hlinnlil l-bi! jirtn't1 li Tito xytlnin in lii'iinii- fnlly arningi'd ID ym into Uio. tr.ij) b1- lin't! it is Every tiny liie Iwnntu-M iif bunk iny I'niMlii; ]iyor. Jt ttu-in brcnJ, unil tb-ingfii il u> stem.1, nil llie mini: turn ol'lbo It. iiruiluuuH bfuiilifiit visioiK Inr pnor niiin Ibr jny, ulnl lln.'ii hinnr In-a liirn iintb ut into <lurknt-iLft.- 1 i.t us liuvc bniikii ii.t Innue if wi; nnihl bilvu "nig inonry." ;iinj ibcn !i bnv, ctisn nf niicb A iulllliulic of jiiibbc Cdlifiili-ili.-c, llic raaciiln miked ibu wurlil." 'teted vitdom of! our I wen my n h-re, .Wlmionslo Lcginbitw. Tlie innn who; will o nfteiiDil, ii lliu tvlin the likely If Usd nutli men at, wo niijfht (uccefl- eil In ubtKJirittg the tn to tho Koinl du Iviiu Uuil Bond, but tliey not .tlieiiM' to any but nrgeit lliu "fllie ujion ilt mrrilt. 'If vim rcc'iIUrci. it Inul ihu Aturiib'y, uit'l hail b'.'i.-N 'nying in ilii'buniU coiuniit- tf.n hi till! until': fivit lllill rejiorlei) 'Mi FriiUy to 10 wun-tl fo IIHVB it Iriy iip'in lljf lublo, it iliit nut curry; mid iben oJiinirnc- nl u worm and li.'iigiliy Mr I'j'inikiicy fpoki; lurnotly unit iibly iln.- inolinn, lirs. ruviuwcd-lliu. wboli; milijt.'ct in 11 .uit'iir mid loreibto iniintit-r, niiit sbciwwl llip In; n mere furcr, nieruly lo hill nD'ibit old clinr'ter, Hint in lioinf; " wnnlil ib-Dtroy Jim- in lln: tiiirtli.tiL' tin ilniibt but winit nouns w bu (nJvitcuti'il Ibo miliHliliitr: cliiirliif, iticl it fn til ino- tivcH, lint liu iliil not helirve Ibcy could li-nl tln.i rolul nftin'iili OTgniiiK'i'inHi In: wrri! Ion many in tbi1 Matt- who .vijiibl sign flii-ir bull' inul ibo cburd'r. Mr. filtnviirt frwni Wulwtirili county, KIIKIUJIILMI O'roiigbout 'n lliMJIlNnioil, Tllf n 'IK! Will III lny it iipun lliu iiililit lill Moiiiluy, aiiJ '-ariinJ by uinjorily. Il wiinciill'.'il up on Moiiiluy nnd by 11 ji'nn, tin- tpicntinn wait njion itn frii-in'ls, vvhii li cut ijlVnl) liuil tin.- iScn- 11 ti; Ion ilircct vole tipon llin n.'pnrt nt lliu roinniiltro, which vnte rcpnrt, tln-rrby killing Ihc iiiii'.'inlinciil. J'l In IU. AKSCIJI- Byl Banxits of tenlajr t-uulirnu ttio rt-poirt of llic.llttura of tin Ki'ltrH Woodbwy {fault, Kurtk America, ill no Tfanfftft, tail itlitt til" It inkii in ilinl tiiy liavo n-l'iiM.-il ilit-ui ni ony rule ol ilifci nut. Ittcoun lo iliii.k it iv ImJ DIII-. utimiinl cirrn'ntiun it Bt lielwuen tin.: but wo ilnmv prove Si iitim 1 ulm "ihu Orange Hunt Comity, New .li-rsi IIIIK IHMMI JifciWitetl, <n.n lliu MIIIIC IIM'I li of butikt, VMJ! we liavu int IK.'. vici-K ycl uf fiii'urt." tu Ihi: Milwnukn S'lirind. New Bill for the Milwaukee and Fond du Iflo Bail Bead, Minlict'ii, Miircli J.5. Nnfliiiir fatiy fiariiculnriiiij'iitt UK iiii S.-iiurdny or Mnnd-iy. .Scnsifc- [iiisscit u law 12mi- Ti cnmmilicc on R. 11. rc- liill fiiim ihi; Milwimkri- Luc jt-iil H'liid with 'J iotit-iis iiy wiiy nf roinfiio- -e, whicii will LATER CALIFORNIA. pint I'll H IH'W nnd Fond dn Four Millions cf Gold Coming- Nrw V.iik, Marrh IS. The; Diiiiitl Wtrlisler IIIIK nrnvcd nl Nl.-'.V Uric ITI.1, W.lh two Wl'< liH lutIT Innn ('iihTiiiiiin, ntid ix-nr- ly Four WiltioiiM iifCioM mi the w.iy. Mining vt-ry wciillM.-r liidiiin c.i H Smul.yrn Miiic-ra to lower, salcr. nl -'Slii tu rin.v up .Mr. KIM; TO TIKI-; THK (JA'I II UK Ol-TVCi: OJllb nl'iil- (ii.'i' U'ii- liu' In lln: Vice nn iln- -lib. Mr. Ii'-.ilnry. Unit i-il v tailed M K A CARD tan WkM. tw M J.IIVP man <f iht of I iJllr.o-, ly mill wiHiii.' ttirlr nrtn CMll, i N. i1 lli'lii 11- j PASTORAL vrsrr. '.lw-k I'. 51. i- N..I.I li f-.v III.' Moun1-. r Tbft cnb.'.rr.iiu.' clnirtcr Mill in til nnil iln-ru in Jtmbts <if r it rlncK ur not, wi will hnvi1 I.ii'w, which I inn Inlil v-iil it hut lit: tlir Cfi'.'inoiiy iintii-r Kin.iilil liiivn jinMrul nt (lie early part of ibe i usssiry, ;is lie c'.uld in-vt-r in- mill mvcil ilollnrs tn tbc j Him to ;i-liIliyliHi In n.t.-IJIDi! lliu (111- (icnplc: nf llie Tin; iiincnibnriil j tirs of llie ollici-. 11'hi.! !i IcwlKdli-y by "ml Tin-j iiiln.iiiinti-M'd ihi-n. Hi-, i t-.-t'iiirry i i I'ii-, j I'r. 111' in I of rlx.'ir'cdiipiiinttMtii, (ind fnifiitnl thi'irpuriy rrioxlii. Mncli Mil ui: In n lur I r.ijin'Mi-1 p Ull'.'l! by itll'j J b- lilJVI; till.' ,if KII IJouuty, will rriiifinb'M1 b'ni in f'l'.n Tin: llnbbc! (iui-u is ihi! e.-bKf r Hi 8np oa ilio I'm ilic. C( ftlrtinily licrn ttmilb In Hit- tlihinfe- nientl. 'A II.IB rd ttiH fonfa prJpftMfcMs only 39 mites hornts. thv tln mcftlrt of Smijiliiris (in bis Aro we gni'il f.onkinc t'eopk1. My I'irsi llic iSriilplur. Excursion to Canuilu. EilituriiU. Notioon; cnibnicitif; inli.'fimlioiiftl Cojiyriglif; Liloriiort1, Ann-fiiiin; t'rnncv; Gunnriny; Iliiiy; Diuiiiniik; iScieniilic Music, Fine; Note on llnr llnnilmi-i ijitemiini; afwhioh n 'furllmr Avil! bo {jivdii in llie April Number. It I'liijn r to n iniivU ibnt lln; rniiH'iitu of A'Jiiguzinc nrr by AnjL-i'i- cmi 'nnlitni-H. Ttrnm u AJJft'ss. (i- J'uti.'iiiti it. Cu. Ni.-w York. STKAHKII b-nrn ib.'it tiii.i fHH.'CJi inni'bhgo, bus purubiis id by li. F. Mnoro run In; done Iu iiiuki: triivi'l nil 1 bu wt; tin1 Him! will iiow be ilmiiv'Aiiinnjf, uttirrs, it viilv on C'ki uniclt. 'JliiHboiit bus been piirvliiiMviI by U. I''. Mciovc, niul lie b ticeitu'l wi.iiu-r lining bci; op for Ibo uccoiiiinnil'ilion oi' ibo ti'nvuJHn'g juibliu Shu wiiv.iit ilm; clofti tit' (ilaci.'U upon ihc to u ml ergo vvhivli uiiunistcit nl ni'w boltoiil. City Ooisucil. Council Cliiimbrr. 12. Quorum pn-dfrnt. rrail VIM I IVtitiiin Cur .Si to AValk anil ibi-1 bnniiibu'v nl .-tri.'C't, iti iiMjii-mx-- liKMil Arc inu! nf U. U Cnrr.-iti ril. hij: suila I'iii' i-ir.y, rclcrn tl io linunci.-ci-ur Ou iisolinii. the side vjilk (if B. .Urnry was ri.-u-nf'i] tn Iinprovi-iiK-ni trc, wiili lo am; Uiki- Kiicb acliiin as [lit11, ilri-in Onk'n.-il ibiit lljeOli-rU rcjmt-l t tu-li'- I'-.i.VLlK alk lax now ;inc! uiuli-r wim: On iiiiilion, n.illinvny n-iis inslrnrtt'u h employ men li.-vt I ilii-t. nn Druuk tla-i.1 i-i'i: by iu On. W. A. GA Aiilbut: tif Ck-rli. 11nt.-tt L: r. mi. ,._.- '.ue no csitiiinn n ork to ibe inilicti nl'mir rfn It is n-'pii-le bisinrioul i'ncls, intiTWovm with ;i iil'lictiiiM, il nt unco iii- strnctivf-ninl fiiitTi-.iining. Tlif pli.ts iinii tit'iliu C.-iviilii-i-s niul Ruitiiil- lii-'tuls, tbe jirt-tly i-pino L- nf ilm Tagi1, ami tlie strniiirt! ihciili.-nt.t Unit brfcl llic "Merry Mtniitrcti" in li'm tin.- roiifilit'iil nl'liis siibjocts. tiinn tne of one of'thi! bust hooka we Jisivu lulrlv litL-ii ciillcil upon lo iintii'c'. 1'iicc, 50 I Mil It, per l lu.rivp, H Kraiu-n, II i lir... A mil oninT.t ilia! lln- of ihu I.tinii illict1., .is not. isivrn tntbi.i ii Imviiii: bei.-n j rtiil'i-rivil I Ion. A. (iiii'iiiiin. lull' niriii- er ul'Cui'n.'ii'.sii from Kilwaukec Ol l-u-. v: iinil ailtUng u nrnt 'r fsibin nllii'i- ri'iniim. u'bii-b iviil niuki; ll one of 'iiii' -tion'li on .Tliu will be in lime for btir dtnrt, tis'-.KIOII OH nuviynliuu cijiena; forini.'rly rnu. iln lit? .will conn-if Bfitllc'u'Ul .nncouriige-. nicnt in nlt'eri'U. Tliu pluu uttoiilott in to raise Jjo will in: i ngiiin, it tet'tiis. be iipnn to i.ctt u> nutiio ii by for A A CLAIM keeper of thrf Irving Wiitihmgtnii, Inis jircseiited n ctnini to Congn.'ss ilani- tige.H. He says tliiit SeuntDi- U, limn, ot Vermont, wan nnd diod ul his IIOIIML-nt smiil) (ins, nnd llmt, in couse- qii'ciiuu lli.-t'B'if, lit; lost a tnrjrt' ilii'.iiiinl ot Ho o-shs fir Public (tt'bt of the United "lutrs. Tin.-; whoUviinioutit ol'ihi- ili'l.t ni'tbo IJtiilril on tin; 1st i-fjan. SC5.131 OOd 13, ilio'iimca of tlir: i-ci.MiK uiul t r kept up I llent-ml in onr City nt nre .-umii-je luiMwiirU mn! nur virt Jim umny of Mil ;i wEU :l'i hi th.; J. W. i !..-.-is..ii, i hiVir Ulnl nlht-r CiVl.l'METCIKVtJlT f lime, lime. W Mitl I .f.h.'-'. Oil ,tl -t -Iir I'M- I n ''hi circulntuni. i Wnitt'vpr nmy Ive until of Mr. Dun i tils M u pitfirK'inn'i nHU U-cliiFi'V, nod: piil'liciilnrly iipnu (lunldjty, which' lie nintlo Iiii ntutlvj .-lie fliMVmtJW'iiiftCridni. 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