Friday, November 10, 1848

Fond Du Lac Journal

Location: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Fond Du Lac Journal on Friday, November 10, 1848

Fond Du Lac Journal, The (Newspaper) - November 10, 1848, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin V THE FOND DU LAC JOt RNAI IIEfcOJ, Vol. 11. T. Pledged but to tulh, to liberty and law, No favo sways ui, and no ftar shall awe." Fonil <lu Lac, Wisconsin, Frltlaj, IVovember 1C, EDITOR 4PCPR1ET8R. WJb ole in. DU LAC JOURNAL, it.1 it JUIliAT. Hf l- U A i BE E SO IV. A St ENE AT TON I AUBLEU. oi.mersitifr wilh Joans 'inc when om; of the uflict1 t entered, ufty c %.v it Inn then u ruing him. d tier luce m tier In.rids, After a Mlencu of home uittt Henrietta leoki-d up, an airof f.sted upon her fnce. -What in uth nm to a1' .Some ,i ueit until ull .11 ation ol he fttib! strjclU idhertci t answered DeMerviue, in r. her in our presence said tip. very bw calm voice. Napoleon looite.d tit her in surprise, us if he itid not anticipated so ready un an of l rl "1" 1.1 'if i fi i under Tl i- Hirer >n re uppean d, with n lu i I. mi >r'_ tijri.n In-? unit, wlii se fuce neli could 'ii' heaned tl rough tlio .cK of a v.ul, was ben ititui. llon d as slu approached t! e door. '11 muist lie, whthpcrt'd her guide, eo you Miid he; 'in the mean timo accept apartment for your accomtnoda- shrill direct.' As soon as lite door closed upon die fair petitioner, Napoleon walked to the- fctt< p cried the Emperor from the 'Louie Dttlamarre is pardoned. I rovu] o htH sentence." A lc ud burst of applause from (ho lips 01' tiQld era followed this announcement. Not or a of them but loved and respected their c jmrad. The next moment, ere they c w minutes before. Resume your d 'ess gain, hurriedly whispered lie lose Hi ICUM milk pi- hi-r hand, 'la ,e cwiinge w winch Josephine winjn) tim i. The Emperor wisheft to see i Kll II ui.'l'Hl DI I liUl K 1 hi- i ui. luii il.o lit ii prociptf} hiitev >r question L'KUi Ho i (.'tests hesi- Tln n nj-ht ring her i ito the spa- :ioiis apartment, he bowed i nd retired. j 11 i i Ihe girl, precei ing It on on whom h> r fondest ho >es depen tifV see how it is, LOUI.H Delai mrrn is lover of (his Tittc to woman's nature she has und dauger to beg for his re- 'How strong must be thtj love she loi oigut IMT.M if and her tit iklity snid Empress. ht onlj o! another. Tl lowing her! returned he, 'I liaae a mind to of 1M M it- at the fi'-ct Napoleon, he this 8ame Iovo to a severer t-d in clioi-kcd with em .tion, Mer- Much doubl whetJier she will give her cy Sue, I sue for mercy a id pardon.'j Slit- could ai ticnlate no inoie life fcr him. Nevertheless I will nee. H cried out Josephine, 'you are fioinher mrtinl 'oriouA Lollia certainly cantx- t, and approaching t 10 ground. without the death of Hem i- l if Sin uords of tncoui.tgetnent to restore the by her 1 Napoleon drew her to the window and convt rsed in a low voice. i I k Hill llu. confidence and courage of th young pe- ,tiln i.ei, than own the Emperor by the Henriette stood alone in a of Ins manners is he bade cent apartment. Hours hud passed un- i anv. Your potition, Mi so intensely was she lin reverie. A small folded paper was Henriette Arnand (for th, t was her tighly grasped in one small hand. On M i VI. ;iT looked imploringly ai the we -e traced these words, 'A deserter !ior, and -Ah, Sire I ask condemned by the laws of the Army ion for LtmiM Di Inmaire, wlic is condem- to snlF'T death. If wish Louis Del- ill a UK y MI llu raft cu 'I hi y art jun il n ,1 [irin- 11 .itti M otn of the Emperor. Lifting her eyes fiom tho giound as the lofty door s'vung open, she beheld Louis An exs c iniat on of joy burst from the lips ol bjth, i s regardless of the presence of others they rushed into each other's arras. Nap ileon stepped De- amarr said he, 'you have just heard from r ly lips the tale of this lovely girl's >n and courage. Do lore her as she deserves t c iuld die for answered Louis proudly. the emperor, 'this sin ere .t test of the love of one will suffice. So du iful a son, so faithful a lover will doubt! :ss make the best of husbands. You L ieutenant Louis Delamnrre are dis chrge 11 of the village church was atrtady tolling for her funeral, a femnlo fiom un ad oining village, who had been tbe school I--How of the suppored d( funet, canio to ta to a last farewell. She sloop- The Green Bay advoate gives the follow- {t) kiss ''P3 of her parted friend ing details of this important remaired in that position for some Vnrihom WUmnain. .inH. mnv wheu the bystanders attempted to Northern Wisconsin, and, we may to the whole State 1st. They tede all their lands in Wis. consin, estimited at about acres. 2d. The United States grants them acies on tha Crow Wing riv- iptnd ahoidd bo tlu-m ttff wilit her remove her, test her emotion injurious U her. waved with her hi nd, und remained lips, upon t lose of her friend, and breath- ing, as it turned out afterward, the warm brculU of life into her lungs. At th she exclaimed, "si.e lives and I'.mrJ ,11 A M. fSut the cause of his desert (Tiriette in i compelled vill entered. li i .it I, I If ..III Hi, tllC i mil i- ii" v pan i tn ihr t.'iiMit ss ut. fiiiftltiitf M ,ltl I.'. Il I HI" llu .ii of'i'itli rn I, ,nn! i I u ill a! r jtu join lliu army against his I were the causes ol hi.s deser- t on T interrupt'd Napoleon. uidis red Hi-, 'ii" i revived now 3 that m onlj res er, as their fut ire home. j 3d. The United States pays fron the body pointed out noes as follows: on the" ratification qm vocal Hiijns ..f SIi.j stated that of the treaty to persons -h" was kissing her friend she fin- mixed blood for removal; fdt breathe, und in a few 000 for substs-nces for one year U1 9 convinced of the facl. Tlie their new hone for individual wns lie dead was improvements on the reded lands; out coffin and placed in a 000 to erect -mils, school houses, bed, and in the courso of a few for willars, for 15 yearsjhoiirs ful'y rcvivcd" SJ.oVlated that she nnut} for 10 years after the ex- iration of thnr present limited annuty. I 1 rn 1- a: of Li. J rjl ,jr. S i r- ,n the n In' VoMn nj; lli( M VV U I 1 il i i- ran j i. 111 N" i ri i lollN "'ons n. I if ii "t l.llli'1- fit IK nj; in, t'.i an lated I am replyed the high mind3ti Henriette, my decision is made. Mt-rvillt- appeared to comprehend the inijjort of her words. llu looked parent, his mother, Sire, was 'ujion her in reverence as well as admiia- .11 lie: I'ea'h, led and long-d day and uon, as she stood the high resolve iug'it tojco lar son again. Louis knew impressed on her beautiful brow. ihiit relict or relate from his pest werej -Follow me. said he. imj II, f mind was filled with j They traversed long conidors and nu- ilmtifdit, tint slis close her rnuio is suits of superb apartments and es en' tlu-y rebtet on a bon desct nding a stair-case reached ceivec the purse irorn the hand of the e no pre :s. 'Lo ig live Louis as wit i a heart (oo full of gratful emo- t otiss or further utterance, he took the hund f Henrottp, and making a ful ob< isance quitted the apartment. -In- M. fo'iiilv. an outer court communicating with the E npi ess with house. Entering this, Honrieiti! iiiten Fii'1'1 replied Hot <it 10 hard! had Louis i ived her bits-ing, and bt -n folded in in- Ml-r f torn fro tlic offiei-ra of justice a id dragged hither. Oh rtiust he die Tlorcy, Sire I bexech you.' Kiid Napo eon, entlv softened, 'llus wus the second of- I L IMH Ye cor an3 Geuoral Land Agent Hw. the first y. u omitted i. n I i- that.' Town- said Hennriette an in rtw rono <lu LiOC, hesitating t li.i. accn- -iiid ic heard I till Ulltl. detest as iiiiu-h as be does, a< ded Henri- u H-T r j 'i t L.k f. DARLING, e'3.1 land Agent Toad du Lac, o' Luids in any 'Are joii sister, that rie feels so the Emi-eror, "Oh! no <5iio !'said HetTiette, her lovely cheeks assuming a sti I deeper hue 1 am only his cousin.' "Ah, only his rep ul ijjta.ii land or to ihc glanced at Josephine a half o' .r.vttelsnds. or improve.! f f _. MM in ir SliLilMl CI 1 It- 1 tUi ftl tStGC r I of .u Nurihcri cou-i. oi Sire cncd Hennet'e, the pain of his w.dowed moll er when she it. kr cniuracirig dat.unption ar 'JU i-U 3 lit 1' t.iu i.iy given or extent of un. retiects that tho affection of hor son for a'.! her is cause of his death. What, she continued, cao I do save hit i T and the Government Line's cot rtnilly on i U 1848. Poor girl, forgetting the pros nco of roy- alty, burst into ttars. The kind cd Josephine glanced at th Emperor, L AVARRAATS. with eyos expressive of pity ind fa conntaolly on hand -ne (he WOrkint of hit face, lo he will He will also and felt at once that it was uocer- <J y on cret it to settlers tain whether Louis e to tie their Give me gho( OM( jsoraing, JOHN FITZGERALP, Napakloo the Am r Home.) lookerf up d J. Y. SVTDAiJ, Bty, Win., THE DAYS OP AUTUMN. n a was nsliered by hor ;Miard into a small nparlment where e WHS soon left to her self. Oo a chair was flung a uniform of the regiment to which Louis belonged. On a tfiblo lay a largf plumed cap. Hen- riettt comprehended all in a moment Quicly hflbitating herself in the uniform sheitood before tlu; small mirror, and (her bcauliful brown tresses llced the cap upon her hcnd. She almost uttered a cry of joy at tho success of her transformation. Sin; knew that she wan to bo to tlie fa la! ground at tho morning's dawn. Tho bullet which would have struck Louis to the earth would pierce her heart, but the faltered Dot. Love triumphed ovnr (hi; timid woman's nature. mother will bless me in her heart, she whispeicd LouU himself, will never forget ire! Ah, often has he sworn that ho loved mo better than all Droving a lock of raven hair from her bosom, she pressed il upon her lips then breathed a prayer to Heaven. M jrning dawned. The sound of toot- steps aroused Hennetto. started up grasjied the band of hair, awaiting the summons. The door opened and two soldinrs entered repeating the name of LouU Delamarre, silently led tar forth to die. Tl: e aeldiero, whose bullets were inten- ded to pierce the heart of Louis Jtola- marr i, had taken (heir proper only waiting the of command from the Emperor, was stationed at a window commanding a view of tho t" cried lotHphiae, who stood by him, but cotwaaled by the window pery the view of thow WteBfif, H their investme durin.' hor (uily to s pissing around her, and tbhe me fi tupjl ._ t There it no such thing ;ia n practice i wl.icli U not said a westfrn me gro one day to a field hand over the fence in_un nctjor ling lot, Mooksahtfa, d'you ico dat tall tre; down f 'Yas Jin docs.' 'Wall, I got up dat tree duy 'forlo morrow.' 'What was von a Her. Jim F wrs. a ter a cTHprtind I'd chased hirr clear out to todder oil doi ft longest limb, I beam somefm f [you eue8s''twEts, Sam t' To-morrow tbe will n viU itrwft Over thti pnfnch so much better when I have mon- ey in my poclet.' The hint w is taken, and the balance of his salery jot together and paid, and ho preached t Je best kind of sermons afterwads. cncarcgeS paid up has a like .effect upon editors and alt oth- ers. 'de coon, ob eoustie.' 'No yol don't j twas dis here I E. yah jhikc to broke him seek j lunpin bolt r since.' Ii t How many genders are there aeked a r. Three, iir'j replyed a little girl. ewinine Pray an example of aaid Why your i> maieulkwf because you are t man, am 1 1 am am a girl An Illin w editor, m] has broken every bank, ond Iwith day th ere has been io that (or j i five years. far. Tbe Oqt awka Spectator light of bttroiag; temple at ftrty wHh ttat iPlf"

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