Thursday, May 1, 1862

Berlin City Courant

Location: Berlin, Wisconsin

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Berlin City Courant on Thursday, May 1, 1862

Berlin City Courant (Newspaper) - May 1, 1862, Berlin, Wisconsin "M .Jnw i ,11 wif ,t m-.jj-.jc, ynt) 111.. II in :.f II .IS .nluaooai'W' intl ri-ulT -iitnU f.i iM H -t --ii tpV) ni vnil ti -III) viirijn-.'i'.J V> 1-' 'ii il tf IM 'i: r. t r'l tft ini 'nil i-t I i I-' "MI I In M INSURK VOUR-LIVES IN THE r o., AND; >r -n'l i AnA.'wlU anrthlnf t Uw ihorttit pralbtt ht would wi oEyow a'n'ar- ffHtf. the'1 Wiacoiiafti'1 .Vl> rf ng and h tentloft.fpartfenlarly caUeditathla aobjecX few- su'irgeitionii.'.'frb'ra; There ai-e'iome'trtfWbflhtlmanTcHaracj ter 'thai ter of -thia natura tWn iu. the school room; haVc there Wkihda With, rrom'ihe' alug- ,.'P of course, requiting dtflTeranl' treatinarit vaftdilyet 'Mine Tfie'liWc-'girt war taW t'd'her natiiraVy ahnont to water what -I- wiil'.nraro itbuught when rcpreaented to their than 'in' any other way: "M thing, little. in schools.n I ilutrdly khiiw.of' any brunch that'ir hot rendered tnord and eaiiy 'of cohip'reh'onstohi'by Minounct lo hit rritBdi.Uutt ju lite. .'.Xii'c ttacherj jWill oflenjti his K.tore of: pcrhapa call "pupil a blscis- when' he moxt- a t "j 11. i'i :i. L. few, Ve niade nprrttT Ik JBBJrtfcJ'i Jtajir i riwitMt QfWt, :ti f J 7 J City Barber wn. j i. li pM.xirtd Mill mtrp TTurr'1 Itort, Hair CBUtlug qiuiWty "'10 l.wigbtd totvach fitttrt.deatinyj come a stlf-erident truth termlnato In rdatitn to our ex- atoxtid forUle Joi g> become' aeeking aoroi aecrttcti to: i pr >trtalslaM oriwhateVer.iH known to hare gHonrfte to aerioila we (a uaetnha aamc.-jurtly Inourredmpoo! uiu followed: .bji oihee eruptions in nature, for to minifeflhis'skill 1' usclew poftanfU'4 ------______r- to W' Ir od TteVe'jn Ouir. Statea.1 their they want llM In Uwanti a' 'hav' allofNatnWi1 above man comprehend Uiie him ihd'Tike" lira'ifti'wiM f rie-Boitofi re- 'Wendell ftom which wo make- H'wlHe'fliit time the him accompllahsd- resti will dUgraro, ,oc reprwnt.Roiuo obnata'rr iho.'iboard, 'a' iqlicstj'the class to'ni'iikft'cop 'JCB on fate'ir in'nine wiwjftottj of Cll write the. naniq flfen.withouti being tc-ldi'.c In some would ge't1 thein eriin tliT Ml-l'.l' Jii'i'jJ ..I" -nil K'J chanioaloperation, and vranltl aerre to Incroaso'tniHefyJand' dejec- tion to.a thati would render man not auaocptlbleiof iniproweraent in literature pr any having 'a relation to hUipreaent br fu ttirei proaperity.- Inttead.- of> i having a ibbjcct; by wjikh to be atlmulatad to i iput forth every; tncrgy galniBubaintence, ihia cal and Mental would conawjuenoo pi knowing that calamities are about htm; i..PcrhapanWiei labor secured1 to him.nbundnnce'of iwealjh Tor'inpport JhiiyetiSi of dodihe, -which U be. dcinoliahcd never 6r-he regained eteri lAecofillng wniild: Boon'tnakv him arid unfit tiod.' Tills caie, it' nectcwi .heahould :dlty for riaOght'buHll- Jlgcnce andJntegrity .witl'enableWrfl Uob- cBylthui lit ing he harie'Te i- to 'tl hla 'axpuctalio'nrf'raMy-be thwartediietnjri.'by. iontenunihtenUotnl) act of having a tendahoyio-wcfthVow hpwcrer ofifalure etenta; they Be'ifor or lajjtfnk'eiir nation: maker that greht j Nei ther you..nqr .11 could, naturally ex pe'ctcd tojlve to see that result. Not the mbat'Mn'giiino' of uii could' have hoped that Into cxcr- thaiBceiu- ing inioreat and-tlw well-anchorod dowo? th- ,.....-----v.aB, to coijaecrate the Ih our day.'1 Wo have'lited -to nation gitea us m.tbe fetter of a Hiavd.1'- [Ap 1" tVi, MT't' offcan saVoslnTery., Mr..Lincoln, aBollSirsfavrry, ihey qin- Oot save1 appehldd 'first- W the pill- -were ger ger ,wcre top alow fur his. nietlipd-, he, to bttlleVs, and thb of the DlNtrlct'nre ffie'.-flwt" trdtbry'. The strength1 of SltvcYyihas been SVttJUM dan of flight ahead. Tdl htm that If hi to Slates thai thatlf'ehehaa ta inaxseM, baa t j. the Unlen without :and manlfwt, i ap- be w'tS'f- the Upton No jugglo. nu.lrlck, BTrangenient, If peutble. of 'VeaHtyv" If. lilent'a ami r colo- So Ufa nwnthi., So U Waa we alarva who (mould, bo comptnaa' ted, not die a' maUer of justice; maaters hecaiUB] they could'netxakecrtre and atevca (rue, -he- cause Ihey could.., .lie ridiculed; JthB.idea, that the enfranchised slaves'wbuld nnh to tbeiNorthri They'Would atay where they art, like UM are county, and cMioty ihaU' bo' powericUturo and and x for all piiri' of tfili Inf f" in the. MDMI nianner.aa Vcrribn1' 'wire 'printed %r i tMreoC ,i Sec. and after HiBifirst diy.Uay luiin Air Apr. eral UWs of 1650, [rntiUctl] .iian act to i Uuou utf AiMMblr, Section 1. Section 'flfty-hlrie'of-ctiapler njj any other or other or- dcr.-eitation.'auminoniivorvnjr'-othvr pro jHiWIihcdJn, m6rc.than forty .ccntH per folio for thejjraf inWrtion, and emitif'Mr ToWfof each Inaertlon after "Jo11 S.: iAIIaeUandptrtaofacta'wWch5 with.tbii acU.are.Uureby. i.l'i ,AN AcTi to.atnend ReVrycir Siatutca, V ''tif'linds'for llib payment deblif by Meciititm, llntuteii, thV piynient'ordcbta by ex> __ ._ _. f _ t 'it Vr raited .on that aoil. i, 'Mr. of 'WettMn-men'-whomhe tnot to the caune.of .tlie; country, who had gircn all their to aenrjce, f awklpg only that, full.' tattlo-Bdd, from their' tibchy aho'uM He Mid-he dW liotWltive McCIHIan to be n traitor, but he thought he reprMontcd. with BucU and Halleck. tlia and EnicxeKfn the English Kevoliitlon of 1040, who-were 'arixio'uM' not' tH'hiirt anybody whiloiFrcniont.i iliunter rcpre i'U.and Ire ton, who wore net afraid to'strUe even tho In'co'nclilRiorf; Mr.'Phlllipn upoke of the support ho had'reccrvea'aftha Wett'froni thoiQcrnians, reinarfclng tluit, whcnerer be. tlirenuned ,wlth.a mob, ho HWch Rale Hhnll not bo cdnllrmed ill of-'the'county" coiirt, uii'tlt V ahall execute a bond to the Ntecttn inlnUtraton, M: rtijulredi In Irt thu.cMe of a-'nalu of; a contract far of Ja'nd, on become due: 'protiJtJ, that in canea wherer the .charge, by' mortRkgo or btWertrBttJ faf upon two or more lota grvnU-r in of nmrtgnga'. or. Jluna the tcMvt of Uiu on: being BBtbtteV that It would bo most lifiictl'cial to t" a. J ..t.f t_'..l tleA1nteret.Ud In laid that the MOM be such Inciimbranrtl abtirdtirj' in which cane, eulDctent W iMotjtyn by .or ly 'court, 'on cnnllrraing and 'MliiiTy the Mld'lifn.-' tbataaay remain of, adnilnintration M of T Ax" ACT lp m ctton 5, .of 1fc of the 'R'eVlH-d Statutyx, of 1-1 Si-clion'l.'. Section 1 .of chapUT ''of is liL-nl-v Miniiiitcd go MM to read aw 'gJye'aWiy an raitii'g ln.irT-- he iterelaiy BUto of tlful haircut, Jbrlth MAR B rater, add ng. )Cpuldn'> Xoupjit a drepof PitU' Thituhiag XaeUnesL -fritiiMneami RucbMK, W common 4H he X raWilta bi Gbdbtib ,Br ieV Wo may be 1-----------' rf----" u to the other, (to hVthem head of the Govern,

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