Thursday, August 18, 1904

Benton Advocate

Location: Benton, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Benton Advocate on Thursday, August 18, 1904

Benton Advocate, The (Newspaper) - August 18, 1904, Benton, Wisconsin Bf v x IBentoA BENTON, WIS., THURSDAY, AUG. 18, 1904. NUMBER 50. You are to be the Judge. are the perse n to judge tfce quality of what yon Every dealer to the best. If you trade at my store you will he to get the ?EST O? EVERYTHING as piy entire stoofccf Pry Goods, Shoes and Groceries is all new arid fresh, Cw: iu, aud judge for yourself. J. B. TEMPLE, COW TV OI'-FICKHS. of merica. They will be at the Fair grounds two clays and will give four concerts, or.e each after- coun rv OI--KH.I--KO. o--------- Tudc-e Circrit Court..Geo. Clcmentsonjnoo and evening. In addition Probite Court... C. F. Osborn fae Fair management is arranging Jutlfje Probite Court. Treasurer C. F. Osborn E. Ever son Deeds........P. B. Nelson of Schools......E. R. Patterson Surveyor..... Sheriff... Emerson County Cte k..........A T. C. Gates, management is arranging for the best bands procurable in Mi! vaukee and the state, including the famous Dana Military Band Republican-Journal. A Poor Exhibition. The Benton ball team went to duba City Monday afternoon, ac- companied by about 150 citizens, and engaged the ball team of that place in a slugging match. It is usual to say that one team played better than the other, but in this particular game it would be more proper to say that one team played bad and the other worse. The :ame was scheduled to begin at o'clock and promptly at that hour Dave Sampter of Platteville, who had beea chosen umpire the bail to the pitcher and the game was on. Benton won the and in the few seconds tha followed Pitcher Harker wa for four straight hits, one them being for a home run. Wiscor sin's Fruit E .Mbit. The Wi iconsin Fruit Exhibit at he Louisi .na Purchase Exposition 3 e Haptlly Married. BUD )KN BVRNS. Wednesday morning at asily the largest and best dis- j o'clock M ss Emma Burns On from jlay of frt it ever consin at an exhibition. At the present tine we have on the tables over 900 states of fruit as follows: Apples 5jj. plates, blueberries 141, cherries 4, red currants 32, black currants 17, gooseberries 17, cran- berrips 2 In addition several iruit stands and vases filled with truit mal ts a grand total of 1000 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Burns of N ;w Diggings, and Mr. Eugene Bucden, of Galena, were united in mf rriage at St. Patrick's church in teoton by Rev. j. C. Bergen. At the s uind of the wedding march, played by Miss Annie Martin, the jridal party proceeded to the altar, the bride being attend- I plates. Thirty-five varieties of ap- by her Miss Laura, and in three tallies in the The Cubans did not the third when they opponents. In the pies are shown, 34 of these of the crop of 1903. This is the largest showing of varieties in the Horti- cultural building. Only two other the bridegroom by his btother, John. Thi bride wore a costume of white silk mull and a tulle veil, and carriet bride's rosrs. Sh< The special school meeting called for Monday evening to coBsi bride's par nts where a wedding breakfast was served, about fifty intimate Hends and relatives being present. Among the from Bent m were Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Co tman, Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Sherwin, Misses Annie and Ella Martin and Nellie McElroy. i'ali (190 5 j by members of the Wis- consin S <ite Horticultural Society and pla ed in cold storage in St. Louis. The exhibit attracts gen- eral atti ntion not only from Wis- consin visitors but from others. At the Wisconsin fruit booth a crowd may be seen at any hour. This is due in a large measure to j Mr. and he kin lly greetings of the genial i recipients Distnct At ume, Flamgan MI. Obi 1C I'US. President .........K. J. Sherwin Rebeck, A, C Piquett H. Grotkin, Jos. Temple, T. A. McCar- thy, Jas McCarney. and others. the and 11 J a The plun is to make! question of free text boot 3 was Fair week a week of music, as the grounds are to be Ugh ted by electricity and kept open zti ight the opportunity of passing eveni ag there is a delightful suf enor. C. K. O'Neill a. Assesor Kmtnett Raisbeck John McCaffrey us J as. Temple ur Schools at the Big White Fair. Everybody is interested the edi cational department of the Big The ohibit this year be one of the largest W lite Fair. pr< mises to We almost unanimously defeatei The annual reunion of tru Third Wisconsin infantry wi 1 be leld at Shullsburg, Sept. 15 and 16 The people of Shullsburg are i aaking great preparations to enter! the surviving members of that i ghting regiment and a good lime is looked forward to by the members of that organization. Hon. J. B. Simpson of Shulls- burg is being favor.ibly me itioned f General leek Home ev. r displayed in the county ex 5ect to see more school children at the fair on Children's Day this than was eve' known to be as a candidate generalship on ticket this fall. for the ttorney the der tocratic Mr, Sm pson is The home team has only recent ly been re-organized and last Monday's game was thtir The club is composed of the follow- ing players: Dom Meloy, catcher. M. McGuire. pitcher. Lewis Piquett, ist base. B. McGuire, 2nd base. Vilas Whaley, 3rd base. Dom Swift, short stop. John Meloy, left fielder. Alvin Rispin, center fielder. "John Swift, right fielder. Substitutes, P. T. Mc- Guire and Tom Swift. The officers of the club are: Supt. Mr. A. A. Parsons of Eureka. Neither Mr. Parsons nor Mrs. Par- sons who assists him are -wholly happy unless every chair in the booth is occupied by some weary sight-si er. Two interesting feat- ure of the exhibit are, the section of Wis ;onsm cranberry bog show- ing fn. it and a collection of native ferns Irom Baraboo. The exhibit has bet n assembled and maintained wholly by the members of the Wis- consin World's Fair Commission. Visitors to the World's Fai should not fail to call at the Wis Mrs. Hudden worr th University of Washington is a National Institute of Learning If the boys will get down to 1 chart :red by a late act of Congress business and do some practicing and approved by the President of they can, before the season is the 1 Inited States. A scholarship play fast ball. in th s Institution is valued at yeir, and entitles the holder to tie lt may be rived home Friday from c btamTd by-callli-8 at the office of their extended Burop. an tnp County Superintendent or by They visited the pnnci, al citie uoumy o v _____ Europe Village Board Proceedings. frt.p iristruction until graduation Benton, Wis., Aug. 16, 1904. from the Department of Law, the The Board of Trustees of the time however, not to exceed three Village of Benton year, ired to session on the above date with the <-iy f nf following members present: incidental fee of fro Pres R. J. Sherwin, T. A. Me- and his own board and lodging. Carthv H. Grotkin, Joe Temple, Tuition is free. <-artny, n J Tie number of scholarships is limi ed to 200. The fall term ope is Tuesday Sept. agth, 1904. molder by trade. He has put- chased aid furnished a nice home for his mdc- on Third street in Galena vhere they arc now at home to .heir many friends. Hotel Quests. Amonp those who have at the Hotel Central during the week were: K. E. 1 arrell, Darlington, Wis. R. Bens ton, Ben G. Calvin, Madison. O. H. I'uprecht, L. L. I.ijrhtcap, T. C. I'avis, Platteville. Clyde nlavis, Merlyn Davis, Horace Pawcett, J. Kar mann R. C. A. J. Scherf, Milwaukee. Fred Smith, S. G. Vaguer, Frecport. Jos. V'if, Chicago. W. E. DeLap, John Muldoon, Shullsburg. Chas. Melcy. Mrs. Kalph Hillary, New Miss l the British Isles. They enjc yed their trip immensely but are j lad to be at home again and of cou -se every- .brown mare, nome fhe mare is five years old, sound one is pleased to have hern wrth For Sale Cheap. Brown mare, and harness md in good condition. Buggy us once more, ind harness also it good condition Enquire of HENRY COUI.THARD, Wis, Annual Meetinf The Benton Lead Zi ic Mining Co. will hold their annu, 1 meeting to-day. The report of the secre. tary will show that the 1 Hende has The tollowiag subscriptions to produced for the past ye ir eewed I hicl brouht Renewals 1 Be i prouui'Cu i---- the ADVOCATE have been renewed I Qands of jack whicl during past week: and "f Peter Whaley, Benton, Wis. for Jas. McCarney, A. C. Piquett. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. A communication received from Mrs. Anna Stehr notified the Board to place cement walk along ler property on Main Street and send her bill for same. Moved, seconded and carried that we accept the bid of Chas. Piquett at per rod to lay the 1500 feet of water main. Moved, seconded and carried that we purchase the steam engine now in use in the tower and the Clerk be instructed to draw order for in favor of A. C. Piquett Th. directors 9. John L. Neenaa, Suite, Mont I will be __ A able to declare a snaal matrinfir the ilSt for same. Moved, seconded and carried that we adjourn. Clerk. f All scholarship students must be present on Sept. the :gth. Young mer and young women of Lafayette Cotnty qualified to enter upon such a course and desiring to avail themselves of this opportunity shoald make application immediate- ly to the county superintendent, tha he may consider their character anc qualifications and send in the naries of those appointed in time that they may receive the prope circulars of instruction. If n. C. H. Jennings, "C ur babies LCCAL NEWS NOTES. H. Winskell and family n Cla-ion, Iowa, this week, visit- ng fri mds and looking after hss armint; interests. The gross receipts of the ent ici cream social, given by the unior League last Saturday even- ng, over Irva and Gladys Carter, of Hazel Green, spent a few day- here, -his week, with their grand- parents, John Carter and wife. Richard Dugdale, of Platteville, was ii town Tuesday. Richard has djne considerable mine sur- veying in this district during tlw several doctors, Eock? rot thetortro Tfttor Mils Winnie Baiabridge has gone to St, Lows to 'attend tbe was by Wrt. Raiflbeck and

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