Friday, May 29, 1959

Appleton Post Crescent

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

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Appleton Post-Crescent (Newspaper) - May 29, 1959, Appleton, Wisconsin APPLETON POST CRESCENT VOL L No. 78 WMDAY, MAY tf, IfW 15 Accused of Having Part in Jukebox Racket AP WirephoU The Foreign Ministers of the Big Four powers pose on the ramp to their plane in Washington before taking off for Geneva. Left to right are: Christian Her- ter, U. S. secretary of state; Andrei Gromyko, Russia's foreign minister; Couve de Murville, the foreign minister of France, and British Foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd. 96 Arrested By Raiders in Mexico City Gang Snatches Valise Chicago Suburb with State's Attorney Moves to Clean Up Calumet City Area Chicago Investigators from the, Cook county state's! snatched a valise which police {about her. attornev's office armed with jsaid contained more than! Police said the stolen valisejarea lale Thursday afternoon! sters officials were among attorney s otnce, armea wim million Cuban pesos; contained Cuban u. mpn niffhi- shotguns, sub-machine gunsjfrom an American woman inj sos-nominally worth Wtle damage resulted. men indeed .asl mgnU Woman Wounded as Robbers Flee With Cuban Currency Mexico downtown hotel to Inquire Hoffa Included in N. Y. Group Thunderstorm SlamsThrough Fox Cities Area State Residents Can Expect More Rain This Weekend A heavy thunderstorm swept through the Fox Cities j sters union and other team- Mineola, K. T. A ranking national leader of Uenmsters union and a dozen i other men were held today Son indictments by a grand jjury which investigated jukt- ibox industry rackets on Long i Island. The president of a New York City local of the Team- Thanksgiving Dinner Aloft Smooth Return for Foreign Ministers BY DAVID MASON ated in grey and green. These Big Four were a sitting room, a workj f o r e i g n- ministers had an area with folding tables be-j U Fire Follows Crash of Jet 2 Dead, 3 Critically Hurt in Accident Aboard U. S. Carrier and tear gas, staged a mas-; a quiet residential district; same amount of dollars but sive raid on suburban Calu-jhere last night and wounded! actually met City's notorious Rainfall in Appleton; John J. O'Rourke, 59, an in- to of restricted valuej amounted to .55 of an inch up lernational vice president of shol as O( A quick investigation led to turns Imposed by Premier Fi- club district last night. the arrest of the woman, iden-; del Castro's Havana govern- ty-six men and women as Mrs. Marilyn Thalliment. The weatherman predicts a the union and its head man in the Mew York metropolitan I area, was one of those arrest- wet Memorial day weekend] ed He was freed in bail after ployes were arrested. Beyeff of Miami, Fla., and ai Police said the money hadifor Wisconsin. Scattered show-ia couple of hours in jail. In one of the biggest raids! score of other been brought to Mexico are throughout in recent years in the far; some of her associates market conversion at; isouth suburb, the 65 men suspected of engineering; a rate of 36 cents a peso, orjlne A Spe_ (including 10 state the holdup. j a total of lornanoes seen Husband Arrested Details were vague, but this Even while pressing the a police outline: jraided 10 night clubs in the city's gaudy State street strip section6 Three otherclubs the the rtbbTrJ. police! Four' US. citizens and i northeastern Wisconsin. Dam- investieators sought to enterj said today they believed they j three Mexicans were involved! was minor. Twr, ____ _. _ _ i ii_____.___ I O 1 IF Free on Bail Among others arrested Joseph DeGrandis, 53, presi- Tornadic winds Teamsters Local 286 in through southcentral and! Manhattan and Ernest R. Zundel, 62, secretary-treasur- er of the local. were closed. nave stumbled on an interna- n the attempt to sell the cur- sighted in the east cen- After his "lease in 000 The 53 men and 43 women tional ring dealing in foreign irency. were taken in chartered buses currencies, jewels Jacksonville, the state's attorney's office American Thanksgiving din-ltween the seats, and a lounge.; ner on their flight back fromj Crew members said the sea followed the crash ofjfor Washington and worked in foreign ministers were togeth-; a navy jet plane aboard thei Watch None of the club owners, shirtsleeves on Geneva confer- ence problems. Between times, they haps narcotics. and per-j They left their rented ment in a prominent residen- tral portion, but did not touch! t ,_ were SeenifasnionaDle Garden City hotel rOhkosh and south <i "ear here to rest until his ap- ncar usnKosn ana souln OI er six hours or so. There wasiaircraft carrier Essex yester- one formal session of 90 min- utes across the folding tables. Mrs. Beyeffs husband, district with the money. Kail Beyeff, was among the; persons rounded up in that! iday. oaers, connection. He was taken Bullet Hits Woman drove up, fired i 7 Green Bay, but stayed in the air. The Fox Cities area storm browsed through Washington! Steward Francisco J. Sal-: The pilot of the plane mncti newspapers and magazines! veron, who hails from and an airman on girls resisted arrest as they to custody after he called in hcadouarters from a and tuned in on music andjserved this deck burned to the clubs iined thei shortly time. Sec. of takeoff from Washington: i style dinner shortly after nabbed in the surprise lies headquarters 3ome persons, most iof them customers forced to 1 the In addition, three men were city's glittering State street news broadcasts. At cocktail time. Sec. 01 takeoff from wasnmgton: 10 u 'and as the men and PhHctian A Hprtrr and frpsh nink1 critically injured and 18 waicnea as me men turn State Christian A. werter Hors d oeuvres, tresn pinn, j !women were put into separate Defense Sec. !Neil McElroyjgrapefruit with cherries with minor burns or buses for the j-ide to Chicago's stuck to dry martinis. Britishjthe center; roast turkey 'criminal courts building. For e i g n Sec. Selwyn Lloyd' Turn to Page 7 Col. 6 preferred Scotch with no ice. French Foreign Minister Mau- rice Couve de Murville order- ed a gin and tonic. No Mishaps on Flight Soviet Foreign Minister An-j drei A. Gromyk'o had about aj half dozen bottles of which some communists label; VfOfllGl GflCG as a typical capitalist bever-' age. Able, Baker Will Attend Paul Newey, chief investi- Order Higher Discount Rate Power com- ipany crews were dispatched strucKj Mi-i the Federal Reserve Makes Move to Fight Inflation Washington The fed- icn13 Calumet City. jet, waved-'. "I hope this raid cleans up; wuh tne board's ifive federal reserve banks in-; their discount rate! We ve been It took fire fighting crews nearly an hour to put out the flames that spread when equipment, several pis- plane cartwheeled across theltols, sawed-off baseball bats deck. and ax handles and allegedly j Six planes were destroyed'lewd photographs and films, ior badly damaged and the Newey said the raids had icarrier had planned for a year and _.....__ ______ jdamage to its rear taken "to wipe out the- j reserve board today used Washington Able deck compartments The 17-hour flight back to1 Baker, the world's most electrical wiring Geneva from the'funeral ofmowned monkeys, are John Foster Dulles was with-jhere for a news conference: James u. steeie, pnot out mishap and with hardly i tomorrow. tt f a bump. i From personal experience, off after a 1 __ _______ The 4-engine U.S. Air Forcejthey know more about space his right wing dipped, City js swept hank, hnrrnwine from the DC6B which took the than the government a parked aircraft and his the honky-tonk strip for banks 'rom lne ters on their conference in the! scientists who will present P 1 a n e then cartvvheeledijs completely closed." clouds was the same one Vice i them. across the deck, followed by ne sajd the recent dispute: President Richard M. Nixon: After all. they traveled 1.500 explosions and fire, the the police chief had Chicago, St. Louis Minneapo-, nsp'd on his South curving out more than reported. lied 'to increased vice condi-jlis and Dallas banks, the otn-, tour year i300 miles into space, aboard Steele and his plane ier seven federal-reserve banks! Jupiter missile yesterday. :into the water and were lost.j Calumet City police did expected to push their survived, with nary a Charles E. Porter, the part in the raids but set rate up to the same figure heartbeat, the pon- man who burned to death, liv-'up a watch along State street in the next several days, jdcrous thrust as the rocket ed in Jacksonville. None of to prevent looting in the clos- Action Expected lifted off the launching pad the injured was from Wiscon- ed and darkened clubs. at Cape Canaveral, Fla. They sjn 'endured nine minutes free of The Essex returned to duty "frOpiCCll Teepinq Tom' Slaying earth's pull of gravity as a few hours after the acci-; r the missile screamed along at dent and continued operations MOXJCO One of the bullets rupal areas before it hil Mrs. Maryhn Beyeff of Mi- Burned Une ami in an arm. Among the Tjgntning burned a line in persons with her was her hus-; the Seymour Oneida street [band. A. Karl Beyeff. iarea on Appleton's southside, A number of suspects oul service to 350 arrested. They included sixteen transform- Cuban gunmen, Americaniers__near Appleton, in county court gangsters and former Creek, Kimberly, service agents. jnah, Weyauwega and Bonduel! He was the only one of those (The nationality of the burned out. to be freed in bail. !mer secret service knocked out service to !was not disclosed immediate-800 people in the Bear Creek The money was not recov- area, 350 in Seymour and 50 in Weyauwega. lered and, of the holdup gang, Lightning struck two farms Turn to Page 7 Col. 2 Turn to Page 16, Col. banks increased rural areas. The to boost membership m jn tunnel m. bulletin placed the storm, Jkey interest rale two weeks Robert Ilaaso of Marinetle, is own way, he said. petfir Mora M Lvons, 716ibearinR lhe name Arlene, g ,tne only representative of a' Areument Over Huard, 19. icn rvf jje salfj adoption of a larg- Mystery Writer Found Slain in His Aparfmenf ski came to Mexico to mur- der the man who murdered The TODAY'S INDEX Trotsky." whodunit's au- thor lay dead on the door- stop outside his first -floor Brooklyn flat, himself the victim of a mystery gun- man. ambulance arrived. His quarters showed no sign of a scuffle J A copy of his novel. "Morning in lay on a table. Also found were two typewrit- ers and a hank hook showing a balance of The hook jacket, described Willis, who became a natural- Arrests in Teheran Comics n paths Editorials House Kaukauna A15 A 4 A A 5 B A t Weather Map m m i citizen in 1929, as a hobo. sailor, journalist and editor at p-.-t-.f-J Uv Ruuia various times in his active uj life. He also had worked as; Moscow The Soviet a ship's purser and junior.union has accused Iran of Police have only the clue of pharmacist in the merchant trying to make working con- man in a blue suit seen run- marine aftrr he started his ditions impossible for Soviet ning yesterday from the writing career. At other times emfoassy personnel in Tehe- scene where Russian-born sol- he had been a farmer, logger, dier-of-fortune Richard Willis, trapper and commercial fish- Si, met death. Powder burns erman. on his clothing showed he had Police said they found been shot once in the chest at empty .38-caliber shell in extremely close range. ilis' apartment, which he It was around dinnertime ed only six weeks ago. when Willis' landlady, Mrs.! yearn ago Willis lived in Elsie Gregson, heard a single lelton, Queens. i aim shot. Running into the His whereabouts in the .she said, she saw the man iniiod Me Queens reti-1 The said the blue suit dashing mit and his ittto the i were delivering the jrtoor. Willis staggered out of flM it another bulletin ead hii H-room apartment end tery. itt nwiailne. ran. In a note to the Irsnian the Kremlin accus- police of arresting Increase to be Asked er assembly membership would give voters closer con- tact with their representa-! U. S. Debt Ceiling lives. Hutnik said he has dif- ficulty meeting his 39.000 con- treas- stituents in three northern wl11 ask congress shortly, counties perhaps next week, to in- Committee member, Henry tne on the Ililleman. a Shchoycan Dem- ocrat, feared addition of 10 Turn to Page 7 Col. 8 Hints Filibuster Against Strauss Washington Sen. Morse (D-Ore) has tional debt, government offi- cials said today. A request for a temporary debt limit of to billion i is generally expected, to cover foreseeable treasury borrow- i ings this autumn when tax lections lag. That would compare with the present temporary limit of biiiiori, which is due to talk the nomination of L. Strauss to death. Strauss, nominated as sec- end of the 1959 fiscal year. Treasury officials said they RaBMtea Sklelii her injured father-in- law from ratal white ftweltiaf arrival of an ambulance after ear cneh St. Paul, which killed two Bimeai. The injured man la Chrti lUawdea, 77, it, Fial. HH wife alee wat mjured. Mild to eoet temperatures with showers throughout state over weekend. after senate Democrats initi-l :ated a new round of I'L I t aimed at preventing his "O he would do erything rules of the senate "to prevent this ene- the American people jlrorn ever being confirmed." Under senate rules, it is dif- ficult to prevent a senator from talking any length of time. Morte, threat cenw a week before the ncnate scheduled to bejaM m the nomliMtien, MM ElMiiltewer aftevM witheYew for the at-heur pertod eae> ing at a. m.: Mk low, eo. TtnptftMp. at U a. m., m. Weat wVM etl mim per kear. Banainip, iNEWSPA'FERr