Tuesday, September 18, 1956

Weirton Daily Times

Location: Weirton, West Virginia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Weirton Daily Times on Tuesday, September 18, 1956

Weirton Daily Times, The (Newspaper) - September 18, 1956, Weirton, West Virginia PAGE SIX Canada Building New Defense In Arctic Area A Unlled Press Extra Editors Note A new defense 300 miles across Canadas desolate is being built by Can ada 400 miles north of the This is ihe second line any allackcr would have to breach to an attack on he UnUed Slates and southern the other Is the so called DEW Charles United Press military alfairs writer in has just completed a 4200mile lour of he new Corddry has written a series of three dis patches describing the new The first dispatch By CHARLES Corddry United Press Staff Correspondent CRANBERRY Man itoba UP Je interceptors and guided missiles may be moved in lo Hie Canadian subarctic in a few years to form a new forward de fense line against Russian bombers and jet lion to prevent security leaks can not result in a complete ap praisal of the warning But some facts can be given The midCanada unlike the DEW is not a radar sys tem that can track and pinpoint an invaders It is an elec tronic designed at McGill to con firm an attack after the DEW line has given first warning and altered defenses on the Canadian It can detect planes at heights above the ability of any present manned bomber to the RCAF It can tell wheth er they are going north or It can not give precise altitude or When the line is the electronic lowers send signals to machines in which automatic pen recorders trace data on paper Tapes from the which are located in the few main stations on the are studied by air Appro priate warnings are flashed to in terceptor headquarters and other forces controlled from the Pine Authorities seem confident that defenses can be mounted in this sparsely populated territory even against the tiread interconti lultco uu nental ballistic missile the i me wrecker that will steak miles v in a half hour or Stations Secret These prospects became f today following a tour by Canai 1S Sec0r But one British and American news are men of ne miHion eiectronic burglar alarm or warning line Canada is rushing toward comple tion by next The midCanada latest ad dition lo the con i nental air raid warning stretches some miles from Labradors rocky coast to the Pacific generally along the 55th parallel 400 miles north of It is miles south of the mil lion Distant Early Warning DEW line at the lop pf the continent on of a lower and a concretefloored building which houses dies el power units and of fers living facilities for two ci vilian The plan is to have the intermediate stations op erating automatically after the first with helicopter visits every two weeks or as necessary for Main stations small settle ments comprising operations and administration meas aircraft hangar Ihe Arctic Siring Of Slcel Towers The MC line is distinguished a continentwide string of steel alr defensc towers rising as high as 350 with sensitive dishshaped anten receive evaluate and disseminale it throughout the con Jamming of both DEW and midCanada stations can be done XOOO miles south of the lion Distant Early Warning DEW line at the top of the con tinent on the Arctic has on It will start operating at least six months or possibly a year ahead of the Americanbuilt DEW line which was started The midCanada line is 500 to 700 miles north of key industrial targets and Strategic Air Com mand bases in the northern Unit ed Authorities say it will Rive at least one hours warning of attack by Russias Bison heavy jet Because of Russian weapons ad serious study is being Siven to the possibility of convert Tg the five or six years from a simple warning sys fm to a fullfledged defense line vith planes and nod Bison pilollcss air craft and ballistic missilesdrasti cally narrow the interval between warning and actual Canj whose air defense are interj STEUBENVILLE Robert Wha to some unknown because bolh use electronic waves for air craft But authorities say hey have built in the best anti jamming techniques Any largescale jamming effort would ilself be an attack WEIRTON DAILY SEPTEMBER 19S9 Assault Warrant Filed Against Sieubenville Man woven with now be lieves for example that the DEW line may afford only about two hours warning of jet bomber at When the line was conceived in Russia was Hying piston 329 North Ninth street was arrested yesteday on a waramt of assault and The com plaining was filed by Carry1 329 Noth Seventh Floyd Francis of Hill avenue was ijuyu riaiiuis ra nui avenue was engine bombers like the BMj arrested on a warant of disorderly and a fourtosixhour warning was conduct The complaint was filed by Elmer 392 authorities Myers it may no longer be feasible to James McGrew from the City northern warning lines as Rescue Mission reported to polka burglar alarms alone whjle keeping defense weapons con centrated to the south on the Pine free Line along the Cites Some Fads A sixday with all dis patches read by Royal Canadian Air Force officers before publica An unutually ONLY for Ihli rodianl diamond UK maunlingt In everpopulor lilhlall 3244 Main Phone 147 yesterday that a kick on the house was He said he did not know if anything was Wilmer 1132 Lincoln ave reported to police yesterday that children climbed on his car damaging the top and He is trying to find out who they were Marcus 102 Market street reported to police yester day that someone had broken a window on the third floor of his Police said someone walking across ohe bridge might have broken Gary 309 South Webs ter avenue was biUon by a stra dog yesterday in the 300 block of South Webster Tlie chile was treated and released from 0 hio Valley Seven Arraigned In Steubenville Municipal Court STEUBENVILLE Seven per sons were arraigned in Municipa Court Edgar Alvis of Steubenville was fined and costs for crash ng a red Harry Kindt of SfeubenviUe re ceived a fine suspension on i charge of parking on a highway Donald Mossor of Steuben ville received a three day jail sen encc and court costs for driving under the influence of John 1153 Lincoln was fined and costs or following too Three persons were fined for in toxication and two forfeited H Payj to Advertise In The Times Phone 185 You Wont Miss Spectacular Cording Bell Ringer Bargains In every This is another one of our great Birthday events that has been planned for you our Doors Open at WEIRTON DAILY VX Cotton Shirts For softly tailored in a wide variety of pat In large selection of Sizes 9 to 16 Misses Suits 20 OFF New Fall suits in all CJIOOM from flan Many styles and to MISSES MOUTON Processed Dyed Lamb S plu Labeled to show the country of inch to M In Misses sizes Cashmere Sweaters Special 100 In char coal Sizes 34 lo Luggage Case plus Tax Hangitall luggage cases that holdj 8 dresses wrinkle Choose from 6 name BELL RINGER BARGAINS THE STORE BIRTH Morning Sale Starts Promptly Shop Thursday and Saturday Night to Thomas LifeTime Baby The first baby born weighing 109 6 13 during our Anniversary in a hos pital of thii will receive Birthday Gifts for life from Stone Watch 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feciiion of the King wanted to know is that a breach of contract1 A ruling will be given at the next regular scheduled meeting by LeRoy City The wrangling began over the wards decisionat the last meet ng 10 to appoint rfiss Margaret Boyd principal to larding GanU claim ed at the last meeting that such action was an encroachment upon lis He stated and again last that he would not abide by the decision of the Solicitor Schell Gantz that his opinion is invalid and that My Schells opin on happens lo be the one that until overruled by a higher Gantz said that he had ceived a different interpretation of the laws regarding who shall ap point The Solicitor said he did not come to the meeting to delve in legal He add ed that such services as the presence of bis assistant at past board meetings was a courtesy upon the Solicitors 0 Some discussion developed con cerning Miss Boyds job as sistant to the which was approved by the board at a previous King moved that the board of education in its act in desig nation of Miss Boyd as acting prin cipal did not thereby demote or other wise reduce her position in the The motion passed over the Mays of Board members Lighthizer and Herbert Solicitor Schell said that since the board created the position they should define as no section of the codes provided for such a rxv sition as assistant to the superin Ganiz outlined the duties of the assistant the su 0 The Solicitor said that two sec tions of the law applied inthe case of Section ol the Revised Code of Ohio provided that t h e Board of Education for each city principals whereas section provided that em ployment must be nominated by the In cases of conflicting sections in the Solicitor explained both must be read together thus one provided employ and one The board cannot hire unless the persons is first nominated by the superintendent of schools but It can the Solicitor 0 Undcr section the law provides that a superinten dent shall direct and assign employees under his supervis ion as the board Gantz requested a written copy of the Solicitors The Solicitor said he would comply with the Board President Fred Daugh said The Superintendent shall adhere to that On another Lighthiz er moved that the Superintendent be notified that We sanction the appointment of Angelo Vaccarro as superintendent of Physical Ed and that the motion be retroactive until July The ward in a previous meeting had discontinued the position of ath letic which Vaccarro King stated that the posi tion was The mo tion passed with King voting Lighlhizer proposed that a citizens committee comprised ol member appointed from each unit in Steubenville by its President and three membersat large by the President of the City division of the Jefferson to advise the Steubenville Bonn of be considered by the Leicy seconded the Gantz proposed such a committee in January of this Presidcnv Daugherty iald he thought the motion was not In King said It was not the role of the board to consult wllh such an organiza but to hold Itself open to hear its Lighthizer said a committee had tried for sometime to be heard but to no President Daugherty said that spokesman had approached him about the group assisting the board in setting the School Levy but due to the boards lack of un ity on the mill he felt theli service would not be The motion of LJghthize1 was defeated by three Nays Mr Mick and Daugh Harlow spokesman for the Committee on School Af requested and received a He asked Is the intent of the board is to wipe us the commit tee President Daughertj answered Swickard continued W are not looking for w want Mick said such action had caused the defeat of lad years school Swickard returned your mistakes la the news A row it agreement ed through the fnt Daagfcerty eiHed Ike meet lag to Mick satirically said Thats the finest On other the board un nimously agreed to hire Fred Crouch at a year as a bus Dick Gilkey at an houf until November as laundry assist Joyce Baker at per rear as clerical assistant and Steve Thomas Montgomery will re ceive a raise for hauling de bris from the the board Gantz recommended that Robert Schumann be appointed principal Harding Leicy and Lighthlier defeated he On the request for resignation ol Miss Mary Tarr the board decid ed that the superintendent try and her before she Nuricie Alexander wiss appoin ed as teacher at Grant School on a permanent basis and Darla Jon s was hired as Clerical assls ant at per A request was made by the Civil Service Commission that the board frant money to continue its serv The board moved that be sent to the A total of students are en rolled in the fall semester Ganlz The board also approved that approximately 100 students whose residence is outside thecity be allowed to continue their edutfa lions In the and that one non vaccinated person be allow ed to enter Twenty one teacher substitutes were approved by the board and also a request for an advance from he County Auditor of Reports to the board included an audit of high school accounts anrf he financial statement of the ath ctic The decided to call a special meeting for approving he alary Mick set tha day as Actress to Wed Dick Contino HOLLYWOOD UP Aclress igh Snowden and accordionist Dick Contino planned to be ried tonight at a civil ceremony the nearby Beverly H 1 1 1 1 Use Classified Ads Phone 185 Good Man to Know FRANK 1 Have Money for Everyone Says Friendly Manager I like people and want all folks hero and in nearby towns to come in and get Youll like Ive got plen ty of cash for any amount from to which you can get on signature or other If you try a quainted loan on your Walk otu with the In your pocket In 10 All you need la good If your car payments or other are too Ill try to cut thtm in half and advance you addition al money Easy u ust call tell tht axapqnt you then stop by for poor Ask for Frank MM your frlendlv Royal 3102 Main to to BIG SAVINGS SOON